The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Phase Zero Clinical Trial: Response To Hypnozamine In The Human Female

by B Pascal

Chapter 15

I must have dozed off, because I woke and the room looked strange and I couldn’t remember where I was. It took a moment for it to come back to me, then I looked down and saw Amy still under my arm, eyes open, looking up at me.

“I must have dropped off for awhile. Sorry,” I said.

“That’s all right. It gave me a chance to recover. And think.”

“What were you thinking about?” I asked, without being the least bit interested, more from politeness.

“I was thinking about sex, in particular how I respond to sex. I like it, it’s fun, it makes me happy and gives me a rush. I sometimes like the control I feel, and other times I like being controlled. And I like cumming, too. I especially like that, but I don’t always get as many as I like. Still, sex is fun.”

She got herself up on an elbow so she could see me better.

“And here’s the part I was trying to figure out, Sam. I sometimes like when guys order me around, but I don’t always find myself falling into that submissive role where I was earlier. And I couldn’t believe how many times I came when I was in that role. I had no control over it, and even when I had just had an orgasm, it was like there was another one right behind it and it almost overwhelmed me, like it was too much sensation, but I had no control to stop it.

“I really liked it, and I was afraid of it at the same time.”

“Is there a question buried in there, Amy?”

“Nooo... I don’t think so. I was just trying to verbalize what I was feeling in the hopes of understanding what just happened.”

“Are you in pain, Amy? Are you sore? Traumatized? Afraid? Any of those things?”

“No, I actually feel good. Exhausted, but very nicely so. Just trying to understand what hap-pened to me.”

“I think perhaps you’re a bit over-analytical. Perhaps if it felt good and didn’t hurt you, you should just go with the flow.”

“Maybe. It was just... really powerful. I’m not sure I’ve had my fill yet, tired as I am.”

“You can’t be any more tired than I am. Let’s rest for a while, then see what happens.”

She agreed, so we lay there. After a short while she started talking about sex again. It was like she couldn’t let it go. But now it was tales about other... experiences. Other guys who’d fucked her and what they did and how it made her feel. After the third or fourth story I was in some admiration of American ingenuity and creativity. I wouldn’t have thought of some of those positions or places to have sex.

Then she got into recounting some of her husband’s encounters, some of which were presum-ably archived in recordings. He sounded like quite the operator, very suave, and able to maneuver a variety of women back to his hotel room. I had to admit some grudging admiration for his skill.

After awhile I noticed that the stories had had an effect on my dick, which was decidedly less limp than when I awoke. She was focused on her storytelling, perhaps it got her engine running, I don’t know.

“Amy,” I said, “I’m enjoying these stories, but I’m wondering if you could pause every couple of paragraphs and suck my dick. Can you multitask?”

She moved lower on the bed and continued her current story. When she reached a natural pause in the story, she sucked my semi-hard dick into her mouth and ran her tongue around it, bobbing up and down a couple of times. Then she pulled off and continued her story while stroking my cock with her hand.

By the time she’d gotten through with a couple more stories, I was definitely hard. I now understood why she didn’t have a job. There wouldn’t be enough time left in the day for fucking. This was more than an avocation for her, a pastime; this was a mission. I wondered if she kept a fuck log.

I reached backward with my right hand and fumbled around on the side table until I felt the condom. I grabbed it and passed it to her, interrupting her story.

“Put this on, Amy, then get on me. Continue your story, please. They’re kinda hot and I think you get off on them, too, am I right?”

She looked a little guilty, but she nodded, and rolled the condom on. She swung a leg over me and lowered herself onto my dick.

She picked up her story while she slowly rode my dick. She was talking about a guy she’d picked up in a bar once, a minor league baseball player on his way home from a game who’d stopped in for a beer.

“So we’re naked on the bed, and he’s telling me how I’m so tight he didn’t believe I’d ever be able to take a dick thicker than his, and he wasn’t that large. I told him he didn’t understand how women’s vaginas work, and he got a bit defensive and told me he’d had more than his share, and he knew just how they worked.”

She added a little circular motion to her fucking, and I could see her eyes start to flutter and hear her voice starting to get a little ragged, so she was getting close, but she was a real trouper, and finished her story.

