The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Phase Zero Clinical Trial: Response To Hypnozamine In The Human Female

by B Pascal

Chapter 12

It was only a few blocks drive. Hers was an inoffensive brick apartment building, about four stories high, and she was on the second floor. I asked and she said she’d been here about three years, but had gotten a roommate after the first year when the rent became a little too much to handle alone.

She unlocked the door and flipped on a light. “Have a seat,” she said, “I’m just going to hang up my coat and get some wine.”

It was a small living room, but she had it decorated very nicely. A few armchairs and a smallish couch behind a coffee table. I sat on one end.

She called from the kitchen, “Looks like I only have white wine left, is that okay?” I didn’t really want any wine, but I answered that it was fine.

She came in carrying a bottle and two glasses. She sat on the couch and poured a little in each glass. “Cheers,” she said, raising her, and clinked glasses.

We chatted for awhile, and I was fascinated to see that each time she reached for her wine glass on the coffee table and our legs brushed, she’d jump like she was shocked. Her breathing began to get quicker and she kept glancing at me.

When she got so jumpy that it was making me a little uncomfortable, I put down my wine glass and said, “Maria, would you be offended if I did this?” I leaned in and kissed her, a very polite little kiss on the lips.

She pulled back just a few inches to look at me intently, then grabbed my head and pulled me in for a fierce lip-lock with lots of tongue and heavy breathing.

I separated and said, “Wow. You’re really good at that.”

“You liked that? I didn’t really think that was my best. Let me try again.”

She grabbed me and went searching for my tongue, with one arm around my neck and the other around my back.

If she had really assimilated the instructions, her skin would be almost electric about now. I pulled off her mouth and tugged at her earlobe with my lips, then worked my way down her neck, which set her to gasping and saying, quietly, “Oh, shit.”

I brushed her breast with my fingers as I reached for the buttons on her blouse, and she sucked in her breath and moaned. It looked to me as if the instructions were in place and working like a charm.

“Oh, what are you doing, Sam?”

“I need to see what you look like, Maria, or I’m going to have a stroke.”

“I don’t know if...”

“I think you do. What did it feel like when I did this?” I reached out with both hands and gently squeezed her tits, and she gasped. I was leaning now toward D-cup rather than C.

“Oh, God, they’re so sensitive.”

“They feel wonderful, Maria, I can’t wait to see them.” I went back to finish the buttons and pulled the blouse out of her skirt and rolled it back down her arms.

Holy smoke, I had way underestimated what was under there! The black lace bra looked like it could barely contain them. They weren’t large, but were very full and gorgeous. They spilled over the cup of her bra, and I had to lean down and kiss them.

“Damn, Maria, these are just perfect.” I pulled the bra down enough to release one nipple, which was hard and stood at attention. I leaned in and sucked on it, and she slapped a hand on the back of my head and pulled me in, say, “Ohmigod, yes, more.” So far, so good.

Reaching behind her, I found the clasp and tugged her bra free. Her breasts poured out and now seemed to dominate her body. For a moment, I saluted the lingerie engineer who had designed that masterpiece which was able to contain and minimize that profile. A remarkable piece of work.

But now they were there in front of me, and she looked like she was right on the edge. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity so I bent forward and sucked on the right nipple while squeezing her left tit. It felt spectacular. I imagined fucking those tits and cumming between them, arcing my jizz up over her face.

“Stand up, Maria.”

This wouldn’t work with most women, I thought, but Maria had said she liked being told what to do. She looked just a bit hesitant and fearful, not sure whether what would follow would be pleasant or painful.

“You’re extraordinary, Maria, really beautiful. I need to see the rest of you. I’m going to take off your skirt now.”

She was breathing quickly now, and I could hear the air going past her teeth as she inhaled and exhaled. I found the zipper to her skirt, and pulled it down her hip. No longer held in place by her hips, the skirt shimmied downward, and a small tug made it fall to the floor.

She stood there in her high heels dressed now only in black panties. “Jesus, Maria, I’m dumbstruck. You’re stunning.”

