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Path of the Celtic One

Disclaimer: This story is for adults only if you are under the legal age of consent in your state. Go Away.

Chapter 1: Beginnings

Xavier Morris was walking home from school thinking about his homework. As he neared his house he saw a truck at his house that wasn’t his dads. As he walked up the drive he looked at the trucks rear window and saw the stickers that told him whose truck it was. As he entered the house he heard talking in the den. Walking into the den Xavier heard the voice that belonged to the truck. “He just has to have this in his hands by his fifteenth birth... Hello Xavier.” “Hey Chris how is it going?” Xavier asked puzzled.

Xavier was not your average 14 year-old caucasian male. Xavier had a knack for learning things that interested him very fast. Xavier’s body was anything but average. He was five foot nine, had black hair, and eyes of the deepest blue anyone had ever seen. Xavier was quite muscular for having never worked out a day in his life.

“Dad I’m going upstairs to do my homework.” Xavier said. “Ok son.” Aaron said. Xavier walked up the stairs and down the hall to his bedroom. He flipped on his computer and waited about 2 seconds for it to boot up. During this time Aaron called Xavier downstairs. Xavier walked downstairs and asked “where are you at dad?” “In the living room you silly narf-nugget” Aaron chuckled. “Yes you stupid tax-collector” Xavier quipped back. “Come over here for a second I want you to have something its from Chris and I. Now lets put it on.” Aaron imitated Agent Zed from MIB. “Put what on?” Xavier imitated Agent J from the same movie. “The last sword you’ll ever need.” Aaron again imitated Zed from MIB.

His computer beeped twice to signify that it was ready to be logged into. Xavier went over to his computer and put his password. Three seconds later his familiar background flashed up. Xavier pulled up the internet. He went straight to a site that he knew of. When the page had finished loading something strange happened. What Xavier saw on the page was incredible. He saw his sword staring at him as if he had taken it out of the scabbard and set it on a table. “Holy cow, that’s my sword.” Xavier replied.

What Xavier read on the page was an exact description of his sword. He read on further down the page and was pleased to find a description of the writing on the sword. He found out that the sword once belonged to an old family. The family was the Scarboroughs. The Scarboroughs were a family back in the time of the Celtic revolution. The writing on the sword was an incantation to awaken the records of the family. Well at first Xavier was hesitant to read the incantation. But that quickly wore off as he was trying to figure out why he had been given the sword instead of his dad.

Well when Xavier read the incantation he was shown why he was given the sword instead of his dad. When Xavier looked at the person standing in front of him he saw some resemblance to him. Then the person said, “My name is Arthur. The reason I left the writing on the sword was so that someone in the future would find this sword and save the world. This sword will find its owner and the person who owns this sword will be learning some of the hardest cultural secrets that no one else can.” Xavier looked at Arthur and asked, “What exactly will I be learning?”

“Well,” Arthur replied, “you will start out learning how to wield this sword. I will teach you everything that you need to know. First we will start out with basic defense. When I attack you I want you to let yourself go and do whatever comes natural. Ok” “Ok” Xavier said. Then without warning Arthur came at Xavier with an overhead strike. Xavier at first was scared that Arthur would kill him, until the sword took over and blocked the overhead strike with a strike upwards.

Six Months Later

One night while Xavier was getting ready for bed Arthur appeared in front of him. “Xavier you have finished your sword-training. Get a good nights rest and be prepared for a visit by a friend of mine, her name is Morgana, she is my half-sister.” “OK Arthur. Will I ever see you again?” “Whenever you would like to talk to me again just call my name and I will appear to you.”

