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The Other Me Scares Me

part 2

I sat at the old kitchen table Mom bought at a yard sale. Mom sat across from me. An empty chair to my right waited for Jessica’s arrival. I ran my index finger up and down one of the deep scratches on the table when my sister walked down the stairs. I turned in my chair to face her.

Jessica was short. People often would think she was still in middle school because of her height and the inadequate size of her breasts. Jessica’s choice of clothing did not help. She had a love of pink, cutesy clothing. Jessica stuffed her bra when she went to school to compensate for her own deficiencies.

This morning, Jessica did not look well. Her hair was a shaggy mess. She wore a pair of fuzzy pajama bottoms, a blue bra, and no shirt. The bra itself appeared to be at its breaking point. Her tits spilled out from the sides of the undersized bra. They shook with every step threatening to snap the poor bra. I forgot how ill I felt. Jessica’s tits looked bigger. She was at least two cup sizes bigger now. I glanced at my mother. She seemed oblivious to the obvious transformation.

Jessica dropped down into her chair with a huff. The edge of her areola peeked out of the edge of her bra. It seemed the house dress code had become laxer after I left for college. Mom gestured at the salt shaker then asked me, “How are you feeling today Ryan? You’re beginning to look better.”

I dragged my finger down the familiar scratch in the table. “Does Jessica look different to you?”

“No, honey,” Mom said with a smile.

“Are you sure Mom?”

“I’m glad to hear you are feeling better Ryan. I missed your odd sense of humor. Jessica, how did you sleep?”

I gripped the table. My thoughts raced to find a way to tactfully bring up my sister’s growth spurt. Just sit down and shut up. I looked behind myself. No one was there. It was him. Why are you looking around for voices inside your head?

What’s going on?

Just a little bending reality to our will. I’m sure you enjoyed the changes I made.

Jessica dropped her piece of toast onto the table. “Fine,” Jessica answered Mom, “I slept fine.” Jessica was lying. I did not understand how I knew that, but I did. I think its time to catch you up with what we did last night.

My Mom nodded her head as she listened to Jessica’s lies. My vision faded to blackness.

* * *

I stood outside Jessica’s room. I wondered why I was here. Why can’t I move.

I borrowed your body for a bit. Looks like I can’t do too much alone without microwaving your head. This is a memory, Bud. You can’t change anything. We went here to let off a little steam. You seemed a bit frustrated last night. I thought I could help you out a bit. Didn’t plan on hearing the confession.

I had known what Jessica was doing before I even opened the door. Jessica had just finished showering. She walked into her room from her bathroom covered by only a towel. Jessica closed the door behind her and dropped her towel. She found it relaxing to feel the air dance across her bare skin. Jessica slipped on a pair of panties from a dresser. She had a disdain for clothing when she was alone.

Jessica needed to study for a math test, but she was also tired. I was not sure how I knew that, but I did. It was as if I could feel her thoughts. Jessica jumped forward as she heard someone knock on her door. Jessica’s hand went to the doorknob and threw it open.

I felt my body walk into Jessica’s room. It’s our body Bud.

My posture was straight, and my chest was puffed out. I felt grounded. I calmly walked into her room wearing only my boxers. I felt confident. It felt nice.

Jessica’s hands flew to her cover her chest. She glanced at me before looking away. “Ryan, get out,” she hissed.

I shrugged.“You invited me in.” Ryan’s words coming out of my mouth.

“I did?”

I gestured toward the open door. Jessica relaxed in response to my reassuring words.

“Just because I let you into my room doesn’t mean I want to talk to you. You know what Chet said,” she said. I did not know what Chet said. The low chuckle in my ear let me know Ryan was amused by my apparent confusion. Jessica walked away from me to retrieve a shirt.

“I just wanted to know why you didn’t visit me in the hospital,” I said.

“He told me not to. No hard feelings right?” Jessica dragged her hand up and down her outer thigh, “I’m sorry about … you know. Everything worked out fine.” Jessica picked a shirt up and held it to the light.

My eyes roamed over her body. “Jessica, what are you doing?”

She turned around to face me. She used the shirt to cover her chest.“I’m putting on a shirt, Ryan.” The shirt Jessica held in her hands vanished. Her pert breasts were on display for me to see. Jessica’s eyes went wide. I wondered where her shirt went.

