The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Path of the Celtic One

By: LoneWolf192

Chapter 3: The learning continues and love blossoms.

Xavier woke up the next morning and pulled on his jogging suit and went for his morning jog. As he was leaving the house he saw his dad drive up from work.

“How was work Dad?” Xavier asked.

“SSDD as usual. I had to put a guy in the hospital though. He kept asking me were I lived and I wouldn’t tell him so he decided to push the issue. After I beat the crap out of him and the cops showed up he decided to shut up.” Aaron said.

“Well I’m glad your not hurt dad.” Xavier said as his dad walked in the house.

Thirty minutes later Xavier walked in the house and decided to go upstairs and take a shower. As soon as he stepped out of the shower he heard Morgana call him.

“Xavier where you at?” Morgana asked.

“I just got out of the shower hold on.” Xavier stated shocked that she was here earlier than normal.

“Well hurry up and get dry I’m horny as hell and wetter than ever.” Morgana said as she took off her short, tight blue jean shorts leaving a blue thong and a blue string bikini top on as she knew that Xavier liked to take those items off her body.

After Xavier walked out of his bathroom he saw Morgana in his bed looking straight at him. She patted the bed next to her and said. “Come on big boy I have the urge to fuck and your cock is the only thing that remotely pleases me anymore.”

“Well, I’m sorry if I spoiled you.” Xavier stated.

“Well you did.” Morgana stated matter-of-factly.

Xavier laid down next to Morgana and started to kiss her passionately. Soon his hands had undone the clasp on her bra and had pulled it off and threw it on top of her discarded shorts. After about five minutes of foreplay Xavier was ready to go and he ripped Morgana’s blue thong completely off her body exciting her more.

“Fuck me now! I need your huge cock in me.” Morgana exclaimed.

“I’ll fuck you anytime you want.” Xavier stated.

Two hours later Morgana screamed out at the top of her lungs as she climaxed.

“What’s wrong stud? Usually you go at least four hours.” Morgana stated with a puzzled look on her face.

“Morgana can we put todays lesson on hold please?” Xavier asked.

“Sure. May I ask why?” Morgana asked.

“Well I’m just not feeling well today.” Xavier said.

“Okay, I hope you get to feeling better.” Morgana said as she put her remaining clothes back on.

“I will.” Xavier said.

Five minutes later

“Dad can I talk to you?” Xavier said.

“Sure son. What’s up?” Aaron asked.

“How did you know that mom was the right one?” Xavier asked.

“Well, Xavier I got this wierd feeling in the pit of my stomach.” Aaron said.

“What else?” Xavier said.

“Well I couldn’t stand to be away from her.” Aaron said.

At that point Xavier knew what he had to do.

“I’ll be back in a few hours. Can I borrow forty bucks and the truck?” Xavier asked.

“Well here’s the money but as to the truck I’d have to say no.” Aaron said.

“Why not dad?” Xavier asked.

“Because if your going on a date you need your own wheels. Happy Birthday son.” Aaron said as he handed his son a set of keys.

“Why are you giving me these dad? I thought you were going to give me the truck when I was old enough.” Xavier asked.

“I was until I remembered this. Go out to the garage.” Aaron said.

Xavier walked to the door of the garage and waited until his dad walked up behind him.

“Open the door son.” Aaron said.

“I will in a sec pop I’m trying to get ahold of someone.” Xavier said.

“Williams household. This is Pete how can I help you.” The voice on the other side said.

“Can I speak to Alicia please?” Xavier asked.

“Sure hold on.” Pete said.

“This is Alicia.” she said.

“Alicia I’ll be there in a few minutes my dad just gave me my birthday present.” Xavier said as he opened the garage door.

“What he get you?” Alicia asked.

Xavier turned on the lights and saw a fully restored sixty-four and a half Ford Mustang staring at him.

“A new car.” Xavier said.

“Cool, I guess you’ll be using it to pick me up for our date instead of your dad’s truck?” Alicia asked.

“Yeah, but I got to go pick something up before I come get you.” Xavier said.

“Ok, I’ll be ready when you get here.” Alicia said.

Xavier hung up the phone and hugged his dad.

“Where did you get this dad?” Xavier asked.

“Well, it was your mom’s before she died. She wanted to give it to you instead of the truck.” Aaron said.

“Where was it? And how come you weren’t driving it?” Xavier asked.

“Well it was over at Chris’s then I took it to get it painted. As to your other question I just couldn’t drive it. Your mom meant a lot to me so I just let it sit.” Aaron said.

“Thanks dad. Now I need to get moving I’ve got a ring to pick up.” Xavier said.

“What for son?” Aaron asked.

“Well I’m going to ask Alicia to marry me.” Xavier said.

“Wow I didn’t know you and her were that serious. Here take another forty dollars and go to Chez Piere.” Aaron said.

“Why there?” Xavier asked.

“It’s the same resturant that I proposed to your mom in.” Aaron said.

“Do you think Alicia will like it dad?” Xavier queried.

“She’ll love it.” Aaron said.

“Okay dad. Well I gotta get going.” Xavier said.

Xavier got into his car and started it up. He pulled out of the garage and drove to the jewelry shop. As soon as he arrived he shut the car down and got out. He walked in the store to see his friend Arthur standing there.

“So why did you come here Xavier?” Arthur asked.

“I’ve got a few items to pick up before my date.” Xavier said.

“Well, I guess that means your feeling better.” Arthur stated.

“Yeah. Could you tell Morgana that I’ll be ready in the morning?” Xavier asked.

“I already know.” Morgana said as she entered the store.

