The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by trilby else ()


Jaden woke up. She wondered if she could fuck the naked girl in the slave collar. The girl’s glassy eyes focused, even as they slid away from the pocketwatch she twirled before them.

Blinking, Jaden considered herself in the mirror. Her arm grew heavier, and lowered the watch to hang level with her nipples.

Her collar was wide, black, unfamiliar. From its front D-ring hung a round tag, black against her skin, labeling her HYPNOTIZED SLAVE in white sans-serif.

“I am a hypnotized slave.” And she was. She glanced down at the watch, back up. “I must obey Fiona.”

Yes. The watch could enslave her on sight, and Jaden had no will to resist it. She was free of its spell by her hypnotist’s will alone.

Jaden felt the headrush, the pussy-quiver. Fiona’s hypnosis was her real collar, binding her thoughts. It would never come off.

Trance released her in stages. Yes. She wasn’t playing hypnoslave in her own bedroom—this was someone else’s. That felt naughty and dangerous, but she had no will to stop.

And she wasn’t playing.

Jaden had no idea whose place this was, or where her clothes were, or who’d put the collar on her throat, while she’d been entranced.

It just made her wet.

Yes. This was Charlene’s townhouse. Jaden had come seeking her hypnotist, and found—the real Charlene. Who obeyed the same hypnotist, and re-hypnotized Jaden for her.

Now her programming let Jaden remember that brief waking, as Fiona gloated. Jaden had knelt at the girl’s booted feet, between her thighs, her mind and body Fiona’s for the taking.

Fiona had taken both. Jaden savored missing time, and tasted pussy. She’d been blank and helpless, while Fiona had done things. To her mind.

Ohhh. Yesss.

Someone came into the bedroom.

Charlene wore only a collar, too, though without any tag. But she was obviously hypnotized—deeper than Jaden. This was Charlene’s home and the hypnotist who controlled them both didn’t even allow her as much awareness as a call girl.

Jaden’s free hand strayed to her cleft.

Fiona meant her to see Charlene’s helplessness, knowing it would inflame her.

Jaden stroked herself.

Her gasps didn’t affect Charlene, which only made her crazier. Then Charlene stepped beside Jaden, looking past her.

It was like the dreams of the shadowy brainwashing lab that had driven her here. But it was real. This other hypnoslave was close enough to feel her warmth, to smell her perfume and her cunt.

It rolled through Jaden like sudden surf: Fiona hadn’t just hypnotized the older woman. She had Charlene brainwashed. Whether Charlene dreamed she was playing a game or submitted, the girl controlled her.

Jaden grunted through a near-orgasm and Charlene just stood there being a mindslave and Jaden frigged harder.

“Stop.” Charlene’s toneless voice drew Jaden’s hand back to her hip and her body to attention. Obeying her almost sent Jaden over the edge even so, but their hypnotist’s hold was too strong. Lovely denial radiated from Jaden’s clit and paralyzed her.

When Charlene, still gazing into infinity, raised her hand, Jaden surrendered the pocketwatch to her. Charlene raised her other hand, with Jaden’s cell phone.

Together they stood still. Jaden was luxuriously unable to break pose, though whatever posthypnotic suggestion owned her left her enough residual curiosity to glance toward the mirror. And her thighs could tighten to see that Charlene was too enthralled even for that. They posed, and Jaden enjoyed the smell of arousal Charlene was too deep to feel.

The phone rang, snapping Jaden’s gaze forward again.

“See only the watch.” Charlene raised it and began swinging it, gently.

Like a velvet glove, the compulsion captured Jaden’s mind again. “See only . . . the watch,” she murmured.

Unable to look anywhere else, she sensed rather than saw Charlene raise the phone and flip it open.

“Hey, Donna,” Jaden heard herself say.

“Jaden, hello.” As her breathing slowed to match the watch’s swing, Jaden wondered what Donna would do if she could see her. Could know Jaden was just a ventriloquist’s dummy.

“Are you—is this a bad time, Jaden? You sound a little off.”

Jaden saw only the watch. “Sorry. All’s well, I was just woolgathering.” Her lively tone thrilled her. She imagined, instead, robot-droning she was but the watch wiped it away.

Donna had no idea she was naked and hypnotized.

“Your fangirl Charlene wants to see you again. This evening, at seven?”

“Sure!” The fangirl breathed beside Jaden, oblivious. “Love to.”

“Any problem there?” Jaden knew Donna would help any of her girls if a client wanted to be their Special Friend or assumed they already were. Suddenly, dimly, Jaden felt bad lying to her.

But Jaden was hypnotized. “Oh, no! She just likes what I can do.”

