The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Nu-Wife, Inc.

Chapter 6 – The Exchange

Author’s note: this chapter is a little light on mind control/robots, but it is necessary to set up the rest of this segment of the story.

“What’s up, buddy?” Chris heard as he picked up his extension. “Not much, another day in the salt mines.” “Yeah, I know what you mean,” said Steve, “it can be a drag riding a desk all the time. I’m looking forward to some time off next week.” “Me too!” said Chris. “Guess we were both thinking the same thing with the short week after the holiday.”

Steve laughed. “So, you just taking a staycation? Seems like that’s all I do anymore.” “Yep,” said Chris. “It makes it much easier when the wife has no say in the matter. And I’ve got some special plans for her, as you might suspect!” The two friends laughed conspiratorially. “My sentiment exactly!” said Steve.

“So…not sure how to ask this,” said Steve, “and please don’t freak out, but…did you select Molly at the club last weekend?” Chris paused momentarily, then said, “Well…yes, I did. I was wondering if you could tell by the way you looked at me at the end of the night.”

“Are you kidding?” Steve said. “The way you were looking at Molly, it was obvious. Anyway, I’m happy you did. Besides, why in the world would I be jealous? When I put her into the selection room, I know she is going to have sex with another man. That’s the whole point! I get off on it, knowing she is completely under my control. And she remembers nothing, so it doesn’t affect our relationship at all. In fact, it enhances it, at least for me.”

“Wow, hadn’t thought about it that way, but you are right,” said Chris. “I have been looking at Jamie a little differently since Saturday. I suppose knowing she was being used like a sex toy by some other guy is really exciting.” “Well, I hope this doesn’t bum you out,” said Steve. “But that other guy was me!”

Chris laughed heartily. “That is so funny! I was almost sure by the way you were looking at Jamie! You know, I’m totally cool with that too. Good friends should always share!” Steve & Chris laughed again.

“So, I’ve got an idea for next week,” said Steve. “How about we meet for a few beers after work?” “Sounds good,” said Chris, his pulse quickening at what he was sure Steve was going to propose.

“Ahh, here we go,” Steve said, as the hot little waitress put two ice cold mugs on the table. “I’d like to see her at the club!” Chris whispered as she walked away, her tight ass swaying seductively in her short shorts. “Indeed!” Steve exclaimed.

“So, you can probably guess what I’m thinking for next week, but I thought we should discuss it face to face. I want to look you in the eyes to be sure you are comfortable with it,” said Steve. “Sure!” said Chris, “it’s a delicate subject.”

“Nu-Wife has set up a program for wife swapping that we could use,” said Steve. “There are a couple of ways we can approach it. We can either program them to remember and accept that they are ‘swingers’, or all memories can be wiped, just like at the club.”

“We have to agree that either of us can change our minds at any point and have them wiped, and the other can’t object,” said Steve. “And most importantly, there won’t be any hard feelings!”

“Sounds good to me!” said Chris. “Great!” said Steve. “I’m thinking we can set up a schedule for next week for who they will be with. How about we meet at the Nu-Wife offices at lunch tomorrow and we can get it all spelled out.” “Paperwork?” said Chris. “Yeah, as you might expect, they require we sign some documents that have some pretty harsh penalties if they are breached,” said Steve. “You don’t want to know the consequences, but since Nu-Wife can’t really get the authorities involved, for obvious reasons, they have ‘fixed’ a few guys who have breached terms.” “That sounds ominous!” said Chris. “Well, you remember when Ted Johnson suddenly divorced his wife and announced publicly that he was a pedophile?” “You gotta be kidding!” Chris said. “Nope,” said Steve. “You should know by now they have a lot of power they can wield if they want.”

Chris shook his head, “No problem with me on that! I’m happy as a clam with the rules they have.” “Me too” said Steve. “As long as everybody behaves, the potential for fun is virtually limitless!” “Give it some thought on how you want to set things up. See you tomorrow,” Steve said, as he threw a few bucks on the table and headed out. “Can’t wait,” said Chris.

The next day, Steve and Chris lounged in the Nu-Wife lobby, ogling the always perky and incredibly hot blond receptionist. There was a different one every time Chris was there, but they all had the same personality and mannerisms, just as they had been programmed.

“Chris, Steve!” said Carl Jensen. “How are you guys? Glad to see the two of you have connected.” After a few minutes of niceties and banter about sports and politics, the group retired to a plush conference room. It was nicely appointed with standard office furniture, but the sexy young attendant standing motionless by the door made it fantastic. She was dressed as Heather and Mia had been at the club, a simple tunic with a sash in the front. The simple nametag on her chest read ‘Shelly’.

As the men took their seats, Shelly activated and asked in a sweet voice if they would like food and refreshments. After taking their orders, she walked out of the room, Chris unable to keep from staring at her incredibly sexy legs and perfect ass.

