The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


“With this chain you commit to Brad” Helen said holding it up in front of Liz

“No” Liz cried, “Never”

“This pendant binds you to his service for the rest of your life”

“Stop this. Stop this, at once!” Liz pleaded…

Tau Alpha sorority. Pledge night. The basement. Twelve sorority sisters stood naked except for hooded, but open red satin robes.

Four men, from Phi Iota Gamma stood there smiling, also naked.

Liz, totally naked, bound by a copper chain to the ‘stripper pole’ in the middle of the room. She pleaded with this craziness.

Yes, she’d expected to be hazed…. but this was something different… and she saw it with her own eyes.

Yasmin, Enid, and Luxwanna had like her been lead to the basement. Each was told that they’d been chosen by a frat house guy.

The three had been given a pendant each, one like that now was going to be placed on Liz…

Liz cried and shook her head as if that was going to stop things… She dodged her head as Helen tried to place it around her neck

Helen was ready for this. “It will be over in a minute” she said calmly, assuringly

“Nooooo!” Liz wept. A small pee ran down her inner thigh

Helen brought the chain up around Liz and clasped it around her neck

Liz felt a sudden tingle. She stopped crying.

“Release her…” Helen commanded.

“Come forward, Brad and take your servant!”

Brad, naked nineteen. He was short, skinny and kinda goofy looking. His major was in IT Design. And, he looked the part; 100% geek.

Liz stepped down and towards him as he approached. She had never noticed how hot he was. She was drawn to him.

“Brad, you must claim her…”Helen said


“Say the words…”

“I am Brad Templeton, III…. I take you Liz Blair to be my slave forever more”

“I…” Liz began, the words seemed to come to her “I Liz Blair am the property of you Brad Templeton, III. I am yours to command for the rest of my life”

The other guys, and their pledges gathered around Brad, congratulating him.

“You must consummate the relationship” Helen said to Liz

“Yes” she smiled

She sank down on her knees in front of them all and took Brad’s small penis into her mouth and began to suck it.

She’d never done fellatio before but she had of course seen it earlier and knew what to try. And, she kept her eyes on Brad. She was full of devotion and she watched him, gauging what he liked her to do with her mouth.

And then he came. She swallowed it all.

She broke away with Yasmin, Enid, and Luxwanna. The three congratulated her on joining the sorority.

Brad was surrounded by his pals who congratulated him on acquiring such a hot young pice of ass.

Only earlier that day the four women had been full of independence of thought, and determined to careers; now they were all wearing their pledge pendants, and chosen by a frat boy.

Luxwanna, black, young, healthy… there on an athletic scholarship. She looked over at Leroy, her owner. She smiled at him. He smiled back and was immediately high-fives by Ken.

Ken Kim a Korean-born science major owned Yasmin, a medium-height Arab woman who had now no desire to wear religious coverings.

Endi James, a geeky-looking woman herself was now the property of Michael Hanson Booker, economics major.

Sitting in the corner, in the dark, but not hidden. Silent. An observer… Dean Edmund Masters. He wore a black satin gown, and had the hood up over his head. He wanted to remain unobtrusive.

Helen was in her late thirties. She was buxom. She had stretch-marks from pregnancies. When she had come to the college twenty years ago she wanted to do law and business. A career in commerce was her plan. But the Dean took her for his own and she happily tended house for him and squirted out babies.

Helen felt him eyeing her. She left the young charges - an orgy was now developing… She would want to join in but Dean Masters willed her to tend to him.

“Well, Master?” she smiled as she stood by his side and turned and looked at the orgy

“We did well”

“Didn’t we…” she smiled, taking his hand.

With her free hand she touched the pendant around her neck. It gave her comfort that it was there.

“You want to join them?”

“If it pleases you, Master”

“It does”

“Thank you!”

Helen went to the tangle of bodies and finding a spare cock she squatted down on it. She couldn’t see who she was fucking because Enid was on his face. It didn’t matter to her. She squealed with delight as she rode it till she felt it sputtering hot jizz inside her.