She smiled, a quick flash replaced immediately by apprehension over what might follow. She didn’t yet know if I was a demanding sexual bully, or someone who’d take her slowly and tenderly—and she also didn’t know which she’d prefer!

Her pussy was only inches in front of me, so I leaned forward and kissed it through her panties and she moaned. Her legs were slightly apart, so while I kissed her cloth-covered clit, I slid one finger between her legs and stroked her pussy.

I could feel her legs quivering now, and with her eyes half closed she was whimpering, “Oh, oh, it’s really sensitive, ohmigod.”

I reached around behind her and grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed. They felt really nice, very firm and tight, and it made her moan. Oh, right, she likes her ass fucked, so this would be like a lead-up to that.

I had to see the rest of it, so I hooked my fingers in her panties and pulled them downward. Once past her butt cheeks, they fell to her ankles.

She had a full bush, but her labia were shaved, and her asshole, too. It was lovely, so I leaned in and licked and got a gasp in return. I put the finger back between her legs and, sure enough, it was damp and a little slick. My finger slid smoothly between her labia and over her pussy and it made her say, “Oh, fuck, yes, like that, it feels so good, Sam.”

“I think this might be easier to do if we were lying down. Show me where your bedroom is, Maria.”

And naked, in her high heels, she led me towards the back of the apartment and went into one of the two rooms there. It wasn’t large, but there was a full size bed and a closet and a small dressing table.

“Sit on the edge of the bed, Maria. I’m going to get undressed now, because I can’t wait to feel what happens when our bodies come together.”

And she watched my every move as I removed first one thing, then another, until I stepped out of my shorts. She was focused on my dick, wanting to grab it, lick it, but resigned to waiting for instructions.

“Stand up, Maria, and come to me.”

She moved slower than I would have anticipated, perhaps because she thought this was where I’d get physical and demanding. Instead, I reached out and pulled her in, our bodies tight against one another, kissing hard, me with my hands on her ass, squeezing it and running my fingers up and down her crack, her with one hand tentatively brushing against my dick.

She was moaning in her throat, because the instructions said she would be really aroused, and that was what she was feeling.

I took her hair in one hand and pulled her head back slowly but firmly. I looked her in the eyes and told her, “I want to feel your lips on my dick, Maria. Go down on your knees and suck my cock. Make sure you use your tongue, too.”

There was that flash of trepidation, but this was something she knew how to do and she was pretty sure she could do a good job, too.

With her hands holding my sides, she dropped slowly to her knees until she was right in front of my erect cock, pointing at her. She put her palms on my ass and leaned in to kiss the tip of it, then opened her lips and slipped them over the head, and back out again.

It made me catch my breath, it was seriously erotic. I think she still wanted control, so I told her, “Look up at me while you do that, Maria, right in my eyes. That’s the only way you’ll know if you’re doing it right.”

She raised her eyes and continued to slide the head of my cock into her mouth, barely touching it with her lips, and it was exquisite.

“That’s so good, Maria. Can you go deeper for me?”

Oh, yes, she could. She wasn’t bragging when she said she liked feeling it in her throat. She went way down on it and I could feel it pushing into her throat, and she moaned. So did I.

“Are you forgetting anything, Maria?” I managed to choke the words out.

She looked up at me in surprise, my dick still deep in her throat.

“Your tongue, baby. Use your tongue.”

The light went on in her eyes, and she started massaging the shaft with her tongue. I think she was a little embarrassed to have forgotten, so she worked extra hard. This was actually feeling amazing, and I could feel a rumbling starting up in my balls. I’d have to stop soon, or lose it.

“Christ, Maria, that is fucking amazing. Now I have to feel it deeper so I’m going to fuck your face. Open up wide, that’s it.”

She looked afraid and really horny at the same time. I her hair in my hands on the side of her face, and forced my dick into her throat. I didn’t really find it arousing to do that, but some part of her needed that dominance, so I fucked her face for a minute, until I could hear her starting to gag, then I pulled out.

