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I had written the story late in the Halloween season of 2019. Usually, I would write a story for my Patrons on Patreon, and then release it publicly a month or two later, but since I wanted to release it for Halloween, I gave the Patrons the full story, and gave the public the first half. Well it’s a year later, and everyone is getting the second half! I hope you all enjoy!

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As always, a constant theme in my stories are the rules… and these are the rules for the un-owned subs that want a little control taken from them. These are optional, at least until you follow rule #1..

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Mistress Dyvia presents:

One Villain Pt 2

By: Mistress Dyvia

I found myself a piggybank. A Piggybank being some random guy I met in the mall that was willing to finance my entire shopping trip with a simple glance of my eyes. I dragged him around with my boyfriend, and was sure to dress him in embarrassing outfits, and myself in sexier ones. I teased them, I humiliated them, and then I made my boyfriend, Sven, thank my Piggy Bank by going down on him, and I teased him about it the whole way home… Though I can’t deny that his broken will made it harder to find amusement in his humiliation.

As much as I had my fun with him that day, I needed him to be a real man during the day, though I made him dress and act as a sub at home… I watched Sven get back to normal, at least somewhat in behavior… publicly... I found a series of commands that made him act mostly normal, and he, much like many of the others that were at the concert started embracing their lives as powerful heroes. Of course, as I was likely the only villain present, there were not a bunch of super villains for the heroes to fight against. Instead it was Superbs and Z-men against petty crime and helping with rescues and traffic accidents... Powers quickly became synonymous with Celebrity. And yet there I was, as The Mesmerist, pretending to be the other comic company’s hero version of the Enthralltress… Just being one of the heroes…

Sven and I were invited to a party where there were going to be ten heroes including two versions of Superb. There was a discussion of forming a team. I had an idea forming in my head, I could simply look them in the eye and tell them to obey me, and they would. But I wanted this to be special. I knew it would take a lot of stamina, and maybe a bit of soreness for a week to make it happen, but I managed to fuck both Superbs breaking any will they could ever have. And made it a point to command every other hero there to obey me. And in one night I had a team of ten heroes ready at my command.

I have no idea what could have happened.. But over the next few months a couple groups of supervillains actually did pop up.. And wow, two villains with Powers just like Superb were among the villains. Granted, they were not killing or maiming for the hell of it, or anything like that. But they stole things, usually jewels or high end equipment, I mean who would ever want that stuff? Hehehe. I have no idea… >)

And please, don’t get me wrong, it was fun pretending to be the Mesmerist during a few of the fights between my heroes and my villains… I mean I was practically being worshipped, and as of yet, not a single one of the masses had been manipulated into doing it. I mean I knew eventually I would, but it was fun seeing how far I could go without that... But… I had ideas. I had ambitions, and I had plans.

I was sleeping quite soundly in the ‘lair’ which was essentially the fortress I had my superbs build me… technically us, it was our hero lair. There was an odd sound that woke me up.

A man-like being made of shadows came at me, it had a strange helmet on. “Don’t bother to use your abilities on me Mesmerist, this helmet makes me immune.”

I looked at him in confusion, “Who are you? why are you in my room?”

He stared at me, “I know you are the mind behind the Maleficent Six…”

I shook my head, “Why would I do that?” I wondered briefly if I could call one of my Superbs before he could attack, or if I could diffuse this on my own.

“All the heroes took on the personality traits of the superheroes they were copying, it would be impossible for a Superb to be a villain by his own free will. You, to my knowledge, are the only one capable of subverting a free will.” He paused, “I just don’t understand why you would do it, the Mesmerist is a champion of righteousness.”

I shook my head, “I wouldn’t, I would never make a person…” my eyes widened and I covered my hands to my mouth, “No… no… no… he wouldn’t have…”

His posture changed from aggressive to curious. “What is it?”

“My boyfriend… the night after the concert, I didn’t know I had powers yet…”

“What is it?”

“I was teasing him on my phone, face chat… I told him I wanted him to be a bad boy, and I wanted him to be naughty for me…” My hands covered my face, “Nono.. no no… he wouldn’t have saved that, or shared it…”

He paused, and took off his helmet, “But that would be something a bad boy or naughty boy would do…” My eyebrows raised, I hadn’t thought of that, I was just going to make him assume Sven was an asshole. And he continued with, “And your powers do work over video transmissions.” Something else I did not know.

I shook my head, “No… this isn’t right, my powers were used to commit crimes… to hurt people.”

I felt his hand on my shoulder, “Don’t worry, it’s alright, we can fix this. You can fix this.”

I put my hand on his shoulder, and looked at, then my gaze moved to his eyes, and I smiled, “Thank you… You are my slave, and will not use your powers without my permission or direction. Kneel.”

