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Party Toy

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Summary: When Vasundhara decided to attend a play party as Kendra’s guest, she did not expect to be part of the equipment to play with. Or did she?

DISCLAIMER: While this story is focused on realistic hypnosis (and more specifically, bimbofication, dollification, objectification, and memory manipulation, with some dirty talk and verbal degradation thrown in), its setting also touches on several other kinks such as age play, firecupping, consensual abduction, and sadomasochism (specifically cock and ball torture). These kinks are not covered in great detail, but they are present as part of the kinky play party setting. If you wish to skip these parts, skip everything between the first two paragraph breaks. Enjoy!

Party Toy

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Party

“So, what do I need to know? How do I act? And I’m dressed right, right?” Vasundhara looked over the house. It was a pretty standard piece of mass-designed suburban architecture. The windows were covered with dark curtains, but a little bit of light seeped out of every room. There wasn’t anything to differentiate the play party inside from a big drinking party—well, maybe the curtains were unusual. Vasundhara’s attire was casual to the core—the most effort she had put in was picking an orange t-shirt that set off her brown complexion.

“You are fine, hon. As long as you’re decent to the door, you’re good,” Kendra responded. “I mean, you could be wearing nothing inside, and that’d work, too,” she added with a poke to Vasundhara’s shoulder.

“Point taken,” Vasundhara grumbled. Kendra was pretty involved with the local kink community, and was good friends with the couple hosting the party. Vasundhara, in contrast, had only been to one or two of Kendra’s hypnosis munches—she could only attend this event as Kendra’s guest. Even if she weren’t “just a guest” for that reason, Vasundhara would probably feel overshadowed by virtue of Kendra’s sheer presence. Kendra was short and widely built, with attention-demanding curves, dark brown skin, big eyes, and a cascade of thin black braides falling over her shoulders. She made her plain, tight black t-shirt look fancy just by looking so good in it.

Kendra rang the doorbell, and after a moment the door opened to reveal a skinny young white woman with dyed-black hair, a bright red corset top, a short and voluminous skirt, and tattoos all over her arms and legs.

“KENDRA!” the woman squealed, hugging Kendra with glee. “And who is this?”

“Oh, this is—wait, real name or screen name, hon?” Kendra asked, whipping her head to look Vasundhara in the eye.

“Oh...Vasundhara is fine,” she said, having not considered the distinction. “I’m TheVanishingShadow online. I...don’t get out much to these. I don’t think I even have anyone friended on my profile besides Kendra.” Vasundhara had a brief moment of worry that she shouldn’t have used Kendra’s real name before reassuring herself that the other woman had used it first.

“Well, I’m so glad you could make it out tonight!” the woman squeaked. “I’m Steph, by the way, I’m EffervescentEvisceration!”

The name clicked in Vasundhara’s head. “OH! You’re the group leader, I see you posting all over...”

“Uh-huh! Now come on in!”

The three women slipped through the black curtain into a small hallway. Kendra deposited the drawstring bag she used as a toybag on top of some duffels and backpacks. Vasundhara turned right to follow Steph into the living room. An array of people in various outfits and states of undress sat on two couches; a few others stood around chatting with drinks in hand. Vasundhara noticed a beefy white guy with a military-ish haircut showing off various impact implements from a duffel bag to a few women sitting by him, a shirted-to-topless ratio of around 3:1, and the sound of someone being repeatedly hit with something upstairs. The sound reminded her of the gentle tapping of a hammer on wood, in its rhythm if nothing else.

While Vasundhara was taking it all in, a dapper, well-dressed black man with a nicely trimmed goatee came up to give Kendra a hug. Vasundhara kept awkwardly to the side, inwardly sighing that she was doomed to be the popular person’s hanger-on for much of the evening.

“Vasundhara, this is Kadeem, he and his wife are the hosts,” Kendra said, directing her friend toward Vasundhara. “This is my play partner,” she said to Kadeem while he shook Vasundhara’s hand. “We’ve been messing around a bit, but she doesn’t do the community stuff so much.”

“Good to meet you,” Kadeem said with a flashing smile.

“Great to meet you, too,” Vasundhara said awkwardly. The meet and greet stuff was putting her on edge, but he seemed nice enough. Kendra had certainly said good things about the guy; she had played with him for over a year now.

