The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Out of Mind-Control 2 — Still A Mystery

by Catsuit78

Chapter II — Sunday

II.1. — At Home

Trish opened her eyes and got out of bed. She went into the adjacent bathroom, closed the door, switched the light on and looked at her naked immaculate body in the mirror. She shrugged and then concentrated. The skin between the bottoms of her breasts parted and uncovered the multi-purpose interface. Trish pulled a plug with two hoses and one wire out of a device next to the basin and connected it to the interface.

“Morning cleaning sequence initiated. Waiting and charging,” Trish stated silently and stood there for about twenty minutes without moving an inch. Not visible from the outside, she watched the morning news and checked last night’s police reports.

After she had disconnected, she brushed her teeth and went back into the sleeping room. It was only 5:00 a.m. and still dark outside, but she always got up at that time. The Inspector still lay in bed and she didn’t want to disturb him. So she sneaked out of the dark sleeping room and closed the door.

In the hallway, she stood in front of a mirror, looked at her body and concentrated. Slowly, her skin changed and again imitated clothing. After some seconds, Trish stood there being clad in dark-red shiny running tights with dark-grey mesh inlays and broad red seams (that went from her inner calves over her knees and then along her outer thighs) and a matching skin-tight tank top. Trish sat down on a stool and put a pair of black and red running shoes on. She checked her ‘outfit’ in the mirror, let pussy and nipples disappear, fought her curly hair into a ponytail and left the apartment. Outside, she scrolled through several playlists before her inner eye and started one of them to begin her training with music being played inside her head.

As she returned about two hours later, the Inspector awaited her sipping at a cup of coffee and smirked.

“Don’t give me that I-told-you-so smile, Frank. I will never pass on that habit,” Trish stopped the music inside her head, pulled the shoes off her feet and kissed her partner.

“Well, as long as you don’t pass on me, my dear...” he winked at her and put the cup on a shelf to hug her.

“Never ever,” Trish whispered and let her ‘clothing’ disappear while she was still hugged by the Inspector. She opened his bathrobe, snuggled her naked body up to his and kissed him.

After a while, she peeled away from him, produced Nora’s USB stick from a drawer and smiled, “So, my darling. I think I’ve kept you in suspense long enough.”

They went into the sleeping room. The Inspector sat down on the bed while Trish stood completely naked in front of him. She opened her multi-purpose interface and held the USB stick between her right thumb and index finger.

“Do you remember me complaining about cleaning the apartment? I mean we’re both taking care of it. But when it is my turn, I’m getting bored with it before having even started.”

“Yep! That’s why you asked Nora to install a programme that sets your mind to pause while your body cleans the apartment automatically ... like a time-limited cleaning drone. You must really hate cleaning, taking even such measures!”

“Correct! Uhm ... and this ... this is a leisure programme I asked Nora to write for me ... for us. Because I’ve been working so much lately with those policebots. I think I owe you,” Trish explained. But before the Inspector could say a word, she put the USB stick into a socket in her interface and smiled. “Just enjoy it, darling. Oh, by the way ... I can’t stop it by myself. You’re in full ... full con-trooool o-verrrrr m—”

Trish fell instantly silent as the programme on the stick was executed automatically. She just stood there like a statue. But then, her body changed. Her skin became metallic-golden all over. Her sporty B/C-sized breasts grew to size F and in her crotch an already richly greased pussy with fleshy rubber labia appeared. The skin in her waist was sculptured like a corset so that the interface was covered and the USB stick fell on the floor. Trish’s feet and lower legs changed to heel-less plateau boots so that she had to stand on her toes and thus grew several inches. Her whole body was now clad in golden latex that glistened metallically in the morning sun.

Trish’s head changed, too. Her curly hair straightened, grew some inches and turned red. Her lips took a bright red gloss and swelled up a bit. The golden latex grew and forced its way along her neck and over her face, leaving only mouth and eyes open. It also covered ears and hair but stopped in time so that only a long red ponytail stuck out of a hole in the back of her rubberized head.

