The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Nu-Wife, Inc.

by Robotmaster

Chapter 7 – Hiking

Chris eyes opened to the early morning sun streaming in the window. He could hear birds chirping the trees. The weather had been predicted as fantastic for Saturday, and it appeared to be true. The next thing he noticed was the delightful smell of bacon and coffee. Rolling over, he saw a tray next to him on the bed. His eyes rose to see Molly, standing attentively dressed in a sexy French maid outfit. She gazed at him adoringly.

“Good morning, sleepyhead! Jamie told me you are an early riser, so I was surprised you slept until after 8,” said Molly. “Anyway, it gave me more time to get your breakfast together. Can I serve it to you?” Not waiting for his answer, Molly knelt onto the bed and maneuvered the tray onto Chris’ waist as he sat up against the pillows.

As he took a sip of coffee, Molly positioned herself to allow Chris maximum view of her substantial cleavage. She picked up a forkful of eggs and held it for him to bite. This was followed by pieces of bacon and English muffin, washed down with fresh squeezed OJ. All the while, Molly gazed at Chris with adoration and desire.

As he finished off the last of his breakfast, Molly said, “I feel so good knowing Jamie planned to do the same thing for Steve this morning. I’m glad we compared notes last night!” Chris smiled, reflecting inwardly that the “notes” they compared were nothing more than programs Nu-Wife had installed into their receptive minds.

“Well, my little servant, I’m going to read the news for a bit. Since you are already dressed for the part, you will clean the bedroom until I instruct you otherwise.” “Oui, oui, monsieur!” Molly intoned in a cheesy French accent as she bounced cheerfully off the bed.

Chris scrolled around his iPad scanning the news of the day. He looked up briefly to watch as Molly’s ruffled ass swayed out of the room, carrying his breakfast tray to the kitchen. He particularly enjoyed her slow pace, rolling her hips and exaggerating her steps for maximum effect. Another of his preferences she had “discussed” with Jamie.

In short order, Molly returned with a feather duster and began to clean around the room, taking care to lean over fully at the waist whenever possible. Chris tried to pay attention to the reader, but his little maid was making it extremely difficult to concentrate. And she knew it.

Chris finally sighed and put down the device on the side table. Reaching into the drawer in the side table, he pulled out a small, shiny remote. Hitting the “pause” button, Molly instantly froze in position, her ass delightfully sticking up in the air as she dusted the lower bookshelf.

“Ha! I thought so,” Chris said to himself. “That costume looks just like the one I got for Jamie from Nu-Wife. They must put the same mind control device in all the headpieces.”

Chris pulled himself out of bed, then walked to her, his cock proudly erect. Chris circled Molly slowly, admiring her lithe body and pendulous tits. With a slow pull of the zipper in the back, her bodice dropped neatly to the floor, her tits now fully exposed. Her excitement was evident from her rock hard nipples, and, as Chris pulled down her ruffled panties, her engorged pussy lips glistening from between her invitingly exposed ass cheeks.

As with Jamie, the remote had completely immobilized his sexy maid. Carefully watching her face in the mirror as he lined up behind her, Chris noted her complete lack of reaction as his cock drove deep into her hot, slippery cunt. Chris slowly pumped his toy for several minutes, struggling to keep from dumping his load right away.

Chris toggled the remote from “English” to “French”, then hit the activate button. As he did, his maid sighed with pleasure, then said, “Je suis votre femme de plaisir, maître . Utilise-moi comme vous le désirez.” Chris had no idea what she had said, but her sexy and submissive tone made it clear she was his to use as he pleased.

Pulling out of his slave’s wet box, Chris reached down to cup her breasts, then pulled her upright. Grasping her shoulders, Chris spun her around to face him, the look of passion and hunger on her face so amazingly hot.

Wordlessly, Chris glanced downward. Molly’s lip curled up into a half smirk, “Oui , maître , je vais sucer votre bite que vous le souhaitez.” Placing her hands on his chest, her eyes never left his as she lowered before him. Her hands remained planted on his chest as she expertly took his slickened cock into her mouth and immediately deep throated him.

Chris thrilled at the sensation. Although Jamie performed equally expert oral sex, the feeling of his cock plunged fully into his friend’s wife’s throat was amazing. He once again marveled at the gag control NWI hardwired into these converted units.

French maid Molly bobbed happily up and down on his cock. Chris quickly felt his loins begin to tense and shudder. In short order, he grunted loudly as he pumped load after load of spunk into the unit’s mouth. Molly calmly swallowed every bit of his cum, passively holding his cock in her mouth as she looked adoringly up at him.

Chris pulled his cock slowly out, then put his index finger beneath her chin to raise her up again. Tilting her head quizzically, his maid said, “Je vais continuer mon tâches de nettoyage, maître ?” Turning toward the bathroom, Chris simply motioned her to follow.

After she removed the remainder of her clothes, Chris detached the frilly lace from his unit’s headpiece, then pulled her into the shower. The next half hour was a delightful mixture of intimate personal attention and softly cooed words. Chris didn’t understand a single word of it, but it didn’t matter. It was just damn sexy.

Continuing to whisper in his ears, his sexy maid gazed adoringly at him as she dried him off and pulled the tie tight on his robe. As she turned to grab the other towel, Chris reached for the remote and again hit the “pause” button. After another moment circling her dripping wet body, Chris toggled the remote from French to English, then hit the “disengage” button. Molly blinked several times, then turned to him and smiled.

