The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by trilby else ()


There was something Jaden wanted to remember.

She paced through her apartment, lazily fingering herself but not trying very hard to come.

Now and then she reached up to fondle her new collar. It was the only thing she wore now, once she’d bolted the door behind her.

Each time she touched it, she thought about Fiona and smiled. She was so lucky she was sent to Fiona that night, and let the girl awaken her own hypnofetish.

Jaden turned and peered out the window at the city. There was something she wanted to remember. Again. She didn’t know what, of course, but she also didn’t know why it mattered.

Like an unsigned note from her brain that only used pronouns. No—more like a sesame seed in the teeth.

She looked at the wall. Sesame seed. She stared at a framed print before realizing it was the problem. Or looked like it. What . . . ?

The art museum?

She’d met Fiona at the museum, yesterday.

Jaden reached up and stroked the collar. She thought about Fiona and smiled. She was so lucky she was sent to Fiona that night, and let the girl awaken her own hypnofetish.

Fiona even helped Jaden get this collar, so Jaden could wear a real one when she jilled off and pretended to hypnotize herself into Fiona’s slave.

The pet store clerk had watched Fiona put each one on Jaden’s neck to see how it looked. The girl hadn’t been comfortable, but endured it, to avoid losing a sale.

Fiona had held them up and smirked at Jaden, asking which she liked. As Jaden chose, the clerk sighed hopefully.

“No, Jaden.” Fiona made hypno-eyes at her. “You do not want that one.”

Tensing her thighs under the brief denim, Jaden let her own eyes widen. “I do not want that one.”

“You want to buy this one instead.” Fiona held it out. “You must have it.” Jaden had reached for it without looking away from her.

She’d let her own eyes focus—mostly—and rotated to face the clerk.

Oh. God. Entranced and compelled, while someone else watched her submit. Jaden squeezed her thighs again, around the memory.

“I want to buy this one instead. I must have it.” She blinked with a drowsy smile. “Please.”

The clerk had almost snatched it from her, then fled behind the counter, not looking at either of them as she rang it up. She’d avoided touching Jaden’s fingers when she handled the card, and glared at the cardreader as if to will it to work faster. She fished for a bag.

“No.” Fiona had stepped next to Jaden. “You want to wear it out.”

Jaden waited until the clerk looked reluctantly up. “I want to wear it out.” It was Fiona who’d held out her hand for it.

Standing in her apartment, Jaden rubbed the collar as she rubbed her slit.

Leaving her facing the clerk, Fiona had reached up to slip the leather around Jaden’s neck. “Perfect.”

Jaden kept looking at the girl behind the counter. The clerk’s distaste only fed her sick arousal. She was starting to calculate that she could throw them out now.

Fiona had taken Jaden’s arm then. Jaden’s heart pounded. Fiona was going to offer her to the girl—make her to recite how she’d been trained to please girls.

Or was Fiona about to make hypno-eyes at the clerk? Stare her into obedience and train her to behave?

But Fiona’d just stepped past Jaden toward the door. Without looking back or even pausing, Fiona tapped her own thigh, beneath the leather miniskirt.

“Come, Jaden.”

“Yes, Fiona!” Freed from the girl’s glare, Jaden had turned to mince out at her mistress’ heels. The collar warmed her throat.

Drifting between humiliating might-have-beens, Jaden stroked herself.

She sighed. Actually, she vividly remembered going into the pet store alone. Daydreaming a little while choosing the collar, of course, but behaving normally when she’d gone to the counter. The clerk had been cute, probably too young for safety anyway, and politely remote.

She hadn’t blinked at Jaden’s purchase. Why would she? Many pretty women kept big dogs.

Oh, well. The fantasy of being Fiona’s will-less handpuppet in public still made Jaden hot. She’d probably add even more details the next time she “relived” it.

She vividly remembered their actual encounter in the museum shop. After being nervous for a moment, since some of her dates did not like meeting her out here in the real world, Jaden had let the girl’s smile soothe her. Fiona recognized her, and she didn’t mind.

They’d just said hello and parted. Fiona was a busy student, with no time to chat with a whore. Jaden shivered gleefully. Whore. It felt nice to know her place.

Jaden was only imagining—well, wishing—the girl had instead dropped her into a trance and led her blankly off to . . . oh, the museum’s marble-partitioned loo, for some slave-cunnilingus.

