The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

On the Cards

Karen kicked the sand as she walked along the beach. She turned back to see how far she’d come.

Her mom Lisa, dad Brett, and younger sister Maddy were one of the few groups there.

Karen adjusted her one piece as it rode up her ass-crack. She wore it, a large brimmed hat, and sandals and nothing else…. despite the cool breeze coming now from off shore.

She saw a man approaching her. She turned back to see if her mom or dad had noticed… they were a fair way away.

“Hello” he smiled

“Er… hello” she said shifting her feet nervously.

“My name is Winston” he said


“And you are?”

“I don’t know you…” she said

“As I said, my name is Winston…”

“Sure, okay.”

“And you are?”

“I…” she hesitated again

“I need to know your name… for this to work…”


“It’s a card trick…”

“A what?”

“Magic!” he said, showing her a playing card.

“So, what’s your name?”


“Very well” he smiled “Take this card, Karen”

She took it

“Turn it over”

She did and found herself staring at it

“Now you will obey me”

“I will obey you” she said, staring at the card

“Come with me” he said

“Yes” she said in a monotone

He turned and began walking up off the beach

Karen followed

She hung onto the card, looking occasionally at it.

She had no idea why she was following him, but she did anyway.

He lead her off the beach towards the back-end of a small group of houses.

He took her through a yard of one and then held the back door open. She stepped in

They were in an old 1960’s style kitchen… lots of laminate, linoleum and all that kitsch

“Take off your clothes” he said.

She did so

“Put them there… on the table”

“You are so beautiful” he smiled, “How old are you?”


“You don’t look it” he said, at seeing her under-developed chest.

She had a thick bush of hair though, sprouting from between her legs.

She watched impassively as he undressed.

“Have you ever had sex before?”


“Come with me” he said, and lead her to the toilet.

“Do you need to go?”

She nodded. “Then do it” he said

She went over to the toilet bowl, and putting the seat down she sat and emptied her bowels

He wiped her ass for her. As he did he slid a finger into her anus and felt how soft she was. He was satisfied and got her to her feet. He flushed the toilet and made her turn around and lean over it. He eyed her soft fleshy globes of ass flesh and grew rock hard.

He took hold of his cock and pressed it between her ass-cheeks. Pushing up against her anus he found a little resistance but that turned him on more. He thrust into her

“Owwwww!” she cried as pain tore through her

“You will not resist” he said

“No…” she whimpered, “I will not resist”

He pushed in deeper into her. She was soft, wet, warm.

Taking hold of her thighs he built up a rhythm and then quickly… it was upon him. He shuddered and came, filling her rectum with his semen.

They showered together, long loving strokes. They kissed. “You are mind forever” he said

“I am yours forever” she said, willingly.

“I want you to return to me tomorrow…” he smiled, touching her cheek gently

“And…” he continued, “I want you to bring me a gift”

“Yes, Master” she said, her breathing growing faster as she felt his warmth press against her

His cock got hard again.

“You must go now, or you’ll be missed”

“Yes, Master” she said, a little disappointed. She knew he wanted her, but he would not be rash and waste his gifts.

She dressed as he masturbated. She smiled as she saw him come, knowing at least she had given him this pleasure; the sight of her body.

* * *

Maddy had wondered where her sister had gone. It was surprising that no one else had seemed to notice.

Karen had returned to the group. She smiled at her sister. Nothing had seemed abnormal.

It was a surprise then that Karen insisted that she come along with her the next day

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see…” Karen smiled. She saw her sister a little hesitant so she stopped and took her gently by the hand. Her smile was reassuring

Winston waited in the hallway of his house when Karen opened the door.

“I brought you a gift” she said as she ran to him and embraced him.

Maddy stood back as she watched her sister leap into the stranger’s embrace. Karen wrapped her legs around Winston’s thighs.

They kissed and kissed again. “I love you” Karen whimpered as she embrace her master.

