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(This is a rare event, Chapter 2 was written before Chapter 1! Chapter 2 was written in its own right for a contest elsewhere, but as it was initially lacking in MC I couldnt post it to Simon’s site. Pleasurebot 8 might still think her AI came from a voluntary source, but we now know otherwise. But please, don’t tell her!)

Pleasurebot 8—How she was really created

(Management meeting, Pleasurebots Inc)

“So Willis, it seems your theory that all those young women would be so mercenary that they would happily give up five years of their lives for half a million dollars hasn’t quite worked out? And here we are now, two weeks away from launch date, and only 60% of the bots have got a ‘unique AI’ programmed into them. We have 80 empty cryogenic chambers and 80 pleasurebot units unable to think for themselves beyond the most basic matters. And given that the campaign has been running for six weeks already...the figures dont tie up, do they Willis?”

“ Sir, they don’t. As far as I can see we have two options. The first is to make the application process less voluntary, but Missing persons might quickly catch on to that one, especially given our large requirement. Or...”

“Yes?” he interrupted Willis, impatient as he saw his grand idea going up in smoke.

“We open up the market to more mature women. It was after all your choice that no AI should come from a woman over the age of 25, because as you put it, we need to ensure the donors are horny young girls in the first place, even if that isnt true, the base programming makes them as horny as we need them to be anyway. And some men might prefer the more mature mind behind the AI anyway. We could always give them new design model numbers, and advertise them as more than just a sex toy.”

“Though they would be just a sex toy when they needed to be?”

“Naturally, the Pleasurebot is more than amply programmed to be just that. Its that ‘little extra’ we are looking for from our AI, so...”

“Then get on with it! Meeting over!”

Willis walked out the room, already planning his strategy to ensure enough applied. And besides, once he had them in the interview room he could always help their choice...

* * *

(A couple of days later)

This hadn’t been a good day for Louise Clarke. She knew that the recession was beginning to bite into the retail industry, but she hadn’t expected to be made redundant quite so soon after starting work there! But on the basis of ‘last in, first out’ she was back in the job hunting market only three months after she had left it behind. And just as the recession was starting to bite, so finding a new job wasnt going to be easy to say the least, especially when you are ‘getting on’ in years. And though she was only 45, in terms of the job market...

In a sense she was lucky, she was single, had no children to worry about or other matters like that. She did have the rent on her flat to pay at least. And unemployment benefit certainly wasnt going to cover that! She looked at the job section in the local paper, but it had shrunk rapidly of late, and seemingly there was nothing there she was up to applying for.

She did see a headline that caught her eye, but assumed it was just a joke.

Female and under 50? Would $100,000 a year for doing nothing appeal to you? Guaranteed 5 year contract, must be immediately available to take up these positions.

Louise’s eyes lit up, she fitted those categories perfectly, though she couldnt quite work out why anyone would offer that much money for doing no work unless there was a catch. She wouldn’t mind earning a quarter of that for doing hard work! Then she found out why the offer was so good as her eyes drifted down the advert. It was them, so there was a catch!

Enjoyment of sexual activity advantageous.

If interested please contact Willis at Pleasurebots Inc on 800—......... or by email at for an immediate interview.

Louise wouldnt call herself a prude (though some men probably would!) but everything she had read in the papers and magazines concerning Pleasurebots Inc had revolted her. It was bad enough that men would pay to have sex with women, but to pay to have sex with a robot that looked like a woman, well the concept revolted her. She could see that single men might have ‘needs’, but even so...The public hadn’t actually seen the dolls as yet, though they were meant to be incredibly realistic. And to be fair to Pleasurebots they didnt hide the means they used to ensure their bots were so realistic in style.

Young women had their bodies cryogenically frozen for five years while their minds were downloaded into a Pleasurebot to act as her AI, and give her a realistic personality while the Bot’s sexual programming did the rest. It wasn’t her per se, it just gave the Bot a style and poise that pure programming couldnt hope to achieve, well not yet at least! But she’d heard they only wanted women up to the age of 25 to apply, but this suggested things weren’t going to plan on the employment front. Louise quietly smirked to herself at this, put the newspaper in her bag and headed for home. To find...bills! Credit card, electricity, gas, cable company, mobile phone...the last few days of the month before pay day were often a nightmare, and this was no exception. And now she didnt even know when the next decent pay day would be forthcoming!

And though she could afford to pay them all this month with the payoff she had just received, next month would be a whole different ball game. She burst into tears at the thought, and poured herself a strong drink to ease the pain. She knew she needed to find a job, but...looking at the paper and seeing that Pleasurebot ad again! She screwed up the paper and threw it across the room.

