The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by trilby else ()


Jaden awoke on her back. She felt carpeting and opened her eyes to see her bedroom ceiling, striped with sun.

She was sitting up when movement caught her eye. She was sprawled in front of the full-length mirror. Right. She’d come home after the hotel.

Jaden could still taste Lena. She’d gotten home early this morning when Lena sent her away, and hadn’t showered. Letting the other woman’s scent fill her head, she’d just slipped out of the LBD and knelt to masturbate.

No need for the watch. It had spun above her in her mind. She kept reliving the ways Lena had used her, all the times Lena had made her say how obedient she was.

Everything Lena did to her had deepened her trance. Lena had let her come, a lot, but just to watch her do it.

She’d seen how orgasms left Jaden more needful, instead of satisfying her. Jaden had almost climaxed again as she told Lena that was a difference between slaves and mistresses. It inspired Lena to get the strapon and make Jaden put it on her before she bent Jaden over for it.

Kneeling before her mirror, Jaden had frigged herself many times as she played it back. She looked at herself now, leaning back on one arm, legs asprawl, sex hair. Delicious. She forced herself up but only got as far as hands and knees. Then she wanted to watch herself take something up her ass. Like the larger—


Closing her eyes didn’t shut out Lena’s musk. She’d worn it all the way home. Others in the elevator, the cab driver that had brought her home—had they smelled it on her?

It turned her on to imagine they’d have thought she was a bottom. Not anyone’s lover and equal, but a bitchy boss’s coerced subordinate, a socialite in thrall to her personal trainer who’d soon start blackmailing her. Or a prostitute working the cocktail lounge until someone got their money’s worth.

I didn’t get paid. She felt the compulsion tighten, squeezing any concern out of her mind. She wasn’t supposed to be paid. Just used.

Breathing Lena, Jaden tried to wonder who Lena was. But her compulsion eased that, too, out of her thoughts.

I am a hypnotized slave.

Thinking it didn’t send her into trance, but she calmed down. She was a slave, and needed only to obey her hypnotist and please whomever she was given to. Who that was, wasn’t for her to think about.

Being mentally dismissed like that felt so hot.

She was so lucky, too. Given to another woman like Fiona who wanted to fuck a hypnotized girl. It had been colder this time, more impersonal. And Jaden started already hypnotized, with none of the intimacy of an induction. Lena wasn’t a fetishist, just someone who’d wanted to control a pretty woman who couldn’t say no.

Lena had enjoyed taking Jaden against her will, after someone else had chained it. Given to someone like that—

Jaden fingered herself to a quick orgasm.

Her head cleared enough to examine herself in the mirror. Parts of her were still sore, but Lena’s abuse hadn’t left any marks. Jaden put that down to inexperience instead of skill. Which could be dangerous, but not this time. Lena hit like a girl.

Jaden smiled. She could already think of Lena without wanting to kneel and lick. She’d only been programmed for the night.

Then, of course, she remembered. It wasn’t a date. Lena hadn’t given her anything but girlhoney and slaps, and Jaden was certain she’d see no money from this.

But someone had gotten paid. Fiona had the password to her mind, and she could turn Jaden into her robot-whore whenever she wanted.

It didn’t scare Jaden. As she started to picture herself stalking wide-eyed through a hotel corridor, she realized it was more posthypnotic control. Fiona was making her want to be a slave, and she did.

She felt very bad about Donna, though. Disloyalty hurt worse than fear for her own freedom. Jaden tried to wonder if that was part of the hypnotic web she was falling into, but got aroused as her interest in it ebbed.

Almost detached from herself, she turned away from the naked girl in the mirror and looked for her phone. It was still in her purse, which she’d dumped on a chair with her keys.

Brief panic roused her, but when she looked over, the Little Black Dress hung neatly where she’d put it last night. She hadn’t just dropped it in her haste to debase herself.

I’m brainwashed, not braindead.

As she hit the speed-dial for Donna, she stopped smiling. She had no idea what to say about last night, and it was so tempting to put it off and think everything over that she didn’t dare. She just had to.

Jaden wanted to blurt it out and let Donna decide how she felt about it. It might get her fired, and she knew Donna could get her blacklisted with other services.

Maybe risking that would make Donna understand.

“Hey, Jaden. And good morning. Don’t know what to do with yourself?” Donna never added the punch line. Jaden wondered how often she’d heard it.

“Um, doing that already.” Jaden laughed, but then she palmed her slit as she stood there. Suddenly she was excited to tell Donna all about turning a trick off the books. Admitting she was so far under someone’s thumb that she did it for free.