The Inspector couldn’t believe his eyes. Within seconds, Trish had been provided with one of the hottest latex outfits and bodies he had ever seen.

“Manual override implemented successfully, outer shell adjusted successfully, sexbot mode initiated!” Trish stated calmly and her body lost its frozen state. She let her golden fingers slide along her glittering green body, twisted her erect rubber nipples and then looked at the Inspector putting her arms akimbo. “Hello, Master! I am your sexbot. All systems fully operational. All orifices are lubricated and ready to be penetrated. Please use me as you wish.”

“Uhm ... I ... Wow!” the Inspector stuttered and stood up. He put his hands on Trish’s new enormous breasts and massaged them.

“Do you like my boobs, Master? Do you want me to enlarge them further?” Trish asked smilingly.

“Oh yes ... No! I mean, they are great as they are right now. But ... Trish? Why did you do that? I ...”

“I am your personal sexbot. Please use me, Master.”

“Uhm ... I ... I don’t know what to do and if I should ... Well, uhm, OK then. Please show me how you can walk like that!” the Inspector just stuttered and looked at her feet/boots. Instantly, Trish turned around and tiptoed through the sleeping room as if she had done it her whole life. She didn’t stumble once, she walked perfectly upright and presented herself with the bright sun shining on her metallic-golden body.

“Stop!” the Inspector said smilingly as Trish was right in front of him, “Is this also about not being a robot but enjoying the versatility of your new body?”

“Cannot compute. I am your personal sexbot. Please use me, Master,” Trish replied stoically. The Inspector sighed and just looked at her, at her great body. Then, he chuckled about this new example of Trish’s impulsiveness. That programme had really downgraded his robot girlfriend to just one function. Surely this was her way to say thank you for his patience with her overtime. And he really appreciated the idea behind this as Trish rather detested being mind-controlled.

But he still hesitated to accept and just use her as a fuckdoll. He was completely torn. On the one hand, this was a variation of the digital enslavement that was happening all around them and that now controlled his cherished partner. But on the other hand, she was his girlfriend and this was an adult game she had started herself. But as the Inspector hesitated further and further, Trish finally blinked twice, bent forward in a perfectly right angle, pulled his underpants down and grabbed his cock.

“Maximum idling elapsed. Commencing automatic blow-job sequence.”

The Inspector inhaled deeply as Trish let his cock slide slowly through her thick red lips and into her rubberized, latex-cushioned throat. Her red ponytail slid from her shoulder and caressed the Inspector’s left inner thigh. Trish massaged his shaft and balls with her hands while sucking and licking the bell end. Then, she just held the shaft in her hands and let her upper body move up and down quickly to massage the Inspector’s cock with her lips and throat. The Inspector lay back on the bed and buried his fingers in the blanket. While he moaned loudly and enjoyed the intense stimulation, Trish eagerly carried on with her job not uttering a single noise.

This went on for quite some time because as soon as Trish sensed that the Inspector was about to come, she slowed down, relaxed her lips and lowered the underpressure in her mouth to delay his orgasm.

“This ... this feels so great, Trish. But now ... please uhmmm ... please let me come,” the Inspector moaned finally. Trish then intensified everything and only a couple of seconds later, a big load of cum was shot into her mouth. Trish now sucked even harder to get every single drop out of the Inspector’s cock.

As the Inspector had calmed down, Trish released his cock and stood upright. She swung her head so that her red ponytail flew behind her back. Then, she automatically opened her mouth and presented her prey by sticking out her tongue so that threads of cum fell down on her golden breasts. She massaged her big boobs and spread the cum all over her chest. Then, she smiled at the still panting Inspector.

“I hope that blow-job was satisfactory to you, Master,” she said after she had swallowed the rest of the cum in her mouth and had licked her fingers clean. But before the Inspector could affirm that, she again added, “I am your personal sexbot. Please use me, Master!”

“Phew! Give me a break, Trish. I ... I think that’s enough for starters,” he just said and pulled his shorts back up.

“Do you want me to end sexbot mode, Master?” Trish asked smilingly and still polished her latex tits with a remaining bit of his cum.

