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Synopsis: Callie is the new girl at school. Pete is the geek. Why would she want to talk to him?

The One

“It’s Pete, isn’t it?”

Pete looked about to see if she was talking to someone else.

“Pete? Hello?” she smiled again.

Why would she be talking to him? Pete Seger was a geek. One of the lowest of the low. Everyone knew Callie. She was the new girl. Since arriving at Jefferson High a couple of weeks ago she had been the focus of a lot of talk.

Callie was tall, sleek. She was European in styling—though her name was California Gold! She had said her mom was a hippy before her time giving her that name. So she shortened it to Callie.

Callie had large brown eyes, and long flowing brown hair. She was paled, but not too white—you couldn’t be in southern California or you’d burn to a crisp.

Pete Seger had also seen her about—like at Temple. His folks Rudi and Ruth were progressive too. He’d seen her mom from a distance—Lilith—but they’d not been introduced, though his mom had said she had met her.

She took his hand and he snapped out of his daydream

“Yes” he smiled, “I’m Peter Amos Seger”

“It’s nice to know your whole name” she giggled

He blushed. How stupid.

And now, he was staring at her breasts. She wore a T-shirt that showed she had nothing on underneath, despite nice round breasts. Her nippled pressed out hard

“Are you looking at my breasts?” she smiled

“Er… no” he said blushing and looking into her eyes.

“You can…” she said


“You can look at them.. I don’t mind”

“I… I wasn’t”

“Do you want to touch them?”

“N-no” he said

“Most boys want to…” she said, “You can, if you want…”


She took his hand and pushed it against her breast

“Go on…” she smiled. He started to. Her breast was firm, but soft. He looked again in her eyes to see if it was a trick

She closed her eyes and let out a small sigh, “Mmmm” she said, “That feels nice”

He ripped his hand away

“Why’d you stop?” she gasped

“It… it’s not right?”



“I want you to touch them. You want to touch them… what’s wrong with that?”

“It doesn’t…”

“It’s okay…” Callie smiled assuringly “I won’t want you to do anything you don’t want to…”


“Come” she said

He looked about no one else had seen them.

She took his hand and guided him

The hall was busy but it was as if no one else could see them. He passed by Ralph Connor, his best friend

Pete smiled at Ralph…

“He can’t see you…”


“None of them can…” Callie smiled

She lead him to the science lab—now empty.

“What did you mean no one could see us?”

“I used a cloaking spell” she said as she closed the door behind them

“A what?”

“Never mind that” she smiled as she suddenly peeled off her top

“What are you doing?”

“I know you want me…”


“Everyone does…” she said as she let herT-shirt fall to the floor.

Next she peeled her jeans off. She had no panties on underneath, and instead of a big hairy bush liked he’d seen in the magazines he and Ralph jerked off to, she was clean-shaven

She had a small tattoo—an upside-down pentagram just above her cunt.

She smiled as she saw him looking at it.

“I can see you want me…” she said as she took a feel of his hard cock through his pants

He jumped back

“Take it out…” she purred, “I want you to fuck me…”

“I don’t…” he began

She spun around, and glancing seductively back over her shoulder she ran her hands down over her beautiful ass

She bent over, showing herself Surprisingly her pussy lips were closed, like a virgin’s. “I want you to be my first…” she gave her voice like a younger innocent’s.

“I…” be began again… his cock straining

She spun around as if impatient and she went to take hold of his zip

“Don’t touch me!” he yelled

Suddenly he woke up. The class laughed at him

“Is everything alright Mr. Seger?” Helen asked him

He looked up to see he was in History. His teacher Helen Smith was standing there impatiently waiting for an answer.

“Yes, Miss” he said

“Okay…” she said and she continued on with the lesson

He turned to Ralph sitting next to him. Even Ralph thought he was acting weird.

And then he saw her… Callie. She was at the front of the class, and she was looking back at him, sneeringly.

The day went by uneventful. As a senior Pete took part in a small meeting deciding on social matters for the end-of-term.