Eventually he put her down

He turned to Maddy

“What is your name?” he asked

“What’s going on here?”

“Tell him your name…” Karen insisted


“Just tell him!” Karen snarled

“My name is Madeline” she said

“Take this card, Madeline” he said to her

She took it. “Now turn it over”

She looked at the other side and a strange languor washed over her

“Now you will obey me” he said


“She is yours now” Karen said, “Come Maddy” she smiled, taking her sister by the hand and leading her into the house.

Maddy stood there like she was in a daze

“Take off your clothes” he said

She did so, and as she did Karen joined her.

Both girls stood naked. Karen, though older was smaller in features. Maddy was slightly plump, and her breasts were fuller because of that. They both sported thick brown bushes

“You are both virgins”

“Yes, Master” they said in unison.

“I need you to shave yourselves” he said

“Yes, Master” they said as they followed him into the bathroom.

He fetched some scissors and gave them both a pair. “Trim your hair” he said.

They both started clipping at their brown fur.

As they did he filled the sink with warm water. He got two safety razors and handed them to the girls.

They wet and lathered themselves and then went to work shaving.

He got hard as he watched

He made Maddy finish off her sister, then Karen cleaned up Maddy.

Both, warm, pink vaginal lips now drew his attention. On his knees, he wiped clean their snatches with a towel before kissing them both. His tongue pressed up into one, then the other

He was rock hard when he rose up, picking Maddy as he went and shoving himself suddenly into her. “Oooof” she gasped as he pushed up into her. She hooked her legs around him and rode him as he carried her to the wall, pressing her back against the cool white tiles; literally driving her up the wall.

“So tight…!” he gasped

He turned to her sister who came up and kissed him as he fucked Maddy

Karen drew a hand down to her Winston’s ass and she slid a finger into his anus

Maddy grunted with delight. She clawed at his back as he thrust up into her

“Oh, yes…. Master” she gasped as he rode her.

As she rose and sank she squeezed, bearing down on him in time.

Karen drew her finger out and sniffed it. She licked it before moving around to put her tongue where her finger had just been.

Winston’s ass banged against her face, knocking her back, she laughed and went in again to stick her tongue into his anus.

“Fuck…! Fuck…! Fuck…!” Maddy gasped with each thrust. Then, he came in her. She howled in delight as she felt his cock spew hot sperm into her.

He pulled out, still coming and she sank to her knees and caught some in her mouth. He turned and gave a spray onto Karen’s face.

He was still hard, and Karen was next. She lent over the bath, bracing herself. He guided himself to her tight virginal hairless hot snatch and pushed in.

Her knees buckled as he pressed into her, breaking her hymen. His cock slick with her blood eased in deeper.

Maddy masturbated, she pussy-farted sperm out onto her hand and she rubbed this over her face, lovingly.

He pushed in and out, slapping his balls against her ass and then he came again. It was an impossible amount… at least 100mls of sperm shot into her, too much for her to hold and even as he pulled out of her it dripped from her open gaping slit.

He stood back and watched as his minions; sisters, fingered each other. Fingers slick with pussy juice and sticky white semen. They drew a finger into each other’s mouthes, feeding his sperm to each other.

* * *

Both sisters, smiling held each other’s hands as they walked back up the beach with their Master behind them. He watched their asses as they walked. Maddy turned and looked at him, happy he was watching her with desire.

“It’s so good” Karen said

“Yes” Maddy smiled, she had to agree, she loved being his.

She almost squealed with delight just at the thought of him desiring her. She had never known such a feeling of love; a desire.

They arrived back at their hotel.

“Who’s this?” Lisa asked as the two girls returned with a stranger.

“This is our master…” Karen said. She was still holding her sister’s hand

Lisa thought it strange that the two sisters seemed to close.

“Your…???” she asked

“What’s your name?” he asked


“Very well. Take this card, Lisa” he said…

The End