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This story is about Nathan, a college boy who find himself in the possession of “the pen”, a powerfull artifact which can modify reality, and the way he deal with it, and with the others power’s artifacts discovery.

One month later.

Like every morning, Elizabeth awoke from bed completely exhausted, from all the wet dreams she had during night. She lost track of how many times she comes thinking to this two wonderful persons.

She didn’t know how she could have been so mean in her past, how she could have wanted to bully them so badly, she will have to make amend to her actions fast. After all, if she could become friend with them, maybe they will like her, and it would be so great to be liked by them.

She went to the bathroom to brush her teeth, and wash her face. Her asian eyes seems to have a deeper blue than usual, but it must be her imagination, nobody changes eyes color during college, don’t they? She went to the shower and couldn’t stop herself to finger-fuck herself thinking about her two idols. Daydreaming about Nathan huge cock deeply in her cunt or her ass, while she would sixtynining Hallie with an incredible ferocity, and she come again, sinking more deeply in the pen’s spell.

Nathan, him, awoke with the sensation of a warm mouth deepthroating his cock, sucking him all the way, from the head to his pubic hair. Looking down, he saw his girlfriend in deep focus. His moves may have alert her, because she started to huming him, swallowing his cock, while looking at him in the eyes. It made him come right now, spurting his sperm in her welcoming mouth, while she swallowed it loudly.

— Wake-up, sleepy-head. We will be late to first period if you don’t hurry. Said Hallie, while putting his still hard cock in her pussy.

She started to pump him, making him restore his hardness in no time, and she increased her pace.

Soon she started to pant and moan loudly, his cock reaching the deepest of her cunt, right to her G-point. Hallie was an incredible fuck, and Nathan didn’t last long under her ministrations. He loaded her with his semen, making her body collapse with the power of the orgasm that pass trough her. They remain here for a while, just feeling each other body, before they went to the bathroom before their breakfast.

Later, all of them came to class, and it was when the surprise of the day happen. An announcement was made by the staff to inform all students of the presence of a new education’s councilor, Miss Walmings. None of them understand the impact that this fact will have on their live.

In music class, Hallie was supposed to play in front of everyone, and Nathan came up with an idea to help her have a little fun. He took the pen an began to wrote.

“Hallie went to the piano, and sit down. While she began to play her part, she don’t notice that Nathan had move behind her until he sat down and began to massage her body on all her sensible parts. The more he massage her, the more her clothes disappear, but Hallie just can’t stop to play, she find herself more and more aroused, ans she quickly reach the point where she will come, but won’t be able to orgasm until she reach the end of the music. Everybody will found that everything is normal.”

Hallie, then, went to the piano and began to play. The music was beautiful, almost perfect. And then she felt Nathan behind her, pressing his chest in her back, and his hand moving all around her body, on all the secrets places she like. She couldn’t stopped herself to play, and the more she played, the more Nathan played with her. Soon she found out that all her clothes disappeared, and she had a little idea whom was guilty of the charge. Nathan right hand fingers found their way to her pussy, caressing it, and exploring it under all his way, while his left hand pinched her nipple, massaging it, before going to the other and restart again. She spread her legs apart to give him a better access, and began to pant and moan hard. She suspected that it was him who forbid her to come, at least until she ended the play. She was arriving at the end of the “recital” now, and she felt her body tensed to no end, waiting to come, and she played the last note, sending her over the edge, for the greatest clitorian orgasm of her life., her body arching, and fell, firmly held by Nathan.

Some time late, her clothes came back, and they continue the lesson course normally. But Nathan could notice that Hallie was daydreaming, not paying much attention to the lesson. After a while, Hallie made a sign to him, to give her the pen, which he gladly do.

She carefully wrote something, playing with him with his attempt to look, and then she hide the note, while her boyfriend no longer seems to bother with it.

The announcement played in the speakers took everyone by surprise.

