The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by trilby else ()


Harsh, rhythmic tones sliced through Jaden’s dream.

It startled her into brushing her clit. She climaxed as she came back to herself, staring up at the stopwatch as it turned.

Her lips closed, but the obedience mantra pulsed in her head. I have no mind. I have no will.

Jaden was awake now. Her arm was a little stiff but she held it up, keeping the stopwatch just above her eye level as she lowered her gaze.

No. As the watch released her mind from its control. The fantasy flicked a lovely aftershock across her clit.

Jaden looked at herself in the mirror. Nude and collared, kneeling and wide-eyed. Just awakened from a hypnotic trance in which she’d reinforced her own submission. Seeing herself like that made her wish Fiona was watching her too.

The alarm tones stopped. Jaden had learned to look away as she lowered the watch. It was cool on her thigh as she one-handedly circled the chain. She’d decided not to touch the watch with her other hand, sticky from touching herself as she’d knelt and pretended to fall under its spell.

She lost herself pretty well anyway.

After putting the stopwatch on the dresser, she reset the alarm to radio from the unpleasant tone-only setting. She’d been “hypnotizing” herself like this since her session with Fiona, after the first crazy small-hours jill-off later that night. Jaden wasn’t sure whether it made her hotter to kneel and masturbate while candlelight flickered off her skin and her unfocused eyes, or with daylight filtering past the drapes—as if she were already so ensnared that even sunrise couldn’t free her.

What she was sure of was that she needed to control herself. That first morning she hadn’t even heard the phone when her friend Tavia called, wondering why she was late for the gym. Tavia was another of Donna’s escorts, but the call could have been Donna herself with an early session.

Jaden realized this game turned her on harder than she could remember anything else doing for a long time, and decided to play it carefully so she could play it often. She’d time her “trances,” using her alarm’s nasty tone option instead of the radio she preferred waking up to. She didn’t want to risk the voices or music fading behind her mantra.

Jaden smiled. It also made her tingle to pretend to worry that if the radio came on while she was hypnotized, she’d be helplessly open to whatever it told her to do.

Stroking herself, she went with it. She turned her head to the silent radio. “I understand,” she droned. “I must obey.”

Hearing herself say it aloud almost made her take the watch and go kneel again.

Facing forward, far too aroused to laugh, she let her hands float up to zombie-position. “Must—apply—for—new—card.” She repeated it as she sleepwalked to the bathroom, and as she saw herself in that mirror.

Jaden lowered her arms and closed her eyes. A few deep breaths later she managed to get into the shower before she could lean on the sink and bring herself off again.

She hadn’t told Tavia why she’d missed that call.

Under the hot spray, she yielded and stroked herself as she remembered the thrill of telling another lie to another friend. Harmless, in the end, but it felt so strange not to confess it to someone she normally shared everything with. Maybe it was because talking dirty with Tavia on the phone was one of her favorite things to do while touching herself.

But what made it hot was the idea that it wasn’t her idea. That she was obeying a posthypnotic suggestion from Fiona. That the girl had altered her free will, and still controlled Jaden when she was alone.

Almost snarling, Jaden sagged against the shower tiles as she came.

That freed her, at least for now. The edge was off her need and as she finished showering and toweled off, just the sight of her tits in the steamy mirror wasn’t enough to send her hands south again.

Her arousal had cooled to something she could savor as she walked past her T-shirt again and stayed naked as she picked up the cellphone. She did carefully avoid any of the mirrors in her bedroom, and padded out to the living room as she speed-dialed Donna.

“Hey.” She looked out the balcony window at the city. “I know it’s early, but I’m feeling like I need to be needed.”

“Right. Hmm. Even the nooner crowd’s still in their morning meetings.” Donna pecked away at her keyboard. “You seem to be in the zone, sweetie. You’ve been making some friends. I’ve already gotten two requests to book you again.”

Jaden closed her eyes and thought about telling Donna she was naked. Donna usually didn’t flirt with her girls, and as far as Jaden knew had never fucked any of them. Even the ones who’d offered—Donna was a very good-looking lady.

“Not for today, though.”

Maybe that was why it tempted Jaden. Trying phone sex with Donna would be like going down to the lobby of her apartment building wearing just the choker. Different than doing it in a scene. Dangerous and humiliating.

Jaden held the phone away as she inhaled, sharply, then brought it back when Donna spoke.

“. . . dition to the zone, you’re also on a wavelength, apparently. Someone does want some pre-noon delight today.

“She’s at one of the airport hotels. Sounded young on the phone, but everything checks out. She’s a student.”