She gasped for air, saliva running down her chin as she looked up at me. “Jesus, baby, that is so hot when I’m fucking your throat like that. You do that so well. A little more, please, this time you go down all the way on me, right to the bottom. Can you do that?”

Foolish question. She swallowed to catch her breath, then opened her mouth wide and pushed all the way down my cock, until her lips were pressed against my pubic bone. Then she wrapped her lips tight around my dick and worked her way slowly up the shaft, with her tongue licking all the way.

She popped off the end, took a breath, then looked up at me, waiting for my decision. “Holy crap, Maria, that was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt. You’re a wonder. Once more, please.“

So she did. This time, when she got to the bottom, she didn’t close her lips, instead she stuck out her tongue and licked the top of my ball sack, watching me the whole time. I nearly fainted, my legs were shaking. Then she wrapped her lips around the shaft and sucked her way to the top.

“Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I’ve never felt anything like that. That was incredible. I can’t do any more of that because I’m so close to cumming. Sometime, though, I’d love to do that, have you go really deep and hold it there until I cum down your throat.

“Now I want you to lie back on the bed. Bring your ass right to the edge and pull your knees back so I can see your pussy.”

She crab-walked backwards, watching me the whole time, until she felt the bed behind her, then sat on the edge, rolled backwards and pulled her legs back.

I wondered if she knew how hot she looked. A lot of women have self-image issues and really don’t know how sexy they are. Now I could see her pussy with the labia slightly swollen and parted, glistening. Below it, the first time I’d seen it, was a beautiful puckered pink asshole.

I knelt on the floor in front of her, and kissed and licked the inside of her thighs starting from her knee and moving downward toward her pussy. I could feel her body almost vibrating as each kiss sent a pulse through her.

By the time I reached her cunt, she was about ready to take off, gasping and whimpering, encouraging me. When my tongue touched her labia, she shouted, “Oh, fuck, yeah!” I kissed it all up and down, trying to avoid her clit, but right now this was enough.

And when I reached her pussy and stuck my tongue in her cunt, she slapped her hands on my head and tried to push it in. She just wanted more of my tongue, but had forgotten how to speak. So I tongue-fucked her for awhile until I thought she was going to hurt herself, so I hooked two fingers, slipped them into her pussy, and rubbed what I thought was her G-spot.

And off she went like a Roman candle, shouting, “Yes! Yes! Right there!” I kept it up for a few more seconds until she got sensitive, then just slid my fingers in and out slowly.

“Oh, Sam, oh, wow, that felt so good. Amazing. A couple more like that would be really nice.”

“Shouldn’t be a problem, baby. I can see a couple of places that still need some attention. Be right with you.”

In fact, I was really enjoying playing with her pussy. She was very responsive, and I liked making her feel good. Right now, I was just rubbing her labia, spreading them apart, letting my fingers trail between them. This was supposed to get her aroused and feeling like she was almost ready to cum, according to the instructions.

So I rubbed and occasionally slapped her wet pussy, which made her catch her breath and moan. I asked her, “Does that feel good when I do that, Maria? Do you like it when I slap your cunt?”

“It gets me so close, Sam. Don’t tease me, please.”

“I’m just building up to a finale. You’ll get there. You really want to cum?”

“Oh, yes, please.”

“Then ask me politely. No, beg me for it. Beg me to make you cum.”

She was looking desperate. I could see her working up her courage.

“Please, Sam, I need this. Please, make me cum, oh, do it now.”

I could almost see some guys getting off on this control, waiting to see how miserable they could make her, waiting for something that might never arrive. I couldn’t do that.

I knew the things what would get her off, because I had told her. I’d done one already, and now I licked my way up her slit, slowing down to almost nothing as I neared her clit. She had wrapped her hands in my hair and was trying to pull me north, but I was resisting, moving at my pace.

She was nearing despair when I finally moved my tongue onto the very bottom of her clit, and she shouted, “Ohmigod, that’s it!” I couldn’t hold back, not in good conscience, so I attacked her clit with my tongue, even pulling it with my lips, until she arched her body, her muscles stiff, until she collapsed onto the bed.

