The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Priest in Her Service


It was much later when Derek next awoke, and he was briefly disoriented. He looked around the unfamiliar room in the dim light, before finally resolving where he was. He was in the bed in the honeymoon suite, though he had no memory of getting there, lying under a thin sheet, naked. He was at the edge, with Patty, then George, then Melissa on the opposite edge, all to his right. Patty was no longer tied up.

He stood up, used the bathroom, and started quietly collecting his clothes. He was nearly dressed when he first thought to wonder why he was preparing to leave, without his wife, at 4:15 AM. I recognize this sensation. It’s like when I went to the house for the first time. That was… only a week ago? It seemed like so much longer.

He finished buttoning his shirt, put his shoes on, and slipped out the door. He was pretty sure he knew why he was leaving, now, but still didn’t know where he was going. He only figured it out when he stepped out through the front door of the hotel and saw a long black limo parked in the circle. Without any thought, he opened the door and climbed in.

The Mistress sat across from him on a facing bench seat, in a different but equally revealing dress to the first time he had met her. A stunningly beautiful girl, just out of her teens, lay on the seat with her head in the Mistresses lap. She seemed barely awake, practically purring as the Mistress stroked her hair. She was dressed in a T-shirt and short shorts, and nothing else. It looked like it could have been bedwear.

As he settled into the seat, the limo started moving without any visible signal being given. The privacy screen between the driver and the cabin was in place and completely opaque, so Derek had no idea who was driving.

“So, Derek,” the Mistress said. “I thought I would see how your first week as a priest went.”

“Pretty good, I think?” responded Derek. “What would you like to know?”

“Well, for starters, how many have you blessed?”

Derek did some quick calculations. “Directly? Eighteen women. Indirectly, through them? One more woman, and at least eight or nine men, probably many more.”

“No men directly?”

“That’s not my thing.”

“The Goddess isn’t picky, though. I’m surprised you still are.” She gave him an intent look. “Well, no matter. Do what you will.”

The girl in the Mistresses lap seemed to be waking up a little. The Mistress raised her hand and held it over the girl’s body. The tattoo spread down her arm again, and tendrils of smoky darkness emerged from her hand. They settled on the girl’s body, slithering under her clothing, and shortly the girl was oblivious to the world around her, lost in supernatural pleasure. She opened her mouth as if to make a noise, but a smoke-darkness-tentacle snaked up to her mouth and she was kept silent.

Derek watched in fascination, simultaneously terrified of the power on display and intensely aroused by it. The Mistress, on the other hand, seemed to completely ignore the girl once she had summoned the tentacles.

“So, have you anything interesting to report? Any questions to ask?” she asked.

“Ummm, yes,” responded Derek, pulling his attention away from the scene in front of him. He described his interactions with Stefan at the office party. The Mistress looked mildly concerned, and pressed him for a means to find Stefan, which Derek provided to the best of his ability.

“I will look into this. He may just have some natural resistance, like you did, or it may be something else entirely. You should have pressed him harder at the time, though. We would know more.”

“I’m sorry, but you didn’t exactly give me a lot of training. I’m really just winging it out there.”

“I know, but believe me, it’s best if you just trust to the Goddess, most of the time. Too much ‘training’ and you start to overthink. For example, if I’d trained you, you would have questions and worries about pregnancy, disease, and other practical matters.”

Derek’s stomach went cold. He had not in the slightest considered contraception once during the entire last week. Who had he impregnated? Did he have a disease? Could he have spread one? But the Mistress was continuing.

“Oh, don’t worry. The Goddess makes sure that diseases are a problem that happens to other people, not Her people. And She will only allow pregnancies when the time is right. But my point is, you didn’t need to think about it to know how to handle that.”

“Except with respect to Stefan,” Derek observed.

“Well, apparently the Goddess is less worried than I am,” replied the Mistress. “Well, what’s done is done. I will investigate, and it will probably be nothing. Do you have any other questions? Anywhere else that the Goddess has not sufficiently enlightened you?”