But she hadn’t. Jaden melted at how strong-willed Fiona was. Not weak and addicted, like her. Fiona was no helplessly-masturbating slave to her hypnofetish. Fiona had mastered it, playing only when she chose.

That’s why she’s the one who hypnotizes. Even alone behind her locked door, Jaden was blushing. And why I’m the one who obeys.

She was a little foggy about where she’d gone, after seeing Fiona, but that was from being so preoccupied with the fantasy.

Naturally, then, there’d never been a time to tell Fiona about her hypnotic masturbation game. If only.

Jaden smiled as she touched the collar again. It was not anything she should worry about. She would not worry.

She would just think about Fiona and smile. She was so lucky she was sent to Fiona that night, and let the girl awaken her own hypnofetish.

But—why had Fiona told her to buy the collar, if Jaden hadn’t told her about the choker, and kneeling under the stopwatch? Except she hadn’t . . . told her . . .

Jaden frowned again. Her mind kept intruding with thoughts like that, when it wasn’t teasing her with non-memories.

Maybe someone else should control her mind. A beautiful hypnotist like Fiona could put her into a trance and soothe her into thinking only useful thoughts. Train her to forget the useless, intrusive ones before she even knew they were there.

Jaden smiled. She wished Fiona really were a hypnotist.

She let herself slip into a daydream about looking into Fiona’s eyes as she confessed her new swinging-watch addiction. She closed her own, imagining that soft voice questioning her, stroking its way in to where she kept her secrets. Imagined trying to keep one—just so Fiona could charm her into revealing it.

Nude, as during their actual session, so Fiona could see how aroused she was.

Jaden’s eyes popped open. She’d been with Fiona since then, hadn’t she?

No. She hadn’t been back to that house. “Charlene” hadn’t called Donna and asked to use her again.

Her mood started to sag, a bit. She’d been with that rich college girl—Carol?—in the luxury suite near the airport. For some reason, Jaden thought about Fiona whenever she thought about spending the morning in bed with that svelte little sex bomb.

Smiling, she touched the collar again. It was not anything she should worry about. She would not worry. Maybe she was revising some of her recent dates to insert Fiona into them. Imagining the girl beside the bed while she and Carol sixtynined, using their own orgasms to control them.

Her other hand slid down her stomach to her mons. She wanted to tell Fiona about that. God, that girl would bloom all shades of pink.

So why did Jaden’s brain keep itching at her to remember something?

The phone rang. Donna had her next booking.

Jaden came all the way out of her dreamstate and started getting ready, wondering why she felt grateful.


The date had been in midtown, and Jaden rode back to her car on a train half-full of early commuters. She could remember the headspace of being nude and collared in her apartment, craving trance when she wasn’t in one. But in all this outer reality, she couldn’t slip back into it.

Nor did she want to, quite as badly.

The guy was a regular, with a ritual: pick her up in an upscale bar and bring her to the corporate flat his firm let him use during the week. It was more than just fucking—he spent as much time pleasing her, and he was good at it. He liked some girlfriend time too, and was strangely good at that as well. It all fucked with Jaden’s head just enough to be fun.

She checked out her fellow passengers, in case any of them were good fantasy material. The last time, she’d scored a perfect view for almost the whole trip: a sleek beautiful bike messenger, mahogany-skinned and taut as a wire. She’d watched Bikergirl’s thighs and envied the little black saddle they’d grasped all day. Thought about being allowed to take those electric-blue bike shorts off with her lips. Bikergirl hadn’t glanced at her once, but Jaden suspected she’d felt the gaze and liked it.

No one like that aboard this afternoon, alas.

She remembered Carol again. Sinuous coed Carol who hired an escort as a study break. Not as muscular as Bikergirl, but firm against Jaden’s skin and mouth.

She sat back. None of it mattered. She wanted to get home and strip and play with herself, but her fantasy would be putting herself back under Fiona’s hypnotic thrall.

Mmm. Just that turned her on: her imaginary mind-bondage being powerful enough to erase everything else—Mr Married’s emotional mindfuck, Carol’s tireless lesbian skill, all the ways that bike messenger could probably make Jaden sit up and bark like a dog.