Callie was not there. Neither was Ralph.

Pete drove over to Ralph’s at the end of the school day

“Oh, Hi, Pete” Leslie said, “Ralph’s upstairs in his room”

“Thanks, Mrs Connor”

“Oh, and he’s got a ‘friend’” She called up after him

Pete stopped half-way up and smiled back at Leslie

He heard moaning from Ralph’s room. He leaned against the door

“Oh, Ralph!” he head a woman—he knew it was Callie “Oh, fuck me in the ass!”

Pete gasped

“Oh, don’t stop!” Callie begged

Pete took hold of the door knob and opened it slightly.

He could see what they were doing. Near the door was a built-in cupboard with a mirror on the door. It reflected the couple on the bed.

“That’s it!” Callie purred, “Deep in my asshole!”

Callie was on all fours. Ralph was behind her. He wasn’t fully undressed, and neither was Callie. She had her dress rolled up her back. Ralph only had his pants and undies down around his knees

“Oh, oh, oh!” Callie gasped

Suddenly Ralph came. He shook and then fell onto her.

“You’re done?” Callie growled disappointed

“Let me take over…” came a male voice

Ralph was pulled up off of her. And then, Pete could see it was Thomas Connor—Ralph’s dad

Pete was shocked.

Thomas stepped forward and dropped his pants

“Where do you want it?” he asked as he caressed his cock to hardness

“In my asshole”

“Okay” he smiled as he pushed in forwards

“Oh, yessssss” she gasped

Suddenly Pete heard footsteps . He realised that Leslie was coming up the stairs

He has a moment of panic as he didn’t want her to discover her husband’s infidelity.

Leslie came up, around the corner.

Peter was flabbergasted. Leslie wore nothing

“Hi, Pete” she smiled as she approached, “You’re not joining us?”


“Come on… you can fuck me if you want”


She brushed past him and stopped and took his hand

“Are you going to come in?”

He turned and saw Callie in the mirror. She was looking at him, smiling, but moaning as she was pounded in her asshole.

“Well?” Leslie smiled


Leslie turned and went in

“Hi, honey” Thomas said as they kissed, “You won’t believe how tight her asshole is…”

“Tighter than mine?”

“Let’s see”

“Move over…” Leslie said as she got on the bed

Callie got up and went over to the door. She opened it wide

Behind her Leslie cried out in pain as her husband pushed up into her anus.

“What have you done to them…?” he gasped

“They’re happy” Callie grinned, “I’m happy—I love fucking”

“This is not normal…”

“What is?” she purred. She ran her hand down his arm, “You know…” she smiled, “My pussy is still waiting for you… I’ve not let any man inside me there” she grinned

“Is that supposed to mean something?”

“Yes…” she smiled, “You know you’re special…”

“I… what? Special?”

“Yes” she purred, “I knew it the moment I found out I couldn’t control you…”


She smiled and turned “Ralph” she snapped

“Yes, mistress” he said running over to her, running as best he could with his pants still hanging on.

“Ralph…?” Pete said

Ralph ignored him

“He can’t hear you”

“What have you done?”

“I have simply awoken the desires inside him” she smiled. She turned and kissed Ralph. He kissed her back.

“Oh, look” she gasped as she felt his cock “I got shit on your dick”

She looked back at Pete “That was naughty of me” she grinned as she turned and sank to her knees.

She sucked at his dick. Ralph looked down at her

“Ralph?” Pete gasped “What’s wrong with you?”

Ralph only looked longingly down at Callie as she sucked and cleaned his cock.

She stood up, “Mmm” she smiled, wiping brown off her lips. “That’s fine now” she said to him dismissing him

“I bet my breath stinks” she said. “Sorry” she added with a smile

“What is it you want?”

“What is it any of us want?” she smiled

“What do you want of me?”

“What makes you think I want anything of you?”

“I can feel it—you want something of me”

“Oh, okay” she laughed “I can’t lie to you… simple—I want to fuck you…”


“I told you, I’ve saved my pussy—I’m still a virgin”

He looked at her wryly

“Technically, okay” she smiled, “No man has ever been inside my vagina”

“And why do you want to fuck me?”