“Quick set of rules,” Kadeem said, his tone gentle. “Play rooms are upstairs. Private dungeon is downstairs, but you have to sign up for it on a sheet on the door. Snacks in the dining room, we mostly have chocolates, chips, crackers, bottled water, and pop. No play in the living room, and don’t sit naked on the furniture unless you have a towel. If you have a problem with someone, or you see something that looks dodgy, talk to whoever is wearing the orange safety vest at the time—that’s the dungeon monitor, and the position will be rotating through the night. Do you have any questions?”

“Not...right now,” Vasundhara mumbled. The sound of conversation all around had her off-balance, even if everything seemed nice. She needed a few minutes to get used to the setting. “I, uh, think I’ll go grab some snacks and take a seat, actually,” she added awkwardly.

“Absolutely, I need to run myself. I need to talk to someone about a scene we’re planning with my wife. I hope you have a good time!”

Vasundhara felt swept up in a whirlpool of people. She maneuvered among clusters of conversation to fill her plate with crackers and pour out a plastic cup of soda (she noticed, with approval, that there was no alcohol available). Kadeem’s house was pretty big, all things considered, and yet the living room and dining room together still felt cramped when there were maybe a dozen other people there. The faint sounds from upstairs made her anxious to explore, but she determined that sitting down and settling took priority. Vasundhara took a seat on the corner of the couch that was not occupied by the huge guy and his fans, waiting for Kendra to finish her greeting rounds and join her. She picked at her snack and kept her drink close to her face while eyeing the room and getting used to the atmosphere.

Sooner than Vasundhara predicted, Kendra squeezed into the space between her and the next person, leading a guy by the wrist. Said guy stood somewhat awkwardly in front of the pair—Vasundhara looked him over. Darker complexion; slightly shorter than average, but looked very muscular under a shirt that seemed a bit tight; straight black hair in a fresh short cut, clean-shaven; big brown eyes and bright white teeth.

“This is Jeff,” Kendra said by way of introduction. “He’s a newbie that I chatted up at a munch recently, and I thought the two of you might get along well. Jeff, this would be my play partner, Vasundhara.”

“Hi,” Jeff said, extending his hand as if he wasn’t quite sure that a standing-to-sitting handshake was a good idea, but had nothing else to offer. His voice was deep and gravelly, a sharp contrast from his boyish looks.

“Hey,” Vasundhara said back. She felt instinctively wary, but trusted Kendra that he was good people.

Suddenly, over in the dining room, a muscular, medium-height woman with a coppery complexion and long, braided black hair shouted, “Amazons! ATTACK!”

“Oh, gotta go, thought this wouldn’t happen for another fifteen minutes,” Kendra apologized to Vasundhara. “Seeya in a bit!” With that, Kendra got up and joined a small group—the braided-haired woman (Kadeem’s wife, Vasundhara guessed from things Kendra had said about her), Steph, and three other women coming in from the living room—to surround Kadeem in the dining room and hoist him onto their shoulders. The group marched up the stairs, hooting and hollering, Kadeem looking giddy and giggly and startled all at once.

Jeff and Vasundhara just stared at the empty space on the stairs where the gaggle had been. Then, Vasundhara slowly turned to Jeff, saying, “Well, might as well take her seat, huh?”

“Yeah...” Jeff said, easing down next to Vasundhara. He seemed very careful not to impose on her personal space, which she appreciated.

“So how did you and Kendra meet?” Vasundhara started, only slightly loosening her huddle over the food and drink.

“Well,” he began in that rocky voice, “I only started coming to munches last month. Kendra was really nice to me at one of the early ones, helped me get oriented, encouraged me to come to this. It’s cool to meet you, she’s mentioned you a bit.”

“Oh, really?” Vasundhara said, eyebrows perking. “I can’t imagine what she’s been saying.”

“Ha, not that much, just that she wanted to bring you out.”

Vasundhara mentally debated abandoning her plate-huddle as she finished her drink. “Hmm. Have you played with her?”

“Oh, no,” he said, “I’m still figuring out what I’m into. A friend of mine brought me out with him, and I’m liking it a lot, and want to try some stuff, but I’m not sure what yet.”

“Interesting...what have you seen so far that’s gotten you curious?”

“Um,” Jeff said, looking to be rummaging for a coherent list. “I’ve gone to the rope events to practice tying, which I’m really good at, I think. Kendra’s shown off some of what she does, and it looks really cool, but I’m not sure if I’d be able to do it.”

“Do what? Be hypnotized, or hypnotize people?”

Jeff paused. “Either, I guess. But it seems fun to watch.”

Vasundhara smiled, relaxed her shoulders and leaned back into the couch. “Well, Kendra did bring me here hoping we could put on a show. So, you’re welcome to watch us later.” Or join in, if you really are as nice as you seem, she added in her head.

