The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Priest in Her Service


Derek pulled his car out of the bar’s parking lot, with Cameron riding along.

“Holy shit, man. That was amazing,” said Cameron. “I’ve never, I mean, it’s never been like that.”

“My new job has some perks,” deadpanned Derek.

“Well, thanks. Thanks a lot. I mean it,” replied Cameron.

“Don’t thank me for that,” said Derek. “That wasn’t a gift to you.”

“It wasn’t?”

“No, that was just so I could prove to you that I can do what I said I can do. This is the gift. Who do you want?”


“I am offering you a shot at fucking anyone you want. Name somebody you know, or even somebody you don’t know, and I’ll convince her to fuck you.”

“Erin Fox,” he said, immediately. Derek didn’t recognize the name.

“Who is she?”

“I met her at a party a few months ago. Most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Sweet, smart, funny, and totally not interested.”

“Where can we find her?”

“She works at a bank downtown. The one on Pine street.”

It was only a few minutes away. Derek started driving that way.

“Derek? Can I ask a favor?” said Cameron, somewhat timidly, as they came closer to their destination.

“What’s that?”

“Can … can this time be normal? Just her and me, in private? It was fun, in the bar with people watching, but it seemed less real.”

Derek pondered. Technically, that won’t help the Goddess nearly as much, he thought. But I think I am doing quite enough already. “Sure,” he said out loud.

They entered the bank shortly thereafter, and Cameron pointed out Erin. Soon, they were seated in front of her desk. She was a busty redhead with pale skin. Derek thought she was attractive, but not stunning, but Cameron clearly had a thing for her.

Erin looked at the two men, slightly puzzled, as if she thought she recognized Cameron. “What can I help you gentlemen with today?” she asked.

“Well, my friend here has a personal request,” said Derek, while working into her mind. Whatever it is, you want to fulfill it. You’ll happily do anything he asks, and won’t think it is unusual.

Erin turned to look at Cameron expectantly. He stammered a few times, coughed, and swallowed, glancing over to Derek for relief.

But Derek just grinned, and said, “Go on, ask.”

Cameron took a deep breath, and said, “Would you … please sleep with me?”

A puzzled expression briefly crossed Erin’s face, but she replied, “Sure, I’d love to. When?”


Erin looked around. They were seated in an open cubicle, in full view of half a dozen bank patrons and employees. “If you insist,” she said, and started to stand up from her desk, one hand going to the buttons on her blouse.

“Not NOW now!” said Cameron, urgently, gesturing for Erin to sit down. “I mean, as soon as we can get somewhere private.”

“Oh,” she replied. “Well, I live just a few minutes away. Will that do?”

“That will do fine.”

Derek smiled at the two, slapped Cameron on the shoulder, and took his leave, tweaking Erin’s mental state to weigh common sense a little bit stronger against blind obedience. Thus grounded, she went off to make excuses with her boss, and Derek stepped outside.

Since this operation wasn’t going to spread the blessings of the Goddess, he felt obligated to find some other way. He stood in the bank parking lot, and looked around for inspiration. Two blocks away, he saw a fancy private gym. He smiled to himself and started walking.

The lobby of the gym was very nicely appointed indeed. This was an upscale, locally managed exercise club, not one of those cookie cutter strip mall chain places. The lobby was spacious, with a shop selling exercise clothing and sports gear along one wall, a juice bar on the other, and a check-in desk against the back.

He went up to the desk, and addressed the cute and well toned girl working there. They had a short conversation, during which he asked innocuous questions about memberships and schedules while manipulating her mind, after which her standard perky customer service smile was replaced by a hungry, lusty stare.

She led him back to the employee break areas, where she shoved him against the wall, surprisingly forcefully, next to some lockers and started rubbing her body up and down his. He sought out a little more privacy than that before reciprocating, and they wound up fucking standing up in a cleaning closet. His hopes for discretion were somewhat ruined when she came with a forceful yell that must have carried through the door and well into the corridor, though no one was present when they emerged.

