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Synopsis: Some cultures used to believe that a photo would take their soul away.

The Picture of Doreen Gray

Doreen was forty-four, single. She was now a little pudgy. But with the extra weight came larger breasts. She enjoyed wearing lower-cut tops. Even at her age she could still catch a guy staring at them.

Doreen was a businesswoman. Savvy. Smart. Aggressive. Too much so for her long suffering Thomas. He left her only four months ago. They’d been together twenty-one years.

She still regretted that; lonely nights hugging the body-pillow. Her electric friend shoved up between her legs was slight comfort. She actually missed the feel of a cock erupting inside her. She never enjoyed the run-off afterwards, but the genuine feel of desire of her husband; his contorted face as he shot his load into her… her battery-powered lover could not do that!

Janice Carter had told her to indulge herself a little. She was beautiful, still. Why not show this to everyone? Why not… get a portrait picture done?

Henk van der Patten was in town. A famous fashion photographer. Sure, Janice could arrange a meeting. Henk was staying in a studio that Janice owned.

Doreen looked about the studio. Despite its open brightness there was a muskiness.

When she’d rung the door-bell a semi-naked waif answered it.

Julie looked way too young. She wore a silk kimono that hung open, revealing her naked body underneath.

Julie didn’t seem concurred as she invited Doreen inside

“The master is still asleep” Julie said as she skipped about, eyeing-up Doreen.

“Master?” Doreen thought? Master photographer seemed a little pretentious.

Julie spun on the spot and then ran to the spiral stairs that lead up to a mezzanine loft.

Doreen heard a male voice sputter awake. Julie giggled and laughed. “I want to fuck you so bad” he said

Doreen looked about, embarrassed

“We’ve got company, Master” Julie said

“What?” he growled.



“Yes” Julie giggled

“Oh, alright” he said

Julie reappeared at the top of the stairs then she skipped down them

“The Master’s awake” she said

“Yes, I heard” Doreen said with a touch of sarcasm

“Shall I get you a coffee?”

“Ah, no thank you” Doreen said ‘Coffee this early just makes my bladder burst”

“That sounds like fun” Julie said

“Fun?” Doreen thought

“Say…” Doreen said “Shouldn’t you be at school?”

“No…” Julie giggled as she spun around again. The kimono flung outwards again revealing her nakedness underneath

“My mom lets me stay here…” she said

“Your mom knows you’re here?”

“Yeah, of course…” Julie laughed, “She dropped me off…”

“Why that’s….” she began

“Who do we have here?” Henk asked as he stepped down from his nest.

“Hi” Doreen said, “I’m Doreen. Doreen Gray”

“Hi Doreen” Henk said, “You’re here for a portrait, I gather?”

“Yes” Doreen said, “You were recommended to me by a friend”


“I’m sorry?”

“Who recommended you?”


“My mom” Julie piped up

“Wait? Janice is your mom?” Doreen gasped

“That’s all I need from you” Henk said

“Yes, Master” Julie said and left immediately

“What’s going on here?” Doreen asked

“If I can get you to stand over here…”

“No. Wait” Doreen said, “What is going on between you and Janice and Julie?”

“Please, just step over here…”

“I don’t think this is going to be a good idea” Doreen said

Henk went over and picked up a brown box—a very old looking camera. It was one that looked like it was from the 1800s

“Please, look into the camera” he said

“No… I must be going”

“Doreen!” he called

She turned around and in that moment he clicked the button

Doreen felt a flash hit her. She couldn’t move.


“Yes, Master?” she said

“I have captured your soul”

“Yes, Master” she said

“You are now an empty shell for me to mould”

“Yes, Master” she said

He looked up to the loft to see Julie looking down, smiling.

Henk took out of the camera a glass plate. It had the image of Doreen on it, and within it, her soul.

Julie came bouncing back down the stairs. She took the plate from her master. “Careful” he warned

“Yes, of course, Master” she smiled.

Julie took the glass plate over to a very large case. She opened the case. The case had lots of slots, with other glass plates already in it, including one of herself… with her soul.


“Yes, Master?”

“Take off your clothes”

“Yes, Master” she said. She began peeling her clothes off when Julie returned to his side and smiled as she watched the older woman undress.

Julie then darted forward and picked the clothes up

Doreen stood there, naked. She was a little out of shape. She had a thick hairy tuft between her legs. It made Henk cringe. He wasn’t into hair. “Doreen, you need to shave your bush… always keep yourself neat…”

“Yes, Master’ she said

“Come with me” Julie said, and lead her over to a back-room.

Doreen complied. She felt that she needed to do what he told her. It felt good to do what she was told.

