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Just in time for Halloween, a story about costumes going wrong!

I felt I left this story off at a good point to be just a short story for those of you who wanted a quick thrill, and a short sexy story. For those of you who want more and want to see just how far Dana will go (the story is complete) check out my patreon!

Synopsis: During a hero-themed Halloween concert, a flash of energy leaves all the attendees as their hero namesakes… But what happens to the one woman dressed as a Supervillain?

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Mistress Dyvia presents:

One Villain

“Are you almost ready?” I asked.

I heard Sven reply, “Yeah Dana, almost ready!”

I double checked myself in the mirror. I wore a purple latex catsuit with some funky swirls that I airbrushed onto it to make it look like hypnotic spirals. I had a pink pleated skirt of the same material around my waist that was kinkily reminiscent of a cheerleader skirt, my arms had the same pink as opera length gloves with matching thigh-high high heels… On my head to complete the look was purple masquerade-style mask with glow in the dark pink lipstick… I walked over to the bureau and picked up my staff which had a pink glowing ball atop of it.

A moment later, Sven stepped out he was covered in black with from head to toe. Not in the rubber or latex I recommended, but it was still attractive wearing the spandex. His green undies on the outside was cute, as was his helmet with the visor. “Quad-clops, an unexpected revulsion…”

He gasped as he looked at me, “The Enthralltress, you will not so easily enthrall me.”

I looked at him through my pink sphere, “Oh, you will serve me, and so will the rest of the world!” and then I let out a maniacal laugh.

“No, My eye beams of heat, cold, lightning, and antigen will stop you!” then he started laughing. “This costumed concert is going to be great.”

I nodded my head, dressing up for Halloween is without a doubt, one of my favorite things to do every year. Tonight we were going to a local radio station’s concert, and the theme was super heroes. Well the radio station gave the tickets away, but the agreement was everyone who attended was to dress as a hero… Well, dressing as a villain still counted… right?

“Besides, with this costume, I can pretend to hypnotize or mind control every one anyway. You know her voice and her eyes had the same affect, people who looked her in the eyes could not refuse her, and her voice could change people’s brainwaves.”

“But she wasn’t telepathic or anything.” he said, “so her powers were pretty pathetic.”

I stuck my tongue out at him, “Shut up, she was fucking awesome, she almost took down like three different pantheons of Gods…”

“But she still failed.” he argued.

“That’s only because the writers couldn’t let an evil woman like that win. In real life, all she needs is a little time and imagination and those powers could make her rule the world.”

He laughed, “And how would she do that?”

“Her powers worked on recordings and television.”

He shook his head, “So..? and she had the most useless henchmen… they were fucking mindless goons.”

“Nah, I bet she fucked them into subservience.” I retorted.

“Excuse me?”

“It’s the pussy juice, Fuck them, or let them eat her out, and she had absolutely broke their will, and she was in charge.”

“That’s crazy. No way would the creators have done that with her.”

I laughed, “Please, those writers are just as perverted as we are, they just can’t say it. Trust me, her ultimate power is in the puss.”

“I can’t talk to you about this anymore.” he said dejectedly as I may have ruined the idea of the Enthralltress forever… although on second thought, maybe he was afraid of what would happen to his green undies over his skintight costume if we kept talking about that.

Moments later… We got into the car, Sven drove and we got there a little over an hour later. We were standing in line, I asked him, “How many people were going to dress as Superb?” Seriously the most boring hero in the universe, just a marysue that was faultless, super strong, flew, invulnerable, and unleashed devastating blasts of pure force from his hands.

“I’m guessing five to ten percent…” he answered.

“Boring…” I exasperated.

As we got up to the line, Sven was let in. But they stopped me, “Sorry Ma’am, we are only allowed to admit heroes tonight, not villains…”

I puffed for a moment, “come on, I’m dressed as a character with powers.” she paused, “let’s just pretend I’m the Mesmerist…”

“You’re dressed as a villain. It’s for heroes only.”