The trouble was, that a few days later, and despite many phone calls to contacts, people who owed her a favour and even a few strangers, she still didn’t have an interview lined up, let alone a new job! And not much chance of finding one either seemingly. The newspaper, still screwed up, glared at her from the corner she had thrown it into. She walked across and picked it up, trying to give the sheet a semblance of readability as she took it back to her chair, and proceeded to have a two way conversation with her conscience.

“I can’t, that sort of work is revolting, its no more than being a prostitute yourself.”

“But its five years of no bills, no commitments, and at end of that period more money than you could ever imagine. No need to ever work again if you didn’t want to.”

“But its payment for being a sex toy, and that’s awful.”

“Yes, but what do you know about it, you will be nothing more than an identity in her circuitry, it will be a machine having the sex, you will be safely stored away, your body wont actually be touched.”

“But I’ll be aware of all that sexual activity all the same. And...and...”

“And what? You get to live your youth again. Lets face it, these pleasurebots are going to be young and pretty. And at the end of five years you can go back to being 50 and never have sex again. Or...”

“Or what?”

“You realise that life is passing you by and start enjoying it again!”

Louise burst into tears at that, the trouble was that it was the truth hurting, her conscience was right. Her life, especially her sex life wasnt great (alright, the latter was non existent),so... when she recovered,

“Alright, so I sign up for five years then, but with my lack of sexual experience would they want me?”

“According to you and the papers the Bots see to that themselves, you just deal with the rest of their lives. But in the end there is only one way to find out?”

“Apply for an interview?” Louise asked with dread.

“Exactly!” replied her conscience firmly.

She gulped. But to her due, she went to her computer and sent an email to Pleasurebots. Mind, only after a very strong vodka and coke to soothe her frayed nerves.

“One last question?” she asked her conscience before hitting the send button.


“If I don’t like what I hear, I don’t have to take the position?”

“Yes, fine.”

She hit the send button.

* * *

Despite the adjustment to the advert, the application rate was still less than overwhelming. So when Willis heard the tone on his PC telling him he had email he quickly opened it in anticipation, and read it. Well at least this was seemingly someone interested in an interview, even if the tone of her letter suggested she wasn’t overjoyed at what Pleasurebot’s business was. The only good news seemingly was that she was unemployed and urgently seeking work. The other factors, that she was 45, not overly sexually experienced, and not overwhelmingly stunning didnt really matter, it wouldn’t be her body that was used as a Pleasurebot anyway. The facts that her qualifications suggested she was reasonably intelligent, her work in retail would ensure she was good around people all made her a promising candidate. Willis decided there and then that she was too good a candidate to miss out on, and if Louise Clarke wouldn’t ‘become’ a Pleasurebot willingly, well there was always another way of doing it. He wrote back offering her an interview the next morning, and then contacted the interfacing department...just in case.

* * *

Louise was just convincing herself that she’d been too honest in her application when the icon to show she had mail flashed up in the corner of her PC. It was from Pleasurebots. Even now she wasn’t sure whether she really wanted to open it or not, but she did.

Willis had used all the right words to placate her concerns she had mentioned in her email to him, and offering her a chance to look around the next morning, and have an interview afterwards if she still wanted to. On those grounds how could she say no?

So she replied, accepting his offer.

* * *

Willis smiled at the news, he had already decided to take no chances with applicants from now on, and that Louise would be the first to try out his new ‘interview technique’. Not that he planned to tell anyone this.

* * *

(The next morning)

Louise arrived for her interview suitably dressed for the moment. Despite not really wanting the job she still wanted to create the right impression...just in case they had any ‘more normal’ jobs going.

Willis met her at reception, showed her a brief film explaining about Pleasurebots and the services they offered, both to customers and their ‘staff’. He also explained what happened when a bot was selected by a client, running briefly through the whole process of hygiene, cleansing and preparation for the big moment. Louise listened diligently to all this, because if she did decide to go ahead she did want to know what it would be like. But she still wasn’t too keen on the idea, something Willis could tell from her demeanour. That was when he decided plan B was necessary.

“Would you like to see a Pleasurebot, just to see how real they look and feel, and most importantly act and sound? I think you will be impressed?”

Louise was too polite to say no, though she did ask,

“I dont have to do...anything with them do I ? Are they only programmed for”

Willis laughed, “No Louise, those models that already have an AI loaded are very much like talking to a real person, as I will show you. And though they are programmed for sex, obviously they are created to be the perfect escort for those men who desire such a service, so they have to be capable of far more than sex. Thats why we need AI donors like yourself. Let me show you.”

He made a call and requested a show model to be sent to him, fully dressed, and ready to impress. Louise wasn’t quite certain what to expect, but she certainly didn’t expect the lovely young lady who walked in about five minutes later. Alright, she was dressed sexily, but not in an overt way. And her conversational skills were impressive too. Willis could tell Louise hadn’t been expecting someone like this.

