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Ok, enough. I just wanted to do this one, to give some of the idea of the scope of Pleasure Island. I still deciding if I should do it’s companion ‘hunter’ chapter...

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Pleasure Island—Chapter 12


Ayelet loved it, always had, ever since she had first woken up as a kid to watch the sun rise. Ever since then she was the first up, every day. Up before the birds, before anything, so she could see that first glint of sun.

She considered herself lucky that her family lived at the bare edge of the suburbs. Close enough for her dad to get to his business, which wasn’t downtown anyway, but far enough out to be in ‘the country’. She had never been able to talk her parents into horses, but they would have had space. And she could always watch the sun.

She had been heartbroken at college until she found a place where she could watch the run rise. A place where she could run through the morning dew.

She had expected there to be stunning sunrises on this island.

There were.

But for once, that wasn’t why she was up.

She was up to run through the dew, and not for fun.

Ayelet had sneaked outside late last night, after the rest of the girls had curled up and hidden away, trying to hide from what fate had dealt them. Or, as in several cases she had seen, after that fate had claimed them.

She didn’t plan on it claiming her. And that was why she was out this morning.

Ayelet had drunk the morning dew before, but never to stay alive.

She, for one, didn’t trust anything that had been told her. They fooled her once, by getting her to this island, but they weren’t going to fool her twice.

This meant that she had not taken her bag, especially since she had noticed a couple things out of ‘settle’. It was definitely tampered with. Why, or what they could do with it, she didn’t know, but she was fairly sure she didn’t want to find out.

Her clothes on her back were probably safe. At least as safe as anything.

She wasn’t sure that whatever it was was actually in the water, but she was sure she couldn’t trust any of the water sources available on the island.

And there wasn’t likely to be land near enough to swim to.

But there was a water source available from off the island: dew. Rain would work as well, but Ayelet couldn’t count on that. She should be able to count on the dew, at least for a little while every morning.

And she did know how to collect it.

So, after she had sneaked outside last night, she had looked for what she needed: a clear, grass-covered, area. Basically a meadow.

The first one she found was in a corral, with a barn attached. She didn’t trust it, and had felt a weird sense of achievement when she had found the girl in the stable, dressed as a pony.

Somehow, it was what she expected. Well, Ayelet wasn’t going to be joining her, that was for sure.

Not if she had any say about it.

It had taken a bit of looking, and a lot of stumbling around in the dark, but she finally found what she was looking for: a meadow. A big one too, running down what appeared to be the center of the island.

Just what she needed. She would have to hide out somewhere during the day, but had been a problem for daytime. Just then, she had done everything she could to help herself gather the dew: she had draped her clothes over the branches of the bushes at the west side of the meadow, and curled up herself under them where the first light of the false dawn would wake her.

Ayelet had hoped she wouldn’t be too cold, but the tropical nature of the island would help, hopefully. She did laugh at herself, for the irony of trying to escape being a sex slave by going naked, but spreading her clothes would increase the amount of dew she caught, and it wasn’t like there was anyone who would care if they saw her.

And the morning light had woken her, as expected. She had been warm enough, though she was looking forward to warming up in the sunshine.

Maybe today she’d build a fire before she slept.

First, though, she’d get her drink. She was looking forward to the taste of water.

Looking down at herself, she noticed that the little hairs on her arms and legs had managed to even accumulate some dew.

No sense in wasting it. She was going to need every drop she could get.

Ayelet was sure she looked ridiculous (either that or some fetish fantasy) as she set about licking the dew off herself. But, it did taste good; wetting her over-dry mouth, setting the newly wetted tongue a-tingling. It wasn’t a drink yet, but it was a start. She’d even managed to get the dew off her nether regions (there had been a lot there). Thank god for yoga.

Next was to carefully take her clothes off the branches above her. The water had beaded up on her skirt, and that she tipped into her mouth and let the water run down. On the rest the dew was soaking in. These she gathered up, one by one, and squeezed the water from.

Though squeezing her bra didn’t work so well, and her socks didn’t taste so good. Her panties weren’t so bad though.

She took her blouse, and ran it over the rest of the bush; lightly, so as not to rip it, gathering as much of the dew on it as she could.

Watching the result, Ayelet decided that tomorrow she would put the blouse under the bush, and wipe with something else. She would get more water that way.

Now her throat was tingling with the new wetness.

All this had taken only about half an hour, and the sun hadn’t actually risen yet. Ayelet still had time to gather the dew from the grass before the sun burnt it off.