“Wondering what was up, anyway.” Her head felt looser. Just hearing Donna on the phone was dimming her earlier desire to—

Oh. Right.

Telling Donna would mean explaining she was hypnotized. But Fiona was the one who’d taken her mind with hypnosis, and she’d programmed Jaden not to tell.

The posthypnotic suggestion. Jaden was a slave with no will to choose. She must obey.

It turned her on even more than her fingers, flexing so gently between her legs.

Donna told her about one booking for tonight and a possible for this afternoon, depending on the airlines. Jaden listened to herself agree, and squirmed in the invisible harness that prevented her from asking for help. It was turning her on so much she wanted to scream.

“Can you wait that long?” Donna laughed quietly. Maybe she’d heard Jaden’s heart booming or the yearning in her voice.

“Sorry.” Jaden could at least bring her hand away from her pussy.

“Just save something for the paying customers, honeybunch.” It slapped Jaden with what had made her call in the first place. Donna’s friendly tone just made it worse. But like Lena’s occasional spanking last night, that just made Jaden wet.

Jaden’s eyes were wet, too, when she rang off. She wasn’t sure why. She’d obeyed Fiona’s command. That was what mattered. Thinking about her beautiful hypnotist and Fiona’s hold on her, Jaden let whatever brought the tears slip away forgotten.

Her pussy was still wet, and she looked over at the stopwatch.

Then her computer pinged. Even as she tried to remember when she’d reset it for audible alerts, she was at the desk, standing. She barely saw the spam.

See Only The Watch, Jaden :)

She barely heard herself moan as she surrendered to trance. She felt so good letting the e-mail pull her in that she didn’t even try to pay attention to what it was implanting in her mind.

She was a hypnotized slave. It would make her do what she needed to when she was awakened.

Jaden was still standing at the desk when her cell rang. It was in her hand, and she brought it up to see the number. It cued her to answer.

“Want to go for a ride, little girl?” Tavia was laughing, but she sounded subdued, too, just like Jaden.

“Um, OK,” Jaden said, then laughed. She was still hypnotized. So was Tavia.

“Be downstairs in five,” Tavia told her. “I’ll be there.”

“See ya.” I will obey.


The motel was low-end but clean. Tavia hadn’t said anything in the car, and Jaden hadn’t asked. It had been arousing to ride like that, her mind suspended until her programming needed it—and to know her friend was under control beside her.

She followed Tavia to the second floor. Inside, she stood at attention and just gazed through the filmy drapes at the pool. The lifeguard was a sulky, pretty teenager in a bright blue maillot and a ballcap.

“Undress.” Tavia was already stripping, and Jaden slid out of the clothes she’d jumped into after Tavia’s phone summons.

“Come here.” By the bed, Tavia smiled as Jaden walked over and embraced her. When Tavia eased her away, Jaden melted with how good it felt letting her friend take control.

A sob surprised both of them. “Oh god, Tavia! I—”

A kiss silenced her. Tavia held her at arms’ length again.

“We must obey.” She searched Jaden’s eyes.

Shivering, Jaden straightened. “I understand. We must obey.”

She gasped as more internal commands hit her awareness. “I will . . . obeyyy.”

Tavia offered her a scrap of fabric. Jaden slid into what turned out to be a spidery one-piece, watching Tavia almost-dress in a string bikini. They slipped into heeled sandals, and Tavia grabbed a totebag, pulling out designer-knockoff sunglasses. It was almost like roleplay for the Devlins, but this was for someone else, and more risky. Hotter.

Jaden was almost giddy about doing this under hypnosis. In a place she didn’t know, wearing practically nothing. She watched Tavia’s ass sway, loving that her friend’s trance was just as deep.

Deeper. Fiona had programmed her to obey Tavia. So Tavia must be even more obedient, to be that useful. Jaden juiced, to obey another slave so blindly.

The lifeguard ignored them as they put towels over a pair of deckchairs. Jaden forgot the girl and lay prone on one as Tavia began oiling her.

It overwhelmed her, her friend’s hands on her like this. Only her trance kept Jaden from trying to roll and reach for her.

It only let her writhe a little and mew, turning over when commanded so Tavia could do her front. Tavia did it slowly, posing. Even through the arousal and hypnosis, Jaden almost expected to hear a porno-soundtrack saxophone.

But that would cue them to pull suit strings and start to make out. Which wasn’t the porno she and Tavia were here to perform.