Thus having gained entry to the building, he scrounged an employee uniform (t-shirt and shorts) from the staff locker room and parted company with the girl. Before he could decide where to go next, he encountered another female staff member, just as impressive looking as the last one, short, blonde, fit as all hell, and looking at him suspiciously.

“I don’t know you,” she said, more of an accusation than an introduction.

“Derek,” he replied, and mentally sent. Everything is normal. I obviously work here, and you can trust me.

“I’m Allie. Sorry, I just have never seen you before.”

“That’s alright, Allie. So, tell me, what do you do here?”

“I’m a massage therapist.”

“Oh, really?” responded Derek, his curiosity (and other parts) aroused. “Who and when is your next client, then, Allie?”

Allie looked like she was considering not answering the question, but she said, “I’m scheduled for half an hour with Mrs. Miller in just a few minutes.”

“Is she hot?” asked Derek.

“I don’t think that’s an appropriate—” Allie began, but Derek waved her into silence. Answer the questions, completely and honestly. It is normal for you to answer all of my questions.

“I just want to know what she looks like. Is she hot? Would a guy like me want to fuck her?” he asked again.

“She’s pretty hot, in a MILFy sort of way,” responded Allie. “She’s got great legs and a nice ass, from all the racquetball she plays. Her tits are big but pretty obviously fake. I know some guys like that. She keeps the weight off, and her face isn’t bad. She’s probably had botox or something, but at least it’s more subtle than the tits.”

“Thank you, that was very thorough. Was your judgment purely academic, or do you have any interest in her yourself?” As the conversation got more intimate, Derek kept up his mental influence on Allie, keeping her open and unsuspecting.

“I’ve done my share of girls, but I wouldn’t with Mrs. Miller. For one thing, she’s a client, and that would get me fired or worse. For another, well, look at me.” She posed briefly, showing off her body. “If I want to get a girl, I can get one way hotter than Mrs. Miller.” She paused, checking the time. “Sorry, I’ve gotta go meet her.”

“Where is that?”

“Room 3, down that hall to the left.”

“Thanks,” said Derek. The woman started to leave, but he interrupted her. “Allie? Leave the door unlocked, would you?”

“It always is. Health codes,” she replied, and left the room.

You learn something every day, thought Derek. He waited a few moments for Allie to get Mrs. Miller settled, then followed her and slipped quietly into the room.

Mrs. Miller, he presumed, was lying facedown on a massage table, covered only by a towel draped over her butt. Her legs were quite gorgeous, as promised, and the towel showed a promising roundness to her ass. Lying flat on her stomach as she was, her other attributes were not visible at this time.

Allie was clearly expecting him, since she didn’t seem surprised, but she did give him a look that said he wasn’t welcome. Mrs. Miller, for her part, didn’t hear him come in, and he sent a series of thoughts to her. You won’t notice any sign of there being someone else in the room than you and Allie. You won’t move unless Allie tells you to, and you will follow her instructions. Allie’s touch feels very good, and you will become more and more aroused as she massages you.

To Allie, he merely gestured that she should go about her work. She gave him a funny look, but complied. For the next several minutes, Derek merely watched as Allie gave a thorough and professional massage, essentially ignoring Derek and treating it like any other client. Mrs. Miller, on the other hand, was showing clear signs that Derek’s instructions were getting to her. She was getting flushed, and squirmed whenever Allie came near her more sensitive areas.

Finally, Derek decided it was time to kick things up a notch. He sidled up behind Allie and began a whispered conversation in her ear, as he leaned over her shoulder from behind.

“She looks like she’s enjoying your massage in a special way. Maybe you should help her with that,” he began.

“I told you, I’ll get fired.” she hissed back. He could tell, however, that she was struggling with her own lust, which had been building this whole time, at his will, and had no release.

“I won’t let that happen,” he replied. “Here,” he said, and reached over to pull the towel off Mrs. Miller’s rear end. “If you give her what she needs, I’ll give you what you need,” and he reached down to cup Allie’s ass with his other hand, sending a jolt of pleasure through her at the same time.

