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“Now what?” Bea growled as she saw the policeman up on the road ahead.

“You better stop” Terry said

“Ya think?” Bea turned on her son sarcastically.

Beatrice was thirty-six years old. She was 5′5″ with a generous bust. Her raven hair and blue eyes from her Irish heritage. Her temperament too.

She often took out her frustrations on her son. After-all, she was a promising student with great potential before she got pregnant with him!

“Is there a problem, officer?” she asked rolling down her window.

The motorcycle cop peered in the window from behind mirrored glasses and looked them both over. Bea and Terry were close in age. She’d had him when she was just seventeen. They almost looked like brother and sister.

The officer said nothing and Bea began to get a twinge of nerves. She should have made Terry drive!

The cop stood up. “There’s a diversion up ahead” he said.

“I can’t take the I-30?”

“You can’t, you’ll have to veer off on the right ahead on the old mining road.”

“But we’re meant to be in Dexter in 2 hours”

“The road is closed, Ma’m” he said, a distinct frustration in his tone. “You need to take the old mining road up ahead.”

“Alright! Alright!” she said.

“Now move one…”

“Shit” she said to herself.

The cop waved them on as a large truck drew to a stop behind them.

“You shouldn’t have argued with that cop” Terry said, looking back over his shoulder as the cop began talking to the truck driver.

“Who’s driving?” she snapped at him. He turned around and gazed out the side window. Yet she watched in the mirror as they approached the turn-off the truck now moving up along the road they’d just taken

As she turned onto the old mining road she watched the truck and was annoyed to see it proceed straight up the I-30 as they should have been allowed to do.

“Pigs!” she said… she was doubly annoyed because it had been a cop who had got her pregnant.

For some hours they bounced along on the deep rutted side-road. It was now getting dark. Bea yawned as weariness over-took her.

Then with relief she saw the I-30 ahead again. “What a long detour” she growled to herself.

On the corner of the old road and the I-30 was a hotel. She stopped at the stop sign and thought of continuing down the main road when she looked at the hotel again.

Just then the “NO” in the “NO VACANCY” sign flicked off.

“Fuck them!” she said to herself. The party at her brother’s house in Dexter would just have to go on without her.

She turned the car onto the I-30 drove the 50ft down it to the drive-way to the motel and turned off into it.

The bounce over the gutter woke Terry up. For some reason he expected to be at Uncle Bob’s house, not the car-park of a large hotel.

“Where are we?”

“We’re staying here overnight” she said as if that was the end of the matter.

Bea parted with her car at the valet and entered a large bright lobby with her son.

“Welcome to Paradise Gardens” the man at the reception desk smiled as Terry and his mom approached.

“Can we get two singles… overnight?” Bea asked.

The man … his name tag said “Robin” … looked quickly at his computer.

“Er…” he said, disappointed, “I’m afraid we only have one free room… a twin”

“Sure… sure” Bea groaned, resigned to having to share a room with her son.

Bea handed her credit card over and filled in details on a monitor.

Robin rung a bell and a bell-hop came rushing over with a small trolley.

The bell-hop had “Sonja” on her name-tag. She looked slightly older than Bea, but very attractive.

“Room 101” Robin said. Sonja smiled. She looked at them and her grin annoyed Bea.

In the elevator up a floor Sonja kept staring at Terry. She was almost flirtatious

“Do you mind?” Be finally growled.

“Sorry?” Sonja said all innocently as if not knowing what was the matter “Is there something I can help you with?”

“Never mind” Bea said as they exited the elevator.

As Sonja lead them down the hall she swayed her bottom inappropriately. Terry was mesmerised by it, and the fact that the older woman’s breasts jiggled in her uniform.

Sonja received a small tip and still seemed to smile.

Bea picked up a bag and threw it on a bed, claiming it. “Alright” she said “I’m going to have a shower… you call your uncle and tell him we’ve been delayed”

“Sure, mom” he said, catching the cell phone she threw to him.