“Now do me.”

Jaden knelt by Tavia’s lounger like a proper servant, warming the oil while Tavia squirmed unnecessarily to get comfortable. She was caressing her friend’s ass when someone spoke.


Two guys were grinning at them. The gym-muscled one with gold chains and blond spiked hair ran out his tongue. The skinny one in some band’s T-shirt just nodded. Jaden had done worse-looking guys on dates, though few as scruffy as this could afford Donna’s rates.

But that was before Fiona hypnotized her into a slave. She wasn’t even getting paid for this, but she must obey. They were more off-putting than their photos, but the e-mail had programmed Jaden with the photos and what she must do, and made her want to.

Tavia rose on her elbows, one breast brushing Jaden’s arm. Her friend was obeying her own implanted commands.

Tavia shaded her eyes, displaying the breast further. “I don’t think they have a kiddie pool,” she told them. Jaden started counting to herself.

“Ooh!” Gold Chains mock-flinched. “Feisty!”

Jaden reached a number that tweaked her. She stood. “You guys just need to—”

“Awww.” He grinned, and the rest died in her throat. “We just got off on the wrong foot!” He caught Jaden’s eye. “I don’t think you want anyone giving you a hard time.”

“I—what?” She blinked at him and swayed a little, as if the words had dazed her. “H-hard?”

“Jaden?” Tavia’s voice was quiet, mildly concerned.

Gold Chains’ grin widened, if that were possible. “If you open your mind and listen to me, the thrust of what I am saying will penetrate.”

Jaden gaped at him, nodding slowly, letting her arms fall. “Ohh . . . thrussst . . .”

“Jaden?” Tavia was sitting up now. Jaden could see her from the corner of her eye, and the other two could enjoy Tavia’s outthrust chest. “Are you letting this crap work on you?”

“I—” Jaden moved her hips a little, still transfixed by Gold Chains. “I just feel so hot, all of a sudden!” She giggled.

“Oh for—” Tavia snorted, then swung her legs to the concrete to give them a frontal view. “Look, wherever you learned that cheap neuro-linguis—”

“You also need to relax, baby. Believe me.” Gold Chains grinned as Tavia blinked and swayed, still watching him. “As long as you listen, I will comply with everything, because I don’t think you want to see anything below me. You see, because I want to please.”

“Wh-what—you . . . huh?” Tavia’s head leaned to one side.

Jaden blinked as if that were snapping her out of it. Gold Chains nudged T-shirt. “Do her.”

“Uhh—you don’t need—” The thinner one shut his eyes in frustration. “Ummmm, right. You do need to, if you’re frantic about a need for sex, then you must be able to, uhhh—uhh—”

Tavia rescued him with a soft groan and some panting, which satisfied them she was tranquilized now.

“Neeeeed?” Jaden recertified herself as entranced, looking at them. “I, um, want to . . . please . . .”

“You need to be open,” Gold Chains assured her. As he elbowed T-shirt, Jaden didn’t blink, just staring at him in dopey adoration.

“Open!” she cooed, nodding again.

“O—open.” Tavia seemed under their influence now, too, and rose dreamily from the lounger.

“Whooahhh.” Slack-jawed at Tavia, T-shirt looked as hypnotized as the girls were supposed be, until elbowed again. “Sorry.”

Jaden knew this gimmick wasn’t even supposed to work this way. Did these cheeseball svengalis think they were actually mesmerizing them? Skimmed from a lad-mag—or maybe this was just how they wanted to trigger two whores they’d paid to have pre-hypnotized.

It didn’t matter. They were paying for it. She and Tavia would obey.

Jaden wasn’t too entranced to see paying for it was the only way these two could make this work.

With some subtle prompting from them, Gold Chains and T-shirt “talked” the girls into wrapping themselves around them and begging them to come up to the room.

Gold Chains grunted. “Double beds?”

Jaden ground her pussy against him and wished he were Tavia. “I dunno?” she giggled. “Like, king-sized?”

“I got your king-sized right here, baby!” He almost drooled as she sagged against him and moaned needfully.

“It? You share one bed?” T-shirt seemed more confident the dumber the girls acted. “Duuude! Girl-on-girl action!” They high-fived. Jaden and Tavia giggled some more.

Jaden hoped they tried this shit later, on someone in her right mind. With a right hook.

On the stairs, T-shirt grabbed Jaden’s ass. She licked his ear. He smelled like cheap girl-magnet bodyspray, but that was better than she’d expected.

“Oooh, thruuust!” she giggled. It turned her on to obey her programming.