In Jaden’s hypnotized mind, only obedience to Fiona would remain.

She tried not to get worked up. This was still the real world. She couldn’t let herself liquefy, yet.

It seemed safer to think about this afternoon’s date, anyway. Routine—a nice routine, and orgasms were orgasms, but still, the same. Even the random endearments he liked, and his cues for when to use them.

That didn’t bother Jaden. She could do it on autopilot. She grinned: by now she could respond even to the emotional moments without having to think.

The train swung around a broad curve and she let the momentum shift through her body.

On the other hand, she’d experienced Fiona’s hypnoslavery. She was happy to let that hijack anything else she thought about, including doing a date on autopilot. Jaden dampened, imagining someone else hypnotically installing that autopilot in her mind, and deciding when it took her over.

That got her going.

She’d be put into trance and programmed with each little trick she’d perform and the trigger that would activate her to do it. Donna could phone her, and trance her in mid-greeting. Rigid, staring, she’d listen to the client’s desired codes and drone them back. Then she’d go to the client and please them flawlessly. They’d never know she was just a windup toy.

Jaden thought of being a windup toy for Mr Married, touching him tenderly because his face changed and tripped a hypnotic relay in her head.

If Jaden performed well under that kind of control, Donna might want all her girls hypnotized.

Even as it buzzed her clit , she knew that was a creepy thought. Realizing a client’s wants and making them happen was a craft she and her friends took pride in. She was getting wet thinking about flattening that and helping get them turned into robots.

Before she could worry, she imagined Fiona being the one hypnotizing them to accept being programmed.

Someone walked from the other end of the car, and slid into the next seat. The train was between stops—they were deliberately sitting next to her. Jaden looked away for a moment, trying to see their reflection in the window before turning to—

They palmed her thigh. She tensed and spun—

Fiona looked at her impassively, then slid her hand higher.

It drained Jaden’s fear and anger as if she’d been hit with a dart. She lost all sense of urgency except to hope Fiona would reach higher still. Being so close to her was a wetdream come true—but how had she not noticed Fiona being in the car before now?

With the hint of a smile, Fiona leaned toward her. She sensed Jaden’s confusion, and savored it.

“Jaden.” She paused, licked her lips. “My eyes are up here.”

The trigger pealed in Jaden’s head. She had to look down at Fiona’s breasts. Fiona’s soft giggle when she did was a tinkling bell amid the trigger’s ringing, and it embarrassed Jaden as the girl watched her succumb.

Fiona helpfully drew down her neckline. Jaden saw the watch once again, warm between her breasts on its chain.

Jaden saw only the watch.

I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.

She shuddered. It might have been an orgasm or just the hypnotic memory of one. Either way, it leashed her will.

Her gaze floated back up to Fiona’s. She’d just been hypnotized in front of a dozen people who suspected nothing. It felt weirdly familiar, but very nice.

Jaden smiled at her hypnotist. She knew the girl who now controlled her mind was pleased with her. The trance left no room in her head for anything else but whatever Fiona’s commands would be.

Fiona didn’t ask her slave to think. She only asked some quiet questions, and Jaden responded without even knowing what she said.

Once, Fiona smiled and licked her lips again. Jaden thought she might have revealed her daydream of being conditioned into a robotic escort, with Fiona as the brainwasher.

But the next question emptied her mind . . .

Her stop came and went. Jaden forgot it as soon as the train started moving again. Only Fiona’s wants mattered.

The museum. Half-roused again, Jaden found she was telling Fiona about that nagging memory of a memory she’d tried to forget. For a second the girl looked displeased and Jaden felt sick. Fiona saw that, and said something that made Jaden’s mind go blank.

Then Fiona was telling her things. Jaden sat quietly, nodding and murmuring quiet assent. She let the instructions write themselves onto her brain: she wouldn’t need to know what they were until she was triggered to obey one. Fiona was letting her focus on what an obedient slave she already was.

The train had stopped. She was letting Fiona’s ass mesmerize her as the girl left the car. Jaden closed her eyes . . .

. . . and blinked, staring out at a shopping mall. She’d fallen asleep and missed her stop, but that didn’t worry her. She made her casual way below to the opposite platform to ride back.

She vividly remembered that nothing important had happened on the train.

