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Parasites Infect

Note: The Commodore is an Australian car; a medium sedan.



Colin and Liz drove down the near empty highway in their patrol car. As cops they had between then twenty years in experience. They were also good mates. Liz had once wanted to be closer but Colin, who was married turned her down. She never held it against him. In fact it only made her respect Colin more, not just as a fellow cop, but as a man of principle.

The highway was fairly quiet when suddenly on-coming a car whizzed by at high speed.

The car that whizzed erratically past them made Liz almost spill her coffee. Colin brought the cop-car to a halt. And this time Liz’s coffee went flying between her feet.

“Fuck” she spat.

The cop-car began a three-point turn on the narrow country-road.

The van giving chase almost collected them side on as they did their turn to chase the car.

The van scrapped between their tail and the metal safety fence before speeding off.

With lights flashing they soon over took the Combi van. They went ahead of it to the battered GM Commodore

Neither vehicle was heeding their lights.

Liz took out the radio mike and tapped in the loudspeaker

“Driver, pull over” she demanded.

They drew up alongside the car.

Liz could see it was being driven by a young woman. Liz could also see the terror in the woman’s eyes.

“Pull over!” she said again.

“No!” the woman shrieked back through her open window.

They spun around in front of the Commodore forcing it off the road.

The woman, Callie—leapt from the vehicle even as it rolled.

Suddenly a rifle shot crackled through the air. Colin and Liz were under fire from the occupants of the Combi van that screeched to a halt behind them.

Liz saw that Callie had gone down and believing her to be injured ran under fire to the woman. Callie was unhurt. She appeared to be pregnant.

“Stay down” Liz said. She turned around, taking her service revolver from her holster she went to draw a bead on a shooter from the van.

Callie saw an opportunity.

Callie got to her feet. She moved behind Liz and brought her fists crashing down onto Liz’s head. Liz fell stunned to the ground. With cold mechanical precision Callie flipped Liz onto her back and began pulling down the unconscious woman’s pants. She moved without emotion, no human regrets. She had one purpose.

Liz groaned, still stunned.

Callie tore at Liz’s panties and then spread the policewoman’s legs apart.

She looked up between Liz’s legs and her hairy snatch.

Callie knelt down on the cold bitumen, her own legs now wide apart. Slime dripped down from under her tattered dress onto the cold grey road surface. Suddenly a worm-like creature discharged from her womb and fell with a gentle splat onto the road. It twitched at one end, sensing what it needed.

It slid towards Liz. It moved up between her legs. It found her vagina and it began to push its way into her. In just a few moments it was inside. Instantly Liz opened her eyes—now also black and featureless. She was now hosted. She rose in an instant

Colin had managed to disable the combi with a shot to one wheel.

Walking between gunshots Liz went up behind Colin and started pulling the trigger. No bullets. Her gun emptied. She smashed the gun down onto his head, sending him to the ground.

Callie and Liz got into the cop car and sped away leaving the Combi wreck where it was. They had one purpose.

Chapter One — Meet the Victims

  • Callie
  • Rhonda
  • Gail
  • Rajiv & Lucy
  • Rick & Sandra
  • George & Mai-Ling

It was a few days ago when Callie was disappointed as they arrived at the camping ground. It looked like a dive. Rhonda was enthused; nothing could dampen her spirits. Gail—well she was buried in her books as usual.

Rajiv got out of the back of the SUV with Lucy, Rick’s annoyingly precocious younger sister. He looked around and sighed. He’d paid a wad of money for this, even covering the cost of two others so that they would come along.

Rick…? Well he was still on his way.

The second car pulled up shortly after. Rick got out with a purposeful poise followed by Sandra his leech-like GF. Callie aways joked that Sandra must be a cum-addict, she was always sucking Rick’s cock. “I love the taste” Sandra used to say back unashamedly. Even when they’d stopped two hours ago, at a road-side petrol station Sandra was sucking his cock, right in the car-park.

The third car arrived with George and his new girlfriend Mai-Ling a petite woman from Laos.

Already Rick was organising everything as usual; annoying the shit out of most. He had a huge ten-person tent dragged out and partly up and was still barking orders like he owned everyone.