Jaden breathed faster. Did Fiona want to play with her again?

“A lot of students, lately. Or at least more than—

“Excited, Jaden?”

She was. But Fiona had programmed her not to reveal why.

“Didn’t think you’d actually have someone for me, Donna.” She was amazed she could come back with anything that coherent.

Posthypnotic suggestion. I must obey! She kept seeing those eyes, behind the glasses. “How much time does she want?”

“Plan on a later lunch. She’d like three hours with you, starting at ten.”

“Oh, I’ll be eating well, Donna.”

By now that was a lame one, but Donna still laughed. Suddenly, as she stood nude with the phone to her ear, Jaden wondered about being Donna’s hypnotized slave. Brainwashed to fuck anyone Donna sent her to, and love it. And let Donna keep everything she earned.

It made her dizzy. She fought to keep her head clear. She couldn’t let Donna—

But now her boss was giving her the location. “Her name is Carol.”

Not Fiona. Or even Charlene. Jaden breathed. It was still exciting her.

“I’ll line up something for you for this evening or tonight.

“Just keep doing whatever you’re doing, Jaden. They’re loving it.” They traded goodbyes.

Jaden had been in a whole different place with clients, since that session with the curvy little hypnosis fetishist. Bending herself to fit into whatever they wanted, whether just sex or something freakier.

Her new responsiveness almost worried her. She found herself thinking of things they could do to her, things she’d sworn never to let anyone do, or that only a real lover would be allowed. As she moaned and begged and told them how fantastic they were, she could taste the offers she wanted to make, just behind her lips. So ready to beg. She felt as though if they’d only touched her then in just the right way, she’d submit and let strangers own her, to her core.

Afterward, it was easy to tell herself she wouldn’t have let any of them do it, not for real. But that night, she’d come hard enough in the shower that she fell to her knees. What sent her over was imagining Fiona swinging the watch, and commanding her to crawl back and offer them everything her insanely aroused inner slave wanted to endure.

Still gazing out the window, she closed the phone. There was time yet, but she was too professional to slip back into playing.

Donna hadn’t passed on any specific wants from Carol, so Jaden started swimming into the mindset that would put her at Carol’s door ready both to hear and intuit the girl’s desires, and make Carol feel they shared them.

But as she got ready, Jaden let herself pretend she was responding to Fiona’s commands. She stopped by the time she left the apartment, but she was smiling.

Carol was going to enjoy her.


She usually wore a business suit to hotels, to look like just another corporate nomad to anyone she met in the corridors. But this time she opted for shorts and a tank top, with an oversize shirt. With a fanny pack, she blended with the tourists, smiling blandly under her sunglasses.

She knocked on the door and smiled into the spyhole when it darkened, putting the sunglasses up onto her head. As someone else walked past, the locks clicked. When the door opened, the corridor was clear.

Carol was a tall, slim girl in a very small crocheted bikini, as if she wanted to flaunt her wiry build and small breasts. Her light brown hair was boyishly short. Jaden pictured that body in passion, writhing against her like a snake’s, and smiled deeply.

“Good morning, Carol. I’m Jaden.”

Carol looked solemn but faraway, and Jaden wondered if she were on something. Donna would back up any girl who refused a session if she saw the client on drugs—she didn’t want anyone getting hurt, or talking to medics and police if it were the client who ended up on a gurney.

But Carol’s eyes were steady as they met hers. “Hi.” She smiled back slightly, enjoying Jaden’s look. “C’mon in.”

The suite was luxurious but looked almost unlived-in. There was a laptop on the desk, but no room-service trays, empty glasses at the minibar, or other debris. Maybe Carol was a neat freak, or an especially sexy OCD sufferer.

She plopped down on the couch and crossed her lean legs. She looked down at them while Jaden called in to Donna, glancing up when Jaden slid the phone back into the pack. Even as Jaden opened her mouth, she gestured to the bedroom. “Right. It’s fine. You can undress in there.”

Not a talker. Jaden hoped she wasn’t going to be expected to read the girl’s mind, but Carol seemed like the sort who’d say what she wanted as she wanted it.

Jaden smiled, as if pleased to serve such a brisk mistress.

The bedroom was as pristine as the living room. Even the beds were made, with luggage neatly stacked by the closet. She leaned back out. “OK if I—?”

“On your left.” Carol didn’t sound too excited. Not bored, or disappointed, either. Just as though she took in stride having a call girl in her room. Jaden wondered again about drugs, too.