Finally back in her car, Jaden sat for a moment. The non-memory about Fiona and that day in the museum was back in her mind, but it didn’t bother her anymore. She understood now that she didn’t really want to know what the fucking seed-in-her-mental-teeth was. She just wanted to stop thinking about it.

Fiona had already trained her to stop thinking.

Gripping the wheel, Jaden considered what she’d need and whether she’d have to do some shopping. Her pulse ached in her throat. What she’d thought of to do to herself was like discovering a favorite dildo had a vibrator setting she hadn’t even known about.

She made herself focus on the checklist.

When she got home, she would record a command simply to stop thinking of the problematic memory. Then she would play it, over and over, while she hypnotized herself.

Jaden was going to implant a posthypnotic suggestion in her own mind, and program herself to forget.

She knew she was going to obey.


When Jaden got home, she undressed and collared herself, then stood stiffly and considered what she must find and assemble. It was all here—she hadn’t needed to buy anything. For a second she was detached enough to imagine being a mind controller’s lab-slut, mindlessly gatherring the tools to brainwash another slave into obedience: slave Jaden.

Oh. God.

Her empty expression in the full-length mirror destroyed any lingering resistance.

“Slave Jaden is to be brainwashed.” Her voice’s harshness startled and aroused her. “This slave will process her.” Suddenly she did see herself as someone’s mindwiped pawn, eager to enslave others.

She needed to hear more.

“Slave Jaden has already submitted to initial obedience conditioning.” She fell into her own soulless gaze. “She is receptive. She will not resist.”

She had to swallow. “This slave has been programmed to assemble and activate the voice-command subsystem.”

Then she set to work.

She plugged the tape deck into one of the lamp timers she used when she had to be out at night. The timer was analog—she’d never been big on gadgets and it was scary how far behind the trends she often fell—and it would only approximate the on and off times. That was good for security lighting, making it convincingly irregular, but for this, she’d be at its mercy.

Jaden smiled, hefting the crude little clock. It was dumber than her microwave, and she was going to let it control her mind.

Finally, she loaded the loop tape and picked up the microphone. She’d already worked out what she wanted to say—to hear, boring into her hypnotized mind.

Tape on. “I have no memory of what happened at the museum. I have no desire to remember what . . .” She switched off and rewound.

No. Wrong. She was a slave being brainwashed. It wasn’t her place to say anything—just to kneel numbly, listen, and believe. She took a deep breath and stood up as the inspiration rose in her, looking for a mirror.

“There are no thoughts in my mind,” she told her collared reflection over the dresser. “There are only commands.” She and her reflection shared a blank stare that twitched her clit. Swiveling forward again, she knelt and picked up the mike.

Her lab-slut persona helped. “This slave will instruct slave Jaden,” she droned menacingly. She could almost see a tranquilized woman that looked like her, over there before the full-length mirror. Already too lost in trance to know what awaited her.

Tape on. She looked coldly at nothing as she spoke. “Your mind is soft and blank. So soft. So blank. You have only the soft, blank thoughts you are programmed to think. You have no other thoughts in your soft, blank mind. Your mind is soft and blank.

“You have no other thoughts about the museum. Your mind is soft and blank. You remember only the soft, blank thoughts of the pleasant time you had at the museum.”

Her voice had softened, too, to an insinuating purr. It soothed Jaden even while she spoke. Her mind started to feel . . . soft. And blank.

It helped her focus on the instruction.

“Your soft, blank mind remembers only meeting your new friend Fiona.”

“You are a hypnotized slave. You must obey Fiona.”

Jaden shivered. Even now the mantra sucked at her soft, blank mind.

It would feel so good to weaken and let it defeat her. Let the mike slip from fingers that would reach to her pussy instead, and just repeat the mantra.

Why resist? She was just a hypnotized slave. A submissive tool with no will, worthy only of being bidden and used. Her thoughts existed to be erased or altered. Her resolve was there to melt.

But she was obeying her hypnotist’s will. She must do as she was instructed. The slave would be programmed.

Jaden had had enough willpower to pause the recording. When she knew she’d escaped the distraction, she resumed it. “You will remember only this. You have no other thoughts. You never had other thoughts. You will remember only this in your soft, blank mind.

“Your mind is soft and blank. So soft . . .”

When she finished, it fit the loop perfectly.