“Oh, fuck, yeah, that’s it, right there. Really nice, Sam. Damn, I feel good. Ten or twenty more like that and I’ll be set, thanks.”

“Ten or twenty more and I’ll be dead. And after I bought you a sandwich, too.”

“Guys are always complaining. That was nice. I feel really relaxed now.“

“Happy to help. I wonder if there are some other things you might enjoy.”

I was curious here to see if she’d actually open up and tell me what she liked done to her, as she had when drugged. My take was that she was a little shy about this, not comfortable with telling her partners what she wanted.

“Everything you’ve done has felt great. More of that.”

Okay, so there we are. She won’t open up, at least not until we knew each other better.

“Well, there are parts of your body I haven’t paid enough attention to. I should probably correct that oversight.”

I brought my head lower and again started kissing and tonguing her labia, moving lower. When I reached her pussy, she gasped again, so I stuck my tongue in, just to say hello. She said, “Oh, fuck, yeah” in response.

But I didn’t stay long. I was headed elsewhere. Southbound. I stopped at the perineum, that space separating the vagina and the anus. Very sensitive in some women. And men, too. I stuck my tongue on it, hard, and licked, back and forth, as fast as I could.

“Jesus. Ohshit, ohshit, ohmigod, Sam!”

I kept that up for awhile longer, until my tongue couldn’t go that fast anymore and I felt like it was going to cramp. I slowed way down and edged lower, until my tongue was poking at her asshole. Then I pushed it in—or tried, anyway—and she yelled, “Oh, right there, do it, Sam, yes!”

I couldn’t push it in, it was too flexible, but it was more than enough to have it poking at her ass. She was going nuts, getting really close to cumming, because that was what she had been told to do when I licked her asshole.

It was getting really wet now, too, because with my tongue hanging out so much I was drooling everywhere, saliva running down her ass crack. Maria was grabbing at the bedclothes now, moaning, “Fuck, so close, do it.”

So I did. I took two fingers, stuck them in my mouth to get them wet, and pushed them slowly into her ass. She shouted, “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, God, yes!” Her ass shook while I pushed my fingers in and out, and she gasped, “God, yes.”

After a minute, when she changed her chant to “Wait, wait,” I pulled them out with a wet pop. She fell back on the bed, and let her legs slowly drop down onto the floor, looking barely conscious.

“I’ve got to find your bathroom, Maria. Be right back.”

She waved one finger indistinctly, arm still on the bed. I found it without too much trouble and relieved my bladder, and washed my hands and face. I found her in the same position on the bed, feet on the floor, looking really sexy. From this angle, the way her boobs hung to the side of her chest was very hot.

I made a detour to my wallet, where I pulled out the two condoms I had with me. I wondered if she had lube somewhere.

“Maria? Come up here with me. Lie next to me.”

She seemed semi-conscious, but did finally pull herself up, and rolled in next to me. Geez, great tits. Her eyes were closed.

“Are you okay? You look a little out of it.”

“I’m actually fine, feeling fabulous, in fact. Really relaxed and happy, and I don’t get to enjoy that feeling very often, so I was indulging myself.”

“Well, I hope I had something to do with the relaxed and happy part.”

She opened her eyes and said, “Honey, you’ve got everything to do with it. Geez, how many times did I cum? And we haven’t even fucked yet.“

“So we should do that, before I forget how. Maria, I’m glad you liked the things I did. I want to do more of them, but I need your help to do that. What do you like guys to do with you?”

This was the second try. If she didn’t open up to me, then it was probably buried too deep. I’d wing it, because I had an idea what she liked, but some of the details were lost.

Now she looked like she had seen a snake and she was terrified of snakes. I could see her close up. I got close to her and put my arm around her and looked her in the eye.

“Something’s scared you, Maria. Was it something I did? Or said? Please, talk to me.”

It took her a while. When she spoke I almost couldn’t hear her. “It was nothing you did. It’s just hard for me to say what I like because... I can’t say it because people will think poorly of me if I say what turns me on.”

“You mean you think people will judge you harshly, something like that?”