“Ah.” Donna was nice enough to imply she’d welcome details. “Well, shouldn’t be a problem. She wants a party, and I’m glad you’re available. She asked for someone else and Tavia’s free then too.”

“Cool.” Jaden had no idea how Fiona knew what words to plant in her head, but shivered at how well it worked.

Fiona was so brilliant. She was beating a Turing test. Donna had no idea she was talking to Fiona’s robot.

“Tavia’s—in demand, today. Off an another call as we speak, in fact.

“Like me to find you anything, Jaden?”

Jaden smiled at the watch wiping her mind clean. “I’m good. Off to stage two of errands, as soon as . . .” She let the words run out before she realized her mind had gone blank.

Now it actually felt good to be fooling Donna. The ventriloquism held her silent for a breath or two, and she idly imagined telling Donna what was happening. That she was being hypnotized, hijacked. Bewitched into lying to Donna instead of asking for help—

Jaden’s ass clenched. Being a good little victim, instead, felt soooo much better. “Oh, sorry—did you have something, Donna?”

“Nope.” She could picture her boss smiling, dimpling behind the headset. “I can send Cathie. Anyway, I told Tavia to get with you in case you want to arrive at the gig together.”

“I’ll wait for her call,” Jaden told the pocketwatch. “After she’s done with this one.”

“No mocking the clients.” Donna laughed and they rang off.

Jaden kept watching the watch as Charlene closed and lowered the phone. For a moment she wondered how the entranced woman knew she was done.

Back and forth.

Following the watch, Jaden wondered idly what she’d just wondered.

It slowed, twirled, stopped. When Charlene lowered the watch to her own side, Jaden’s gaze stayed level, and then she was free to think and move.

That triggered her to consider, again, that she and Charlene were still just Fiona’s clockwork dolls. The phone call, even Jaden’s ability not to sink into trance at just the memory of the watch—all the will of their hypnotist.

Now she looked directly at Charlene and took in how much more mindless a woman could be, obeying Fiona.

She didn’t envy the older blonde. Fiona obviously found her more useful like this for now, and it let her enjoy Charlene’s trance in a way Charlene herself couldn’t. But liking dazed-Charlene was just another leash Fiona bound her with.

“I am deeply hypnotized.” It felt right to say it. Hot to say it, with only her empty-eyed fellow slave to hear. “I am completely under your control.”

“Hypnotized girls obey.” Charlene didn’t move when she spoke, just stared glassily into space.

Jaden felt it open her mind again. There was barely a breath’s time to love Fiona for using them to control each other so . . . well . . .

“Time to obey your next instructions, slave.” Charlene spoke in her sleep.

“I must obey.” They unspooled in Jaden’s mind, walking her out of the bedroom and down the stairs. Jaden didn’t even think of looking for her clothes.

She faced the front door at attention and let herself go blank.

The doorbell activated her. Aware of her nudity she stayed behind the door and peered around, blandly returning the smile of the firm-bodied girl in the short skirt who stood outside 114.

“Lucy? Hi! I’m Tavia.” Her voice dropped to a purr so the neighbors couldn’t hear. “At your service.”


Jaden opened the door and stood back.

Tavia passed close. Jaden smelled her friend’s perfume as she closed the door and stepped back to face her.

Tavia smiled at her warmly, without a flicker of recognition.

She was hypnotized, too. Not a somnambulist like Charlene, but it was even hotter to see her so vibrant—and so obediently not recognizing Jaden or seeing her naked or SLAVE-tagged. Jaden watched the posthypnotic commands operate Tavia like a key turning slowly in her back.

Nothing prompted Jaden to play “Lucy,” but it didn’t matter. Tavia was hypnotized to see Lucy, and responded as her own commands compelled her. Jaden just waited for her string, like a good puppet.

She wished Fiona could see how well they performed.

Tavia had her phone. “Donna. Yes. I’m at the hotel.” She looked at one of Charlene’s side walls. “Great view! Though we won’t be paying much attention.”

Jaden’s pussy tingled. Tavia was hypnotized enough to believe she’d really gone to a hotel.

And it fooled Donna. She had no idea her escort had been hijacked by a fake call and a hypnotic trance.

Tavia put the phone away without taking her eyes from “Lucy,” then paced seductively nearer, able to register Jaden’s height even if trance masked the rest of her.

“That’s a lovely outfit, Lucy.” Visually caressing Jaden, Tavia’s gaze slid off the collar.

Even knowing Tavia was on autopilot, Jaden was responding to her. But she kept still, leaving reactions to the dream-Lucy Tavia saw.

“In fact I feel overdressed,” Tavia purred. “So—if I may?”

Then Tavia was naked in heels, with a modest silver chain around her neck. She stepped closer now, one foot behind the other.

Jaden’s eyes floated downward. When she saw her friend’s pussy, she remembered what she must do.

