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This story is about Nathan, a college boy who find himself in the possession of “the pen”, a powerfull artifact which can modify reality, and the way he deal with it, and with the others power’s artifacts discovery.

The next morning.

This new morning made Nathan believe one thing for sure. There weren’t many things better than to be awaken by two luscious girlfriend’s hungry mouths sucking, licking, blowing and deep-throating him. He wasn’t even sure which mouth he came in, and the girls didn’t made the question easier, when he tried to look at them, they were sharing his cum in a pornographic lesbian frenchkiss.

— Time to wake-up master, we will need time to clothe you, and feed you before class. Said Elizabeth.

— I think I will definitely be a morning person if you two are going to wake me up this way every morning.

— We will gladly help you if you assign us to this task master. Said Hallie, grinning.

— Let’s go shower, and breakfast, I think I have a little idea for a fashion show today.

Later, the girls were standing naked in front of Nathan, waiting for his “idea”, and he took the pen.

“Hallie and Elizabeth are now dressed superbly like manga models. Hallie is wearing a black silken G-string, garter, and stockings, and black school girl shoes, a tartan blue and red skirt which long just above her knees, a shirt bend with a knot in front of her breast, no bra, a red pendant in her bellybutton, her hairs are held in a ponytail, except for two littles braids which go from her temples to her ponytail, she had two silver earrings with a little ruby each, her marine blue jacket with the college emblem let people sea her chest, Hallie is permanently sucking a red lollipop in a sexy way (her lollipop never last, and it’s flavor is the one she want at the moment), she wear a bright red lipstick and a pale pink eye shadow. Lizzy currently speak Japanese and Chinese, with the accent she want at the instant. She is wearing a haute-couture fashion model turquoise blue kimono, who go just bellow her ass, with a huge cleavage for her breasts, a pale red lipstick and turquoise blue eye shadow, she wear white little socks, with traditional white sandals, a large white tissue belt with a large knot in her back, her hair are regrouped in a chignon with a silver needle to maintain it, with to locks of hair who went from her temples to her chignon. She now walk with little timid footsteps, or with elegant ample provocative top model’s footstep. In her hands is always a traditional little paper umbrella for the sun. The kimono let everyone see that Lizzy never wear underwear. The kimono’s sides have split that let see her legs totally and a small part of her ass. The kimono’s jacket went to her ankles, it’s had a slit in the back from above her ass. This jacket is always open. Now that Nathan have finished his task, they will notice the change, and tell him their opinions.”

— Hmm, it’s sexy, I liiiiike it. Said Hallie, spinning around with her skirt, to show her underwear.

— Is that me, or do I feel a little cold down here, said Elizabeth, with a grin on her face.

— Well, since you proclaimed yourself my slave, I don’t see why I should have to explain myself here, don’t I?

— No, master, said Elizabeth, and it’s not that I complain, but I was wondering, when my master will want me to offer him my qualities services, to try out this outfit?

— Let’s go, slaves, we will have a lot of time to play later.

— Yes master, said the two happy girls, following him in the stairs, each of them grabbing one of his arms, to pose publicly in front of the crowd.

Hallie felt a little dizzy for a moment, but it passed fast, it wasn’t the first time it happened but it was surly just a little sleep lacking she though, nothing important or dangerous.

At the same time, agent Jessica Walmings was putting the last touch to the security system she made in the college’s corridors and staff rooms, their wasn’t enough cameras, to cover the entire faculty, but the main places were locked. This done, her memory went blank for a time, and began to reconstruct it self with false informations, making her believe that she went to check the security fire system, to prevent any mischievous attempts.

At the front of the college, the crowd was stunned, here, right now, was Elizabeth with her two personal targets, laughing with each other like kindergarten’s long friends. They couldn’t find any clue about a treachery in action, she was truly enjoying herself. At this moment, Allison Van Hacken, Elizabeth’s best friend, saw her, and went straight to her.

— I don’t believe my own eyes, is that not, our dear cheerleader team leader who hang around with to non-people? Did your mind went nuts Elizabeth? Unless you truly lost your mind? It would not be surprising with all the nonsense you gabble about lately. It seems that even in the golden garden a rotten apple can grow before she is thrown out. Said she, with the bright smile of a new appointed team leader’s ego.

Elizabeth looked at her, and her gaze went from her now former friend group to her new soulmates. She found herself completely detached from this pathetic attacks. Looking at Nathan, she saw him nod to her, giving her his permission. She went straight to the struggle.

— Don’t wet your diapers with fear, Peggy, when you will be old enough to let your beddings dry, your brain will have enough IQ to let you know who the new popular people are when you see them, and not three weeks later. Be patient.

And with that, Elizabeth and her two friends went trough the door, without even pausing to recognize Allison treat. Her face was fully red with anger now, never had she known Elizabeth able to put up with a fight like that. And her mistake had cost her a lot of her pride, she could still hear the rumor of the crowd repeat the story again and again, making no attempt to hide themselves. A popularity war was in progress, ans being the one who started it, with the Elizabeth’s soon eviction from the cheerleader team, she had to win, of her reputation will never recover such an affront. She had to make a plan.

Arrived to the classroom, Elizabeth and Nathan went to their places, to chit chat a little, while Hallie went to the girls bathroom, what was wrong with her this days? It was the seventh day she would be dizzy through the morning, and the third where she would squarely throw up in the toilet.

Oh no! She though realizing, the truth. It can’t be, we were always careful, using the pill as soon as they went out. No, wait. We didn’t use any the first time, was that enough? Oh my god, what will I do? What could I do? What will master say? He didn’t give me order or permission to be pregnant. What if he didn’t want me anymore? I won’t be pretty anymore with the pregnancy going it’s full cycle. He will hate me, and discard me like garbage. I can’t loose him. And what will Elizabeth think, that I cheated in her back to have master for me only? Will she trust me? I can’t take the risk, Oh my god what can I do?