She nodded.

“It’s possible that some people are a little rigid or narrow-minded about what’s normal—I really dislike that word—what’s acceptable when two people are making love. I’ve got my kinks, you may have yours, the woman at the deli counter at the market has hers. We may not like each other’s kinks. Or we may find someone who’s open-minded, willing to try something new, see if they like it.

“I like to think that I’ll at least try to understand someone else’s sexual preferences. If I don’t care for something, I’ll say so and we can try to find something else we both enjoy. I don’t much care for people pissing on each other, though I know some folks get a rush from that. Not my thing. Is that one of yours?”

She smiled and shook her head.

“Good, common ground, then. A place to start. So what is it that you think will make me jump up, grab my clothes and run naked down the street to my car?”

Okay, I’d made her laugh, that’s a start.

“I’m not sure if I can... This is really embarrassing, Sam. I like it when... when guys order me to do things, like I was a slave or something. And if I disobey or do something wrong, they spank me. I especially like... when I’m tied up and they do that. Shall I help you get your clothes?”

And that made me laugh. “You think you can get rid of me that easily? That’s your kink? Those are like entry-level kinks, meaning not very kinky at all. Okay, Maria. I’m not so much into domination, and I don’t like hurting people, so if you’re willing to work within those limitations, I’m fine with your preferences. What do you say?”

She nodded, then put her arms around me and held on tight for a few moments.

“That was a first for me. I mean, talking to someone about it and... asking them if they’d do it. In the past, it was always looking for a certain type of guy who maybe liked to do that kind of thing, and it didn’t always work out well because some of them could be mean, real assholes, and a few I thought were really dangerous. It wasn’t a good scene. That’s one of the reasons I started going out with the girls for trivia night, it made things safer.”

“That sounds smart. That scene can be very dangerous, especially with strangers.”

“I’m not sure why I like that stuff, it just turns me on for some reason. I usually get off really hard when it happens, so some part of me doesn’t like to give it up, even if it’s a little dangerous.”

“Okay, you’ve got a good sense about it, I know you’ll be careful. So... right here and now, what can I do for you that you’d like?”

“I don’t like to direct it, Sam, I just like it when guys do that to me. I told you what gets me going, can you just try that?”

“All right. I’m not sure how far I’m comfortable going with this, and I probably won’t know until I get there. I’d like you to tell me your safe word. When you say it, I’ll stop. What do you use?”

“When I’ve used one before, it was ’ballerina’.”

“Okay, ’ballerina’ means stop. Now, if I’m going to tie you up, I’ll need something to do it with. Should I call Home Depot? I think they deliver.”

She smiled at that. “Already done that. Bottom drawer of the dresser.”

I got up and squatted down to open it. The whole drawer was filled with restraints and toys, including a sequined whip. There were padded handcuffs and Velcro straps, satin ropes, and an interesting assortment of butt plugs, dildos and vibrators. And a bottle of lube!

I turned to look at her. “You’ll remember to put me on the invitation list to your parties, won’t you?”

From several feet away I could see that she was blushing. “Please, Sam, this was hard enough for me. Don’t make it worse.”

I looked at the bed and where things could be attached, and selected two pairs of padded handcuffs and some ropes. And a paddle. I carried them to the foot of the bed. Taking the two pairs of handcuffs, I moved up close to her. She was watching me, wondering what I was going to do.

I put one hand around her neck, not hard, just symbolically. “Maria, you’ve been a bad girl, haven’t you?”

She shook her head.

“Don’t lie to me,” I said, and slapped her breast, making it sway. “You’ve been a very bad girl, and now you have to be punished. You know that, don’t you?”

There was just a tinge of fear in her eyes. I couldn’t know if she had ever played through this scenario, so I was making it up.

“What are you going to do?” she asked softly.

“I’m going to punish you so you won’t be tempted to be a bad girl, of course. Raise your hands above your head.”

Her hands went up slowly and I attached a cuff to one, the other end going around a baluster in the headboard. I did the same to the other hand. Her hands were now diagonally out to her sides, attached to the headboard.

