The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by trilby else ()


Back in the den after washing up in the kitchen, Jaden resumed attention.

Fiona wasn’t always clear when she wanted Jaden to stay in character. It even seemed—now and then—like she really believed she was controlling Jaden’s mind. Jaden played safe and acted like a hypnoslave unless told otherwise.

It was almost too easy to keep doing it.

That brainwashing scene throbbed in her mind. Repeating the slave mantras and masturbating had sent Jaden deep into subspace. Part of her wanted to crawl to Fiona and beg for command.

It almost scared her that she wasn’t scared—she’d never felt this submissive toward a client before. But Fiona only seemed turned on by pretending to enslave her mind. She gave no sign of wanting to dull Jaden’s resistance to anything dangerous.

She’d even let Jaden have more sex than she had, so far. God.

Jaden was conditioned, sort of. Just thinking “hypnotized” or “obey” strummed her clit—just the way her fingers had, whenever Fiona sounded that chime. It hadn’t turned Jaden into a mindless robot, but her head spun with desperate yearning to please Fiona.

What seemed to please Fiona most was obedience itself. Jaden’s role was passive, and she was learning to love that. Despite wanting to crawl over and abase herself, what jazzed her even more was holding still. Waiting for commands was turning Jaden on as much as obeying them.

Fiona gestured to the chair. Jaden went, standing until bidden to sit.

When she was, Fiona plopped onto a sofa and curled her bare legs under her.

“Relax for a bit, Jaden.” She smiled, and waited for Jaden to settle.

“Did you ever work for a magician or a stage hypnotist?” Fiona was grinning at her.

Jaden grinned back, a little dazed by the shift in mood. “No.

“Well,” she rolled her eyes, “maybe I did, but they hypnotized me to forget! So I wouldn’t reveal their secrets.”

“Ohhh god.” Fiona rolled her hips. “That would be fabulous.

“And it would mean you really are very susceptible. Or that they made you that way.” Fiona said susceptible as hungrily as she said any variant of “hypnosis.”

Jaden wondered if she should suggest it for roleplay, but Fiona must have her own ideas lined up, and Jaden was comfortable with—well, aroused by—letting Fiona keep control. It helped her stay in character as the weak-willed victim.

“The thing is, Jaden, you act in that graceful trancey sort of way, like onstage. Under a spell.” Fiona hugged herself. “Or someone in a vampire movie when she’s—summoned.

“It makes you a fantastic brainwashing victim.”

Jaden enjoyed the gooseflesh from being praised for that. “I’m glad,” she said.

Fiona herself, in that leotard, could be someone’s sexy assistant herself, maybe at rehearsal without the full sequined regalia. She’d look hot, tranced in mid-word by an impatient illusionist. Smoothed back into compliance.

Not a suitable daydream for Jaden’s current role, though. And Fiona was sexier as her hypnotist than as someone else’s thrall.

“Funny you should mention that aspect.” Fiona rose and came closer, smooth legs pacing stiffly like a gymnast starting a floor exercise. “Being hypnotized into keeping secrets.”

She stood in front of the chair, and then smiled and climbed up to kneel on it. She straddled Jaden’s thighs with the ease of a lapdancer.

Jaden was lightheaded, close enough to circle the girl’s waist or lean up and kiss her. But before she could remember to stay passively in character, Fiona gently pressed down on her arms, then put her fingertips to Jaden’s collarbone.

“Lie back,” she whispered.

“I will obey,” Jaden whispered back, and won a smile to die for.

Then Fiona did lean down and kiss her. The girl tasted sweet and her tongue had experience. Her breasts were soft and warm and very full against Jaden’s, with just the leotard between them. When she broke the kiss and moved, her hard nipples raked gently under Jaden’s. The girl’s pussy was a lick away from Jaden’s behind the spandex, but Fiona’s thighs held her down.

Jaden would beg. Just to put her mouth to any part of Fiona the girl told her to.

But her plea dissolved as Fiona kissed her throat. The girl reared back and smiled at her, tightening her legs. “I am going to find out how you taste, Jaden.” She took Jaden’s face in her hands. “And you will taste me. Definitely.”

She leaned down to kiss Jaden again.