“By the way, Happy birthday Xavier. Nice car.” Arthur said as he looked out the window and saw the galaxy silver car with ebony racing stripes.

“Yeah, it was a present from my dad. Turns out the car was my mom’s.” Xavier said as Arthur left.

“So what did you need me for, Xavier?” Morgana asked.

“Well I wanted your opinion on the jewelry I’m here to pick up.” Xavier stated.

“Who’s it for?” Morgana asked knowing it wasn’t for her.

“Alicia. I’m going to ask her to marry me.” Xavier said.

At that time the jeweler came out from the back.

“Xavier it’s great to see you. What can I do for you today.” Bill the jeweler asked.

“Well Bill I need to pick up the items I had you make.” Xavier said.

“Well Xavier I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first?” Bill asked.

“Bad.” Xavier said.

“Well I wasn’t able to get the wedding bands done. But the good news is that everything else is done.” Bill said reaching behind him picking up two boxes.

“Well that’s ok Bill I don’t need the wedding bands yet just give me a call when they’re done. Let’s see the rest.” Xavier said.

Opening the first box Bill was greeted by the necklace, earrings and first two pieces of the ring. He turned the box toward Xavier and Morgana to let them see the items.

“Wow Bill they turned out better than I expected.” Xavier said.

“Wow Xavier its beautiful. Whats in the other box?” Morgana asked.

“Well that’s the engagement ring.” Bill answered.

“Hey Bill can I see the drawing again?” Xavier asked.

“Sure hold on.” Bill said.

With that said Bill disappeared into the back room and retrieved the drawing.

“Man Xavier those items are gorgeous. I think Alicia will love them.” Morgana said sounding a little dejected.

“Hey Bill did you finish the other project I gave you?” Xavier asked.

“Yeah I’ll bring it out as well.” Bill yelled.

“Hey, why the long face Morgana?” Xavier asked.

“Well it looks like I’m losing my benefits in our relationship.” Morgana said.

At that time Bill walked back in the room with the requested items.

“Here’s the drawing and the project.” Bill said.

“Thanks Bill.” Xavier said.

After being handed the box Xavier walked over to where Morgana was standing.

“Morgana I don’t want you to feel left out so I had this made for you.” Xavier said handing the box to her.

“What is it?” Morgana asked her mood improving.

“Open it and find out.” Was Xavier’s reply.

As Morgana opened the box she nearly fainted.

“Wow its beautiful! What kind of stone is it?” Morgana asked as she put the necklace on.

“Well, it’s a one of a kind stone that changes color depending on what color your clothes are. It mimickes that color.” Xavier said as the color shifted from clear to that of her clothes.

“Thank you Xavier. I was beginning to think that you forgot about me.” Morgana said.

“Well I got to get moving I’ve got a dinner reservation to get to.” Xavier said.

“Later Xavier.” Morgana stated.

Xavier picked up his cell phone and speed-dialed Alicia.

“Alicia, change of plans. Change into a nice dress but don’t put any jewelry on. I’ll tell you why when I get there.” Xavier said hanging up the phone.

“Thanks Bill. You did a terrific job on everything. How hard is it for you to get black titanium?” Xavier asked.

“Not hard at all really. Why?” Bill asked.

“Because thats what I want you to make my ring out of.” Xavier said as he picked up the two boxes and headed towards his car.

Once he got into his car he drove to Alicia’s house.

Silently he walked up to the door. He knocked on the door and waited.

Slowly the door opened to reveal Alicia’s dad.

“Come in Xavier.” Pete said.

“Thank you Pete. Hey is your wife home?” Xavier asked.

“Yeah hold on. Tina could you come in here please?” Pete asked.

“What do you need?” Tina asked.

“Well I would ask that question to Xavier.” Pete said.

“Pete and Tina I would like to ask for your daughters hand in marriage.” Xavier said with a hint of nervousness.

“Well Xavier we would be delighted.” Pete said.

“Yeah. And I’m glad you asked us first.” Tina said.

At that time Alicia walked down the stairs. Xavier looked at her and his jaw dropped. Alicia was wearing a very stunning blue evening gown that was shortened to fall just below her knees.

“Well Xavier what did you want to give me?” Alicia asked.

“This.” Xavier said as he handed her the larger of the two boxes and put the other one in his pocket.

As soon as Alicia opened the box her jaw hit the floor. Her mom walked over and looked inside.

“Xavier they are beautiful. Are they real?” Alicia asked.

“Yes, quite real.” Xavier said.

Xavier walked over and pulled the necklace out. He walked around behind her and undid the clasp that held the chain together. He placed the necklace around her neck and put the clasp back together.

The necklace was a stunning piece. It was made of an emerald shaped like a tear surrounded by two carats of diamonds. He then pulled out the matching earrings and gently hung them in their respective places.

After that he pulled out the first part of the ring. He placed it on her ring finger on her right hand and said.

“This ring is one of four parts that I will give you eventually. It signifies our friendship.” Xavier said.

He then pulled the second piece of the ring out of the box and placed it on the same finger that he had placed the friendship ring.

“This ring fits into the first one and signifies your putting up with me for two years.” Xavier said.

“Man Xavier it looks like you spent some major money on these.” Alicia said.

“They are beautiful Xavier now I see what you meant.” Tina said.

“They’re made for an extremely beautiful woman. And to answer your earlier statement Alicia. The necklace is valued at five hundred thousand dollars. The earrings are valued at two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. And the ring once its completed is valued at one million two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. I only paid a thousand dollars to have them made.” Xavier said.

“Well are we ready to go now?” Alicia asked.

