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Police Takeover Chapter 3

Rachel, Natalie, and Taylor were about to go off duty but they we’re called to the chief’s office for something that sounded important. “Hello girls I brought you three in here for some very important information regarding the case of the missing girls.” Chief Henrietta said as the three of them looked excited. “What is this information Chief?” Rachel asked. “Well Penny will explain, come on in.” Chief Henrietta said as a pretty woman with shoulder length curly orange hair walked into the room. “I’ve actually been observing the factory for the past week or so and I’ve noticed that there is a car goes out of the factory every single night.” Penny said. “I could’ve sworn we looked everywhere in that factory.” Taylor said with a sad look on her face. “”Don’t worry about it that mistake could be rectified tomorrow.” Chief Henrietta said. “I’m going to be on the lookout for that car again tonight. If it’s there again we can confirm that it really is the place with the girls and we can go there tomorrow.” Penny said with a confident smile. “Sounds like a plan.” Rachel said. “Great! Now you girls can go home and get some rest we’ll let you know if I see the car again.” Penny said. “Ok well see you tomorrow.” Natalie said as they waved at Penny and Chief Henrietta and left the station.

“You know we should go to the factory and see if that car is there.” Rachel suggested. “That’s a great idea let’s go.” Natalie said as they piled in Rachel’s car again and drove off. Once they got to the factory and parked inside to look for the car their eyes glazed over and they went into their trances. They went downstairs and Lucia saw her 3 favorite slaves coming down the stairs with their eyes glazed over. “Welcome back slaves.” Lucia said with a smile. “Come into my room my pets.” “Yes Goddess.” They replied as they walked into their Goddess’s bedroom. “Rachel, is there any news that should be shared with me?” “Yes Goddess.” Rachel answered in a monotone voice. “Really, what is this news?” Lucia asked feeling slightly surprised. “A coworker has been spying here and has seen our car leave, Goddess.” Rachel answered. “Does she know it’s you three?” Lucia asked with a slight amount of fear in her voice. “No Goddess.” Rachel answered making Lucia sigh in relief. “Anything else I should know?” “Yes Goddess. If she sees us leave again, she and us will come here to look again Goddess.” Rachel answered. “Thank you for letting me know all this slave you’ve been so useful.” Lucia said as she gave her short-haired blonde slave a kiss. For the next hour Lucia took turns having sex with each of her slaves. “That was amazing as usual slaves, now go get cleaned up and dressed.” “Yes Goddess.” They replied as they got up and clean up their bodies of their fellow slave’s and goddess’s juices. “Now slaves tomorrow if you and that woman come here, don’t go into your trances and just act normally. Do you understand?” “Yes Goddess.” They replied. “Good, now leave here normally.” “Yes Goddess.” They replied as they walked out of the room and upstairs.