Jaden was shaking as she set the deck, and then prepared the timer. She lit the candles and dimmed the lights, and she was almost ready.

Slipping the headphones on as she knelt, she moved the cord behind her, to keep it out of the way of her arms when she began. She worried briefly that even the phones’ light weight, as a different feeling, would distract her.

Then she saw how they looked on her. The nude victim in the slave collar was now crowned with a headset, plugged into something out of view and behind her, dramatizing that someone else controlled what she would hear. The cord itself coiled down around Jaden’s body like the snake seducing Eve. She looked more vulnerable than ever.

The phones rested gently on her ears. They didn’t need to grasp her tightly. Soon the truths would pour quietly out of them in an obedient slavegirl’s voice, and slide stronger, invisible chains across Jaden’s mind.

The headphones really made her look brainwashed.

And she hadn’t even started.

The timer had. She’d given herself a few minutes to get deeper into it, but she needed to begin. Taking a breath, she forced her gaze away from her fetishized self and lifted the stopwatch by its chain. She’d thought of coiling it and letting it drop down in front of her, but decided that sort of flourish was only proper for hypnotists, like Fiona. Not mere slaves like her.

Glancing once at the naked slave in the headphones, Jaden realized she’d completely forgotten to doublecheck the volume. But she was too far gone. It was exquisite to be locked into pose, already too deep in the hypnotic ritual to resist it and break out.

Then she thought about someone breaking in, finding her helplessly suggestible. Waking up as a burglar’s willing slave . . .

I’m trapped in the brainwashing machine. It’s too late—I’m doomed . . .

It would be all right.

Jaden looked up at the watch, turning languidly now, as if it were bored with her devotion to it. As if it saw her masturbate and despised her helpless need.

That just intensified her worship.

“I am obedient,” she whispered to it. “My mind is empty. I am a mindless, obedient slave.” She hoped it would hear her and capture her mind with its swing, wiping the thoughts away so that the posthypnotic suggestion would find her truly blank, empty, receptive.

“I am obedient. My mind is empty. I am a mindless, obedient slave.”

Kneeling erect, feeling everything start to fade, Jaden crooned her promises to the spinning watch, offering it her blankness, begging it to take her.

Loving it for shining and spinning and giving her nothing. Just taking her mind.

By the time she was chanting about being a hypnotized slave and obeying Fiona, she had no memory of when she’d changed.

Then a soft hiss washed across everything. The watch strobed dimly in the candlelight, and Jaden’s tamed mind imagined a pulsing within the hiss that synchronized with the light and pulled her deeper into trance.

“Your mind is soft and blank.” The voice stunned her. It was icy with purpose. “So soft. So blank.” It throbbed with someone else’s implacable will.

Jaden had no will. She opened to it helplessly. Her mind was so soft and blank.


Gaping up at the watch, Jaden bucked in another gentle orgasm.

Her strumming hand was as still as the one dangling the watch above her. She fucked it with mindless pelvic thrusts.

“I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.” She was still whispering. Jaden spasmed against her hand again.

Seeing herself in the mirror almost set her off once more. The headphones, her slack expression—Jaden wanted to be the lab-slut who’d manhandle this brainwashed girl. But playtime was over.

She tidied up until she was holding the tape. She’d programmed herself with it to forget something. Now she had no idea what it had been. She remembered her own voice, sounding like someone else’s, but not the words it had branded into her.

It had worked. Jaden had brainwashed herself. Literally.

Only the tape now held any trace of whatever she’d cleansed her mind of. She could still play it back—just hearing it wouldn’t trigger a trance.

But she had been programmed. She was a hypnotized slave, who did only as she was told.

She’d been told to forget. The tape’s knowledge was forbidden to her now. As lab-slut or subject, Jaden was only allowed to think it to erase it from her mind, and that was completed. She must destroy this data, too.

She did.

Rewind, then Record. For purposes of her pretend-brainwash, it was now as blank as her mind.

Jaden wanted to use it on herself again. But before she could think of anything, the phone rang.

“Paaaarrrrty time!” Donna cackled.

Jaden snapped to attention, wanting it to be a trigger before she could even think. God, she still got wet thinking about Donna robotizing them all.

“Um—ohhh.” Jaden got it. “The Devlins!” They, Mr and Mrs, liked to book two or three escorts at once.