“Yeah, why don’t you go wait for me in my mustang parked in front of your house.” Xavier said.

“Okay don’t take to long.” Alicia said.

As soon as she walked out the door Xavier pulled the other box out of his pocket.

“I wanted you two to see this before she did.” With that Xavier opened the box.

Pete and Tina looked in the box and whistled.

“Xavier you definately have an eye for jewelry.” They both said.

“Well there is one problem.” Xavier said.

“What’s that?” Pete asked.

“You won’t find another set like this ever. I drew the design.” Xavier said.

“Wow all that just for our daughter you must really love her.” Tina said.

“I do. I just hope she loves me as much.” Xavier said.

“She does. She is always talking about you.” Pete said.

“Okay well I’ve got a beautiful woman sitting in my car waiting to go to Chez Piere’s.” Xavier said.

“Wow thats the most romantic resturant in town. Do you already have a reservation?” Tina asked.

“Don’t need one my dad owns it.” Xavier said.

“Your dad owns Chez Piere?” Pete asked.

“Yep and I do the books and write the checks.” Xavier said.

“Well then let my wife and I welcome you to the family.” Pete said.

At that time Xavier walked to the car. He got in and said.

“Get ready for a night to remember.” Xavier said.

“It already is.” Alicia stated.

Ten minutes later they arrived at their destination.

“You’re taking me to Chez Piere. How did you get a reservation? I heard the waiting list is at least six months.” Alicia exclaimed.

“Actually its a year. And I don’t need a reservation.” Xavier said.

“Why not?” Alicia asked.

“Welcome to Chez Piere. Name of reserva ... Oh Monsieur Xavier. Such an honor to have you tonight. And who is the beautiful woman?” The Maitre’d asked.

“This is Alicia my girlfriend, Tomas.” Xavier said in perfect french.

“Great would you like your normal table?” Tomas asked.

“Yes if it’s available.” Xavier replied.

“Of course it is.” The Maitre’d said snapping his fingers.

Immediately a waiter arrived and was told to get the table ready.

“Which chefs on duty tonight?” Xavier asked.

“For you its no other than Chef Piere.” The maitre’d answered.

“Have him meet us at the table.” Xavier said.

When Alicia and Xavier arrived at the table the waiter asked. “What would you like to drink sir?”

“Well. Get me a bottle of champagne and once the food arrives bring the ‘42 white Merlot.” Xavier said.

“Yes sir.” The waiter said as he walked away.

“Xavier don’t you need to be at least 21 to drink alcohol?” Alicia asked.

“Not in here. Doing the books and writing the checks at this place has it’s perks.” Xavier said.

“You own this place?” Alicia asked excitedly.

“No, my dad owns it until I’m 18. I just do all the work. Basically I own it but the law says I can’t until I’m 18.” Xavier said.

“Wow. Now I see why you wanted to bring me here.” Alicia said.

“Well that’s not the only reason.” Xavier said as he stood up and walked over to where Alicia sat.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out the other box. He then dropped to one knee opened the box and asked. “Alicia Marie Stevens, will you do me the honor of being my wife?”

Alicia was speechless for a few seconds and then looked directly into Xavier’s eyes and said. “Of course I will. I love you so much.”

At this time the whole resturant broke into applause as Xavier and Alicia stood up and hugged. Then Xavier pulled the friendship and anniversary ring off her right ring finger put the engagement ring in it’s place in the ring and slipped it on her left ring finger.

At that time Chef Piere walked up and popped the cork on the champagne bottle and poured three glasses of it.

“Congratulations to you sir. May you be happy in life.” Piere said.

“Here, here.” The rest of the resturant said.

At that time Alicia looked at the ring and said. “Wow it even matches the necklace and earrings.”

“I know I designed them.” Xavier said.

“Well monsuier, what would you like for dinner tonight?” Piere asked.

“Well I’m kinda thinking about seafood as I’m pulling out the ‘42 white Merlot. What would you like hun?” Xavier asked.

Alicia was still speechless and simply nodded that seafood would be ok with her.

“May I see it Madame?” Piere asked Alicia.

Alicia just lifted her hand.

“Good gracious, that looks like a Monsuier Xavier designed piece to me. Yes it sure is theres the matching necklace and earrings.” Piere said.

“Yeah Piere. Do you remember that design I was working on when you first started here?” Xavier asked.

“Yes sir I remember it like it was yesterday.” Piere said.

“Well this is the finished product and the woman I decided to give it to.” Xavierv said.

“Well congratulations to you monsuier and madame. Now I must go fix your dinner. One Piere’s ocean adventure for two coming right up.” Piere said.

At that time Morgana appeared to offer her and Arthurs congratulations. “Xavier are you ready for tomorrow?” Morgana asked.

“Of course I’m ready.” Xavier said.

At that time Chef Piere’s assistant came out with 20 jumbo shrimp for the appatizer.

Morgana took her leave and dissappeared. All the while Xavier was busy peeling shrimp and feeding them to his fianceé and himself. Xavier poured them another glass of champagne.

“Well Alicia will you forget tonight?” Xavier asked.

“Are you kidding? This night will be remembered by us forever.” Alicia said.

At that moment Chef Piere walked out and started putting plates of food out in front of the two young people.

“Here is all the different types of fish we have. The squid, octopus, oysters, clams, crawfish, and lobster will be out in a few. Also if you want it I happen to have some Mahi-mahi in the back with your name on it.” Piere said.

“I would like some Piere. Let me ask Alicia.” Xavier said.

“Hon, would you like some Mahi-mahi?” Xavier asked Alica.

