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  • I disparage no lifestyle. If characters are forced into one, it’s the force that degrades, not the lifestyle.
* * *


Jaden couldn’t help smiling as she strode down the row of townhouses and their neatly-groomed microlawns. So nice, so upscale. She’d met very nasty people in places like this, but more often than not Jaden could rely on them to behave, less from decency than from fear of making a mess.

A man walking a pair of very small toy dachshunds smiled back at her automatically. His gaze took in her briefcase, and Jaden knew what he was guessing—broker or lawyer or something, making a housecall to humor a client.

That was the idea, as was her tailored business suit. She kept smiling as the man stopped guessing and just let his eyes drop to her legs, displayed in dark hose under her short skirt. When she didn’t speak, he let the dogs lead him onward. After a spastic glance or two, the dachshunds had ignored her. She ignored them back and kept looking for the address Donna had given her.

Number 114 was in the middle of the row, and Jaden strode up the steps to ring the bell.

The door opened quickly and Jaden smiled at the girl behind it. She was young, early-twentyish, and adorably zaftig under a close-fitting blue T-shirt and jeans. Straight, dark-brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail that hung down her back. A little babyfat yet, but in absolutely the right places. The big round glasses made her even cuter.

She also looked nervous. Donna had said the client sounded like a first-timer, and now she stared at Jaden as if she couldn’t really believe she’d called an escort. Or that as a result, an escort had in fact just come to her door.

“Jaden?” she asked in a small voice.

“Charlene! Hi.”

The girl nodded. At least she was at the right house.

For the benefit of any neighbors, Jaden opened the briefcase and peeked in. “I may be a little early, but the office said it was urgent.” She looked up as if assured the proper file was there.

Nothing to see here, folks. Just two attractive women about to go over some paperwork.

The girl’s eyes darted to either side. It was as if, instead, she visualized Jaden vamping there in hotpants and hoop earrings, with a big neon sign saying HOOKER. She breathed in, drawing Jaden’s glance to her breasts, and below. Hmm, not a T-shirt: Charlene wore a leotard.

Recovering quickly, she smiled. “Sorry! It sure is, Jaden. Thanks for putting it together so fast. I’ve been at it all day—come in!” She actually shook Jaden’s hand before they went inside.

Jaden smiled at her in the foyer as she shut the door. This close to the shorter girl, she could look down at her and smell the citrus of her shampoo.

Jaden pulled the phone from her briefcase. “Donna? It’s me. It was really easy to find, and I’m with Charlene now.”

“So is she cute?”

Jaden looked at the girl, deliberately admiring her. Charlene looked more like a teenager who didn’t quite realize how hot she was. “Very,” she said, and Charlene blushed as if she’d heard the question. “Talk to you later.” She closed the phone and slipped it back to the briefcase.

“That’s to show me someone knows where you are, isn’t it?” Charlene had folded her arms, trying to establish some control.

Jaden smiled at her. “I do it with everyone. Better safe than film-at-eleven.”

Charlene smiled back, a little more relaxed, but then set her jaw and looked Jaden in the eye. Her soft curves made her resolve even cuter. “I’ve never done this before. I’m trusting you a lot but I know you’re trusting me, too.” She swallowed. “Is there something I need to say? So you know I’m not a cop or something?”

She was so earnest. Jaden pictured her in a spanking-new police uniform, bravely volunteering for an undercover vice assignment.

Then she pictured Hot Officer Charlene of the Kink Squad in a miniskirted version, with shiny boots. Fishnets. Handcuffs—

“Thanks, Charlene, but no. That part’s taken care of. I’m just here to do whatever you want.”

Charlene’s eyes widened. She swallowed again as she looked Jaden over. Jaden loved it when this happened, whether they were hot girls like Charlene or even jowly old businessmen like this afternoon’s trick. The way they gaped at her like kids with a present. Thrilled that something so pretty was theirs to play with. It made Jaden feel like an object, but a very wanted object.

“Um.” The girl eyes widened behind the specs. “One thing, if it’s . . . for tonight, I’d like to be . . . I’m Fiona. Please call me Fiona.”

Payment had cleared before Donna had even called her. By now the customer could be Queen Cleopatra and Marc Antony if they wanted. If Charlene felt safer to play as Fiona, so be it. Jaden prepared herself for other ways a virgin customer could make this ride bumpy.

“Thank you, Fiona. I’ll remember.”