“Anyway, long story short, I bet him that if I could prove that I could take something twice as thick as his dick, I could do whatever I wanted to him. I made him swear it, and told him I’d throw him out if he welshed on the bet, so it got serious fast. Then I went and got his equipment bag and he had one of those aluminum baseball bats in it. I rolled a condom onto the big end and squirted a bunch of lube on it, then I lay down and worked it about eight inches into my pussy.

“And he’s sitting on the bed, cross-legged and bug-eyed, and can’t believe what he’s seeing. I got off, too, fucking myself with the bat.”

“Damn, I’m sorry not to have seen that. So what’d you do to him, after you won the bet?”

“Oh, I lubed up his ass and fucked him with a vibrator. When he realized what I was going to do, he practically cried, begging me not to, but it only took about a minute and a half of pumping that into his ass before he came all over the bed.”

The end of the story came out haltingly, and she choked occasionally on a word. Now her eyes were closed and her mouth open, and she was making little sounds in her throat.

“You look like you’re getting close, Amy. Are you going to cum?”

She said tightly that she was really close, almost there.

“Maybe I can help. See if this works.” I’d let her ride me up to now, doing most of the work, but now I started pounding her pussy with my dick. She threw her head back and gasped, “Yes, yes!”

I was curious to see how focused her brain was to staying aware of me, so in a half-whisper, barely audible, I said, “Cum for me, Amy.”

It took a couple of seconds while she processed the sounds, determined that, yes, they were words, and specifically that it was a trigger phrase. Then she shouted, “Oh, my GOD, YESSS! Oh, fuck, yes, don’t stop!”

She brought her hands up to her tits and pulled them, pinched them, squeezed the nipples hard. I was a little afraid for her, but she seemed to be okay. She was still grinding and shouting, but it wasn’t specific words any more, just grunts and other sounds.

She wound down to nothing and fell slowly forward. I caught her and lowered her to my chest, my dick still in her cunt. She made not a sound, just breathed with a raspy noise like her throat was raw.

I was still moving around, trying to slide my dick in and out, but the angle was bad and I was afraid it would slip out, so all I could do was lie there.

And after a while, like a little alarm clock had gone off in her mind, she raised her head from my chest and looked at me. “Sorry, I may have nodded off for a moment. That was nice.”

“That was nice? You sounded like an air raid siren going off. Do you always cum this hard?“

“I guess not, not usually, I just seem to be really sensitive tonight, and the orgasms are knocking me for a loop.”

“Better than the other end of the spectrum, I suppose. Amy, I’m glad you’re having fun, but I need to finish up soon ’cause I’ve got work tomorrow. And in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve still got this raging hard-on.”

“Yes, I had noticed, now that you mention it. What shall we do about it?“

“I liked what we were doing, ’cause my dick feels really good in your pussy, so I’d like to continue doing that. Why don’t you get on your hands and knees so I can fuck you from behind?”

She crawled off me and settled herself on the bed, doggy style, spreading her knees a little to give me better access to her cunt. And now that I looked at it, I was getting seriously turned on. It looked really tight.

I got behind her and positioned my dick right at the entrance to her cunt, and leaned forward. I had to spread the lips of her pussy a little before it would slide in, then it wrapped itself around my dick and felt fabulous. I started a slow in-and-out, while rubbing a thumb on her little puckered asshole.

She was gasping now, I think from the thumb and what she thought might happen. I slipped my other hand underneath her so I could tap my fingers against her clit while I fucked her. That set her off. “Oh, fuck, yeah, do that on my clit, feels so good.”

She kept up a running commentary while I kept fucking her. I could feel something happening, an orgasm on the horizon like an approaching thunderstorm, far enough away to ignore for the moment, but close enough that you’d have to start planning for its eventual arrival.

I thought I could estimate how much time I had left before I’d cum again, perhaps another five or six minutes. She was grinding her ass into me, squeezing my dick with her pussy as I fucked her, and I could feel it not far off.

I started rubbing her clit harder, actually a little rough, and she gasped and called out, “Oh, fuck, yeah, rub that clit, I’m so close, baby.”

Closer than she knew. Another few seconds of that while I pounded my dick into her, then I said, “Cum for me, Amy.”

My fingers were rubbing her clit like they were trying to spit-shine it when she went off, howling like a hurricane. “Oh, Christ, Sam! Yesyesyes, harder, baby, oh, fuck, yes.”

