The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Other Me Scares Me

part 1

One day changed my life. One mishap changed both my mind and body. I hated it. I hated the way my face looked now. Every morning I looked in the mirror and saw the massive scars on my face. They danced over the right side of my face like lightning. They were a reminder of the mishap. The day I learned getting hit in the head with a steel pipe can do a number on your skull.

I have had this pressure building inside my head. It surged and ebbed at times, but its presence was constant. The doctors found no physical cause, but that growing pressure was what bothered me the most. It felt like I was losing my mind. It gave me an impending sense of doom. A feeling something big would happen.

Along with the pressure, came a voice. It was my own voice, but I would never think about the things he suggested. Grab that hot nurse’s ass. The voice told me he was the real me. He said we were in charge now. I tried to ignore it. It just grew louder and the pressure increased. Today was a day when the pressure felt the worst.

The doctor told me some of my symptoms were normal. Life would probably return to normal. The emphasis was on the probably, after all, you never know with a head injury. The episodes were becoming more frequent. The pressure worried me. Almost everything worried me.

I was out of the hospital and finished with rehab. It was enjoyable to be home with my family again. Life had begun to return to normal. I had not gone back to college yet, but I needed to worry about overcoming one obstacle at a time. Returning home was a major milestone in my recovery. Maybe the pressure would disappear. I sat in my room. My eye’s watered from the pressure building behind them. I felt my brain was going to begin oozing out of my ears, nose, and other orifices.

My blood boiled thinking about what happened to me. Well, the parts of it I remembered. I came home from college during a holiday break. Chet, a bully I thought I left behind when I graduated, hit me with a pipe outside my old high school. He broke my car’s windows. The local police were too corrupt to doing anything about it. His father was the mayor. Small-town life is great.

My fist clenched as I thought about what I would do to him. The pressure inside my head began to pulse. Every two seconds my senses were flooded by pain.

Nothing, I would do nothing. I never fought back. Resisting made them angry. The bullies in high school, the bullies in college, and the asshole who wrote my paychecks controlled my life. I took a deep breath. I needed to let go of the rage. The pressure grew. Then it vanished. Just like that I finally found relief. I felt different, empty. My anger was gone, and I wondered where it went.

At that moment, I knew the perfect way to celebrate my newfound freedom from discomfort. My room door was locked. It was dark. I fished my cock was out of my boxers while quiet moans played through my phone’s speaker. I focused on the swaying tits on my phone screen. This was the first bit of pleasant private time I have had since I left the hospital.

“Fuck mommy’s pussy,” the actress screamed. I winced, it was too loud. I turned down the sound. I held my breath.

Jessica could be fingering herself on the other side of those walls. If she was quiet enough, I would never notice. It was a sexy thought. Nothing I should be thinking of while my dick was in my hand.

I assumed my mother was still downstairs reading. I hoped she stayed there. Mom had a habit of absentmindedly walking into my room while my cock was out. The universe went out of its way to fuck me over. For example, earlier today my headphone stopped working.

I heard no noise from my sister’s room. There was a chance she was not home. Jessica became a busy girl in the last year. She loved the way her social standing at school skyrocketed after I left home for college. His return was less of a hit.

Jessica had no time for me even while I was in the hospital. When my mother forced her to, Jessica did occasionally help me with my rehab. I remembered the feeling of her soft hands on my calf muscle as she stretched my legs.

I looked down at my cock. A helping hand would be nice. Having Jessica here would be wonderful. Not that I should be thinking about her like that. I did not understand why the thought of Jessica’s touch got me so worked up.

I stroked my cock. The pornography smash cut to the actors fucking in a new position. The “son,” who had five O’clock shadow, shoved his cock down his mother’s throat as her head hung off the edge of the bed. I took a moment to wonder why incest was so popular. There was something appealing about experiencing forbidden pleasures with those closest to you.

The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I scanned my room, and I saw nothing. I stared at the wall separating my room from Jessica’s room. I wondered what she was doing right now.