Rajiv showed George his .22 rifle in the back of his car. “Why’d you bring that? George growled.

“I was going to hunt”

“Put it away!” George insisted, shocked at the appearance of a gun.

The tent once up was huge. It looked like you could walk around inside, like a large wedding tent, not one of those annoying small tents where everyone had to slouch over—everyone was impressed, but Mai-Ling who was tiny felt dwarfed by it.

Mai-Ling was hot. Were it not known that she worked with George one might have guessed he’d picked her up from a school—junior high school in factl! She had the figure of a under-age girl. But she had the personality of a stuck up bitch as she instantly looked down at George’s friends with a cold disdain. George secretly admitted to Rick that he hadn’t fucked Mai-Ling in five months! She was always “on her period”, or had a headache, or had just bleached her anus.

Rick advised that he dump her, but secretly she ran George’s workplace better than George did. So they continued the charade of being ‘partners’ in every sense of the word.

Callie recalled George’s previous GF and she had been “petite” too. Callie had tried to get George interested in herself, but unfortunately for her she had boobs. George liked them small.

Gail already stood back, not wanting to join in. The bespeckled nerd with her sullen goth-like appearance was a frustrated writer. She had told everyone since she was fourteen that she would write great horror stories. Five years later and nothing she’d done had been published except a few poems in a student paper and some short stories on an erotic mind control story forum.

Lucy and Callie loved to cook and they got the boys to set the kitchen up for them and then they were hard at work.

Dinner was delicious.

Cooked with love, and skill.

Chapter Two — Camp of the Comet

Awakened by a howling wind the group found themselves staring at a light as it streaked across the night sky.

It crashed off to the east. A very audible crack. And then a boom as the sound wave caught up with them.

They all were affected by such a sight and were determined to look for it.

They set about at first light to find it. Some believed it must have been an aircraft. Of course Gail said it was a piece of space-junk. But at the same time Gail refused to go with them. She had better things to do… so she said. The only one who had a reasonable clue at what it had been didn’t want anything to do with it.

So, they left her alone.

How odd it was to go all this way with her friends, only to want to be alone.

The others; they drove as far as they could. Only the SUV could have gone further, but they did not want to split up. They could only go as far as the two-wheel drive Combi van could go. So they parked and set out on foot

And so they moved out into the bush.

Mai-Ling soon found herself separated from the rest of the group. She had lost sight of them because of the tall dense bush. But she did not realise it till suddenly she realised she couldn’t hear them anymore.

She stopped to get her bearings, just as she found where the comet had landed. “Guys!” she called out. But there were no other sounds but her, the forest and the hissing of the thing in the crater as it cooled.

“Guys?” she called out again as she moved closer.

Mai-Ling watched as the metallic pod-like thing opened up at one end. Suddenly it squirted out a long grey sausage. The sausage was animated. One end twirled around as if it were sniffing the air. It stopped when it pointed to Mai-Ling.

The crater was about ten feet deep. The thing seemed to look out from there at her. Even though it didn’t appear to have eyes.

It looked to her like a snake, and even if she wasn’t exactly sure what it was, treated it as a snake. She felt a great dread. She turned to run and as she did she slipped and fell.

It was a few moments before she was able to collect her thoughts. But it was too late. The grey sausage-thing had made it’s way up the hill of the crater to where Mai-Ling lay sprawled out on the ground. The thing had a primordial need. It sensed where it needed to go and moved quickly between her legs.

Mai-Ling felt it finger its way against her jeans. It seemed to gnaw at the material and open it up, right at her crotch. She went to get to her hands and knees when it suddenly pushed up through her panties and into her vagina. She cried out in pain.

She gritted her teeth and cried out at the shock.

It pushed up into her quickly, till all of it was inside her.

Mai-Ling felt a pain in her abdomen—not knowing that it was attaching itself to her, inside her womb.

She wanted to scream in horror when she heard a voice.

“Be still.”

And she became still.

It spoke to her some more.

“I am your Master”

“You are my Master” Mai-Ling said aloud, but calmly.

“You host me, you feed me, you protect me.”

“Yes” she nodded “I am your host. I will feed you and protect you”

“You will obey me.”