“Never gets dull, does it?” Jensen smiled. “No!” Chris and Steve said in unison. Chuckling, Jensen pulled out some tablets with what looked like some legal forms. After some more small talk, Jensen began: “OK, guys, since the main idea is already settled, let’s get the details hashed out. Chris, Steve tells me you were going to make the decision about whether the girls will be programmed as ‘swingers’, or they will be wiped.” “Well,” said Chris, “I guess I’d like to have them remember for now. We can always change it later, right?” “Sure, no problem. I think you will really like the way they behave,” said Jensen.

Shelly walked back in with the refreshments as ordered, bending over sexily for maximum exposure as she served them. She then returned to her former position at attention, oblivious to the conversation. “For a schedule, here’s what I suggest,” Jensen said, sipping his coffee. “Have the girls pack up for a weekend away on Friday, then bring them to the club that evening. When they are returned to you, they will have had their ‘swinger’ programming installed. Each will go home with the other’s husband that night, and stay with them through the weekend. On Monday morning, bring them here to switch back. On Tuesday, drop them off in the morning to be swapped, then return them on Thursday evening. After that, how about a day for each of you to have the two of them together?” “Wow, that’s a great idea!” said Steve. “Absolutely!” Chris agreed. “We can arrange for some companionship for the one without the girls that day,” said Jensen. “Of course, the club is always an option too, and you won’t have to check your spouse in, just enjoy the services.”

“Hope this isn’t going to break the bank,” said Chris. “No, no, there is a reasonable fee for the service, but look at it this way, guys, if you went someplace on vacation, you would be spending a lot more!” “No doubt!” said Steve. “I see you each have your kids in summer camp and with grandparents for the week,” said Jensen, “so there should be no complications.”

“Now for the ground rules,” Jensen said in a more serious tone. “I know Steve is aware, but Chris, just to be sure you understand, there are firm restrictions on what can and can’t happen in this arrangement. You already have signed the non-disclosure when Jamie was reprogrammed and know the penalties, but it is also critical you understand that Steve’s wife is not to be mistreated or commanded to do anything illegal or destructive. That’s the main thing, but I advise you to read the agreement carefully to understand all of them.” “Of course, of course,” Chris responded. “Molly will be treated just as I would Jamie.” “Ditto,” said Steve.

“OK, enough with the ominous warnings,” Jensen laughed. “Let’s get the formalities completed.” After a little more chit chat, Steve and Chris each signed the legal forms and asked a few more minor questions. They hurried out the door to get back to the office, Chris looking back to see Jensen holding Shelly tightly by the waist, smiling and waving. “What a life!” Chris said. “I’d switch places with him in a heartbeat!” Steve agreed as they jogged to their cars.

On Friday evening, Chris watched as Jamie prepared for their “weekend vacation.” “So, where are we going anyway?” Chris just said, “It’s a surprise.” “OK, darling, whatever you wish,” said Jamie. “I’m just not sure why you want me to put this on for the trip there?” Jamie twirled in her low cut black party dress to let Chris admire her curves and sexy legs. “There’s a reception when we get there, and we need to go right to it.” Jamie shrugged, then leaned over, Chris admiring her substantial cleavage. “OK, it really doesn’t matter. I love dressing sexy for you, my love.”

Driving up to the club, Jamie cooed, “Ooohhh, a weekend here? That sounds fantastic!” “I thought you would like it,” Chris said. “Just leave your bag here in the car, I’ll have them brought up later.” Immediately after entering the lobby, Jamie’s demeanor changed, her facial expression becoming unfocused as she turned dreamily toward the coat check, then walked into the back accompanied by the sexy attendant. Stepping back out, the attendant confirmed the extras to be added to Jamie’s programming when she was returned that evening.

After spending some time in the bar, Chris again enjoyed seeing his frozen and mindless wife in the selection room. He picked out a beautiful Hispanic woman who reminded him of Salma Hayek. Several hours later, as the chimes sounded, Chris groaned as he collected his things. “Damn, that girl wore me out!” he thought, watching her sexy, thong clad ass sway as she made her way out to door.

Standing in the lobby, Chris’s eyes brightened as Steve strode up to him. “You ready for this?” he asked. “Absolutely!” Chris said, “but that little unit I had tonite was a dynamo! I’m going to need to save my stre…” Chris’s words trailed off as Jamie and Molly walked toward them. Molly was also dressed in a sexy cocktail dress, her substantial cleavage and shapely legs so enticing. Each walked to their spouse and kissed them passionately, as Jamie said, “Mmmm…thank you lover! I’m so excited you are sharing me with Steve, and he is sharing Molly with you.”