“Oh! Yeah. That sounds cool,” Jeff said. “Uh, what do you do outside the kinky stuff?”

“Write, a lot,” Vasundhara replied after swallowing a cracker. “Day job is a temp thing, technical writing, and it’s just been non-stop office drama lately...”

Jeff and Vasundhara traded their respective latest work annoyances. Vasundhara detailed the escalating passive-aggression (and just plain regular aggression, from the other participant) in her interactions with a homophobic coworker. Jeff was a music teacher, not long out of school, trying to find the right amount of kink he could fit into his life without it impacting his business. As he talked, Vasundhara felt increasingly at ease, even with the continued bustle around them in the living room as more people arrived; the small group poring over floggers and paddles seemed less intimidating when she realized that it co-existed with something as normal as this conversation.

After enough just-past-small talk to feel like Jeff was a person, not a face, Vasundhara said, “Let’s go upstairs and see what Kendra’s in the middle of. We probably missed the most of...whatever that was, so she might be done by now.”

“Sure,” Jeff replied, getting up with her. Vasundhara wasn’t sure what to do with her now-empty paper plate and cup, so she just carried them with her in case she wanted more later.

Upstairs was significantly noisier. There were three rooms and an attic stairway, all with open doors (Vasundhara recalled that the downstairs dungeon was the official closed-off playspace), each with some different sexual adventure happening amidst domestic trappings. Vasundhara briefly lingered on the sight of two women, looking to be in their mid-thirties, attacking a punchy middle-aged man with pillows and stuffed animals; she guessed it was an age play thing from the high-pitched voices the women were using. Not being her favorite topic, she looked into the room next door, where a broad-bodied man was lying face-down on a massage table with odd-looking jars adhering to his back. An older woman in a corset looked him over. The word “firecupping” floated in Vasundhara’s memory, a half-remembered picture or caption she had seen online.

The last room’s sight was a touch more dramatic. Steph, seemingly finished with the fracas from the living room and completely nude, stood over a naked, gorgeously muscled kneeling man. Silently, they made eye contact, and held it—until Steph kicked him in the balls. Not really kicked—more like tapped with her foot. He gasped, sputtered, collapsed, dragged himself back to his knees to make eye contact again. Held it. Another tap. Not a single word.

Vasundhara watched the cycle for a few minutes. Jeff seemed more taken with the adhering jars (Fire cups? Is that a term? Vasundhara wondered). Each of them stayed quiet, taking in the different scenes on display. After getting her fill of the kicking, Vasundhara tapped Jeff’s shoulder and pointed up to the attic with a sideways nod.

They entered the spacious attic to see two crosses set up, a fair number of minglers, some rope and toys left in a pile by one of the crosses, and Kadeem—some clothing removed, some messed up—curled up with his wife on the floor, shrouded in a blanket. Vasundhara scanned the whole room before her eyes settled on Kendra amidst the mingling people. Tugging Jeff gently by the sleeve, she brought him over to the group to grab Kendra’s attention.

“Vasundhara!” Kendra said, turning toward the tap on her shoulder. “Are you and Jeff getting along well there?”

“Oh, I would say so,” Vasundhara said. “I was thinking the three of us could grab a room when one opens up. What do you think?”

“Sounds good to me,” Kendra smiled back.

They headed down from the attic and checked out the three rooms. The firecupping (Kendra confirmed the term) scene showed no signs of stopping; the bedroom was still occupied by the giggling age players; but, Steph and her partner were finishing up and putting their clothes back on.

“So, how should we start?” Vasundhara asked. She had just put down her paper plate and cup in the corner of the room, and now she surveyed her surroundings. There was a big ordinance that seemed almost halfway between a massage table and a gymnastics horse—a spanking bench, she assumed. The noise from the party was, thankfully, somewhat muted by the acoustics of the room.

“Well,” Kendra said, “I was thinking that Jeff and I could gang up on you. Maybe put you to all sorts of use. What do you think about that?” Kendra’s grin was big, toothy, and distinctly evil.

“I have the opposite of objections to this,” Vasundhara said. Had Kendra planned this ahead of time with Jeff? Hard to tell; he seemed unsurprised by what she just said, but he also looked slightly out of step with Kendra. Then again, Kendra could be such a whirlwind that anyone would look a step behind her in this situation. “Any specifics?”

“I was thinking you might be able to provide those,” Kendra smirked.