Bea picked out her night clothes and stepped out of her shoes. Her feet ached.

She went into the bathroom.


Gleeful eyes watched Bea and Terry on monitors. Professor Xavier C. Hunt took a small dial and turned it to “FULL”

Bea felt a slight tinge in her neck as she pulled off her pants.

She turned and opened the door “Did you say something?” she asked annoyed.

“No, mom” Terry said as he put down the phone, having had to text his uncle.

“Oh” she said, before ducking back into the bathroom. Only this time she left the door wide open, without thinking.

Bea peeled off her top.

Terry felt a tingle in his neck. He stepped around the room looking at the large metal panels that ‘decorated’ the wall. It seemed very spartan, austere even.

Bea was relieved to unclip her bra. She had a good size bust, a few stretch-marks on the side of her breasts, but still firm.

Terry stepped around to another wall. He ran his hand over the metal surface, and then along its side.

He heard the shower on and looked over at the bathroom.

He stood transfixed. His mom was in the shower, her back to him, but clearly visible through the open door.

She lathered her beautiful rounded ass with a soapy sponge.

He found himself in the doorway then, watching.

She turned to see him there and almost jumped in surprise. But she did not scold him. She turned to face him as the water ran now over her breasts.

After a moment she turned away as if nothing was wrong in him watching her.

It kind of turned her on. She moved the sponge down between her thighs and shuddered. Her clit burned as she knew her son was behind watching.

Terry was naked. He opened the door to the shower and stepped in. His mom kept her back to him but felt his cock head touch her ass-cheek.

She continued to ‘wash’ herself between her legs and shuddered again. He pressed his cock harder against her.

She turned and for a moment she gazed up at his face. She had never realised just how handsome he was. Then, they kissed.

His hands moved to her hips. She kissed his chest, and then he picked her up. Her legs wrapped around his thighs and he eased her down onto his cock.

“Ohhhhhh” she gasped. He walked her up to the side of the shower and pressed her against the wall tiles. Then he humped her. They kept eye contact.

She had not had sex with another person for such a long time, and it was far more satisfying then anything battery-powered.

Terry rode his mom. His thrusts up him’s mom’s vagina grew faster and faster and then he came. Her back arched and she seemed to clamp down on him as he ejaculated into her.

They dried in quiet…

Professor Xavier C. Hunt felt alive. The wires connecting him to the Orgone accumulator pulsated as sexual energy coursed into his body.

The Professor looked only thirty years old, but he was far far older. The sexual energy harvested, such as that drawn from a guy and his mom kept him young.

He turned to the monitor again…

Terry sat on the edge of his bed, still naked. Quiet.

Bea, a foot on her bed dried between her legs. She looked over at her son. She looked at him in a totally new light. She put her foot down and went over to his bed. She got onto it, on her knees and moved up behind him She embraced him from behind, resting her breasts on his shoulders. She kissed the top of his head “That was wonderful” she smiled appreciatively.

He turned his head slightly to see her eyes. They kissed. “I love you, mom”

She moved around his side slightly. He was already hard again and she met this with her mouth.

Terry stroked his mom’s back as she sucked his cock. In a moment he shuddered and filled her mouth with come. She drank it down.

He lolled back on the bed and she threw a leg up over him and sank her hairy crotch down. He met it with his mouth.

As he put his mouth to her vagina Bea slid a hand back down herself and toyed with her asshole.

The Professor watched and was well pleased as another jolt of energy coursed through him.

Near-by Alexandra stood by. She wore a white-lab coat over a woollen top and skirt. She adjusted her glasses. Her hair up in a bun and the glasses made her look quite officious.

“Yesss” the Professor sighed as sexual energy flowed into him

“They are so young and beautiful, Master” Alex said.

“They are indeed” he said, rising up. She went to him and started to help him disconnect from the accumulator. His body shimmered and seemed to grow more toned, more buff. The wrinkles in his forehead and under his eyes smoothed out.

The energy!


