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Ordering On-line on Slaver’s Bay

Terry watched; mesmerised.

Jan was beautiful. She was young, firm. Her golden hair was long and sleek.

Bob looked over at Terry and smiled and gave him the thumbs up. Jan was on her knees sucking his cock.

Terry was fifty-four, Bob a year older. They’d been friends since college… oh, so long ago. Both married their sweethearts around the same time. Bob’s marriage lasted fifteen years, Terry’s a little longer.

Bob had phoned Terry with good news. Terry rushed over excited. Jan answered the door, naked.

“Yes?” she asked.

“Er… I’m Terry”

“Terry: Bob’s best friend” she said robotically. “Oh, do come in” she broke into a welcoming smile. Terry couldn’t believe how beautiful Jan was. She seemed like she was in her late teens. She was 5’8’’, 36C.

“Bob, honey” she called after closing the door, “Terry is here…”

Bob came down the stairs in his tracksuit. It always made Terry smile. Bob’s beer belly showed he’d only worn the clothes around the house; never in the pursuit of exercise. That, his age and the fact he was paying alimony made him poison in the single’s bars. But then a windfall had come his way, and before Bethany found out about it and added to her list of his possessions that were now hers he spent it… on Slaver’s Bay.

He found Jan on their site. She was a brunette. For a little more he had her changed to a blonde. He always loved blondes. She had been delivered within forty-eight hours of confirmation of payment.

He had to put in his likes and dislikes and these were given to Jan to digest. She came ready for him; she had gone down on him almost right away. He couldn’t believe it as she let his come cover her face. Bethany had always said it was demeaning. Jan loved it!

He tried her for a couple of days before he’d called his best pal over.

“Is she everything you wanted?” Terry asked, a little skeptical.

“Watch this…” Bob said as he pulled his pants down and sat back on his favourite chair…


“Yes, honey” she said. She turned and saw him “Oh, baby!” she gasped. He didn’t even have to ask her to do it. She skipped to him enthusiastically and took his cock in her mouth. It didn’t matter that Terry was there, dumbfounded, watching. She was not there to serve Terry, but to serve Bob. And Bob wanted his cock in her mouth.

She sucked it with enthusiasm. She loved his cock.

Jan was from Poland. She’d travelled to the USA with the promise of a modelling job. For a seventeen year old this was to be a great adventure. She was headed into a cargo container with fifteen other women and then, when they sealed the door a gas entered and knocked them all out.

Jan was taken to processing right away. Others to holding cells. Jan’s mind was wiped. She was given her basic operating rules and kept on-site in her docile state till she could be marketed.

Marketing was pampering her, ironing out the blemishes, and photographing her for the catalogue. Her clean young skin, brunette hair, her age, and her nice figure meant she was sold within a few days.

On sale she was given a bio of her new owner. She read with enthusiasm; excited to find out about her owner. It said he loved to give women a facial. In her own mind there appeared the desire to have spunk creamed over her face. She loved the idea.

Her desire to serve was now genuine. There was nothing in her life that mattered other than to serve her new owned.

Arriving at Bob’s house she fell in love with the chubby unshaven older man as soon as she saw him. She loved the curve of his stomach as it over-hung his pants. She inhaled his sweat and it imprinted on her. His smell, his scent was pleasing to her. Having his come spray over her face, even in her eye gave her her first orgasm.

Now she got to love his cock again. She sucked gently and made sure to be slobberingly with him; he loved a wet blow-job. Her sucking noises; slurping him only added to his pleasure.

And then he came. She gobbled down the globules of man-cream with enthusiasm. And, afterwards she continued on him with her mouth, cleaning him off.

“So… what do you think?” Bob asked proudly.


“You should get one…”


“I know you can afford it…” Bob winked.

“I don’t know…”


“Yes, Master?”

“Tell Terry about the Slaver’s Bay site”

“Yes, Master” she said. She turned to Terry… “Slaver’s Bay has over 10,000 women ready for order. You can buy as per catalogue or for a small additional fee have modifications made…”

“What kind of modifications…?”

“Anything” she said


“Anything” she emphasised. “You have change the model’s bust, her height, her hair, her eye colour… even change her skin colour”

“So you could have been Asian?”

“I could have had my skin tone changed” she said

“What do you think?” Bob asked

“She’s amazing” he added.


“Yes, Master”

“I want chicken for dinner”

“Yes, Master” she said, rising and going to the kitchen

Bob put his cock away.

“I envy you” Terry said.

“Think about getting one, will you?”

“I will…” Terry said as he left.

“I want to see you with one by next week” Bob said from the door

“Sure, pal!” Terry laughed as he got in his car.

Terry pulled out of the drive-way and as he headed back home he had to think about the advantages of having one for himself.

On the way over his phone rang.

“Hello…? Terry speaking?”

“Uncle Terry?”


“Uncle Terry… I need to talk to you…”

“About what?”

“It’s about dad” she said

“Look where are you?”

“I’m heading over to your house…”

“I’m not home yet…” Terry said, “But I’ll be there shortly…”

“See you soon…”

“Okay…” Terry said and disconnected the call. He wondered what was up. Jacinta was Bob’s teen daughter. He’d known her all her life and though they weren’t related she’d always called him “Uncle”. He’d been a big part of her life, given his friendship with Bob

He’d even taken her on her first day at college… Bob had made some excuse about business. Terry was happy to take her. He and his own wife had never had kids… his wife had a medical problem (possibly a reason for the break-down of their marriage). So he had kind of looked on Jacinta as the one he’d never had.

Jacinta was there waiting for him. She carried a lap-top.