She used the bathroom, and then went back into the bedroom and stripped. She’d worn a bikini under the tourist-babe attire, but went ahead and took that off, too. This girl just wanted her nude. The stage-fright butterflies were mild as she stepped back out, wondering what Carol wanted to do for the next three hours.

Carol had left the couch, and stood nearer the doorway with her arms tight behind her, legs together. It slimmed her down even more. Jaden imagined her in chrome, a streamlined 1930s statue.

But Carol was flesh and blood. As she stared at Jaden’s body something simmered under her too-calm facade. Her thighs tensed together, and Jaden could see the pulse in her throat. Jaden wondered how warm her skin was, how it would taste if she let Jaden kiss it.

Jaden let the sudden rush of attraction soften her stance and paused, smiling tentatively at the girl. She felt an urge to come to attention, but that felt too much like trying to conjure Fiona.

Carol stared at her, looking achingly young and serious.

“What may I do to please you, Carol?”

At least the girl smiled at that. Then she held out her right hand and raised it high.

“See the watch, Jaden.”

The gleaming silver disk dropped from her hand. Snapped into a circle at the end of the chain.

Jaden straightened as a bolt of surprise and pleasure went through her. She gaped at the watch as it swung into a new path under Carol’s hand.

Another student who wanted to control a call girl’s mind. Did Fiona—?

Another beautiful Evil Hypnotist. Jaden almost came where she stood.

All she did was see the watch.

She kept staring at it, feeling Carol observe her. Hearing her rapid breathing, Jaden knew she was pleasing the girl, and let her face go a little blanker.

The silence was comfortable, and Jaden let the watch’s motion wipe her thoughts clear. Maybe she could please Carol some more by intoning a mantra. She parted her lips to begin—no. Carol more likely just wanted her in a trance, silent and empty to await Carol’s own programming.

Jaden let her jaw hang slack, as if the watch’s flickering reflection had stunned her. Carol purred in approval.

The watch swung. Jaden saw only the watch.

“You are deeply hypnotized.” Carol’s voice was sudden, like a cool possessive palm on her skin. “You are completely under my control.”

“I am deeply hypnotized.” Jaden had to swallow. “I am completely under your control.”

“You are deeply hypnotized. You are completely under my control.”

Jaden repeated it, heart banging in her chest. Fiona had made a show—a very erotic one—of programming her to tell no one else, but Fiona must have felt free to share it with her friend.

“I am deeply hypnotized. I am completely under your control.” Carol had her repeating it on her own. It turned Jaden on to be nude and chanting the same thing but in another room, for another hot young amateur domme.

Then she blinked. She’d already lost track. It didn’t even pause her recitation, but this mantra was already grooved into her mind. She could keep saying it long after she stopped thinking entirely.

Fiona had shared her. Jaden didn’t mind: it made her feel more like a slave.

Which was just how she should feel, standing here letting Carol hypnotize her.

“Hypnotized girls obey.” Jaden heard the next mantra, spoke it clearly. Savored the words. Didn’t feel even the need to wonder when Carol had altered it.

“Hypnotized girls obey.”

Another woman knew about her games with Fiona. It made Jaden feel even more naked.

Carol told her to stop.

Voice stilled, Jaden heard her heart in her ears as Carol let her stand there, transfixed by the watch. Then the girl stepped away and Jaden let herself be led across the room, not even trying to look away from the watch.

The girl put Jaden facing a blank wall and told her to see the watch in her mind.

“You have no mind. You have no will.”

“I have no mind. I have no will.”

Maybe Carol was masturbating, looking at Jaden’s ass and listening to her indoctrinate herself. Maybe . . .

It faded. Jaden stared at the wall, seeing the imaginary watch and letting the fabric pattern blur as she talked about mindlessness. There were sounds behind her, but she teased herself by ignoring them. Doing only the simple, self-hypnotizing things Carol had commanded.

“I have no mind. I have no will.”

The mantra she had been programmed with.

“I have no mind. I have no will.”

A key to her obedience that her first hypnotist was letting another girl enslave her with. That turned Jaden on hard.

“I have no mind. I have no will.”

“Stop, Jaden.”

Dizzy, she obeyed. She was so dazed that Carol’s voice sounded different.

“Turn, Jaden.” She about-faced, and froze at attention.

Someone else was in the room.

Carol knelt beside the newcomer, naked, staring straight ahead. She held something almost negligently in front of Carol’s face, that flashed dimly at Carol. It lit her forehead, reflecting in her unblinking eyes as she gazed raptly into it.