Blinking, Fiona seemed to remember they were on a meter. “Please. Come on in.”

Jaden walked ahead of her into a brightly-lit living room. The décor was nice, and subtly expensive. Fiona had money, anyway.

There were plenty of books, including textbooks. Someone was studying economics, what looked like architecture or possibly history, and something higher-mathematical that made her look away. Jaden was apparently being rented by a college student. It was fun.

“You’re beautiful,” Charlene—Fiona—said, walking around from behind and leading her to a sofa.

“Thank you.” Jaden took a seat beside her, crossing her legs. Fiona stared at them, but didn’t touch.

“So are you, Fiona.” She stared steadily at the girl to show she meant it. “You’re thinking I say that to anyone I’m with. But I don’t lie unless I’m asked to.” She grinned.

“When I get to be with someone beautiful, it’s a bonus.” Gently, she put her hand on Fiona’s. Fiona started but relaxed, and her dark eyes closed for a moment.

“In fact, Fiona, I think you could have any boy or girl you want.” She watched the girl’s eyes open. She looked deeply into them. “Tonight, you have me. And I will do anything you want.”

With a whole lot of exceptions, but that phrase just works. She saw it light up Fiona’s eyes.

“So . . . what would you like to do with me?”


Fiona tensed and Jaden drew back her hand, waiting to see if she was going too far. Fiona’s signals seemed to mean she wanted Jaden to take the initiative, but maybe that was making her nervous again. Some clients just told Jaden what they wanted, but others needed to talk themselves into a relationship with her first. Even some who wanted strange, harsh things later.

“I’m told you wanted to do something special. Something unusual.” She grinned conspiratorially, showing how excited she was to play whatever naughty games Fiona was into.

“If it makes you feel good, Fiona, that’s what I’m for. It’s why I do this. I like becoming what turns other people on.”

Fiona watched her, and Jaden reminded herself not to underestimate this student. She had money and poise, and she might very well have bought herself a lot of call girls before this, whatever she’d told Donna.

It was hard to tell. The girl was tentative and knowing at once. Maybe she enjoyed being the demure virgin tempted by the seductive whore.

Suddenly Jaden wanted to ask Is this part of some sociology project? She wondered if she’d be expected to answer questions later. If Fiona would understand that would be on the clock, too. Whatever.

Maybe Fiona just wanted to see what it felt like to rent sex instead of sharing it. To be able to demand things, because she was the customer. Jaden waited for Fiona to place her order, if that was what this was about.

Another woman had wanted Jaden for that, ordering her around, reminding her constantly that she was a whore, insulting her. She’d told Donna about it. What she never told Donna was that she dreamed about it, sometimes, jilling off.

“I was thinking my fantasy might sound weird.” Fiona smiled and seemed much younger. “Then I realized you’ve heard a lot that’s weirder.

“So now, I’m worried about being unimaginative.”

Jaden laughed with her.

“The—I’ve always . . . I’ve fantasized about control. People being in someone’s power. Like magic spells, love potions. The thing that really turns me on is . . .”

She opened her mouth, then closed it, and her eyes too. Jaden wanted to tell her it was OK, no one would laugh or spurn her. God, she was so adorable there in her agony of embarrassment. But she kept silent.

Fiona’s nipples betrayed her, under the leotard, and maybe their feel opened her eyes. She looked straight at Jaden, trembling a little.


Fiona’s voice quavered a little just saying it, and her nipples snapped more to attention. “Women being hypnotized. Into obedience.”

Fiona watched her, though she looked like she’d rather avert her eyes.

Jaden knew her own eyes shone. She smiled. “You’d like me to hypnotize you?” It did turn her on to imagine this pretty, plump girl staring into space and responding in monotone.

Fiona squirmed a little, perhaps imaging the same. Jaden played it further. “To command you under hypnosis?” Subtly, she stressed command, and let her voice soften over hypnosis.

Fiona held her gaze, but blushed so deeply Jaden smiled again. “Um, no. I mean . . .”

Oh. Of course.

“What I want,” the girl said, nipples still stiff, “is to put a woman under my power. Hypnotize her into my helpless slave.

“I mean, to act it out.”

So Fiona’d called a call girl. This was something she couldn’t ask a friend, or a lover. Jaden thought someone as hot as Fiona probably had a worshipper or two who would happily do that, or anything she asked. But Fiona just couldn’t imagine it.

Damn. She really didn’t know how hot she was.