“Oh, not yet. Now I want you to have some fun, too. It seems to be the least I can do for you now. So can you experience sexual pleasure when being in that mode?”

“Yes, Master. But right now, pleasure reception is switched off to use all resources for your pleasure only. Do you want me to activate pleasure reception?”

“Yes, and turn it to 100 percent. Then stand with your legs akimbo and massage your clit until you come!” the Inspector ordered, sat on the bed and watched his metallic-golden latex toy.

“Yes, Master!” Trish said calmly, put her feet a bit further apart and then her right hand in her crotch. She pressed her rubberized fingers between her labia and started caressing her clit. Because of the automatic lubrication, the rubber fingers squeaked loudly inside the rubber pussy. Her juices started to drip down on the floor. Trish instantly started to moan and became louder and louder as her fingers relentlessly massaged her towards orgasm. And about two minutes later, her whole body jerked, she screamed out loud and orgasmed still standing in front of the Inspector.

But suddenly, her skin lost its golden colour, her feet changed back to their original state so that Trish fell from tiptoe down on her feet. The corset in her waist vanished, her breasts and lips shrunk back to their original sizes and even her hair changed back to brown and curled up again.

“What ... uhmmm ... uhmmm ... what the ... fuck!?” Trish screamed out loud with a mixture of pleasure and perplexity as the orgasm still made her pelvis jerk up and down while she didn’t understand what was happening.

“Trish! Trish! Are you OK?” the Inspector jumped towards her and held her in his arms. Trish’s now again naked body shivered but she gradually calmed down.

“Wow! That was awesome. Well, you could have used me a bit more, darling. But even this was great ... for starters,” Trish panted and kissed the Inspector.

“OK, whatever makes you happy, my dear. But why did you stop all of a sudden?”

“I don’t know. As I told you before, I can’t stop sexbot mode.”

“But I didn’t either. Maybe there’s a bug in that programme. Don’t worry. We’ll sort that out,” the Inspector tried to soothe her and picked the USB stick up.

As both of them kissed again, the phone rang. Trish went to answer it. And as she listened to the caller, she looked at the Inspector with sorry eyes and got ‘dressed’ by changing her skin like she had done the day before in front of the diner.

“The Captain? Wants to speak to us already today? No Sunday off?” the Inspector concluded sadly. Trish just nodded, hung up and put her black leather boots and jacket on.

* * *

II.2. — At The Department

“Alexandra Petty, aged 32, living three blocks from here,” the Captain said and opened an image file of Alex standing in front of her car on a large screen in his office. “Her friend Leigh Cobat reported her missing yesterday evening at Coastville PD.”

“Nice girl and nice car,” Trish said and then frowned. “But why us? I mean we’re homicide. And we’re not Coastville PD.”

“A missing person is investigated as murder as long as not proven otherwise,” the Inspector explained. “How long is she been missing?”

“Well, Miss Cobat said that they use to spend the weekends together at her house at the beach. Miss Petty was supposed to arrive there yesterday at late forenoon. Miss Cobat tried to call her, asked one of Miss Petty’s neighbours to have a look at her apartment. Coastville PD already put out an APB for her car. Nothing!”

“I saw it when I checked the reports this morning. So ... maybe the car broke down in the valley and she had no phone reception? What’s so special about that case? Please, Captain. Can’t you give us a proper homicide?” Trish urged.

“No, the Commissioner ordered to assign the both of you to an easy one ... to get used to things again. Maybe this will convince you,” he said and opened several other image files. “Her social media accounts—emptied. Her mobile phone contract—terminated. Her employer received an e-mail from her...”

“She called in sick and gave notice?” the Inspector presumed.

“Exactly!” the Captain answered and leaned back. Trish looked at the Inspector and smirked. She knew that he was already developing several theories in his head. And she also felt that there was more to that case than just a missing person.

“OK, why don’t we have a talk with Miss Cobat in Coastville?” Trish said, downloaded the image files to her memory and stood up.

“Very well. I’ll sign you up for this,” the Captain said and typed something into his computer. “Now it’s officially your case. Good to have you back.”