“I will obey you, Master”

Mai-Ling stood and limped back down to the lake. She peeled off her pants and the remains of her undies and washed the blood and slime from between her legs.

When she emerged from the water she felt fresh, alive. She now had a singular purpose in her life. Her stomach was a little bit swollen; the bulge from the thing nesting inside of her body.

Mai-Ling returned to the camp by herself where Gail still was.

Mai-Ling entered the tent without making a sound.

She sniffed the air and smelled Gail’s cunt.

Gail was too busy with her reams of note paper to notice her at first.

Gail felt uneasy suddenly and looked up to see Mai-Ling standing there.

“Shit!” she gasped “You scared the fuck out of me”

“Sorry” Mai-Ling said smiling; or at least attempting to smile. Gail could never tell when the Asian girl smiled if she was being sincere.

“Are you still working on your book?” Mai-Ling asked

“You know I am”

“I can tell you an idea for a perfect horror story, if you want” Mai-Ling said. Gail actually didn’t want to hear it but she stopped writing and, although she didn’t look at the girl again she waited to hear this story.

“It’s about aliens” Mai-Ling said

Gail almost shuddered. She hated hackneyed alien stories.

“Alien parasites” Mai-Ling continued. “They come to Earth and infect (her emphasis) women by living inside their wombs.”

Gail hadn’t heard that one but she started to write anyway again hoping to be left alone. She wished Mai-Ling would just fuck off.

“They are superior minds” Mai-Ling said as she slowly moved around the tent. “They live in the women hosts, controlling them. They use the woman’s own eggs to impregnate her with more of them so she can give birth to them and infect other women, making them slaves too.”

Gail wished her friend would go. She had hoped that writing in her notes would be an obvious signal that she wasn’t interested.

“And they become our masters” Mai-Ling continued to say

Mai-Ling stood off to Gail’s side and in silence opened her legs and bent down a little at the knees. Her baby slid quietly out of her vagina like a long grey sausage. A lot like the creature inside her.

Gail smelt the putrid odour first. “What’s that smell?” she gasped.

She turned to see the grey wet thing sliding towards her.

“What the fuck…” she growled.

As she began to rise Mai-Ling grabbed her from behind. The little Asian lady had some difficulty because of her size in grasping Gail, but she was strong. Terribly strong.

She had brought her arms up under Gail’s and hooked them around behind the Goth chick’s head. Clasping her hands together in a vice-like grip she had pushed Gail’s head forward, and where Gail’s head went her body went also.

Gail was pushed back to the ground. Gail’s leg’s flailed. “Get the fuck off me” she cried. “Let me go”

“It will be alright” Mai-Ling cooed calmly. “Just let it into you”

“What the fuck!” Gail cried again Let it into me?

Gail tried with all her might but could not move against the tiny Asian woman. She managed to stand but the woman was firmly grasped to her.

Mai-Ling’s leg kicked into the back of Gail’s knee making her leg buckle. With the weight of the woman on her Gail tumbled and fell

Still… with Mai-Ling on her.

Gail felt a pain in her knee from where she fell… but then she turned her attention back to the sausage.

Mai-Lin used her legs to force Gail’s apart.

Already it pressed against her crotch. The end opened and a tiny mouth chewed at her denim jeans making a hole. With her head pressed forward and down, the pressure from above made it difficult for her to breathe. Her lungs could not fill up with enough air. It was just enough that she could whimper her pleas.

“Please, God! No!” Gail cried as it pressed now against her panties. Her cotton panties were even easier to chew through. Gail knew what was going to happen but her mind screamed. She tried bucking her hips in another effort to throw Mai-Ling off, and this instead knocked the sausage back but it then plunged its head forward again, and this time into her. She felt pain as it broke through her hymen.

She felt it push up her vagina. All nine inches of creature slithered into her in a matter of seconds. As she did it took all her effort to let out one giant scream.

It moved up into her uterus and then she felt a sharp pain as it connected to her.

She heard the words …

Be still.

Her body relaxed. Mai-Ling had released her and went to the tent entrance to see if they’d been noticed.