She looked back up as the words flowed into her thoughts. “There’s a toy I want to use.”

Tavia stopped, smiling convincingly in surprise and pleasure, and posed a little. Jaden went to a bookshelf she hadn’t really seen up to now, and reached for a smooth plastic object before she’d even realized it was her goal.

She held it up, letting Tavia gaze at it in pretend-wonder to humor “Lucy.” Tavia might not even be programmed to see what she was really holding, but that didn’t matter to Jaden’s compulsion.

It mattered to Jaden’s pussy, seeing Tavia that controlled, and Tavia seemed able to notice that, at least. Her smile deepened at how damp she was making her customer.

More of the implanted script controlled Jaden. “I told Donna I liked oral worship.” She forgot to wonder who’d actually called to rent Tavia for it.

“I was thrilled to hear that.” Tavia radiated complicit naughtiness.

“But really, I’d like to explore something anal.”

Even as Jaden heard herself say it, she remembered Tavia’s deep aversion to letting anyone use her ass, and how Donna made sure to route those calls away from her.

Uncertainty flashed in Tavia’s eyes. Fiona had shaped her instructions to leave Tavia’s fear intact.

Obeying the commands stung Jaden, suddenly—which turned her on harder. “I want a girl to bend over for me and take it.” Her free hand went to her pussy as she watched Tavia try to keep smiling.

“Well, that certainly sounds exciting.” Tavia’s breasts heaved as she breathed deeply, then posed even more invitingly to compensate. “But if you let me start by worshipping you, I know I can—”

“What I want, Tavia, is your ass.” The flatness of her own voice made Jaden flick harder, though she wasn’t allowed to touch—quite—

“Turn and show me.”

She moaned as Tavia obeyed, though Tavia’s trance didn’t let her hear. Tavia rebelled a little, completing the turn. She smiled again, still trying to coax “Lucy” out of it.

“Usually,” Jaden said, stepping forward, “I like the girl freestanding when she bends. That keeps everything nice and tight.” She lifted the plastic thing and Tavia’s eyes widened as they locked on it.

Tavia straightened, hands loose by her sides, forcing her gaze up to meet Jaden’s. Lucy’s.

“I—I wish you had brought that up with Donna.” Her dignity stung Jaden anew—she was trying to mollify her client-from-hell, but she wasn’t panicking. “I’m certain she’ll send you someone who will really enjoy doing this with—”

“I don’t want that,” Jaden said, licking her lips. “I’m not paying you to enjoy this. I’m paying you to let me fuck your ass the way I want.”

Tavia stiffened, but she visibly decided not to turn and reach for her clothes. Not yet.

“I think we can—”

“We will, Tavia.” Jaden smiled. “You are going to obey me.”

She held Tavia’s gaze while she lifted the plastic thing. “This will make you obey.”

Tavia’s eyes were lovely as they flicked between Jaden’s, and the—thing.

“You’ll tell me what you don’t want to do.” She waved the object slowly. “And then you’ll do it.”

Tavia’s nostrils flared.

Jaden remembered how to squeeze the plastic. Inside, tinny sounds from a microchip chirped out a forgettable phrase of music. It might have come from a card.

She watched the light go out of Tavia’s eyes, as her friend relaxed. Tavia’s smile was almost drugged as her whole body loosened, eyelids drooping as the sound soothed all resistance from her.

“I hear the music.” Tavia smiled deeply as she whispered, as if someone had found her clit with a soft, sustained breath. “I hear only the special music.

“I am completely hypnotized now.”

Tavia was so beautiful like this it almost hurt. In her bliss-trance Jaden knew she’d obey any command she heard. If she were really in a hotel with a view, she’d march that splendid body to a balcony and jump. If Jaden told her to.

She remembered dream-Tavia, struggling in the nightmare brain-machine until it broke her will. Emerging this docile.

Jaden waited for a command to do something to her friend.

The brainwashing lab. Slave Jaden will process the subject.

She found herself fingering the trigger another way. A waking-tone made Tavia blink drowsily.

Jaden pointed. “Bring that lube.”

Tavia obeyed, but on the way back she seemed to try to awaken, blinking at the bottle as she realized what it was. What she was being hypnotized into submitting to.

With an effort, she looked back up at Jaden. “But . . . Lucy, I . . . don’t . . . not my—”

Almost on tiptoe from the arousal, Jaden played the trigger-music.

It hit Tavia like a dart. “I hear the special music,” she cooed as her eyes lost focus. “I will obey.” Simpering at the bottle, she set it down and straightened.

Jaden didn’t worry about her friend’s vague attempts to resist trance. Her own trance let her remember her first session here, downstairs, as Fiona hypnotized her over and over to condition her mind to its new natural state of obedience.

