The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Priest in Her Service


“Ugh,” said Derek to an empty house. It was Wednesday morning, and he had been seriously slacking in his duties as a sex-priest. Monday was a lazy day spent in recovery from his overindulgence at and after the wedding, during which he did basically nothing. Tuesday he spent setting up his consultancy contract with the Gylanic Society, making sure the paperwork was square. It would pay well enough to keep the same standard of living he had managed before, or perhaps a little better.

But today, he had a duty to get back to spreading the blessings of the Goddess, and for the first time, he had some difficulty in summoning the inclination to do so. Part of it was choice paralysis; he could literally pick anyone he wanted, so how could he decide where to go first? But part of it was just laziness; Derek had already convinced himself that his new life was routine, and he just didn’t feel like doing even the minimal work required. That was stupid, he knew, but it was almost 11 and he hadn’t even put on pants yet.

Then his phone rang, knocking him out of his funk. He grabbed it from the counter and answered. It was Cameron, a freelance programmer and buddy of his. Actually, Cameron was one of the few locals he could call his friend, not just someone he knew through Melissa (this was her town, not his).

Cameron had heard that he quit his job, and was checking up to make sure everything was OK. He was good about that, and had passed some freelance work on to Derek a few years ago, when he really needed the money. Derek assured him everything was fine, and made plans to meet for lunch. I can pay him back for the good deeds he’s done for me, Derek thought.

Two hours later, he was sitting in a booth in the back corner of a somewhat dingy bar that Cameron liked, drinking some bullshit microbrew that the place served instead of proper beer. Cameron came in and soon spotted him, looking relaxed and confident. Tall, trim, and good looking, Derek almost wondered if there was anything he could offer that Cam wasn’t already getting, but he remembered from their past conversations that Cameron’s luck with women wasn’t as good as people around him tended to assume.

He came over and sat down, and they ordered another round of drinks and burgers from the cute waitress who made sure to show them her cleavage as she busied herself at the table. Derek mainly kept his eye on Cameron, and smiled to himself when he noticed Cam enjoying the view.

“So,” said Cameron. “What’s up? I thought that gig was exactly what you needed, and I know they liked you well enough. Are you sure you can get enough contract work to keep up?”

“Actually,” replied Derek, “I’ve wound up in another line of work entirely.” And so explained, in abbreviated form, the events of the last weeks, stressing the fun parts but not getting into too much detail. He left Cameron’s mind alone for now, since he had plans to convince him of the story another way.

“You’re serious. This isn’t some practical joke show where you want to see if I try to have you committed,” said Cameron, when he was done.

“I’m dead serious, and I’m not crazy,” replied Derek.

“You have the powers of a sex-god.”

“I do.”

“Well, pardon me, but I don’t believe it.”

Just then, the waitress returned with their burgers. As she was setting them down, Derek addressed her by the name on her tag.


“Yes, sir, did you need some ketchup? Hot sauce? Another beer?”

“No, I’m fine. I actually need you to help me prove a point to my buddy, here. Can you do that for me?” Derek had been setting her up for this for nearly half an hour, so making the final push wasn’t difficult.

“Sure thing,” said Trudy, and dropped to her hands and knees, crawling under the table.

“Derek, what the hell?” said Cameron. “Did you set her up for thiiiIIIII—” His question became a sort of incoherent groan as Trudy came up between his legs and started fishing his cock out of his pants. Trying not to look down and acknowledge her, Cameron made eye-contact with the bartender, who toasted him and went to the front door, locking it.

Derek checked around the rest of the room to make sure everything was going according to plan. The place was pretty empty. At the bar, two old men remained oblivious, intent on their own conversation. A middle aged woman sitting at the opposite end swiveled around to watch, spreading her legs and starting to rub herself. A young couple near the door stopped eating and started making out. Lastly, two college girls got up from their booth and came over.

“My friend and I were talking and we, like, totally want to get naked for you guys. Is that OK?” said one of them, a short blond with with curly hair and big tits. Derek nearly laughed out loud. He’d been influencing them mentally, but of course hadn’t heard them speak yet, and this girls Valley Girl was so thick it was nearly a parody.