Vasundhara suddenly realized how horny she was. Maybe watching a guy get kicked in the balls earlier was more arousing to her than she had realized, and it was only now hitting her. Or maybe Jeff’s cuteness stood out more now that playing with him was on the table. “Um...I’m pretty good with, um, being...passed around,” she said tentatively.

“Ah, how should I be involved in that?” Jeff piped up. That gravelly voice did things to Vasundhara’s insides like it had not before—Vasundhara suddenly wondered, out of the blue, what he might sound like when he orgasmed.

“I’d, ah, be pretty down with touching you all over,” Vasundhara stated. It seemed a little forward given that they had just met, but being forward with him this way almost distracted her from the intruding thought of what his moans would sound like. “Maybe, trail my hands down your chest. I can see you have a nice one under that shirt.” Was that too much? she wondered suddenly. Eh, it’s a sex party where I just saw someone dragged up the stairs, I think some of the taboos are relaxed, she assured herself, and he’s someone I’d like to drag me off...

“Would, um, you like to see it better?” Jeff said. Vasundhara read him as eager and excited, and Kendra’s earlier statement of intent emboldened her.

“I would...”

Jeff stripped off his t-shirt, revealing tan pecs and a faint six-pack. Vasundhara did not entirely fancy muscles, but on Jeff they worked. “Ooh,” Vasundhara said, “I could get some...enjoyment...out of that....”

Vasundhara’s mind locked onto the thought of kissing Jeff’s chest between the pecs, continuing upward to his neck. She saw Kendra’s toybag in the corner and wondered if Kendra had brought her strap-on. Vasundhara really wanted to play with that again; having a flesh-dick on hand as well just made the thought all the sweeter.

“Having a bit of oral fixation there, beautiful?” Kendra snickered, shattering Vasundhara’s stream of dirty thoughts.

Vasundhara had been absent-mindedly sucking on a lock of her hair. “ it that obvious?”

“I’d call it noticeable,” Kendra replied playfully. “What do you think, dear?” she said to Jeff.

“I’ve...noticed,” he added with a loopy grin.

Heat welled up under Vasundhara’s face in embarrassment, but she couldn’t bring herself to remove the hair from her mouth. Having something in her mouth just felt so good right now, even if it was not the dicks—fleshy and silicone alike—that she wanted there just this second. Nipples would be nice, too, her libido added unhelpfully.

“Do you mind if I take my pants off?” Vasundhara asked. In the back of her mind, she had the thought that she might be getting ahead of herself; however, she was past the point of caring. She was hot in the good way, the pants were making her hot in the annoying way, and she wanted Jeff to see her legs.

“To use your phrase, beautiful: I have the opposite of objections to that,” Kendra replied gleefully. “Jeff, dear?”

“Yeah, I’m game,” he said.

Vasundhara sat down and dragged the jeans off her legs, yanking her socks off along with them. Bare legs and feet felt so much better right now—just panties and a t-shirt. Kendra had assured her before the party that coming bra-less would be fine; the current arousal made Vasundhara quite pleased with that choice. Her unrestrained tits rubbed against the t-shirt’s fabric, and all of a sudden that sensation became just as annoying as it was pleasurable.

“Hmm, shall I go ahead and show off the goods?” she said with a smile toward Jeff. Vasundhara had some insecurities about how her breasts looked, but self-consciousness seemed to melt in the heat of her arousal.

Jeff searched for his voice. “Sounds good,” he said.

Vasundhara crossed her arms and peeled the shirt off, making sure that Jeff got the best view possible as she freed her tits.

Vasundhara spaced out briefly as she pulled the shirt free. Ugh, I should be on my knees, she thought as she deposited the shirt on the floor. Her hands smoothly traveled to her tits; she gave them a light squeeze, then locked her forefinger-tips on her nipples and began tracing circles. I wonder when we’re going to start playing, she thought as a light moan escaped her lips.

“Are you just going to play with yourself, or do we get to join in?” Kendra taunted.

“Oh...right,” Vasundhara said, giving her nipples a light tweak before dragging her hands away from them. Urgh, did I actually have to stop doing that? she wondered. “Would getting a bit lower to the ground be, like, appreciated?

Jeff and Kendra shared a smile. “Sure,” Jeff said, his voice cracking slightly.