Later she went to class, her face a little pale with her sad thoughts.

In class everything went right, and the day appeared to be an uneventful day. But just before their lunch period started an announcement was made.

— The followings students please report to the educational councilor immediately.

The students names consisted of twenty peoples included Hallie and Nathan. They decided that, regarded the previous attempt to find the pen, they wouldn’t take it with them, and Elizabeth would go to their room to hide, she would flight through the magic passage between her master’s room and hers, if she was to found herself in danger.

At miss Walmings door, the councilor was here to great them.

— Thank you, all of you, for answering my call, I just need a moment with each of you to take a few more informations about you. Miss Parker Hallie, come in.

As she went to sit in front of miss Walmings desk, Hallie sharp mind noticed something strange about a, antic compass on it, she wouldn’t have paid attention usualy, but with her present state of mind it appear to her like the sun in the sky. The needle seemed to move on itself, like it was alive, or demagnetized at least.

The interview were quick, answering a few questions about her opinions about her future, and her current grades, and Hallie left the office. Twelves students followed her, and Nathan’s turn came.

— Mr Wood, I’m concerned about your future right now, it seem that your only relative was your uncle, and his behaviors weren’t what a normal society would call “normal”, if you now what I mean. Said miss Walmings with a concern grin on her face.

— I didn’t know him well, miss, and we barely met more than a couple of time, I don’t even remember the last time I saw him. It was before my ten’s birthday I think.

— Well, I’m sorry to report this to you this way, but his behaviors are currently under investigation by the F.B.I for money’s laundry, and the authorities asked me to inform you that you will be notified to hang them whatever he give you for investigation’s purpose.

— I’m sorry miss, but, the only gift I receive, consisted of a pack of garbage I would have be ashamed to be seen throwing out. I get rid of them less than an hour after his lawyer gave them to me. It was more than a month ago now.

— Well, I don’t think the federals agents will be happy with that, but I will give them this information, and inform them that you gladly cooperate. I don’t think it will bring you any trouble rest assured. You can go now. Thank you.

As soon as he went out, Nathan grabbed Hallie’s hand, and they went to the room.

— They are after the pen, it’s obvious. Said Nathan. They think I won’t be warned by their fake investigation, but with the last attempt, it’s perfectly clear.

— Nathan, I think I saw something strange in miss Walmings office. When I went to sit down, I perfectly saw her compass moving on it’s own. And it stopped a moment latter without interventions of her part.

— Perhaps it’s broken? No? If the needle is not magnetized anymore, it will have trouble to point north. Said Elizabeth.

— Or perhaps the pen is not the only object who can “do” things in the world? What if the government have noticed objects of power? Won’t he want more of them? Said Nathan.

— Master, I’m sorry to ask this but, what was your uncle death origin? Are you sure it was a natural? What if they killed him? Said Elizabeth.

— Nathan, I ... began Hallie, we can let them do anymore, we... We have to let the pen, or they will kill us... I don’t want to, I... said she again, sobbing loudly now.

— Hallie, don’t worry ok? I will never let them touch one of you. NEVER.

— But you don’t understand, they will know, one day they will now, and they will come to us, they will threaten us. Said Hallie, she was shacking strongly now, her tears wetting her face. I DON’T WANT THAT, I WON’T SUPPORT IT, NATHAN ! Screamed she, she was walking without goal now, grabbing her hands, shacking them, and at the same time trying without success to make them stop moving.

— Hallie calm down, it will never happen. Tell Nathan, trying to calm her. He didn’t understand why she was so upset now, never again did he saw her like that. He stood up, trying to take her in his arms, failing because she was out of control, her body on the verge of a nerves breakdown.

— THEY WILL TRY TO KILL MY BABY!!! Screamed she, before she collapsed in his arms, so loudly that without the pen’s modifications, everyone outside the room, and maybe on the wall campus would have hear her.

Nathan held her against him, trying to understand what she just said. A BABY? But she doesn’t have a baby. How would that be possible? She was on the pill, wasn’t she?

Putting this questions aside, he placed her delicately on the bed with Elizabeth’s help. The other girl was shocked, but her mind went quickly on a resolve. If Hallie was pregnant, their baby, because it will partly be her too, would have to be protected, and if her hands had to dive in a blood’s sea for that, she will gladly take this way. This child would be a bliss for her master and her sister slave, making their family more happy than ever. Yes, she will do whatever it takes to stop them. She won’t let anyone took this family away from her, she didn’t want to be like before, alone, in this dark loneliness, who made her act like a mad bitch.

Nathan let Hallie take a rest. What he saw made him think that, this news was, well, new, because, Hallie’s mind didn’t seem to have accepted this idea, or if it’s had, it was only a short time before. It should be why she hadn’t told him yet. Hallie didn’t want to have secrets for him, she didn’t even have one now. He remembered the way she acted this morning, her dizziness, her behaviors after she went to the bathroom. It was there, she must have understood everything at this moment. She must have be really scarred to keep a secret from him. Scarred that she would be left behind, like her father did to her mother, long ago.

He had ideas to help her feel better. To help her feel safe and happy. He took the pen and wrote.