Fiona had trained her, and now Fiona was using her to train Tavia.

Next she made Tavia fetch the buttplug. Tavia complied, then paused again. Her protest was like a bed-plea. “How are you . . . making . . . me . . .”

Jaden triggered her and watched her melt.

“Tavia.” Fiona sounded so near—right next to her slaves, an all-seeing sorceress. Jaden couldn’t see her and didn’t try.

“Hear only my voice.”

“Only your voice.” Tavia came to attention.

“Control Jaden now.”

Jaden felt herself soften as her hypnotist’s will withdrew from her. Her hand sagged to her side, still holding the trigger.

Tavia’s eyes focused on her, and dipped to the tag. She knew what Jaden was, now.

Tavia told her to see the watch . . .

Then they were at attention.

Fiona had always been here, watching her puppets dance. Freeing their minds to see her now, she savored their obedience, looking dangerously sexy in her leather and boots.

“Mmm. Activate the others.” She sounded young, and ruthless as an evil princess. Charlene murmured sleepy acknowledgement.

Jaden lost herself in Fiona’s eyes and stopped thinking about it.


Jaden moved dreamily against warm, pliant girlflesh. There was no sound but skin on skin, and urgent breathing.

She was relaxed but totally alert: she was still hypnotized, programmed to please. It was her hypnotist lying beside her, as naked as Jaden and even softer.

Fiona’s mind was much harder, stronger, more awake than Jaden’s. Pressing against her hypnotist’s softness, Jaden enjoyed knowing her own mind would never again be anything but soft, and weak, and sleepy. Not in the presence of Fiona. Not at the thought of Fiona.

And Fiona, like the true collar that bound Jaden to her, was inside Jaden’s mind forever now.

They were on Charlene’s sofa. The curvy hypnotist had left her leather bikini somewhere and given her breasts to Jaden’s attentions. Jaden didn’t remember or care how they’d gotten here—before waking she’d been wherever Fiona wanted her, and was awake now at Fiona’s will.

Jaden curled beside her, while Charlene worshipped the girl’s pussy. Jaden stared dazedly at the older woman—her blonde hair put up out of the way, her slim back, the way her ass curved.

Only Fiona’s control even let Jaden notice Charlene. She was able to wonder what Charlene was thinking, now, if there was anything else in her mind but obedience and pussy. She knew Fiona allowed that wonder, knowing she’d addicted Jaden to obedience—her own and others’.

It worked. Jaden’s deepened more and more with each little clitquiver.

She was obedient enough to do anything her hypnotist commanded. Jaden could look across the room now, to where Tavia was a rigid sentry facing the front door. She wore only a collar, now, and was as dead to everything but her task as Charlene probably was to all but her worship.

Knowing it was all to train her sapped none of its power: crushing her friend’s will with hypnosis echoed seductively through her memory.

Jaden was ready to die for Fiona.

Now, they knew she’d do anything else Fiona told her to.

She turned back to her owner, wishing for someone else to betray to her—but eager to leave that choice to Fiona. Like any other choice that mattered.

She hadn’t stopped fingering Fiona’s breasts, precisely as instructed. The girl had whispered directions to her, as much to enjoy the control as to alter Jaden’s technique, but she’d trailed off. Her two hypnoslaves were sending her close to the edge.

Stripped to her boots, Fiona still wore her glasses, the better to contemplate her slaves. But under them her eyes were rolling up. Jaden thought about her mistress thrashing against her, screaming in orgasm.


Jaden and Charlene would remain hypnotized, helpless, unable to think or decide, or do anything but keep pleasuring their unconscious owner. Tavia would be an unthinking statue by the door.

God that would be so—!

Jaden stopped thinking about herself. She watched her hypnotist struggle valiantly against the pleasure her two thralls inflicted. She’s so strong-willed! I’d’ve surrendered already.

Like a good slave, Jaden shifted her ardor where it belonged: to fondling Fiona.

Fiona’s eyes rolled down, and she stared glassily through the lenses. She seemed as mindless as the slave between her thighs. Almost hypnotized, herself.

The doorbell rang.

Fiona’s gaze cleared. She moaned as she tried to focus, and managed to command Charlene. The blonde settled back, staring emptily at Fiona’s crotch.

Pushing the glasses higher up her nose, Fiona turned to Jaden. “Stop,” she said, smiling despite herself as Jaden’s hands left her nipples.

She levered herself up using Jaden and tiptoed to the window, peering through the curtain. “Tavia.”

“I obey.” Tavia came back to life and opened the door. Three girls Fiona’s age, dressed casual-sexy, came in and greeted her. Jaden recognized Carol, the girl Fiona’d used to brainwash her at the airport hotel.