“I want a baby…” she said


“A baby…” she repeated

“You’re mad…”

“No… you’re special. I know it… you can put a baby inside of me… no other man can.”

“Why do you want a baby?”

“I am meant to breed…” she said


“Yes, I am a creature of the devil, and it is my purpose to breed more of my kind … to serve him”

“This is nuts…”

“Is it?” she laughed “You can see what I can do…”

“Well… as you say you can’t control me… I won’t do it.”

She turned to Ralph


“Yes, mistress”

“Stop breathing”

“Yes, Mistress”

Ralph started to gasp. She had so much power over him she could stop his automatic functions. Ralph’s face contorted.

“What are you doing?” Pete asked

“What do you think I’m doing” she laughed

Ralph was gasping

“Stop it!” Pete cried

“Why should I?”

“Please, you’re killing him…”

“Leslie? Thomas?”

“Yes, mistress” they said. They stopped fucking to listen to her command

“Stop breathing”

“Yes, mistress” they said

And then they too started gasping

“Please, stop it…”

“You know what I want…”

“This is insane…”

“Should I go to you home and make your mom and sister do the same?”

“You can’t…”

“Can’t I?” she laughed

“Please” he cried. Ralph was now collapsing to the floor.

“You have to agree to fuck me…”


“Do you want them all to die?”

“Okay… okay…”

“Okay what?”

“I’ll have sex with you”

“You’ll fuck me….”

Pete looked to Ralph who seemed to be turning blue.

“Yes… but only if you don’t kill them”


“Ralph you can breath now…”

Ralph suddenly gasped and swallowed a huge mouthful of air. “Thank you, mistress” Ralph said, as he began to regain his colour

“And the others…”

“Oh, okay…” she sighed, “Leslie! Thomas! You can breath too now…”

They both gasped and breathed.

“You will not kill them”

“I will not kill them…” she said


“Scouts honour” she laughed as she raised her hand with the boy scout sign

“And you’ll not touch my family”

“Yes, of course” she said

“Okay” he said

“Okay” she skipped.

He went to grab his belt

“But, not here…” she said


“We’re going to my house…”

“Ah, this must be the young man I’ve been hearing so much about…” Lilith said as she stood up off the man she had been fucking on the couch.

Pete noticed the man looked like a deputy-sheriff who’d visited the school a few months earlier to talk about joining the police.

“Don’t mind him…” Lilith smiled as she strode over naked to meet Pete. She held out her hand. He noticed white stuff around her mouth.

“What’s the matter?” she asked. She turned to her daughter

“You’ve got cum on your face” Callie smiled as she leaned forward and licked it off her mom’s forehead

“Ah, yes… the boys have been very fun…”

Pete noticed then two men passed out on the floor

“Oh, don’t worry” Lilith said, seeing his concern… “They’re still alive… just exhausted…”

“Mom’s a succubus” Callie smiled

“A what?”

Callie lead Pete away “She’s a sex demon… she feeds off the sexual energy of people”

Callie lead Pete upstairs

“Are you a succubus too?”

“Not exactly…” she smiled, “My father and my mom-sister are both demons…”


“Yes, my mom had me with her father… so she’s my sister as well as my mom”

“That’s sick…”

“Is it?” she smiled as she lead him into her bedroom… “I don’t understand human mores…”

“It’s sick to do it with your father…”

“Baal is such a great fuck…”

“You’ve done it with him too?”

“Only in the ass…”


“Okay” she said, “And like you’d never fuck your father?” she asked…

“No… well… I never knew my father…” Pete said, “But no, I’d not fuck my father…”

“Well… “ she smiled, “This is it… the place where you’re going to inseminate me…”


“You’re not having a change of mind?” she said, “I can go phone your mom and have her come over here … and my dog would love to fuck her…”

“What the hell…?”

“If you don’t do this… all manner of evils will happen to your mom… and your sister too…”

“She’s only 13!”