“But there’s something I need to do, first.

“No one else knows about my fetish. I want it to stay that way. So I need to be sure you don’t tell your boss, or get some coworker all excited.” She grinned, pinning Jaden’s gaze while she slid her breasts against Jaden’s. “Especially if this is turning you on as much as I think it is.”

She stroked Jaden’s hair. “I could ask you to promise me. But I don’t want to burden a slave with that much responsibility.”

When she reached to her neck, Jaden realized that she was wearing a pendant, a single chain clipped to a necklace that circled her throat. It hung down inside the leotard between her breasts.

Jaden already knew what it was. She looked up into Fiona’s eyes.

“So I shall bind your will, Jaden.” Fiona purred it like a promise in bed. “Since I’ve already hypnotized you, I can just implant a posthypnotic suggestion.” Her crotch pressed down and both of them moaned. “You won’t have to think. Just obey.”

Fiona drew the pocketwatch from her cleavage and held it above them both, watching Jaden. Jaden kept looking at her, as if trying to resist the lure.

But it felt too good, obeying the pretend-conditioning. Jaden let her head fall back. Saw only the watch. Felt the urge to please the girl, as if she’d really been brainwashed to.

Jaden mimed a last flickering of will, then succumbed. “I am a hypnotized slave,” she breathed, looking at the watch. “I must obey Fiona.”

It felt good to offer Fiona that obedience mantra.

Fiona’s thighs tightened. “Yesss, Jaden.” The girl’s lips whispered inches from hers. “You’re programmed not to resist. You can only obey.”

“Obeyyyy . . .”

“You are deeply hypnotized. You are completely under my control.”

Another of the mantras. Jaden’s clit sparked. Fiona had just plugged her back into the whole brainwashing scene. The girl almost believed she was slowly bending Jaden to her will. It made Jaden’s own rush more intense.

“I am deeply hypnotized,” she groaned. “I am completely under your control.” Just saying it sent her deeper into the role.

Fiona moved against her. This was all turning the girl on hard, too. It fed Jaden’s need to do it.

“Yes, Jaden. You are hypnotized. I will put you into a special sleep, to be programmed. Even when you close your eyes, you will still see the watch. It will control you and keep you hypnotized.”

“It will control me. And keep me hypnotized.”

Fiona kissed her ear. “Sleep, Jaden.”

Jaden closed her eyes. The watch was still there.

“It will control me,” she whispered. “And keep me hypnotized.”

Fiona mmmmmed by her ear. “Hear my commands, slave. They will become part of your thoughts. You will obey them without thinking.”

“I will obey them without thinking.”

She heard Fiona clip the watch back onto her necklace. She left her head back, a hypnotized slavegirl seeing a vanished watch.

Fiona played with Jaden’s breasts as she implanted the suggestion. Jaden held still, repeating commands whenever Fiona wanted.

She listened to herself promise to withhold client information from Donna. If Donna asked for details, she would lie to her boss and friend. To obey her hypnotist.

It made her wet. There was something hot, but warmly safe, about letting this girl subvert her so easily.

And she really could obey this command. Donna had no specific rule about revealing client details, other than dangerous ones like a taste for nonconsensual bloodsports or roofies.

Jaden wanted to obey Fiona. The girl would have a hold on her, wherever she was. She could be riding someone’s cock tomorrow and still be Fiona’s obedient hypnoslave, bound by the suggestion.

The command.

She stared at the imaginary pocketwatch and juiced onto Fiona’s towel, under Fiona’s hot pussy.

“I will tell no one.

“I will obey.”


When her eyes opened, Fiona kissed her. “Thank you,” she said.

Jaden knew she would say nothing to Donna. Fiona knew it too. She probably knew she could make Jaden tell any tale she wanted.

Fiona slid off her almost reluctantly and stood.

“I think,” she said, “I’m in the mood for some roleplay now. Something about ancient spells and betrayal. Nothing too complicated, and I’ll prepare you.”

Jaden knew from how she said prepare. “You mean—hypnotize me?”

She widened her eyes nervously, but her excitement was real. Fiona might just want any excuse to go through the ritual, or she might really be convincing herself it helped her control Jaden.

Either way, Jaden was eager to please.



