The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Path of the Celtic One

By: LoneWolf192

Chapter 2: The Path Continues

Xavier continued working on his mastery of the element of fire. As he was working toward his goal of master over fire his friend Arthur popped in to see how he was.

“How is everything going Xavier?” Arthur asked.

“Not bad Arthur I’m just working on mastering fire before I get started with my next element.” Xavier stated.

“Unfortunately Xavier we need your help now. We have a situation that we could use your help with on the Astral Plains. Let me tell you what’s going on out there before I throw you to the wolves. There is a guy who is causing trouble and with your ability to use magic as well as your mastery over the sword this guy should be no problem for you as talented as you are.” Arthur stated.

“But what if he starts using elements I have no knowledge of?” Xavier queried.

“That’s why Morgana will be going with you for just that reason. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed she will take over.” Arthur stated matter-of-factly.

“What element is he mainly?” Xavier asked.

“To tell you the truth Xavier he is a very weak water user. He actually failed the trials when he went up against them.” Arthur said.

“Well he shouldn’t be that strong then.” Xavier stated enthusiastically.

“Never underestimate your opponent Xavier it could easily get you killed.” Arthur stated seriously.

“It sure could Xavier.” Morgana stated as she glided gracefully into the room.

Xavier stood with his mouth wide open at the outfit that Morgana was wearing. Morgana was wearing a pair of royal purple short-shorts and a royal purple bikini-top. Also poking out of her royal purple shorts was a royal purple thong.

After Morgana walk in Arthur let her take over telling Xavier about the troublemaker. After she finished telling Xavier about him she stated.

“Fuck me you stud, fuck me sore.” Morgana yelled.

Morgana snapped her fingers and instantly she and Xavier were both naked and ready to go.

Morgana jumped Xavier and they both fell backwards onto his bed. After they fell in bed Xavier maneuvered Morgana to were she was on bottom. After Morgana passed out he called out to Alicia and finished what he started with Morgana.

After Morgana woke up the next morning sleeping next to Xavier she understood what her heart was trying to tell her.

Morgana was falling in love. Who she was falling in love with was easy to see.

Xavier unfortunately was falling in love with Alicia. Alicia was everything that he was looking for in a woman.

Next Morning

Xavier woke up and started training his abilities. At about ten o’clock Morgana decided that she would pay him a visit. When she got there her jaw dropped at the sight she was seeing. Xavier was standing in the backyard with a pair of shorts on with no shirt on. All around him were white flames. Morgana stared at Xavier as he went through his exercises surrounded but the white flames.

After Xavier completed his exercises and the flames died down Morgana talked to him.

“How did you do that Xavier?” Morgana asked.

“It just came to me last night while I was asleep.” Xavier stated.

“You’re kidding.” Morgana yelled.

“You saw me I don’t kid.” Xavier stated.

“I’ll be right back.” Morgana stated.

Sure enough thirty minutes later Morgana showed back up with Aries in tow.

“Show Aries what you can do.” Morgana said.

At that time Xavier started doing his exercises and the flames jumped around him again.

“Holy cow, how long have you been doing this?” Aries asked.

“Since this morning.” Xavier stated.

“Morgana get this boy on Astral he will humiliate that trouble-maker Xavier has already mastered fire.” Aries screamed.

“How did I do that so quickly?” Xavier asked.

“Well every once in a while a quick learner becomes a magic user.” Aries stated.

“I guess that means I’m a quick learner.” Xavier stated.

“Yes it does because normally it would take someone three and a half years to get to the same point that you have in one year.” Aries stated.

“Wow, I am a quick learner then.” Xavier exclaimed.

“Yes, you are Xavier now we need to get you ready to take on the problem on Astral.” Aries said as he was walking out the door.

“I’m going to help you out now.” Morgana stated.

“I could really use some help with this.” Xavier said as he pulled down his pants.

“I can see that. I guess I picked out the perfect outfit for today.” Morgana stated matter-of-factly.

“Yes you did Morgana I couldn’t take my eyes off you all day.” Xavier said.

As Xavier pulled off his socks and shoes Morgana was busy playing with his rock hard cock. After he was completely nude he started kissing her passionately. As he was kissing her his hands slipped down her back and unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts and gently slipped them down her long, luxurious, smooth legs. As he was doing so he felt her quiver with desire. All that was left on her drop-dead gorgeous body was her royal purple bikini-top and her royal purple thong. As she stood there he could feel his cock get harder than it was. He couldn’t stand it any longer and reached up and unhooked her bikini-top letting her breasts out of their confinement. After taking her top off he hooked his fingers into her thong and gently pulled them down as well. Once she was naked he pushed her onto the bed and pushed his rock-hard cock into her sopping wet pussy. He started out with a murderously slow pace and he could tell that she loved every minute of it. A few minutes later he could feel his own orgasm building so he sped up to get her to have her orgasm first. As he was pounding into her he felt her orgasm building. He reached down gently in between thrusts and started playing with her swollen clit. Suddenly, she started bucking up and down to deepen the penetration. All of a sudden her pussy clamped down and milked his cock for all it was worth.