— All students, attention, please report to the auditorium for security inspection.

The students in the class began to get their stuff together and went straight to the garbage container, dropping their guilty possessions. Hallie went to her lover, and grab his hand, walking with him.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth was already at the meeting place, having left the classroom with the group of “popular” people. And as she walked through the security guards, she noticed a piece a paper in the hand of one of them. It was one of those bad drawing police pictures you saw on TV, but this time, the drawing showed a pen, and she was sure that it was her beloveds’ pen. She had to act quickly.

As she left the place in a rush, after being controlled, she quickly grab her phone and dial a number which she discovered she knew by heart this morning.

— Nathan, it’s Elizabeth, I don’t have much time, the security and cops’ target is your new pen, you should hide it fast before they come to you and Hallie. Please be careful, I have to go, kiss, bye.

And she hang down her mobile phone, she quickly looked around her to check if she had been seen, but nobody was here, she thank her luck for that. She had been a great help to them today, and, the heat in her slit was deliciously warming her body with delight.

— We have to hide the pen, Elizabeth says they are looking for it. Said Nathan.

— Why would she warn us?

— I don’t know, and for the moment she is not my concern, we have to find something, before we could realize what would be their intentions toward us, give it to me, I think I might know a way.

He grab the pen and wrote.

“As Nathan and Hallie now own the pen, they are considered as it’s keepers, and nobody will be able to see it, nobody will also took it without their permission, as long as they want to keep it.”

With that done, they followed the pack of students reaching to the auditorium. Reaching their destination, they noticed a tall, blond young woman, strictly clothed.

As they approach next to her, they could feel her gaze on them, wondering if she knew the pen was with them. They were thinking about the spell who were designed to protect them, fearing its limits.

And suddenly, the fire alarm went on, dragging everybody in a compact mass of flesh.

Nathan grab his girlfriend hand tight, moving with the flow. And finally they were out.

— Thank god you are safe. Whispered Elizabeth, next to them. I was wondering if my tactic would work.

— You ran the fire alarm? Said Hallie. Why?

— And why did you warn us? It could have get you in trouble.

— Please... Well... Listen, I know I was a real bitch with you guys, but I didn’t want you to get in trouble now... I mean... Ok... I know it sound weird but this days, I really began to appreciate you two... I mean... Well, I don’t know if I could tell you this sorts of thing here, can we go somewhere more intimate, please, I will tell you everything.

They went to the couple room, carefully closing the door, Nathan and Hallie were now sitting on the bed, while Elizabeth whose discomfort was visible, tried to assemble all her courage to confess her feelings.

Elizabeth was totally freaked out now. She knew that she could went back to her previous bitching state, but the peace and happiness she found in her new life was incredible. She already had made her choice, and now was afraid of the response she will obtain. Her hands went to her shirt buttons, opening it, then, reaching her back she unclasped her bra, to finally zip down her skirt and panties, taking of her socks and shoes at the same time, while making no attempt to hide even the small part of her body to her master’s gaze. She noticed the surprised look on their face, even brighter when she knelt in front of them, her legs spreads wide open, and her head between her arms, in front of her in a suppliant pose.

— I know that I’ve been really mean to you, that I’ve been a real bitch... But, I ... I really want you to take me with you... Please... I beg you, don’t let me alone, I won’t be able to support it... Now, I only want to be with you, to please you in every way, to be owned by you... I beg you to let me be your faithful slave, to be used by you, at your simple commend.

Her eyes were wet now, and tears went down her face and her superb chest, but Nathan and Hallie, past the first surprise, noticed that Elizabeth cunt let them see her arousal, her deep wetness. Suddenly Nathan remembered the topic he write yesterday, about a bitchy high-school queen.

He grab his lover’s arm, and whispered.

— I know why she act like this, it’s my mistake. when I didn’t know the pen’s power yet, I wrote a topic about something like this, after I seen her in the corridors.