“They’d like you and Tavia tonight, Jaden. I’ve already contacted her.”

“Cool!” Jaden blinked. “I’m seeing Tavia—”

“—later, right. She mentioned that. She can tell you everything between tortures.” Donna was no fan of gyms. “Tonight’s theme is ‘hitchhikers.’ Petra and Rod will be in the van to keep an eye on things.”

Jaden thanked her. The Devlins were safe enough, but they liked to play outside. It was good to know Donna’s security team wouldn’t be far if someone else crashed the scene. Or just carjacked it.

On her way to the gym, she considered the Devlins. Sometimes they liked to order in, and the girls they picked would spend the whole date at their suburban mcMansion, playing frisky maids or wayward schoolgirls or even submissive concubines. But the last time, they’d met her and Tavia in a parking structure downtown.

The two of them pranced over to the limousine under the cold lights, everyone pretending Rod’s van was empty. Jaden and Tavia looked as cheap-but-hot as they could get in glittery hotpants, tube tops, and makeup. Letting the couple coax them into the car, they’d gone on to submit to all sorts of use as soon as cash was waved in their faces.

It had been a blast, and they’d kept every extra bill they earned.

The gym wasn’t too busy at this hour, with the lunch tide ebbing and the evening social tsunami still gathering force out there in the office blocks. Still, Jaden had plenty of hotness to check out on her way to change.

In a sports bra and bike shorts, Tavia was working with freeweights as Jaden walked up. Jaden thought about Bikergirl, her messenger from the train the other day, but Tavia’s fitness-model body was a whole different thing.

Vive la diff. Jaden imagined them both holding her down. Making her do things.

“Found me!” Tavia grinned at her and did something that worked her torso. Jaden missed it, mesmerized by her friend’s tits.

“Just followed everyone’s sightlines.” Jaden smiled first at Tavia’s cleavage, then up at Tavia.

Tavia returned the favor in her own way. “I like those shorts. Can I be them for a while?”

Jaden started stretching, after seeing which way Tavia was facing so she could watch. “Hmm. No guys in earshot to hear that and embarrass themselves, so why—

“Awwww! So you really do like me after all, Octavia!” She and Tavia had fucked each other on duty to please dates, but they’d never quite gotten around to doing it on their own. It had become a game.

Tavia smiled silently, but her panting as she worked the weights became more bedroom-like.

“Speaking,” Jaden changed legs, “of shorts. I’m thinking very small denim cutoffs for tonight’s gig. I have a pair I wore to the beach, back when. They still fit. Kinda.”

“Mmm-hmm,” Tavia nodded. “The Devlins’d love seeing your ass before they have it. They want to pick up a pair of slutty yet careless teenagers, and then have their evil ways with us.”

Jaden looked up, blinking innocently. “Abuse our virginal bodies and minds?”

“Minds?” Tavia paused. “You want a client to fuck our minds?”

Jaden blushed at the question and at how it turned her on. She even worried for a second about blurting out Fiona’s secret jones for hypnotizing women.

But Fiona had hypnotized her to keep the secret, and Jaden was mindbound to obey. It just aroused her more, and she stared up at her friend, helpless to explain why her nipples were really tweaking the T-shirt. And Tavia’d sounded less puzzled than—interested?

“I have a client who likes that.” Tavia actually seemed sheepish, and her voice went a little husky. She looked almost defiantly at Jaden. “Using hypnosis on me. Ordering me around when I’m in a trance.”

Jaden squirmed with the need to confess—and with wishing she could see Tavia hypnotized. But maybe Tavia’s regular was just into D/s.

“She’s a student. Very hot. I’d almost do her for free.”

Jaden grinned up at her, wanting to rub herself through the spandex until Tavia noticed. She fought to think. “A lot of students lately.”

If she tried getting Tavia to describe her hypnotist, to see if it were Fiona, would Fiona’s lock on her mind even let her?

But if it were Fiona, why hadn’t she programmed Tavia?

Tavia wasn’t looking at her. “Ohmigod, this is so weird!” Tavia gaped and waved to someone. Jaden scrambled to her feet before turning to see who it was.


Grinning below her owlish glasses, Fiona looked adorable and sexy in the running shorts and tank top, a nerd trying to infiltrate the jocks. She stepped closer.