“Nathan’s room move from location to another periodically, reaching a different location each hour. The room now seem to be a part of a small French Alps’ chalet, with a large and long ice rink, which remain perfectly frizzed and smooth, but without freezing the people who would walk on it. The dinning room is adjoining to the modern kitchen. The bathroom held a sauna, a hammam, a very large massage shower, and a large jacuzzi. The lounge held large chimney with a perpetual fire inside, the fire will warm the place just enough to be comfortable. The master’s bed is now covered in fur blankets. And a very big fur blanket is in front of the fire place. A veranda will contain a small pool which a adjustable height floor, so it will completely disappeared, to let people only see a wooden parquet floor or a swimming pool with a wooden floor in the depth. Some deck-chairs are placed around the pool. Elizabeth possessions are now in this room, well packed for her installation, and the passage to her prevent room is now destroyed. Hallie and Elizabeth’s skills allow them to ice-skate with a Olympic level. They will find ice skates at their master’s bed end. They will need to go iceskating at this moment, without realizing that except theirs ice skates, they are totally naked. This will help them calm themselves until Nathan call them.”

Thinking about miss Walmings he wrote again.

“Miss Walmings will magically appears in Nathan’s room, with just panties, sandals, blue jean and t shirt. She won’t have any tracking device with her. If she had on with her, it will stay at her home. She will stay calm, and nonviolent. It will happens when Nathan will said, welcome in my house miss Walmings. She will tell all her true history even if she can’t tell them it.”

He was thinking it was good. It will force her to tell the truth, even if she didn’t want it. And the spell trigger assured him that he will have time to prepare Elizabeth and especially Hallie to the event. With that done, he put the pen in the desk near the bed, and waited for Hallie to wake up.

Hallie awoke an hour later, surrounded by her two lovers, and it put her at ease. Elizabeth quickly grab her hand and showed her their master’s surprise at the bed’s end, and they went to the ice rink. They were surprised by the changes in the room apparency. Now, it’s seem by the sight outside the large windows, that they were in japan, somewhere near Mont Fuji. Elizabeth made Hallie hurry, impatient to try their gift, and finally they started. Moving like goddess on the ice, their almost unreal grace captivating Nathan’s eye as he watch them. And the fact that they were totally naked wasn’t to displease him ether. The girls went to a duo, dancing like two beautiful swans, their bodies wrapped around each other. He let them enjoy themselves a little, knowing that they will need all their concentration and awareness later.

After a while, the girls went out of the rink, discarded the ice skate, in a corner of the room. And they went to grant him a hug, to thank him properly.

— Girls, I need to talk to you. In a short time, I will summon miss Walmings here. She won’t be able to do anything or make other know where we are. So, I don’t want you to panic. Just stay calm and quiet. With this, we will be able to understand who our enemies are. Ok?

— Yes master said Elizabeth.

— Yes master said Hallie a moment later with a small voice. She was afraid if he would still be angry with her.

— Hallie, this morning you did something really bad, you know it?

— Yes master, tears were coming to her eyes now, she was sure he will discard her now.

— Hallie, this morning you learn something, and instead of telling me the truth, you keep it secret for yourself. For this you need to be punished, and here is what you will have to do. Until further notice, you won’t have the right to were panties or string, even at school, understood?

Hallie couldn’t believe he said this. It wasn’t a punishment at all, she would even have done it only with a little demand on his part. It means he will keep her, he won’t discard her like her father did to her mom. She jumped in his open arms like a wildcat, sobbing with joy, kissing him sensually, just happy to be here with him. Elizabeth joined them at this moment, adding her love to the group.

After a while, when Hallie finally calm down, the girls went to kneel at the foot of Nathan’s armchair, waiting for him to summon their enemy soldier.

— Welcome to my house miss Walmings. Said Nathan, calmly. And now she was in front of him, sitting on a chair.

— What am I doing here? Said she, looking at Nathan in the armchair, Hallie at his right foot, and Elizabeth at his left.

— You are here because of me, to answer my questions. Tell me why you are here.

— To find the people who get the pen, to take it from them, and kill them after.

At this moment Hallie let out a little gasp, her body straightening, but Nathan quickly pet her head delicately, making her at ease.

— Who is you employer? And what organization hire you?

— The government. I was hired by the paranormal section control team.

— How did you join them?

— My father had a water ice stick. Whatever was hit by it, could be duplicate at a less powerful level.

— Your father had a special object too?

— Yes, said she, her tears coming out now. Three month after he had it, a tactical unit was send, and he was killed, with the rest of my family. Nathan was a little shocked now, he new she could only tell the truth, but to think that she would work for the people that kill her family? What could have happen to her?

— How old were you there? And why did you join this group?

— I was nineteen. The group leader found me pretty, and he used his pendant to made me obey. He forced to obey, fucking me whenever he wanted, and making me assassinate the people he tell. Finding them with his compass, because it’s attracted by other objects of power.

Nathan went to his desk with an idea. This kind of man would never let her go, unless he or she died. And with the pen help it would be the case.

Miss Walmings’ car go through the town, to the college, and everyone see her driving normally. At a stop, a meteor come from the sky, and crash on her car. Burning it to ashes. The fire will be so intense, that the car’s metal parts will melt. No one will be hurt in the neighborhood. The CSI will believe that the heat was so intense that it completely burn the body beyond scientific ability to identify or find traces of it. Miss Walmings is now free from her previous restraint form Nathan, and any restraints or conditioning she had from anyone.

— I just use the pen to make everyone believe that you were killed in a meteor crash. They will understand that the possibilities that this event happened to you are too smalls to be unwanted. They will think you were killed because the pen owner found your cover. You are free to go now. I will help you have a new identity, and a new life where you want.

— You don’t understand, the things I have done can’t be undone. They are my sins.

— It wasn’t your fault, you were forced by them.

— But I’ve killed people. I... She let herself fall to the ground, sobbing, strength-less. I don’t deserve to live...

— Don’t say it please, said Elizabeth, the first one to reach her, taking her in a warm hug. Everyone deserve to live, even them. No one can tell you the contrary. Here stay with me. She was humming a lullaby now, trying to calm her down, petting her head like a mother would do to her child. Soon miss Walmings was asleep, her body completely limp.