“When I was a kid I’d always end up playing something like that. I was the witch, or the alien with mind powers, or the evil interrogator with the drug that made them obey.”

Jaden nodded, but Fiona didn’t say more.

“That does sound really sexy. I mean it.” She met Fiona’s eyes again. “Remember—I only lie when I’m supposed to. It turns me on that you’re turned on, but this sounds arousing, all by itself. Like dominance play but with invisible chains.” She smiled. “Safer for me, too.”

Fiona smiled back, more confidently.

Jaden waited for her to nod before speaking again. “Is there anything in particular you’ll want me to do?” She paused. “After you have me hypnotized?”

As she’d wanted, Fiona trembled a little, hearing it become a little more real.

“Well . . .” Fiona smiled, shy and devious at once. “Mostly, it’s the . . . it’s taking control.

“Once I put you into a trance, I have some commands for you to obey.” She blinked. “Um. If there’s something you really don’t want to do, then—don’t. You can struggle a little, and I’ll erase the command and give you a new one. It can be part of the roleplay.

“Besides.” The curvy girl blushed again and swallowed. “A lot of it—it’s about hypnotizing you. A lot of it will just be, well, that. Putting you into a trance. Making you obedient.”

Jaden was intrigued, but a little concerned. Some clients who wanted roleplay had things so scripted she actually had dialogue to remember, but leaving things this loose could backfire. Other than fucking her, did Fiona really know what she’d want to do with a hypnotized woman? Would it ruin the mood if she ran out of ideas? Or if Jaden tried to improvise?

“Right, I understand.” Jaden didn’t, but she was trying to keep the mood soft. Fiona seemed like a determined girl, but she also looked like she’d jump if someone said boo. She could call this off anytime.

“Um.” Jaden encouraged her by looking a little uncertain herself. “Do you mean I could actually get hypnotized tonight?”

Fiona’s smile was a little predatory, but mostly cute. “You mean could I end up”—she swallowed—“brainwashing you into my slave for real?”

Jaden grinned back. “Or into wanting to give you my PIN or something. Yeah.”

The smile went all-cute. “Alas, no. It has to be consensual—the trance, and anything you’re commanded to do in trance.” Fiona’s eyes fluttered a little when she said commanded.

“What I—what I want is to pretend it’s not. Consensual, I mean. That I can hypnotize someone against her will, and control her mind.” It was already easier for her to say. Jaden could see how aroused it made her.

“I’m here to please you, Fiona. And I’m very eager to please.” She smiled. “So feel free to use me. My body as well as my mind.”

Fiona blushed, and then she nodded. Cool. The girl was into her. At some point obedience was going to mean sex.

“Do you want me to resist when you try—I mean, try to resist when you hypnotize me?” It was turning Jaden on a little, too.

Fiona shook her head, but then grinned. “Yeah. At a certain point I’ll want to be, um, overcoming your will. You’ll struggle, but . . .”

Jaden kept herself from finishing it for her. I’ll weaken, and succumb, and become your fuck-zombie. Instead, she just nodded.

“First, I just want to hypnotize a beautiful woman.” Fiona grinned again. “That may—that may take a while.”

Jaden smiled back, trying to convey that this did sound hot. It certainly beat what some other clients had wanted to do with her.

And Fiona was gorgeous. If she let Jaden fuck her, Jaden would let her know what worship was.

“Is there, um, a way you want a hypnotized girl to act? Before you instruct me?”

Fiona blinked, but seemed to get that Jaden was helping her. She grinned. “When you’re under, you’ll be sleepy and submissive. Not a robot.

“Well, not at first.”

Jaden felt her pussy purr. “Yes, Fiona,” she said softly—submissively. “I understand.” Fiona seemed to like that, but Jaden might still need to help her “hypnotist” along if she got stuck.

Or lure her into sex sooner rather than later. Jaden found herself looking forward to that.




“Would you take your clothes off?”

Jaden smiled and stood up, stepping away from the sofa. She guessed Fiona wasn’t looking for a striptease, so she just shed jacket, skirt, and blouse in graceful succession. It was hotter than putting on a show. There was something very erotic about staying subdued for the girl watching so solemnly behind those glasses.

Hypnotized by the smart girl. Slave of the cute nerd. Jaden almost smiled, but she was already into this, and didn’t.

When she put her hands up to unhook her bra, she paused for Fiona’s nod. She undid it, sliding it off her arms.