Jaden twitched with all sorts of impulses—come to attention, kneel, crawl over and kiss Fiona’s crotch.

Turn and run? Where had that come from?

Fiona’s smile drained all of them from her. She waited, anesthetized, as Fiona walked up to her, almost close enough to kiss.

“See the watch, Jaden.” Fiona’s teasing whisper drowned out the gym noise around them. She watched Jaden look down at her breasts. There was nothing between them.

Jaden saw the watch anyway.

I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.

For a moment she kept enough willpower to think Tavia, help me! But she couldn’t make herself speak.

It was so hard to want to . . .

Fiona had again snatched her mind, in public. Right next to her friend. Now the girl would make her lie to Tavia, then lead her helplessly away.

With everything she had, Jaden forced her gaze over to Tavia, hoping Tavia would notice something wrong with her sudden passivity.

Tavia was smiling dreamily over Fiona’s head, arms by her sides.

Jaden’s mind dimmed pleasantly. Her gaze swung back to Fiona, where it belonged.

Her hypnotist was grinning at her friend.

“Octavia.” Fiona spoke softly, as if soothing a horse.

“I hear the music,” Tavia responded, softly so only they could hear. “I hear only the special music.” Her sigh was bliss. “I am completely hypnotized now.”

She got—Tavia. Jaden’s will slipped from her again. She was hypnotized, too, and ready to obey.

“Let’s go somewhere quiet, ladies.” Fiona was panting and made herself breathe more slowly. “I have some commands you’ll each want to obey.”

Then there was nothing but the wonderful feeling of walking behind her hypnotist, beside her best friend, mind drained of everything but the slow-burning need to be used.


In the shower, Jaden teased herself by not reaching down between her thighs.

She’d come a lot tonight anyway.

She and Tavia been naive girls, then shocked but horny girls, then happily fucked girls, before the Devlins’ limo had even reached home. Once there, she and Tavia became naughty neighbors who’d sneaked in before being surprised and blackmailed into very wet servitude.

Afterward, she’d almost asked Tavia to come home with her. Tavia’s expression had softened—then her eyelids had drooped a little. “We need to go home now. To sleep.”

Jaden enjoyed how easily the words wiped away her thought. “Yes. To sleep.”

She hadn’t been sleepy when she got home. Preparing another stopwatch session, she thought about tape-programming herself again.

Playing with her mind like that was dangerous, but more tempting than scary. Thinking again about a break-in while she was hypnotized, Jaden pictured a catburglar-girl finding her naked, dripping, and defenseless, and hijacking her trance. She’d twist Jaden’s mind into a knot of masochistic eagerness to please.

It puzzled her to feel only a mild urge to masturbate about it. She collared herself and went to the dresser for the watch.

At the mirror, something else slid home in her mind. Stopwatch play faded. Staring at the slavegirl waiting to be hypnotized, she waited.

The longer she did, not even touching herself, the more excited she grew. She felt like a slave, literally waiting on her owner. Someone who could afford to leave her idle and blank—and brainwashed her to enjoy it.

Her computer pinged.

Jaden went to the desk. She stayed on her feet, tingling. She looked at the new mail’s subject.

See Only The Watch, Jaden :)

She twitched. The watch was in her mind, a giant rotating planet pulling her into orbit.

“I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.” She opened the mail.

Text. She noticed words and phrases that made her blank as she read, snapping out of it only long enough to be stunned again.

The e-mail seemed to let her realize it was hypnotizing her over and over. The pleasure just made her submit again.

Picture. A woman. Jaden saw her through a tunnel of pulsating concentric circles. The e-mail was still hypnotizing her, implanting compulsions about the woman.

She never knew when it finished with her. She didn’t wake up until she was checking her makeup in the hall mirror and smoothing her Little Black Dress. Skipping underwear made her feel like a slut, but that made her nipples hard enough to show.

Downstairs, a cab she didn’t remember calling was waiting. Jaden dampened as she murmured her destination. She knew the bar, but the address had been implanted in her thoughts. She said it like a ventriloquist’s dummy.

Soon she’d be a puppet, too. She wished she’d rouged circles on her cheeks so everyone would know.

It only mattered that one person did, when she took up the strings and made Jaden dance.