Bea woke up in the arms of her son. She knew what she had done… several times the previous night. She knew it was not right.

Neither spoke over breakfast.

They collected their car from the carpark and headed down the I-30

Bea caught her son looking at her a couple of times, each time having been caught he turned away.

Finally she pulled off to the side of the road, where the shoulder allowed it.

She stopped the car and turned it off.

“Look…” she began, wanting to put the previous night in perspective.

“I love you, mom” Terry said moving up over her…

“I…” she began… “I love you too” she said as she accepted his kiss. He brought up a hand and cupped her breast.

“Mmm” she sighed as he caressed her bosom.

They fumbled with flies and bra straps before he was in her. She sat over him riding his erection He wanted to thrust into her but she pushed him back and climbed onto him.

“I love you” she groaned as she rose and sank on his cock “I love you”

He replied by shooting a load of thick come inside his mom.

They hugged each other, bodies sweating in the warming desert sun ignoring the cars that sped by.

Finally Bea pulled herself up off her son’s cock

“You are amazing, mom” he said. She seemed happy at this compliment

“You’re not bad yourself, son” she said.

They kissed again, more affectionately this time than passionate.

“I don’t know if I can concentrate on driving” Bea said sheepishly

“I’ll drive, mom” he said, and he did, swapping over to her side.

Meeting her brother after a couple of years was not quite as happy an occasion as it should have been. Bea’s life, that of her son’s too was now changed. How could they ever go back?

And even that evening she found herself sneaking out of her bed and into her son’s. They used their mouths on each other to good effect. Bea adored her son’s come.

They stole moments throughout their stay. She blew him behind the garage. He fingered her in the back of Bob’s car as he drove them to see where he worked.

They left Bob’s place and were glad to be together once more.

On the return trip they decided to stop-over at the hotel again.

Professor Xavier C. Hunt had them put into another room, a double. He sat down to watch as they fucked.

Alexandra stood behind her Master, taking notes from what she saw on the Accumulator control panel.

Next to the Professor Ally stood by. Allison was similarly in a lab-coat. She looked like a prim and proper bookish type.

“Master?” Ally asked

“Mmm… yes?”

“Just how much control do you have?”

“Do you mean if it goes just beyond increased desire?”


“I have total control of them”

“As you have of me?”

“Absolutely” he said. “Watch…”

On the monitor they saw as Terry stopped fucking his mom. She looked up, puzzled at him.

“Is everything alright, babe?”

“Turn over”


“Turn over” he said. Without speaking Bea rolled over onto her stomach. Terry spat into his hand and rubbed the spittle over his cock-head. He climbed up onto his mom and spread her ass-cheeks apart.

“Terry?” she wondered.

Then she felt him press his cock against her anus.

“No, son” she began to cry. “Not in there… that’s dirty”

Terry pushed into her.

“Ohhhh” she gasped “Yesssssss”

“Jeez, mom” he groaned as he tried to push in deeper “Your ass is so tight”

He managed to get up into his mom’s rectum till his balls pressed against her. He withdrew a little and then pushed up into her.

“Oh, son!” she grinned as she braced herself for each of his thrusts.

He built up speed and then suddenly came in her, emptying a huge load of sperm into her brown hole. He shuddered and filled her, before slipping out and falling onto the bed, on his back. Panting. Gasping.

“Oh, babe” she laughed looking at him lying there panting “I’ve browned your meat”

She farted suddenly and some come dripped out her anus. “Oh, shit” she gasped, getting up quickly, almost holding her ass as she clenched and ran gingerly to the bathroom. She managed to make the toilet before her bowels opened up.

“You alright, mom?” he asked from the doorway.

“I’ll be okay in a minute” she said squirting brown paste into the bowl. “But you need to wash yourself”


“Look at the state of your cock!” she gasped.

He looked down at it. “Shit!” he said

“Yes!” she gasped incredulously. “If you ever want me to suck that again you’re going to have to wash it! Thoroughly!”