— Elizabeth, take care of her, and do anything you can to calm her. Nathan said. I will let you too here on the chimney blanket. I will come back later in the night to relay you, so you can rest. Hallie, come with me.

Nathan and Hallie went to sleep, exhausted by the day, the lovely slave in her master’s arms, cupped together. Hallie was in heaven now. She was bearing her master child, and would be the first of his slaves to grant him his progeny. Her only hope now, was to live peacefully with her sister slave and him, her sister and her granting him childs, and making love to him forever.

At this time, Elizabeth was thinking, what could she do to make this person a little more happy?

She already had cover herself and the woman to keep them warm. Jessica was holding her arms like a life rope, forbidden her to go anywhere.

— It’s ok girl, I’m here, I won’t let you, calm down.

— Thanks, said Jessica, weakly. Putting herself in the warm embrace of this girl. For the first time for this long dark years, she felt safe. This house, this home, Nathan’s kindness, and this girl’s warm embrace. For a moment she forget herself, and did the first free act of her new life, she raised her head, and kissed Elizabeth’s lips, softly. Making no attempts to hide her feelings.

Elizabeth was surprised by this kiss, but id didn’t stopped her to kiss back, deepened it, adventuring her tong in Jessica’s welcoming mouth. Both girls arms were caressing their bodies now, exploring each new parcel of skin they found. Soon they were naked, their pajamas discarded on the floor. At this time, Lizzy’s hand pushed back Jessica.

— Miss Walmings, I don’t think we should continue any further.

— Jessica.

— What?

— Call me Jessica please. I just want to be with you. With you, Hallie, and Nathan. That’s all. I can’t be by myself, please, I just can’t. Said Jessica, her head bowed.

— If you want to stay with us, you will have to be change your body, so no one could recognize you. And more importantly, you will be his, forever. Do you truly want this?

— Yes please, said she, her head going down on on Elizabeth’s lap, like a pet cat.

— Ok, come with me. Said Elizabeth grabbing her hand.

With this said, she lent her to her master’s desk, to borrow his pen. She new she can use it for some manual task. And her master would not be upset if she had helped Jessica to have a new body, to begin her new live. For her remnant intentions, they would have to wait to ask him. But Elizabeth was full of hope now. She new her master’s kindness. He would surely let the new girl stay with them. She wrote.

Jessica’s body and name are changing, to match what she have in mind to begin her new live.

After writing this, she looked at her. Jessica naked body was slowly changing. Her legs became longer, like a track and field athlete. Her new mensurations were 110D, 75, 90, just to say perfect. Her hair went from blond to blond platinum, her blue eyes taking the shape of Angelina Jolie’s one.

— Woah, itz better than I expected. Said she with a strong French accent.

— Your accent? Said Lizzy surprised.

— Well, I was thinking about being a transferred foreign French student, and it’s seem it worked perfectly. I can speak with and without accent.

— You should think about clothes too, if you don’t want to catch a cold.

— I may have an idea to go without the cold, but you are right. How do you find this? Asked her.

And with this, a black leather garter with lace stockings appeared on her legs, without anything to hide her shaved crotch. The stockings were partly scattered smartly to let her white skin be seen. A mini leather skirt barely legal for what it was hiding, just her crotch in fact. Black leather boots who went above her knees and black gloves who let her fingers free. Black heavy eye shadow and lipstick, with a pair or silver earing each with a black onix precious stone matched with the one in her tummy. Her nipples were covered by a black leather top, which were more a bath-suit than a top, and who didn’t hide any parcel of her huge breasts, this top was wear with its laces attached in her back and behind her neck by two knots. A shinny black leather G-string were between her buttocks, pulled up enough to be seen by everyone. A fake silver nose piercing, with a small black onyx, matched with other in her tong, ears and mouth, all genuine fakes except for the ears’ one, but posing at the true one with enough conviction to bluff everyone. Some of her hair’s locks were dyed in a dark black, matching her fingernails’ polish and her black leather dog collar which had silver spikes and rings. Her hair were in braids like some African people the whole held by a silver hair spin, unless for two small braids who went from her temples, free to go down to follow her face’s curves, before joining with the others. A black leather coat like NEO in the matrix was completing the picture. She was showing the picture of a Gothic girl with strong submissive tendencies, and it was not to displease Elizabeth, but they had to convince her master first.

A while later, Nathan awoke to relay Elizabeth in her task. Wanting to let her take a well acquired rest. He went to the chimney, and was surprised by the picture in front of him. Seeing him, the two girls already on their knees got up, only to bow in front of him, going on their knees, their legs spread open to let him see all he would want. Jessica, posing, slowly discarded her coat, to let him judge her. So he could appreciate his new acquisition. Nathan, understanding Lizzy’s purpose, made his mind.

— Get up slaves, Jessica, you are now mine to use and appreciate, fully and totally, forever.

— Yes master, said Lizzy.

— Yes master, said the new slave, Jessica.

— Jessica, began Nathan, Lizzy is already in charge of the kitchen, and Hallie’s pregnancy won’t hallow her to do much soon, so, I put you in charge of the house chore. You will be our maid.

— I will gladly be your french maid master.

— Lizzy, go get Hallie and wake her up nicely, then come back here, we will need to made Jessica’s inscription valid on the campus, and then go to eat outside if you are not tired.

— I’m not master, I will go right now. Said Lizzy, getting the hint to let the two of them alone for a time. Well she had his permission/order to “wake” Hallie up, not bad, isn’t it?

— Jessica, said Nathan, as soon as Lizzy had left them, you will need an apron, and an uniform for that.

— Yes master, answered she.