For all the pretend-hypnosis, it was clear in Jaden’s mind. They were a brilliant archaeologist and her loyal but vulnerable sidekick, hot on the trail of a dangerous bauble with world-enslaving powers. After Fiona got it ready, the darkened townhouse was a cavern. The den, lit by a candle here and there and their flashlights, was the buried temple of a dangerous old witch.

“Be careful, Jaden.” Dr Fiona squeezed closer to her. She’d kept the leotard, which made her a fairly kinky field researcher but delicious against Jaden’s body.

“I can be more careful, Doc, if you’d give me a little room.” Jaden’s bra and panties were a little lacy for an action-heroine ‘kini, but she fell into her role anyway. Now she eased the pretty young scientist away.

Her other hand brushed the ornate letter opener, strapped to her thigh with a garter Fiona had put on her. “Don’t worry. I can nail anything that attacks us.”

“No.” Fiona slid distractingly against her again. “I know you’re ex-special ops, but this is different.” She squirmed. “Evil. The Sorceress enslaved anyone who penetrated Her temple.”

“I fell asleep in the slow parts, Doc, but hasn’t the bitch been dead for umpty-thousand years?”

“Laypeople!” Fiona snorted. “Yes. But She cast a binding spell. Even centuries later it turned strong-willed amazons into Her mindless pawns. Unless we find the Moon Amulet first, Her power can still enslave us, too.”

She peered in. “If I do find the Amulet, then—I will have Her power! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!” It made Jaden want to ravish her right there. “Um. For the Museum, of course.”

“Whatever, Doc.” Fiona had told her all this in the initial trance. She just liked saying it again.

“Anyway, Jaden—my training can shield me from its hypnotic effect for a while, but you’re just the sort of warrior the Sorceress used to entrance. If you succumb to Her, you’ll spend the rest of your life in an obedient dream, killing anyone who comes here.”

Jaden smiled down. Ad-libbing, she kissed Fiona lingeringly. “I’m housebroken. I won’t set off any traps.”

Fiona palmed her cheek with a sad little smile, then leaned up and kissed her back. That was unexpected, too. Jaden’s heart hammered.

Fiona pulled away, following her flashlight beam toward one end of the room. She spotlit a sofa facing the fireplace. “The altar! Where the enslaved amazons sacrificed their captives. So the Sorceress could—consume their minds.

“Be careful, Jaden.”

Jaden made a suitably noncommittal sound. She enjoyed Fiona’s curvy silhouette against the white field of light, then turned the other way.

She stepped over to the table. It was the one she’d fetched the pocketwatch from, but it was easy to imagine it now as a crudely-hewn stone shelf. The candle in the wall sconce above was lit.

Where the watch had lain was a collar. Jaden breathed deeply for a moment, then let her gaze rise to the candle flame.

“This fire is so . . . strange,” she said softly. “So . . . pretty.”

“Be careful, Jaden,” Fiona called over the sound of distracted rummaging. “They’re magic, of Hers. Mostly they just illuminate the place, but they can also transmit Her influence into susceptible minds.

“Just don’t stare into one.”

“OK.” Jaden stared into it. She came slowly to attention. “I will be careful.”

“Jaden? Did you find something?”

“No.” Jaden shook her head with dreamlike slowness, speaking to the flame. “There is nothing.”

“You sound a little strange.”

Jaden heard the girl pad over. Fiona had broken character to watch her. But it was still easy to play along and imagine innocent Dr Fiona, lost in her relic-raiding across the temple chamber, while her loyal sidekick was put under a spell.

“I am fine, Doctor. Nothing is wrong.”

“Obey Me.” Fiona’s harsh whisper, behind her, was convincing.

Jaden shook her head, putting her hands to her temples.

“No. No! I must—mmmmust—” She bent a little, as if trying to turn away. But she kept looking at the candle.

“Your strength will not resist Me, slave.”

“Must . . . resist . . . your spell . . .”

“Your strength will serve Me. Obey.”

“My strength will . . . only . . .” Jaden swayed a little.

“Forget your friend. You remember nothing. You know only that you are Mine.”

“Remember . . . nothing . . .” Jaden straightened again, sighing as if finally submitting. “. . . Yours . . . yes . . .”