Her nipples were as stiff as Fiona’s. She was genuinely excited to be the woman this intense girl was paying for. Had confided in. Was staring at. Was going to pretend to enslave.

Another nod let her slide down her thong, enjoying the low-key submission as much as Fiona seemed to. She stood with her hands by her sides in stockings and high heels, then stepped out of the shoes and peeling off the stockings when Fiona gestured.

Wearing nothing but her jewelry, she waited in Fiona’s living room for the rest of the scenario.

The girl looked at her, and Jaden sensed it was better to hold still than to pose.

“You have a beautiful body,” Fiona said. Jaden’s thanks came out in a whisper, which seemed to please the girl. “Do you work out?”

“Yes, I—yes.”

Fiona said nothing more. Jaden let the moment lengthen. She felt confident, and it let her surrender initiative to the girl.

Fiona stood and walked over to her, marveling at the nude woman who belonged to her for the evening. Already, being clothed seemed to give her power over Jaden. Jaden wondered if the girl was about to touch her. She hoped so.

“Fiona?” She was trying to sound meek, nervous, needful of the girl’s control and reassurance. She surprised herself at how real it sounded.

“What.” Not even really a question. The girl took her hand without looking back, leading her further into the house.

“Is there a, I mean am I someone you’ve lured here, or a girlfriend, or a professor—?”

Fiona chuckled. “Shhh, Jaden. Just relax.”

They were going down to the basement level. Jaden suddenly wondered about suburban dungeons, and syringes, and someone crazy enough to do things even when she’d phoned her location.

Then she did relax. Fiona’s bottom floor was fully if softly lit, a den even cozier than the upstairs parlor. Candles flickered, and the drapes were drawn. Jaden enjoyed the air on her skin and the thick carpet under her toes.

Fiona released her hand and turned around. She was more assured, as if this room was where she felt powerful. Maybe this was where she masturbated about hypnotizing women to obey, and Jaden was her dream made flesh.

Jaden stood still, letting the girl’s gaze own her. Being dreamflesh. She let her arms loosen beside her, feeling her way into a more submissive stance. You are in control, Fiona. I must wait. You will direct me. Then I will perform.

I will be a good hypnotic subject. Even if it was an act, it aroused her.

And Fiona seemed to be growing more comfortable with controlling her. She enjoyed Jaden’s body, bared at her command, but she was liking Jaden’s subservience even more.

Not taking her eyes from Jaden, she unzipped her jeans and slid them off, tossing them to a chair.

Fiona was more voluptuous than the usual dancer, but the bodysuit made her curves something Jaden wanted to explore with her lips. And those thighs were exquisite.

“I have some things I want to do with you.” Fiona’s voice was lower, more assertive: a gloved fingertip on Jaden’s slit. The girl looked away from Jaden’s eyes, but not avoiding them. Just considering how to play with the rest of her. “But first, before I get into the specific fantasies . . .

“I just want to hypnotize you, Jaden. Put you into a trance.

“Take control of your mind and thoughts.” She looked into Jaden’s eyes, and Jaden felt it. “Make you obey me.”

Sensing the girl wanted her passive, Jaden just looked back at her. She liked how easily Fiona slipped into it. The girl wore her evil-hypnotist persona like that snug leotard. Jaden felt better about letting her call the shots instead of agreeing on a script.

“Await my command.”

Jaden came to attention, staring past Fiona at the far wall. She tingled.

“Walk forward, Jaden.”

Jaden paced across the carpet, keeping her walk natural, not robotic. The room smelled pleasant as she went deeper into it, and the otherness of its scents excited her, the way getting into roleplay usually did. She looked at the wall, not seeing the pictures or the fireplace she wasn’t quite facing.


She resumed attention.

“Look to your left, Jaden. See the table.” Turning only her head, she did see it. “Go to it now.”

Jaden pivoted and stepped over to it. There was something shiny on it but she guessed Fiona wanted her to keep looking forward. She stared at the unlit candle-sconce above the table and waited.

“Pick up what is on the table, Jaden.”

She looked down. On a folded cloth was a pocketwatch, its closed case smooth and polished, with its chain coiled neatly above it. It was cool in her fingers as she picked it up, cool on her palms as she lifted them level with her breasts and let her gaze float up to the sconce again.

Jaden felt no urge to laugh. This didn’t feel like a cliché. This was something that made this suddenly-confident girl warm in her cunt. Fiona was going to pretend to hypnotize Jaden with this beautiful old antique, and she was making Jaden bring it to her like some spellbound acolyte.