Allie continued working, getting closer and closer to Mrs. Miller’s pussy but keeping the pretense of a general massage. Then, she started slipping a hand deep between Mrs. Miller’s legs for a moment before returning to her other work. The first of these elicited a gasp, and later attempts received moans as she got bolder and stayed for longer. Finally, the moans turned into a deep grunt, and Mrs’ Miller’s legs clenched together in orgasm, briefly trapping Allie’s hand.

Derek knelt behind her and tugged her shorts and panties down, exposing her bottom half entirely. He continued caressing her as she worked. He sent Allie a mental instruction, Get up on the table and lick Mrs. Miller’s pussy.

“Lift your hips up and spread your knees,” Allie said to Mrs. Miller, “but keep lying face down.”

Mrs. Miller, her arousal not lessened by her recent orgasm, complied, and Allied climbed up on the table between her legs, approaching her dripping cunt. Derek discovered a lever that lowered the last foot or two of the table, leaving Allie on her stomach, her own pussy sticking nicely over the edge. As she began to lick, he lowered his own pants and stepped up behind her.

Derek rubbed his hard cock up and down Allie’s buttcrack a few times before inserting himself into her presented pussy. He thrust gently at first, so as not to disrupt her oral attentions, but as she adapted to his tempo he increased the intensity, if not the speed, of his efforts.

He soon felt his release building. Just before he let himself loose, Allie started bucking back and forth and let out a scream of pleasure. He drove forward, muffling the sound in Mrs. Miller’s pussy, and erupted inside her.

Allie’s chained orgasm continued for some time, and the extra stimulation of her yells directly on Mrs. Miller’s clit pushed her over the edge as well. Derek withdrew and stepped back, Allie slid off the table somewhat gracelessly, but kept her feet, and Mrs. Miller lay there, ass still presented, breathing heavily.

He pulled his pants up and slipped out the door. Just as it was closing, he heard Allie saying, “OK, Mrs. Miller, why don’t you roll over and we’ll do your front.”

Derek walked the corridors, looking around for another opportunity. The main weight room was too open and exposed, with people entering and leaving regularly. The indoor courts had a similar problem. Things got considerably better when he followed several people in a group down a corridor and into a room where some sort of yoga/aerobics class was gathering.

He appraised the situation. There was the instructor, a slender and tall black woman with thin features but visible muscles on her long limbs. She kept her hair very short. Nine students had gathered, mostly women, mostly in pretty good shape.

Even just a few days ago, Derek wouldn’t have tried anything of this scale. It had taken him all morning to set up his office party, working carefully on the participants one at a time. However, he felt like he had taken leaps and bounds in his usage of his powers, so he dove in headfirst.

This class will be different from the others. Go with the flow, have fun, and enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about it being unusual. Sending his thoughts to a group at once was challenging, but he was getting the hang of it. His communication with the instructor (who’s name, he learned, was Ashley) was more complicated. He explained his plans in a combination of verbal description and mental encouragement. Ashley briefly looked shocked, but he quickly wore through her resistance and she started planning the session.

“OK, class,” she said. “We’re going to try something a little different, but which will build on the strength and flexibility we’ve been working on. For this session, we need mixed pairs, so Diane, could you see if you can find,” she counted the room “three more guys to come help us out?”

There was some shuffling as people got themselves arranged and started limbering up. Diane soon returned, but only with two men from the main exercise room. “Sorry,” she said. “Nobody else wanted to help.”

That made five couples, plus him and the instructor. Derek politely asked the odd woman out to stay by the door and watch for anyone coming, to give him some warning. She agreed cheerfully.

The class began with simple stretching and basic yoga style warm up. Derek was in pretty good shape, so he was comfortable with most of it. He used the time to keep emphasizing to the room that they should play along, follow instructions, and not think anything was particularly odd about the lesson.