The lifeguard’s glare just made her wet.

Not that T-shirt would know. Unless she told him. He was trying to get a finger into her crotch, but even with how her suit was cut he couldn’t reach from where he’d started. She mmmmed anyway.

If the programming made her suck him off on the walkway while the lifeguard watched, she’d obey. Orgasming.

But it didn’t. It only kept Jaden making a slutty fool of herself and driving him crazy. Tavia opened their room, prancing inside with a squeal. Gold Chains had slapped her ass loudly enough for the lifeguard to hear.

Jaden smiled stupidly into T-shirt’s face.

If her programming compelled her to slam his windpipe against the walkway rail, she’d obey that, too. Orgasming.

T-shirt grinned back and led her inside.


The room phone rang once. Again. A minute later, twice more.

Gold Chains was ramming Tavia from behind while she knelt, servicing Jaden as they’d told her to. The tonguelashing left Jaden boneless, and Tavia’s pitiless rhythm didn’t change, either. Their trances kept them hyperalert to the two clients’ voices, so even floating in pre-climax, Jaden heard them.

“That’s the signal.” T-shirt leaped off the bed before he could fuck Jaden’s mouth again. She kept pursing it, fish-like, as Tavia licked. “Dude. We gotta go. She said.”

“Not—til—uhhhhh—” As Gold Chains shouted his way through release, Tavia never faltered. Jaden wanted to stroke her head, but she couldn’t move.

They pulled their clothes on and looked at the girls. Gold Chains grinned and ran a hand through his blond spikes. T-shirt, disappointed and relieved at once, paused.

“Ladies, I just—”

Gold Chains yanked him toward the door. “Shut up, man. Bitches can’t even hear you now.”

Even after the door slammed, Tavia kept at her, like a robot.

Jaden gripped handfuls of sheet. “T-ta . . . Taviiii . . .”

Tavia tapped her clit and Jaden bucked into her face, nearly passing out. She cried. The best orgasm of the day and Tavia had saved it for her, when they were alone.

Tavia held her through it, then slid partway up between her legs, kissing Jaden’s belly before resting her head on it. Now Jaden managed to caress her.

Tavia’s cellphone rang. It triggered her. Gently rising from Jaden’s body, she came to attention, then pivoted and stepped over to her clothes for the phone. As Jaden rolled her head to watch, she held it and stared at the wall.

It rang again. Tavia raised it, still fixated on the wall. She listened, speaking quietly from time to time. She sounded so tame.

Jaden heard her own name but couldn’t concentrate, lost in how sexy her friend looked in a trance. Listening to her hypnotist.

“I will obey.” Tavia rang off and set the phone down, then came to the bed and took Jaden’s limp arm.

“Rise.” She spoke so tenderly that Jaden started weeping again. “For me.”

Jaden got herself up, for that, and Tavia let her slide into her arms. She tasted herself on Tavia’s lips as they kissed. Then Tavia led her to the bathroom and they washed Gold Chains and T-shirt from their bodies. Toweling each other off, they didn’t speak. Jaden tingled with the desire to pull Tavia closer and fuck.

But it kept feeling better to stay passive and obey. Presently, Tavia told her to go back out and wait by the bed.

She was still hypnotized. It felt sweeter the longer she stayed under.

The bed was a mess after the fuck-o-RAma, as T-shirt had insisted on calling it, when he could speak clearly. Jaden remembered making him come, acting like they were both God’s gift, babbling gratefully when they agreed to fuck her ass.

She’d done all that to obey her hypnotist. Fiona had put all that into her head and knew Jaden would carry it out. Fiona had called her a perfect slave, and she was. She didn’t know if Fiona had planted cameras here to see them perform, or if the girl would just interrogate her and Tavia in trance.

Maybe Fiona didn’t even care—she just took for granted that she’d brainwashed Jaden that well.

Tavia must be even deeper in her thrall. Maybe she’d turned tricks like this under Fiona’s control for a while. Obeying Fiona’s posthypnotic suggestion to reveal nothing to anyone. Not even Jaden.

While Jaden had kept her slavery from Tavia, Tavia was keeping it from her. Tavia was already a perfect slave.

Jaden stood by the motel bed, waiting to be told what to do.

She held still even when she heard Tavia pad back into the room. Tavia breathed, maybe watching her. Or maybe in a deeper trance, no longer seeing Jaden at all.

Just thinking all that, and keeping obediently still, felt like Tavia’s tongue back where it had been.