Carol didn’t acknowledge Jaden, and none of them seemed to bat an eye at finding Fiona lounging nude with three older women in collars.

Jaden could only twitch with the arousal of seeing them. Three new girls whom Fiona’d clearly hypnotized into illusions as powerful as Tavia’s had been.

Fiona saw it too, and leaned forward eagerly toward an athletic blonde in a pleated skirt. “Renee? Do you see anything strange or unusual?”

The blonde frowned, and actually looked right at Charlene, who still gazed into the sofa, bereft of purpose for now. “I—” She looked to her side. “Um? Carol?”

Jaden juiced. Her hypnotist was so skillful, spotting Renee’s imperfect trance!

Carol closed her eyes for a moment. Anywhere else, she would have looked mildly impatient. Then she turned smoothly to her friend. “Hypnotized women are not strange or unusual, Renee. Especially when they’re naked. You know that.”

Renee’s eyelids drooped as she moved her head, still troubled. “Not . . . strange. Or.” She sighed. “Unusual.”

“So, you guys, was this place hard to find?” Fiona was grinning insanely, and her friends’ lack of reaction just drew it wider.

“The library?” The third girl, slighter than Renee with a single long blonde braid, looked around, then back at Fiona. “Or this conference room?” She smiled a little, as if waiting for the punch line.

“Timelapse tympani,” Fiona said. “Get comfy, guys.”

Obeying the trigger, the girls promptly dropped their backpacks and stripped. Then each one stood awaiting Fiona’s next suggestion. Their minds seemed blunted of impatience or curiosity.

They only glanced at Jaden, and the others. Jaden just rubbed her thighs together, watching her hypnotist control other girls. She wanted to masturbate, or to help Fiona enslave them.

She lay still until she was bidden.

“So—I’ve gathered you here today?” Fiona prompted.

“Oh, right.” Carol bent to her backpack and the others followed her lead, and then they knelt together at Fiona’s feet, holding up thumb drives.

“We doublechecked your papers after we wrote them, Fiona.” Carol seemed to be senior to the other two, but they knelt willingly by her.

Fiona smiled and set the drives on Charlene’s sideboard. “I’ll go ahead and fat-finger them into my own system so they’ll have all my usual little typos. Plus I may retain a bit.”

Long Braid rose a little on her knees. “I tried to duplicate your prose style, Fiona, but I’m just not as smart as you are!” She settled back, still looking up yearningly. The others beamed at her, as if she’d achieved something.

“Your sucking-up is better, Alessandra.” Fiona reached down and stroked her hair. “Of course, better yet would be, oh, ‘but even your macroeconomics writing is too hypnotic!’ Or something.”

“Yes, Fiona.” Alessandra seemed eager to lick, but looked stricken when Fiona stepped back.

“Aww, don’t be like that. After I finish brainwashing you all, you and I are going one on one to prep me for the architecture final.” She smiled at Alessandra’s deeper eagerness.

“What have we learned today?” She watched that trigger take them, backs coming erect, eyes on her, hands palm-up on their spreading thighs. “Renee?”

“Being hypnotized helped me get my life under control so I can focus on obeying you.” The athlete started jilling off. “Thank you for hypnotizing me, Fiona!”


“Being hypnotized helped me trust you enough to surrender my will.” She, too, began masturbating. “Thank you for hypnotizing me, Fiona!”

“Being hypnotized helped me realize I exist only to serve you,” Carol told her with a fervor Jaden envied. “Thank you for hypnotizing me, Fiona!” Carol’s nipples bulleted on her small breasts. She didn’t even touch herself.

Fiona’s glance grew genuinely fond before she sighed, then stepped back. “OK, girls.

“Time to take charge of your lives.”

The new trigger wiped their faces of expression. Eyes widening, they rose from their knees as one.

“Yes, Fiona,” they intoned. “You control our lives and our minds.

“We must obey.”

Fiona stared at them, and looked around, and giggled.

She motioned Jaden over, and ground herself against Jaden while staring at her room full of slaves.

She came hot and wet against Jaden’s thigh. Jaden held her, loving the girl’s rapid breaths on her skin.

Glasses askew, Fiona straightened. “Now,” she whispered, “for some real brainwashing.”


Fiona had seemed to want to play with them all, but the last thing Jaden remembered clearly was loving her hypnotist’s willpower as she denied herself.

Instead, she’d put them into deeper trances, one by one. Soon Jaden was placidly half-aware of working in a darker place with other nude girls, obeying someone’s instructions to rearrange furniture.

The voice that controlled them was Charlene’s. It sounded as sleepy and docile as Jaden felt, but all that mattered to Jaden was the throbbing compulsion to do whatever it told her.