I took one of the ropes and tied it to another baluster and told her, “Lift your legs back toward your head.” Now she was looking just a bit scared.

I looped the loose end of the rope around her ankle and pulled it back until it was above her shoulder, then tied it off. I went to the other side of the bed, and did the same to her free leg there.

She was now pinned to the bed like a butterfly, her legs in a vee exposing her pussy and her butthole. The ropes on her legs had rolled her hips back so I had access to either if I wanted. She looked completely helpless, and she was.

I took the paddle in hand, so she could see it, and knelt down beside her.

“Do you think any of us should be allowed to do naughty things, Maria?” She shook her head no.

“When we do bad things, do you think we should be punished?” She nodded agreement, reluctantly. I reached out and pinched her nipple hard and she sucked in her breath sharply.

“I agree, Maria, because we’d never learn to be better people if someone didn’t correct our mistakes. You know what you’ve done, and there’s no need to go over it, so we’ll just get on with it.”

I moved a little lower and gave her a mild swat with the paddle on her butt cheek. She said, “Oww.” I did the other one, and she repeated herself, adding, “That hurts.”

“Of course it does, Maria, that’s why it’s called punishment. We’ll do this until I feel that you’re really sorry for what you’ve done.”

I swatted both cheeks again, and this time she sounded like it was real pain. I wasn’t sure how much further I could take this. I went back to the drawer and took out the whip. It wasn’t leather, some softer, more pliable material, with many tails. I decided to use that instead of the paddle.

I swung it lightly at the inside of her thighs and she sucked her breath through her teeth. I did the other one, then swatted her ass. It made little pink marks. She was squirming now, so I did it again.

I put the whip down and rubbed my hand over her pussy. It was really damp. I reached over for the bottle of lube, poured a bit over her pussy and rubbed it in.

“Does that feel good, Maria?”

“Oh, yes.”

“My mistake. You’re not supposed to feel good if you’re being punished.” I took the whip and swung it lightly at her pussy. It wouldn’t hurt, and I made sure that some of the whip’s tails touched her clit. She gasped. I did it again.

I went back over to the the open dresser drawer and rummaged around till I found a butt plug, something that looked just a bit too large. It wouldn’t be if it was one of hers. She couldn’t see me from the bed and I placed it behind her butt where it wouldn’t be visible.

I took the lube again and squirted a little on her asshole and rubbed it in, then a few drops on two fingers and I pushed them into her ass. “Oh, God!” she cried. I worked them in and out, then added a third finger. “Oh, shit, that feels...” She was going to say ’good’, but she knew I’d stop then, so she added, “...painful.”

Sneaky, Maria. We’ll see how you handle this. I took my fingers slowly out, and picked up the butt plug. I poured some lube on it and rubbed it around with my hand. I placed it at the entrance to her asshole and pushed, slowly but firmly.

“What are you doing? Wait, it’s too big, no!”

But in fact her anus was slowly widening, being forced open by the butt plug. I twisted back and forth while pushing in, and in moments it was at its widest point and then, pop, it was in, leaving only the handle outside.

“Sam, it’s too much, oh, please.”

I noticed, a bit after the fact, that there was a switch embedded into the handle. I wonder what it does? I reached down and flicked the little slider switch and heard a hum.

“Oh. My. God! Oh, Christ, Sam!” Her hips were pumping up and down now as she squirmed. I rubbed my hand over her pussy.

“A little pain is good for your character, Maria.”

She didn’t say anything, because she knew if she told me it felt really good, I might take it out of her ass.

My dick was about as stiff as it had ever been, and I knew it was time. I found a condom on the side table and put it on. Maria had her eyes closed, but her head was rolling back and forth. I picked up the whip again and snapped it lightly at her pussy, and she whimpered. I did it a few more times, making sure that the tails brushed against her clit. By now she was moaning.

Her labia were swollen open now, the entrance to her cunt exposed. I couldn’t wait any longer. I got on my knees in front of her and rubbed my dick up and down her slit. It was so slick that it felt seriously erotic. I moved a bit higher and rubbed it against her clit. She said, “Oh, Jesus, yes, like that!”