“Jaden.” Tavia was awake after all. Or at least no deeper than she was. She turned.

Her friend was halfway from the bathroom. Tavia’s eyes were focused, but not on Jaden or anything else here. Maybe she’d been programmed to fall deeper once the clients were gone.

She wore a black collar just like Jaden’s, with only one other adornment on that awesome body. Two belly chains graced Tavia’s middle. The thicker, lower one dipped toward her slit in a shallow V.

From the V’s tip hung a pocketwatch.

Jaden saw only the watch.

Dropping to her knees, she stared, moaning, distantly thrilled that even in her own trance Tavia was seeing her succumb.

“I am a hypnotized slave.” Her voice was weak but shook with pride. “I must obey Fiona.”

She repeated it as Tavia stepped closer, the watch swaying with her hips. Jaden wasn’t too lost in it, yet, to feel Tavia’s warmth so close. Or to smell Tavia’s cunt, scented with soap and with new juice as Tavia watched her soften.

Tavia’s fingertips touched her head, guiding Jaden to kneel and lean in. Jaden kissed Tavia’s nether lips. She almost closed her eyes in ecstasy at the taste, the softness, the smooth thighs framing her face. Tavia’s whimper.

Seeing the watch, Jaden forgot her eyes could close.

Tavia spoke, in a soft toneless voice that barely sounded like her. For a moment that pulled Jaden’s gaze up to her friend’s glassy eyes. But the watch and Tavia’s delicious pussy drew her down again.

She awakened in Tavia’s car as it pulled up to her building. Tavia’s hand was on her thigh but they both stared out through the windshield.

“I understand what I must do,” Jaden reported. It turned her on not to know what that was.

“Obey and sleep.” Tavia stroked her and let go.

“I will obey, and sleep.” Jaden turned her head to look at her friend. She wanted to lean over and kiss her, hard. But her will was bridled and its rider turned her away.

They just smiled, and Jaden got out. She waved as Tavia drove off.

She had time to shower again before the evening’s dates. Even in her submissive haze, she was reluctant to scrub Tavia’s smell from her face.

But being a slave meant obedience, and that was even sweeter than Tavia.

Cleansed of scent, she knelt and spun the stopwatch. It wasn’t like kneeling to the watch on Tavia’s body, but Jaden was too well-conditioned for the difference to matter. Her mantras tunneled deeper into her mind.

When she woke, she was calm. She chatted easily with Donna when she checked in to confirm the bookings. Donna had no idea she was talking with a puppet. Jaden tensed with pleasure as another idea took over her mind, without even changing her voice.

She heard herself ask when she’d be on call. Her programming used her to keep blocks of time open. The last two times she’d turned tricks under Fiona’s control, she’d been lucky. Now, the next time another e-mail hypnotized her, there’d be no risk of conflict with Donna’s schedule.

Donna thought it was to free time for auditions, though she knew Jaden had fallen off those when the money from her dates had gotten so good. She said she was glad Jaden was investing some time in herself, and Jaden knew she meant it.

Of course a slave had no time, and a brainwashed slave had no real self. Jaden just relaxed and let Donna treat her like a free person.

That fulfilled the will of her hypnotist. That was all Jaden lived for.


Tavia was a slave, like her.

Tonight’s dates had exerted Jaden’s body but left her mind unsatisfied. Now she closed her eyes, savoring the thought. It was even hotter than her own naked, kneeling body in the mirror.

God. Did Tavia kneel like this each night, hypnotizing herself deeper into Fiona’s thrall? Maybe she was doing it right now. Not even awake anymore, lost in adoring her hypnotist. Their hypnotist.

Fiona had hypnotized her friend into another slave.

She thought about calling Tavia. But she musn’t. It might break Tavia’s trance—if Tavia weren’t already too deep to awaken.

Did Tavia even remember she was enslaved, when she wasn’t in trance?

Jaden fingered herself. My friend may be hypnotized right now. I should want to snap her out of it.

It wasn’t just her, anymore. It wasn’t just a jill-off dream about hypnotized escorts.

It was real. Someone Jaden cared about was more enslaved than she was. Fiona had used Tavia to control her at the motel—so Fiona had her hooks even deeper in Tavia’s mind.

This is so warped! My best friend’s been brainwashed, and I just want to masturbate!

No. She wanted to fuck Tavia again. They’d writhe in the sheets and come and come and come and when they screamed it would be Fiona!

Jaden opened her eyes. The nude girl in the mirror didn’t distract her.

Tavia was a slave.