“Oooh, looks like you’ve been having some fun with me, baby! I wish I could remember it,” Molly said, smacking her lips slightly, then rolling her eyes playfully at him as she smiled. “I love being totally in your control. I’m content as long as I know you are satisfied.”

“You did quite well, my little French maid,” Chris laughed. “OK, let’s get ready. You’ll find a hiking outfit in the closet for you to put on. Come downstairs with the backpack that’s in there when you are ready.”

“Sure, hot stuff. Hiking, huh? Sounds like fun,” Molly said, as she began to towel off and get ready. Chris walked into the room and pulled on his shirt, shorts and socks, then headed downstairs to the mudroom to put on his well-worn boots. He heard the sound of clunky footsteps on the stairs as he pulled his stuffed backpack from the corner.

Chris swallowed hard as he stepped out to watch her. Her movements were not as graceful with the heavy boots on, but her outfit more than made up for it. The cutoff jeans barely covered her ass cheeks, and the plaid flannel shirt tied at her midriff gloriously displayed her flat stomach and cleavage. The hiking boots set it all off amazingly.

Molly twirled around as she reached the bottom of the steps, finally stopping as she began to giggle. “Wow, this is a revealing outfit, baby! Is this what Jamie wears when you go hiking?”

“Of course!” Chris said. “You both have amazing bodies. It would be a crime to cover them up with unnecessary clothing!”

Molly laughed. “I’m not sure I understand the logic, but who cares?!? You want me to wear it, and that’s all that matters. I just want to please you.”

Chris’ cock again stirred in his shorts. No matter how many times he had heard that assertion in the last half year, it still thrilled him to the core. He knew neither Molly nor Jamie would be caught dead in public in an outfit like that prior to their reprogramming.

Chris sighed contentedly as he guided the SUV up the expressway. Molly was again curled up against him, occasionally letting out a satisfied “mmmmm”, but otherwise leaving him silent with his thoughts. Chris’ thoughts wandered to their destination, and his plans for the rest of the day.

One of Chris’ coworkers had inherited a sizeable chunk of land in the mountains. There was no development on it yet, but he intended to build a cabin there someday. Years earlier, he had extended Chris an invitation to go hiking there. As an avid outdoorsman, his coworker had been steadily improving the old indian trails throughout the area. Chris had thanked him at the time, but with Jamie’s disinterest and poor physical condition, he was never able to take him up on it.

After Jamie’s conversion and her renewed attention to fitness, they had already spent numerous weekends hiking and camping in the area. They had never seen anyone else using them, which was always odd to Chris. The views of the area were spectacular. His coworker had cheerfully given him the go ahead to be there anytime he wanted during his vacation.

As the noonday sun beat down, Chris pulled up to the gate to the property. Getting out, he used his key to unlock the padlock and pull the gate open. Molly pulled the SUV through, then stopped and waited while Chris closed it up again. The drive was well cared for, but it was narrow and somewhat harrowing at points, so Chris carefully worked his way along the 2 miles to the base of the mountain.

Molly stretched and excitedly jumped out of the car. Chris followed, opening the lift gate so they could collect their things. “This place is amazing!” Molly said, gazing around the heavily wooded area and up at the mountain peak. “Wow, are we going all the way up there?”

Chris laughed. “No, we would need climbing gear and a lot more courage than I’ve got to get to the peak. But you’ll like where we are going.” Molly’s eyes sparkled with anticipation as he grabbed their packs. She giggled as he threw her pack at her, easily catching it in spite of its weight. She was in fantastic shape, just like Jamie.

Chris grabbed his even heavier pack and hoisted it on his back, buckling it in. Molly did the same, but with feigned confusion said, “I’m not sure how this goes on, baby…”

Chris chuckled as he stepped up to her, carefully pulling the waist belt around her hips and cinching it tight against her pelvis. As he snapped the shoulder strap connector in place, Molly’s already impressive cleavage bulged out even further. Chris traced his finger over them as he stared.

“Oooh, you really know what you are doing, don’t you sexy!” she cooed. “I’ve done this a few times before,” Chris said. Chris grabbed the satellite phone and a few other items from the back, being extra sure to secure the small silver remote in his side pocket. Molly smirked as she saw this, a sign she was at least somewhat aware of his plans. The last item on his belt was his .45 pistol and ammo. There were some bears in the area, and Chris wasn’t going to take any chances.

Molly sidled up to him, running her hands up his chest. “Are we ready, my big, strong outdoorsman?” “Ready,” Chris said. “The trail head is right there. You go first. I’ll guide you when we reach the forks.”

“Sure thing, hot stuff,” Molly purred. Chris allowed her to get a little lead, then dropped in behind her. This was one of his favorite parts of hiking with Jamie. Molly strode ahead, her muscles flexing as she worked her way up the grade. Chris stared at her fantastic ass, the jean shorts swaying back and forth in such a hot and mesmerizing way.

Molly looked back over her pack at him and smiled. “Enjoying the view?” she said. “You know I am, babe,” he replied. “Indeed I do!” Molly laughed heartily, sighing dramatically as she returned her attention to the trail.

The couple worked their way up the grade. It was a vigorous climb, but they were both in shape and handled it with ease. As they rose above the valley, the views became ever more majestic and amazing. They would occasionally stop and gaze at them, Molly holding Chris’ hand as she excitedly pointed at the sights.