She returned to her master, wiping come that dripped from her snatch and licking it off her fingers.

It had turned out to be a good night.


A year later Angela strode with confidence dow past the main quadrangle. She carried her gear in a backpack. She was a sensible girl… no lugging heavy trunks about.

She had a map given to her by the administration and she weaved through the buildings till she found Tau Alpha

Tau Alpha was a three storey building of solid brick. On a capstone it bore the numbers MDCCLIV.

She knew that meant it was old.

The building stood across the road from its sibling house… the fraternity. Strangely, so she thought, no other buildings near-by.

“Hi!” came a young man

She turned around. Spotty-faced, but tall, she looked at him with casual friendliness. She was never outwardly rude to people, as her sister was.

“Hi” she said

“Are you here to join Tau Alpha?”

“Yep” she said.

“I’m Colin Cressley… the fourth” he added


“I’m a PIG”

“A what?” she snorted

“Phi Iota Gamma” he said

“Oh, I see” she smiled, “How funny”

“Not as funny as Tau Alpha” he said, a little defensively


“Tits and Ass” he said

“Ah… “ she said, now feeling a little frosty towards him.

“What’s your name?” he asked


“I’d like to chose you”

“You’d like to ‘choose’ me?” she asked with a little concerned curiosity

“Yeah” he smiled, “You know my name… what’s yours…?”

“Angela Blair” she said “The first” she added with a grin of mockery

He offered her his hand and she took it, noticing how sweaty it was.

She wiped her hand on her jeans when she got it back from his sticky palm

“Can I help you with your bag?”

“Do I look like I need any help?” she asked, now a little snarky. She was tired of him. She wished he’d just go away.

“Don’t be a bitch about it…”

“Excuse me?” she snarled as she dropped her backpack

He looked back at his frat house. A numbers of guys and their trophies were on the balcony watching him. He felt the pressure of that.

“I said… don’t be a bitch” he put his hand on her shoulder

Instantly she brought her hands up, twisting him around and forcing him to double over

“Don’t touch!”

“Ow, you’re hurting me” he cried…

“Next time I’ll break it”

“Okay! Okay!” he cried

She released him

He looked up to see his pals laughing. It stung him

She didn’t care

He rose up and took a swipe at her.

She ducked under it and he woke up with smiling faces looking down at him

“Wha… What happened?”

“You just had your ass handed to you” Ken smiled.


They explained to him that after his miss-placed hit she’d kneed him in the face and that brought him down right away, and then just to add insult to injury she’d kicked him in the ribs… but he never even felt that… but now he did. His side was sore.

Angela was gone… she’d gone across to the sorority. A large black woman greeted her, and introduced herself as Luxwanna.

“Your sister is upstairs… room 2B”

“Or not too be” Angela said

“Ah…” Luxwanna said

“Never mind” Angela shrugged.

She carried her backpack up and looked at the doors till she found 2B

She opened it. To her amazement her sister was naked, riding a geeky guy’s cock. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Liz cried with joy

Liz heard the door open, turned to see her sister there. Liz gave her sister a large smile before turning back to kiss the guy she was riding.

Angela stood there for a moment dumbfounded. Her sister was a ‘good girl’ committed to the church. She’d never had a guy before, not even as a boyfriend. She’d pledged herself and her body to marriage… but now she rode this guy and didn’t even care that her own sister was watching.

“Oh, fuck me Brad, you’re the best” she cried

Angela reached into the room and grabbed the door and drew it close

She waited outside… and that was a long wait.

Liz was in no hurry to see her. She was very much occupied by her geeky looking lover

The door opened. Brad stepped out and smiled when he saw her. “You must be Angela”

“And you must be… unknown to our family” she said

“Your sister described you perfectly…” he smiled and walked off

Angela went back into the room, only her sister was standing there naked, wiping jizz from her crotch with wet wipes

“What the..”?

“Come in” Liz smiled, “Oh, I’m so glad to see you…”

“Obviously” Angela said as Liz just casually cleaned herself.