He restrained himself, however, and indicated his agreement with a gesture. “Oh goodie!” she replied and immediately started flinging her clothes off. Her companion, rather plainer looking with straight brown hair and a less impressive body (though still attractive) was much calmer, and even perhaps a little hesitant, but she too began to undress.

Not that Cameron was paying much attention. He spent several moments, via a combination of half-hearted pushes on her head and hands, gestures, and stammered statements, to get Trudy to stop giving him head, then gave up, groaned, and leaned back.

The college girls, meanwhile, had finished stripping. Unclothed, the blonde didn’t have quite as nice a body as he was guessing, with much of her cleavage being the result of her bra, and a bit of softness around the middle. The brown-haired girl was a little nicer, with smallish but pretty breasts and a pleasing skinny waist and hip flare. Neither were hard on the eyes, by any means. The blonde was posing and nearly dancing in place, trying to get the men’s attention, while the brown-haired girl was considerably more sedate, though she was making no effort to hide herself.

Derek decided he liked the look the brown-haired girl was giving him, and beckoned her over. She slid into the booth to join him, and they kissed while he felt her up. Soon, she was sprawled out, lying nearly flat on her stomach on the cushioned bench, his cock in her mouth. She turned out to be quite skilled, her tongue swirling him around in an amazing way. He felt no need to hold back, so he came after only a minute or two.

His first spurt went into her mouth, and she pulled off, just in time to catch the second blast full in her face. She looked up at him reproachfully, but before she could do anything else her eyes rolled back as the semen-induced orgasm hit her. Unfortunately, her perch on the bench was precarious, so the spasms caused her to slip off and fall on the floor under the booth with an undignified thump and squeal.

She turned out to be unhurt, just embarrassed, and extracted herself with little difficulty. As she grabbed a napkin to clean up, Derek turned his attention to the blonde. He needed a little more room, so he switched to a nearby chair and had her sit in his lap.

The brown haired girl was looking around the room. Cameron was still being blown enthusiastically by Trudy, who had managed to pull her shirt open and shed a few garments, but was still mainly clothed and mainly out of sight under the table. The couple near the door were outright fucking now, and the two old men at the bar seemed not to notice a thing. The masturbating woman had orgasmed at least once and showed no signs of stopping. The bartender was simply watching everything happen.

When she turned back, Derek was buried deep within her friend, and they were humping away. Derek looked over at Cameron and saw that he was nearing his climax, so he increased his pace and was just about to release inside the blonde when she came anyway. He blasted into her just as she was coming down, giving her a double orgasm that left her trembling. Cameron came at about the same time, with a totally shameless open-mouthed expression of bliss on his face.

With the action over for the time being, everyone settled back in at the booth. Trudy slithered up into a seat next to Cameron, there being no sign of any semen anywhere. She patted her lips with a napkin from the table. The blonde sat next to Cameron on the other side, and the brown haired girl joined Derek back on his original side. Derek took a bite from his burger.

“OK,” said Cameron. “That was pretty convincing. But,” he paused, gathering his thoughts. “Isn’t that wrong? Making girls do things they don’t want to?”

“I don’t think so,” replied Derek. “Ladies, did you have fun, just now?”

“Absolutely,” said Trudy, leaning into Cameron. Her top was undone and one nipple poked out around the cup of her bra, clearly hard. “I nearly came just from sucking him off. It was amazing.”

“I did come,” said the brown-haired girl. “From the blowjob I gave, I mean. I came harder than I can remember.”

The blonde looked blissful, and her expression answered the question sufficiently.

Derek was struck by a thought. He turned to the brown-haired girl. “You liked coming from giving a blowjob?” he asked.

“God, yes,” she replied. “It was amazing.”

“Would you like for that to happen every time?”

“My boyfriend would, that’s for sure,” she joked.

Derek would not be derailed from his new idea, however. “But how about you?”

“Yeah. I think I would.”