“Sure sweetie.” Alicia answered.

“It looks like we will want it Piere.” Xavier said.

As Xavier and Alicia were finishing the fish Piere’s assisstant brought out the Mahi-mahi. After they finished the perfectly cooked Mahi-mahi Andrew came out with the squid, octopus, oysters, clams, crawfish, and lobster.

(Author’s Note: Mahi-mahi is poisonous unless thoroughly cooked.)

They both decided to save the lobster for last. Xavier ate the squid, crawfish, and half the octopus. Alicia decided on the oysters, clams, and the other half of the octopus. After they had finished their respective dishes they turned to the lobster. They also opened up the wine. After they finished dinner they had dessert.

“Ready to go babe?” Xavier asked.

“Yeah, Mom and dad need to know about us.” Alicia said.

“And then after that you have to meet my dad.” Xavier said.

“Ok. It’s about time I met him.” Alicia said.

After five minutes of driving they arrived at Alicias house as they walked up the drive they were immediately greeted by Alicias’ parents.

“Well what did you say oh daughter of ours?” Alicia’s parents asked at the same time.

“Well, of course I said yes. I am so in love with him.” Alicia said.

“Have you set a date yet?” Tina asked.

“Well my birthday is April 21st, and your daughter’s birthday is June 23rd so I was thinking of May 22nd. How’s that sound Alicia?” Xavier asked.

“Great, but why that day?” Alicia asked.

“Well that day marks the first official day of summer.” Pete said.

“Yep, but I want to wait a couple more years before we get married.” Xavier said.

“Why?” Alicia asked.

“Well I’m just turned 16 this year and I want us both to be at least 18 when we get married.” Xavier said.

“Ok love.” Alicia said.

“That also gives us time to get our affairs straight. Because we still have a lot of planning to do.” Xavier stated.

“Yeah. We do have a lot to do.” Alicia said.

“But two things are already taken care of at least.” Xavier said.

“What are those babe?” Alicia asked.

“One, we already have the caterer and two we already have the honeymoon planned.” Xavier said.

“Where are we going for the honeymoon?” Alicia asked.

“That’s a secret for now. You’ll figure it out once we are married.” Xavier said.

“Will I like it?” Alicia asked.

“Of course you will. Now I’ll let you go to bed. I’ve got a very big day tomorrow.” Xavier said.

“Whatcha got planned, babe?” Alicia asked.

“Well tomorrow after school I start my training in Water.” Xavier stated matter-of-factly.

“Sounds like fun. Will you train me someday?” Alicia asked.

“Eventually I will, after I finish my training.” Xavier said.

“Ok, goodnight my prince.” Alicia said.

“Goodnight Princess.” Xavier said.

With that Alicia turned and opened the door to her house and disappeared. Xavier turned and walked out to his car. Once inside the car Arthur appeared out of thin air.

“Well, how did it go?” Arthur asked.

“She said yes. We set the date as May 22, 2005. That way we are both 18.” Xavier said.

“Cool, Summer Solstice is the perfect day for a wedding.” Arthur said.

“Yeah that’s why I picked it.” Xavier said.

“So have you picked your best man yet?” Arthur asked.

“No, I was kinda hoping you would do it and maybe have Morgana be the maid-of-honor if Alicia goes for it.” Xavier said.

“I would be honored.” Arthur said as Xavier pulled up at his house.

“Well it’s getting late. I better be getting to sleep soon cause I’ve got to get started on my Water training tomorrow.” Xavier said as he unlocked the front door.

“Ok Xavier. Good night. I’ll let Morgana know your ready.” Arthur said.

“Thanks Arthur.” Xavier said.

Next Morning

When Xavier woke up the next morning he found that his dad still hadn’t gotten home from work. He immediately called his dad’s cellphone and was told by the voice mail. “Xavier, don’t worry about me I got called into work early and will probably work a double today.”

After that Xavier went outside and immediately started into his meditation. As he was doing this he instinctively reached into his soul and started playing with a newly developed ball of energy that sprung up from nowhere. After about 10 minutes he bound the energy sphere with his soul and was instantly awarded with speed and reflexes that rivaled Bruce Lee. He started doing his katas for fire and earth. After he completed them he began to do katas with moves he had never been trained in.

Morgana strolled into the backyard at this point and was immediately astonished by the speed that Xavier was moving. Then she noticed exactly what Xavier was doing.

“Niksa, hear my pleas and come here.” Morgana said being careful not to disturb Xavier as the slightest disturbance could and would be deadly.

“Yes, Morgana what can I help you with?” Niksa asked.

“Take a look and see for yourself. That is Xavier Morris, my student in the magic arts. He has already mastered Fire and Earth after only one year of training in both elements. I haven’t even started to teach him Water yet and this is what gets me. Does he look like he has already mastered water without me teaching him one thing yet?” Morgana asked.

Niksa looked out the back door and immediately her jaw hit the floor.

“Holy shit, this has only happened once before. The Council needs to see this. Xavier has already mastered Water and has not had one formal lesson in it.” Niksa said.

“Convene the council then. I’ll act as spokesman for Xavier.” Morgana said.

“Shall I just convene the lower council, The council of elements?” Niksa asked.

“No, convene the whole council. The full Consortium. And get my brother as well.” Morgana stated.

“Crap, Morgana do you know how long its been since a full consortium meeting has been called.” Niksa said.

“Yes the last complete Consortium meeting was when Merlin died twenty years ago.” Morgana said.

“And since then the realms have been in complete disaaray. I think Merlin’s sucessor may have finally arrived.” Niksa exclaimed.

“One can only hope.” Morgana said.