Jaden forgot Carol the instant her gaze moved to the newcomer. She wore a black leather bikini and tight, shiny knee boots. Her hair was drawn up atop her head, and she studied Jaden through a pair of fashionably small Eurominimalist glasses.

A genius domme, in absolute control of everything including herself. It blew Jaden’s mind.

A second wave scattered the fragments as Jaden realized who the new woman was. Either Carol was playing a very complex role, or Carol was deeply hypnotized herself.

Jaden gazed helplessly back at the dark eyes, so calm behind the little oval lenses.

I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.

Jaden tried to say it, but she had no will to speak.

Fiona smiled at her, knowing it. And knowing it was her power that held Jaden.


Fiona pulled the blinking light away from Carol.

Freed from its thrall, Carol floated to her feet, hands limp at her sides. Still expressionless, she looked at or past Fiona’s profile.

Had Fiona been that quick to gather her courage and draw a friend into her fetish play? But Jaden couldn’t help letting herself pretend it was real. That Fiona had truly enslaved Carol and used her today to put Jaden back into trance.

It let Jaden dream she was really hypnotized now, too. Just as deep under Fiona’s spell as Carol was. Just as mindlessly obedient.

Mindless Carol. The tall, slim girl was so sexy like that. Her aureoles were oddly large for her small breasts, and her nipples poked out of them.

Her eyes were wide, glassy, fanatical. Frozen open, as when the blinking light had flashed into them. Staring, as if Carol still saw that light.

Saw only the light.

Jaden shivered. Carol was a hypnotized slave. Or wanted to be one so badly she’d obey Fiona that way. Jaden had no idea what game this was anymore, but it felt wonderful just to relax and surrender all control to Fiona.

“Come, Jaden.”

Jaden stepped away from the wall, halting close enough for Fiona to touch her. The heels put the shorter girl eye to eye with her. Jaden gazed at the far wall past Fiona’s bare shoulder, hotly aware of the leather strap that crossed that soft white flesh.

Now she could say it, proudly. “I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.”

Fiona took her hand and led her to the couch where Carol had lounged before. Jaden moved fluidly, befitting a girl in deep trance, facing forward until Fiona guided her to turn, then sit. Fiona held something up and clicked it.

Carol turned and came over to resume attention before the couch, gazing through the framed print above it. Jaden recalled seeing animals trained with a clicker, and clenched her teeth at the sheer heat of imagining this lithe college student being conditioned to obey one.

A gloved hand took Jaden’s chin and turned her, and she was kiss-close to Fiona beside her. The girl moved closer still. Her skin was cool, and her leather bra rubbed Jaden’s upper arm, hard and yielding at once.

Whatever game this was, if it was a game, Jaden was thrilled to be one of the playing pieces.

If not—her hypnotist was about to tell her what to feel. Jaden would obey.

This was what she’d dreamed about every night now, as she masturbated and stared.

Fiona licked her lips. “I’ll bet your boss has a different rate for two customers using one girl.” Her forefinger traced Jaden’s cheekbone. “You haven’t even been able to remember that, have you, Jaden?”

It was true, and Jaden felt vaguely guilty. But she was melting with it—so far under the girl’s control that she was breaking rules automatically.

“Yes. Mmm. Poor Jaden. Still a little willpower left, in that totally hypnotized mind.” Other leather fingers settled teasingly on Jaden’s thigh.

“But it’s all right, slave. There’s really only one person here who’s using you.” Gentle pressure, and Jaden faced forward again to see her client, still nude and passive. She was staring into the open Y where Carol’s pussy, under a neatly shaven light-brown delta, met her thighs.

“Carol.” Fiona’s voice was still high and soft, but full of power. Gloating, even. Jaden shook again, wanting it to gloat over her helplessness.

“Yes, Fiona.” Trance had drained Carol of her earlier briskness. She spoke bashfully now.

“Why did you book this room, Carol?”

“To get away from the dorm to study for my midterm.” It came out as singsong as an obedience mantra. “When I undressed, I remembered the blinking light and stopped thinking. I went to sleep and obeyed my instructions.”

“What were they, Carol?”

Carol kept staring. “I called the number implanted in my mind and ordered a prostitute as programmed.”

Jaden twitched and dampened.

“When she arrived I hypnotized her and activated her self-indoctrination command. I waited for you to come and take control.” Carol’s taut stomach flexed.

“You showed me the blinking light and I went to sleep again.” The girl held pose but her fingers moved, once. She was as intensely aroused as Jaden, and just as unable to do anything about it.