“Obey Me.”

Jaden stiffened, utterly ensorcelled now. She stared into the flame. “I will obey!”

“Prepare yourself.”

Nodding subserviently, Jaden undid her bra, then slid out of her thong. Now she was nude, wearing only the dagger at her thigh.

She tightened. So nasty-hot to be armed, but too spellbound to care. She felt Fiona’s hungry stare, watching her pretend to be enslaved by a ghost.

“Bind yourself to My will.”

Bowing her head again, Jaden picked up the collar, feeling for the catch as she put it around her throat.

“My will is nothing,” she declared fervently. “Your will—is supreme!”

She waited as Fiona scurried away. She spoke more loudly, still facing the candle. “The Sorceress commands!

“I will obey!”

“What?” Fiona couldn’t keep the excitement from her voice. “Jaden, stop kidding around. ”

Jaden pivoted and stalked toward the other end of the room. She felt hot and barbaric and wonderfully controlled, wearing only temple firelight and her dead Mistress’ collar. And the dagger she had no will to use . . .

“Profaners of Her temple must be sacrificed!” she proclaimed.

Fiona squeaked adorably. “Oh no—she’s got you in her power! Jaden! Try to fight it—try to remember who you are! Who I am!”

Jaden stared. “You—are a profaner. You are to be sacrificed.”

“But you’re my friend!” Fiona cowered, one hand between her thighs.

“I am Her slave.” Saying it to the masturbating girl turned Jaden on so hard she wanted to touch herself, too.

But she had to obey.

She turned the pause into a menacing stare at the voluptuous archaeologist.

“The Sorceress wills that you be sacrificed.”

“Jaden—remember. Please!” Fiona’s agony seemed almost real.

Jaden let it feed her performance. She’d been bewitched into mindless slavery. She didn’t react.

“I remember nothing,” she intoned. “I know only Her. I obey only Her.” She stopped, staring past Fiona as if the Sorceress were sending commands into her head.

“You will be sacrificed.” Now she advanced on Fiona, who had trapped herself nicely in a corner.

“Nooo,” Fiona whimpered, and collapsed when Jaden seized her. She was light enough, writhing pleasantly as Jaden carried her and laid her down on the sofa/altar.

Jaden came to attention to catch her breath and to let Fiona look up at her.

“I obey,” she said as if hearing another ghost-command. She slid the letter-opener from the garter at her thigh. Staring forward, she held it blade-downward. She knelt.

Fiona squirmed weakly. “Please, Jaden! You can resist Her! You want to protect me!”

Jaden’s nipples stiffened as she stared down. “I am Her slave. I obey only Her. You will be sacrificed.” She reached for Fiona’s leotard and pulled the neckline down.

Then she froze.

The pocketwatch lay between Fiona’s breasts.

Jaden stared at it. “Her . . . Moon Amulet. It controls me.” She slowly rose to her feet.

Fiona sat up, pulling the watch out to lie atop the spandex. When she stood, Jaden stared mesmerized at her chest.

It was easy. She was that used to responding to the watch as a hypnotic focus.

“Yes, the Amulet,” the girl breathed. “The source of Her power. I had to activate it by summoning Her to enslave someone.”

Jaden’s arm stayed up. “Must—sacrifice—” She shook, almost feeling the competing wills, each trying to make her its puppet. “Her—will—supreme—”

“Can you still hear Her voice, Jaden?”

Jaden stared and relaxed. The watch was even more compelling, there on Fiona’s body. “I—I—”

“Your mind is silent, Jaden.”

Jaden let the blade fall to the carpet. “My mind is silent.”

“I am the Sorceress now.”

“You are the Sorceress now.”

“You are my slave, Jaden.”

“I am your slave.” Jaden sank to her knees, eyes fixed on the watch until Fiona touched her forehead. Then she looked forward, at Fiona’s crotch. The girl undid the snap and peeled off the leotard, standing over Jaden.

Jaden gazed at the shaved pussy, felt its heat. Smelled it.

“Too bad it had to happen like this, Jaden.

“Serve me now.”

Jaden leaned in, quelling her own eagerness by staying in her role. She was a newly-enslaved drone, with no will but her owner’s. She kissed the girl’s pussylips and licked gently.