After a couple of hours, they finally reached the first pass in the mountain. It always came at the right point in the hike, just when the switchbacks were getting really tiring. “OOoooo,” Molly exclaimed, staring at the mountain peaks in the distance. Chris came to a stop next to her, playfully slapping her ass. “Heyyy!” Molly exclaimed, a look of feigned hurt coming over her face. “Didn’t I tell you it was worth it when you were complaining a while back?” “I wasn’t complaining,” Molly said, “I was just curious how much further it was…”

Chris’ face darkened. “Look at me!” he said. Molly turned to him, the smile dropping from her face. “Who is in charge here?” Chris said. “You are, always, of course, Master,” Molly said submissively, her eyes dropping down. “I said look at me!!” Chris growled. Molly’s eyes met his, a look of fear now growing in them. “Look into my eyes…deeper…and…deeper…” Almost immediately, Molly’s eyes widened and her pupils dilated, her mouth dropping open slightly.

“That’s it…gaze deeper…and…deeper….” Chris intoned. “Yessss…” Molly whispered, her arms now dropping limply to her sides. Chris knew from his conversations with Jensen that all converted units were quickly and easily hypnotized by those they were programmed to recognize as their controllers. Molly dropped into a trance almost as rapidly as Jamie always did.

Chris took Molly’s face into his hands, his eyes boring into her’s. “You will only listen and obey, Molly. You may not question or disobey me in any way. You will serve my every desire.”

“Yes…Master…” Molly intoned in a sing song voice. “I…understand…” “I….will…only…listen…and…obey…” “Good,” Chris said curtly, reaching beside her ear and snapping his fingers loudly.

Molly jolted at the noise, then looked around confused for a moment. Her eyes met his again, silently. “Let’s keep going,” he said. “Yes, Master,” Molly said submissively. As she turned up the trail, Chris called out, “Walk slower…and more sway to your hips….” “Of course, Master,” Molly said.

The trail wound up the spine of the mountain until it meandered down into a high alpine valley. The two silently followed it until it opened up to an amazing vista. An azure blue lake stood before them, framed on all sides by the mountains. Molly’s mouth and eyes opened wide as she stared at the distant waterfall roaring down the side of the mountain and into the lake.

Chris smiled at her obvious amazement with the scene, but unwillingness to say anything for fear of further “angering” him. Chris knew her highest priority as a Nu-Wife was to always ensure the satisfaction and happiness of her husband, or in this case, her husband’s friend.

“Follow me”, Chris said flatly. Stepping around Molly, he worked his way along a small trail beside the lake, then headed up a small rise and into an open area. “Here we are,” Chris said, groaning as he dropped the heavy pack on the ground. Molly stood attentively by, but said nothing. Chris snapped his fingers and pointed by his pack. Molly stepped forward and immediately dropped her pack beside his.

Chris looked around contentedly. Although it was fairly rustic, his co-worker had added quite a few amenities over the years. There was a small shack with a bathroom and shower facility. Because of the way a nearby stream came down the hill, gravity fed the clean mountain water into a large black holding tank on a nearby plateau. The tank was heated by the sun most of the day, and at night, or on cloudy or unusually cold days, a fire could be built beneath it. This meant there was an abundance of readily available hot water for the shower.

The best part of the site was the small log cabin. It was not much larger than a garden shed, but big enough to accommodate a decent sized bed and small cooking area. Solar panels on the roof kept a bank of batteries charged for the lights and minimal power requirements. Screened and barred windows allowed the mountain air and sounds to come in, but kept the insects out. Most importantly, it permitted sleep without concern for unwanted visits from the local wildlife.

Chris stretched and looked at Molly. “What do you think?” “It’s amazing, Master. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a more beautiful place!” Molly said. “Yep, I love it here,” Chris said. “Jamie and I have had lots of fun up here!”

A playful smirk finally returned to Molly’s face. “I’ll bet you have, Master! All alone out here in nature with a hot babe to serve your every whim?!?” Chris looked up and down his consort’s sweaty body. “Of course! And this trip, you will be doing the same,” he said. Molly smiled sexily, “Anything you desire, Master. I will do exactly as you say.”

“Good,” said Chris. “Go ahead and get cleaned up.” Chris gestured toward the bathroom. “No need for clothes anymore.” “As you wish, Master,” Molly purred. As she turned and walked away, Molly slowly untied the knot of her shirt at the waist, then slipped it over her shoulders. She then reached behind and unsnapped her sexy bra, pulling it free. Arriving at the door, she slowly worked her shorts off as she pivoted to ensure Chris had a good view.

“No panties,” thought Chris as he watched with interest. Molly bent seductively down to unlace her boots, slowly putting them off, then placing them beneath her clothes she had hung on a hook, her massive tits shaking tantalizingly. Molly’s hands wandered over her body, squeezing her nipples and dipping into her crotch. She put her finger in her mouth as she stared wantonly at Chris, then pulled the door open and slowly stepped inside.

Chris swallowed hard. “Damn, has she got sex appeal!” he said to himself as the door closed behind her. “Well, better get things set up.” Noting some claw marks and damage around the door as he removed the padlock, Chris was again happy to know the cabin was sturdily built.

Stepping inside, Chris busied himself with unrolling the mattress and organizing the items from their packs on the crude shelf next to the bed. Reaching in the small refrigerator, he grabbed a beer he had left on his previous visit. The solar panels were surprisingly powerful to keep it cold. Snapping it open, Chris took a long drink as he grabbed a black silk bag from the bottom of his pack and stepped out.

