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Police Takeover Chapter 1

Three police officers stepped into the abandoned factory with each holding a flashlight in one hand and a pistol in the other. The first cop is a woman in her late 20s with short blonde hair and blue eyes. The second is a dark skinned woman also in her late 20s with her long black hair tied up in a ponytail. The third is a woman in her late 20s with her dark brown hair in a braid that hung over her shoulder. Their names are Rachel, Natalie, and Taylor respectively and they’re the three best police women in the city. They’re here on a huge lead to track down 6 females who have gone missing over the past month. “I really hope we find those girls here.” Natalie said as they looked around the area with their flashlights. “All the signs point to them being here so I think we have a really good chance of finding them.” Rachel said. “Yeah I hope so too, I wonder what happened to them?” Taylor asked. “It could be anybody’s guess let’s just hope they’re still alive.” Rachel said. “Let’s hope.” Natalie said. They searched around the entire factory and couldn’t seem to find much of anything. As they were about to call it quits and leave they noticed some stairs leading down to a basement level. They then heard a scream coming from down there that sounded pretty feminine making them slightly jump. “This might be it let’s go.” Rachel said as they ran down the stairs and pointed their flashlights and guns around the basement. Then they heard another scream from deeper in the basement. They moved further into the basement and they came across a closed door. “I’ll lead, you two stay behind me.” Rachel ordered. “Got it.” Natalie and Taylor said as Rachel slowly opened it up. “It’s clear, let’s go in.” Rachel said as they all entered the empty room. Just then the lights came on in the basement. “What the hell?” Natalie asked in surprise. Then they heard a thud and the door behind them closed. Taylor tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge. “It’s locked!” Taylor exclaimed. “Wait the other door!” Natalie shouted as they ran to it but the door slammed in their faces. “What’s going on?!” Natalie exclaimed as they tried to open that door but to no avail. “This is a trap.” Rachel said with a bit of worry in her voice. Suddenly a gas started coming in from the vents. “It’s sleeping gas, cover your noses!” Rachel commanded. The three of them covered their noses with their uniforms as best as they could but the gas managed to get through to their noses. Within a few minutes all three of them slumped to the ground unconscious.

Rachel woke up to find herself completely restrained to a chair in front of a giant screen. She looked around and saw that Natalie and Taylor both were awake and struggling to get out of their chairs. She also noticed that they were all completely naked. Rachel tried to break free of her bonds but it was no use. “This sucks.” Rachel said as they looked at each other. “Why are we naked?!” Taylor asked sounding scared. Just then the door opened up and a woman with long red hair and a scantily clad outfit walked into the room. “Hello there you three finally woke up, are you officers comfortable?” The woman said with a sneer. “So you’re the one who’s been behind the disappearances.” Rachel said with an angry expression. “Did you figure that out by yourself, you’re so smart.” The woman responded with an evil smile. “You realized you just confessed to us right, once we break free you’re going to jail for life.” Natalie said. “Me confessing doesn’t change anything because you’re not breaking free.” She said. “We’ll see about that.” Taylor said back to her. “We shall see indeed.” The woman said. “I might as well reveal the missing girls to you three. Slaves come out!” She shouted. They then heard 6 voices say at the same time “Yes Goddess.” The six girls that went missing all came into the room but something seemed very off about them. They were all naked and their faces had blank expressions on them. “What did you do to them?!” Taylor yelled at the woman. “I simply hypnotized them to be my loyal sex slaves. That also happens to be the reason why you three are naked.” The woman answered with another smile. “You monster!” Natalie yelled at her. “Wait are you planning on…” Rachel started to talk but then a wave of fear washed over her as she realized what was about to happen. “Well done figuring me out, you’re pretty and smart.” The woman said to Rachel as she had a worried look on her face. That’s right, you three are going to become my three newest slaves.” “No!” Natalie yelled as she tried to break free but that didn’t work out. “Try all you want but you three will soon be all mine.” The woman sneered. “You’ll never hypnotize us!” Taylor said in defiance as she still tried to break free. “That’s what all of these girls said before you three but look at them now.” The woman said confidently. “You three girls are attractive, strong, and the fact that you’re police women is a huge bonus. You three will be my favorite slaves.” She said with a smirk. “We will find a way out of this and you will be stopped, we guarantee it.” Rachel said with conviction. “Hate to inform you but this isn’t a fairy tale where you somehow break free and beat me. You’ll be mine very soon.” The woman said. “Just to let you know my name’s Lucia, but you’ll be calling me Goddess like the others soon.” Lucia said as she left the room.