“There was n-n-no ohhhhh no other w-way.” Fiona leaned into her face and put her hands on Jaden’s shoulders. “Sadly you will . . . uhhh . . . oh! . . . ohhh . . . never regain your, your, your . . .

“You will remain my slave until you die. But you will be happy. Even when I use you to kill my rivals at the Institute . . .”

The rest of Fiona’s gloat was lost. She swayed and began to fall back onto the sofa/altar. Jaden stayed with her, sliding between her legs.

She ate Fiona out until the girl regained both the breath and the willpower to order her to stop.

Jaden obeyed.


They showered in a spotless half-bath off the den. The stall was big enough for Jaden to move around Fiona, washing her. Then to kneel in the hot spray and go down on the girl again, while Fiona stared into her eyes. Whichever pleased Fiona.

While Jaden washed her, Fiona sometimes stood still, and sometimes touched her. Jaden would close her eyes, dance on the fingers in her cunt, and keep attending the girl like a well-trained bath slave.

While Jaden worshipped her slit, Fiona let Jaden masturbate for a moment or two, but not to come. Licking Fiona to climax after climax, Jaden felt strangely happy to obey. Fiona was using the sex to control her. Jaden was already trained to like it.

When they dried off, Fiona kept them naked and led the way to the kitchen. She took bottled water from the refrigerator and handed one to Jaden.

Glimpsing a clock, Jaden saw they’d be out of the booked time soon, but decided to let Fiona choose how to wrap this up.

Fiona took a deliberate sip and leaned back against the counter, which did nice things to her legs. She smiled. “You look so beautiful in a slave collar, Jaden.

“You’d be such a perfect slave.”

She said that like she meant it, but right now it only thrilled Jaden.

“I feel so right wearing your collar, Fiona.” She wasn’t sure what she was doing, but it felt too hot to think about stopping. “It really turns me on to obey you.” She didn’t say pretend. Better to give Fiona confidence in how sexy she was. Maybe she’d grow bold enough to entice a friend to play her hypnoslave, instead of hiring a stranger.

Fiona did looked pleased. “That’s only because I hypnotized you, Jaden. It’s my thought, not yours.” But her eyes shone gratefully.

Then she sighed. “Our time is almost up. Do you think I could ask to extend?”

She hadn’t asked if Jaden wanted to. Jaden actually liked that. “I’m not booked anymore tonight. If you want, I can ask Donna—”

Fiona had brought the pocketwatch without Jaden noticing. Now she took it from the counter behind her and held it out, smiling.

Jaden couldn’t resist playing again. She swung her eyes to the watch and dropped to her knees. As if Fiona had really conditioned her.

“I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.” Her devoted drone stiffened her own nipples.

Staring up at the gently-moving watch, she really wanted to let Fiona pretend to control her for a while longer. Lead her around by the nose.

She tried to concentrate. She shouldn’t let herself mix this dominance game with the real business, but she didn’t want to stop. It was crazy—but safe, since she trusted Fiona completely.

They waited there for a moment, client pulling a last-minute change and escort kneeling and pretending to be too hypnotized to argue.

“Well, Jaden?”

Jaden kept staring. Fiona hadn’t commanded her. Maybe she was just playing a little bit.

After a moment, Jaden felt free to improvise. It wasn’t hard to act confused.

“I can . . .” She let her head sway loosely. “. . . can ask Donna if . . . I mean . . .”

Fiona twirled the watch. The flashes strobed dimly into Jaden’s mind. Fiona wanted to dissolve her thoughts.

Her clit hummed.

“What was that, Jaden?”

“I, uhh—”

Twirl. Flash-flash. Hummmm.

“Hard to think, Jaden?”

Jaden nodded slowly, not taking her eyes off the watch. “Hard to . . . think . . .”

“My watch seems to have you quite enthralled.”

Jaden stared. “Yes. En . . . thralled.”

This was taking the game way too far.

She shivered. It felt soooo good.

“I think . . . you really have me . . . hypnotized.” She moved her head as though trying vaguely to look away. But right now nothing could make her do anything but see only the watch.

Except a command from Fiona.