“I’ll call you telepathically when I’ve gotten everyone in the chambers. Oh and bring Xavier just so he can see a complete Consortium meeting.” Niksa said.

“And after this I’ll teach him the necessary lessons in Water and bring him to you as soon as possible.” Morgana said.

“I’ll be happy to give him the trials.” Niksa said as she disappeared.

Morgana walked into the backyard and made herself known.

“Hello Xavier. How is everything going?” Morgana asked.

“Oh Morgana its you. I’ve been doing some training on my own and it seems that I have a minute amount of control over water already.” Xavier said.

“Minute? Xavier from what Niksa saw today you’ve already mastered Water. You just need to learn the projectiles and how to control the rain and other water-based attacks. Before we get to that though you and I have a meeting to go to.” Morgana said.

“Cool, what’s the meeting about?” Xavier asked.

“You.” Was Morgana’s answer.

“Me? What’s so special about me?” Xavier asked.

“Well Xavier, the reason you are being summoned to the full consortium is that we believe you may become the next Merlin.” Morgana said.

“What? How could I be the next Merlin? I’m just now learning how to use magic. Merlin was a wizard.” Xavier stated.

“Well, the answer to that question will be discussed at the consortium. And for your information Merlin was a Sorceror, which is a second level magic-user.” Morgana said.

“What am I then?” Xavier asked.

“Well right now your considered an adept of the second order. That means that you have mastered and completed training in two elements. Once you complete and master the other two elements you will become a fourth level wizard. Once you complete and master all five elements; fire, water, earth, air and spirit then you become a third level wizard.” Morgana said.

“What does it take to become what Merlin was?” Xavier asked.

“To obtain Merlin’s level you must master all types of magic and be able to infuse anything you put your hands on with magic. The types of magic are; fire, water, earth, air, spirit, white or healing magic, black or the black arts, and ultimate. Unfortunately after you become a wizard, I will no longer be able to train you.” Morgana stated.

“Well who will be training me once I become a wizard?” Xavier asked.

“Well once you become a wizard the people who you will call teacher will also be the people that you take the trials with. So once you meet them treat them with respect.” Morgana said.

<<We’re ready Morgana.>> Niksa said telepathically.

“Ok Xavier the Consortium has convened and are ready to speak with you. Are you ready to go?” Morgana asked.

“Yes, I am ready. But before we leave I have one more question.” Xavier said.

“What is it Xavier?” Morgana asked.

“Who all makes up the consortium?” Xavier asked.

“I thought you would never ask that question. 3 of the members you already know. The consortium is made up of 9 members. Currently the head of the consortium is my brother. The other 8 members are the upper and lower elemental council. The Fire master is Aries whom you already know. The Earth master is Gaia whom you also know. The Water master is your next trial judge and she is known as Niksa. The Air master is Paralda. These four masters make up the lower council of elements. The upper council is made up of the Spirit master who will be your first teacher his name is Nightwolf. The White or healing magic master is Tyrael an archangel. The Black or Black Arts master is Shang Tsung a wizard of the highest regards in the black arts. And Finally the Ultimate magic master was none other than Merlin himself, but unfortunately he died 20 years ago and the post has been vacant since then. So when you go up for that you will be tested by the whole consortium except my brother. After that point you if you are who we think you are will become the Ultimate master and you will rule the consortium. Does that answer your question?” Morgana asked.

“Yes it does. Thank you.” Xavier said.

“Well lets go we don’t want to keep the consortium waiting.” Morgana said.

Once they arrived in front of the consortium chambers Xavier automatically powered up to his highest form and walked in the door with an air of confidence. Immediately everyone stood up. Arthur and the whole consortium bowed and said.

“Merlin’s heir has been found. Now we must confirm that he is who we think he is. Xavier please drop all your shields and get ready for some serious pain. In order to confirm this we have to do extensive tests on your powers and they will include some pain as you haven’t completely finished your training in magic yet.” Arthur said.

“I’m proud to be here Arthur.” Xavier said.

“Let me introduce the rest of the consortium to you. Starting from your left and coming to me is Aries, Gaia, Niksa and Paralda. Starting to your right and coming to me is Nightwolf, Tyrael, Shang Tsung, and the vacant seat belongs to the Ultimate master. The last Ultimate master was Merlin but as you already know he passed away 20 years ago.” Arthur said.

“Welcome Xavier. I am Aries, master of Fire. You already have passed and mastered Fire so I welcome you to the consortium. I already have accepted that Xavier is the heir of Merlin. I make a motion that Xavier takes his rightful place on the consortium, and his place as master of Ultimate magic and his rightful place as ruling leader of the consortium.” Aries said.

“Welcome Xavier. I am Gaia, master of Earth. You already have passed and mastered Earth so I to welcome you to the consortium. I already have accepted that Xavier is the heir of Merlin as well. I second Aries’s motion.” Gaia said.

“Welcome Xavier. I am Niksa, master of Water. You have yet to pass the trial of Water but you have already mastered Water and have yet to take a formal lesson in the element of Water. I hope that when you are ready you will come and see me and pass your trial. At this moment I third Aries’s motion.” Niksa said.

“Welcome Xavier. I am Paralda, master of Air. You have yet to take any lessons from Morgana on the element of Air. Give me a second and I will do a scan to see if you are ready for your position. At this point I make a motion to postpone Xavier’s elevation to the council until further scans can be done.” Paralda said.

“Welcome Xavier. I am Nightwolf, master of Spirit. Once you finish the lower elements I will be your first teacher in the upper elements. I will also be the one to do the trials for Spirit. At this time I second Paralda’s motion.” Nightwolf said.