I was about to argue, and then Sven popped in holding his phone, “technically she is a villain, but in the 90s she was recruited to a government sanctioned team, and became a hero for 26 issues before being framed for a crime… so she actually was a hero for a while.”

The guard looked at the picture of on Sven’s cellphone, let out a sigh, knowing better than to argue with a comic geek, “Fine…” and let me in. There were more Superbs than I had expected… That was a lot. Obviously groups of friends were dressed as teams, there were the Z-Men, The Avenging Justices, Different versions of Greek and Norse gods based on which comic company the people liked. It was odd.

But then the whole hero thing was forgotten when the music started. We rocked out for over an hour, the songs played were on the station regularly, I was surprised to be honest. I was having the time of my life, when suddenly there was a loud sound. A green energy bubble was expanding and consumed all of us.

The concert was over, and we started getting up, not a single person was injured beyond passing out… and falling… so a few bumps and scrapes. It was not an attack, not biological or nuclear traces. Just a weird flash, and noone was hurt… Police took statements, and everyone was sent home, and the concert left unfinished.

“Hun, wake up!” My eyes snapped open, I heard Sven, “Check this out.”

I was checking something out, “Dude, My breasts…” I said to him as I noticed my chest was significantly larger than it was supposed to be. My hands lifted up and touched them, “They are…” too big? Too noticeable? Too spine aching? “Incredible…”

I shook my head, grabbing a robe and walking to the living room. “Whoa, Sven, you have a six pack.”

He looked back at me, “Yeah, I do, and that’s not all.” he signaled me to come closer and I did, there was a pot of water, he looked at it and a stream of red shot out of his eyes and about ten seconds later the water started boiling.

I jumped back, “Whoa, what the fuck.”

“I’m totally Quad-clops. My body is made tighter, stronger, and I’ve got the powers, and to be honest, I kinda wanna do some volunteer work today, which I never want to do…” He let out a laugh, “Wanna come?”

I shook my head, “No…” I looked down at my breasts, “So does that mean, I’m becoming the Enthralltress?”

A shade of pale crossed his face, “Maybe…” his eyes focused on my breasts for a moment, and I did feel a bit of pride, and he held his breath for a moment… Then the conversation returned to his mind, “Are you feeling particularly violent or evil?”

I shook my head ‘no,’ I wasn’t feeling much of anything, maybe a bit self-indulgent, I wanted a bath. “I don’t feel much different.”

He seemed relieved, “I wonder if anyone else has been affected?...”

“Good question, Are there going to be real life Superbs flying around?”

He shrugged, “I don’t know, but I’ll let you know when I get home.”

I smiled, and looked him in the eye, “Alright, be home for five, I’m cooking dinner.” he nodded, but before he could move I added, “come here and give me a kiss.” he did. And then he left.

I took a bath, a long bath, much longer than I probably shouldn’t have, and then I took a trip to the mall. I needed a new wardrobe for these breasts. You-know-who’s-secret was the first store to shop in, needed new bras and support for these goliaths… And already I spent too much money. Fuck.

I was standing outside Cepherah’s makeup shop, when I saw a well dressed man walk up beside me, he started flirting, and I smiled. And I am unsure of what happened, but I looked him in the eye, “I want some new makeup, I’m going to grab a basket, fill it up, and you are going to pay for it.” his gaze seemed blank, and then he just nodded.

He followed me in and I started grabbing everything I wanted, not the best stuff, but anything I wanted, a shopping spree of which I had only dreamed. I smiled and gave him I light caress on his cheek and a “thanks.”

Finding another clothing boutique, and another piggy bank, I got another guy to buy some more clothes, and another… and another… I went home with nearly five grand in new clothing and accessories. ...In retrospect, I guess that should have been a warning bell that my personality was off, before the concert I never would have taken advantage of someone like that before, now it just seemed like a reasonable action to justify my desires...