Julie lead her to a bathroom and made her sit on the edge of the bath. Julie disappeared for a moment to return with a bowl. She filled it with warm water and she gathered some scissors, and a clipper.

Pretty soon Doreen returned. Her pussy freshly mown. Henk was delighted. “It makes you look ten years younger” he laughed

“Thank you, Master” Doreen smiled

“Now, we’re going to fuck” Henk said

“Yes, Master… thank you” smiled

“Don’t thank me yet… not until I’ve come in you”

“Yes, Master” Doreen said

“Shall I suck you off?” Julie said

“Yes” Henk said, “You can both do it”

Doreen and Julie sank to their knees

Julie undid his pants and dropped them, and then his undies.

His cock hung long but soft.

“Like this…” Julie said, taking it in her mouth and showing Doreen how he liked it.

Doreen smiled. She wanted to serve. She was attentive and learned how to do it. He liked the tip of his cock in her mouth, and her sucking it like a baby on a bottle. At the same time he had her work the base of his cock with her hand.

Doreen did this and she would have kept doing it but Julie wanted her share too. “Look at his face” Julie encouraged, “You need to see if Master is enjoying you”

Doreen gazed up. She smiled as she sucked. She felt such a deep sense of love for him.

Doreen had him in her mouth when he came. There was a lot. And, she sucked all his jizz down. She gulped. She had never swallowed before, not even with her husband.

She found she loved cum.

And, he was still hard. Julie coached her; on your hands and knees—she had instructed.

And she felt him press against her dry small anus.

“This will hurt” Julie said

Doreen nodded. She would take it. She would gladly sacrifice her comfort so that he could enjoy her

And Henk slowly pushed in.

It hurt

Doreen winced in pain, but she also forced herself back down onto him, stretching herself on his large shaft

And she took him in till there was no more room inside her rectum. Slowly she moved back and forth, until she was stretched enough that the pain had somewhat subsided.

He fucked her asshole and then pulled out of her allowing Julie to suck him. Julie didn’t like the taste of another woman’s ass but she was also duty bound to satisfy him.

She sucked at him, then guided him back into Doreen’s punished anus.

He came inside Doreen’s ass.

* * *

Doreen drove home. She was so happy. She had an ass leaking cum onto the seat. But she was so happy to have served her master.

She was surprised to see Thomas there, in the drive-way.

She drove passed him into the garage. She got out and closed the door but he ran up, just in time to get under it.

“What are you doing here?”

“I used to live here, remember?” he said

“You don’t live here anymore” she said coldly

Thomas was taken aback. There was something slightly odd—yes, she was disdainful, and cold… but there was an underlying lack of human empathy that he sensed.

“Doreen…” he said, changing tack “Is there nothing we can do to get back together”

“No” she said “I met someone today”

“What?” he gasped

“Who?” he asked

“I don’t wish to talk to you about my Master” she said

“Your what?”

“Leave me alone” she said, “Do you want me to call the police?”

“No… don’t do that…” he said.

* * *

Thomas flicked a switch on the wall to open the garage door. He went out and down the drive-way and to his car. But something about what she said, and how she behaved unsettled him.

Thomas hired a private investigator… Bo Ransom

* * *

Bo sat in his van. Ostensibly done up like a plumber’s van it was a hive of electronic devices. He watched through high-powered lenses

Doreen had convinced her neighbour’s daughter Carol to come over. Nothing odd in that, as Bo noted in a log-book.

Shortly thereafter Doreen backed out the drive-way with Carol in the car.

Bo switched to the front of his van, and letting the car drive by followed it… at an appropriate distance.

Carol was surprised by the half-dressed state of Julie who opened the door to the photo studio.

Bo made a note of the address and took some shots of them going in. He waited a while and then exited. He checked around the perimeter for surveillance cameras

He also had a search running—a property databased to find out the state of the property; use, and owner.

Bo had a small dart gun. He loved his devices. He fired a small microphone up to the upper level window

He took out an ear-piece and putting it in, adjusted a device to hear what was going on inside

“That’s it, face the camera” Henk said

“I’m not sure if this is for me” Carol said

“Please, look at the camera… there… I am your master now”

“Yes, Master” Carol said

“You are under my control now”

“Yes, Master” Carol said again

“What the fuck’s going on in there?” Bo gasped

“Doreen. I want you to shave Carol’s pussy”

“Yes, Master” Doreen said

“Come this way” she said to Carol…. guiding her to the bathroom at the back of the studio.

Bo wanted to get more information. He went back to his van and took out a drone. The drone had a camera.

He flew it up but could not see much. Then he saw Doreen, naked emerge from a back room, along with Carol. They weren’t in view for long

And then… he heard them fucking.