“Welcome Xavier. I am Tyrael, master of White Magic. Once you finish Spirit you will have a choice to make you can either chose to train under me or you can train under Shang Tsung next. I will also be the one that gives you the trial for White Magic. At this point I third Paralda’s motion.” Tyrael said.

“Welcome Xavier. I am Shang Tsung, master of Black Magic. As Tyrael said once you finish Spirit you have the choice to train under me or him. Make your choice carefully as this will be a difficult choice. Both colors will not allow you to sleep so be ready for it. At this point I concur with Paralda’s motion.” Shang Tsung said.

“Welcome Xavier to the consortium. The master of Ultimate magic was Merlin. Once you get finished with the Magic training to this point I will train you in Ultimate Magic. At this point I concur with Paralda’s motion to postpone your elevation to the council. At this point if you will step into the next room the first scan will take place. After the others finish with their scan we will meet back in this room and confer.” Arthur said.

At this time Morgana escorted Xavier into the next room and told Xavier to lay down. As soon as Xavier had laid down Paralda walked into the room.

“Thank you Morgana. I would like for you to stay in the room but I must urge you to stay still and not worry about Xavier. Xavier I will now perform my scan.” Paralda said.

“I’m ready.” Xavier said.

Five Minutes Later

“My scan is complete I will go back into the chambers and let the next person come in.” Paralda said.

“Well that didn’t hurt much.” Xavier said to Morgana.

“Well I would be quiet as the next scans will be a little harder to bear.” Morgana said as Nightwolf came into the room.

“Good afternoon Xavier. Are you ready?” Nightwolf asked.

“Yes, I am.” Xavier said.

“Good now I will proceed with my scan. Morgana will you please step out of the room and stand next to the door and make sure that no one disturbs us.” Nightwolf asked.

“Yes I’ll be back once Nightwolf is done Xavier.” Morgana stated.

Five Minutes Later

About halfway through the scan Morgana heard Xavier scream. But she remembered that she had been asked not to come in.

Five Minutes Later

Nightwolf walked out the door and told Morgana that she could go back in.

“Well how was it?” Morgana asked.

“Well it hurt like hell but I’m ok.” Xavier said as Tyrael walked into the room.

“Tyrael can you give me a few seconds to get up and walk around for a bit before the scan?” Xavier asked.

“Sure. Take a few minutes while I talk to Morgana. Morgana can I speak to you outside?” Tyrael asked.

“Sure.” Morgana said.

“So far from what the scans show he is Merlin’s heir. Only the fact remains that both Shang Tsung and I have to scan him still. These next two scans are going to be extremely painful for him. I would ask that you please go back to the consortium chambers and wait there until Shang Tsung comes back in.” Tyrael said.

“Ok.” Morgana said.

Tyrael walked back into the room.

“Please lay down Xavier and I will get started.” Tyrael said.

Fifteen Minutes Later

“Well Xavier that concludes my scan please remain in this room. You may get up and walk around. Shang Tsung will be with you momentarily.” Tyrael said.

“Ok. Thank you.” Xavier said.

After Tyrael left Xavier got up and started walking around. Five minutes later the door opened and Shang Tsung walked in.

“Please lay down and we can finish the last scan.” Shang Tsung said.

“Ok. After this where do I go?” Xavier asked.

“After I am done I will go to the chambers and let Morgana know. After about five minutes you will be able to come back in the chambers.” Shang Tsung said.

Twenty Minutes Later

“That concludes my scan. I will go back into the chambers now. Fill free to get up and move around. Morgana will be with you shortly.” Shang Tsung said.

“Ok.” Was Xavier’s response.

Morgana walked in and said. “Hey stud. How’d the scans go?”

“Well it was a bit unpleasant at first but I got used to it.” Xavier said.

“Well they’re ready for you back in the chambers.” Morgana said.

“Well, let’s get this done with. I wanna learn the element of Water so I can get the trial taken.” Xavier said.

Xavier and Morgana strode into the chambers with an air of confidence.

“Welcome back, Xavier. We have just finished our discussion and we will now tell Morgana and you the results.” Arthur said.

“Let the records show that I, Aries, Master of Fire and first voting member of the lower council, confirm that Xavier is Merlin’s sucessor. I make a motion that he finishes his training before taking his rightful place on the council.” Aries stated officially.

“Let the records show that I, Gaia, Master of Earth and second voting member of the lower council, also confirm that Xavier is Merlin’s successor. I second Aries’ motion.” Gaia stated officially.

“Let the records show that I, Niksa, Master of Water and third voting member of the lower council, also confirm that Xavier is Merlin’s successor. I concur with Aries’ motion.” Niksa stated officially.

“Let the records show that I, Paralda, Master of Air and final voting member of the lower council, also confirm that Xavier is Merlin’s successor. I also concur with Aries’ motion.” Paralda stated officially.

“Let the records show that I, Nightwolf, Master of Spirit and first voting member of the upper council, also confirm that Xavier is Merlin’s successor. I also concur with Aries’ motion.” Nightwolf stated officially.

“Let the records show that I, Tyrael, Master of White magic and second voting member of the upper council, also confirm that Xavier is Merlin’s successor. I also concur with Aries’ motion.” Tyrael stated officially.

“Let the records show that I, Shang Tsung, Master of Black magic and third voting member of the upper council, also confirm that Xavier is Merlin’s successor. I also concur with Aries’ motion.” Shang Tsung stated officially.

Then from out of nowhere a voice was heard.