I sat down on the couch and turned on the television, and low and behold, there were Seven different Superbs on the televisions saving the day. And a few other heroes. And it was clear to me, that we all got upgraded, but I certainly was not evil. And a moment of thought later, “But I was a bit more self-indulgent…”

I cooked dinner, part of me was no longer interested in cooking dinner anymore. But I rationalized it by saying that Sven was not as good as I was at cooking. A smile crossed my lips, ‘at least not yet,’ but I knew he would be once I made him practice. He did make it home at five, I was pretty sure it was because I told him to. Was feeling the power rush, and it was just as glorious as it sounds. We enjoyed the dinner, and started typical evening roles, watching television and snuggling.

It was getting close to bed time when he came out of the bedroom, “What did you buy?”

I looked at him and shrugged, “clothes, accessories, the usual…”

He looked nervously, “But we can’t afford the places you went, let alone the quantities.”

I giggled, “It’s not a big deal, I convinced other people to buy it for me.”

He hesitated. “What?” I repeated the sentence, “Hun, do you have powers?”

I looked him in the eye, “Come here, get on your knees and declare your absolute devotion to me.”

He approached got on his knees and said, “Dana, I am your devoted servant, I will do absolutely anything for you.”

I smiled, “evidence would support the hypothesis that I think I do… in fact... have powers.”

He looked upset, “That’s not right for you to do that to me, we mean too much to each other to take advantage like this.”

I looked at him and something occurred to me, and I said it before, I thought about it, “I don’t actually love you. I mean I did yesterday, but now I see you more like a preferred hairbrush.” I saw the look on his face sour, “That is, I like having you around, you have a use, but I will use you in anyway I see fit. Understand?”

His head lowered, “Yes…”

I corrected him, “Yes, Mistress.”

His eyes widened, “Yes Mistress…” as if he wasn’t expecting those words to come out of his mouth.

My smile quirked at the edges as I took it in. There was something powerful inside me with this ability, “You know hun, I think it’s time we end the argument over whether or not the broken thralls were converted by the pussy or not… Now get on your back” I smiled he complied and then as I leaned over and started to undo his pants.

“You don’t have to do this Dana…” he said,almost pleading but having no ability to resist me.

I stopped for a moment, his cock freed and in my hand, “I know, but I really just want to know. And I’m sure you want to have our discussion from last night proven once and for all.”

“Dana, Please…” he let out a soft groan as I took a from grip of his cock, and held it to my pussy and slowly lowered myself down onto him.

I started moving up and down, “Good pet… nice and firm for Mistress.”

But as I moved all I got were some groans and moans, but he was lifeless. “Play with my tits” I commanded, and his hands moved up… and oooh, they were even more sesnitive, sex must be the Enthralltress’ unknown secret. After several minutes, my legs were getting sore, but then I felt the tell-tale throbbing and tensing that told me he was about to cum, and he did… I looked down at him, there was something missing in his eyes... and that was the hottest fucking thing I had ever seen.

I looked at him, “Now tell Mistress that you are a her slave.”

“I am your slave, Mistress.”

I laughed, and thinking back to our argument, “Now tell me you are slave to the puss.”

“I am a slave to the puss.” he droned as I laughed out in manic laughter, this was wonderful!

The next morning I was honestly torn as I sat eating a pancake. I was looking at Sven cooking happily… but there just didn’t seem to be any fire left in him. No will of his own, just obedience and a desire to make me happy. “Oh.. Why did I sleep in high heels, my feet are killing me…” In truth I fell asleep shortly after sex… sex in heels…

“Mistress, can I massage them for you?” Sven asked eagerly…

“Fine whatever…” he eagerly got on his knees and started rubbing… This was boring.. Don’t get me wrong, the massage was nice, but Sven was broken and I was rapidly getting bored with him already, but the idea of that level of obedience was still very exciting. Who else would I do this with…? And how could this work for my ambitions?

The End — sort of