The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Pleasurebot 8—A day in the life of

I feel a gentle buzzing as my system bursts into life, a stream of data passing through my system as my next duty is designated for me. The headset locks into position and provides me with details on the name, desires, and preferences of my next client. At the same time, I feel the sensation of water cleansing me, preparing me for service. It shouldn’t be necessary, I was cleansed after my last duty, but it’s always done, as much for the clients hygiene as my own.

The last thing I see before the headset disconnects from my head is an image of the man, not so I can see if he is attractive or not, to me that factor is irrelevant, but simply so that my system locks onto him when I meet up with him shortly. The shower over, I am released from the storage chamber in which I’m kept while off duty, and I head for the clothing area.

The fact that I walk there totally naked is of no relevance. Apart from the maintenance team, no one but other pleasurebots would see me at this stage anyway. In fact I pass some, either returning from duties rendered, or indeed heading to duty themselves. It would surprise some to know we are not all identical. Human men have widely differing tastes in women, and the same goes for their tastes in pleasurebots.

My full title is Pleasurebot 8, Design Model 11 which means I am a tall model (app. 5′ 10″ in height) with shoulder length red hair and large DD cup breasts. I have no other name as such, though I will be granted a name if desired, it is his preference only that matters. But once I complete my duty that name will be forgotten again instantly.

I reach the clothing area where I normally would find sexy lingerie laid out calling for me to put it on, but this time I find otherwise. A medium length, clingy dress awaits me, the same luscious red as my hair. The only other items there are matching silk underwear. I would be impressed if a robot could be impressed with such matters! I dress myself, something that might again surprise some, but our ‘A.I’ is quite complex, and though we clearly aren’t human, “what human has a body panel in their stomach after all?", we can do most things with enough sentience to give that desired image of humanity all the same.

A mirror appears and I check myself over. Perfection, if I modestly say so myself. Pleasurebots don’t need make up unless desired by clients, we are designed as highly attractive young ladies, so why apply it unless specifically requested? I walk over and sit down in the salon chair, my hair is pulled up into the tight bun requested by my client, and then I am released again. Again I check myself over. The client clearly desires a classy, as well as attractive partner, and I am programmed to oblige him.

I’m almost ready to go. Now I just need to get some final programming for my job tonight. Learn more of what this client wishes of me, any names he might have for me, how I’m supposed to act and so on. So I plug myself into the designation unit on the wall and interface with the central computer for the final data upload. It seems my name for the evening is to be Natasha, and my client’s name (or at least the one he wants me to know him as) is Henry. He has apparently made one fascinating ‘special request’ which naturally my system will oblige him with. My ladylike programming forbids the revelation of what this special request is, just in case anyone was wondering...

Oh, and before you ask, we are not informed of what the clients pay for a period of pleasure with us, we aren’t told what the fee is, and of course we have no need, or reason to know it.

Finally the designation unit ‘approves’ my look and mindset and releases me, I coolly and calmly walk towards the room where I will meet ‘Henry’ for the first, and possibly only time. Well it will certainly be the only time as Natasha that is for certain! It seems that he seeks a ‘companion’ for dinner tonight, as well as what will surely happen later, which is presumably why I’m dressed as I am, and Natasha is both an intelligent and classy young woman.

I walk into the room and he is there, he seems impressed as much as I can tell. He kisses me on the hand, I kiss him warmly, but gently on the lips and we pass small talk for a short while. No more than that is needed; after all, he has selected my style of programming, so he knows that ‘Natasha’ fits his requirements perfectly. After a short time he offers me his hand, I take it, and we leave together arm in arm.

I won’t sully his reputation by giving you the details of his ‘special request’ but let’s just say he got exactly what he desired that night.

When he dropped me back to the company in the morning there was just one thing dear Henry didn’t know about Natasha! That being the reason for her complex ‘A.I’. If he was permitted access to the company’s cryogenic storage units, he would surely know. Because currently stored there is the body of Louise Clarke aged 45, currently dormant while yes, you’ve guessed it, her base personality is the A.I for Pleasurebot 8. Do not concern yourself with this fact, because Louise is doing this of her own choice and volition on a 5 year contract. For this she receives $100,000 a year into her bank account. At the end of the five year contract period, she will enjoy full, unfettered access to the funds therein. Not only that, but for 5 years Louise has the pleasure of a sexy, young and busty body which she gets to enjoy. And the sex drive of a pleasurebot to top it off.

Agreed, Louise is basically a passenger in this body, but whenever the need arises I simply tap into her memories to find out how to deal with situations, enabling me to be the perfect companion. But most other matters are simply either dealt with by my base programming, or my various sexual ones!

But no client needs to know that, do they? Well unless you are a previous or potential client for Pleasurebots Inc of course!