The next day Penny came over to the three of them to tell them if she saw anything. “Girls, I saw the car again I think this really is the location of the missing girls.” “That’s great to hear!” Natalie responded with enthusiasm. “I already told Chief Henrietta about it and she said we could go right now.” Penny said. “Alright then let’s go.” Rachel said as they all got into a police car and drove off to the factory. Lucia was in her room with her slaves waiting for the four police officers to come down here. “The lights in the basement are lit up.” Rachel noticed. “They weren’t like that when we were here last time.” Taylor said. “I think we got him.” Penny said as they pulled out their pistols and made their way down the stairs. Lucia heard 4 pairs of footsteps coming downstairs and she knew who it was. She then looked to a black haired slave to her left and said “Scream slave.” “Yes Goddess.” She replied as she let out a scream. “This way.” Natalie said as they ran in the direction of the scream. They came across an open door and saw Lucia with a fake surprise expression on her face. “Freeze!” Rachel shouted. “We caught you red handed.” She said as they pointed their guns at her. Lucia saw the orange haired officer that was with them, she was really cute. She would make a fine addition to her collection. “How did you find me?!” Lucia asked with fake surprise. “We found your car coming in and out of here.” Penny said with a confident smile. But something seemed off about the girls to them as they just stood there expressionless. “Something’s wrong with the girls, what did you do to them?!” Penny shouted. Lucia then had an evil smile on her face “Exactly what I’m about to do to you.” “What do you mean by that?!” Penny shouted. “Time to show her cop slaves.” Just then Rachel, Natalie, and Taylor all let out small gasps as their eyes glazed over and their arms went limp to their sides. Their hands let go of their guns and they hit the floor. “Slaves disarm her and hold her.” “Yes Goddess.” They replied. Before Penny could react Natalie slammed her hands making her gun hit the floor and Rachel and Taylor grabbed a hold of her. “Girls what are you doing?! Stop this!” Penny yelled as she struggled to break free. “So you want to know what I did to these girls? I hypnotized them and made them my sex slaves. And when your sexy police women friends came here last week I did the same to them.” Lucia said with an evil smirk. “You’re going to pay for this!” Penny yelled as she continued to try and break free but Rachel and Taylor combined were too strong for her. “Say your phrase slaves.” “I obey Lucia, Lucia is my Goddess.” The three of them replied in monotone. “You’ll be saying that exact same phrase very soon my future slave.” Lucia said. “Over my dead body.” Penny said with more defiance. “Time to put you to sleep.” Lucia said as she grabbed a rag that she wet with chloroform. “No! No! Noommph!” Penny yelled as Lucia put the rag on her face. A minute later Penny succumbed to the chloroform and her eyes closed as she went limp in Rachel and Taylor’s arms.

“Lay her on the ground slaves.” “Yes Goddess.” Rachel and Taylor replied as they laid her down. “Strip her of her uniform slaves. “Yes Goddess.” The three of them replied as they removed her uniform revealing her great body. She was going to be another of her favorite slaves for sure. “Now get her to the hypnosis room slaves.” Lucia ordered. “Yes Goddess.” They replied as they picked up their fellow police officer and carried her to the room that they were hypnotized in. “Now put her in that chair and strap her in.” “Yes Goddess.” They replied as they sat her on the chair and strapped her in. “Now take off your clothes.” “Yes Goddess.” They replied as they got naked and put their uniforms by Penny’s. “Now stand in front of Penny and wait.” “Yes Goddess.”

Penny woke up to find herself completely bound to a chair completely naked and she saw that Rachel, Natalie, and Taylor were standing in front of her with blank expressions on their faces. “Girls! Please snap out of this!” Penny shouted at them as they just stood there not responding to her. “They’re not going to listen to you, they only answer to me isn’t that right slaves?” “Yes Goddess.” The three of them replied as Lucia groped Rachel’s breasts making Penny even angrier. “You’re also quite the cutie, I’ll enjoy having you as my slave.” She said as she reached out her hand and stroked her cheek. “Don’t you dare touch me.” Penny said with a bit of a snarl. “I’m afraid you’re in no position to give me that attitude. Time to get on with having another slave.” Lucia said as she walked out of the room. “Rachel, Natalie, Taylor please snap out of this! You girls are three of the best officers we have you can’t give in like this!” Penny tried to plead but they just stood there silent with blank expressions on their faces. Penny then saw the screen turn on and a spiral appeared on it.

“No!” Penny screamed as she closed her eyes and looked away. Lucia came back in the room with her glasses on “Awe look at you trying to resist, well that’s not going to work, Rachel hold her head in place.” “Yes Goddess.” Rachel answered as she went behind Penny and grabbed her head. “No!” Penny screamed as she tried to move her head. “Now Natalie hold her eyes open.” “Yes Goddess.” Natalie said as she also went behind her and held her eyelids open so now she was staring at the spiral. Penny tried to look away but her hypnotized friends wouldn’t let her and all she could do was stare at the spiral. “Just look into the spiral, even though you might want to look away you find that your eyes get drawn back to the spiral. “N-no I will resist.” Penny said as she sounded weaker than when she first started staring at it. “You won’t resist my pretty cop just look into the spiral and feel yourself begin to slip away. Do you feel it?” “Yes…w-wait n-no.” Penny said as she tried her hardest to resist but she felt weaker as she kept staring into the spiral. Lucia had a wide smile on her face as she saw the orange haired cop’s eyes glazing over as she was giving in to the spiral. “You don’t want to resist anymore all you want to do is stare into the spiral and completely surrender yourself to it.” “S-surrender…” Penny said now in a monotone voice as her eyes completely glazed over and her mouth went slack as she completely gave in to the spiral in front of her.