Already behind her Gail’s mind was being re-written. Gail was told she was the host. She accepted this. She was told that her parasite was her master. She accepted it. It was what she was meant to be.

Returning to camp at the same time, Callie and Rick had heard the scream and come running.

Mai-Ling stood in the tent entrance and without appearing to block them, blocked them.

“Is everything alright?” she asked as they got to her

“We heard screaming” Callie said.

“I didn’t hear screaming” Mai-Ling lied with a smile.

“What’s going on here?” Rick asked more impatiently sensing something amiss.

“Nothing” Mai-Ling said continuing to block them.

Rick realised the insincere Asian girl was hiding something and he pushed passed Mai-Ling, almost knocking her over.

“Hey!” she cried.

Callie was not sympathetic to her until Mai-Ling reined she’d been hurt. Callie felt bad for her and went to help her but instead followed the impetuous Rick into the tent.

The first thing they noticed was the smell. It was bad.

Gail was on her hands and knees with paper towels wiping up the last of a small trail of liquid.

“Hi guys” she said looking up at them cheerfully. Rick was taken aback. It was the first time he’d ever seen Gail smile. He didn’t even know she had teeth.

“What’s going on?” he asked

“Nothing” she repeated the party-line.

“We heard a scream” Gail said

“Oh, yes” Gail said. “I spilled something here and I thought it would ruin my story-notes”

Mai-Ling now stood next to Callie and Rick. She was proud at that lie. It was perfectly feasible.

“Let me help” Mai-Ling said. She took the roll of paper-towel and tore off some and joined her companion.

“Well if everything’s alright” Rick said.

Only Callie suspected something. It was totally out of character for Gail to be so cheerful. It was out of character for Mai-Ling to be so helpful. But Callie shrugged her shoulders and ran off after Rick.

“Well done” Mai-Ling said.

“Do you think they suspect us?” Gail asked

“Why would they?”

Gail stopped and got up on her knees. “I can already feel my master making me ovulate”.

“Good” Mai-Ling said. “My master began impregnating my eggs within an hour of infestation”

Gail sniffed the air “I could smell Callie’s cunt”

Mai-Ling nodded. “So could I” They both looked over to the tent door. “She is in flux and would be a good addition” She stopped and looked about “We will do infect her soon.”

“Your breasts!” Gail said.

Mai-Ling looked down at her chest. Before she had a flat child-like chest. Now her breasts were the size of apples. Mai-Ling felt them. They leaked milk.

Her paunch too showed something else had changed. Her stomach had been washboard flat but now bore a bump where her master lived inside her. Soon that would swell further as he impregnated more of her eggs and she carried more hosts to infect other women.

Chapter Three — The Infection Spreads

Gail and Mai-Ling followed Callie about, but trying to make it look less obvious than it was.

They could smell Callie’s sex and they wanted so much to infect her too.

As they looked about they ran into Rhonda instead.

It was a surprise to Rhonda to find herself down at the lake with the two women behind her.

They stopped and were surprised, thinking they had been following Callie’s scent.

They looked at each other. A cunt was a cunt.

They stripped off and brushed passed her and got into the water.

Gail splashed in the water with her new friend.

“Won’t you join us?” Mai-Ling beckoned. Rhonda looked at the two naked women and just shrugged her shoulders in disinterest. She turned around and going into the bush bumped into Callie

Mai-Ling looked to Gail terribly disappointed in not getting Rhonda.

Rhonda returned to the lake side with Callie, they were talking about something

Callie turned around at seeing the two women naked, displaying themselves

“Don’t worry about them” Rhonda said

But Callie felt a tinge of something being amiss.

Rhonda now was there with them, alone.

“Won’t you join us?” Mai-Ling now made an offer to Rhonda.

“Okay” said, but not stripping off naked she got down to her undies.

Mai-Ling smiled and looked at Gail. “I am ready” Gail signalled and she squatted down lower in the water.

Gail opened her legs in the water, and birthed a Master as Rhonda came down to the water.

The Master swam straight to Rhonda.

“What the fuck?” Rhonda said as she saw a snake-like creature move around her in the water.

Suddenly Mat-Long grabbed Rhonda, putting one arm under Rhonda’s neck and the other over her head.