With a naughty grin, Jamie disengaged from his arms, then walked toward Steve, as Molly did the same. The two girls looked into each other’s eyes as they passed, a slight, sensual brush on each other’s shoulders as they smiled wickedly. Nothing else needed to be said. As Molly put her arms over Chris’s shoulders, her eyes glittered with desire and passion. “Hi, sexy,” she whispered. “I am so excited about this week! I can’t wait to do whatever you want.” Chris looked over to see Jamie staring into Steve’s eyes as she whispered to him. The friends made eye contact, each smiling broadly at the other.

“Looks like the cars are here,” Steve said. The two couples walked out, each with the other’s wife close by their side. It was weird for Chris to see his wife so intimate with another man, but exciting at the same time. “I guess I like cuckolding…” he thought. The friends transferred their spouse’s bags to the others car. Molly leaned seductively on the side of Chris’s car, looking him up and down hungrily.

As Chris and Steve shook hands, their wives each gave them one last kiss. Jamie mouthed the words, “I love you,” as Chris caught Molly doing the same to Steve. Each of the happy men held the door open for the girls, then drove off.

Chris felt oddly nervous and at a loss for words as Molly stared at him. His nervousness quickly dissipated as she snuggled up close to him, laying her head against his shoulder and holding his arm. “Mmmm…you have such big muscles, Chris! You must really work out a lot!” “I try to keep fit,” Chris said quietly. “You know…I’m finding it hard to keep my mind off your cock,” said Molly. “Can I blow you now?”

Chris’s heart leapt into his throat, his pulse immediately quickening. “Ummm…sure. I’ll try to keep my attention on driving…” The words had scarcely left his lips before Molly was at his zipper, quickly pulling it down and reaching in to fish out his rock hard cock. Leaning down to his crotch, Chris felt the pleasant sensation of warm lips enveloping his member, and gasped as Molly immediately deep throated him to the hilt.

Chris swerved slightly but quickly recovered, gasping at the expert blowjob Molly was administering. She worked him up and down, her cadence slow and steady. Chris pulled the zipper to the back of her dress down and unfastened her bra. He reached under Molly’s torso to fondle and squeeze her substantial tits, remembering how much he enjoyed them at the club.

Molly let out a low moan over his cock, but kept pace. Chris was able to keep his composure for the rest of the ride home, as he had already drained his balls into the Hispanic unit several times that night. Pulling into the garage, he quickly shut off the car, then lowered the door before getting out. He smiled as he tried to pull out from under Molly’s suctioning lips. Molly giggled as her mouth popped noisily off his member. She sat up in the seat, her dress already halfway down her front, one lovely tit fully exposed.

“Get out and follow me,” Chris ordered. “Mmmm…you got it, sexy!” Molly said, in her maddeningly seductive voice. Chris dropped his keys in the hallway, then headed into the kitchen. As Molly turned the corner behind him, he grabbed her roughly and began to passionately make out with her, pulling her dress and bra off to leave her only in her panties and heels.

“Undress us,” Chris again commanded. Molly said nothing, as her hands flew at the buttons to his shirt, then his trousers. As Chris kicked off his shoes and socks, Molly pulled down her panties and unbuckled her heels. Before she could even get upright, Chris grabbed her hips and lifted her up on the table. Molly gasped and groaned with pleasure as he asserted his dominance over her, then cried out in pleasure as his cock thrust deep into her sopping wet pussy.

“Oh, God,” Molly cried out, again and again, as Chris frenetically pumped in and out of his friend’s wife. Her tight pussy rhythmically contracted in concert with his thrusts, the cries and moans of pleasure indicating she was quickly reaching climax. As Molly screamed out, “I’m cumming!!!”, Chris grunted as he dumped his load deep in her womb, amazed he had as much left as he did after filling his Hispanic unit so many times earlier that night.

As Chris collapsed on his friend’s wife, she embraced him, both of them panting and reveling in post coital bliss. After a few more wordless moments, Chris spoke forcefully. “Get your travel bag and take it upstairs to the bedroom. No clothes tonite.” Molly drew out from under him and hastened to comply.

Chris pulled on his underwear as he retrieved his mobile phone from his pants. As he stepped into the hallway, he was just in time to catch Molly walking past him and up the steps. As she ascended, her hips swaying seductively, Chris snapped a picture, then messaged it to Steve. Steve’s immediate response was “OMG!!!”, followed shortly by a return picture. Jamie was standing nude on his coffee table, clearly in the midst of a sexy dance. Her fingers were dipped into her crotch, a look of ecstasy on her face.

“Already fucked her,” texted Chris. “Me too!” replied Steve. A couple of smiley faces, then Chris turned to follow Molly up the steps. Stepping wearily into the bedroom, Chris stumbled to the bed. Molly slipped in beside him, spooning him under the covers as he drifted off into nirvana.