Jaden looked at her collar. Tavia had worn one like it today, after the two dickweeds had left. How many more of Donna’s escorts wore Fiona’s collar? Thought her implanted thoughts?

Fuck. She’d only fantasized that.

Jaden stayed on her knees and admitted to herself that she liked thinking about it.

I really have been brainwashed. She looked into her eyes and touched herself. If Tavia were here right now—

—she’d be in her collar, staring. If she could speak, she would tell Jaden to obey.

Submission flowed through Jaden, then, like a drug. She wanted it all to happen.

A normal girl wouldn’t react like this. But Jaden wasn’t a normal girl, not anymore.

“I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.” Letting the watch snatch her gaze, she slipped easily into trance.

The hand between her thighs was dewy when she came out of it, but she still craved.

Wearing her collar to bed, Jaden drifted from dream to wet, slick dream, curled around her hand.

Some of her dates floated back into her mind. As her awareness ebbed, her subconscious got to work on them like a cable-TV makeover from hell.

The Devlins became strangers who lured her and Tavia into the limousine, drugged them, and took them to a warehouse where they held other kidnapped girls in tiers of cages around a sinister, gleaming machine. Any girl they put into it came out a zombie.

It was eerily quiet. Most of the girls had been in the machine.

Jaden watched them strap Tavia in as she thrashed and tried to hurt someone. The other women watched Tavia, too, and touched themselves.

As Jaden slept, her tonguetip thrust out like a snake’s. Loving her subconscious.

Under the restraints, Tavia swore and screamed—until the strange lights and tones began. Tavia’s struggles slowed until she just spasmed in her bonds, pleading to serve. When they released her, she went meekly to her new cage.

Jaden masturbated until they came for her. She went willingly to the machine, touching herself until they bound both hands, humping it with her ass until they strapped her thighs down, laughing at her. Then they turned it on and her mind dissolved.

That climax woke her. Where was this horror-movie shit coming from? And why wasn’t it scaring the crap out of her—instead of making her want it throbbing inside her?

God. Just thinking that made her wet.

This was bad. Seeing take-no-shit Tavia tamed had made Jaden come. Awake and asleep.

She put her hands under the pillow as she lay, hoping she’d sleep again before they slipped back down.

It was a mistake. As Jaden weakened and relaxed, the sweet stink of her own rut filled her nostrils, her head, her mind.

She felt dirty and helplessly aroused to let it happen to her. She just closed her eyes.

She was in a cavernous chamber, dim and warm. A surreal gym. Distorted equipment warped into cruel but tempting sextoys, then into Gigeresque biosculpture rising into the higher darkness.

Round shapes floated and turned. Whenever one was bright enough for Jaden to recognize as a pocketwatch, it put her to sleep. She’d awaken still walking. Her mind felt groped. Her pussy felt warm.

In a pool of pale light, her Bikergirl, from the train, pedaled tirelessly on a stationary cycle. Her lean brown body wore only a collar like Jaden’s, big headphones, and a black bike helmet. Bikergirl stared at a faint light hanging in front of her face, like a carrot before a cartoon horse.

The light blinked, slowly. Bikergirl didn’t blink at all.

She murmured tonelessly in its blink-cadence. “. . . the ROAD is just so SMOOTH and as it SLIDES by I go DEEPer and each TREE is like the OTHers like my THOUGHTS are all the SAME now and I JUST want to oBEY the orders FLOWing through my HEAD because I’m HYPnotized to DO that by the SMOOTH unbroken SEquence of the TREES just like each OTHer . . .”

Utterly surrendered to the beat, the girl moved like a fluid machine. Jaden could almost feel the perfect road beneath her, lulling her into endless pumping motion. Already deeply hypnotized, Bikergirl sent herself deeper with each phantom kilometer.

“. . . unTIL my brain is SMOOTHer than my PUSsy and I SLEEP when I’m aWAKE . . .”

Someone else was here. Carol, her college-girl date, wiry as Bikergirl but not as strong. Carol was nude and collared, too, monitoring Bikergirl’s performance.

Carol had been conditioned with a blinking light, and now her eyes flashed in synch with the one that was hypnotizing Bikergirl. But in this place, Carol’s trance-light was inside her mind. Her eyes pulsed on their own.

“Slave Jaden is to be brainwashed.”

Carol and Bikergirl did nothing. Knew nothing but their trances. Dream-slowly, Jaden turned.

Tavia stood at attention behind her, her lush body frozen by whatever was in control of her.