— YOU did this? Asked Hallie, frustration, anger and jalousie appearing on her face.

— I didn’t know it at that time, I only took a pen to write down a topic for an mc story, that’s all, I swear.

— What do you want to do with her? She really want that it’s seems, and without her, we should had been caught, one hour ago. You make the choice. Said Hallie. She was a little angry that he hadn’t be careful about the pen, even if he had excuses, but at the same time, the picture of the school icequeen, laying on her knees in front of her, made her pussy clench, and her first though was that she wanter to lick this girl while she lick her cunt. It’s up to you Nathan, whatever you decide.

— Are you sure? You won’t be mad with me, We can keep her with us until I made her go back to her previous state.

— Please don’t do that master. Elizabeth interrupted him. I already had the choice to be my previous self or to stay like this. I... I don’t want to be this bitch anymore, I’m fine now, and I really like what I became. I want to be with you please.

— Ok said Nathan, we will let you stay with us, until we decided what to do.

Elizabeth was in even, they will keep her, they said it was only for a moment, but she was decided to to anything she could to please them, enough to made them change their mind.

A bright smile on her face, she got up in one move, closing the space between her masters and her. And she frenchkissed Hallie, taking by surprise, the new redhead girl could only kiss back, before she could think to an more appropriate response. Elizabeth then, ended the kiss, and while her left hand took Hallie’s arm to place her mistress hand on her boob, her head turn toward her master, her right hand reaching behind his neck, to make him kiss her at his turn. She never let them, made a conscious think, and continuously went from on to the other, kissing them, her tong exploring their mouths. Her hand quickly grab their, to made them pet her like the slave she believe she was deserve it. Nathan hand were busy grabbing a breast, and caressing her clit, while Hallie’s were grabbing her slave ass, and petting the second tit.

— Your slave is happy, masters, please, use your pet at yours desires, she beg you. Plead Elizabeth, before returning to her ministrations.

She finally let her fell on her knees, both her hand reaching under Hallie’s skirt to rip off her black tong, and in front of the heavenly show she could now see, she dive in her cunt, licking, sucking, and kissing all at the same time, hungry of this treasure like a depraved whore. Her hands having reached their purpose, they now went to Nathan’s pants, rubbing his huge cock trough the tissue material. Hallie was in heaven, she had never been able to have sex with a girl, frightened at the idea of the news going trough all the college, and now, she had the most beautiful girl of the campus eating her out with rage. Nathan at this time, decided to look after Hallie’s breasts, freeing them of her shirt and sexy black push-up bra, to play with them.

The combination of her two partners ministrations made Hallie come hard, her body arching while she screamed like a banshee, her knees went limb, and she barely could stood by herself. Sitting on the bed edge, she push her slave head away, to place it next to her lover’s crotch. Elizabeth quickly grabbing the idea, zipped him free, taking down his pants and boxer while her mouth directly went to eat him alive.