“Yes, mom” he said stepping into the bathroom. She play slapped him on the ass as he got into the shower.

“Shit!” she gasped as she emptied another load into the toilet.

More than a Theory

Professor Xavier C. Hunt read the notes written in German. He had managed tp prize these out of an Austrian professor with only some difficulty.

It was 1940. Professor Xavier C. Hunt was sixty-five, a middling professor, a psycho-analyst. As an American he had been able to still somewhat freely travel around war-torn Europe. But there was some suspicion as to his sudden visit at such a time.

Reading the notes he snorted with disdain. His European colleagues were clearly on the wrong path. They would never fully appreciate the potential of the sexual energy that could be harvested.

In the room was a large steamer-trunk. Only, this had been modified. Similar to a Faraday cage, the steamer trunk was modified inside with various materials lining it to make an Orgone accumulator. Only, his one differed from that he found described in the notes, much more advanced.

The professor looked across the hotel room at the young naked female on the bed. She began flaying again against the gag and ropes.

“That’s not very lady-like” he chuffed.

She struggled again. To no avail.

This was fascist run-Europe. The female was an ‘undesirable’. She would not be missed if anything happened.

The Professor went over to her and grabbed her by the feet. She shook hard against him, kicking out as best as she could but he still dragged her off the bed and over to the accumulator.

He pushed her in. She squirmed and half fell back out before he managed to redouble his efforts and pushed her back in again. He closed the front. It now looked like a steamer trunk, except for the wires protruding from it, and the shaking it was undergoing as the female inside tried to escape.

Ruth Libermann was a terrific find for an American professor with no shred of decency. A colleague had told him, discreetly that she was hiding a friend in her basement. The Professor said that he would take it upon himself to smuggle her out of Germany.

He would, if she survived.

The Professor began connecting the loose ends of the wires to himself, to small electrodes.

And when he was done he flicked a switch.

Immediately the trunk shook with a massive jolt. And then, nothing.

Except the ecstatic feeling the Professor felt swelling through his body.

In 20 mins it was over

His body was invigorated. He felt alive.

Disconnecting himself he went to the mirror. His skin seemed tighter, fresher. He could feel strength in joints where before he’d been frail and weak.

It took him a moment to realise he’d forgotten his captive.

He literally bound back across the room to the trunk. He opened it. He wasn’t particularly concerned for her safety, but if she was dead it would be another task to dispose of her body.

She was alive. And she wasn’t struggling. Was this a trick?

He undid her gag.

She did not scream.

She looked like she was in a bit of a stupor.

He undid her wrist bounds and she still did nothing to indicate a desire to flee

Then, he risked it. He undid her ankle bounds.

He got her to stand up. He hung her head slightly.

“Speak” he said

“What should I say, Master?” she quietly asked.


“Yes, Master” she said demurely

It would now be worth smuggling her out of Germany!

This was an added bonus of the accumulator - making a person, once drained of sexual energy totally submissive.

Ruth was but his first. There would be others…

Bob was concerned about the bizarre text message he’d received from his sister. He’d tried to call but no answer.

He tried not to break the speed limit as he raced down the highway to the hotel where his sister had called from.

He ran to the concierge “I’m looking for my sister, Bea O’Farrell”

“Certainly, Sir” the receptionist said looking over the computer “Room 101, up one floor, turn left”

Bob walked quickly up to the room and knocked on the door. His sister, Bea opened it, wearing a red négligée.

“Sis, are you alright?” he gasped for breath, walking into the room past her. She closed the door and sauntered towards him


“I’m pregnant” Bea smiled

“What?” Bob gasped “Pregnant?”

“Yes” she said, draping an arm over his shoulder

“Who’s the father?” he asked as he felt a tingle on the back of his neck.


“Terry?” Bob gasped “Terry who…”

“My son, Terry” Bea laughed “Who else?”

“Wha…?” Bob spat “How the hell did that happen?”

“Here” she smiled, opening her top “Let me show you…”

—-The End—-