Within that dream had been a deeper dream. An interlude of facing Tavia, sharing Tavia’s phone and a blank stare. Fiona’s soothing whisper inside their heads told them what to say, as they chatted with Donna. As the words dripped cheerfully from her lips, Jaden learned, with her boss, that it was whatever time they were due for the tandem session at—here, Charlene’s.

For once today, they were both telling Donna the truth about where they were. Though Donna only expected their bodies to be fucked here.

Tavia trembled, and Jaden couldn’t ask if she shared the same nasty thrill of lying to their protector so they could be enslaved in peace.

The thought vanished as new happytalk took over her mind.

Then the phone was off. She and Tavia resumed their drowsy tasks.

Presently they were all awake again, or at least out of the labor-trance. Jaden recognized Charlene’s den, where Fiona had first hypnotized her.

This was where Fiona had discovered how susceptible Jaden was to hypnosis, and to suggestion. To being controlled. Jaden had been so easy to train into her pet that Fiona had done it, then and there.

Standing in line with her fellow slaves, Jaden knew this was where she’d stopped being free.

“To meet Fiona is to become her slave,” Jaden said. And shivered, as the others all said it with her.

None of them spoke again or turned.

Jaden’s head spun with the sheer quiet power of her controller. It took a while to come back to herself, and to see she and the other slaves had made an open space on the carpet. They stood in line, facing a large-screen TV Jaden had barely noticed when she’d been here before.

Even before my hypnotist started controlling my thoughts. Just thinking it was like masturbating, and she wanted to think it again.

She wanted to kneel in front of everyone and ask her hypnotist for permission to think it again.

Instead, she gazed forward at the dark screen, enjoying her utter lack of will to turn and see who stood on either side of her. Staring helplessly, just like her.

She wondered if Fiona were here, walking among them, after casting the spell that made her invisible to them. Smelling their sweat and their arousal, watching them breathe and dream what she’d put into their heads.

Or just standing quietly, outside their transfixed awareness, drinking it in: how just her voice and some trivial tools had turned half a dozen freewilled woman into her helpless, eager thralls.

Or not even watching them at all—bored enough with her playthings to leave them here in the toybox. That made Jaden moist, too.

That was her hypnotist’s power—knowing you were her victim didn’t help you resist. It just made you want to submit.

Fiona owned her. She owned them all.

“Look at the screen.”

Jaden had focused on it before the picture flicked on, before she even knew she’d heard the command. The others sighed with her, and then she heard only Fiona’s voice.

“Look only into the screen.”

It was from the speaker but it was Fiona’s voice, and Jaden knew somehow that she must pay special attention to this. It would fascinate her, spellbind her, but she must concentrate, and open, and . . .

The screen showed only concentric circles, pulsing majestically in. Or out. Sometimes they shifted direction but Jaden knew somehow that it was her mind that warped. Part of how the circles were reshaping her mind, changing her, making her more receptive.

She felt totally receptive now. But she also felt deeply submissive and ready to be opened, softened, altered. There was no limit.

The circles were utterly hypnotic. They captured and stroked Jaden’s mind so completely that she forgot how it felt to surrender to the watch. Later she would worship it again but now, it was gone and Jaden was the circles’ willing slave.

She stared and surrendered and kept staring.

A shape formed. A face. A woman. Fiona! she started to think, but the thought vanished. She must not think of Fiona now.

The circles had Jaden so hypnotized now that she felt no pain at that command, and obeyed it.

There was only the woman.

Her face was blurry, like a phone-photo. Jaden knew this and forgot it. The voice she’d stopped consciously hearing instructed her helplessly open mind all about what to think and do when she met this woman.

Jaden knew she would think and do them. The woman could take her for granted. That was a good way for a slave to be.

Jaden was a well-trained slave. She was a hypnotized slave. She must obey . . .

“I must obey.” Others said it with her. For a second, Jaden remembered they were here, nude and in trance. They must be submitting to the circles’ hypnosis, too. They would obey the woman when they met her. They would all—

The circles sucked the thoughts smoothly from Jaden’s mind.

She stared, and listened, and promised.

When it was time, and the voice told her to, she let the circles put her to sleep . . .

. . . She woke in her apartment.

It felt wrong to be dressed, but that was quickly remedied. She showered quickly, too, turning everything over in her mind.

Everything she was permitted to remember.

“I am a hypnotized slave. I must obey Fiona.” She paced over to the drawer where she kept the dog collar, feeling her gait roll into something sluttier, more submissive, with each step. It wasn’t the wide, D-ringed collar she’d worn at Charlene’s—to be brainwashed—but it looked beautifully slavish on her throat. And Fiona had collared her there personally in the pet store, with that hot angry girl to witness.