You really are a bit slow, aren’t you? I got rid of it. A better question is how will her mind react to reality changes around her.

I spoke, “No one wants to see your tits, Jessica. You know you have nothing to hide.”

Jessica stuck out her bottom lip. “I answered your question. Why are you still here?” The door behind me closed and locked itself with a satisfying click.

“Since you’re flashing me you might as well tell me why you stuff your bra? Did you disappoint Chet when you showed him your tits for the first time?”

Jessica crossed her arms to cover her nipples. “Leave me alone. Just let me sleep in peace. You’re a fucking dork.”

“Uncross your arms, Jessica. You want people to stare at your little tits. Why else would you flash me? You love having the attention on you, right Jessica?”

Jessica found herself unable to argue with me. I closed the distance between us. I dragged a finger down now the outer edge of her arm. Jessica dropped her arms.

I asked, “What does your boyfriend think about your tits?”

Jessica hung her head.“Chet ignores them. I wish they were bigger.”

“Well, that is a shame. What would you do if I told you your brother, Ryan, could help you out?”

Jessica’s eyes lit up. “You can help?” She did not know why she believed me, but something about my voice seemed compelling to her. She already flashed her brother. Jessica felt adventurous.

I slid my finger back up Jessica’s arm. I guided Jessica onto her bed. She looked up at me confused. “What do I need to do?”

“Suck my dick.”

Jessica clenched her jaw. “I can’t. You know I’m dating Chet.”

“You know I don’t care. Don’t you want to have bigger tits for him?” My finger dragged down to her nipple. It hardened in response to my touch. Jessica inhaled sharply.

“When did you become so confident?”

“It’s one of the benefits of brain trauma.”

She relaxed in her seat.“Can you hurry up and do it please?” I roughly pinched Jessica’s nipple between my thumb and index finger. I pulled back on it. Jessica flinched as she felt the burning pain and tension coursing through her small breasts. “I’m sorry Ryan,” she said.

I looked down on her. “Why?”

“I’m the reason you were hurt. I called you to the school. Don’t you remember?” The pain in her breast gave way to an odd sensation.

Her chest expanded. Jessica felt as if cold water had been pumped into her tits filling them. Jessica found satisfaction in the way her tits jiggled under my ministrations. A moan escaped her lips.“Keep talking,” I said.

“Chet told me to call you and ask you to pick me up from school. He said he was going to play a prank on you. I went home before the attack.”

I pulled my cock out of my boxer. It stood hard and proud against Jessica’s face. She averted her eyes. Jessica’s hand folded around the base of my hardened shaft. Leaning forward she flattened her tongue out. She ran it up against my shaft. Her right hand moved up and down my shaft as she swirled her tongue around my head. Jessica lubed the length of my member with her spit.

I ran my hand through Jessica’s hair. She pulled my cock out of her mouth with an audible pop. Jessica squished her tits together to engulf my throbbing cock with her warm flesh. I began thrusting my hips forward. Jessica flicked her tongue across the tip of my cock as it peeked out of her now massive mounds of flesh.

I cupped the back of her head as I pulled her head down onto my cock. Jessica placed her hands on my abdomen to slow my cock descent down her throat. She looked into my eyes as she gagged on my girth. Jessica mumbled something I could not understand. Her throat slowly relaxed. Each dive down more cock slid down her throat. When the pleasure became too much, I came in her mouth. Jessica swallowed my load. “Thank you Ryan,” she said as she kissed the tip of my cock.

My right hand tilted her chin up to meet my gaze. I told her, “Tell Chet I look forward to seeing him.” I left Jessica in her room staring blankly at the wall. A few minutes later she finished getting ready for bed as if nothing had happened.

* * *

“Ryan, are you okay?” Mom asked me. I was back in the kitchen eating breakfast.

“Yes, Mom I was daydreaming,” I replied.

“You need to hurry up and get to school baby. Your sister already left with Chet.”

I could tell what was going on. It was time to play along. I excused myself from the table. I threw on some clothes and hopped in my car. The broken windows and dents were fixed. We couldn’t have you driving that piece of junk. I sat in the car and debated my next move. Drive.