She went directly to a deepthroat, eating his full length in her first try, her right hand massaging his balls, while her left was fingerfucking her mistress slit. Nathan’s hand went to Elizabeth’s tits, playing with them, while Hallie found herself falling on her knees, to help their pet in her little task. Having these two dream-girls giving him a professional blowjob quickly pushed Nathan to the edge, and he finally came, with a huge grunt, spreading his cum on the two ladies faces. Elizabeth and Hally had both a huge orgasm at this moment, and they decided to suck and clean him one at the time, taking turns to turn him on again. Each girl had one of her hand on him, and the other playing with her colleague clit. They cleaned themselves, and Hallie made Elizabeth lay on her back, placing her body in the 69 position. They went to work with a strict application, knowing perfectly that the picture will only made Nathan hard soon. But it had to be said that, the pleasure they were giving each other, knowing that Nathan was watching them, made them come to the edge of their climax fast. Elizabeth paused in her ministrations, teasing her mistress while she reached the gap to her own climax, so they would come together, like an unique soul in two body. Their pleasures screams at their shared climax, surely had been heard outside the room, but the two girls didn’t care. Soon Nathan was behind Elizabeth’s butt, placing his cock at her entrance, pushing inside in one trust, making her scream with the pleasure. He shared his hands, making them playing with the girls breasts. The girls were focused in their task now, and Nathan had to use all his persuasion to made Hallie switch her position, placing the girls’ pussies in contact while they happily began to share a frenchkiss. Nathan took his cock, and placed it at his girlfriend entrance, pushing in one trust, before getting out, to administrate the same treatment to his slave. The two girls were driving mad with lust now, interrupting their kiss only to scream Nathan’s name with the pleasure they received. And He decided to made them come together. He place his cock between their twats, pressing with his hands on Hallie’s butt to made the space between their pussies tighter. And he began to move like a mad man, his pleasure reaching an incredible peak, rubbing his cock hard against their clits and cunts, while the girls screamed together continuously with the pleasure shared.

— YES... NATHAN... DO ME... OH YES... DO ME LIKE THAT PLEASE... Begged Hallie.


The girls body were shaking out of control now, while Nathan’s strong climax made him spurt his semen between his beauty bodies. He collapsed, laying strength-less on Hallie’s back, the two girls having passed out after their multiples orgasms.

After a while, Nathan awoke, soft flesh pressed against him. He found himself in his bed, Hallie in his arms, and Elizabeth in his back, the three of them, pressed against each other cupped like silver spoons in a weeding gift box. Apparently, they had took him to bed, and decided to rest here naked against him after they cleaned him. And at this time, he only felt peace. Taking Elizabeth’s right hand in his, he used it to took Hallie in a warm hug; the three of them bonded together. It was at this time, that he decided to do whatever it takes to protect them.

An hour later, Hallie awoke to find Elizabeth and Nathan staring a her lovingly, having mixed their rights hands’ finger and caressing her skin simultaneously.

— I think we should at least get out of bed, and discus what we will do from now, don’t we? Asked Nathan.

— I think you will found that the details had been planed while you were taking a nap, sleepy head. Answered Hallie teasing him with a grin.

— Mistress Hallie and I had found that it will be best if I share your room with you, using your powers to make it accepted by everyone. And she already give me my welcome gift, master. Said Elizabeth with a joyful smile, getting out of the waterbed, to show him a Chinese kanji tattoo in her back, just above her butt. She made sure to take a sexy pose to do it, making her already awesome ass rounder and prettier.

— WOH... That’s new, said Nathan, and why is this for?

— It’s me, Nathan, said Hallie while getting up to show him her tattooed butt. I used the pen to give us this tattoos, because of our feelings toward you, sweetheart. She got close to him, Elizabeth doing the same on the other side. I’ve always had deep fantasies about being submissive to you, and with the pen, I can freely live it, and be happy with you and Lizzy, because we both know that your will be careful, sweet, and loving, toward us. I know it will upset you at first, and that you will have troubles living with it at first, but we beg you to understand us. Could you promise that to us? Even before I tell you the truth?

— I think I can try, yes. Answered Nathan.

— These tattoos means “slave”, because, we want to be owned by you, to be yours to use every time and everywhere you want. Said Hallie, hugging him tightly with Elizabeth.

Nathan was shocked, by this news, he had no ideas that Hallie and Elizabeth have these sorts of behaviors. But, he knew he really care about them, even more than that, he loved them, both deeply.

Nathan gently took Hallie’s head in his left hand kissing her softly on her lips, before doing the same to Elizabeth.

— From now on, you two are mines to use, and own, and you will serve me every way possible, and please me perfectly, understood, slaves? Said Nathan, with a decided voice’s tone.

— Yes master, said the girls, simultaneously, grinning with bright smiles, before hugging him tightly, and kissing him everywhere.