Taking his pen, he wrote. “When doing the house chores, Jessica uniform went to a soubrette french maid costume. Her clothes change to a white lace apron, which let see her breasts and nipples. A black satin skirt with garter stockings and nothing else for underwear, and shinny black shoes A big white lace knot in her hair to keep them. White lace gloves. Her back and sides are free, and her breasts sides are completely seen, we can even see a part of her nipples when she move. She now had the same tattoo as her sisters-slave.”

Jessica saw the change, and innocently went to “clean” her master. Her hands discovering him, discarding his clothes, while he was playing with her new tits and nipples. Electrics wave of pleasure went through her body, bringing her quickly to orgasm. Her knees went limp, making her body to fell, but it only hallow her to be at the perfect height to “play”. Reaching his zipper, she freed his manhood, and slurp him in one full mouthful, deepthroating him on her first strike. Nathan’s dick was rock hard, in her warm mouth, and now, she took him out, placing it between her two mount flesh, and she began to titsfuck him. Jessica made him went between her tits, his well lubrificated dick slowly sliding between them, while she sometimes take time to lick it’s head, to suck it or kiss it. Nathan was reaching his climax fast, having this big breasted girl doing this. And with a loud gasp, he spread his semen in her welcoming mouth, some of it falling on her two round tits, where she would lick it, after she cleaned him good.

Jessica keep sucking him to maintain his hard on, and when he made her stop, she was ready.

She placed herself on her four, her legs spreads open for him. He skrewed her in one powerful stroke, making her scream in pleasure.

— Yes master, use your whore.

Nathan used all his strength to dive in her at full speed, making her gasp and scream. And at a time he was surprised by the nature of her screams.

— Punish your bad girl, master, make her scream yes, oh yes master. Make her apologize for her faults, pump her master, harder YES. Screamed Jessica.

At this time, Nathan understood that she had deep and strong submissive fantasies, and that she will need him to humiliate her to reach pleasure. Well, no man would argue with a so beautiful girl asking him for that, don’t he?

— You’ve been a really bad girl, Jessica, don’t you?

— Yes master, punish me please, your slave beg to make amend for her sins. Screamed she.

— I think you had to be spanked don’t you, Jessy?

— All you want master, spank me, slap me, pump me, do anything you want, said she, as he increase his rhythm.

— I want you to count each of your ten spankings slave. And don’t make mistakes.

—Yes master, ONE. Said she as he slapped her ass with his right hand.

— TWO master, oh yes master spank me. THREE, spank you bad girl master. FOUR. OH YES MASTER. FIVE, master punish your slave she beg you. SIX, punish me yes. SEVEN. OH YES.

Her body were hot now, and her cunt like burning lava.


— Do you think you was well spanked slave? Asked Nathan, setting his trap.


Here he spank her again, but much stronger than before.

— NO BITCH, you did really bad things before, and you disrespected your master greatly. I think I will spank you until I estimate myself satisfy. Count.

— Yes master I’m sorry master, ONE. Oh yes, your slave love you master, TWO... THREE...FOUR...FIVE.

At this point Nathan, took a risk with her, but he was sure she would like it. He withdraw from her cunt. And quickly place his lubricated dick against her asshole. There he forced his way in, diving in one strike.


Damn she’s tight. He though. Jessica wall body was burning hot now, being of the verge of the most powerful orgasm of her life. Instead of withdrawing, she was pushing back to him, making his assault even stronger if possible.


Her body arched like never, her arm reaching behind her back to grab him, her tits fleeing through the hair, her mouth wide open to scream her master’s name, while he was pumping his cum in her ass. And she went limp, passing out with the intensity of her orgasm, her master laying on her back, caressing her skin slowly with love.

A moment later, Nathan found Hallie and Lizzy smiling at him at the room door, both naked and with a satisfied look on their faces. He withdraw form his slave beautiful and tight ass, and began to caress her face to gently wake her up.

— Wake up, pretty slave, we have much to do this afternoon, and the lunch time is almost over.

— I love you master, said Jessica, as she woke up, smiling, and I love my sisters-slave too.

They went to shower together, Nathan making a commend to forbid them to play too much, or they would never get out on time he said.

After a little while, they finally get out of the room, who where now somewhere in Australia it’s seems. Nathan was surrounded by three beautiful girls, each one dressed in her own fashion way, between the Lolita schoolgirl, the Japanese model, and the barely almost Gothic and surely almost naked last one. And if their first apparition on the campus this morning was surprising, this one outstanded the standards.

Nathan was walking, his right arm around Hallie’s shoulders, his left hand in Lizzy’s one. While she had her left arm around the shoulders of Jessy holding her umbrella, Jessy’s right arm was around her new lover’s waist, making all she could to let everyone know what was her relationship whit her.

Allyson was in the cafeteria’s entrance, coming out with her group of followers. What she saw stunned her. Elizabeth kissing softly a sort a Gothic almost naked girl on the lips.

— Well at least it’s explain why you was kicked out of the cheerleader’s team, lesbos. Argued her.

— I don’t care about the team, because no one matched my tastes inside it, slowhead. Oh you didn’t know her yet? Said Elizabeth. Be pleased to meet my friend Jessica Duprés, French foreign student who will follow her class here now, she just arrived two days ago.

— Poor, poor baby doll, said Jessy, looking at Allyson, were you shocked? Only by a small kiss? Well, maybe you could show her a most hotter show, don’t you, Lizzy?

— Yes of course, said this one. There take a look Allyson baby, I’m sure you will learn a lot from us. Tell she. Before frenchkissing her lover, deeply and openly, her hand letting go Nathan’s one, to grab Jessy’s round breast, and playing with it, with it’s nipple. Jessy was gasping and mauling in Lizzy’s mouth now, making no attempts to hide her aroused state. Elizabeth’s left hand began to play lovingly with her lover’s string lace, on her back.