“Let the records show that I, Merlin, former Master of Ultimate magic and final voting member of the upper council, also confirm that Xavier is my successor. I also concur with Aries’ motion.” Merlins voice stated.

After a few seconds of shock, Arthur stated.

“I, Arthur Pendragon, Master of Swordsmanship and final voting member of the full consortium, give my final confirmation that indeed Xavier is Merlin’s successor. I also concur with Aries’ motion.” Arthur stated officially.

After a few minutes of silence Arthur spoke again.

“Xavier now it is extremely important that you keep your magical training. With that said you are dismissed to continue your training. Morgana, train him as well as you do. Also, Xavier the consortium wishes to congratulate you on your recent engagement and wish you the best of luck.” Arthur said.

“Thank you gentlemen and women. It was a pleasure to meet you all. I will see each of you soon.” Xavier said as he and Morgana walked out of the council chambers.

Ten minutes later Morgana and Xavier were back at his house.

“Morgana I’m feeling an extremely big urge to take you up to my room and fuck your brains out. I’ve got the hard-on to prove it.” Xavier said.

“I can see that. So stud how long of a fuck-session are you up for?” Morgana asked.

“Well, beautiful. I don’t know about you but I feel up to at least a marathon session.” Xavier said.

“Ok but how about we get your Water training done and then we start the session in the shower.” Morgana asked.

“Sounds like a plan to me. Let’s get going.” Xavier said enthusiastically.

As they both walk outside Alicia drives up.

“Hey sexy.” Alicia says.

“Hey beautiful.” Xavier says back.

“What are you fixing to do?” Alicia asks.

“Well, Alicia I’m about to finish my Water training with Morgana here. Also how would you like to have her be you maid-of-honor at the wedding?” Xavier asked.

“Yeah but let me ask her ok.” Alicia said.

“Sure thing beautiful. Why don’t you go ask her now she’s in the backyard.” Xavier said.

“Thanks I’ll be right back.” Alicia said after kissing Xavier.

“Hey Morgana! How have you been?” Alicia asked excitedly.

“Great. How are you?” Morgana asked.

“Great. Hey I have a question for you.” Alicia said.

“Shoot.” Morgana said.

“You know I’m getting married in a couple of years. Well I was wondering if you would be my Maid-of-honor?” Alicia asked nervously.

“I would be delighted.” Morgana said after a few seconds of thought.

“Cool. Well I’ll let you and Xavier get to your training. Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do and everything I would.” Alicia said.

“Does that leave anything out?” Morgana asked with a sly grin on her face.

“Nope.” Was Alicia’s reply.

“Ok. Tell him I’m ready when you go in.” Morgana said.

“Ok. See you later Morgana.” Alicia said.

“Later Alicia.” Morgana said.

Alicia walks inside and sees Xavier doing his katas at full-speed. After about ten minutes he slows down and shows that he is topless. Alicia’s mouth drops after seeing Xavier’s muscles and just how well defined he is.

“Alicia are you ok?” Xavier asked.

“Wha... Huh? Yeah I’m fine it’s just I’ve never seen you with your shirt off.” Alicia said.

“Well, do you like what you see?” Xavier asked.

“Yes.” Alicia said nodding her head enthusiastically.

“Well. What did Morgana say?” Xavier asked.

“She said she would be delighted.” Alicia said.

“Great. That’s another item off the list. Only 12 items left to plan.” Xavier said.

“What are those babe?” Alicia asked.

“Where to have the ceremony, where to have the reception, who will perform the ceremony, who will take the photographs, how many more bridesmaids and groomsmen we need, who will be the flowergirl and ringbearer, how many ushers we will need, what colors we want, what type of cake, and whether or not we want to serve alcohol.” Xavier said.

“I can think of two more babe.” Alicia said.

“What’s that babe?” Xavier asked.

“What type of wedding and how many people we want to invite.” Alicia said

“Yep. Well when would you like to figure these things out?” Xavier asked.

“Well we can wait a year on most of it.” Alicia said.

“I guess it can.” Xavier said.

“Well I’m gonna get going so you can finish your training. Morgana said she’s ready.” Alicia said.

“Ok babe I’ll call you later.” Xavier said.

After a quick kiss both went out seperate doors.

“Well today I’m gonna teach you how to completely control water. First thing I’m going to teach you is how to lift your opponent off the ground with just a jet of water placed directly underneath them.” Morgana said.

“Ok. Let’s do this I’m horny as hell seeing you in that swimsuit.” Xavier said sporting a massive erection.

“Ok. Here is how it’s done. Basically all you have to do is think of a capped jet of water is right below your opponent. Then you tap into the magic and pull the cap off. Now I want you to lift me off the ground using a jet of water.” Morgana said.

“Ok, here goes nothing.” Xavier said.

Xavier called up his water reflexes and imagined a capped geyser of water directly beneath Morgana then using the magic he uncapped the geyser.

Morgana was shot twenty feet into the air. When she landed she was soaking wet.

“Very good Xavier. Now I want you to do it again. But this time I want you to hit me with a ball of water to knock me off the geyser.” Morgana said.

“But won’t that hurt you?” Xavier asked.

“I’m immortal Xavier. I can be hurt but it will be fine.” Morgana said.

Xavier again lifted Morgana off the ground. He then outstretched one hand and let a level 2 water bomb out aimed for Morgana’s ample chest. Morgana took the blast and quickly fell to the ground.

“Well Xavier I think we can say that you have successfully mastered the projectiles. Now I’m going to teach you how to control the weather.” Morgana said.

“Do you mean to tell me that I will be able to stop storms of all types?” Xavier asked.