“Are you hypnotized now, Jaden?”

“Yes, Fiona. I am hypnotized now.”

“And what do hypnotized girls do, Jaden?” The cue rose between Jaden’s thighs like Fiona’s hand in the shower.

“Hypnotized girls obey,” she said, just as the watch began to swing gently. The urge to repeat it and indoctrinate herself was overwhelming. Jaden didn’t resist it at all.

“Hypnotized girls obey.

“Hypnotized girls—”

Twirl. Flash.

Silenced, Jaden moaned. She saw only the watch.

“You are hypnotized, Jaden. You will obey. You will contact Donna. You will tell her you are leaving for the night and turning off your phone. Will she find that unusual?”

“No,” Jaden breathed.

“Are there any special safe-codes you need to tell her? That you’re not held against your will?”

Jaden suddenly felt more naked. “Yesss. The words are—”


Jaden had a second of clarity. What was she doing? But kneeling like a slave, the watch, the commanding girl—everything bound her in the ecstatic daze.

“I don’t need them, Jaden. But you are a good slave for wanting to tell me.”

She was acting like a slave. Thinking like a slave.

Fiona laughed brightly. “And you have no will to be held against! You are a hypnotized slave.”

“I am a hypnotized slave,” Jaden gasped. It was so much hotter than thinking about this.

“Yes, Jaden. But you are not Donna’s slave. When the session is over it is none of Donna’s business whom you fuck.”

It wasn’t how Jaden had ever wanted to treat Donna, but it was true. Flashing into her mind like this, it was too erotic to refuse.

In a moment, she’d agreed to let the girl go into her briefcase. She tried to think about what else she had in it, whether Fiona would rifle her purse too. But Jaden could only gaze down at her thighs, trembling and spread on someone else’s tile floor, as she dripped and let herself be controlled.

Fiona returned with the phone and then Jaden was staring into the girl’s crotch, dialing by feel.

“Jaden?” Donna’s voice sounded like it came from another country. “It’s a bit early. Is everything all right?”

From another planet.

Fiona’s commands were clear in her mind. “Everything’s fantastic, Donna! We had fun, and she got to do everything she wanted.” Lying to her friend made her squirm.

A bead of dew on Fiona’s pussy caught her eye.

This was a sex game. Jaden was the toy.

She felt even more controlled. She told Donna the rest of the lie, making sure to include the safewords.

I’m not under duress. I’m just brainwashed.

It felt very wrong. But that was where her arousal burned hottest. The more she wanted to blurt something out to Donna, the more she loved not being able to.

They traded cheery goodbyes. Jaden turned off the phone and surrendered it to Fiona. Losing Donna’s voice was like forgetting the rest of the world.

Reality was letting a cute girl with a pocketwatch make her obey like a slave.

Reality was not wanting to stop.

“Donna suspects nothing,” she reported to the girl’s slit. “I am not required until tomorrow afternoon.”

A stroke to her chin drew her to stand.

Fiona showed her the watch again. Jaden was so deep into it now that her lie compromised her less than her helpless, cuntdripping need to be Fiona’s mindless slavegirl.

Without prompting, she responded to the watch with the most powerful mantra.

“I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.”

Fiona let her stand there and repeat it, and it seemed more real each time.

“I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.”

As if there could be a life in which she had no purpose or thought except to serve the girl.

Then Fiona drew the watch away, and Jaden followed her like a sleepwalker.

She was kneeling on another towel before she realized she was back in the half-bath. The steam had cleared and she was inches from a mirror. Still holding out the watch, Fiona squatted beside her and eased her thighs apart.

Jaden juiced at the manipulation and kept her eyes on the watch. “I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.” It echoed in the tiled room, stronger in her ears with each helpless repetition.

Fiona reached across Jaden and slid her left hand onto her thigh, then took Jaden’s right and raised it above Jaden’s head.

Jaden stayed as she was posed. “I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.”

Fiona said nothing. The only voice was Jaden’s, and the only words were her obedience mantra.

Now Fiona slid the watch chain into Jaden’s limp fingers, and Jaden gripped it. Fiona guided her into the rhythm that would keep it twirling above her eyes.