The next morning as soon as Xavier woke up Morgana was standing at the foot of his bed. “Good morning mister Xavier.” Morgana said. “Are you Morgana?” “Yes, I am I see my half-brother has told you I would be here.” Morgana was 5′6″ with black hair down to her ass, beautiful green eyes that would make an emerald jealous. Morgana’s tits were a nice size but not to big, if one had to say a size, one would say about a 36 C, her waist was about a 4 or 5, and her hips were about a 36. When Xavier looked at her his dick instantly sprung to attention. Morgana saw this and said, “I guess I picked the perfect body for this realm.” “Would you like some help with that?” She said pointing to his enormous raging hard cock. “Yes I hate morning wood.” Xavier replied. She started reaching up his legs feeling the muscles on the way up to his cock. As she reached the tops of the covers she pulled them down to reveal that Xavier slept in the nude. When Morgana saw his dick for real she let out a small gasp. Xavier had an eleven-inch cock that was four and a half inches across in diameter. Morgana went down and started licking up his legs and reached Xavier’s balls. She gently licked each ball making sure that each ball got equal attention. Then Morgana continued licking at Xavier’s stomach and worked her way up to his chest. When she reached this point she branched over to the left to his pecs. As soon as she started licking his nipple Xavier could take no more and took Morgana’s skirt of her body, revealing that Morgana was wearing no panties. What Xavier saw down there was the most beautiful pussy that he had ever seen. He reached his hand down in between her legs and started rubbing that pussy. Morgana felt this and started pushing her cunt towards his hands. She continued licking Xavier’s left nipple soon she grew tired of this and migrated over to his right nipple making sure it wasn’t left out. Morgana decided to continue the torture and licked back to the center of Xavier’s chest and continued up his body and onto his neck, where she planted a kiss. Morgana decided to let him see how good of a kisser she was so she kissed Xavier full on the lips. Well Xavier had obviously done this before because he immediately pushed his tongue into Morgana’s mouth and wrestled her tongue. Morgana quickly decided it was time to show Xavier her tits and broke the kiss long enough to take her top off. As soon as this was done Morgana was fully naked and was growing extremely horny. She decided that it was time to show Xavier what she could do. Morgana licked her way back down to Xavier’s rock hard cock. As soon as she got down there she licked Xavier’s shaft and his shaft jerked at the touch of her tongue. She started to suck on Xavier’s cock slowly at first but after a little bit she decided to take him to the next level. Morgana sped up what she was doing until Xavier felt he could take no more and shot his seed into her mouth. Morgana swallowed all of his cum until it was coming no more, she continued to suck his cock back to hardness. As soon as Morgana had Xavier’s cock back to full hardness she got onto the bed and moved up until her hips were directly above his awaiting cock. As soon as Morgana started to push her pussy down onto Xavier’s rock hard dick she let out a small moan. Finally her pussy had engulfed the entire length of Xavier’s cock. As Morgana was bouncing up and down on top of him, Xavier watched the beautiful Morgana’s tits bounce up and down on her chest. Soon Xavier felt the familiar feeling that signaled he was about to cum. Xavier flipped Morgana to the bed and crawled on top of her and kept pounding into her extremely wet cunt. After Xavier had blown his load inside Morgana he pulled out and looked at the beautiful lady lying in the bed next to him. “Morgana this is not the only reason you are here is it?” Xavier queried. “No it’s not Xavier I’m here to instruct you in the arts of magic.” Morgana replied.

“Now you have a decision to make Xavier and this choice will decide what is to come.” Morgana stated. “Ok what decision is that?” Xavier questioned as Morgana put her clothes back on. “Well I’m going to tell you four colors and out of those four colors I want you to pick two of them, ok.” Morgana told Xavier. “Ok Morgana what are the four colors?” Xavier asked. “Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.” Morgana stated. “Well my two favorite colors are Red and Green” Xavier replied. “Ok so your path to greatness in magic starts with the element of Fire, continues with the element of Earth, then moves to the element of Water, and ends this part with the Element of Air. Remember that evolution correctly, as it will help me out later on. Now I want you take today off and think about everything I told you.” Morgana stated. With that statement out of the way Morgana disappeared.

After about twenty minutes Xavier said, “I wonder what Arthur is doing right now.” With that Arthur appeared and sat down next to him. “How’s it going Xavier?” Arthur asked startling Xavier. “Holy Shit Arthur you scared the shit out of me.” Xavier yelled. “Sorry to frighten you but you did call for me didn’t you?” Arthur asked. “Yes I did Arthur. How are things in your part of the world?” Xavier asked. “Pretty good, So I heard that you made your decision on what color of magic you are going to start out in.” Arthur asked. “Yeah, I chose Red, The Element of Fire.” Xavier said. “Good choice that was what color I chose when Morgana taught me magic.” Arthur stated. “I also see from the state of the sheets that Morgana taught you some other things other than magic.” He said.