She noticed Liz was clean-shaven

Liz noticed her sister’s gaze

“Oh this” she said, dropping her hands out of the way so her sister could see “Brad doesn’t like it hairy”

‘It’ Angela thought

“Hey Liz…” came a woman in a bath towel

“Yes… Oh, Yasmin… this is my sister Angela”

“Hi” Yasmin said

Angela was dumbfounded that her sister didn’t seem to care who saw her naked.

“Hi” Angela smiled weakly

“About tonight… it’s pledge night”

“Yes.. we’ll be ready”

Yasmin smiled and walked off

Angela closed the door

“Why’d you do that?”

“Why?” Angela gasped

“Yes?” Liz said, unable to understand it. She walked over to her wardrobe, and stood looking into it, next to an open window.

“Okay, well you had the door shut when I came up…” Angela said with a triumph of reasoning

“Brad doesn’t like the door open when he fucks me…”

“Brad doesn’t…”

“No” she said as she dressed. Angela had noticed that the only thing she wore was a pendant.

“And do you do everything Brad wants?” she asked sarcastically

“Yes, of course” Liz said

Angela couldn’t tell if her big sister was joking.

“That pendant?” Angela asked


“Yes…” Angela said, “Mom has one like it”

“Uh-ha” Liz said as she pulled a T-shirt over her braless boobs, “She was a TA pledge”

“A Tits and Ass pledge?” Angela said sarcastically

“Yes” Liz said, not sensing anything wrong with that.

“You’ll take the pledge tonight” Liz added as she went over to a desk

“I am not sure if I will…”

“What?” Liz gasped - the first concern Angela had seen her display. “You’ve got to!”

“I don’t have to do anything”

“You’ve got to be a pledge… we can be sisters again”

“We are sisters”

“No, not like this…” Liz said and stopped herself in mid-sentence.

“The Dean will be here” Liz added


“He’s part of all pledge nights… it’s traditional”

“What’s so traditional about it? Aside from same lame-ass hazing you’re going to try and make me suffer”

“You’ve got to take the pledge”

“No I don’t”

“You do if you’re going to live here”

“Well… that’s just it…”

“What do you mean?”

“Well Contessa said she can move up here in a month and I…”

“You’re not still serious about her?”

“I’m in love”

“With a woman?” Liz said

“Yes, a woman” Angela said, “What… what’s going on here?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean when she and I told you, you supported us… even when mom and dad disapproved"

“Well.. I’ve changed my mind” Liz said


“A woman should belong to a guy”


“Er… I mean, they live for each other”

“Like Contessa and I”

“No!” Liz said angrily “It’s not the same thing”

“You’ve changed”

“For the better”

“I’m not so sure”

“Anyway, you’ll want to stay here… with me…” Liz said walking over to her sister. She hugged her “Just like old times…”

“Except you weren’t getting it off with any guy…” Angela said

“Until I met Brad"

“You were quite doing the ‘wild thing’ there”

“He’s amazing” Liz said wistfully

“I’m sure…”

“No, really… he’s amazing… he makes me come all the time”

“You know science says that most women don’t get off with just a …”

“I don’t care what science says” Liz said defensively

“Even when he’s in my ass I get off”

“Your… your ass…?”

“Yes… he loves my ass” she smiled, “He says it’s ‘cause it’s so tight”

“He puts it in…”

“He fucks my asshole” Liz said not beating around the bush.

“Doesn’t that hurt?”

“It did at first…” she said still reminiscing about the first time, “But Brad loves it… only now he wants me to have his baby”

“But… you’re not married…”

“I know…” Liz smiled, “Brad will marry me… soon enough”

“Mom and dad would hit the roof if you had a baby out of wedlock”

“Dad’s a lot more… permissive… is that the right word?"

“Our dad?”

“Hm mmm” Liz nodded.

“Our straight-laced dad?”


“Our folks are like out of a Norman Rockwell painting”

“Mom and dad do anal too…”


“All the time…"

“How do you know?”