“Alright, that’s enough warm up,” said Ashley. She began undressing, and nodded to Derek, who did as well. The class was certainly intent on them, but nobody ran screaming. “Now, one of the best uses of the strength and flexibility you gain from regular yoga exercise is that you can have sex in positions that are otherwise very difficult to reach. We usually don’t talk about it, but I’ve decided that we’re all adults and it’s something you probably wanted to know.” There were a few quiet murmurs of assent.

They turned to face each other, and Derek took a moment to admire her lean body, breasts standing out against a chest nearly devoid of fat, the nipples in turn poking out from the breasts, so dark as to be nearly black. In moments Ashley had Derek in a complex position, legs scissored but one of hers was hitched over his shoulder, and when she shifted, he sunk deep inside her in a way he didn’t know was possible. All the time, she was narrating what she was doing and how she was doing it. She began to undulate and he thrusted in turn, and he was dumbfounded. Somehow, with their legs tangled and spread in such a strange arrangement, he could thrust much deeper than he realized human anatomy would allow.

The whole class watched intently as they fucked, and soon Derek, and therefore Ashley, came to a quick, sharp, orgasm. She was all business, and extricated herself promptly, a multi-step process. “OK, class, now you disrobe and try it yourself. You may not want to finish, because we have a number of positions to get through and you need to keep your strength.” She looked back at Derek as she said this, but he was already hard again.

The class undressed, revealing most of the men already quite ready to go, and there was a lot of fumbling around as they attempted the maneuver. Ashley circulated around, giving assistance where needed, and in a few cases, stepping in to demonstrate directly on the male partner.

The first time this happened, Derek discovered something interesting. He knew his job was to spread the essence and spirit of his Goddess, and that he did that by having sex with people, and them having sex with people, but he had never really considered the specifics.

It was obvious that anyone he came inside of was deeply affected. He came inside Ashley, he blessed her and she became one of his chosen. He knew that she could spread this to another, but he had never watched it happen. Thus, he learned that the woman to man transfer didn’t require an orgasm, just penetration. He wondered if this was because female bodily fluids came into contact with a man earlier in the sexual process, or if it was more of a mystical thing. He also observed that the couples who hadn’t been reached yet still had a hint of the blessing aura about them. It seemed natural to assume that, since his power was growing, he could perform some part of the Blessing without physical contact at all.

In any case, this meant that his blessings quickly spread through the room over the next few positions that Ashley was either inventing off the top of her head or had actually thought about before. Her finale was to arrange a circle of people, all in a back bridge, each giving oral sex to the person ahead of them in the chain.

Derek was initially recalcitrant, but decided his reluctance for cunnilingus was unseemly in a sex-priest and resolved to try. It wasn’t that problem that failed him, but his lack of flexibility; he couldn’t keep his hips low enough to provide access to the woman there while simultaneously getting his head far enough around to the one ahead of him.

Several other people were unable to manage, and the final chain was only eight long, just barely enough to make the angles work. However, once arranged, it was a thing of beauty, and Derek made sure that everyone participating had and intense and deep orgasm.

Afterwards, as everyone was cleaning up and getting dressed, Derek realized that the lookout woman hadn’t gotten a chance to play.

“Thanks for keeping an eye out. Who here would you most like to fuck?” he asked, without preamble.

She hesitated, then pointed to Ashley.

“OK, then,” he responded. “Ashley? Why don’t you take this nice lady somewhere private and fuck her brains out. Do whatever she wants, as repayment for her watching the door for us.”

Ashley nodded, accepting this assignment without complaint (perhaps even a little glint of anticipation), and they joined the mass of people leaving the room. Derek, surprisingly tired from his contortions, decided his duties were done for the day and departed.

That night, he tried showing Melissa the moves he had learned, but he couldn’t seem to get them right, and they just collapsed into a tangle of limbs. Then, he showed her his resolve to get over his distaste for licking pussy, and that went much better. It was an experience they both found thoroughly enjoyable, and he resolved to do it more, and to many women, in the future.