Jaden had to tense her thighs as she stood. It felt hot to be part of this fantasy. To be “unable” to fetch the watch to Fiona, even to turn around, until Fiona—her hypnotist—ordered her to.

How cool the watch and chain might feel, against her bare nipples. Jaden just stood still, waiting for the command.

“Bring it to me, Jaden.”

She pivoted again, keeping the watch before her like an offering, and paced back to stand beside the shorter girl. Jaden gazed forward, not looking at Fiona. She wasn’t quite acting entranced, yet, but this solemnity seemed to please Fiona.

Like a magician’s assistant, maybe. Would Fiona have her play one?

The watch had warmed to her hands when Fiona’s warmer fingers took it gently from them. Jaden kept her palms turned up for a moment, then let her hands fall slowly to her sides.

Fiona put her fingertips to Jaden’s throat, slowly and lightly ran them down between Jaden’s breasts. Jaden stared forward, very aroused.

“You’re a very obedient girl, Jaden.” She left her hand on Jaden’s belly. “But I want to test your susceptibility to hypnosis itself.”

She stepped closer, now palming Jaden’s stomach, not quite sliding down to Jaden’s mound. Her breath warmed Jaden’s shoulder.

“I think,” Fiona whispered, “you’ll turn out to be a completely malleable slave.”

She commanded Jaden to a chair, step by step. Jaden was learning to stop herself from doing the next thing, to let it be a separate new way for Fiona to control her. To wait for Fiona to instruct her, then obey.

Ha! She’s already conditioning me. But it was easy to keep from smiling. To stay blank-faced and receptive. Jaden was falling into a pattern of giving up her will, letting Fiona control each move. Maybe the girl had taken some psychology courses: she seemed to know how effective this was.

And Fiona’s voice was warm with how much she enjoyed it.

Fiona had planned ahead. There was a thick towel under Jaden as she sat upright on the chair, waiting until Fiona pressed gently above her breasts and eased her back. Jaden stared forward, letting her eyes rest on where the far wall met the ceiling.

“Focus, Jaden.” Instantly she looked downward, staring at the forefinger held up before her. “Look only at it, until I tell you not to.” It moved from side to side, then closer and higher, forcing Jaden’s gaze upward. Jaden recalled something about eyerolling, but were you more hypnotizable, or less, if you—?

Fiona’s fingertip stopped. For a second, so did Jaden’s thoughts as she stared at it.

She followed it as Fiona swung it side to side again. As it neared the bridge of her nose she felt her eyes start to cross. Her eyes burned a little but it only excited her. She pictured herself, nude and passive and crossing her eyes—but instead of breaking her concentration, it made her heart beat faster. Fiona saw her like that and wanted her like that.

The finger rose again. Jaden followed it, expressionlessly.

Her vision blurred. Her eyelids vibrated. She held still.

“Rest.” Fiona touched her between the eyes and she closed them, sighing. The girl could see how turned on she was. It must please Fiona that her escort would be so into her fantasy.

Jaden left her eyes closed. Fiona would command her.

That had felt almost real. She suppressed an urge to ask Fiona what her eyeroll-score was. Fiona would just say Jaden was in the top index of easily-hypnotized people.

This was Fiona’s game. Jaden’s role was to await orders and obey them, not to ask questions.

Limp in the chair, she listened to the small sounds Fiona made without knowing what they meant. She let herself remember the girl’s touch, how authoritatively the girl had handled her, instructed her. Controlled her.

She really, really hoped Fiona would want sex. God, she’d do any—

“Open your eyes, Jaden.”

She gasped. The pocketwatch hung before her.


Fiona had been so quiet, not even the chain . . .

“See only the watch, Jaden.”

She hadn’t meant to look at anything else anyway, but it became another way Fiona controlled her. The watch’s case reflected her face in miniature. Pale skin and wide eyes swayed before her. A very obedient subject.

“Good girl.

“I am going to use this to hypnotize you first because I want to watch as you surrender to it. I will watch you weaken and submit when it captures your mind for me.” Fiona’s voice had gone huskier. “All you have to do is watch, and listen, and obey.

“You are going to do that for me, Jaden. Do you understand?”

Jaden had to swallow. “Yes, Fiona. I understand. I will watch, and listen.” She breathed, still staring at the pocketwatch. “I will obey.”