“Well, yes,” responded Derek. “What am I supposed to do? I mean with my life in general. I quit my job; it seemed clear that I couldn’t be a web developer and sex-priest at the same time, but I still need to eat, and pay my mortgage. Do I … charge for my services?”

The Mistress laughed, and absently started stroking the girl in her lap’s hair again. She was considerably more animated now, physically overwhelmed by the magic that was invading her, but she was still entirely silent.

“I suppose you could, but it isn’t necessary. We have a foundation that can pay you as a consultant. Someday, we may even need a website, and we’ll use your services. Someone will call you later with the details.” Derek decided this wasn’t the time to explain the difference between a web designer and a web developer.

“That’s another question. When we first met, you implied that the Goddess wanted to bring the whole world into Her fold. How does that happen?”

“That’s a long way off, still. We will slowly gain converts and acceptance, and change the laws of man to a form more fitting of proper obeisance to the Goddess. Exactly when and how that happens remains to be seen.”

“OK. One more. The Goddess is real. Is God? Are we part of a war?”

The Mistress paused. “I don’t know,” she said. “The Goddess tells me that God was real once, certainly. But I have seen no sign that he is real now. Perhaps he faded from interest in human affairs. Or perhaps he merely slumbers, and will awaken to fight for what he thinks is his. I have no idea.”

“Oh,” said Derek. He was silent for a moment, processing the information.

“However, God, or other Gods, are not the only place that the Goddess may encounter resistance to Her designs,” the Mistress continued. “Think of the world as it would please Her. Many people would not like to see such a world come to pass, and until they can be convinced otherwise, they will fight.”

The girl in the Mistresses lap chose that moment to go completely rigid, eyes wide open, nostrils flared. She remained silent, but looked for all the world like she was screaming. It was such an intense and alien reaction it took Derek a moment to realize that it was an orgasm. After what seemed an eternity, her eyes rolled back and she slumped back down, unconscious. The smoky darkness left her and returned to the Mistress.

“Can I learn how to do that?” Derek asked.

“Perhaps sometime in the future,” replied the Mistress. “Not yet.” She paused. “There is much power that you already possess but have not tapped. You should experiment.”

As if on cue, the vehicle pulled to a stop, and the Mistress gestured at the door. “We will speak again, my priest.” Derek got out right where he had gotten in.

As he was passing through the lobby on his way back to his room, he realized that he had forgotten to bring a key with him. There was a new clerk behind the desk, but it was equally easy to get a key from him as it was earlier, from the cute girl. Just as Derek was stepping away, the girl in question came out of the back office, dressed in normal clothing.

Follow me, thought Derek at her as he went up to the room. The clerk did, slightly confused. She was a short brunette with a curvy body and a round face, radiant when she smiled. He spoke quietly to her as they rode the elevator up, reinforcing his verbal instructions with mental commands.

“Patty and George just got married, you see. They deserve a wedding present.” You want to be their wedding present. “You will be their wedding present.” You want to do whatever they want. “You will do whatever they want you to.” You will enjoy doing whatever they want. “You will be their willing, obedient wedding present.” It will be the best sex of your life.

The elevator binged, and the doors opened. “Does that sound like fun?” asked Derek.

“Yes,” breathed the woman.


They slipped quietly back into the room. Everyone was still asleep. Derek had the clerk undress, which she did happily. She was less enthusiastic when he found the stockings that had been used earlier to tie Patty to the bed, and he went to tie her arms behind her back.

“You’re a present, dear,” Derek said softly. “You have to be wrapped.” He had her kneel at the foot of the bed, arms completely immobilized behind her back.

“Wait here for quietly for them to wake up, then explain what you are. Have fun,” he said. She nodded, already showing signs of arousal on her face.

Derek woke his wife and softly told her to get dressed and ready to go. She started when she noticed the naked woman at the foot of the bed, but he simply explained, “She’s a present,” and that was sufficient.

Just before they were ready to leave, Melissa went over to the bound hotel clerk and reached down her back between her legs while giving her a passionate kiss. Her hand came up damp, and she whispered “She’ll do.” She and Derek slipped out the door and into the early morning.