“That’s amazing, she looks almost real.” Louise said.

He laughed, “That’s what we set out to do my dear. And no more than a few weeks ago Paula was a vibrant 24 year old, and now...”

“She’s one of these?” Louise asked aghast.

Willis laughed, “No, Paula is fine, her human body is down in our cryogenic store until the end of her five year contract. All that this body has is her...essence. I guess thats a good word for it anyway. She’s the perfect combination of sexy pleasurebot programming and Paula’s style and wit. She could almost pass for human but for...”

He reached across to Paula’s tummy and pressed on her navel. A small panel opened showing flashing lights and circuitry.

“...that!” and he laughed.

“But how do you do that?” Louise asked, “I mean how do you transfer her ‘essence’ into this pleasurebot?”

“I’ll show you that next.” Willis replied, “Paula, you may return to whatever you were doing before being called.”

Paula spoke, “Yes Sir, I will.” Then she turned smoothly and precisely on her heels, and she left the room.

“Wow!” replied Louise, “So alright, I’m not enamoured by the idea, but that was quite a show. And my age wouldnt matter?”

“Not in the slightest. The Pleasurebot will look in her early twenties, and her AI makes her act that age as well. The fact that Paula is that young is irrelevant, she’d act like a woman of that age anyway. And in a sense your maturity would make you a better companion anyway. Glass of water before we go on?”

“Yes please.” said Louise, not seeing the ‘added extra’ he put in the plastic cup, and began to drink from it.

Willis smiled, he just needed to give things a couple of minutes, and...

“You were saying, you were going to show me how this essence transfer thing was done.” Louise asked him after a few moments pondering matters. Even though the idea didn’t appeal, she had to admit to being intrigued as to how it was done all the same.

He pretended to be apologetic over this matter, though of course all he had been waiting for was the drug to take effect.

“Of course I was. So, if you’d like to follow me?”

After walking down some passages Willis stopped at a door, swiped his card and it slid open. Louise was greeted by the sight of a pretty young girl with largish breasts and long red hair sat at a chair ready to meet and greet them. It was only after a few moments she realised this was a Pleasurebot, and not a person! Willis proved it to her by opening her panel briefly which caused Louise to gasp and blush.

“But...but...she just looks so real!” she exclaimed.

“I know. But at the moment looks are deceptive, my dear. At the moment all she has is her Pleasurebot personality, she is one of our units awaiting a human ‘personality donor’, would you like to help her in that sense?”

He could tell that Louise’s resistance was already being broken down by the drug coursing through her system, by her hesitation in replying. Before the drug had been ingested by her, he would have been pretty sure her prompt answer would have been no!

“I...I dont think so.” she replied, slightly unsure of herself, “But I’m fascinated to learn how its done all the same.”

He didn’t think Louise was stupid, but all the same...

“I could connect you up to the machine and show you.” he said to her with a grin.

“What, and do the download taking away my choice in the matter! I’m sure you don’t think I’m that stupid?” Louise retorted.

“Company policy is that all downloaded personalities must be donated voluntarily, and all contracts signed and witnessed in advance. So Ms Clarke, there would be no point in me doing that unless I wanted to lose my job!”

“So what would happen then if I did let you connect me up?” Louise asked, as a combination of curiousity and the drugs began to work on her mind, weakening her resistance.

“Your choice entirely. Anything from simply connecting you up, explaining the process as I go, and then simply not switching anything on, so that nothing happens, right through to doing a temporary download of the Pleasurebot programming so that you can see how they function and think. All perfectly safe I promise you, and then simply cancel off the temporary download and you are back to normal. So no harm in that surely? But its entirely your call my dear?”

By now Louise’s mind had been pretty much opened up to suggestions by the drugs, so when Willis suggested the latter she really wasn’t in a state to say no, even though her natural self would have revolted at the idea.

“So this temporary download thing is perfectly safe, I’ll be back to normal afterwards? No tricks, no increased desire to become a Pleasurebot afterwards?”

“None whatsoever. But if seeing life through their eyes gives you the inclination to want to go further, well that’s not my fault, is it?”

Louise shook her head, “No, it isn’t.”

“Well then, your choice is?” he asked her.

She tried to look confident, then quietly, but determinedly said, “I’ll try the temporary download then. See what its like to feel as sexy as a Pleasurebot, for a short while at least.”

Willis just smiled, it was just the answer he was looking for, thanks almost certainly due to the drugs in her system.

“Are you ready now?” he asked her, “Only I’m sure this Pleasurebot is looking forward to linking up with your mind as well. Or do you need a few moments to prepare yourself?”

“I’m ready!” said Louise with a grin, “Pleasurebot body, here I come!”