Jaden knelt in the bright room and stared at the watch. Behind it in the mirror, a wide-eyed naked slave hypnotized herself. Her mind swung smoothly from one visual to the other, in the rhythm Fiona had chained her to.

Fiona set something down on the tile next to her. Without instruction, Jaden ignored it. She had no idea when she forgot it.

Something chimed. Jaden’s hand slid inward automatically. The pleasure bloomed outward.

“I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.”

She felt so good she could do this forever.

Jaden chanted and masturbated and stared.


Jaden let herself into her apartment and sighed. It felt like the evening had gone on and on, but she still wished she’d stayed longer.

She’d almost offered to spend the night with Fiona, for free. She still didn’t know what had stopped her. Maybe she couldn’t let herself be that unprofessional in front of the girl.

She’d kissed her, though, before leaving. She hoped Fiona had felt how deeply she’d enjoyed the domination game.

Actually, she hoped Fiona would call Donna again soon, so they could play it some more.

Her head still spun with how real the hypnosis had felt. Now that she was home, and not naked in the girl’s perceptive gaze, Jaden could admit that she probably had let herself lapse into a trance, once or twice. It wouldn’t have been in any way or time Fiona would have expected, so she probably hadn’t noticed.

That gave Jaden a naughty thrill. For a few seconds here and there, before she’d snapped out of it and focused, she’d actually been under the girl’s spell.

Well, not really. But Jaden teased herself with the idea of losing control and waking up as Fiona’s willing 24/7 slave. Or just programmed into an obedient windup doll, marching over to give Fiona free sex whenever summoned, remembering nothing later.

Of course, that would mean cheating Donna, which damped her arousal. Deciding not to share Fiona’s hypnosis fetish with Donna was one thing. Not the same as taking money from her boss’s wallet.

A light hinge-squeak roused her. She was closing the hall closet door. She stared. Why had she opened it?

The more Jaden tried to think of what she’d been looking for, the less it seemed to matter.

Shrugging, she decided she really did need to get to bed. I am very sleepy now. I must go to bed and sleep. She smiled. Oops. It just wasn’t as sexy, if the suggestion were hers. So much hotter to obey someone else.

Hotter? Jaden cocked an eyebrow. OK—maybe she needed to de-kink a little.

Donna had told her there weren’t any other calls for her until afternoon, at one of the airport hotels. Still, Jaden tried to be available if someone else got sick or hung up, and there might be something earlier if Donna needed her. More reason to turn in, after a quick shower.

She was restless, though. She usually slept in an oversize T-shirt and panties, partly as a way of decompressing, but as soon as she had them on she pulled them off again.

Not too reluctantly, she slid nude between the sheets and soon was stroking herself, imagining the sex she would have liked to have had, with Fiona. She could still taste the girl from some of the hypno-play, and now she was free to work her own cunt the way she knew how.

She’d been a very well-behaved slavegirl, and it had made her crazy. Now she was going to have some fun.

Her first orgasm took her by surprise, and she melted against the sheets. Her body was heavier now, and her eyelids drooped. It was as though coming had put her into the power of something outside her, stronger than she. Now it was putting her to sleep, and submitting to that was like a softer, longer pussylick.

Jaden smiled deeply as she let sleep abduct her.

Something chimed. Jaden’s mind glowed pearl with the shimmering not-quite-orgasm the chime always bestowed. Obeying the compulsion, she rose from kneeling beside her mistress’ bed and bent forward to pull Her sheet down. Climbing gently, she moved between her mistress’ legs without waking Her. Only Jaden’s lips were to wake Her, and She had trained Jaden perfectly. Jaden’s mind was blank except for that.

Something flickered. Jaden knelt at the Sorceress’ side in a man’s office, wearing only her slave collar and the dagger on her thigh. The man argued with the Sorceress, but kept looking fearfully at Jaden. Part of Jaden recalled who he was. Even that she had liked him, when she was free. But she had been enslaved by the Moon Amulet, and now she obeyed only the Sorceress. Jaden had killed on Her command before. She knew the man she used to like was afraid of her now, but only pleasure pulsed in her mind as she waited for the Sorceress’ voice to activate her—

Jaden jerked awake.