Vasundhara dropped to her knees carefully, avoiding any strong impact against the hard floor—her knees had been a bit less forgiving of such force since she had turned 26 a few months back. “I’m, um, really up for whatever you want to do to me,” Vasundhara breathed while her hands returned to her tits. Mm, should make sure they get a good view, she thought, propping up both breasts with her hands. Even while doing that, she couldn’t help reaching a finger up to each nipple to play while showing off. I...don’t think they’ll mind a little less nipple to view, she thought before letting all thought dissolve into hazy, lusty heat. Vasundhara closed her eyes as she lost herself to the heat beneath her skin, to the two little pinpricks of pleasure on either side of her chest.

Suddenly, fingers on Vasundhara’s chin; a light, appraising squeeze at her cheeks. “Hmm,” Kendra mused aloud. “I think this open mouth could use a cock in it. Do you agree, slut?”

“Mmm, this slut would love that,” Vasundhara said quietly, distantly.

“That’s a good girl,” Kendra responded.

Mmm, that phrase... Vasundhara thought in ecstacy. “Of course! This slut wouldn’t be anything else!”

“Well, why don’t you help Jeff get his cock out in the air while I go put mine own on?”

“That sounds lovely,” Vasundhara said, forcing her eyes opena nd her hands away from her nipples. Ooh, maybe each of them could grab a tit and yank it like an udder, her mind supplied while Jeff got into position in front of her. She unbuckled his belt, unbottoned his jeans, then gripped either side of his beltline while biting down on the zipper. Putting much practice with Kendra to use, she pulled the zipper down, exposing the green fabric of Jeff’s boxers. Her oral cravings slightly edged off, she yanked down his pants and boxers together.

Jeff’s cock gently bobbed up toward her. It was arrow-straight, no curve that Vasundhara could notice. The flesh was nice and smooth, and a gorgeous tan color like the rest of Jeff’s body. Vasundhara’s mouth watered. Something held her back from jamming it into her mouth, though, and she tried to break through the oversexed jumble of her thoughts to figure out what.

Something clicked, without Vasundhara quite knowing why. With a flair of improv, she turned it into a come-on: “Hmm, and shouldn’t this handsome dick be dressed?”

“Huh?” Jeff said. Without seeing his face, the tone of his voice made Vasundhara think he had been spacing out and enjoying the moment.

“This slut thinks your cock could use a condom,” she said, leaving the flair behind.

“Oh! Right!” Jeff chuckled lightly while Vasundhara continued staring at his member. It was so pretty, and she wanted it in her mouth immediately. Oh, or it could be between my tits, she thought suddenly, and resumed cupping her breasts and fingering her nipples while waiting for Jeff to get the condom situation in order.

Vasundhara’s eyes were closed in pleasure again by the time she heard foil ripping. Kendra was always prepared for this particular eventuality, as she well knew. Vasundhara opened her eyes to that smooth, hard cock pressing against translucent green latex, as if bursting under pressure. “May I?” she asked, tearing her gaze away from it to implore Jeff with her eyes.

“Go right ahead,” he said quietly.

Vasundhara got a grip and slid her lips down and up either side, feeling the erection stiffen further under the ministration. She took him inside her mouth gently, not wanting him to cum just yet. She took as much of his reasonably-sized dick into her mouth as she could, then slowly, teasingly withdrew, pressing her lips firmly against the latex as she did so. Vasundhara zeroed her ears in on Jeff’s breathing, following the long, slow sigh of pleasure as she familiarized her mouth and tongue with the new cock. She absorbed herself in the task, slowly savoring each repetition as she slid his cock in and out, in and out, feeling him twitch and spasm with arousal, but never tightening her lips enough to bring him closer to a finish.

“Up for another?” Kendra asked, snapping Vasundhara out of her blissful autopilot. Vasundhara turned to see Kendra’s black silicone cock—affixed via a thong harness just the way Kendra liked it—decorated in a red condom and practically begging for some attention.

“Always...if that’s alright with you, handsome,” she said, looking up at Jeff.

“Go right ahead...” he said again with a soft smile.

Vasundhara switched off to Kendra, getting a little more aggressive than she had with Jeff. Vasundhara knew that Kendra liked a strong back and forth, pulling the thong into her cunt and then pressing the dildo’s base into her mons. Instead of the slow, exploratory savoring of Jeff, Vasundhara slipped into practiced routine, pressing down so that she could tug and rock the cock in all of the right ways.

Suddenly, just as Vasundhara finished a withdrawal, she felt a tight grip in her hair and she froze, panting, blood pounding in her ears. “Slacken that jaw, fuckdoll,” Kendra snapped.