When she finally lowered her head and arms whimpering to the bed, her ass still in the air, I slowed down to almost nothing, then pulled wetly out of her. I used my open hand to rub her dripping pussy, and ran a tongue around her asshole. She gasped weakly, “Nonono, please, no.”

But I hadn’t been lying, I did need to work tomorrow and that meant I’d have to get home. And I couldn’t do it easily with this boner sticking out.

She started this, so she’d have to finish it. I thought about it for a minute, then reached for the bottle of lube on the side table. I poured a few drops on the tip of my dick and rubbed it around, then a few more drops onto her asshole.

That brought Amy’s head straight up. “Wait, what are you doing?”

“I’m lubing your ass, Amy. I’m really close and I realized that I haven’t fucked your ass. I need to do that.”

“Sam, I can’t, it’s too soon.”

“I need to leave soon, Amy, and you’ve gotten off, what, eight times? I got off once. I’m going to fuck your ass. You don’t need to do anything, just lie there.”

“It’s too sensitive, everything’s sparking.”

“It’ll be fine, baby. Head down, please.”

I rubbed my thumb around her hole and pressed, just enough to open it up and she moaned, “Oh, no.” I placed the tip of my dick against her asshole and pressed the tip of it in with my thumb, and her ass resisted, while she said under me, “I can’t, oh, I can’t.”

I pushed a bit harder with my thumb and it popped right in, and she shouted, “God, no, it’s too sensitive!” I pushed a little, just an inch, then pulled all the way out.

Then I pushed it in again, and this time there was no resistance, it just slipped in. Her ass actually seemed to be trying to wiggle away, but that was seriously arousing so I didn’t complain. I pushed in a little further, and now I was hearing some of the programmed response.

She’d just finished telling me, no, too sensitive, too soon, and I think she was embarrassed to now start telling me, yeah, feels great, deeper, harder. So instead, she walked the middle ground and said, noncommittally, “Oh, yeah, ah.”

So I kept sliding my dick in and out of her tight little asshole, which was getting my orgasm really close. It wouldn’t be much longer. I paused and put my two hands on her butt cheeks and pushed my cock slowly in until it was almost buried. It was so tight, I almost lost it. Underneath me she was saying, “Ohmigod, ohmigod, so good, Sam, so close, please, I need it, please!”

Another minute or two was all I could hold out, so I pulled my dick slowly out until just the tip was inside her, then pushed all the way in again. “Oh, fuck, yes! Please, baby, faster.”

I didn’t think I could keep this up for long, it felt too good. But I pulled out again, then pushed in quickly, then out and in. I could feel my orgasm about to make its presence known, so I said, “Cum for me, baby,” and fucked her ass hard.

She extended her elbows, raising herself up, aimed her head at the ceiling and howled, “Yessss!” If the camera had been operational it would be one of those Oscar-winning shots that they give to cinematographers. I kind of wished I could have seen it, but she was facing away from me.

And anyway, the howl had been all I needed to bring my orgasm rushing to the door, so while she was still shaking from her orgasm I pulled out of her ass, tugged off the condom and jacked off on her ass and pussy.

It was really quite dramatic because I was watching her ass trembling, vibrating while shooting jizz all over it. It dripped from her asshole down her slit and onto her pussy.

I sat there on my knees for a minute still jerking my dick, but there was nothing left. Amy was still on her hands and knees, so I moved around in front of her, took her hair in my hand, and told her, “Suck my dick, Amy. All the way down your throat.”

Bad Sam was back, I could read it in her eyes, and now she had to respond accordingly. I pulled her forward by her hair, and she found my dick with her lips and pushed down onto it. It took her a moment, but she got almost all of it in, and sucked.

“Oh, very nice, baby. Use your tongue.” And there it was, sliding all over the shaft. Beautiful, but now I was too sensitive. I had to pull her off, but I told her it was amazing.

I somehow found the energy to climb off the bed. My inclination was to lie down and fall asleep, but I knew I had to go. I sorted my clothes and got dressed, and she never moved from where she was kneeling on the bed, her head resting on her arms, and the cum dripping off her ass.

When I was sure I had everything I had arrived with, I leaned in and gave her a quick kiss. “This is a night I won’t forget for a long time. Take care of yourself, Amy.”

I walked out of the building and found a cab which took my back to my car near the mall. On the drive home, I wondered what she’d say when she found that this event had not been captured on disk as she’d thought. And what she’d tell her husband about it.