“What do we do?” Natalie asked as they still tried to struggle. Rachel was at a complete loss. “I don’t know.” Rachel said. “We’re screwed.” Taylor said in a breath of defeat. Just then the screen in front of them came to life and a giant spiral appeared on it. “Look away!” Rachel yelled as they all closed their eyes. Lucia then walked back into the room wearing what looked like sunglasses. “You three think closing your eyes will save you? You, you, and you take a hold of each of the three’s heads.” Lucia said as she pointed to three of her slaves. “Yes Goddess.” The three girls replied as they each grabbed hold of Rachel’s, Natalie’s, and Taylor’s heads. “No!” all three of them screamed as they tried to break free of their hold but none of them could. “Now you three hold their eyes open.” “Yes Goddess.” The other three girls replied and they went behind them and held their eyelids open so they couldn’t look away from the screen. The three of them tried to still look away but their eyes just kept going back to the screen. After a minute Taylor almost stopped struggling completely as she was getting drawn into the spiral. Rachel and Natalie were still struggling trying their best to resist. Natalie was the next to stop resisting as she gave in and stared into the screen. Rachel tried her longest to resist but a minute later the blonde soon succumbed to the spiral just like her co-workers. Lucia then ordered her slaves to stop holding them and step back. Rachel, Natalie, and Taylor didn’t attempt to look away at all as the three of them kept staring into the spiral. Their eyes began to glaze over and their mouths began to hang open showing they were completely entranced by the spiral. Lucia smiled at the progress they were making and pulled out 3 sets of headphones and placed them on the three cops. The headphones played a message that repeated the phrase ‘You’ll obey Lucia, Lucia is your Goddess.’ The three pretty police officers absorbed the message like a sponge as their eyes were glazing over rapidly and their mouths were going slack. A minute later the three of them began to mouth the phrase “I’ll obey Lucia, Lucia is my Goddess.” Soon the blonde, brunette, and the black haired officer’s eyes were completely glazed over. “I’ll obey Lucia, Lucia is my Goddess.” The three of them kept repeating in unison as they kept staring into the spiral. Lucia had a triumphant smile on her face as she went out of the room to stop the screen. Meanwhile the three hypnotized police officers were still repeating “I’ll obey Lucia, Lucia is my Goddess.” while staring at the screen.

Lucia came back in a minute later and found her slaves in the exact same position she left them. She then went over to each of them and removed their headphones. They however still kept on saying “I’ll obey Lucia, Lucia is my Goddess.” much to Lucia’s delight. “Stop repeating the phrase now slaves.” They stopped saying it. “Who am I slaves?” “Lucia.” They all answered. “And who am I to you?” Lucia asked. “My Goddess.” The hypnotized cops answered, much to Lucia’s delight. “Good slaves, now since I’m your Goddess you’ll refer to me as such anytime you obey a command, do you understand?” “Yes Goddess.” All three of them answered again. Lucia then went around and released the restraints on all three of them. They still sat there motionless, eyes glazed over, waiting to be commanded by their goddess. Lucia then went over to each of them and marveled at each of them. She went over to Taylor first and stroked her braid. She then gave her a kiss while rubbing her breasts. “What is your name slave?” “Taylor, Goddess” she answered immediately in a monotone voice. “What are the other two girl’s names?” “Natalie and Rachel Goddess.” Taylor answered again. She then went over to the dark skinned Natalie and caressed her pretty placid face. She then gave Natalie a kiss just like with Taylor. “Natalie, who is the leader of the three of you?” “Rachel, Goddess.” Natalie answered. Lucia then went over to the blonde leader of the trio, Rachel. Lucia ran a hand through her short blonde hair while Rachel just sat there staring blankly ahead. She then went to caress the pretty woman’s face with her eyes still completely glazed over. “Now kiss me slave.” “Yes Goddess.” Rachel said as she leaned in and they kissed while Lucia groped her breasts. Rachel was a really good kisser and a minute later Lucia ended the kiss. “Who’s the police chief slave?” “Henrietta Goddess.” Rachel answered. Lucia wanted to do so much more with them but she was already pushing it with the time as it was so she had to send them out of there. “Slaves go over to the corner of the room and retrieve your uniforms and put them on.” “Yes Goddess.” The three of them responded as they got up and retrieved their uniforms. Lucia saw that they all had very nice asses as they bent over to pick their uniforms up. They then put their uniforms on and sat back in their chairs staring ahead with their blank expressions. “Give me your phone numbers slaves.” “Yes Goddess.” They replied as they took out their phones and showed her their numbers. “Now I’ll send you out of here but not without a few commands first. When I say the phrase ‘cop slaves’ it doesn’t matter if it’s in person or on the phone all three of you will go into your trances, do you understand?” “Yes Goddess.” They all responded. “When you see my number call your phone you’ll always pick it up and you won’t hang up until I say so, do you understand?” “Yes Goddess.” They responded. “Next, every day when the three of you are off duty for the day you’ll have in irresistible urge to come here and you won’t think anything of it. When you arrive you’ll park in a secluded location, go into your trance and come back here and give me any information I should know. Do you understand?” “Yes Goddess.” The three cops answered again. “Now when I snap out of your trance you’ll go back to the police station and tell the police chief that there was nothing here and that you went to get dinner. Do you understand?” “Yes Goddess.” the three hypnotized cops replied. “Good now awaken.” She snapped her fingers and the three of them awakened from their trance. They then went up the stairs and out of the factory back to their car.

“What took you girls so long, did you find the missing women?” A woman with her blonde hair tied up in a bun and wearing glasses asked. “We unfortunately didn’t find them at the factory Chief Henrietta.” Rachel answered. “Really? We thought for sure that’s where they were.” Henrietta said a bit surprised. “Yeah it really sucks we still haven’t found them.” Taylor said. “By the way we took long because were hungry so we decided to get something to eat before we came back.” Natalie answered. “Well ok you have to let us know you can’t just go missing like that, especially because you three are our best.” Henrietta said. “Sorry, it won’t happen again.” They all apologized. “Well get some sleep alright, let’s hope we can find the girls soon, goodnight.” “Goodnight.” they all said as they left the station and drove to their homes.