A look of horror and surprise crossed his face even as he knelt down in front of me, “But you…”

I smiled at him, “I went to the concert dressed as The Enthralltress.”

A look of understanding crossed his eyes, “Sociopath, impulsive, narcissistic, megalomaniac…” he put his head down, “But there were only supposed to be heroes, the guards were told not to let any villains in.”

I nodded my head, “You make it sound bad. I’m having the time of my life. And I got in with a technicality since The Enthralltress was technically on a hero team for a little while… Now, why don’t you tell me who you are and what your powers are.” I found it amusing that he seemed to be taking this a bit personally.

“John Black, my company funded the concert… As a hero I am Shadoweilder, I am a warper, I take energy from shadows and can use it to twist and shape reality.” My smile widened, and then he added, “on a small scale.”

My smile faded a little bit, “I can still make that work.” I paused, and then called out, “Sven, come here.”

A moment later, Sven eagerly came into my room dressed in leather underwear, where a metal cage clearly showed that wouldn’t let him touch his cock without my permission and my key... “Yes, Mistress? How may I serve you?”

“Just stand there...” Then I looked at Shadoweilder, “Shape him into something that looks like a himbo. You know, big buff, pleasant on the eyes, and not too much going on upstairs.”

There was a seething anger to Shadoweilder’s expression, but the shadows in the room seemed to be drawn to Sven, and a moment later, he looked just like I said he would. “Mistress?” Sven asked, staring at his new body… well his new buff, sexier body.

“Go back to bed Sven, we’ll give your new body a test run later, you please me now…” Sven’s look of confusion and nervousness altered, and then a smile started forming on his lips. “Thank you mistress, I’m so happy to have pleased you tonight!!” he walked out of the room, and went down to his own room.”

Shadoweilder looked at me in anger, “What are you going to do with me?” he asked.

I shrugged, “I don’t know yet, but for tonight, have sex with you.”

Confusion crossed his face, “...Sex?”

“Well, yes… of course. I imagine it will serve both of our needs, I’m sure that super hero ego of yours loves the idea of sleeping with the villain, and I’d like to think my pussy can convince you to join my side on your own without constantly having to reinforce your conditioning.” Actually I did not have to reinforce anything, but I did not want him to be afraid just yet. “Now, come here, and fuck your mistress good and proper.”

I’m pretty sure I saw a smile spread slightly across his lips even if he tried to pretend he did not like it. I reached forward and wrapped my fingers into his hair and pulled him onto the bed with me. We scooted our ways up to the pillows… I wrapped my fingers around his cock and stroked it until he was hard, and looked him in the eye, “...better fuck me good.”

“I will…” he promised.

A moment later he was inside me, and holy fuck, it was the most amazing piece of cock I’ve ever had buried in me… and I had two suberbs in one night... I gasped in surprise and let out a moan of satisfaction. “More…” I rasped, and he continued. We must have been fucking for nearly an hour when I finally had enough coherence to ask, “You used your powers to make your self bigger?”

He paused, “No, I used my powers to make my size perfect to whatever partner I’m sleeping with.” and with that, he began a rapid thrusting of his hips, jack hammering into me with speed and desperation that told me he was about to cum.

I looked at him with a wicked smile and then I wrapped my legs around him so he wouldn’t pull away… when I knew it was too late for him to stop the orgasm, my eyes closed so he wouldn’t think I was using my powers on him, and spoken as a question so he would once again know I was not using my powers on him… “Did you know if you cum inside me, you will lose your will to me?”

I opened my eyes to see that look of shock on his expression just before I felt the warmth inside me of that first spurt, and I knew he was cumming. I looked right into his eyes as that look went from shock, and a need to resist.. To a broken slave...

I smiled at him and said, “That was wonderful, I think you’ll be sleeping with me regularly.”

A broken smile formed on his lips, “It pleases me to serve you Mistress. I only want your happiness.”

“Of course you do.” A sideways thought, “In fact I still want my orgasm, use your powers on yourself and fuck me again.”

Eagerly he said, “Yes, mistress!” and the shadows wrapped around his deflating cock, and it grew to attention again…

Two months later, the teams were preparing for a fight against a black-suited Superb, he seemed even more super-charged than the other two Superbs that were on my team. He swore that unless a billion dollars was placed into a bank by noon time, he would use his flight, speed and strength to fly into orbit and come crashing down on the capital at such a speed it would wipe out all life within a thousand miles. The demand was made for midnight, it was now 11:45 pm. The whole world was tuned in.

Admittedly, over the past few months the fact that The United States had over one thousand super heroes was nerve wracking to our friends and enemies in the international communities. There were no others in the world, and ninety-five percent were in a single city. Some had demanded that the authorities round us up, while others demanded promises not to allow us outside the borders, while still others demanded that we were registered, none of that happened because of… well… me… You know a phone call to senator, and yes it is easier than you think when you can direct phone numbers to everyone’s superiors with just the compulsion in my voice. And then when it’s time for the vote in the House of Reps, only a few people feel any desire to pass it… I certainly couldn’t make it unanimous, people might suspect there was an improper amount of external influence...