“I talk about a lot on the phone” Liz said “With mom…”

“You two…”

“She gives me tips… like how to keep it clean”

“I can’t believe…”

“She uses warm soapy water as a douche” Liz grinned, “And then daddy doesn’t get her poop on his cock”

“You’ve amazed me”


“I just never knew you guys talked about… did this kind of thing”

“You will too…”

“I don’t think so”

“Yes, you need a man"

“I need a man like a fish needs…”

“I’ve heard that before” Liz said a little annoyed

“Heya” Helen said opening the door without knocking

“Helen!” Liz said, coming almost to attention

“Who’s this?” Helen said, “Is this your sister?

“Yeah, this is Angela… she pledges tonight”

“I… I’m not so sure” Angela said

“You’ll have to… “ Helen said, “You’ve been chosen…”

“Chosen?” Angela gasped, “Look… who are you?”

“I’m Helen Masters”

“Don’t tell me… Dean Masters wife?”

“The same”

“Well look, ‘Mrs Dean’” Angela said sarcastically “My girlfriend and I will be getting a place off campus…”


“My sister thinks she’s a lesbian”

“I am a lesbian!” Angela snapped back

“She’s a virgin” Liz added

“Good! Good!” Helen said, “Then it’s all set for tonight”

“Didn’t any of you hear me”

“I’ll make sure she’s there” Liz said

“You turned out so wonderful” Helen smiled and went over to Liz and kissed her on the lips.

Angela watched. The kiss was a little too long for friendly

“Are all of you fucking nuts?” Angela said

“Tonight then” Helen said to Liz, she stopped on her way out “So nice to see you” she said to Angela

“Look what’s going on here?” Angela said

“What do you mean?”

“You… you’ve changed….”

“I don’t think so”

“You tell me mom and dad are at it like sodomites”

“They are”

“And you… you’re fucking a guy who now wants to knock you up… what about your dreams?”

“My dreams?”

“Yeah… all the things you said you were going to do…”

“I dream of being Mrs. Brad Templeton”

“Look, I gotta pee…” Angela said, annoyed, and needing to pee.

“Sure, out to the left, down the hall” Liz said and returned to her books as if nothing were the matter.

Angela was busting having not gone since early

She went down the hall, aware that she was being followed. She went into the bathroom and over to a stall.

She heard someone walk in and go to the stall next to hers.

“Hey?” came a voice


“My name is Fay”

“And?”Angela said

“I heard what you guys were saying…”

“What did you hear…?”

“You’re Liz’s sister, aren’t you?”

“So what?”

“No… I mean… I just came here a couple of days ago … I’m in the room next to Liz’s.”


“And I heard you guys… and you seem to notice some things aren’t quite right”

Angela wiped herself and flushed. She opened the stall and went over to a handbasin

The other stall opened and a small Asian lady came out “Hi” she smiled

“Hello” Angela said

“Look… something odd is going on here…” Fay said, “And it’s all to do with the pledge tonight…”

“And what do you think is going to happen?”

“I.. I don’t know…” Fay said, “They all wear a pendant”

“Yeah… wow…” Angela said sarcastically

“And… I think it changes them…”

“Changes? How?”

“That’s just it… I don’t know how”

Angela dried her hands

“You’ve got to admit you seem to think your sister is weird”

“Yeah…” Angela said “But what you seem to be suggesting… although you’re not really saying it…”

“Is what?”

“That they’re all part of some kind of cult?”

“No… that’s not what I’m saying at all”

“Then what?”

“I don’t know” Fay said in frustration.

“Anyway” Fay added, “There’s this guy… Tommy… Thomas Bainbridge… he says I’ve been promised to him”



“That’s funny….Angela said I’ve been promised too”

“Well don’t you think that’s odd?”

“Yeah… but what are you thinking of doing?”

“I’m thinking of leaving” Fay said


“Well… soon… before tonight…”

“Maybe you should” Angela said.. it sounded sensible

“I thought you and I…”

“You and I … what?”