— Please, do me now Lizzy, in front of everyone. Said she.

— Later sweetheart, we will have plenty time after your inscription is done. Keep warming for me like the hot little cake you are. Said Lizzy.

— All you want, baby, hmmmm. I like it. Said she, speaking of Elizabeth’s attentions on her already rock hard nipple.

— Is that enough to tell you what a real perfect popular girl should look like? Or did your brain went out only with the simple idea that I’m not like your bitchy ass-licking group of followers. Pursued Elizabeth.

What Allyson saw here almost kill her. Elizabeth? For her to kiss a girl was already unreal, but doing it in front of everyone? Well, she almost raped her “lover” right here. Where was the shy, pretty, and haughty girl she pass the last three years to envy? It can’t be her. NEVER.

At this moment she saw something interesting, Hallie didn’t seem to feel well. In fact even with her new look, you could see that she didn’t really feel at ease, like she was going to puke in front the the college entrance. Could it be that she was ill? Or even worth for her, it could be possible that she was “ill”. Well, it could be fun to take this way. She though.

— Well, at least now we now your tastes, and your friend’s. Feeling well Hallie, poor dear. Illness? Don’t joke, guys, I bet on pregnancy. Know the father? I bet not. Said Allyson, giggling in front of Hallie’s wet eyes.

Hallie knew her reputation was gone now, Allyson found the truth, and her bright red face already tall her she was right.

— My girlfriend is bearing our child, what’s wrong with that, Allyson? Oh yeah, you would need a full DNA test to check for yours. Well, don’t worry, I think we put a tax fee on all the guy you date in your usual week, it will cover your lab expenses in one or two days, believe me.

The crowd was screaming now, enjoying the fight, but they clearly were on Nathan’s side. Her attempt to humiliate Elizabeth had gone down, and after that, the one against Hallie was a total failure. She believed that the girl was really ill, not pregnant. Nathan’s defense arguments had win him the crowd admiration, not all college guys would support their girlfriends would they be pregnant, and she only win to pass for the bad girl peaking on the lovely future mother. Crap, she will made them pay for that. Packing her anger, she left, while Nathan went through the door, his arm around Hallie waist, in a protecting way, while he was grabbing Elizabeth’s hand, her other arm wrapped around the third girl body.

The interview with the staff went well. The college had appointed a replacement after Miss Walmings tragic accident, and Jessica’s inscription was done in less than an hour. The interim educational advisor even freed them for the rest of the afternoon, asking them to show the campus to the new student. This almost blew out their cover as Jessica and Elizabeth began to giggle and laugh repetitively in front of him.

Nathan was satisfied with the free afternoon. He asked the girl to go shopping, while he would prepare something important. But without telling them any hint or clue about it.

He got back to the room, and took the pen.

As Nathan began to write, three collars appears on is desk. They are silver collars, with a single stone in pendant each. The three stone are, a sapphire, an onyx, and a ruby. The collars had an inscription in their back. “ I’m Hallie, Nathan’s slave.”, “ I’m Elizabeth, Nathan’s slave.”, “ I’m Jessica, Nathan’s slave.” He wrote.

“After the girls are done with their shopping, they go back to their master’s room. And after they let their package in the kitchen, they go to the room, and kneel in front of their master. As they do that, they found that their clothes have disappeared. They also know now, that the proper way to kneel in front of him is the following. Their back straight, like their head, their hair being free in their back. Their hands on their knees, with their legs spreads open, to let him enjoy the sight of his property. As they are now owned fully by Nathan, the girls will be able to obey his every order, literally. And the moment they will accept do wear their collar, they will be legally considered at his wifes.”

After that, he went to his homework, waiting for the girl’s return.

Later, they went home happy, placing their packages in the kitchen, and going to kneel in front of their master, not knowing why they did that, but being surely one of their master’s spell, they didn’t really care. They waited here, naked, kneeling to present him their bodies.

— Girls, you know that I didn’t want to abduct you. I want you to think very hard about this, this is the last time I offer you this choice. After today, you will be mine, and everyone of your decisions will be my choices. Think carefully.

The girls were looking at him with surprise on their face. They already declared themselves his slaves, didn’t they? Of course they wanted him, they wouldn’t want to be free if it meant being away from him.

— I choose to submit totally and fully to my master, Nathan. Said Hallie, bowing her head between her arms, in front of her.

— I submit entirely to my master Nathan, said Elizabeth, mimicking her sister-slave.

— I submit to my master, Nathan, his wishes will be my commends. Finished Jessica, doing the same.

Walking slowly in front of them, Nathan took the collars and placed them around his slaves necks.

— From now, you are my wifes, my slaves, possessions, and pets, you will obey everyone of my command, forever.

He looked at them, his lovely slaves, smiling at him, happily.

— Slaves, I want you to have a huge orgasm now.

As soon as he finished his sentence, the three girls bodies were arching, as a powerful wave of pleasure went through them, making the pussies wet, and their nipples become hards instantaneously. Lust’s screams escaped their mouthes, as their arms were moving frantically around them, to grab something were their nails would clench, while their eyes went blank in their orbits.

— You can stop now girls.

The three girls were breathing loudly now, their reddening chest moving fast.

— WOW, I TOTALLY LIKE IT MASTER. Said Elizabeth, her hand pressing all over her body, trying to still feel this pleasure.

— I love you master, said Hallie, her hands on her breast and her cunt, smiling openly.

At this moment, Jessica gathered her courage, and got up, taking Nathan neck in her arms, pressing her naked body against him, feeling his already hard dick.