But here we were getting ready for one attempt to raid the compound. My two superbs went in first. A girl named Happily chased in second as she used her ability to create bursts of light to blind him… Distracted, the two Superbs tried to hold him as they crashed out of the building. Fire-Phoenix went in next with her flaming wings of hellfire, which couldn’t actually kill Superb, but could cause him pain. A team of Z-men were ready, and charged him from the back, taking the whole team to stop his reverse momentum, But he was stronger than the other Superbs. A single punch to one of my team’s superbs created a shockwave that knocked every person standing on their ass... including me… grr… as well as breaking every window within five miles and let’s not get started with what happened to all the car alarms...

A battle that happened in less than five minutes… And when the two superbs had him on the ground, fire-phoenix created a fire that prevented him from flying upward. The Z-men kept him from backing up, and then I stepped forward. “Stop Struggling… I held my head like the Mesmerist would. And he looked me in the eye, and did, “On your knees. Surrender to my team.”

He looked at me and nodded, “I surrender.”

There seemed to be a sigh of relief. Probably all around the world.

A reporter tried to ask for some interviews and thoughts on just what happened from some of the better known heroes, and all of them had declined. I waved a hand over to the reporter, “I can give you an interview and maybe some important information if you want it.”

Her eyes grew wide, “Good evening, this Trisha Black from WPRA news, I’m live with The Mesmerist, and she has some important information for all of us.”

“Live?” I asked, feigning shock.

She nodded her head, “What can you tell us about what happened?”

I nodded my head, “I orchestrated it all so I could get on live television, You are all my slaves. I am your queen. You are very proud of this new fact in your life. If it’s safe, kneel, if not, get safe and kneel.” A look of surprise on their faces, the camera operator, producer, and the reporter knelt as I took her microphone. In my peripheral vision I saw others kneeling as they watched the live feed on their phones, “Find this recording on your device, show it to all your friends if they haven’t seen it, share it on your social media…by force if necessary” And I knew that ninety nine percent of the population of any first world country would be my slave within two days.

I handed the microphone back to the reporter and as I approached my three Superbs, “You all did wonderful…” As I walked away, only one thing left, “Now I just need a crown.”


Emil ran as fast as he could from the oasis. He tried not to stay in the sun for long, sometimes he heard stories of people being taken in the desert and never being seen again. It was always rumored the Queen’s forces took them. Supposedly, she was an immortal being who controlled the world with with her beauty. But the people of the desert resisted her, but they had nothing she wanted so she let them be, as long as they weren’t in the open when her servants flew by...

He ran into a cave, it was large, and several families lived inside. Places like this littered the desert. He was nearly old enough for a betrothal, his beard on his chin was now longer than his thumb after all… but he did not know who his family had decided he would marry. He was unsure whether or not they had even started to look, but he was impatient.

He got to the alcove where he slept, and continued to dig, he wanted a small place to hide his secret treasure, his gift to whatever woman his parents deemed he should marry. And he felt something, it was metal. He started to dig around it, and pulled it out, it was metal. He did not recognize the shape, but it looked like something for pouring water maybe? There was a handle on one end, an area for holding liquid on another, and a spout of some sort. He started rubbing at an inscription, not that he could read…

Smoke came from the spout, and a form appeared and quickly became a man with skin as red as a sunset stood before him, “Hello young master, I am here to grant you one wish. What would you like it to be?”

He looked confused, “You are a devil? I will not bargain my soul.”

“No bargain. You get a wish, that is my punishment. Not a punishment that I extend to you.”

The boy looked confused, “What can you grant?”

He smiled, “What do you want?”

The boy thought, “Can you keep my family healthy and fed?”

The being shrugged, “I can, but perhaps you want to be a bit more ambitious?”

The boy thought, “A wife that is beautiful and will bear me many children?”

He nodded his head, “Again, yes, but you might want to think bigger?”

The boy paused again, “What did the last person that you served wish for?”

“Initially world peace, but I told him without subverting free will that would be virtually impossible, as there weren’t enough world resources to keep everyone satisfied… The man already had money and power, so he thought of his next great plan, he made a musical festival with his money, and invited people to dress as heroes and paragons of virtue... and every person in the ‘concert,’ as he called it, would take on the powers and personality of their namesake. He knew that a world of heroes would bring peace in a way that money could not.”

The boy asked, “Did it work?”

The being shrugged, “I do not know, he made his wish in the middle of this ‘concert,’ I snapped my fingers and in a flash of green I was back in my prison cut off from the world until you let me out.”

The End.