Sitting on one of the rustic chairs on the small porch, Chris sighed contentedly. He checked his messages on the satellite phone, quickly opening the one from Steve. The picture showed Jamie in a bikini by his pool, staring at the camera with the smoky eyes Chris found so incredibly sexy.

Hearing a small noise, Chris looked up with a start. Completely nude except for a pair of white moccasins, Molly stood before him, arms at her side and a wicked grin on her face. “Mmmm…that was refreshing, Master. I feel so warm and clean!” Smiling, Chris pointed the camera at her, then snapped a photo and sent it off to Steve. Molly waited expectantly.

Reaching into the bag, Chris felt for the small vial inside. He waved, beckoning her to him. Wordlessly, Molly knelt before him. Opening the vial, Chris fished out the first of two large, silver scleral contacts. Chris lifted Molly’s face, then held her eyelids wide as he popped it into place. She blinked rapidly for a moment as he took the other one and did the same. Molly’s eyes were now completely silver, no evidence of white.

“Can you see OK?” asked Chris. “It’s a little blurry, Master, but I can see.” “Good,” said Chris. “Follow me.” Chris grabbed the black bag and walked to the far side of the camp.

As they arrived in a small clearing, Chris turned to his nude hiker. She stepped tentatively behind him, like someone who lost their glasses. Chris pulled a pair of translucent slippers from the bag and handed them to Molly. “Put these on,” he said. “Of course, Master,” Molly replied, as she pulled off the moccasins and deftly put on the slippers.

Chris next took a plastic container from the bag and opened it. Dipping his hands in, he stepped behind Molly, then began to slather a white gel-like material into her still wet hair. Molly shivered slightly, but said nothing. Chris quickly worked down her neck and over her back, then moved to her face. Forcing her mouth open with his fingers, Chris pushed the gel in. Working his way down, Molly closed her eyes and moaned slightly as he paid special attention to her breasts. She sighed in pleasure as his fingers worked the gel inside her pussy and her ass.

In short order, Molly was covered from head to toe in the white gel. Chris made a few more touch-ups to her body, then carefully and thoroughly washed his hands off in the nearby stream.

Returning to her, Chris pulled a small silver disk from the bag with what looked like a small green gem in the middle. “Ooooh, that’s pretty!” said Molly. “Uh huh,” said Chris, “just wait until you see what it can do!”

Chris took the device and carefully pressed it in the center of Molly’s chest, just above her cleavage. The device made a suctioning sound and adhered tightly to Molly’s whitened skin. “That feels tigh…” Molly began to say, as Chris pressed the green button on the disk.

Molly gasped as the green button began to glow. She looked down at it with concern as it began to blink rapidly, and what looked like colorful waves began to emanate out and around her white painted body. Molly held her hand out in front of her in amazement as she watched the display. As the light pulses gained in intensity, Molly’s skin began to take on a metallic sheen. Within moments, her skin had a steady glow to it. She watched in wonder as it turned from white to gray, then further metallic until it became a shiny, metallic silver.

Chris expectantly watched as the white gooey mess that was Molly’s hair began to pull tight to her head, then smoothed out until there was not a strand remaining. All that was left was a smooth silverized surface that made her appear completely bald.

The afternoon sun burned down on them, and the glint of it from Molly’s silverized skin was too intense for him to see. Chris pulled out his sunglasses and admired his creation. Molly obligingly twirled for him, a satisfied grin on her metallic face. Even her teeth and the inside of her mouth glinted silver in the light.

“How is your vision now?” Chris said. “Perfect, Master! I can see everything great. As a matter of fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen this well!” Molly exclaimed in her excitement. “What is this stuff?”

“Just a little something I picked up from NWI. It’s a gel they developed for some of their entertainers. Made out of some advanced nanomaterial that somehow becomes energized by the disk when it is activated. It also affects the contacts in your eyes and the slippers on your feet.

Molly gasped as she looked down to see her feet now completely toeless. She took a few tentative steps around, then looked at Chris excitedly. “I can’t feel the ground at all. It’s like I have on shoes!”

Putting her hands on her hips and posing sexily, Molly said, “I never knew you were attracted to robots! What a sexy fantasy! I absolutely love it! Thank you for making me into one!”

Chris stepped behind Molly and began to knead her shoulders. Molly cooed with pleasure. “Ooooh, Master, it feels just like my bare skin, only the sensations are so much…mmmmm…stronger!” She gasped as he reached around to massage her silverized tits.

“You think that feels good…” Chris’ hand drifted down to her crotch. He extended his middle finger between her lips and vigorously rubbed her clit. “Ohhhh….ohhhhh….my god!!!” Molly exclaimed as she arched back into him, moaning in ecstasy. As Chris’ other hand squeezed and pinched her nipples, Molly’s body swiftly tensed and began to vibrate as a massive orgasm gripped her. Chris smiled as she cried out, her words barely intelligible.

Chris held his silverized slave in his arms a few moments until she regained her balance. Still panting, Molly turned to him. “That…that was the best…orgasm...I’ve ever…had,” she said breathlessly, her completely silverized eyes staring at him hungrily. Molly put her arms over Chris’ shoulders, smiling at him as she regained her breath. “So, sexy, what can your little robot do to please you?”