The women crying out in appreciation… building up to a crescendo.

* * *

“You’re fucking kidding” Thomas said on the phone as Bo explained what he had observed.

“No, pal” Bo said, “It sounds like your ex has been hypnotised”

“I thought that shit was all a hoax”

“Look, I don’t know how else to explain it…. their behaviour”

“I’m going over there…” Thomas said

“I wouldn’t recommend it…”

* * *

Thomas was a patient man. He waited till Henk had left the studio before he attempted to break-in.

He wasn’t subtle and simply smashed a crow-bar into the back door, ripping the lock off

He entered what appeared to be a bathroom.

He opened the door and listened. There was no noise.

He went into the main studio area. There was some lights on so he managed to navigate around the unfamiliar surrounds.

He picked up the large wooden box-camera and examined it. It appeared to him only as something out of an antique shop. He couldn’t guess the power it had

He found a very large locked case. He took the crow-bar and broke the lock off; a loud crash

“What are you doing here?” Julie screamed from the loft

“Ah…” he gasped as he saw her naked body rush down

“Get away from that case” she screamed

He was intrigued by it and opened it.

“I said get away!”

She lunged at him like a wild thing

“Steady on!” he gasped fending her away…

He managed to push her away but she lunged at him, clawing at him with her nails. She tried to bite him too

“What the fuck!”

He punched her, knocking her to the ground

He pulled out a glass plate and looked at it. He held it up to the small light that flicked above him and saw the shadowy image of a woman

“Put that down!” she screamed and lunged at him again

He fought her off, but she knocked the plate and then it fell, and smashed.

Suddenly she stopped. A light rose up from the broken pieces and suddenly poured into her

“What?” she gasped “What’s going on? Where am I?”

“You don’t know where you are?” he asked. He had seen the light enter her.

She looked about confused

“Why am I naked?”

She looked down at her bleeding fingernails—from where she had attempted to claw at him

“What… I don’t understand…” she began

“Who are you?”

“My name is Julie…” she said “Julie Carter”

“Are you related to Janice Carter?”

“Yes, she’s my mom” Julie said “Do you know her?”

“I know she’s a friend of my wife… I mean, my ex-wife”

“Here put this on” Thomas said picking up a dressing gown

“Tell me…” he continued… “What do you remember?”

“My mom… she got me to go get a portrait picture taken…”

“My Doreen just had that done…”

“And then… I don’t know… I …. “ she struggled to think to what had happened.

Suddenly the front door opened. Henk, Doreen, and Janice came in. Henk turned on the light

“What the fuck’s going on here?” Henk gasped, surprised to see the man there

“Mom?” Julie gasped

“Honey” Janice said, “What has happened?” she started to go to her daughter to comfort her

“I… I don’t know how I got here…”

“The Master…” Janice began

“Stay back!” Thomas warned

“Leave my daughter alone” Janice screams ”What have you done to her?”

Suddenly Thomas reached into the trunk and took out another glass plate

“Put that down!” Henk demanded

Thomas threw it to the ground. A white light rose up from it, and then shot up through the ceiling—to find its owner

“Noooo!” Henk yelled

Thomas pulled another one out

He smashed it.

A white light rushed over and filled Janice. Suddenly she stopped in her tracks “What the hell’s going on here?”

Henk turned to Doreen “Kill him”

“Yes, Master” she said and charged across the room

Thomas pulled out several plates and smashed them, then some more

A white light rose up and shot into Doreen. She was stopped too, in her tracks. She was confused. She wondered what she was doing there at that time of night.

“Thomas? What’s going on?” she asked confused

“You’ve fucking ruined everything!” Henk screamed

Henk ran over to the stairs and up into his loft

Thomas had an idea.

Janice ran over to her mom and they hugged and cried.

Henk pulled a .38 out of a drawer and came back down waving it “You bastard” he began

Thomas held the camera

He hit the button and suddenly Henk was becalmed as his soul drew out of him and onto the glass plate in the camera.

Thomas worked out how to open it. He held it up

“This is what he has used to control you women…”

“What?” Doreen gasped, “How did he do that?”

“I don’t know how this works… “Thomas said “Maybe it steals your soul?”

“That’s silly”

“Well… look at him”

Doreen had to admit that it was the only thing that made sense.

“What shall we do with him?” she said

“We should fuck him up” Janice said as she hugged her daughter

“What are we going to do with you?” Thomas said as he walked over to Henk.

“I don’t know, Master” Henk said

Thomas smiled as he had an idea

“Get undressed”

“Yes, Master” Henk said….

The End