“Uncle Terry” she said and rushed to him as he got out of the car. She gave him a peck on the cheek

“What’s the matter?” he asked

“I need to know if dad’s in some kind of trouble…”

“You dad?”

“Yeah” she said, “Can we talk?”

“Sure” he said and lead her to the door. He unlocked it for her and held it open for her.

He closed and locked it and lead her over to the dining-room table.

“So, what is this…?” he asked

“Take a look at this…” she said as she opened up her computer.

She logged-in and went to some files.

“What’s this?”

“I copied some files from dad’s computer…”

“You did what?”

“I was worried…”


“Yes,” she said, “I think he’s got into something …. illegal….”

“Your dad?”


Terry had to stop and think… after-all Bob had only just recently got into a large sum of money. And Bob had been coy about the windfall

Terry looked at the files. And then, his face grew pale.

“Well?” Jacinta asked

Terry remained silent, biting his lip. What he was looking at was his blueprints that he had asked Bob to help him patent.

Only the blueprints bore Bob’s name on them

Bob had stolen his ideas.

Bob had sold his ideas.

“Fuck!” he spat. He’d known Bob all this time and Bob had shit on his friendship.

“Fuck” he said again.

“What is it, Uncle Terry?”

“The son-of-a-bitch!” Terry spat. He spun around on the spot and then rushed out into the kitchen. He thumped the bench

“Is he…? Is he in some kind of trouble…?


“I knew it…” she cried, “He’d got into hock with some shady people and I think he owes them a terrible lot of money”

“I think he’s paid that off” Terry said

“He has?” Jacinta smiled relieved, “I was so worried that they’d come after him….”

“No, he’s not in trouble with them…” Terry said wryly.

“Then who?”

“Look, I’ve got an idea” he said, “Can you just hold on here a moment?”

“An idea…?”

“Sure… just wait”


“Make yourself at home…”

Terry went out into the dining room and got on his phone.

Jacinta got worried and soon joined him. She heard the end of his conversation…

“Yes, I want to order a special…”

“Yes” he added, “Right away…”

“Uncle Terry?” she called

He turned around, still on the phone “How soon? I want it done right away” He smiled at Jacinta and turned his back on her

“Yes…I’ll pay for that” he said. “Okay, great” he added and hung up

“What was that?”

“Just something I had to take care of… because of your dad…”

“Dad’s alright isn’t he?”

“I wouldn’t be worrying about him if I were you…”

“I’m glad you helped…” she said, crying.

He went to her and wiped her eyes and held her in his arms, comforting her.

“Say…” he added, “Would you like to stay for dinner?’

“No…” she said “I should go…”

“Please” he pleaded, “You owe me…”

“Okay” she relented.

“Fantastic” he smiled. He broke from her embrace and went to the freezer and took out two boxes. “Chicken or beef?” he smiled

“Chicken” she sniffed, breaking into a smile.

He popped these in the microwave and gave her some plates.

She set the table and they ended up having a pleasant, albeit quiet dinner.

The doorbell rang

“I’ll get it” he said and he sprung up “You just stay there…”

He rushed out to the door. The men in white over-alls handed him a clipboard. He signed it

“She’s in there…” he said pointing.

The men rushed into the room, catching Jacinta by surprise

“What’s going on?” she cried

There was the sound of scuffling “Uncle Terry!” she screamed “Uncle…” and her voice dropped off

They had her bundled and carried her back out the front door

“How long?”

“For what you paid…” one of the technicians said… “Just a few days”

“Great!” he smiled.

* * *

Bob had been glad to hear that Terry had himself a purchase from Slaver’s Bay. He rushed over, eager to see her.

Terry answered the door “Come on in…” he said

“I knew you’d come around…” Bob enthused.

“What you did… convinced me” Terry smiled wryly

“So where is she?” Bob asked looking around

“Honey?” Terry called “Come here”

“Yes, Master” she chirped. She walked out, naked.

“Jacinta?!?” Bob cried

Jacinta walked over to Terry and stood beside him

“Who are you?” Jacinta asked

“Jacinta!” Bob cried “It’s me, dad!”

“Terry is my father…” Jacinta scoffed, “He is my Master, he is my everything”

“What have you done to her?”

Terry turned to Jacinta “You know what I want…”

“Yes, Master” she said drooping to her knees

She opened his fly and pulled his cock out.

“What the hell…?” Bob said “Stop this!”

Jacinta started sucking Terry’s cock.

“Jacinta’s mine now…” Terry smiled, “Aren’t you?”

“Yes, Master” she enthused before continuing sucking his cock.

“What have you done?”

“I took your advice and got a model… only I ordered a special… a little more expensive… but as you can see, well worth it”

“What the fuck!” he said, launching at Terry. Jacinta sensed this, springing to her feet she fended off Bob, protecting her Master.

“Jacinta, stop this!” Bob cried as she punched him. She was strong. She kicked him in the groin… and knocked him to the floor.

“Jacinta, baby…” he cried as she stomped down on him. She lined up his face

“Jacinta” Terry said

She stopped. She returned to his side, knelt down and took his cock in her mouth again.

“Why did you do this…?”

“You fucked me over…”Terry smiled, “Now I’m fucking your daughter”


“Don’t deny it you piece of shit…”


“And, you’ll be happy to know… You’re going to be a grandfather…”


“Jacinta is going to be pregnant with my child…” Terry smiled triumphantly, “Isn’t that right, honey?”

“Yes, Master” Jacinta smiled, “I want to have your babies” She then continued sucking his cock.

Bob saw the expression in Terry’s face and turned away. He heard Terry come and Jacinta mewing with delight as she sucked down his semen.

Bob lay there, bloody, bruised. Beaten.

Terry stood there smiling….

The End