“Yeah she was sitting at the foot of my bed when I woke up this morning.” Xavier exclaimed. “Oh, sorry about that I told her to wait until you had woken up but she is my half sister.” Arthur said apologetically. “Now if you will excuse me Arthur I need to go and take a shower and go to bed so I can get a good nights rest.” Xavier said excusing himself from the room. After taking his shower Xavier came back into his room to find it empty but the sword wasn’t where he put it. The sword was sitting in its scabbard on a stand on his dresser. On the stand was a note: THIS STAND IS FOR YOU. ENJOY IT AND MY HALF-SISTER. ARTHUR. With that read Xavier slipped into bed.

The Next Morning

Xavier woke up the next morning to a soft tapping on his door. When he got up the first thing he did was put on his clothes and strapped the sword to his back. Xavier walked to the door feeling more secure now that the sword was strapped to his back. When Xavier opened the door who else was standing there than the beautiful Morgana. “Good morning Xavier. Hope you slept well.” Morgana queried. “Like a brick.” Xavier stated. “Good because today starts the long journey down a hard road.” Morgana told him. “So are we going to continue with more sword techniques today?” Xavier puzzled. “Nope today we start your fire training. Because when we are done you have quite a challenge to face.” Morgana stated. “What type of challenge and will it be dangerous.” Xavier questioned. “Well I can tell you the first part but the second part will be answered when time comes for you to go up against the challenge. As to answer the first part of your question, The challenge is to beat the elemental mage at the end of the temple and recover the piece of mystical armor.” Morgana yelled.

Morgana started by telling Xavier about the element of fire and how it can be used for good and evil. “Xavier the element of fire has been known to the Celtic people for many ages, it has been used for creation purposes, and it has also been used for destruction.” Morgana exclaimed. “Cool” Xavier squealed. “No its not cool in any instance fire is the hottest thing on the planet.” Morgana said stating the obvious. “I know this that’s why I said it.” Xavier said sticking his tongue out at Morgana. “Let’s start with the basics first you must learn how to get in touch with the element of fire. And to do that you must learn how to breathe.” Morgana claimed. “But I already know how to breathe Morgana.” He replied. “Ahh, but this is different you must breath to connect to the element of fire. Let me show you how.” She shouted at him. Morgana started by sitting down in a comfortable position. Then she took a slow deep breath in and held it for a few seconds. And as she exhaled the breath she let all of her stress and pent up aggression out. She repeated this several times. “Now as you do this feel the fire build up inside you. On the next time you inhale I want you to tighten your muscles. Then as you feel you can’t inhale anymore open your mouth and inhale a little more, as you do this tighten your muscles some more. Then as you exhale I want you to relax your muscles.” Morgana stated. Xavier continued breathing the way that Morgana showed him and as he did so he could feel the fire welling up inside him. “Now comes the fun part Xavier. I want you to take the fire from within and think about materializing a fireball in between your hands.” With that said Xavier put his hands about 4 inches apart and thought deeply. What Morgana saw in the next moment was a small fireball appear from no where and shoot towards her. “Holy Shit, I see you have already learned how to control a small fireball.” Morgana exclaimed.

6 months later

“Now you have learned all you need to know for the trials are you ready?” Morgana asked. “I feel like I am when do I start the trial?” Xavier queried. “Well we can start in a little bit right now I am horny as hell feel up to another fuck session?” Morgana asked. “Of course I’m up to it question is are you?” Xavier questioned. “I’ll let you be the judge of that.” She said. At that time Xavier looked up her skirt and saw that her pussy was glistening with cum. At this time as Xavier was looking up her skirt Morgana was taking her shirt off and let her tits fling free. Xavier’s hand meandered up Morgana’s legs slowly and finally touched her glistening pussy. Morgana said, “Quit fingering me and put your 11 inch cock in me.” So Xavier obliged her and started fucking her brains out. A few minutes later Morgana and Xavier screamed out at the same time. Morgana finally said, “Ok now that you’ve had your fuck its time to start the trials.” “Let’s go” Xavier stated.