“Very well,” he replied, and took her hand in both of his. He wasn’t actually sure how to do this, but it felt right, and the Mistress had suggested that he should experiment to find new ways to use his power. “From now on, you will find giving blowjobs to be incredibly arousing,” he intoned, and felt the power flowing from him. “When—” he paused, and as an aside, asked, “Are you a swallower?” She made a face in response, “Well, we’ll let you decide later,” he responded, and went back into his pronouncement. “Whenever a guy comes in your mouth or on your face, you will have an incredible orgasm. Furthermore, you will orgasm easily with that guy from other acts, and any other orgasms you have will be similarly powerful.” He thought he was done, but then decided to add, “But no spitting it out. Either take it in the face or swallow it all.” He finished the proclamation and released her hand.

“Will that work?” she asked, tentatively, but he could see the eagerness in her eyes.

“You’ll have to find out,” he teased, but he knew it would. He could feel the power of the Goddess making it so.

“Oh my god, that is so unfair!” said the blonde. “Can I get to come like crazy like she does? Do me too!” and she stuck her hand across the table.

Derek took it, and began again. “When you have sex, it will be hotter if there is more than one girl there. When any other girl orgasms, you will feel the same orgasm yourself. If you caused the orgasm, you will feel it even more powerfully than the woman you are giving it too.”

“That’s, that’s not what I asked for at all,” she said.

“Sure it is. All you have to do is tag team a guy and have your friend here blow him. When he pops, she does, and when she gets off, so will you. You’ll come like crazy exactly like she does.”

“But I meant to ask for it for when I was alone with a guy! Not for threesomes and, umm, lezzie stuff.”

“That may have been what you tried to ask for, but I gave you what you really wanted, didn’t I?”

She looked embarrassed, and it was difficult to hear her response of a simple “yes.”

“Good!” said Derek, definitively. “Now, I think you ladies should test your new gifts. The bartender over there has been very patient with us, and deserves a reward. Go give him one.” They slid out of the booth and went over to do his bidding.

Derek turned to Trudy, who put her hands up, “Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t need any tricks to have a good time. All I want right now is for this guy here,” and she pulled Cameron into a brief but passionate kiss, “to finish what he started.”

Derek excused himself from the pair, and looked around for another source of entertainment. He chose the woman at the bar, who had been fingering herself continuously from the very beginning. She was on a barstool, spun around facing away, leaning back against the edge of the bar. Her eyes were now closed, and she was completely lost in her own self-love.

Derek wanted to give her the blessing of the Goddess, but it seemed awkward to interrupt her. So, instead, he climbed up onto the bar and knelt next to her, and started stroking himself. He paced himself carefully, timing his own building release with hers, so that, when she brought herself to a climax a few minutes later, he came on her face and (clothed) chest at the same time. She was so far gone that she didn’t even notice, just continued riding the waves of pleasure. When she finally came down, she opened her eyes, but he had already moved on.

The college ladies, meanwhile, had set off their chain reaction with the bartender. He came in the brown-haired girls mouth, triggering her orgasm, triggering the blonde’s orgasm. The girls then split up, with the brown-haired girl staying with the bartender and the blonde heading over to join the couple by the door.

They were briefly surprised by her, as they seemed to have completely forgotten they were in public, but soon she had her mouth wrapped around the guy’s cock while he ate out his partner. Derek thought about joining them, but decided not to. He simply relaxed for the moment and stayed out of any of the couplings going on around him. He wandered over to his original booth, rescued his beer from being knocked over by Cameron and Trudy who were humping enthusiastically on the table, and took a pull.

He hadn’t been back over there for very long when Trudy came furiously, making Derek glad he had rescued his beer. The extra vigor of her thrusting in the throes of her orgasm brought Cameron off as well, and they slowly untangled and dismounted the table, giggling.

Trudy looked like she was good for more, but Cameron waved her off, proclaiming that he was down for the count, for the time being. Derek encouraged her to join somebody else, and she went over to the bar to see what the bartender was doing to the nice brown-haired girl.

“They’ll be at it for a little while, yet, but I think we should be going,” said Derek to Cameron, who was still catching his breath. Then he looked around feigned anger. “But you know, the service in these places sucks. Where’s the check when you need it, or our waitress with a doggy-bag?”