— Master, my pussy is feeling so lonely now, without his best friend. Whispered she in his ear. Your slave beg you deeply to help him, master, it’s so sad now, she really want it to be happy with it’s friend. Said she, licking and kissing his neck.

— Well, girls, I’ve something else to tell you.

— Yes master? Said the girls.

— From now, none of you will use pregnancy control. If one of you two, Lizzy and Jessy, get pregnant, like Hallie, she will keep the baby, and we will raise him with love.

— At your orders master, said the girls.

Hallie and Elisabeth got up, and went to him, ripping apart his clothes, freeing his manhood so their sister-slave could climb on him, impaling herself with a pleasure grunt. She wrapped her legs around him, her arms locked around his neck, while her tong was fully inside his mouth. Nathan began to walk to the swimming-pool, getting in. Then the girls joined him, as he began to move in his slave cunt.

In the water their moves have more freedom, and the two girls mouths went directly to Jessy’s breasts, sucking them with wildcats’ hunger ferocity. Jessy couldn’t form any coherent sought now, her mind focused on the pleasure her cunt and breasts were driving in her brain, gasping and panting loudly.

— Make her come hard and loudly master. Said Elizabeth.

— Make her pregnant like me master, make her womb full of your sperm so she can bear your child. Said Hallie.

— Yes master, panted Jessica, get me full of your sperm, make your mean slave bear your child, get her pregnant, she beg you.

— Yes master pump her hard, make her come hard thinking about her pregnancy, get her full master, said Elizabeth.

Nathan was burning hot now, having his three lovely slave whispering lusty and sexy thoughts in his ears. He felt his balls tightening, ready to come, and began to increase his pace, making Jessica scream with pleasure.

— Scream with lust, slave, scream your for your master, said he, scream for me as I make you pregnant, I want you to become pregnant Jessica, and to bear twins.

— YES, MASTER, panted she, gasping, ALL YOU WANT MASTER.

— I want you to get pregnant the moment I spread my cum in your womb, as you will feel the greatest orgasm you never experienced. Said he, ready to come. I want you to come NOW, finished he, as he came powerfully in her, filling her womb with his cum. as she screamed against him, her body arched so straight, he was afraid she would hurt herself, before she went completely limb, having passed out.

Nathan hold her in his arms, taking her out, and drying her with the girls help, before placing her on their bed.

— I think we should let her rest for the moment girls, and I don’t know for you, but I’m starving a little now.

— I could cook sushis if you want, I have some rice ready. Said Elizabeth.

— Then let’s go for eating sushis, while I admire my lovely asian naked slave making them, and enjoy the appetizer of the redhead one.

— At your service Master, said Elizabeth, with a grin, walking around the kitchen with a big hip-swaying, accentuating her butt as she offered it to her master sight.

While she was at her chores, Nathan went to sit down in one of the kitchen chairs, Hallie going straight between his legs, her mouth sharply taking it’s position. She began to suck slowly, not wanting to bring him hard too fast, she had to let some time to her sister in slavery. She sucked the head of his cock like a lollipop , looking at him in the eyes. She licked his manhood all along, going from his balls to the head, and vice versa. She sucked his balls in and out of her mouth, while stroking his dick. Placing it between her breasts, she stroked it with them, licking or kissing the head loudly.

Finally Elisabeth finished her duty, and brought the sushis plate. Nathan took it, and made her sit on the table. As he made her lay on her back, he said.

— You will be able to talk but any part of your body below your neck won’t be able to move, as if you were tied up with ropes.

— Yes master, said she, her cunt already red with her arousal.

Nathan began to place the meat on her, disposing it artistically around her breasts, her tummy and her pussy. He took her legs and took them apart, spreading them fully as he placed his fully erect cock at her pussy entrance. He dove in her in on stroke, making her gasp. Hallie seeing her master head sign, tool her position, siting on Elizabeth’s face, her cunt on her mouth. She didn’t have to wait long as she asian girl quickly grab the idea, licking ferociously the offered pussy.

Taking chopsticks Nathan took a sushi and eat it, before feeding Hallie, her hands on Elizabeth’s tits, while Elizabeth’s hand were on hers. Nathan then took an other sushi, and Hallie, grabbing the idea, got up a little, just enough so he can place the meat between his slave pussy and his other slave’s mouth, who greedily ate it, before returning to her licking and tong-fucking.

As this meal kept going, the pleasure they were sharing increased, their bodies moving faster and faster.

— Elizabeth, I want you to become pregnant the moment you come, with a boy and a girl, and I want Hallie to come at the same instant, I want you to come as I come in you, spreading in your hot and wet cunt. Said Nathan.

As this moment his body went rigid, as he began to fill her out. Elizabeth came as the same instant, followed by Hallie, and their screams went through the full house.

Later they went to Nathan’s room, getting in the bed, waking up Jessica without wanting it. They wrapped their bodies together, keeping each other warm, under the big blanket. And suddenly Jessy said.

— I’m pregnant.

Her lovers were surprised. Well, her master had ordered her to became pregnant, of course, but for her to said it out loud was another thing.

— How could you know, you only made love tonight? Asked Hallie, concerned.

— Yes, you can’t possibly know it right after you made love, it’s impossible. Said Elizabeth.

— I don’t know girls, I just know that “I know”, I don’t know why, nor how, I just “know it”, that’s all. Said Jessica, she was beginning to be frightened now, asking herself if she was going mad.