“Yes. You will be able to create any of the water-based weather phenoma. Tornadoes and high-powered windstorms will be taught in the Air element. Let’s get going.” Morgana said.

Twenty minutes later

“Ok Xavier that concludes your Water training. Now I don’t know about you. But I could use a shower.” Morgana said.

“Are we going to have our fuck-session start there?” Xavier asked.

“Yes, remember. So how long would you like to have sex today?” Morgana asked.

“Well how about three hours? I would like to take the trials today.” Xavier said.

“Ok. Let me contact Niksa and let her know. Why don’t you go get the shower ready I’ll be there shortly.” Morgana said.

“Ok. I’ll be in it when you get there.” Xavier said.

Xavier walked into the house and up to his room. Once he got up there he walked into the bathroom and started the shower. He grabbed two towels and walked back into his room. He stripped naked and got into the shower.

Morgana got into lotus position and contacted Niksa.

“Niksa are you available this afternoon about 3pm?” Morgana asked.

“Yes. I take it that Xavier is ready.” Niksa said.

“Yes. I’ll bring him over about 3 then. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go get a shower.” Morgana said.

“Ok see you then.” Niksa said.

With that done Morgana walked in the house and up to Xavier’s room. After walking into his room she immediately stripped naked and stepped into the shower.

“Well let’s get started.” Morgana said as she reached out and started playing with Xavier’s massive cock.

Instantly Xavier reached out and started rubbing Morgana’s clit with one hand while the other hand fondled her left tit.

As soon as Morgana had him to full hardness she dropped to her knees to start sucking. Xavier kept up the torture on Morgana’s clit the whole time while his free hand pulled back and smacked down hard on Morgana’s beautiful ass.

“Ohhh my that felt good.” Morgana said allowing Xavier’s cock to fall out of her mouth.

“Have you been good?” Xavier asked.

“No sir, I’ve been a very bad girl. Please spank this bad girls ass several times.” Morgana said.

“What are your transgression? That way I know how many spankings to give this bad girl.” Xavier said.

“I faked an orgasm sir.” Morgana said.

“Ohhh really. That sounds like a twenty spanking offense.” Xavier said.

“Yes sir, that sounds reasonable. Let’s get out of the shower to do it please sir.” Morgana said.

“Sure. I’m clean enough.” Xavier said.

They both got out of the shower and dried off. Then Xavier sat down on the bed and pulled Morgana down over his lap and started into the spankings.

“Count them out, Morgana.” Xavier said.

Smack. “One.” Smack. “Two.” Smack. “Three."... Smack. “Twenty. Sir thank you.” Morgana said.

“Your welcome. Now how about we get down to business.” Xavier said.

Four hours later

“Ohhh yes. That was great.” Morgana said.

“Yes it was. Now lets go take care of the trial.” Xavier said.

At the trials

“Well if it isn’t Xavier. Have you come to take the Water trials?” Niksa asked.

“Yes. I’m ready.” Xavier said.

“Ok, here are the rules. One, you can only use the element of Water to defeat me. And two you can’t use your sword. When you beat me you will get the next piece of armor, I’ll open your mind a further ten percent, and Morgana will teach you your next mind-control techniques.” Niksa said.

“Ok. Let’s get this over with.” Xavier said as he readied a level four water bomb.

After about twenty minutes Niksa was defeated.

“Well congratulations Xavier you have passed the trial. Come over here and receive your gauntlets and let me open your mind.” Niksa said.

“Thank you Niksa I will not let you down.” Xavier said.

Back at Xavier’s house

“Well Xavier I can either wait until tomorrow or teach you your new powers today. Which would you like?” Morgana asked.

“How long will it take?” Xavier asked.

“Full training is about 2 hours. It will require Alicia’s services as well.” Morgana said.

“Ok then it will have to be tomorrow, as Alicia has already gone to bed.” Xavier said.

“Ok. I’ll see you in the morning.” Morgana said.

Next morning

“Good morning Alicia and Xavier.” Morgana said.

“So are we ready?” Xavier asked.

“Yes. Now today I’m going to teach you your final lessons in programming emotions. Also I’m going to teach you how to delete emotions. Alicia go to sleep please.” Morgana said.

As soon as Alicia was asleep Morgana said.

“Now the first thing I’m going to teach you is how to program the hardest emotion possible, Love.” Morgana said.

“Why is that so hard?” Xavier asked.

“Because you need to fill in a lot of details. For instance, how much she should love you, when she should love you, and where she should love you.” Morgana said.

“Sounds like fun. How is it done?” Xavier asked.

“It’s the same as the other emotions. Enter her mind and find a blank area and start programming I’ll check your work when your done.” Morgana said.

“Ok, I’ll be right back.” Xavier said.

Xavier dove into Alicia’s mind and immediately found a place. He immediately started the programming. After about fifteen minutes he was done.

“Ok Morgana I’m done.” Xavier said.

“Ok let me go check.” Morgana said.

Ten minutes later Morgana emerged.

“Ok that finished the programming section of todays lessons. Now I’ll teach you how to delete emotions.” Morgana said.

“That sounds easy.” Xavier said.

“It is. Now when you go in I want you to find the flag I placed. At that point you will see the emotion of jealousy. I want you to remove it.” Morgana said.

“Ok. I’ll be back.” Xavier said.

After thirty minutes Xavier withdrew from Alicia’s mind.

“Well I’m done Morgana.” Xavier said.

“Ok I’ll be right back.” Morgana said.

After ten minutes she pulled out.

“Great job Xavier. That completes your training on programming the mind. Use these powers wisely.”

To be continued ..