Vasundhara’s eyes rolled up in her head as she loosened the muscles and allowed Kendra to yank her head forward, feeling the cock driven down her through, pressing her tongue upward to take in as much sensation as she could from the rough, precise motion of Kendra taking her pleasure.

Then, Kendra began pulling out, slowly; Vasundhara needily tried to savor the feeling of the cock’s head against her lips as Kendra held her head steady. She noticed a thin line of drool still connecting her lips to Kendra’s dick, and the sight made her cunt pulse. Vasundhara gasped like a fish out of water, thirsty for more.

“And what do you want right now, my cockthirsty little slut?” Kendra taunted.

“Mmm,” Vasundhara moaned, composing herself as much as she could. “Your dick. His dick. My tits in your hands, in your mouth. My mouth on your tits. Being used like a little fuckdoll.”

“Aww,” Kendra said. “Y’know, a little airhead like you, maybe the rest of you should be pumped full of air like a real fuckdoll.”

Vasundhara moaned, writhing with her hair in Kendra’s grip. “This slut would love that!”

“Good girl,” Kendra said, yanking Vasundhara up by the hair. Vasundhara stood, letting the shorter woman guide her over to that spanking bench—then going back down to the floor, letting the hand in her hair determine where she stayed.

Sitting down on the floor, Vasundhara wondered what was coming next.

Then, almost in answer, Vasundhara’s next hot breath in seemed to...fill her. It was as if the air were somehow staying in, even though she continued to breathe out. With another inhale, Vasundhara felt it again—like a fire stirring inside her, heating her from within. Her mouth, already slack, started to open wide—she wondered why she would ever close it, when she could keep it open and ready for Kendra and Jeff to make use of it. The moisture in her panties seemed stronger now, as her legs began to spread almost instinctually. Each inhale brought more heat, more fire, more arousal, more need. It was like the heat was pressing against her skin from the inside, like it was pressing her to keep mouth and cunt open. Vasundhara’s legs continued to spread, incrementally, until they stretched wide open on the floor. Her head bobbed backward automatically, her lips spreading open into a gaping O. Her eyes closed again, unable to process any visuals as she lost herself to the heat and pleasure.

“Good girl,” Kendra said. A moan escaped Vasundhara’s open mouth. “Such a good, horny little fuckdoll. A pretty good addition to all the furniture they have here, I think.” Vasundhara moaned louder, feeling the heat rise against her skin and the wetness increase in her panties as she thought of herself as just another toy for the play party—just as ready to be used as the spanking bench behind her.

“After you, m’dear,” Kendra said, and Vasundhara realized she was talking to Jeff. A hand—bigger than Kendra’s?—took hold of her hair, fingers just touching the top of her head. She felt him sliding into her mouth again. She couldn’t press or tease this time—just feel. Just feel that smooth, latex-encased cock, warming her mouth like a cup of hot tea; the miniscule spasms of arousal against her tongue, her lips; that head being dragged up and down the surface of her tongue; his shaft rubbing against her lips as she sat, helpless, aching for more, hoping the sensation would never end.

Vasundhara had no idea how long she sat there, spread open, getting used like a toy by a hot guy she had just met. She only knew that she loved every second of it.

When Jeff finally withdrew, Kendra picked up where he left off. Once again, Vasundhara felt Kendra’s hand guiding her head back and forth. “Good girl,” Kendra hissed, “and I think one more is in order.”

Kendra withdrew, and Vasundhara keenly felt her inability to lean toward the cock that she desperately wanted to stay. However, she did not have long to wait before she felt the warmth and pulsing of Jeff’s cock inside her again, a little more sure and forceful this time, a little more like Kendra as he took hold of her hair and used her head and mouth.

This slut is a good little fucktoy and this slut wants cock and this slut wants to make her users cum, Vasundhara found herself thinking as she lost herself to the rush.

Once again, her bliss was interrupted, not unpleasantly, by Kendra’s voice. “When he cums,” she said, “you cum. Because that’s when you know you’ve served your purpose, fuckdoll.”

Vasundhara groaned incoherently and listened for Jeff’s breathing; finding the sound, she realized it was getting faster. Her attention shifted to his cock, and she pressed her tongue upward—the only movement she could manage in her mouth—to stimulated him as well as she could....

...and then she felt the pulsing of his cock, the hot liquid shooting against the tip of the condom, and Vasundhara’s brain and cunt exploded in joy as the orgasm washed over her.

Jeff’s cock slid out of her mouth, but Vasundhara just remained sitting, spread, hips quivering, as if on standby for more.

“Vasundhara, full recall,” Kendra said.