“Aww shit that feels good Xavier that was the best orgasm I have had in over fifty years.” Morgana said as she pulled her royal purple thong back up her legs.

“Well your welcome Morgana it was just as mind-blowing for me as it was for you.” Xavier said as he pulled on his boxers and pants.

“Well I need to go grab a shirt and ill be right back hon. then we can go and tackle the problem on Astral.” Morgana stated.

“Okay, I’ll be in the backyard working on my exercises before tackling him.” Xavier stated.

“Make sure you take some comfortable clothes with you.” Morgana said.

“I’ll see ya in the backyard.” Xavier said.

“I hear you mastered your first element Xavier, congratulations.” Arthur said as he stepped into the backyard.

“Thank you Arthur. Now I have to get ready to take on that problem on Astral.” Xavier stated as he started his exercises.

Suddenly as Xavier started his exercises the flames broke out around him and Arthur stood in awe at the sight he saw. As he was standing there Morgana strode back into the backyard.

“Pretty impressive huh bro?” Morgana asked.

“Yeah if I hadn’t seen it for myself I wouldn’t have believed it.” Arthur exclaimed.

“Are you coming to watch the fight bro?” Morgana asked.

“Yeah, I wanna see how bad Xavier humiliates this guy.” Arthur states as Xavier was completing his exercises.

“If this happens when he fights that guy won’t stand a chance.” Morgana stated.

Later That Day

“Are you ready Xavier?” Morgana asked.

“I was born ready Morgana. Lead the way and I’ll take this guy to town and then drag his lifeless body out to the desert and leave him to the buzzards.” Xavier said.

As Xavier, Morgana and Arthur appeared on Astral immediately they could sense a presence that wasn’t one of them or a friendly presence. After they got onto Astral immediately the white flames leapt up around Xavier.

After about fifteen minutes the trouble-maker made his appearance on Astral.

“I, Xavier Williams challenge you to a duel of elements.” Xavier stated loudely.

“I, John Smith accept your challenge and say that you will die a horrible and painful death.” John said smugly.

After John said his spiel he immediately lauched a water projectile directly at Xavier’s heart. Xavier batted the projectile away and launched a level four fireball directly at John. Instantly the fireball hit exactly on target. John took the fireball and started bleeding profusely in the upper torso area. As John was recovering from the attack Xavier was busy reading another blast. As soon as the blast was ready Xavier let loose all of his fury upon John. John couldn’t take much more and the blast finished him off. As Xavier stood over John’s broken body Morgana stepped up behind him and said.

“Man that was a quick fight. We picked the perfect person to fight for us. Now lets get you home so you can get rested up because tomorrow we will start training you in your next element which is earth.” Morgana stated.

And just like that they were back at Xavier’s house. As soon as Xavier got into his room he immediately took off all his clothes and jumped into a relaxing, hot shower and soaked all of his soreness out of his body. Shortly after he jumped out of the shower and into a pair of boxers he then jumped into his bed and fell straight asleep.

Next Morning

Xavier woke up this morning and was ready to get started learning how to use his next element. As soon as he woke up he jumped into the shower. While he was in the shower he heard Arthur appear in his room.

“Where you at Xavier?” Arthur asked.

“I’m in the shower. I’ll be right out.” Xavier said.

“Alright I’ll wait.” Arthur said.

As Xavier stepped out of the shower and grabbed his towel he heard a scraping noise. After Xavier stepped out of his bathroom he saw Arthur swinging his sword practicing his katas. After fifteen minutes of watching Arthur practicing his katas Xavier stood in awe as Arthur charged his sword with fire and did the same katas.

“How did you do that Arthur?” Xavier asked.

“Well Xavier once you finish learning all of your magic, which is fire, earth, water, air, spirit, white, black, and ultimate. After you finish that I’ll teach you how to do that.” Arthur said.

“Well I’ve already completely mastered one element and I’m supposed to start learning another element today.” Xavier stated excitedly.

“Well I hope you do as well in that element as you did in fire.” Arthur stated.

“I’ll do my best.” Xavier said.

Two hours later

Xavier was in the backyard working on his mastery of fire when Morgana walked into the backyard wearing an emerald green halter-top with no bra and a pair of emerald green shorts that were so tight that he thought that she surely couldn’t breathe. Xavier could easily see that she was either wearing a thong or no underwear at all. Once he saw her he immediately stopped what he was doing and said.