For a moment, Fiona said nothing, leaving Jaden to stare and wait. Being lost that way excited her.

The chain clicked as Fiona moved it slightly, then began to speak.

“Relax and see only the watch, Jaden. Follow it wherever it goes.” It turned on the chain, but hung before her. She had to look up a little. She’d read something about hypnotists keeping the bright object a little too high when they entranced people. Fiona paid attention to details.

Maybe Fiona really was a psych student, and maybe she knew a lot about hypnotizing people. This could be her way of doing all the Evil Mind Control things that made her wet to think about while her professors explained why they were impossible.

Jaden kept her eyes on the polished watch, not quite seeing their reflection. Mmm. Fiona in psych class: one hand in the denim between those lusciously curvy thighs, listening to why you could never hypnotize someone to do that or especially that

“See only the watch, Jaden.” Fiona’s voice swept her mind clean for a moment.

Jaden concentrated guiltily. Had Fiona sensed her daydreaming? The girl wasn’t paying her to fantasize but to be her fantasy.

Jaden didn’t remember looking away from the watch. She stared harder anyway.

“Know only the watch, Jaden.” Fiona’s voice had softened again. “You can only stare at it. You feel compelled to stop thinking of anything else, to forget everything else. To see only the watch.” It was swinging now, so slightly that it began to move in a circle, a lazy oval that was never the same each time.

Jaden followed it. She wanted to become the obedient plaything Fiona was paying for.

She saw only the watch.

“You are already becoming hypnotized, Jaden. You will not look away from the watch. You cannot look away from the watch.”

It was easy to do. She luxuriated on the chair, in the warm air. Nude and relaxed. All she had to do was watch the watch. Nothing else. What Fiona did look like, leaning over her? Maybe the girl’s pretty features were twisting into a villainous leer.

The thought faded. Light flickered into Jaden’s eyes with each swing of the watch.

“You see only the watch. As you become more and more deeply hypnotized, you become more and more helpless to resist being hypnotized. You will be unable to look away from the watch.

“You will forget there is anything to see but the watch. Forget to think about anything but seeing only the watch.”

Jaden listened to Fiona keep telling her how sleepy and obedient she was becoming. This was what dampened Fiona’s panties. The girl’s calm but increasingly huskier voice was better than phone sex.

Jaden watched the watch. It was oddly soothing, and she wondered if that was how people really got hypnotized this way. Or did they?

She let it go. She tried to focus on what Fiona was saying, to be ready when Fiona wanted her to do more than just gape at the watch.

Fiona just droned on softly but firmly about the watch, and her voice, and how they were putting Jaden under her hypnotic control. Fiona’s commands weren’t exactly the same, and now and then a suggestion seemed new. It was making Jaden tired trying to tell them apart.

She shouldn’t. Analyzing would break her focus.

Fiona’s chant blurred into her mind. Listening to it was like trying to stay awake on a long drive at night. Headlights and streetlights endlessly, rhythmically stroking her mind to a wind-and-traffic lullaby. And Jaden wasn’t driving. There was no edge of danger if she let it lull her into letting herself become truly enthralled . . .

Slave of the cute nerd. She pictured Fiona, in that hot bodysuit, being the one to see her helpless in a trance.

God. What Fiona the evil hypnotist would do, with a call girl she’d actually managed to hypnotize.

Maybe Fiona was dreaming it. She was repeating herself, saying words that obviously made her hot.

Almost chanting. Jaden wondered if Fiona would end up hypnotizing herself, instead.

She didn’t let it make her laugh. She might see the watch stop swinging, find herself with a pretty girl in a leotard staring blankly out of those nerd glasses.

“See the watch, Jaden.” The voice was a cool finger, drawing her mind back where it belonged. “See only the watch.”

Jaden snapped guiltily to her focus. Of course Fiona had noticed. She was ogling her nude-hottie victim as she entranced her. And she was paying for Jaden to do it right.

Jaden listened and watched the watch. Fiona was saying Jaden was becoming hypnotized. Helpless to resist. Able to think only of obeying Fiona.

Hypnotized. Helpless. Only of obeying. It soothed Jaden again, like the swinging watch.

Wait. Fiona was telling her something else, that she could not think, that she could only sleep and obey. She hadn’t noticed when it had happened.

“See only the watch, Jaden.” Jaden obeyed, letting the rhythmic shine wipe her thoughts clean. It worked faster this time.