To gather it, she tied her blouse around one ankle, and her socks around the other (Ayelet debated a moment, but the length of her socks was better than the improved taste from her panties), then started walking around in the grass. The dew on the grass wet her clothes, and when they were fairly soaked, she untied them and squeezed the water into her mouth.

It worked. She could get water.

The sun was starting to crest now though, and she wanted to get as much water as she could. Perhaps if she could use her hands...

Imagining how it must look, she tied her panties around one wrist, and her bra around the other. Well, at least if anyone saw her they would stay away.

That might be a good idea actually; if she stayed mostly away from the rest, nudity would scare away any other girls who might show up. And since she didn’t trust any of them...

Of course, nudity could attract converts. But probably not always, and at least they wouldn’t feel a need to convert her. Ayelet was sure that was coming at some point: a round up of all the stragglers.

So, staying nude could be an advantage.

Ayelet tried crawling with her new additions. It worked, but when she looked back she realized that he ankles were dragging in the dirt, and besides, they only covered the same area as her hands did.

Well, she could ‘crawl’ with her legs straight... That would get her ankles out of the dirt and spread her legs wide enough so they would be covering different grass.

Ayelet tried it, and found it worked, though she felt silly with her ass in the air.

Well, all the better to persuade people she’d been taken over.

‘Crawling’ like this was an experience in the high grass: Her face was pointed down, into the wet greenery, her bare bottom was exposed to every gust of air, and the tall grass tickled her nipples as she went by.

They probably would have someone doing this.

Ayelet opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue to catch just that much more morning dew.

She managed to catch a grass stem in her teeth.

It tugged a moment, and she bit down to free it, which worked, though she now had grass in her mouth.

Oh well. She chewed on it a moment, getting the sap out. It tasted pretty good. On an impulse, she swallowed it.

The whole scene repeated itself a moment later, right down to her swallowing the grass.

Ayelet was enjoying herself. This wasn’t so bad. She tried swaying her hips a bit, then laughed as she almost toppled over.

Time to check her dew collectors.

They were full.

She sat down, cross-legged, right there in the grass. One stem managed to avoid getting crushed, and tickled her breasts, then her nose when she leaned over to untie the cloth from her ankles. She bit it off, eating it.

There was enough water that she wasn’t thirsty anymore, though Ayelet felt she should continue, and see how much more dew she could get.

Re-tying her dew collectors, she set out again across the field. Crawling like this wasn’t so bad, once you got the hang of it. She opened her mouth, and caught another grass stem to chew on.

A moment later she bent her head down to take a real bite of the grass. The blades tasted better.

Ayelet was halfway through swallowing it when she realized what she had done. What she was doing.

She was grazing.

She sat back, this time on her haunches. She needed to think about this.

But she wanted to keep grazing.

Noticing how she was sitting, Ayelet forced herself to cross her legs normally. It felt odd, unnatural. She wanted to go back to her haunches.

Not now.

Could she have been caught despite all her precautions? Well, it was possible. She could have been ‘caught’ in the plane for all she knew. Though why they would go to such lengths to hide it from her was beyond her at the moment.

Ayelet noticed she had uncrossed her legs, and was back sitting the ‘other’ way. She fixed that.

What was she doing? She wanted to run away, get away from all this, run with her ‘tail’ in the air...

She put a stop to that line of thought.

So, assume they had caught her, somehow. Now what? Would she just run around, crawling like she had been, eating grass all day?

The idea suddenly sounded very appealing.

Ayelet shook her head. This should not be happening. She had taken every precaution...

She was back on her haunches again. This time her legs refused to bend enough to re-cross.

Obviously her precautions hadn’t been enough. Ayelet had to admit she wasn’t surprised. Whoever had set this place up wasn’t going to let a few panicked and unprepared girls get in his way.

She tried to summon anger, but couldn’t. The idea of running free, at one with nature, exposed to all the elements, was starting to sound really good. Ayelet knew that even just a few minutes ago she would have detested the very thought of it, but now it sounded idyllic. The best life in the world.

She needed to get these binding cloths off her ankles.

Her teeth weren’t really the best tool, but they got the job done.

She wanted to roam, to see the rest of this field, what else there could be.

What other plants tasted like.

Part resigned, part excited for reasons that she didn’t want to identify, Ayelet got back on all fours and started off again.

She didn’t want to think about what she was doing. She concentrated on the delicious taste of the grass in her mouth, the texture of the ground beneath her feet, the scent of morning in the air.

The feel of the dawn’s first rays of sun on her back.

Lost in her own world, the gazelle wandered across her new home.