“Hey Morgana are you wearing any underwear under those skin-tight leather shorts?” Xavier asked.

“Why don’t you find out for yourself stud.” Morgana said as she took the emerald green halter-top off her beautiful body.

As Xavier stripped he was looking intently at the package that was standing in front of him. Then as he reached out and grabbed Morgana and started kissing her passionately. As he was doing this he was gently reaching his hands down her beautiful, sleek, slender body towards her shorts. After he got his hands down there he gently unbuttoned and unzipped her skin-tight shorts and pushed them down her long, luxorious legs. As he was pushing the shorts down he noticed that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. After he pulled down her shorts he started playing with her swollen clit. After about five minutes of playing with her clit he gently took his rock-hard cock and pushed it into her moist cunt and started pounding into her pussy extremely fast. After about ten minutes of this they both had their orgasms.

“Why was it so quick stud?” Morgana asked.

“Because I wanted to get straight into my next element.” Xavier said.

“Okay, but you have to finish what you started.” Morgana stated.

“Fine now lets get moving slow poke.” Xavier said enthusiastically.

As Morgana and Xavier walked out into the backyard to begin his training in the element of earth Arthur appeared in the yard with them.

“Well Xavier today you start learning how to manipulate and control the earth and all the aspects of it.” Arthur said.

“Well I’ll do my best and learn it quickly.” Xavier said.

“I’m sure you will.” Arthur said.

“Now we are going to start just like we did when you started with fire. Now get into a comfortable position and lets get started.” Morgana stated.

Two Months Later

“Now today we are going to learn how to manipulate the tetonic plates and cause earthquakes anywhere you are at.” Morgana stated.

“Could I use this in conjunction with fire?” Xavier asked.

“Yes you can and it would be extremely deadly, but right now I just want to get you finished with earth before we do anything else.” Morgana said.

“Okay, lets get started then. Cause a wiseman once said, ‘There is no greater time to start than the present.’” Xavier quipped.

“Who said that? I don’t recognize it.” Morgana asked puzzled.

“My dad.” Xavier stated.

“Well your dad is a very wise man then.” Morgana stated.

“Now lets finish what we started. I want you to cause a richter level 5 earthquake right here in your backyard only.” Morgana said.

“Ok hold on to something because here it comes.” Xavier said.

After a few seconds the ground started shaking and Morgana was thrown to the ground.

“Good job Xavier now I want you to pick me up and take me back into your room and fuck me ragged. Then tomorrow we will take you to take the Earth trial.” Morgana stated.

Xavier picked Morgana up and carried her into his room as soon as he shut his bedroom door Morgana snapped her fingers and both of their clothes disappeared off of their bodies and they were both ready to get down to the business at hand.

Xavier started kissing Morgana passionately and got it to where Morgana’s pussy was wetter than it had ever been when that was done Morgana said. “Fuck me now stud i want your cock hitting my back wall.”

Thirty minutes later Morgana screamed out the biggest orgasm she had ever had. “Xavier you need to get some rest because tomorrow we go see Gaia Ruler of the element of Earth.”

Next Morning

“Good morning Morgana, I see that you have a new student for me to test.” Gaia stated.

“Yes, I do Gaia. This is Xavier. He’s already taken the trial of fire and has already mastered it.” Morgana stated.

“Ok, but first can I talk to you Morgana?” Gaia asked.

“Sure.” Morgana said as she walked over to the opposite end of the room with Gaia.

“Where did you find such a hunk to train?” Gaia asked as she continued to look at Xavier.

“I didn’t find him, my brother introduced us after teaching him the way of the sword.” Morgana said with a certainty in her voice.

“Is he a good fuck? I haven’t been fucked good in at least fifty years.” Gaia asked.

“Oh yeah, he is excellent. You should let him fuck you after you finish the trial.” Morgana exclaims.

“Do you think he will?” Gaia asked.

“Oh yeah. Do you have any clothes that are more revealing?” Morgana asked.

“You know that this is my only outfit Morgana.” Gaia stated.

“Well here borrow this for the trials.” Morgana stated. Out of nowhere a set of emerald green short-shorts appeared as well as an emerald green thong and an emerald green bikini top.

“Can you tell Xavier the rules of the trials while I change?” Gaia asked.

“Sure, I’ll do that you might also want to change your body while your at it.” Morgana stated.

“Why I look good as it is.” Gaia stated.

“Yes, you do but you might want to add a little bit to your tits Xavier likes big titties.” Morgana stated.

“Ok, I’ll be back shortly.” Gaia stated.

With that all done Morgana walked back over to where Xavier was standing thinking about the trial ahead.

“Okay Xavier, I’m now going to tell you the rules to this trial while Gaia gets into some more comfortable clothes for the trial.” Morgana stated.

“Okay.” Was all Xavier said.