“Like I care” Callie snorted


“Shut the fuck up and get undressed” Callie said, “I’m sick of your fucking whining”

Pete reluctantly took his cloths off… slowly. Callie was already naked.

She got onto the bed. “Hurry up” she demanded

“I…” he began

“I want to be on top…” she added

Finally Pete was naked.

“Fuck!” Callie gasped when she saw his cock. It was large; long and fat.

He looked down at it

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s huge” she salivated

“Is it?”

“You’ve never done this…?

“No” he shrugged

“Come…” she said offering her hand

He got onto the bed and she straddled him. The heat of her crotch against him was amazing. He got hard as she rubbed her vagina up and down along the length of his cock

“Oh, fuck” she gasped in anticipation

She rose up, took hold of his cock, and guided herself back down onto him

He noticed Lilith had arrived, and she was watching, smiling, masturbating as she saw her sister-daughter slowly pushed herself down on a ten-inch meat pole

“Oh, yes” Callie said as she pushed her way further and further onto Pete’s massive schlong

“Fuck yes!” she gasped

Even Pete was enjoying this as her virginal pussy lips slowly engulfed his shaft.

She pushed down—and her flat stomach actually bulged a little from his cock pushing against her from inside.

“Fuck me” she cried as she rose and sank, rose and sank on him.

He grabbed her breasts. Her nipples jutted out and small drops of fluid formed at the tip

He didn’t know what this was but she was lactating already in anticipation of the baby he was about to put inside her…

And then he came. She screamed out in delight as she felt his seed spurt into her. Her clit burned, her whole body shook in spasms of ecstasy

“Fuck!” Pete cried out as he erupted into her.

She clasped her hips to him, milking him of his semen.

And then she collapsed, still spasming in joy, and her vagina still sucking on his cock

Finally she pulled herself up off him. He was, remarkably, still hard.

Her vagina hung open and leaked warm cum.

She closed her legs.

Lilith rushed over and buried her face in her daughter’s crotch, lapping at the semen

Lilith fingered herself as she tonged her daughter’s vagina.

Pete felt exhilarated too.

He now found he had an unquenched desire. He rose up, moved around behind Lilith and pushed up into her vagina too

She mewed and compliantly took him into her. She loved to fuck.

He humped her hard and she began screaming in delight as he fucked her harder and harder.

Callie rolled up off the bed

“What are you doing?” he asked, suspicions of her

“I’m going to call your mom and sister” she said as she went to the phone

“We had a deal”

She laughed

He pulled out of Lilith

“Don’t stop… please” she begged

“You don’t do a deal with the devil” Callie laughed as she picked up the phone

“Stop!” he yelled

Suddenly Callie stopped. She was frightened. She could not move.

“What are you doing?” Lilith said as she spun around, her fingernails became long claws, and she hissed

“Stop” he said to her and she too could not move…

“How are you doing this…?” Callie cried.

“I don’t know…” he said, “I didn’t even think I had it in me…”

“Please…” Callie cried, “You’re frightening me”

“Put the phone down”

Callie complied. She watched her own hand put the phone down as if it belonged to someone else.

“How…?” she began

“Be quiet” he said

And suddenly her mouth closed firmly.

Suddenly a putrid smell filled the room, and the temperature dropped

“What’s happening? Pete asked

Lilith smiled, “You’re going to pay for this now!”

“Tell me…!” he snapped

“It’s Baal…” Lilith grinned, “He’s coming to get you…”

A bright light appeared in the mirror and it became like a portal from the underworld to our own

And in stepped through the demon

He had the face of a goat, the body and arms of a man, but goat legs.

He had horns

“What ever creature you are…” Lilith laughed “You’re going to pay…”

Baal loomed up at least eight feet tall. His snarl was menacing

“So, what are you girls up to?” he laughed

“Oh, mighty husband…” Lilith said, “This creature has control over us…”

Baal looked at Pete

Baal spoke, his voice booming “So, you’ve met my son…”

The End