She listened to how she would sleep and obey.

When Fiona had to watch-train her again, she forgot the loose thought before Fiona even finished. Jaden vaguely realized the girl was conditioning her again, and she was responding.

Oooh. Bad news for her free will, if Fiona were really—

“See only the watch, Jaden.”

Jaden’s thoughts blew away. She stared and listened.

There was no next time.

Jaden saw only the watch.



Fiona’s hand moved away.

Jaden didn’t remember being bidden to stand, or to stare at a spot above the fireplace, but didn’t worry about it.

“How do you feel, Jaden?”

“I feel wonderful. Did I perform as you wished?” She almost added Mistress. But it should be Fiona who chose how Jaden addressed her, and when.

“You did, Jaden.” The girl appeared noiselessly from beside her. It was absurd—and so very hot—imagining this sweet, sexy girl jilling off over pretending to put Jaden in a trance and take over her mind.

It was making Jaden wet, too.

Fiona still wore those glasses. The eyes behind them belied the cool-domme voice, shining with more delicious nervousness, and with something wonderful.

With a pang, Jaden did want, very badly, to be the hypnoslut of Fiona’s fantasies. She let her expression go blanker, as if still in Fiona’s imaginary power.

Maybe Fiona would want more playdates. She’d be a delightful regular. She was not only a very pretty girl, but Jaden had to admit she was no slouch with this whole fantasy-hypnosis thing. She might have put Jaden under for real, if Jaden had let her.

She hadn’t, of course. Jaden didn’t remember every detail, but she was certain she hadn’t let herself lapse into a real trance.

“Jaden—I’m so lucky they sent you to me.” Fiona spoke shyly. “You’re beautiful when you’re hypnotized.”

Fiona stepped closer, and took light hold of Jaden’s breast. “Perfect.”

Jaden trembled but held her pose, gazing forward. She really did feel like a plaything.

“You are so responsive to my commands. I’d swear you’re really falling under my power.”

Fiona sighed. “You’re not, I know. But you’re making it easy for me to believe you are.

“Thank you.”

“I am so happy to please you,” Jaden whispered.

Fiona moved a thumb across her nipple. Made her shiver. “Mmmm. That’s a good way for a slavegirl to think. It pleases me that you’re so indoctrinated, Jaden. This early in your conversion.”

Then she was in front of Jaden, up against her. Soft behind the spandex, her breasts brushed against Jaden’s, and her legs were briefly cool on Jaden’s skin before she stepped back a little. Jaden couldn’t help herself and broke focus on her stare-spot to look into her hypnotist’s eyes.

Staring up owlishly through the glasses, Fiona was so intense that she looked hypnotized herself. “You are a uniquely pliant subject, Jaden. Most girls I enthrall are still trying to resist me at this stage, even if few of them can still remember why.

“But you are completely tame.” She leaned downward. “Girls this docile respond well to direct slave-imprinting.”

Jaden’s left nipple was lost in something tight and hot and wet. Jaden whined, and held still.

Fiona looked up at her again, licking her lips. She leaned against Jaden again, reaching around to run her fingers down Jaden’s spine and caress her ass. It excited Jaden almost as much. Jaden couldn’t hide that, but neither could Fiona. The girl breathed raggedly, and trembled against her captive.

“So I will brainwash you.”

Did the girl have a more elaborate prop for this—a chair or closet where she would pretend to turn Jaden into her robot? Something with actual restraints? It woke Jaden from her daze a little.

Then the soft girl in the bodysuit pressed against her, and Jaden felt more seduced than afraid.

I can say No anytime before the straps are buckled. It was dangerous. As dangerous as letting Fiona entice her into wanting it. A hot fantasy. Her eyes drifted back to the stare-spot.

As if reading her mind, Fiona eased away. “Slaves of your obedience potential don’t need techtoys to make them into toys. Your minds are already soft. Receptive.”

Being the soft-minded slavegirl for her, Jaden let her eyes rise back to the stare-spot.

“And you’re each already trance-conditioned to a basic focus—spirals, tones, blinking lights.”

The evil smile on that cherubic face made Jaden ache to kneel to her. “Or my pocketwatch.

“It’s reshaped your mind, Jaden. Seeing it makes you helpless and primes you to obey. It is the perfect tool to scrub your thoughts clean of whatever does not make you obey.” She laughed. “Weak minds don’t need strong mind control.