“First thing is: You can only use the element of Earth in this trial. Second is you must beat Gaia fair and square. Finally, after the trial is over I’ll teach you on intermediate programming of minds. I’ll be back for you after the trial is over.” Morgana stated.

At that time Gaia walked in and Xavier’s jaw hit the floor.

“Let me guess. You borrowed that outfit from Morgana.” Xavier asked.

“Yep, I sure did. Are you ready for the trial Xavier?” Gaia asked.

“Yes, I am, let’s get started.” Xavier said.

“Ok Xavier I want you to come at me with all you have. Don’t hold anything back.” Gaia said as she readied a level 4 stone curse.

At that time Xavier’s body was engulfed in the same white flames that engulfed him when he was practicing his fire katas.

“Holy shit, Xavier. How long have you been learning Earth magic?” Gaia asked bumping her spell quickly to a level 6 spell.

“Exactly two months, one day and twenty-two hours. Why do you ask?” Xavier asked getting ready to block her level 6 spell.

“Because, those fires with the bits of earth mixed in means you have already mastered the element of Earth and don’t really need to take this trial. But, since your here and are already started we can’t back out now.” Gaia said.

“Well, if I’ve already mastered Earth it should go pretty quick right?” Xavier asked.

“Yeah it should see if you can block this.” Gaia said as she launched her highest level stone curse spell.

“Ok, here I go.” Xavier said. And all of a sudden he simply deactivated the spell. “That was good Gaia but it was way to slow to do any good. Try this on for size.” He stated. He let his highest level stone curse fly while at the same time causing a level 5 richter scale earthquake happen right under Gaia.

After Gaia regained her footing she looked up to see the stone curse spell hit her right in the stomach. She immediately turned into a statue. At that time she appeared directly to the left of her statue and said “Good job on the conjunction of the earthquake with the use of the stone curse. You have passed the trial. Now I want you to take me over to that bed I just summoned and fuck my brains out.” Gaia stated.

“But what about my reward?” Xavier asked.

“After you fuck me, just make sure you don’t make me pass out like you make Morgana pass out.” Gaia stated with a bit of caution in her words.

“Oh trust me I’ll give you just as much pleasure as I give Morgana without making you pass out.” Xavier stated.

One hour later

“Ohhh shit!” Gaia screamed as her most intense orgasm ever passed.

“Well did you enjoy it Gaia?” Xavier asked as he put his clothes back on.

“Hell yeah, it was great. Morgana wasn’t joking when she said you were good.” Gaia stated as she cleaned herself up and put the clothes that Morgana gave her back on.

“Well Xavier how did you do at the trials?” Morgana asked as she walked into the temple.

“I did good. I’ve already mastered earth. It happened while I was taking the trial. And I was just about to get my rewards from passing.” Xavier said.

“Arthur hurry up the ceremony is about to begin.” Morgana said.

“Okay sis here I come.” Arthur stated.

“Now that everyone is here we can begin. Xavier step forward and claim your prizes.” Gaia stated.

“I accept these prizes and will use them wisely.” Xavier stated.

At that time the upper leg portion of the armor of the Celt phased into existance around Xavier’s upper leg area, he also felt himself become smarter as another ten percent of his brain opened up.


“Xavier it’s time I showed you the next part of your mind control powers. Today I’m going to teach you how to program intermediate feelings into a person such as lust and how to remove jealousy.” Morgana stated.

“Will I need Alicia for this lesson?” Xavier asked.

“Yes.” Was the simple answer he received from Morgana.

“Programming lust is easy enough but it can be tough as well. Here’s what you have to do. First enter her mind and find an empty portion off Alicias brain. Then I want you to place the emotion into her brain, the hard part is linking it to who she should feel the lust toward. Go ahead and start.” Morgana said using her teacher voice.

Xavier dove in and in fifteen minutes he came out and said “Would you mind checking out my work Morgana?”

“Sure, I’ll probably find a couple little mistakes as you came out so quick.” Morgana stated.

Morgana dove in Alicias mind and instantly came out. “Dang Xavier I can’t find a single mistake. Now I want you to go back in there and remove any traces of jealousy that you see.”

Xavier did exactly as he was told and then pulled out. The next thing he did would have gotten him slapped if he hadn’t removed Alicias jealousy. He walked over and started french-kissing Morgana while Alicia was watching.

“Well, I guess we can label that as a sucess.” Morgana said.

“So is that all you had to teach me?” Xavier asked.

“Yes it was. I guess I’ll see you in a week unless we have anymore problems on Astral.” Morgana stated.

“Ok, Morgana see you next week. Until then do you just want me to keep working on Earth or should I rest up and get ready to learn about Water?” Xavier asked.

“Do the second one.” Morgana said as she walked out the door.

To be continued...