“This slave will process her.” Tavia’s eyes were as wide and unblinking as Bikergirl’s. In the dimness, they glowed with witchfire—empty as Tavia’s mind, but lit by the power that owned her.

Jaden orgasmed to see her friend so subjugated, and walked slowly toward her. She flowed against Tavia’s body and stared into her soulless eyes.

“I have already submitted to initial obedience conditioning.” Tavia’s blankness just inflamed her. “I am receptive. I will not resist.” She slid against Tavia and bucked as orgasm took her.

She slipped down as Tavia stood rigid, not helping her. Jaden jolted awake.

Tavia as a drone.

She wanted to hypnotize herself, thinking that. It tainted her arousal.

The taint tasted like Tavia.

Sitting up, she pulled the sheet up over her breasts like a shy bride and looked at the shadows in the room. Her blood pounded through her body.

Jaden wanted to let the sheet drop. To sleepwalk into those shadows, and find they didn’t end at the walls.

To be led, spellbound, to the dim hall where her friend could turn her into another drone.

Jaden slid out of bed then. Under the stopwatch, she fled into the beautiful blankness of trance.

When her eyes focused, dawn was already bright. The sun had risen in her own mind, too. The answer had been obvious, but like any slave she’d needed to be hypnotized to understand.

She needed to stop struggling, and seek out her hypnotist.

Fiona would tell her what she must do.


It was a business suit like the one she’d worn before, but Jaden’s skirt felt shorter.

Approaching number 114, she almost wanted to strut in the streetwalker microskirt Fiona seemed to expect, that day. Before she’d taken over Jaden’s mind.

To present herself properly, Jaden should wear only the collar, and kneel at the door. Twirling the watch and chanting.

But she was already transgressing by coming here. Her hypnotist hadn’t summoned her. Maybe she’d actually been back, but too deep in trance to know, and posthypnotically wiped of the memory.

Jaden stumbled. Seeking Fiona like this was an act of will—but she’d surrendered hers.

114. Stage fright flashed her back to the first time she’d knocked on a door on a call.

Mistake. Then, they’d wanted her there. Now—

She knocked.

It’s fine! Slaves should seek guidance. If initiative displeased Fiona, she’d hypnotize Jaden out of—

The door opened.

An ash-blonde older woman smiled at her. Taller than Jaden, willowy in an oversized shirt and walking shorts. Pretty. “Yes?”

Not Fiona. A roommate?

Jaden blinked, gripped her briefcase. “Yes, hello, I’m Jaden, here to see F—” Oops. “Charlene.”

“That’s me.”

Oh fuck.

Talking Heads-ish lyrics raked Jaden’s mind. This is not my mindbending hypnotist! This is not a young curvy nerd!

Fiona had used Charlene’s credit card. Her house. Was she Fiona’s mother? But—

Maybe Fiona was stalking her.

Charlene looked concerned, which made it worse. “Are you all right? ”

“I—actually, I just realized, I need to see Fiona first!”

Why had she said that?

She waited to parry Charlene’s questions. Please! Just be glad to get rid of me.

“Fi . . . ona?” Charlene’s eyes widened, and her lips stayed apart. She blinked, shook her head.

Uh-oh. She did know Fiona.

But she didn’t react—she just seemed confused. “Fiona?” She said it more softly, and looked at Jaden as if seeing her for the first time.

“Please.” She backed away, holding the door open. “Come in.” Was she puzzled, or shutting down before blowing up?

She didn’t look dangerous. And any scene would be worse in public.

“Thanks!” Jaden’s smile grew perkier, hoping to prompt a reaction, but Charlene just stepped past her and closed the door.

“I’m sorry, um, Jaden.” She blinked. “Excuse me, for a moment. I have to go take care of something. Then I—we can talk.”

She went downstairs, to the den Jaden wasn’t supposed to know about.

Great. When she came back up with a gun—

No. Maybe Fiona was her daughter, and had already acted up somehow. Maybe Charlene would return with a checkbook and a plea for understanding.

Jaden looked around, seeing things she’d missed when she’d been here before. Downstairs, Charlene was talking, apparently on the phone. Too low to hear words, but she sounded calm. She wouldn’t call the police yet, would she? She didn’t even know why Jaden was here.

Jaden had never been arrested. She thought about fleeing, but just froze. She gazed around at random. She’d put her clothes—there. Letting Fiona examine the girl she’d bought.

God. Fiona almost certainly bought a session with Tavia, too, to hypnotize her. Maybe more than once. And if she’d enslaved more of Donna’s girls, what would Charlene’s card statements show?