“Kneel, slave.” She stepped away as Jaden obeyed, looking up as if unable to turn away from the stare-spot. The compulsion felt real enough to make her wet.

She eased her knees apart and put her wrists together behind her, feeling even more submissive.

Fiona returned, putting her finger to Jaden’s chin to turn her head, breaking her focus on the far wall. She smiled. Hopefully she was pleased at how Jaden was playing her subject.

When she stepped back, the girl extended her arm and let the watch fall to the end of its chin, spinning as it swung in a tight circle.

“See only the watch, Jaden.”

Jaden snapped her gaze to it at once. After all, this was what Fiona had first used to hypnotize Jaden’s weak, docile mind: she was supposed to be defenseless against it.

“Instantly hypnotized,” Fiona told her. Jaden let her mouth open slightly, showing how it stunned her. It worked too well: Fiona couldn’t resist saying more. Jaden felt her eyes start to glaze for real as the girl’s sexy but monotonous drone resumed . . .

. . . “listen, repeat, believe.”

Jaden came smoothly alert, back from wherever Fiona’s chant had sent her.

“You are deeply hypnotized. You are completely under my control.”

“I am deeply hypnotized,” Jaden said. “I am completely under your control.” Fiona said it again, and Jaden enjoyed hearing her own toneless repetition. Fiona kept saying it, listening to Jaden proclaim it.

Fiona stopped.

“I am deeply hypnotized,” Jaden said, unprompted. She followed the pocketwatch through its lazy arc, unblinking. “I am completely under your control.” It felt wonderful to repeat it, helplessly.

Fiona let her. Just swung the watch and enjoyed Jaden intoning her obedience.

“I am deeply hypnotized. I am completely under your control.”

The watch suddenly stopped its swing and spun one way, then the other. Jaden stopped, no longer aware of which words she’d said.

Fiona swung the watch again, letting it soothe Jaden once more.


It didn’t wake Jaden. It was a cue to bring her hands forward, resting them on her spread thighs.

“Hypnotized girls obey,” Fiona said.

“Hypnotized girls obey.” As the watch danced with her mind, Jaden imagined others beside her, all kneeling to Fiona, all transfixed by the watch.

All becoming brainwashed to obey Fiona.

Something chimed softly. It didn’t break Jaden’s concentration—it made her think of a fingertip touching her between her eyes.

It made her slide a hand up her thigh and stroke herself.

“Hypnotized girls obey,” she gasped urgently, eagerly, when Fiona let her chant on alone.

“Hypnotized girls obey.” It felt fantastic to respond so well to the cues, and Jaden loved the sleepy fervor in her own voice.

The watch stopped. Twirled.

Stilled Jaden’s lips and slid the latest truth into her mind. Lubricated her for the next. Sent her hand limp while she listened.

“You are obedient. Your mind is empty. You are a mindless, obedient slave.”

“I am obedient. My mind is empty. I am a mindless, obedient slave.”

Jaden was proud to absorb more complex orders. She was performing well. Fiona sounded so pleased as she fed her slave the new phrases and heard them recited flawlessly.

The chime let Jaden touch herself when it was her turn to drone to the watch. It spun and charmed her deeper.

“You will obey me.” It echoed in her mind.

“I will obey you.” The echo was louder. Jaden listened and responded, and then promised it on her own, over and over and over. “I will obey you.”

“You have no mind,” Fiona told her, when her mind still rang with obedience. “You have no will.”

“I have no mind. I have no will.” Jaden could actually make herself feel the blankness behind her eyes. The watch flashed into them like fan-shadows on an empty room.

“I have no mind. I have no will.”

Jaden had said it so many times that she no longer knew how well she was performing.

Before she could wonder, the watch stilled her again. Her hips pushed forward, seeking her touch, but Jaden obeyed the chime.

“You cannot think. You can only sleep and obey.”

“I cannot think,” Jaden said. “I can only sleep and obey.”

The chime made her masturbate and she dreamed about sleeping with her eyes open, deep in trance without anyone around her noticing or trying to wake her. No one could free her.

Fully brainwashed. Obeying her hypnotist’s commands anywhere she was.

“I cannot think. I can only sleep and obey.”

The commands varied. Jaden was too busy learning and reciting them to marvel at how well she was doing. She didn’t know if Fiona made her repeat the final one more than all the others. By now it aroused her so much that she was just happy to keep saying it as she stared and played with herself.

“I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.

“I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.”

It felt so right.