“Let her go slaves.” “Yes Goddess.” Rachel and Natalie replied as they let go of her. Lucia saw that Penny didn’t try and move at all as she just kept on staring into the spiral. “Can you hear me?” Lucia asked the entranced cop. “Yes.” She replied in a monotone voice. “I want you to repeat the phrase ‘I obey Lucia, Lucia is my goddess.’ Do you understand?” “Yes.” Penny replied. “I obey Lucia, Lucia is my Goddess.” Penny said as she still stared at the spiral. Lucia smiled at her new slave as she kept repeating her phrase. “I obey Lucia, Lucia is my Goddess.” Penny kept on repeating the phrase falling even deeper into her trance until that was all she could think of. “See you in a minute my new slave.” Lucia said as she went to go turn it off the screen. “I obey Lucia, Lucia is my Goddess.” Penny kept on repeating as she kept looking at the screen and her fellow police officer slaves stood behind her motionless. Lucia came in a minute later to find that Penny was still repeating her phrase “I obey Lucia, Lucia is my goddess.” “Stop saying that phrase slave.” She stopped saying it and her mouth went completely slack. “Who am I slave?” “My Goddess.” Penny replied in a monotone voice. “That’s correct slave and you’ll obey any command I give you right?” “Yes.” Penny replied. “Whenever I give you a command you’ll always respond with ‘Yes Goddess.’ Do you understand?” “Yes Goddess.” She replied.

“Perfect, slaves untie her.” “Yes Goddess.” Her 3 other police women slaves replied as they untied the orange haired cop. She just sat there and stared ahead with a blank expression on her face. “Stand up slave.” “Yes Goddess.” Penny replied as she stood up. “What’s your name slave?” “Penny, Goddess.” She replied. “That’s a great name for you slave.” Lucia said. She then felt up Penny’s entire body and gave her a kiss. “You’re going to be such a valuable slave.” Lucia said while groping Penny’s ass. “Penny, worship my pussy.” “Yes Goddess.” Penny said as she got on her knees and kissed and licked her goddess’s pussy. Lucia moaned in pleasure as Penny kept on worshipping her showing no signs of stopping. Lucia orgasmed a few minutes later cumming all over her orange haired slave’s face. “Natalie, Taylor come over here.” “Yes Goddess.” The brunette and black haired officers said as they walked over there and stood next to Penny. “Now the two of you make out.” “Yes Goddess.” They replied as they faced each other and began kissing each other. Lucia went over to Rachel who was still standing behind the chair. “Rachel come in front of the chair and masturbate for me.” “Yes Goddess.” Rachel said as she sat down in front of the chair and started fingering herself. “Also repeat the phrase ‘I love masturbating for my goddess.’” “Yes Goddess.” Rachel said. “I love masturbating for my Goddess.” Rachel said as she continued masturbating. “Penny, worship me.” “Yes Goddess.” Natalie replied as the orange haired slave began kissing and rubbing all over Lucia’s body. Making Lucia moan all while she heard Rachel saying “I love masturbating for my goddess.” “Kiss me Penny.” “Yes Goddess.” Penny said as she pressed her lips against Lucia. Lucia savored the kiss as she rubbed Penny’s ass. When she was done kissing her slave she looked over and saw Rachel yell “I love masturbating for my goddess!” as she orgasmed on the floor. She then looked over to Natalie and Taylor and they were still making out. “Stop making out slaves.” “Yes Goddess.” Natalie and Taylor replied as they stopped kissing and faced their goddess. She then gave her new orange haired cop slave another kiss. “Now all of you go clean up and put your uniforms back on. “Yes Goddess.” They replied as they all obeyed their command. With all of them lined up Lucia gave them their commands “Now Penny when I say the phrase ‘cop slave’ you’ll go right back into your trance. Do you understand?” “Yes Goddess.” Penny replied in her monotone voice. “Now here’s what I want the four of you to do tomorrow.”