Jaden knew it was a false memory—but that was Fiona’s way of making it real.

And Fiona’s true collar was still in Jaden’s mind.

It was all real! Jaden didn’t remember everything that had happened today—and that was its own kind of hot—but Fiona was utterly the mistress Jaden dreamed of.

If Fiona had subverted those dreams to make Jaden think so, that only made Jaden love it more.

There was too much to masturbate about. Being used to shatter her best friend’s will. Watching innocent little Fiona make puppets of a roomful of women.

Seeing Fiona was a slaver, and just kneeling to take her own turn.

Spending time she didn’t remember, with Fiona in her mind. Invited into it like a vampire.

Jaden thought about that.

Fiona soft and lethal and black-on-pale in that leather ‘kini and boots. Goth-eyed, floating outside her window. Jaden, enthralled, opening it for her. Kneeling to offer her throat . . .

No. Fiona was a special vampire. She’d stand apart while her hypnotic eyes held Jaden still, drinking her soul. At the end they’d flash a command and Jaden would cut her own throat, draining her lifeblood into a goblet, skin hot and red with the overflow Fiona disdained.

Standing, bloodless, upright only by Fiona’s hypnotic command. Offering the goblet.

Dying into Fiona’s eyes.

Jaden came before she knew she was jilling off. She was still aroused.

She remembered being given a CD, while still in trance. Something had allowed her to remember it now, and to obey the compulsion to listen.

She ignored the timer and her homemade brainwashing setup as she knelt with the stopwatch to hypnotize herself.

Jaden was no longer the brainwasher. Fiona was in control, and her programming was already operating Jaden’s thoughts.

She would surrender to the watch, and let the CD pour Fiona’s commands into her hypnotized mind.

Whatever happened then was Fiona’s will.


Strolling through the mall under deep hypnosis was like very skillful bondage. The trance kept Jaden right on the edge of a slow, rolling-thunder orgasm, but would never let her slip over.

Hypnotized girls obey.

The CD last night hadn’t melted her brain, but she could almost feel her brain’s new, submissive shape. It thrilled her to be that much more of an object. Something Fiona was modifying for her own convenience.

Esprit d’Espresso was crowded. At a table near the back, Tavia waited for another of Donna’s escorts. Hopefully Cathie wouldn’t be early, but being early had never been one of Cathie’s problems.

Jaden waved as she turned to the counter. Behind it was Ann, painfully cute in her beret, deftly juggling orders so she could wait on Jaden. As she handed Jaden her usual bottled water, their fingers brushed.

“Tempt you with a latte, today?” The tone was impish, but her voice was moist.

“Not on duty.” Ann knew what she did, and flirted with her anyway. Maybe under that adorable exterior she just wanted to fuck a prostitute. Jaden hadn’t wanted to think that, before, but now—

“Later?” Ann rang up the water, blushing. “When you’re off?”

“I wish I could.” That was true, as far as it went. Someone else decided, now, what Jaden could do.

Ann mock-pouted, seeing only the yearning in Jaden’s smile.

Oh. Damn. Jaden’s crotch glowed with the need to change her mind and meet Ann tonight—then call Fiona and beg to seduce the pretty barista into her service after all.

But that reminded her crotch who owned it.

She was still smiling when she joined Tavia.

“Cathie’s not running late, is she?” Jaden enjoyed Tavia’s eye-roll.

Then her fellow-slave peered at her. “You wanted sweet Ann, didn’t you?”

Jaden looked back at her desperately. “I want all of them. Some sort of hypno-ray, to make the pretty ones obey and the rest of them—”

Under the table Tavia slid her knee against Jaden’s, reassuringly.

“I felt like that, too. And it’s all for her. I’d love to fuck the ones I entranced, but—”

“—I’d rather kneel beside them.” Jaden looked around, feeling both oddly safe in the noise and excited, too. An agent of her hypnotist, hiding in plain sight.

Tavia just watched that parade through her mind and smiled. “You get used to it. It’s just the pleasure-conditioning.”

“It feels that good to obey,” Jaden murmured, and her friend nodded.

Then Tavia stroked her hand. “I fantasized about you, you know.

“First I was afraid—when I realized she was brainwashing me. But I thought she was after just me. To be, you know, her pet.” Tavia sipped her latte and her eyes lidded. “She’d keep me in a little closet and take me out for sex, or parties.” She shrugged. “Or housework.”

Jaden tightened her legs: Tavia as an obedient appliance.

“She wouldn’t need to chain me up. She’d hypnotize me to forget my life, my name. Into thinking I was a robot, built to obey her.” Tavia scanned the crowd for Cathie, then smiled again.