“Let’s go for a walk,” Chris said. He put a few items into Molly’s backpack, then placed it on her back. “Wow, this feels so light!” she said. “Another benefit of the nanoskin, my dear. Your strength has been enhanced.” Putting everything into the cabin and closing it securely, Chris kept his .45 strapped his belt.

Motioning to a small trail around the lake, Molly set off on it before him. Her gait was light and sure, her sexy, silverized ass swaying seductively before him. As with Jamie, it amazed him the grip and traction of Molly’s slippered feet. As Jensen had explained when he gave him the goo, her feet were now tougher and gripped better than any boots.

The noise of the waterfall to the lake became louder and louder until they rounded a bend. “Wow!” Molly exclaimed as she stopped in her tracks and stared. The water coming off the mountain struck a flat rock at the base, then flowed into the lake below. “How…amazing!” she said.

“The water is pretty cold coming off the mountain, but I like it,” Chris said, as he began to strip off his clothes. Molly dropped her pack and stepped to him. “Please, Master, may I do that?”

Chris nodded as he pulled his shirt over his head. Molly knelt before him, her smooth, silverized scalp glinting in the sun. She untied his boots, then reached up to unbuckle his shorts, setting them carefully aside with the handgun still attached. Finally, she pulled down his boxers. Chris’ substantial erection popped into her face. Molly just smiled, her shiny eyes looking up at him, a playful look on her metallic face.

“Not just yet, my little robot,” Chris said. “Get the cleaning supplies from the pack.” Molly feigned a pout, then winked at him as she stood to do as she had been told. Chris carefully worked his way down toward the flat rock. The path was fairly safe, but without clothes on, he was extra cautious.

Chris stepped out and under the rushing water. It always took his breath away for a moment, but it was so invigorating and refreshing. As he held his hands up to his face, Chris felt warm hands on his shoulders begin to knead and squeeze.

After a moment, Chris turned to face his robotic attendant. “I can’t believe this isn’t washing off,” Molly said loudly, over the noise of the falls. “It won’t come off until the device on your chest is deactivated,” Chris said. “Mmm…I hope you never deactivate it!” Molly replied.

Molly knelt and picked up the shampoo from a nearby rock. Lathering it in her hands, she lovingly massaged it into his scalp. Chris reveled in the attention as his unit continued to clean him. For some reason, she lingered especially long as she washed his groin area. Chris’ cock stood fully erect, and held Molly’s complete attention.

Chris guided Molly to her feet. “Towel”, he said. Molly dutifully strode to the pack. As Chris arrived next to her, she lifted the towel and lovingly dried him, again paying careful attention to his cock. Chris sighed, then stepped around Molly and began rummaging in the pack.

Smiling as his hand contacted it, Chris pulled out a strange metallic device. It was a gleaming silver, just like Molly’s skin. The base was about the size and shape of a deck of cards, with a number of sharp prongs sticking out from the sides. On the top, a long silver antenna jutted upward.

“What…what’s that?” Molly asked nervously. “The final element of your conversion, babe,” Chris said as he looked at her darkly. “It looks…kind of…dangerous,” Molly said. “Come closer and kneel before me,” Chris simply said. Molly hesitantly did as she was told.

“You…you aren’t going to put that on my…heaaaadddddd….” Molly’s voice trailed off as Chris centered the device on the top of Molly’s bald, silver scalp, then pushed downward. There was a somewhat sickening crunch as the prongs drove into the top of her head. Chris had panicked the first time he had put the device on Jamie, but found that there was no residual effect from the implantation.

Molly’s head began to shake and twitch randomly as Chris pressed an orange button on the top of the device. In concert, the tip of the antenna and Molly’s silverized eyes began to glow a strange green color. After a few moments, the random movements ceased and Molly stared straight ahead. Chris picked up the remote from the pack, and pressed a button. Molly instantly stood, then walked to him, staring blankly forward.

“Recite,” Chris said. “A…firm…a…tive…Mas…ter. This…unit…is…a…pro…grammed…sex…an…droid. This…unit…must…obey…and…serve. This…unit…is…des…ig…na…ted…Molly…bot,” his robot intoned in a tinny, electronic voice. Chris always marveled how the combination of the nanoskin and the device effectively turned the wearer into a machine.

Mollybot stared impassively forward as Chris dressed, her motionless, silverized body at abject attention. Chris enjoyed her gleaming silver skin in the fading sunlight, the drops of water reflecting the light in a dazzling prismatic display. Pressing another button, Mollybot activated, swung the pack onto her back, then began mechanically striding back down the trail toward the campsite.

Chris walked leisurely behind his robotic slave, enjoying her precise, efficient movements. Mollybot’s silverized ass swayed seductively, but she did not turn to gauge his reaction as before. She was under the utter control of the device secured to her head.

As they turned into the campsite, Chris walked toward the cabin and again took a seat. Pressing the remote, Mollybot pivoted into the cabin, returning momentarily with a cold beer which she presented to Chris by bending her entire torso at the hips. As Chris took it, he enjoyed her blank, vacant expression. Snapping it open, he took a long drink, marveling at her ability to remain completely motionless in such a pose. The nanites were truly impressive in their conversion and control.

Pressing another button, Mollybot smoothly drew upward, then marched off toward the camp. For the next half hour, Chris idly watched his fembot as she arranged the campsite. Finally, he stood, stretched, then walked to the reclining chair she had placed before the now roaring fire in the pit.