Their kiss aroused him, and them by the same way, and the hug ended by a lovemaking session on the bed, each of them trying to give more pleasure than he or she received, their bodies always wrapped in a warm embrace.

— I have an incredible idea master, just wait here ready for a minute.

Hallie suddenly said before getting out of the bed, grabbing Elizabeth’s harm in the way, and pulling her with her in the small room’s kitchenette, she gave Nathan a mysterious smile, and made the “shh” sign by placing her index in front of her lips.

Nathan heard some giggles in the small kitchen. And was surprised when two Elizabeth went in front of him. They were perfectly identical, like true born twin sisters, each mimicking the other one like in a mirror. They began to dance in front of him, and suddenly, they weren’t Elizabeth anymore, at their places, were now, two identical Hallie.

— I made a small adjustment before, in class. Said the one on the right. Making her ass caress her twin’s.

— I made me capable to change my appearance, and to give this power at will. Said the left one. Before she turned around to grab the other one breasts.

— Would you like to fuck our brain out master? Said she, grabbing the other girl ass.

— Did the fact that you have now two identical twin sexy girls with you arouse you?

— Did this turn you on? Said this one, before facing her “vis à vis” and making her breasts caress theirs twins.

— What could two slaves like us do to please you master? Said the left one, with a genuine innocent smile.

— I want you both to tit-fuck me until I come on your breasts, I want you to lick my cock everywhere, and to lick and swallow my semen.

— Humm, you wish is our command, master, said the girls in concert, both of them grabbing their tits the exact same way, before their bodies turn again to Elizabeth’s shape.

They took him between their four breasts, tit fucking him in a way that would made every man dream about them. Sharing his cock, while they lick him, and suck him with gusto. They took him to the edge quickly, sometimes sharing a kiss, where their tongs melted. Finally, the both kissed his cock, the way that his cockhead was fully covered by their mouthes, getting sperm all over their faces. Licking each other clean, while savoring their récompense, they made it to let Nathan now, they were here for only one purpose, dry his cock of his semen. Before turning him on again and getting his semen out of him with many positions this time.

After all of this action, Nathan was exhausted, and needed some rest. While the girls took their time in the shower, he started to think about the security check today, and it give him an idea.

He took the pen and wrote.

“Nathan and Hallie’s room is now linked to Elizabeth’s one, by a magic portal in her closet. The portal will be activated only when Nathan, Hallie or Elizabeth wants it to be. No one will be able to find the truth, and no one will found that Elizabeth is moving out of her room at night. Now that Elizabeth is as Hallie, Nathan’s slave she is able to see and use the pen, and is considered as a owner too.”

—Girls, I think Elizabeth is going to keep her former room for the moment, but only officially. At night, she will sleep here. I made a special way between our closets, so you won’t have to walk naked to go change your clothes.

—I will gladly like to go naked everywhere if you command me master, responded her, giving him a soft kiss on the lips.

While this three were enjoying each one company, agent Jessica Walmings was doing her report to her executive officer, while he was swinging a silver pendant in front of her eyes.

— Security inspection proved uneventful, recommend further infiltrations, and meetings with acquired targets, awaiting instructions. Said she, in a monotone voice, her face blank like a new page.

— Further infiltration agreed, compass’ use agreed with extreme caution. If targets confirmed and secured, orders are to terminate targets with extreme prejudice. Said the man in a black “Men in Black” type suit. Next report in 18 hours. Dismiss.

And then she quickly grab her clothes, and change into them before going out of the office, she won’t have any memory of the incident, or of the past hour of abusive and unwanted wild sex with the executive officer, or about her mission. For now, she was Jessica Walmings, newly appointed educational advisor. She won’t also remember the list of potentials targets she memorized, and on which, figured Hallie’s, and Nathan’s names.

Her only purpose now, was to fulfill her duty for the government, and the government was always right, her alternative personality know it well.

Next chapter : The next morning.

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