“What will you remember later about your hotel getaway, Carol?”

“I will remember only what you program me to.” She was still breathing deeply.

“Are you a person, Carol?”

“No, Fiona.” Carol stood a little taller. “I am only a mindless extension of your will.”

Jaden couldn’t bear it. “I am a hypnotized slave,” she whispered. The hand tightened on her thigh. “I must obey Fiona.”

“I am a hypnotized slave.” Carol’s voice was huskier, and just as devout. “I must obey Fiona.”

They said it together.



It triggered Carol’s conditioning, and startled Jaden into silence.

“Good slaves,” Fiona told them. She ran her fingers onto Jaden’s inner thigh, stroking the sensitive skin lightly and expertly enough to have made Jaden scream. If it hadn’t aroused her more to sit frozen and mute.

“So you see, Jaden, you serve only one mistress here. Carol will have no memory of calling your madam unless I need her to. Though I did let her pay for you.”

The slim girl huffed through her nose when Fiona said that. Jaden juiced when she realized it wasn’t resistance. It had spiked Carol’s turn-on to be reminded she was being used, too.

“And you are obeying everyone who controls you, Jaden. Your boss, and your brainwasher.” The fingers kneaded Jaden, crept up toward her crotch. “You even submitted to another hypnoslave without the slightest hesitation. I did say you were perfect.”

It was like slipping down an oiled incline. Jaden wasn’t even resisting the idea that Carol was truly under hypnosis. What Fiona was crooning to her did violate Donna’s rules, but the rules only applied to persons. Not self-admitted puppets.

Jaden kept looking at Carol’s pussy, seeing her abs move above it as she breathed.

“You don’t need to think about that anyway, Jaden.” The glove released Jaden’s chin and moved to stroke her hair. “Another posthypnotic suggestion, and you’ll lose all thought of telling Donna about this morning.” Jaden’s eyes lidded with how good the fingers felt. Like Fiona was caressing her brain.

“What will you tell her, Jaden?”

Jaden forced her eyes back open. Looked at the cunt of the student who’d been hypnotized to order her. Saw the dew on her lips.

“I will tell her only what you program me to.” Jaden gasped, and then whined as the fingers on her scalp and near her pussy squeezed gently in reward.

“And programmed you shall be, my beautiful thrall.”

Fiona withdrew her hands, and then left the couch. Even in Jaden’s peripheral vision, the heeled boots did thrilling things to Fiona’s legs as she paced tigerishly around, enjoying her two naked slaves from several angles. Bound up in leather, the curvy girl could have had Jaden on her knees even without hypnotizing her.

But she had.

“Carol. Did you prepare yourself?”

“Yes, Fiona.” Carol was still looking over Jaden’s head. “While the victim was self-indoctrinating, I went into trance and programmed myself as you commanded, to control her.”

Jaden wondered if her fellow hypnoslave could feel her breath. She wanted to lean forward and sigh before licking Carol. But Fiona hadn’t told her to.

“Jaden. You are obedient. Your mind is empty. You are a mindless, obedient slave.”

“I am obedient,” Jaden told the cunt she couldn’t kiss. “My mind is empty. I am a mindless, obedient slave.”

“Yes, Jaden. I control your obedience. Now, you will obey Carol.”

“I will obey Carol.”

“Carol.” Fiona’s own arousal reached even Jaden. “Brainwash her.”


“I obey.” Carol’s voice was toneless, and pitiless.

“Rise, Jaden.”

As she did, Jaden’s gaze rode up Carol’s svelte body, and she was close enough to smell the other girl’s sweat and arousal.

Then she was face to face with her. It was like seeing herself in the mirror when she played, but this was someone else wide-eyed in a trance.

“You cannot think,” Carol told her. “You can only sleep and obey.”

“I cannot think. I can only sleep and obey.”

It was blowing Jaden’s mind again. Another mind-controlled slave was doing this to her. This was all more than just her own weird bond with Fiona.

The slave was controlling her.

Jaden was repeating the mantra alone without thinking.

Then Carol took both her hands lightly. Jaden stopped.

“I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.” Carol’s too-focused eyes were vulnerable and sexy and utterly hypnotic as she confessed it.

“I am a hypnotized slave.” Jaden responded instantly. “I must obey Fiona.”

She almost fell over when, instead of prompting her, the other girl began to intone it with her. They were almost singing, softly, trapped in each other’s gaze.

We’re hypnotizing each other. Something like a small, glowing orgasm possessed Jaden. It didn’t break her chant.