Willis set to work, getting Louise to lay herself down next to the robot body. He put the donor skullcap on Louise, placed the recipient skullcap on the robot and switched the machine on to transfer her mind, having first made sure it was only in temporary download mode, the other step could wait for later when she had signed all the necessary papers...And he was sure she would!

At first all Louise felt was a gentle tingling in her scalp which steadily grew more intense as the time passed. And much though she wanted to stay awake through the whole process Willis ensured she didnt, by turning up the power until she passed into unconsciousness. And then he turned it up a little more until...

(10-15 minutes later)

“Louise, can you hear me?” she heard a voice ask, seemingly from inside her head.

She tried to gather her bearings, “Yes, I can, why?”

He laughed, “Open your eyes and look to your right. Because if everything has gone right...?”

She did so, and squealed, “That’s me! What’s happened? What have you done to me?”

“Only what I promised I would, a temporary download of your essence into the Pleasurebot body. Why?”

She giggled, “Oh nothing, I was just assuming that you’d download her programming into me, not this way round. And will my body be alright for me to go back into?”

“Yes, your body will be fine providing we get you back inside it within an hour. The machine will keep your body in perfect condition up to that point. Normally we would cryogenically freeze it within that period, but as you are going back into it very soon we have just put it on a life support system for now.”

“That’s alright then!” said Louise smiling, “So how do I look?” then after a few moments realisation added, “My chest suddenly feels much heavier, is that because...?”

Willis laughed,"...of those DD cup breasts on your chest, it could well be the case. Take a look at yourself in the mirror, as long as you dont remove the skullcap, or lose the connection in any way you can take a few steps without any danger to yourself.”

Louise stood up, and she noticed the subtle differences. Suddenly she was about 4 inches taller (even without heeled shoes) and the ample cleavage on her chest just felt so different to her own tiny B cups. And as for when she saw this stunning young woman staring back at her in the mirror...! She even pinched herself just to make sure, and the reflective image did the same, so...

“Thats amazing!” she squealed in delight, “If it wasn’t for the sex work I’d...”

“You’d what.” Willis interrupted her.

“I’d take it.” she said with a grin, “But I cant, I just find that idea”

“What?” he asked

“I dont know, so unnatural I guess.” she replied.

“Well we have time for a guided tour, and seeing you are a robot, you are controllable, so...”

“Oh God!” she said, realising what he was hinting at, and the consquences for her.

Willis pushed a button, turned some dials, and Louise found her fingers being pushed into a seemingly sodden pussy to play with herself. And the sensations when she did...

“Oh, didnt I tell you, all Pleasurebots are super sensitive in all the right places, to ensure that not only their clients enjoy the sexual activities, they do as well! And so, lets ensure...”

Louise gasped as the sensation of the most incredible orgasm she had ever known raced through her body, closely followed by two more. He then finally gave her chance to recover.


“Oh God, that was amazing, I’ve never known anything like it. But I couldn’t do this, I just couldnt...” though it sounded more like she was trying to convince herself of her moral stance than anything else!

“But all the same, could I...?”

“Could you what?” Willis asked, suspecting he knew the answer as he’d heard it before.

“Can I just have one more orgasm like that please before I go back to being dull old Louise?”

He laughed, fired a button and Louise’s robot body exploded in sexual sensation. She came powerfully, literally squirting juices as she came.

“You could have five years of that you know?” Willis told her, “All you have to do is sign up as a Pleasurebot, and...”

Louise smiled, “I’d love to, but its just not me. But thank you so much for letting me try it. And this body is amazing, but...can I go back to my old one now please?”

Willis smiled, “If you are sure about that?”

Louise nodded.

“In that case, lay back down and I’ll put your essence back into your old body. I will then ask you to confirm your choice, and if its still the same I’ll let you go home. Is that alright?”

Louise agreed. Though ideally she’d have liked to walk out in her new body, but not as a controlled robot. But that wasn’t an option.

She laid down on the table again, felt the growing tingling sensation as Willis fired things up and then everything went blank.


“Louise, open your eyes and just confirm you are in the correct body, I just need to confirm before switching down that you have transferred back correctly.”

Louise did so, and looking down she could see her breasts had shrunk back to their normal size. She looked across and saw the Pleasurebot laying there unmoving.

“Yes, I’m fine thank you.”

Willis came and disconnected her from the machine.

“As I said Louise, just one question. Would you like to sign a contract to become a Pleasurebot for the next five years?”

Louise didn’t even hesitate to answer, “Oh yes please, I’d love to do that. Where and when do I sign the contract? As long as I can have that body”

Willis smiled, taking a glance at one still depressed button on the control unit. Before saying,

“Just follow me Louise and we will get it all sorted out. And of course you can have that body if that is your only condition, I wouldnt offer you anything less for volunteering for this.”

* * *