Pressing another button, Mollybot turned toward the cabin, returning several minutes later carrying a tray with a large steak, raw vegetables and cooking supplies. In her smooth, mechanical movements, Mollybot placed the grate over the fire, leaning directly into the licking flames. When Jamie had first done this, Chris jumped up and quickly pulled her back, sure she had burned herself badly. As he had come to find out, however, the nanoskin afforded an amazing degree of heat protection.

Mollybot arranged the steak and vegetables on the grate carefully, the flames now engulfing much of her head. Standing back up, Mollybot turned to take some seasonings and oil from the tray, a wisp of smoke from the top of her head the only evidence of her exposure to the heat. Mollybot expertly attended to the meal preparation, continuing to use her hands to turn and season the items as they sizzled and popped on the grill.

In short order, Mollybot placed a tastefully garnished and delicious smelling plate before her master. Gazing intently at him, she carefully cut his meal piece by piece, feeding it to him gently and precisely at his direction. As Chris swallowed the last delicious morsel, he leaned over and stroked his robots face, then quaffed a long sip of his beer.

As he sat back, Mollybot began to clean up. He watched expectantly as she picked up the plastic bottle with a grayish liquid in it. She showed no emotion as she threw her head back and drained it. It didn’t even look to Chris like she moved her throat. The liquid was, as Jensen described it, “energy” for the robot.

The campsite had become quite dark by this point. Chris enjoyed watching the dancing flames reflect off the curves of his robot’s nude, silverized body. Chris’ cock began to grow in his trousers.

Suddenly, he heard a noise behind him. Turning, his heart jumped into his throat as he watched a sizeable bear ambling into the campsite. His hand fumbled for the remote as the creature snuffed the air, then turned toward them as he followed the scent of the recent meal.

Chris found the “protect” button on the remote and pressed it. Mollybot immediately froze, then spun around to face the animal in a crouched position. Her face drew into a fierce snarl, her eyes now glowing an intense red. “Protect…mode…activated…..threat…detected,” she intoned in a stern, loud voice.

Leaping inhumanly over the bench next to the fire, Mollybot assumed a fighting pose as the bear approached. Chris watched in fascination as her right hand formed into a gleaming blade, while her left hand grew into a large club. Suddenly, she emitted an ear-piercing shriek that froze the bear in its tracks. Growling menacingly, the animal rose on its hindquarters, emitting a roar as it reached its full height. Chris’ mouth dropped open, estimating its height well over seven feet.

Wordlessly, Mollybot sprang at the animal with lightning speed. Before the bear could even react, she was on it, plunging the blade deep into its gut. As the animal howled in pain, her left hand slammed into the side of its head, knocking it backward to the ground. Roaring in pain and anger, the bear shook its head then charged at Mollybot. She stepped aside as effortlessly as a matador, again plunging her blade into its back as it went by.

The animal again howled, but this time in more pain than rage. Moving more slowly, it began to back away toward the trees. Mollybot again sprang at the wounded beast, her hands moving at inhuman speeds as she landed precise blow after blow on its body. The bear finally crumpled to the ground. Mollybot remained in fighting pose as it lay dying. In short order, Chris heard it draw its final breath.

The threat eliminated, Mollybot drew back to attention, her red, glowing eyes scanning the campground. Chris picked up the remote with still shaking hands, astounded by the amazing fight he had just witnessed. Pressing the “service” button, Mollybot’s body relaxed, her hands again returning to their normal shape, her eyes changing back to a green, pulsing glow.

“Throw that carcass over the cliff,” Chris said, his voice cracking slightly. “Yes…Master,” Mollybot said calmly. She approached the bloody animal and grabbed one of its paws, then dragged it across the camp and out of sight. Chris estimated it had to weigh 5-600lbs, but she had pulled it like a rag doll.

After about 10 minutes, Mollybot strode back into the clearing. The blood and fur that had covered her body was now completely gone. True to her programming, the unit had stopped to clean up in the shower facility. She moved to his side and stood at attention, her body again reflecting the flickering flames of the fire. Chris’ cock was now fully engorged.

Chris stood and walked behind his metallic unit, reaching beneath her arms to massage and tweak her large, silverized tits. Aside from a slight smoothness, there was nothing in their warmth, feel or texture to indicate they were anything but the flesh of a human female. Mollybot’s face remained completely impassive as he mauled her tits, now reaching down to finger her pussy.

Chris pulled the remote from his pocket and fingered the “sexual excitement” mode. Mollybot instantly cooed with pleasure, then began to writhe beneath his touch, gasping and moaning as he rubbed her love button. “Repeat in a loop: this unit is programmed to serve and obey. This unit is your sex toy,” Chris said. Mollybot immediately began to repeat his commands perfectly, interspersing them with sights and moans indicating her programmed excitement.

Chris fingered the “blowjob” button on the remote. Mollybot instantly fell silent, then pivoted and tilted her head. Chris realized she needed instruction for his clothing. Chris grabbed her hands and placed them on his belt. Mollybot efficiently undid them, then lowered his shorts and boxers as she knelt down. Her silverized mouth opened wide and quickly engulfed him to the hilt. Something about the nanomaterial made it particularly slippery and comforting in her mouth and throat. Chris pulled Mollybot’s silver head back and forth on his cock, fucking her mouth. She showed no signs of discomfort with his rough handling, all thanks to her dermal modifications.

As his balls slapped against her silverized chin, Chris groaned with pleasure, reveling in the expert ministrations of his robotic slave. Feeling his loins begin to tense, he quickly pulled out of her mouth with a satisfying pop, then fingered the “doggy position” button. Mollybot instantly rotated on her knees, putting her ass high into the air and presenting her silverized pussy to him.