Then Carol turned abruptly, releasing one hand and leading Jaden by the other.

“I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.” Neither of them had stopped the mantra. Jaden kept staring, and followed blindly until her knees pressed fabric.

“Jaden.” Carol’s voice pierced a fog Jaden hadn’t even sensed settling around her mind. She closed her mouth and waited for command. Obedience still echoed through her head, lulling her back into the daze.

She must obey Carol.

“See the bed.”

Jaden blinked and found herself. Carol had led her into the bedroom. One of the beds had been turned down with only the sheet left on. Briefly she wondered where her clothes were—but letting the idea slip away was deliciously like slipping them off again.

She was a naked slave about to be brainwashed more deeply. Her clothes were irrelevant.

With firm cool hands, Carol turned her until the bed was against the back of her legs. Staring into her eyes, Carol slid against her, and for a moment their pussies slid together.

“I am a—”

“—hypnotized slave.” As Jaden joined in, Carol almost kissed her. “I must obey Fiona,” they breathed into each other’s mouths.

Jaden held still. She was too aroused to come.

Carol’s arm slid around her shoulders and the girl leaned into her, pushing them over. Jaden relaxed and fell back and Carol skillfully spread her own weight. She fell onto Jaden only hard enough to make her whimper needfully.

Jaden stayed locked in Carol’s gaze. When she caught her breath she whispered, “I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.”

Those strong thighs straddled Jaden as Carol chanted it back. Jaden went limp under the college student’s hands as they drew her arms up and out onto the cool bedlinen. Carol’s stare was as cold as her pussy was hot against Jaden’s loins, and it felt good to let it nail her down. Jaden lay passively, without squirming to bring their slits together again.

What the other hypnotized girl was going to do to her would be better than fucking.

I’m going to be brainwashed.

Still astride her, Carol reared up, resting a light hand on Jaden’s breast, looking down at her.


Carol sat upright, tensing astride Jaden’s body. It would have set her off if she’d been free. Eyes suddenly wider, Carol stared at the headboard.

Fiona appeared over her shoulder, and waited until Carol’s hands rose and came together, palms up. Fiona set something in them, then looked at both of her entranced victims.


Carol’s eyes cleared and she leaned back down, setting something down above Jaden’s head and then slipping earbuds into Jaden’s ears.

The earbuds were silent. Jaden could keep listening for live commands, until it was time to submit to whatever came through the headset.

I’ve really been hypnotized.

Jaden lay still as the other slave began to slide down her. Carol’s tightly muscled body rubbed exquisitely against hers, and the girl licked and kissed and breathed as she descended. She’d reached a kneeling position between Jaden’s loosened legs when her breathing started to touch Jaden’s clit.

Jaden did nothing but wait to be told what to do.

I’ve really been hypnotized!

Carol was on her knees at the foot of the bed. Also waiting. Maybe as turned on as Jaden, smelling her helpless arousal. But with no desire to do anything else until commanded.

She’s been hypnotized, too. I’m going to let her do something to my mind. I can’t help myself.

I don’t even want to.

Oh my god.

It felt so good. So addictingly fucking wonderfully good.

Jaden lay and stared at the ceiling and shivered in the tiny, rhythmic breeze across her cunt.

I’m going to be brainwashed. But she’d already been brainwashed, hadn’t she? Except that had just been playacting, kneeling nude in Fiona’s townhouse and repeating obedience mantras while Fiona jilled off.

For hours . . .

Playacting. Masturbating every day since she’d submitted to Fiona’s spell. Repeating the mantras.

Hypnotized girls obey. I will obey you.

“I have no mind. I have no will.

“I have no mind. I have no will.” Jaden stopped. She didn’t know when she’d started to say it aloud.

Fiona must be watching them. She’d hypnotized them both into her puppets, and she only had to watch them dance.

She’s—they’re—I’m going to be brainwashed!

Nothing held Jaden to the bed. She could get up and say No. Carol’s wiry strength might be a problem, but if she were desperate enough Jaden felt she could probably fight off both girls. She might even be able to grab her clothes.

But even as that drifted through her mind, her clit tingled. She saw Fiona paralyzing her with one soft command, one step short of the doorway and freedom. Or just holding the pocketwatch and laughing as Jaden stopped to stare, and forget, and obey.

I’m going to be . . . brainwashed.

Jaden stared at the ceiling. Carol’s palms, startling and warm, were easing Jaden’s thighs apart, but Jaden didn’t look down.

Yes. Submission was a hot bright humming through her body as she was handled.