But wouldn’t Charlene have noticed before now?

Jaden closed her eyes. What had she been thinking, coming here? She opened them quickly in case Charlene came back. She heard nothing from downstairs.

If I leave she’ll know something’s wrong. If I stay I’ll run out of bullshit and—


She jumped and just swallowed the scream. Charlene had come up behind her without a sound.

Because Charlene had come up behind her without a stitch on.

As Jaden gaped, the taller woman’s slim, nude body was as still and calm as Jaden wasn’t. Barefoot. Silent. What did she—?

It was so unexpected Jaden’s mind was paralyzed. She saw Charlene’s bush, trimmed to a racy V that matched her hair. Her belly, soft but flat, her sweet-handful breasts, her—

Black leather collar.

Looking into Jaden’s eyes, Charlene’s were glassy.

She raised a pocketwatch on a chain.

Jaden’s gaze snapped to it instantly as relief and submission blew her mind.

She saw only the watch.

“You are deeply hypnotized.” Charlene spoke with the soft certainty of a dreamer. “You are completely under my control.”

“I am deeply hypnotized,” Jaden whispered. “I am completely under your control.” She fell into trance too swiftly to know her tears. The wet warmth on her cheeks was a mystery kiss.

Eager to please, she repeated the mantra. Charlene let her, as her conditioning and the sheer ecstasy of relief plunged her deeper.

Soon Jaden was silent, listening to instructions.

She undressed, unhurriedly, and put her clothes where she was told. She knelt, seeing the watch swing behind her eyes.

Then her trance shallowed. Charlene held Jaden’s own collar out to her. She’d brought it, in case Fiona allowed her to submit. Her eyes blurred again as she bowed to let Charlene collar her.

Charlene wiped her tears and stood. Jaden looked up at her, trembling. The entranced blonde was vulnerable and soothingly dominant at once, looking back down at her. “I will hypnotize you again, Jaden.”

Jaden nodded humbly.

Charlene knelt beside her. “Hypnotized girls obey,” she confided, taking Jaden’s hand.

“Hypnotized girls obey.” Thrilled to be one, Jaden said it with her, as they sent themselves under.

After a while, she became aware someone had come in. Drowsy excitement yielded easily to her trance. She kept still, trapped in the chant with Charlene.

“Hypnotized girls obey.”

Jaden was wet, being so helpless before an intruder. She heard clothing on skin, someone breathing quickly. Nothing broke the spell.

“Hypnotized girls obey.” They did. She was. Beside her knelt Charlene, just as obedient.

Someone knelt nearby, whispered. Charlene stopped reciting. Someone said “Good girl.” Jaden felt Charlene melt out of pose onto the floor.

“Hypnotized girls obey.” Jaden wanted to masturbate, but no one had told her to. That made her want it more.

Someone stood in front of her.

“Stop, Jaden.”

It turned off her mind. She closed her mouth. She almost came.

“Awaken to me.”

It allowed Jaden to see pale, voluptuous thighs rising out of black boots. Her gaze rose to where those thighs met, a shiny black triangle rounded over camel-toe. Up to the full breasts cupped in leather.

To Fiona’s eyes behind the big round glasses, glittering down at her slave.

Something inside Jaden gave way. It felt glorious.

“I am a hypnotized slave,” Jaden prayed to her, without hesitation. “I must obey Fiona.”

Her hypnotist smiled down at her as she recited. She stepped closer, making Jaden raise her head until she was looking up like a baby bird.

Her boot slid into Jaden’s crotch, against her belly. Then she leaned down. She kissed Jaden’s lips closed, then licked the tears from her cheeks.

Jaden woke a little. Even as Fiona’s face riveted her, she knew her hypnotist was surprised, but very pleased with her.

An aftershock of her fears made her cry again. Lost in Fiona’s stare, she no longer remembered why. Fiona dried the new tears, watching her subside.

Stepping to the sofa, she beckoned Jaden between her knees. Turning to follow, Jaden glimpsed Charlene, a discarded doll sprawled on the rug beside her.

Jaden forgot her and crawled to their owner.

Fiona savored her. “My hypnotized, obedient slave.”

Another gesture drew Jaden forward so Fiona could fondle her breasts. Jaden could lean up to kiss her owner, or down to nuzzle her pussy in its tight leather sheath. Or just gaze up at her like this, forever.

Whatever Fiona willed.

“Tell me, Jaden,” she purred. “Tell me, slave.

“Tell me everything.”