Part of me was saying I should be punishing her more, that’s what got her off, but the rational part of me said, “Screw that, it’s time to fuck.”

I slid my dick south until it was pointing at her cunt, and leaned forward. The tip pushed in until the head disappeared. I leaned backward and it slipped out. Just an inch or two, and it felt wonderful. I shinnied a bit closer on my knees so I could put my arms on the bed by her side, and slid in, this time a couple of inches.

Using my hips I started fucking in a slow rhythm. It felt very strange to be humping someone in that position and it took me a moment to realize that it was like she was in bondage, not really an active participant, and I couldn’t decide if that was erotic or not. I guess some guys would get off on the dominance and control, but even though her pussy felt wonderful, I wasn’t getting the rush of dominating her.

She, on the other hand, looked like she had signed on to the fantasy completely. Her face was a mirror that showed the range of lust, pleasure, pain and submission. She was alternately moaning and talking to herself, so quietly I couldn’t hear her words.

I knew she must be close to the edge of cumming, because that’s what ’dick in pussy’ triggered. She’d be trying to push herself off the precipice, but of course she’d have to wait for me to say the words.

And while she waited, I shifted forward until I was right over her pussy, fucking almost straight down, while the butt plug in her ass hummed merrily away. I could feel it, distantly. She was louder now, saying, “Fuck, yes, harder, do it harder, so close.”

I wasn’t far off now, because I’d been denying my orgasm for a while. It was taking a bit of effort to keep from cumming. I wanted to give her a couple before I got off. So I leaned in and pumped hard and when I didn’t think I could hold out much longer, I said, “Cum for me, baby.”

And now, given permission, she didn’t hold back. “That’s it, oh, fuck, yes, I’m cumming. Oh, GOD!” She couldn’t move around much because her arms and legs were restrained, but her hips were doing all they could to get me deeper into her.

At the last minute, I pulled out because I was about to shoot. I slapped her clit with my dick, and rubbed it on her slit while she wound down, choking out “Oh, shit, yes, oh, good.”

Her pussy was still twitching, little spasms left over from cumming. I reached out and rubbed my open hand over her cunt and she moaned. “Oh, Sam, it’s still so sensitive, I came so hard. I feel so good.”

“I shouldn’t have let you cum, Maria, because you were bad.”

“I’m really happy you did, and I promise I’ll be better. Sam, can you take the plug out of my ass? It’s too much right now.”

I flicked the switch off with my thumbnail, and twisted it while pulling it out. She groaned, and her ass fought back, but I prevailed and out it popped, followed by a polite little fart. She giggled, embarrassed. I put it off to the side.

“Sam, I think my legs are starting to cramp up. Will you loosen them?”

“No,” I said. “You’re being punished and I’m not done with you.” She looked crestfallen.

“How much punishment must you give me? Was I that bad?“

“You know the answer to that. Now I need to finish fucking you.”

“Oh, Sam, it’s still too sensitive, I don’t think I can.”

“Maria, it was a statement. I didn’t ask for your opinion.”

The look was back, the one where she was no longer in control and she didn’t know what she would be made to do, how far she would be pushed. She had told me that it got her off, but now I was wondering if that was all there was to it.

I got back off from where I was sitting on my heels, and positioned myself above her pussy again. Leaning on one arm, I used the other to point my dick at the entrance and then slid in. She said, “Oh, fuck.” It felt just as good as before.

I started my rhythm again and this time her pussy was grabbing at me, like it wanted to hold it inside a little longer. She had started a mantra under me, “Yes. Right there.” I didn’t think I would last very long, I was overdue to shoot my load.

I looked her in the eyes now. There was a mixture of lust and desperation, along with a touch of fear, wondering what else I was going to do to her. It’s odd, the things that get us revved up, I thought. This was definitely not my thing, but it worked for her.

She was trying to communicate through her eyes, because she was panting hard now. I summoned my most severe voice and asked her, “Do you promise to be a good girl now, Maria?”