Chris kicked off his shorts and pulled off his shirt as he rummaged through the nearby pack. Pulling out a book sized device, Chris drew behind his sexbot and knelt to position his cockhead against her warm and wet pussy. As he poised to penetrate her, he placed the device in the middle of her back. As with the antenna, it quickly melded into her silverized body until it appeared to become part of her.

As it completed its union with the sexbot, the device sprang to life, emitting small beeps and clicks as lights played across the surface. Mollybot’s body stiffened as she recited in a completely mechanical tone, “Unit…under…total…user…control.” Chris drove into the unit’s pussy and began pressing buttons on the device. Each button initiated a different movement or activity. Chris groaned in ecstasy as the unit’s pussy began to vibrate, gently at first, then more and more as he pushed a slider up on the device.

“Unhhh…what an amusement park ride!” Chris exclaimed. Mollybot did not respond in any way, as she was nothing more than a mindless machine at this point. After several minutes “driving” his sex toy, Chris pressed another button on the device, pulled his cock from his unit’s pussy, then drove deep into her mirrored ass. The device had already prelubricated her hole. Mollybot showed no reaction as his cock drove in to the hilt. Chris gasped in delight as the incredible tightness and smoothness of her ass engulfed his cock.

In short order, Chris felt his loins begin to tense. With a gasp he pumped load after load into his toy’s ass. Pressing a button on the device, the unit instantly froze in position as he pulled his now sensitive cock from her.

With a suctioning noise, Chris pulled the device from Mollybot’s back, then pressed a button on her remote. As Chris stood, Mollybot pivoted to her knees to give his cock an expert tongue bath. Patting her on the head, Chris grabbed his clothes and headed for the cabin. As he prepared for bed, he could hear Mollybot outside.

With the flickering light of the fire fading through the window, Mollybot strode into the cabin, locked the door, then moved to stand at attention by the bed. Barely able to keep his eyes open, Chris pressed a button on the remote. The light on the tip of his robot’s antenna slowly went out as her eyes snapped shut and her head dropped forward. Chris smiled as he drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, as the sun began to peek into the window, Chris stretched and yawned, recalling the previous evening’s delights and the fantastic dreams they had engendered. He grabbed his sat phone from the bedside and began to check his messages and e-mail. After a few minutes, the door opened and his silverized consort walked in carrying a tray. As with the previous morning, Mollybot had prepared him a delicious meal, but this time she showed no emotion as she fed it to him. She was a serving machine, nothing more.

His meal over, Mollybot walked back towards the door with his tray. Chris smiled and pressed a button on her remote. Mollybot froze momentarily, then placed the tray on a nearby table. Pivoting back toward him, she moved toward the bedside as he pulled the covers back, revealing his fully erect cock.

Wordlessly and efficiently, his robot swung up on the bed, positioned herself above him, then drove down to engulf his cock in her silverized pussy. Chris reveled in the fabulous sensations as Mollybot pistoned up and down on his cock. In short order, he dumped his load deep within her. With a button press, Mollybot dismounted him, picked up the tray and exited the cabin.

Sighing contentedly, Chris stood and walked across the campsite to the shower area. A press of the remote brought his subservient fembot to his side. Chris gazed across the valley below as she carefully cleaned him up. After toweling off, Chris returned to the cabin to pack up.

After everything had been put into the packs, Chris stepped toward Mollybot and reached toward the control unit on her head. Just before he touched it, he stopped, then took a step backward and rubbed his chin. “Why not? There’s nobody else around here. Besides, if anyone sees us we can easily say she is trying out a new Halloween costume,” he chuckled.

With a button press, Mollybot retrieved her pack and effortlessly swung it onto her back. Before Chris could stop her, she did the same with his. Chris whistled softly; the combined weight of the packs was over 100lbs, but his silver robot showed no signs of difficulty handling them.

Pressing the remote, Mollybot turned toward the trail and began to walk downward. Her movements were precise and measured as always, but she still managed to swing her hips seductively under the weight. Chris’ breath quickened as he watched her muscular, reflective ass move so enticingly. Without his pack, Chris was able to sidle up beside her when the trail opened up, reaching over to fondle her ass and tits as they worked their way downward.

Within a couple hours, the pair had reached the trailhead and the waiting SUV. Chris popped the liftgate, and Mollybot threw the packs in. Pointing the remote at her and pressing a button, his sexbot climbed in next to them and lay down. Chris pressed another button. Mollybot’s glowing green eyes snapped shut and her breathing slowed until almost imperceptible.

As Chris drove out of the mountains and down the expressway homeward, he would occasionally look back at his deactivated toy, smiling at her fantastic curves and emotionless features. Molly was truly a beautiful woman, enhanced by Nu-Wife, of course!

Arriving home, Chris pulled up the liftgate and pressed the remote. Mollybot instantly activated and climbed out. She carried the two packs inside, set them in the mudroom, then stood at attention.

“Time for some personality again,” Chris said. Reaching up, he pulled the antenna device from her head. Mollybot didn’t react at first, then slowly awareness came across her face again. She looked at him with confusion and amazement.

“Oh…oh my god! How did we get back here? The last thing I remember was you putting that thing on my head by the waterfall!”