I am to be brainwashed.

I must obey.

Someone else was on the bed with them. The mattress must be one of those n—

Jaden forgot the mattress as Fiona leaned over her, lethally beautiful in the leather. She caressed Jaden’s breasts and reached down to her cleft but stopped.

“Mmm. No. I have a lick-unit for that, don’t I?”

She cupped Jaden’s cheek. “You’re trying to resist, a little. I can tell. Soon, you’ll want to tell me why you’re resisting, and how. And then you’ll want me to make you stop.

“And I will.”

Fiona reached past Jaden’s face to switch on whatever the headset plugged into. Jaden might have heard hissing. She too riveted by her hypnotist to care.

“It’s too late anyway, Jaden. You’re already my slave. This will just help destroy those last remnants of independent thought.”

She gazed eagerly into Jaden’s eyes, as if watching her signals fill Jaden’s head through the earbuds. Jaden still didn’t hear anything. Maybe she wouldn’t ever hear anything until—


Jaden cried out as Carol responded by kissed her clit, half sucking it. As the pleasure swept through her, Carol made love to her pussylips more gently.

Jaden was being brainwashed with orgasms and hypnosis. It was going to work.

Something hummed in her ears. It might be low-frequency commands or it might be her own throbbing blood as she swayed toward orgasm.

She gazed up into Fiona’s eyes and prayed it was brainwashing. She tried to speak a mantra to the girl but she could only mew as Carol worked on her.

Fiona smiled and held the watch over Jaden’s face, letting it swing and spin.

Jaden spasmed against the other slave’s lips but didn’t climax. She let her eyes roll from Fiona to the watch. She saw only the watch.

Her mind was as open as her thighs.


It was a sunny weekday morning, and this gallery of still-lifes was the deadest spot in the barely-populated museum.

Jaden had picked it for that.

She strode past the delicately-rendered oils, trying to see them through her tangled thoughts. Something pale and curvy turned out to be some dead Fleming’s idea of a partly-peeled lemon, not a nude. Jaden hugged herself.

No nudes is good nudes. She’d tried one of the portrait galleries, but even though there were no Vermeers she thought about the painting with the earring and the girl and the movie about it, and that actress with the lips and—

Dead things on tables were safer. Less likely to send her hand up her skirt.

Jaden had fled the apartment this morning. Coming her brains out under the stopwatch had drained her arousal enough to stop playing slave and force herself into clothing, then the outside world.

It started when she tried to call Donna. It was actually her second attempt: she’d called Donna a few days after the session with Carol, when Fiona’s mind-programming had worn off enough that she could remember she wasn’t really a hypnoslave and didn’t want to be.

But Donna had jokingly wondered why Jaden was rehashing it. Jaden realized she’d already told Donna about that session with Carol and the earbuds—right afterward, when she was still deeply under the influence of whatever Fiona’d done to her with them. When she’d eagerly withheld anything about mind control games.

Anything that could have told Donna something weird was happening and Jaden needed help.

That soon after being brainwashed, Jaden didn’t want help. The second time, she thought she did. Until just talking to Donna sent her back into the mindstate that made her wet to be Fiona’s hypno—

Wow. What a realistic dead rabbit! Jaden glared at the painting, letting hypnotized slide off her mind before it slipped in, instead, and she looked for a restroom.

So she’d wound up the conversation with Donna innocuously, and spent the next couple of hours nude, hypnotizing herself to celebrate Fiona’s power over her. And deepen it.

Footsteps and voices came and went in the museum corridor. Jaden sighed and looked down at herself. The denim mini was a little short for a museum, really, but she knew she could carry the look. While someone might hit on her here, no one would ask how much. Or escort her out.

Jaden looked back at the walls, suddenly wishing she’d worn sweats instead. She was starting to picture herself in various erotic perils, leggy and susceptible. It was ridiculous.

Of course, so was becoming the willing slave of a college girl with a vintage timepiece.

Willing sla—

Hmm! Is that a breadroll or some sort of fruit, next to that dead trout or whatever?

This morning she hadn’t even finished dialing Donna before the slavelust licked up her inner thighs. She’d stiffened and stared ahead, actually seeing a phantom pocketwatch turning majestically before her. Wiping her mind before she could reveal her controller’s hold over her.

I am a hyp— She’d recited the mantra aloud, and closed the phone without looking at it, letting it fall to the bed. Half-dressed by then, she’d stripped again, slowly, and knelt to worship the stopwatch. Swinging it and strumming herself, she’d lost almost an hour.