I was now sure she was home. I don’t know how I knew, but I did. She was probably wearing those tight shorts I liked. Don’t judge me. Jessica was cute. I returned to slowly stroking my throbbing cock.

My eyes drifted back to the porn playing on my phone. In my mind, I played with my family. My mom lied on the bed with her mouth hanging open. Her tits were smaller than the actor’s but more than a handful. They shared a similar thin waist. I could imagine how amazing her mouth would feel around my cock. Saliva dripping onto the ground each time I pulled my cock out of her mouth.

I came to my fantasy. As I cleaned up my seed, I wished I could take it back. I wished I could remove those incestuous desires from inside myself. I was a freak left looking at his flaccid cock after cumming to the thought of fucking his own mother’s mouth. I felt empty, spent. It was not my best wank.

This was not even the first time this week. You would think I would learn. Stop jacking off to my family. It seemed so simple. No aspect of my family seemed too alluring. We were a normal family.

It was just myself, my mom, and my sister. Mom worked hard as a freelance writer. She embodied professionalism. Jessica was distant. I was fucked in the head. This had to be the result of almost getting my skull caved in by Chet. You never know with a head injury.

As I finished cleaning up my spunk, the world felt off. The colors of the world felt mute. The black computer chair I sat in looked gray. My head felt like it was going to be split open. I heard my room door swing open. The air in the room felt heavy. I would swear the lights dimmed. I grabbed the blanket next to me to cover my dick.

“Don’t worry about it buddy,” said a voice I recognized. It was the voice inside my head. He again spoke, closer to me this time,“I won’t judge you. I’m your new best friend. Call me Ryan.” The voice began to sound more familiar.

It dawned on me that the voice was my own. A force swiveled my chair 180 degrees. My muscles tensed not knowing what to expect. Bent over facing me was a familiar face. It was my own. My old face at least.

The face not marred by scars. I could see my open bedroom door through him. He was translucent. His chest did not rise or fall. My eyes were brown. His were a dark black that just drew me in. The other me snatched the blanket off my crotch as he stood upright.

“Do you know how go it feels to be free from you?” He asked with a smile.

I stuttered something incoherent. The doctor asked me to keep him informed of any abnormal experiences. I did not expect to see, hear, or feel anything so vivid. I had to have gone insane.

“Calm down,” he said. Lines formed on his face as he studied me. He asked, “Is that what we look like now?” Ryan ran his hands through his hair as he shook his head. “That will not do.”

“We have to fix you up,” Ryan said. He dropped to a knee and threw my blanket over his shoulder. Ryan lifted his hand to caress my face. My face went numb. I watched as jagged patches of scar tissue erupted onto Ryan’s face. I felt my own face. My finger tips grazed across smooth skin, no scars. Ryan held a hand in front of his own face. The hand began to fade away. The towel fazed through him and dropped to the floor.“Not quite time,” he said before he disappeared.

I blacked out directly after that. In the void, I heard a door open and the sound slurping.

* * *

I came to consciousness lying on the floor. Opening my eyes showed me the ceiling of the hallway between Jessica’s room and my own. I climbed to my feet. The reflection in the hallway mirror showed me I looked pale and healed.

All the scars on my face were gone. I was healed. I pinched my face. It felt real. I could not suppress the smile. I brought a shaky hand to my forehead. I closed my eyes before opening them again. My reflection was still there.

The world spun underneath me. My head ached. I needed to tell mom to take me to see the doctor.

You never know with a head injury.

I shuffled down the stairs to the kitchen. The smell of breakfast wafted into my nose. Mom stood facing the kitchen counter chopping up vegetables for her breakfast omelet. My eyes drifted to the ass her small shorts could barely contain. I could not help myself. My headache spiked in intensity.

My mom turned around with the kitchen knife in her hand. “Morning Ryan, go ahead and sit. I’m almost done. Your sister should be down in a little while.”