* * *

II.3. — At The Beach House

About two hours later, Trish and the Inspector arrived at Miss Cobat’s beach house in Coastville. They parked their car in front of it next to a black van and went to the front door.

“Very nice! I really wouldn’t like to get missing on my way here,” Trish said, got her old badge out of her jacket and attached it to the right front pocket.

“Indeed. Maybe we can move to Coastville when I retire or you are depreciated,” the Inspector joked and received a bop in the ribs. Then, he cleared his throat and knocked on the door. At first nothing happened. The Inspector frowned.

“Haven’t you checked whether she’s actually here?” Steph asked and raised one eyebrow. The Inspector unlocked the tablet-PC he held in his hand and looked something up. Trish sighed impatiently.

“Must be here. The database says that at least her mobile phone, her fitness activity tracker and her smart glasses are located in this building right now. Maybe we should have a look at the back door, just in case...” the Inspector stated, but then the front door was opened.

“Yes?” Leigh looked at Trish and the Inspector. She was of the same age as Alex, rather slim and had her copper red hair pinned up. As far as one could see, she wore a black spandex swimsuit under a pair of tight jeans.

“Miss Cobat? I’m ... I’m Sergeant O’Cully and this ... uhm is my partner,” Trish rather stuttered as she scrutinized Leigh’s spandex-clad body.

“Sorry to disturb you on a Sunday, Ma’am. You reported your friend Alex missing. May we come in for a moment?” the Inspector took over and Leigh just nodded and led them into the living room. Trish and the Inspector sat down on a white couch while Leigh took her mobile phone from the table.

“But how can I help you? I’ve already told our local police everything I know,” Leigh said and sat on a chair in front of a large window with a breathtaking sea view.

“Yes, Ma’am, but we were wondering if you could tell us a bit about Alex, about her habits, recent changes, anything peculiar about her,” Trish added and still couldn’t take her eyes off Leigh’s black shiny chest that was slowly moving up and down as she breathed calmly in and out.

“No ... well, I could. But I won’t,” Leigh said and—as Trish and the Inspector frowned—added, “because it’s been solved. Alex is back. She called me this morning and apologized for not showing up yesterday. She said that work had been too stressful lately and that she needed to clear her mind.”

“That would at least explain her notice. So she’s at home? Because we sent a patrol car and there was no sign of her,” the Inspector asked.

“No, not at home. She ... she said that she had to go to a lonely place for some days where she wouldn’t be reachable. No phone, no reception. She just said sorry and hung up,” Leigh said and spun the mobile phone in her hands.

“Can you show us the call on your phone?” the Inspector dug deeper.

“Oh yes, yes...” Leigh said, unlocked her phone and searched for the call log, “here you are.”

“Hmmmm ... thank you, Miss Cobat. You must be happy that your friend has given you a sign of life. In case she calls you again, could you please ask her to contact us so that we can close that file?” the Inspector said and put his card on the table. Leigh and Trish frowned because normally one would provide contact information by just making a wiping gesture from one mobile device to another.

“Please excuse him. My partner is quite old school,” Trish laughed out loud, stood up and used the instant to take a closer look at Leigh’s neck but did not find anything odd. Leigh smiled shyly, nodded towards the Inspector and saw them out.

As she returned to the living-room, she grabbed the Inspector’s card and went to the adjacent kitchen. She opened the door, got in and stopped right in front of a pair of sneakers, a blouse and a bra she had been wearing half an hour ago. She looked at two men standing in her kitchen that was still in shambles as if there had been a fight. The men wore black boiler suits and looked at her expectantly.

“Police officers briefed as requested. Made them leave as quickly as possible. Officers left contact information,” Leigh said calmly and presented the card.

“Well done, Leigh. You can now take off those jeans again,” one of the men said and put the Inspector’s card into his front pocket. Leigh unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off her legs. She now just wore the black spandex swimsuit.

“And now take your mobile phone and your wallet and follow us to the black van in front of the house to receive further conditioning,” the other man said.

“Yes, of course,” Leigh smiled and turned around.