“Could find a place”

“I already have a girlfriend”

“No… not like that…ewwww…"

“What do you mean ‘ewwww’…?”

“I… never mind… I just want to find a place where it’s safe

“Why don’t you go home”

“Home… Oh, no. I couldn’t do that… besides my parents are pledges from here…”

“Same as mine”

“Anyway, I’m going to go tonight…” Fay said “If anyone tries something… I carry”


Fay lifted up her shirt. She had a .38 tucked in

“What the fuck?”

“You never know”

“But… a gun…”

“It’s my right…”

“You sound freaky” Angela said


“No.. freaky"

“I gotta go” Angela added

She went back to Liz’s room. Liz stood there with Helen and two guys. “What’s going on?” Angela said

“We thought about what you said… about not pledging…” Liz said

“And we decided… for you… to bring the pledge ceremony forward”

“I’m not going to pledge”

“You’ve been promised!” Liz said, as if that made everything alright.

“Come along now” Helen said grabbing Angela by the wrist

“Hey, let go!” she snarled


“I don’t think so..” Angela said, and taking hold of Helen’s wrist she twisted it

“What the fuck?” Helen cried in pain

Dean Edmund Masters came up behind her and pushed a moist rag over her mouth

She stomped down on his instep.

He howled in pain.

Liz leapt at her, grabbing the rag

Angela was taken aback as her sister also fought her.

The two guys came forward

Liz got the rag up over her…

Angela kicked a guy in the nuts, and then she passed out.

She woke, naked, bound. Liz, Helen, and some other women were there, naked except for red robes.

Colin Cressley was there, naked.

“Let me go!” Angela cried… she tried her binds but couldn’t move them free

“I said… let me go…”

Helen held forth a pendant. Angela noticed all the girls wore one…

“Don’t do this…” she cried “Please, Liz!” sh called to her sister

“You’ve been chosen…” Liz smiled, “It’ll be over soon… and we’ll be sisters”

Angela cried and shook her head as if that was going to stop things… She dodged her head as Helen tried to place it around her neck

Helen was ready for this. “It will be over in a minute” she said calmly, assuringly

“Nooooo!” Angela cried… as a small pee ran down her inner thigh

Helen brought the chain up around Angela’s throat and clasped it around her neck

Angela felt a sudden tingle. She stopped crying.

“Release her…” Helen commanded.

“Come forward, Colin and take your servant!”

Angela recognised him as the guy she beat up earlier. But now, looking at him she couldn’t believe she’d not fallen for him before. She thought he was gorgeous. As Angela stepped down and towards him, he approached her. She had never noticed how hot he was. She was drawn to him.

“Colin, you must claim her…”Helen said, ‘Say the words…”

“I am Colin Cressley…. I take you Angeal Blair to be my slave forever more”

“I…” Angela began, the words seemed to come to her “I Angela Blair am the property of you Colin Cressley I am yours to command for the rest of my life”

“Suck his dick” Helen said, “Show us your love for him!”

Angela smiled. She was attracted to his cock and she sank to her knees and took it in her mouth.

She looked over and saw her sister Liz masturbating as she watched.

Angela smiled and sank he mouth down on Colin’s cock.

She felt so relieved when her mouth was filled with come. She knew that she had served him, served him well. It’s all she wanted.

* * *

Fay was surprised when Angela came to her door

“Are you packed?” Angela whispered and looked up and down the hall

Fay nodded

“Good. I’ve come to help you”

“Help me…?



“I’ll take your bag”


“Have you got your gun?”

Fay nodded

“Good” Angela said

Angela held the door open for Fay.

As Fay stepped out Angela brought a damp rag up from behind. She clasped it around Fay’s mouth

“Whmn” Fay gasped in muffled tones

Angela was strong. She held Fay and then the small Asian lady succumbed

Fay woke in the basement.

Angela, Liz, Helen, and others all stood there in their red robes…

Tommy Bainbridge was there, naked too “You’ve been promised to me…” he smiled…

The End