Rhonda screamed. But the scream was cut off

Despite this, Callie heard this and ran back to the water.

She got there to see Rhonda climbing up onto the lake-side beach with five inches of ‘something’ sticking out almost like a tail.

“What the fuck…?” she gasped.

It slithered into Rhonda who collapsed onto the ground

“Help! Help!” Callie called. As she rushed up to see the mucous leaking out of Rhonda’s cunt.

She saw that Gail and Mai-Ling just stood there, smiling.

“For God’s sake, help her” Callie cried, as she squatted down to see if she could help Rhonda

“She doesn’t need your help” Gail said.

Rajiv and George came bounding through the bush. Callie jumped up “Help her!” she begged.

Rhonda suddenly sat up. She stood up and walked into the water.

“What’s going on here? Rajiv asked

“Nothing” Gail said, “I think Callie’s thought she saw something…”

“No…I…” she began and then looked at Rhonda who now stripped off her undies in the water. Rhonda turned and kissed Mai-Ling.

Their nipples, hard, touched.

“She look’s fine to me” Rajiv said.

Callie saw a trace of blood on the sand but suddenly Gail kicked water onto the beach there, dissipating it.

Callie looked up at her. Gail smiled triumphantly.

“Join us” Mai-Ling said.

“Yes, join us” Rhonda beckoned.

Callie looked at Rajiv and George who both shrugged their shoulders. They certainly didn’t know what was going on, but it looked ‘hot’ to them.

“George…” Mai-Ling suddenly purred, “Come for a swim”

“I don’t have my bathers”

“Neither do I” Mai-Ling smiled cheekily.

“I don’t either…” Gail said.

George looked at Rajiv

“You should have a go” Rajiv winked… “I’m going back to camp”

“I’ll go with you” Callie said, grabbing his hand.

Chapter Four — Missing

Callie held onto Rajiv’s hand like a vice

“What’s the matter with you?” Rajiv asked as they made their way back to camp; Callie almost dragged Rajiv the whole way. She was shaken up by what she had seen. “I don’t know” she said. She knew what she had witnessed but how could she explain that? Rajiv would have thought she was mad

Callie and Rajiv got back to camp. All the while though she’d been looking back behind her. Rajiv could see she was frightened, but couldn’t understand why

Lucy, Rick and Sandra were at the picnic table playing cards.

Only now Callie let go of him and went straight into the tent. She sat on her sleeping bag, clutching her bag protectively in front of her.

“What’s with her?” Rick asked, looking up

“I don’t know” Rajiv said. He looked back at the tent, but sat down with his friends to play cards.

Rhonda, Mai-Ling and Gail came through the bush.

“Have you put on weight Mai-Ling?” Lucy said, looking up from cards. The others looked too. Mai-Ling had a distinct paunch.

Callie was up now and watched them from the tent flap.

She noticed George was missing.

She slipped out and went back to the water.

She found George, floating face down.

Futilely she jumped in the water and dragged him back to the shore.

“What the hell?” Rajiv said

Callie was surprised.

“I saw you sneak out” he said, “What happened here…?”

“The others…” Callie said… “Something’s changed… something’s IN them”

“In them?” Rajiv said “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“I… I can’t explain… she said. “They did this…”

“I don’t know what’s going on…” Rajiv said, “Let’s get the others…

Rajiv and Callie headed back to camp.

Rick and Lucy were now at the card-table alone.

The others were all missing.

“Where’s Sandra?” Callie cried.

“Right here…” Sandra said, emerging with Mai-Ling and Rhonda from the bush. “What’s going on…?”

“George is…” Rajiv began

“Missing!” Calliel broke in. She looked at Rajiv and although he didn’t know what was going on he said nothing further.

“Missing?” Mai-Ling laughed… “No, he’s down at the water still, having a swim”

“Come have a swim with us” Rhonda said to Lucy

“No, stay here” Callie gasped “I need to speak to you"

Rajiv knew that this was a lie, as the explanation about George was… but he too sense something odd

Rajiv came up with an idea “Then let’s all go for a swim”

“No!” Mai-Ling growled.