“At first I wanted to tell Donna—shit, at first I thought they were just kinky dreams. Then I almost asked Donna not to give me her sessions, but—”

“They were never her sessions.” Remembering Charlene, Jaden smiled at how cleverly their hypnotist had gotten to them. Controlling their awareness even before snaring their gazes.

“Right.” Tavia admired it too, now that Fiona had fixed her thoughts. “It was always one or the other of her girlfriends, from school.

“By the time I knew what she was doing to me—I wanted it. So by the time I realized, when Fiona programmed me to, that I was going to help her enslave other girls—”

Their gazes locked. “I dreamed about you, Jaden. Going under her spell.”

Tavia visibly resisted her own arousal. Jaden looked deep into her friend’s eyes. A short walk to the ladies’ room . . .

Fiona hadn’t programmed them for that.

But she wanted something almost as good. Jaden smiled. “Hear the special music, Tavia.”

Tavia relaxed as trance took her. “I am deeply hypnotized. I am completely under your control.”

Controlling Tavia dizzied her, but compulsion to do Fiona’s will was far more arousing. Jaden instructed Tavia, fighting the need to touch herself.

When Jaden woke her, Tavia blinked slowly and then smiled. “That was—mmmm.

“I will obey, Jaden.” She swallowed. “Whatever you just programmed me to do.”

“Hey, guys!” Cathie had slipped through the thickening crowd.

Tavia just smiled, helpless to respond until Jaden triggered her. Before Cathie could notice, Jaden said, “We were just talking about some of our hotter dates.”

“Cool!” Cathie leaned up against the table. “Hotter as in hotties, or as in how far they went?”

Jaden turned. “Tavia?”

It activated Tavia to speak. “Jaden and I both did dates where the client wanted to hypnotize us.”

“No way! Me too!” Cathie’s eyes widened. “She likes—

“Wait.” Her beautiful mouth rounded in surprise. “No way. She’s a girl. Are yours—?”

Tavia nodded. Jaden said, “Her name is—Fiona.”

They watched the name tranquilize Cathie and start activating her own compulsions.

“Wait.” She could still think, for now. Fiona had prepared her, as well as them. “I’m—she did this thing. To me. A posthypnotic suggestion.” Her eyelids drooped as she said it and her hand slid south without her noticing. She was facing away from the rest of the coffeeshop, and no one else saw.

Cathie was staring into space. “She, like, commanded me not to tell anyone.” She closed her eyes and opened them. “And I obeyed.”

She blinked again. “That is so weird. Like I really was hypnotized! And I didn’t tell anyone. Not even Donna, and I tell her everything!”

“When we had lunch last week—” Tavia began.

“I know! I wanted to tell you! It was like it kept—like a headrush, every time I tried to—” Cathie shook her head as if it were happening again.

“You did obey.” Jaden looked her in the eye. “You were hypnotized, and controlled.

“And programmed to submit later.”

“Oh, come on!” Cathie giggled and looked at Tavia.

“That’s why it felt so good not to tell.” Jaden smiled when the younger girl didn’t face her again but kept looking at Tavia. At how subdued she was.

That was part of why Fiona had programmed Jaden to entrance her before Cathie arrived. Seeing a friend under control had its own effect.

Now Tavia spoke her next line. “She hypnotized us, too.”

When Cathie turned away, grinning incredulously, Jaden nodded. “We obey Fiona now.

“She wants more slaves. You will submit to her.” She swiveled toward Tavia. “The device.”

Tavia stared expressionlessly past Cathie. “I obey.” She pulled it from her purse. Fiona had conditioned Cathie with the same tiny light she used on Carol.

“Guys?” Cathie squirmed a little, looking from Jaden’s bright focus to Tavia’s blankness, and back. “Why are you—?”

Cathie looked around. Their behavior worried her now, but the crowd deterred her from making a fuss.


“Cathie, Fiona wills that you be hypnotized now.” Jaden juiced as she said it, and pointed the light toward her. “Look into this. Do not resist.”

Cathie frowned, as if trying to resist anyway but forgetting how.

It was too late. She couldn’t remember Fiona training her to submit to this, numbing her defenses. But her defenses did, and they went to sleep.

“See the light. See only the light.”

Cathie stopped squirming as the spark in her eyes faded into the blinker’s glow.

“I have no mind.” Trance had sucked her vivacity out of her. “I have no will.”

Jaden couldn’t look away from her. Cathie was so open. Jaden could make her do anything.

But Jaden was hypnotized, too. And she was here to obey Fiona. She let her own programming speak through her. Cathie listened, then nodded blankly.

When Jaden told them to, they rose. At her next command, they smiled. She led them through the crowd.

No one suspected. No one could help them.

Jaden didn’t want anyone to. If the other girls could still think, neither would they.

On the way out she smiled at Ann.