— It’s ok girls, said Nathan. If Jessy said that she’s pregnant, then she is, I believe her. Don’t frighten her more. Said he, caressing her hair and petting her head. We are not a normal family, and we have not a “normal” relationship either. But I’m sure that everything will be fine. If Jessica says that she know she is pregnant, it only means that my orders hallows her to feel it. Maybe Elizabeth will be able to feel it later too. Now I want you sleep and dream about all we done together, and as you dreams I want you to feel everyone of the sensation you had as if it was real again. You will fantasize about how we will make love in the future, with your bellies going round and big with your master’s babies, and your breasts getting bigger with the milk they will produce. Each of you will imagine five different way for me to make love to you, to two of you, and to all of you at once. You won’t make noises, and will awake feeling fresh and happy, remembering each one of your dreams. After that, I want you to wake me up smoothly, now sleep.

And with that the girls eyes shut down immediately, their breath going peacefully, happy smiles on their faces. Nathan took time to look at them, everyone of them, his slaves, each one of them bearing his heirs. At this moment the only feeling he had was his love for them, and for each one of their born to be babies. Soon he was asleep too.

The next morning, Elizabeth awoke with Jessica’s arms around her, her master holding her against him while he was still sleeping, and Hallie’s legs and arms wrapped around him like a koala in a eucalyptus.

Looking at her lovers faces, she looked down on her belly, and placed her hand on it, feeling peace and satisfaction. She looked at Jessica’s eyes, straight open now, and tried to say something, but her lover put a finger on her mouth, smiling and saying.

— I know.

They stayed here for a time, just looking at each other, and the time to wake up their master came.

Jessica, having the biggest breasts of the group took charge of his mouth, placing in it her nipples alternatively, to let him suck them to his heart contempt. At the same time, Elizabeth and Hallie went to his balls and dick, sharing it between them, kissing them in a duo, sometimes kissing his cockhead together so no part of it was still visible.

This three nymphs knows perfectly what was driving him hard and turning him on, and they used every trick they knows to reach their goal, “waking him up”.

After he finally gave them what they wanted, which they shared hungrily, the group went to a two hours shower. The necessary time to clean and fuck each of the girls one time, and to finish in a three way blow-job, the girls kneeling in front of him, sharing in time his cock to suck and deepthroat, Nathan finally spaying his cum all over their smiling and happy faces, and tits, their mouthes spreads open to catch the maximum of his semen, their tongs fully drawing outside to make a red carpet welcome way to his “gift”. The girls happily clean up each other using only their tongs, smiling and teasing the others as they pose a little show for their beloved master.

Later, when they finally win to be fully clothed and ready to went to class, Nathan made a declaration.

— Girls, you perfectly know that the persons who abducted Jessica are after us. They think that we have the pen, and are waiting to grab it and eliminate us. I’ve think about a plan. If they are searching for someone, we have to make them know that it’s someone else than us, and to use the pen to do it. My plan is simple, I will use the pen to pose as an unidentifiable man in a white suit, traveling mysteriously around the world, and solving people problems. They know the pen’s powers, so they think that people who own it will abuse it, so with your powers, you will pose as beautiful models, or actresses clones, that the man in white suit gladly fuck. We won’t hide us at this time, making all we can to attract attention. I’ve two goals for that. The first is to make them stop to look after us on the campus. And the other, to let other people in the world that something is happen, to give them hope that someone is here to help them. What do you think about it?

— Well, I don’t see what’s different form my usual part, master. Said Hallie with a fake concerned look on her face.

— Well, I never said that you won’t be able to have a little fun while we are overseas, but it’s your choice. Answered he, with a little grin.

— As long as you let us have our part of the fucking, we think we can arrange ourselves, master. And it’s not as you can’t order us to do all you want, said Jessica with her special smile.

All of them knows what it’s means, “order me to do all you want”, “humiliate me”, “make me scream for you in front of everyone, to let them know you are my master, and I’m your bitchy slave”, her submissiveness have reached his peak in the group, and seams to never go down since.

— So right now, I want you three, to look like, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Ryoko Hirosue, the girl who played Yumi in the movie Wasabi, of Luc Besson.

His orders where done quickly, as usual. And the girls looked at him as he created a portal with the room’s door. They arrived somewhere in Africa, and a long column of whites trucks were in front of them. Going in they began to drive, as a sand storm started around them.

Less than five minutes later, the sandstorm stopped, and they magically arrived in a UNICEF’s refugees camp. As soon as they arrived, a large crowd surrounded them, looking for who they are. But Nathan quickly draw their attention elsewhere, He stood at the back of one the fifty trucks, and opened it, making them see full packs of food, medicine and water.

— Tout cela est pour vous, servez vous. Said Jessica in French. Telling them to serve themselves because everything were for them.

Timidly at first, they went to pick some pack, but Nathan didn’t let them do it this way. Grabbing a frightened man by the arm, he gave him three or four packs more than the two he already pick, and made him go away after that with an friendly hug, before placing his attention to someone else.

The girls finally understood that the number of trucks was a decoy, only to permit them to say it would be normal seeing this number to see all they were able to give. In fact, the trucks capacity were enhanced to let them transport enough furniture to make a supertanker sink with overload.

It was one of Natan’s way to reach attention, so people would began to talk fast about the event.

By the night the trucks were finally empty, and miracle, everyone of the refugees had enough water, medicine and food, to survive a month, at the minimum.

The camp’s officials had quickly reach Nathan in the morning, only to see him telling them to came back later, when he would have finished his tasks.

And they had never be able to interview him, even if he played at various time with children, and gave a talk or two occasionally to adult women or men.

None of the officials were able to have a name. And as no one were able to remember other people than the man in the white suit, and his three beautiful female assistants, no one was able to know where he came from.

The group went in the trucks, and at this time the sand storm appeared again, making them disappeared like magic, while they went through time to another location in the world. Doing the same trick every time. Speaking different foreign languages each time.

They went through this little routine for two weeks, before returning to the exact time where they left the campus. Nathan’s plan being, that they would be seen by everyone, while their “alterego” would save the world.

Next chapter : The government’s attack.