“Oh, yes, yes.”

“You know that if you misbehave again, I’ll have to punish you, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes, I know that, I promise.”

“I’m glad, Maria. Now I want you to tell me what you want. Do you want me to keep fucking your pussy?”

“Yes, oh, yes.”

“Then tell me how you want me to fuck you.”

She paused a moment while she tried to parse what I was looking for, then said, “Sam, fuck my pussy hard, really hard, hurt me, do it hard.”

I couldn’t say no, could I, after I just asked her? So I slammed my dick into her, a little rougher than I would normally, and that got me really close. “Ah, shit, baby,” I said, “I think that’s it, really close now.”

And she started grinding her pussy into me. I don’t know how she did it with her legs and arms tied back like that, but there it was and it was wonderful. It was just seconds more and she was pulling my orgasm up from where it had been hiding.

“Oh, Christ, Maria, here it is, I’m cumming. Cum for me, baby!”

Her body tensed and I could see her face go taut, then she let go with a shout, “Ah, fuck, YES! I’m cumming, ohmigod, I’m cumming, oh, don’t stop.” She gasped, unable to get any more words out, trying to catch breaths when she could, her body shaking.

She had milked every drop of cum out of me, nothing left, and my dick so sensitive I was afraid to move it in her pussy. She wasn’t helping because her cunt was in spasms, gripping my dick and massaging it. It was almost too much.

I realized I was muttering something, my eyes closed. When I opened them, she was looking at me with something like joy on her face, smiling at me.

I gained enough self-control to get back on my knees and slide my cock out of her. I was afraid I was going to topple backwards, but managed to fall forward on my side, facing her, still trussed up. Unable to do anything else, I admired the view. Her right boob was leaning over her chest toward me, so I moved my head in and gave it a kiss.

My dick was shrinking, and I needed to do something about the condom. I asked myself whether I was capable of getting to the bathroom and back, and decided that I was.

I pushed myself up and got to the bathroom without falling down, which I marked as a success. I dumped the condom and washed my hands and face, and made it back to the bed.

I lay down beside her and looked at her. “Oh, you’re still tied up, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Are you going to be a good girl now?”

“I promise.”

I sat up and untied her right leg, and it fell forward with an audible sigh of relief from her. I reached over her body and undid the other one, and it, too, fell flat on the bed. I doubted she’d be able to stand.

The handcuffs didn’t have a key, just a little release button, so I freed her hands and she rubbed her wrists. That done, I lay down with my head on her chest.

“That was my first time with that kind of dominant personality, Maria. I’m going to have to think about whether I like how that makes me feel. Was that sort of what you were looking for? You left it a bit vague.”

“I was a little afraid at first, Sam, because most of the guys who are into that, can be very... physical, even rough. It can be painful even though it makes me cum. And when they’re done, they’re like, “You got any beer, sweetie? You have cable?"”

I had to chuckle at that.

“But, Sam? I got off just as hard this time, and other than the spanking you weren’t rough at all. Mostly with other guys they’re into ordering me around, being demeaning, slapping me and pushing me around, calling me a slut or whore or things like that. It’s kind of unpleasant, even if it makes me cum. But this was different. The punishment for something I was supposed to have done, that was new and kind of a rush, too. I’ll have to think about it.”

“There was something quite powerful about seeing you tied up and helpless like that, Maria, and I’m not sure if I care for that feeling, like it might get out of control, and I don’t ever want to do that. But I’ll tell you I got really aroused at seeing you trussed up, so I could have done anything I wanted to you. I think I’ve got enough self-control to not go beyond the boundaries of safety and respect, but I don’t think every other guy does, and that makes me a little scared for you.”

“That’s sweet of you to say. I’m trying to pull back from those... urges, but it’s still a work in progress. I’ll get there, sooner or later.”

“Good. I’m thinking about all the other things I’d like to do to you, but I’m afraid I’ll need a little time to recuperate before that.”

“Geez, Sam. You got me off, what, three? Four times? Take some time, baby, you deserve it. I’ve got to visit the bathroom. Back soon.”