She’d spent it doing Fiona’s bidding like a good little robot. Driving those infectious obedience phrases even deeper into her consciousness. God. The diabolical little bitch had wired it into Jaden’s sex drive, so just thinking about it turned her on and made her crave it.

So did thinking about craving it. She stared desperately at a pewter goblet and a crystal ewer of something gold-colored.

Fuck. The first step to breaking an addiction was knowing it was a problem. How could Jaden resist something that kept making her forget it was wrong?

The worst thing about this morning was that Jaden was starting to think she’d done it on purpose. She’d started keying Donna’s number instead of hitting speed-dial. She’d let herself be diverted and seduced. Like a prisoner who sassed the guards just so she could keep being manhandled and bound.

In front of a picture of some dead birds and a lute, Jaden put her head in her hands. She’d been masturbating with her free will. She really had been brainwashed, and she was still brainwashing herself.

She looked up then, studying the lute. If her obedience was real, so was Carol’s. Did Carol still struggle like this, or had Fiona tamed the other girl’s mind into total slavethink already?

“A lot of students lately.” How many of them knew Fiona?

For a second Jaden imagined a coven of girl hypnotists, maybe from the same psych class. Before she could stop herself the fantasy slid onward and she pictured a whole sorority of them, reprogramming waitresses and delivery girls and strippers into live-in slaves. Maybe the nerds had hypnotized some alpha-bitches or cheerleaders into letting them take over the place.

But Carol wasn’t Fiona’s partner, or even apprentice. She was her slave. Maybe Fiona had done it all herself—classmates who wanted to study better or lose weight or just relax had let her into their minds, and served her now as mindless recruiters. Maybe she’d even enslaved a girlfriend who’d gone to sleep thinking she was playing a game.

Just like Jaden.

How many of her friends who’d done sessions with students had agreed to pretend to be hypnotized? It wasn’t like any of them would have told Donna.

Jaden wondered how long she could keep wanting to be free.

Maybe she should see a hypnotherapist, while she could still summon the will. Find one who was female and attractive. Once Jaden was hypnotized, if she started stripping and pledging undying obedience, she might be taken seriously.

Or just sent home with some tranquilizers and a vibrator and asked not to come back.

Or end up naked on a chain in the therapist’s soundproof playroom with no memory of Fiona. Or of her own name.

God. The worse that one got, the more she wanted to touch herself and dream it.

She closed her eyes and tried not to think of how easy it would be, instead, just to give herself to Fiona and surrender her will completely.

Someone else entered the still-life gallery. Jaden blinked up at whichever picture she was studying. Still the lute and dead birds.

Suddenly she was worried about being alone here, where no one could see what happened to her. She turned around

It was just a woman in a long skirt. She didn’t look at Jaden at all.

Jaden walked quickly out and wandered into the museum shop. There were actually people here even at this hour, and she felt safer. She drifted to a wall display of framed prints, not really seeing them.

“The girl in this is so pretty, don’t you think?”

Fiona was standing next to her.

She wore a leather mini almost as short as Jaden’s, and a waist-length jacket. The boots she’d stalked around in at the hotel brought her eyes level with Jaden’s again.

“Mmm. Don’t you think, Jaden.”

Jaden tensed, realizing she really did need to run away.

“But this is prettier.”

Fiona smiled and opened her jacket on a deeply unbuttoned shirt. Feeling it happen but unable to stop herself, Jaden gazed at her cleavage.

At the pocketwatch between her breasts, pendant on its chain once more.

Jaden saw only the watch.

She forgot whatever she’d been thinking just now. She knew only she loved Fiona for stopping her thinking it. She didn’t even wonder why she’d felt no compulsion to snap to attention and proclaim her hypnotic slavery.

Jaden obeyed a new compulsion to smile blissfully, and gazed at the watch. It had put her mind to sleep. It made her so wet to sleep for Fiona with her eyes open. Jaden ached for a command, and blessed her hypnotist for making her ache.

A woman walked past the print display, barely glancing at two pretty girls in short skirts beaming at each other. Store sounds flowed through Jaden’s empty head.

Her trance left her enough of her wits to let her realize she’d been reprogrammed. Now Fiona could hypnotize her anywhere, and no one would know.

No one could help her.

“Let’s go somewhere quiet, Jaden.”

Jaden didn’t want anyone to. She wanted to obey Fiona.

“There’s something I want to do to you.”

Jaden had to let the pleasure ebb before she could even speak.

“Yes, Fiona.” She walked obediently after the girl without a thought to where she was being taken.