Suddenly Gail stepped out of the bushes brandishing Rajiv’s rifle.

“Don’t move” she said pointing it at Rajiv, Lucy, and Callie.

“What the fuck? Rick said, rising from the card table.

Gail aimed it at him and motioned him to sit the fuck back down. Rick did this.

Rhonda and Sandra moved over to Lucy. “Won’t you come with us?”

Lucy looked up at her brother. “Leave her alone” he said, looking to jump up again till Gail stepped forward and menaced him again with the gun.

Rhonda and Sandra took an arm each and lead Lucy into the bushes.

“Don’t worry” Mai-Ling said “They won’t hurt her…”

As she said this she put a hand on Callie’s shoulder, she looked down at her and smiled. She wanted so much to infect her right there and then

Gail moved a little closer with her gun

Rajiv looked over at Rick and motioned with his head. Gail had drawn too close to Rick.

He leapt up

“Watch out!” Mai-Ling spat.

Gail turned around. Rick grabbed the gun but found Gail incredibly strong.

“Help me!” he cried as he found he couldn’t draw the gun from her. Rajiv ran over and together they still had trouble pulling the gun from her.

Rick turned to Callie “Help my sister!” he yelled.

Mai-Ling let Callie go, as she went to help her own ‘sister’ Gail

Callie burst through the bushes and found Lucy lying on the ground. She picked her up just as she heard the crack of gun-fire.

“What’s happening?” Lucy cried.

“We’ve got to get to the cars”

“My brother…” Lucy cried, concerned

“He’ll join us soon…” she lied as she dragged Lucy to her feet and on through the bush.

They got to the cars. A choice for a quick getaway; an SUV, a Combi Van, or the Holden Commodore.

Callie chose the Commodore; the fastest of the three.

She found the spare set of keys in a magnetised box near the rear rear bumper. “Get in” she demanded.

“But… my brother”

“He’ll be with us soon”

Lucy got in the passenger side and Callie spun the wheels as she took off.

Lucy looked back in anguish.

Callie did not relax till they’d made the main road.

“Pull over” Lucy cried “I’m going to be sick…”

Callie did so and Lucy bundled herself out of the car.

Callie decided to get out and help her.

Lucy looked like she was going to heave.

“Are you alight?”Callie said

“Yes” Lucy said as she turned and hit Callie to the ground.

Callie was stunned and as she began to regain control she noticed that Lucy had grabbed her by the pants legs and was pulling her jeans from her.

“What the fuck…?”

“This will be over in a minute…” Lucy cried as she felt a parasite in her ready to birth.

Epilogue One

As they approached the Commodore parked haphazardly on the side of the road Rick drew the Combi van to a stop.

Rajiv hopped out with his gun ready.

Callie was now wearing Lucy’s dress. And Lucy was naked.

“Wait!” Rick cried as he saw Rajiv raise his gun.

But it was too late.

Rick ran up to his sister even as Callie scrambled back into the car and fled.

Rick took Lucy in his arms “Lucy?” he cried

She spat at him. She was no longer his sister. “Vermin!” she hissed


Another gun-shot, this one getting a rear wheel of the escaping Commodore.

“We’ve got to catch her!” Rajiv said

As Rick went to get up Lucy grabbed him and dug her nails into his arm. She had tremendous strength

He screamed in pain

“Die, you vermin” she hollered. She had so much hate in her eyes.

Rajiv ran back with a lump of wood and brought it down on Lucy’s head

Rick was released.

Rick and Rajiv were both wounded themselves; from their fight with the infected women. But they piled into the van and drove on after Callie who was getting away…

As they sped along, as best they could, they could follow bits of debris falling from the Commodore as it struggled to drive on only three good wheels.

As they rounded a bend they almost collected a cop car making a dangerous turn.

They scraped past it and continued after the Commodore

Soon the cop car got behind them, then passed them

Epilogue Two

Liz drove into the women’s prison with her ‘prisoner’ Callie.

It was unusual the guard thought as she let them in.

Liz and Callie soon overpowered her and infected her.

Soon they had three guards. Then five.

Now they moved into the prison proper.

A population of 928 women prisoners; the harvest would begin one cell at a time.

The End