“Oh, you’ve been very busy since then, my little robot!” Chris laughed. Molly laughed in return, teasingly moving her limbs robotically and saying “I…am…a…robot” with a smirk on her face. “Careful,” Chris warned. “I’ll turn you back again!” Molly drew to him, her hand caressing his face. “Mmmm…whatever you want, baby! All I want to do is please you!”

Chris held up the device as if to put it on her, her eyes widening with apprehension as he did so. He stopped suddenly, laughing as he tossed it casually aside. “That’s enough for today,” he said. “But I’m not done with my robot quite yet.”

Chris grabbed Molly by the arm and led her upstairs to the bedroom. She watched with growing lust in her silver eyes as he removed his clothes. Throwing her on her back, Chris mounted her and drove his cock once more into her gleaming, bald pussy. Molly cried out with delight as he worked in and out of her. She came several times before he finally shot his load, her hypersensitive skin and pussy making her so responsive to his touch.

After a short nap, Molly went down to the kitchen to prepare their dinner. He followed her down a bit later, enjoying all of her subservient attention to him, including sitting on his lap as she cut and fed him his food, occasionally taking a bite of her own.

Chris yawned wearily, the weekend’s activities catching up to him all at once. He plodded up the steps, silver Molly by his side. Amazingly, she showed no signs of fatigue. The nanomaterial was truly amazing stuff. After another quick episode of lovemaking, Chris collapsed on his back. His eyes quickly closed, the last sight before he drifted off was Molly’s smiling, silverized face as she lay next to him.

Looking blearily at the buzzing alarm clock, Chris sighed heavily. “Well, my slave, I can’t believe it’s Monday morning already! Time to get you ready to go back home.” Chris stood and waved at Molly to follow him to the bathroom. Chris pressed the glowing green button on the device on her chest. Molly’s skin began to dull, her hair became more and more evident as her skin took on the white sheen of the gel. Finally, he popped the device from her chest.

Chris waved her into the shower. “You will take your time cleaning yourself, slave. I want all of that off of you.” “Yes, Master,” she said, as she stepped through the steamy door.

Putting the contact lens containers on the counter, Chris walked back downstairs and turned on the tube. Checking his messages, he laughed at the image of Jamie sitting on a table, completely nude, her legs splayed apart, her eyes closed and mouth open as if in mid-moan. “Fantastic!” he texted. Pulling up a pic of Mollybot from the evening before, he texted it to Steve. “Wow!” was all he responded.

Chris was finishing his second cup of coffee when Molly finally walked down the steps, her overnight bag slung over her shoulder. She was dressed invitingly in a tank top and yoga pants. “All clean?” he asked. “Of course, baby! I do exactly as you say, remember?” Chris laughed, “Yeah, but I just can’t get enough of you saying that to me!”

Molly dropped her bag and plopped onto the couch next to him, snuggling up close and nuzzling her neck. She smelled wonderful. “I know,” she said, mischievously. “Is there…anything…more I can do for you before we have to leave?” Chris smiled slightly and glanced toward his crotch. Molly needed no further cue as her hands flew to unzip him. Her warm mouth quickly enveloped him. Chris’ cock was sore from all the activity that weekend, but before he knew it, he was grunting with delight as his spunk hit the back of her throat.

Molly calmly swallowed every bit, then gazed up at him adoringly as she cleaned him with her tongue. Zipping him back up, she nuzzled back up next to him. She said nothing as he continued to read his messages, her hand slowly swirling on his chest.

Molly suddenly sat up straight. “Time to go,” she said, her eyes somewhat unfocused. She must have been watching the clock, and was responding to a cue implanted by Nu-Wife. “Yep,” Chris said as he came to his feet.

Chris chuckled as they pulled into the parking lot of Nu-Wife. Steve & Jamie were just arriving as well. They all jumped out excitedly. Chris was happier to see Jamie than he thought he would be. She ran to him and leapt into his arms, kissing him feverishly. Chris saw Molly doing the same with Steve from the corner of his eye.

The couples headed inside. Shortly after they checked in, Jensen walked out to greet them warmly. Chris noted a small change in Molly and Jamies’ behavior when they saw him, almost as if waiting for a command. He quickly dismissed his slight concern as he thought, “I guess he needs to have them obey him as much as the husbands.”

“OK, guys,” Jensen said, as a white coated technician emerged from behind. We’ll need about 20 minutes with the ladies, then you can have them back.” Chris and Steve sat down, chatting bemusedly about the weekend. The conversation was a little hesitant and peripheral, until Steve finally said, “OK, come on, tell me all about it! Your Jamie is an amazing fuck! I can’t tell you how many times I came this weekend. Was Molly everything you wanted?”

As is often the case when men discuss women, the conversation quickly became lewd and crude. They were still laughing and high fiving when the door opened and the girls emerged. Other than a somewhat glazed look in their eyes, they seemed unchanged. Each quickly drew to her husband.

As she held tightly to Chris’ arm, Jamie gazed lovingly into his eyes. “Thank you again for sharing me this weekend, baby. I had so much fun, and Molly tells me she did too! I’m glad to be back with you.” Chris stroked his wife’s cheek in reply.

“OK, guys,” Jensen said. “We’ll see you back here tomorrow morning at the same time, right?” “Yep!” the men said in unison, smiling from ear to ear. As they exited the building and turned toward their cars, the men gave each other one last high five. “See you tomorrow!” Chris said. “For sure!” Steve replied, “For sure!”

Nu-Wife, Inc.