It chilled her a little how eager she’d been to obey—to kill—in the dream. But everything spun around obeying the Sorceress. Jaden thought about Fiona smiling on her as she rose from the body, blood hot on her skin. Or not even looking at her, just knowing slave-Jaden would do her bidding and follow her anywhere.

Jaden came. She’d been masturbating without even knowing.

Completely awake now, she sat up in bed, looking around the darkened room as if expecting to see the girl standing there. Perhaps holding the watch.

If only. Jaden suddenly craved a chance to play it out again, to let the watch paralyze her and trance her into reciting an obedience mantra.

Safe and horny in her bed, Jaden wished she were kneeling on Fiona’s floor again, gaping numbly at the watch. Just saying those words, over and over, fervently. Shifting to another track like a CD player whenever a command from Fiona hit her Scan button.

On purpose, she relived the dream of being Fiona’s trance-warrior, nude and sexy and lethal. So obedient she could slaughter anyone without blinking.

But it was strangely more arousing to dream about her other obedience. Standing in Fiona’s house for real, dropped into helpless trance just by being shown an archetypal hypnotic symbol.

Fiona effortlessly stopping her mind by swinging a watch. Then changing it just by telling Jaden what to think.

It made Jaden so very, very horny, imagining herself so deep in the girl’s power.

If only. She started to lie back and relive it.

She froze. Yes. Of course!

Her old stopwatch. She hadn’t even remembered she had it, until now. She tried to recall when she’d gotten it, maybe back in—?

Arousal swept that away. She had it, and could use it now: only that mattered. She slipped out of bed, quivering with the desire to get it and—

Jaden stopped. She deliberately came to attention, as if Fiona had just instructed her. She must prepare, before she could perform.

“Yes, Fiona,” she said softly into the empty room. “I will obey.”

Pacing to the shelf unit, she lit a few candles and arranged them to light the area in front of the full-length mirror. When she went down the hallway to the closet, she slowed to a more ceremonial walk. She let herself stare forward, raising her palms like a suppliant.

Opening the closet, she reached back for the little velour pouch. Reflexively she tried again to recall whether it was from school.

“I cannot think,” she said. “I can only sleep and obey.”

The thought vanished. She bowed her head in thanks for the mind-clearing words.

She couldn’t help sliding it out of the pouch right away, and moaned aloud at its gleam in the dim hallway. Cupping it in her hands, she padded reverently back to the candlelit bedroom. Her excitement grew as she realized that instead of a lanyard the stopwatch had a chain—even more like the one Fiona had used on her.

Mmm. Used on her.

Jaden looked longingly at the floor before the mirror, but made herself wait, setting the watch down on the dresser and opening a drawer first. She looked at herself in the vanity mirror as she drew the choker across her throat.

“You look so beautiful in a slave collar, Jaden. You’d be such a perfect slave.”

She looked into the mirror. “I am deeply hypnotized. I am completely under your control.” She saw her eyes glaze a little. Nothing else gave away how intense the pleasure was.

She put her hands by her sides and looked at herself again.

Perfect slave.

If only.

Moving more stiffly, she took up the stopwatch by its chain and took the last steps to the larger mirror. Jaden looked at herself, admiring her body as an object that had pleased someone else. The watch swung below her hand and she let herself be drawn to it.

Forcing her gaze away, up to the glass, she looked into her own eyes and watched herself lose expression.

“Hypnotized girls obey,” she said.

Back straight, transfixing herself, she knelt slowly, raising the stopwatch and letting her free hand fall to her lap.

“Hypnotized girls obey.”

Then she was down, knees apart as Fiona had posed her, and the watch was above her.

She took a deep breath.

Jaden knelt in the candlelight. In the mirror, a wide-eyed naked slave was about to hypnotize herself. Her mind dwelt on the sight of herself, collared and entranced, kneeling subserviently. But it needed to be hotter. Not just submissive, but—enthralled.

Whimpering with need, she surrendered and looked up at the watch, already spinning it.

The words came out of her.

“I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.”

Fiona was nowhere nearby. She was probably asleep. She heard none of this. That only made Jaden touch herself faster.

“I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.”

She felt so good she could do this forever.

“I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.”

Jaden chanted and masturbated and stared.