In the bar, she caught some glances, but pretty women in short dresses were everywhere here. Not a lot of working girls, though she suspected many of them were fucking for profit.

But—that’s—what I do. It was hard even to hold that thought as she drifted toward the bar. Faint guilt pricked at her trance, about stepping out on Donna by freelancing this way.

But I’m not. I’m just . . . obeying.

Someone behind her copped a feel, squeezing harder when he or she felt nothing but Jaden, under the dress. Gone too soon for Jaden to lean into it.

And I’m not going to be paid tonight. Just fucked.

Slaves don’t get paid. It slid easily into her mind. Hypnotized slaves don’t want to be.

Jaden heard herself order a drink, to hold one before someone could buy her one. Reciting more implanted words turned her on. Her voice softened with it, winning a more-interested smile from the bartender. Jaden smiled back and turned away, feeling his memory drain from her. She held the drink without even knowing what her trance had used her to get.

She saw the woman she was programmed for and moved toward her around the edges of the room, ignoring everyone else.

I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona. None of them knew. Jaden sleepwalked through them in a deep trance, obeying commands she didn’t fully remember yet.

As she glimpsed her objective, her pussy tickled. Soon she would obey this woman, without knowing who she was or what she would make Jaden do. At least Jaden knew why.

Hypnotized girls obey.

She came up to the booth. The woman was more attractive than the phone-photo, better looking than many of her female dates for Donna. She wasn’t anything like Jaden’s type, but Jaden trembled with how urgently she wanted to let the woman use her.

“May I?”

The woman’s eyes glowed in the table’s low lamplight as she nodded. Jaden slid into the booth beside her, showing off her legs.

Setting down the untasted drink, Jaden leaned closer. Her need to please the woman thrummed down her nerves. If she weren’t hypnotically controlled, she’d be sliding under the table and nosing her way between the woman’s thighs.

But if I weren’t hypnotized, I wouldn’t look twice at her. Unless I was paid. I wouldn’t—

“I couldn’t help myself,” she purred, as programmed. “I had to come.”

The recognition code was imprinted in Jaden’s mind, but the woman looked uncertain. It would have worried Jaden to submit to someone who seemed that unsure, but she would trust and obey this woman because someone had hypnotized her to. Worry was for the free.

“I’m, uh, I’m Lena.”

“Lena.” Jaden breathed it like perfume. Lena blinked, as if an aroused girl close enough to slide against only confused her.

“I’m Jaden.” There was something Lena was supposed to say to her now, and Jaden was helpless to do anything until she did.

Lena blinked again. “Did—? Oh.” She half-smiled and then glanced at something in her hand, looking back up at Jaden. There was new authority in her eyes, and Jaden felt nice to fall into them.

“Um—’the sweet dark joy of a bird before a snake.’”

Lena drew back almost imperceptibly as if Jaden might burst into flames now. Or laugh.

Jaden closed her eyes and opened them, as if Lena had stroked her.

“You just made me your hypnotized slave, Lena.” Jaden dampened as she played back the words in her mind, and savored Lena’s joy and half-disbelief. “Your toy.

“I must obey your every command.”

Lena’s eyes darted around, but no one else could hear. Anyone might suspect the fox in the LBD, whispering to the plainer woman, might be a whore, or at least an opportunist. But no one knew Lena was possessing a slave.

“I have no mind or will. Only the need to please you.”

Lena was close enough to breathe Jaden’s perfume. Under the table she took Jaden’s thigh. Jaden flexed like a cat under the caress.

“I—” Lena stared, as if suddenly recalling her toy was hypnotized. Wondering if there was any resistance.

“No will,” Jaden assured her. “Just—obedience.”

“I have a room,” Lena whispered.

“I can submit here.” Jaden smiled. “If you command.” Even in the trance, she knew Lena would rather die than play in public. But her eyes sparkled—she did understand, now, that Jaden was really under her control.

Boarding an elevator, Jaden’s thoughts drifted. Freelancing. Donna. So wet, being a stranger’s hypnotized slave.

Lena was behind her, not quite touching. Worried about cameras.

I’m not getting paid.

Jaden felt breath on her neck. Wanted to rub her ass against Lena’s crotch. Did nothing without Lena’s command.

I’m just getting fucked.