Next Day at the trials

“Welcome back Morgana who do you have for me to test today?” The elemental mage of fire asked. “This is Xavier and he is here to take his first trial for mastery of the fire element.” Morgana exclaimed. “From now on Xavier you can call me Aries.” “Ok.” Xavier stated. “Well lets get started. First I want you to get into touch with the fire inside and materialize 2 fireballs.” Aries stated. Well Xavier did as he was told and made two fireballs appear out of nowhere. Aries took a look at his fireballs and said, “Those are perfect how long did it take you to perfect the fireball?” “It took me exactly 6 months.” Xavier exclaimed. “Ok now we are going to fight using only the element fire. If you can defeat me I will give you your body armor and open your mind another 10 percent and give you your first powers in mind control.” Aries said. Xavier started immediately forming a 5 inch white fireball and flung it at Aries. Aries took the whole fireball in the chest and instantly fell to the ground. “Very well done Xavier that took a lot out of me its not everyday I am beaten by a 6 month-old fire user on the first shot.” Aries said. “Sit down Xavier and I will fulfill my part of the agreement.” Aries continued.

Next Day

Xavier woke up at 6 o’clock in the morning and saw both Morgana and Arthur at the foot of his bed. “Good morning Xavier congratulations on passing the trial and obtaining the first piece of the mystical Armor of the Celt.” Arthur stated. “Yes Xavier congratulations. Tomorrow ill teach you how to use your mind control powers.” Morgana said. “Thanks guys I really enjoyed the trials and I haven’t been able to take off the armor since I got it.” Xavier said questionably. “Well Xavier you won’t be able to take off the Armor of the Celt until you get all pieces of it. You need to get used to it.” Arthur answered. “So what do I start next?” Xavier questioned. “Well your next step is to master the element of Earth.” Morgana stated.

Next Day

“Time to get up Xavier.” Morgana stated shaking Xavier gently. “Ok ill be up in about two seconds.” Xavier stated. When Xavier opened his eyes he saw the beautiful Morgana standing over him. “Good Morning sleepy-head.” Morgana laughed. “Today you will begin to learn how to control peoples minds.” Morgana stated very factually.

The first place Morgana took Xavier was the local mall. “Here Xavier we will pick your first test subject.” Morgana stated. “What would you like me to do Morgana?” Xavier asked. “Well first I would like for you to look at a member of the opposite sex, then I want you to take a look at their looks.” Morgana said to Xavier. “Ok I choose her.” Xavier pointed to a girl that was fifteen. Morgana saw whom Xavier pointed out to her and she reached out mentally and found out her name. “Her name is Alicia. She is fifteen and is five foot six. As you can tell she has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is a virgin. And she would like to lose her virginity by her sixteenth birthday.” “How did you know that?” Xavier asked puzzled. “I read her mind.” Morgana stated matter of factly. “Can you teach me that?” Xavier asked. “Not yet Xavier that is a much later lesson. Your first lesson begins by learning how to form your extension and reach into her mind. All I want you to do is to think real hard about another hand coming from your mind and touching Alicia on the head.” Morgana said. “Sounds easy enough.” Xavier stated. Well Xavier thought about touching Alicia with only his mind and accomplished his goal. “Well done Xavier you have passed your first lesson.” Morgana exclaimed. “Now I want you to assert your dominance over her mind and input a command that she should only listen to what you tell her.” Morgana said. Well Xavier did this and immediately Alicia blanked out and was staring at him. “Good job. Now I want you to input any suggestion that you want into her mind.” Morgana stated. Xavier decided that since he had not had a steady girlfriend since he was twelve that it was time that he finally had one. He reached into her mind and made Alicia his steady girlfriend with just a thought. “Good job on the memory implant I couldn’t have done a better job.” Morgana stated.

End of Chapter One.