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Police Takeover Chapter 2

The next day Rachel, Natalie, and Taylor completed their assignments for the day and were ready to go home. “Hey girls do you want to check out the factory again?” Natalie asked. “I’d be down to check it out again.” Rachel said. “Yeah so would I.” Taylor agreed. They got in Rachel’s car and drove to the ‘abandoned’ factory. Rachel suggested to park inside of the factory which wasn’t legal but their hypnotic suggestions made them not care. They drove inside the factory and found a secluded spot inside. But then the three of them suddenly felt very weird. Then in an instant Rachel, Natalie, and Taylor’s eyes completely glazed over as they went into their trances. They got out of the car and walked down the basement steps. Lucia heard footsteps and she knew that it wasn’t from her other slaves so that must have meant… She turned the lights on and they revealed it to be her 3 police women slaves. They stood at attention in their police uniforms with their eyes completely glazed over. “Perfect, my triggers worked to perfection. Come follow me my slaves.” Lucia ordered. “Yes Goddess.” The now hypnotized Rachel, Natalie, and Taylor replied as they followed their goddess. They came into a room with a bed, an expensive looking rug that covered almost the whole floor, and a bathroom next to it. “First, slave Rachel did the chief buy the story you slaves gave her?” “Yes she doesn’t believe anything is here Goddess.” Rachel answered in a monotone voice. “Perfect and is there any news that I should be concerned about?” “No Goddess.” Rachel answered again. “Perfect well done my sexy slaves” Lucia said as she caressed Rachel’s face and gave her a kiss.

“Now I never got properly acquainted with you three last time so let’s do that, take off your uniforms and underwear and put them in the corner.” Lucia ordered. “Yes Goddess.” The three of them replied as they stripped out of their uniforms revealing their gorgeous bodies. They then threw their clothes in the corner and went back to their original spots and waited for a command. “Natalie come here.” “Yes Goddess.” Natalie replied as the dark skinned black haired girl stepped forward. “You’re probably the prettiest one but you have some competition with Rachel.” Lucia complimented as she caressed her blank face. “Now kiss me slave.” Lucia ordered. “Yes Goddess.” Natalie said as they kissed. Natalie’s kiss felt great as Lucia also groped her ass. A minute later they stopped and Natalie returned to her usual position. “Taylor come over here.” “Yes Goddess.” The brunette with the braid replied as she stood next to Natalie with the same expression. Lucia then rubbed her slave’s pussy and kissed her causing Taylor to moan a little. “Rachel come over here.” “Yes Goddess.” Rachel said as she stood next to Natalie and Taylor. Lucia then kissed Rachel while groping her larger than average breasts. “Now Rachel you’ll eat me out, Natalie you’ll worship my ass, and Taylor you’ll worship my breasts. Do you understand?” “Yes Goddess.” The three hypnotized cops replied as they went to their positions. Lucia was then assaulted by loads of pleasure from the three of them. It took almost no time at all for her to climax and her cum sprayed all over Rachel’s face. That was one of the best sexual moments of her life. “S-stop slaves.” Lucia ordered panting slightly. “Yes Goddess.” The three pretty cops replied as they froze in place. “Now Rachel clean my juices from your face with your hands and taste it.” “Yes Goddess.” Rachel replied as she wiped her hands all over her face and licked her hands clean of her goddess’s juices.

“Amazing job slaves, now go onto the bed and lay up against the backboard.” “Yes Goddess.” They replied as they climbed up onto the bed. “Now I want the three of you to masturbate for me while repeating the phrase ‘We’re your sex slaves forever Goddess.’ until you cum. Do you understand?” “Yes Goddess.” They replied as they began to rub their pussies and moan “We’re your sex slaves forever Goddess.” “We’re your sex slaves forever Goddess.” They said again as their rubbing got more intense. “We’re your sex slaves forever Goddess.” As their moaning got more intense. “We’re your sex slaves forever Goddess!” They all screamed out as they all cummed all over the bed much to Lucia’s delight. “Now slaves get on your hands and knees and lick your cum off of the bed.” “Yes Goddess.” The three police women said as they got onto their hands and knees and began to lick their cum off the bed sheets. After the three hypnotized police women licked the bed of their cum, Lucia said “Now look up at me slaves.” “Yes Goddess.” They replied as they looked up at their Goddess with completely blank expressions. “Now recite your phrase to me slaves.” “I’ll obey Lucia, Lucia is my Goddess.” They all answered making Lucia smile with pleasure. “Now slaves go get your selves cleaned up in the bathroom and put your uniforms back on.” “Yes Goddess.” They answered as they got up from the bed and obeyed their command. They got out of the bathroom 20 minutes later completely dressed and stood outside the bathroom with blank expressions waiting for their next order. “Come kneel down in front of me slaves.” “Yes Goddess.” They replied as they knelt down in front of their Goddess.” “Tonight was incredible, you three are definitely the three best women I’ve ever hypnotized.” Lucia said as she stroked their faces and gave each of them a kiss, they of course said nothing as they were still kneeling with their eye’s glazed over. “Now leave here and remember your triggers do you understand?” “Yes Goddess.” They said as they got up and walked up the stairs. They then got into their car and drove out of the factory.

The three of them kept doing this for the next week but unbeknownst to them someone was watching them.