The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Priest in Her Service


Saturday was a day of rest for Derek. In the morning, he resolved not to have sex with anyone. Shortly thereafter, the sight of his wife convinced him to revise his resolution to not have sex with anyone other than her.

As they lay together in their post coital afterglow, Melissa said, “I don’t suppose you remember about Patty’s wedding tomorrow.”

Derek did not. “Patty? Your supervisor’s daughter? No, I totally forgot.”

“I figured,” replied Melissa. “Well, if I’m going to stay at my job, and I think I should, I really should go. I RSVPed that you would come along, too. I know you might have other plans, but I had a thought.”

Derek detected something in her tone. “A thought, you say. Is this a good thought, or a bad thought?”

“I leave it to you to decide. Do you remember our wedding night?”

“Of course.”

“We weren’t virgins, not even with each other, but it was still special. Do you want to make Patty and George’s wedding night even more special? That seems like the sort of thing the Goddess would approve of. Show them that monogamy isn’t all its cracked up to be.”

“That does sound appealing,” mused Derek. “No funny business, though. If we do this, you follow my lead.”

“Of course, oh high priest of the church of fucking. I obey you in all things,” Melissa snarked back.

Thus, the next day, Derek found himself sweating in a summer-weight suit in a church with broken air-conditioning. He was listening to a pastor drone on about the importance of glorifying God in holy matrimony, or something similar. He felt unusually self-conscious. Derek had not been raised religiously, but attending religious services he didn’t believe in had never bothered him before. Now it was different, though. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe, it was that he knew they were wrong, or rather, if they were right but they still weren’t good.

He was even a little nervous, when he arrived for the ceremony, that he wouldn’t be able to cross the threshold, or that the sight of the altar would burn his eyes, or something similarly dramatic. Nothing like that had happened, however. His powers, or abilities, or gifts, or whatever they should be called, were unaffected, and he sat there like he belonged.

The best part about the ceremony was that it was fairly short. A few homilies, a few musical pieces, a poetry reading, the vows, and that was it. The bride and groom were very young, both still college aged, and she was quite pretty. Her bridesmaids, much more comfortable in summer dresses, weren’t too harsh to look at either. Things only turned sour again when Derek discovered that the reception was just downstairs in the church basement, in the sweltering heat.

This would not do, so Derek mounted an operation, with several other mechanically inclined guests, to fix the air conditioning. Derek was more of a software than a hardware guy, but he found a few people better at such things than he was, and the problem turned out to be simply a tripped breaker.

That was when Derek remembered why he didn’t like weddings. He never knew what to do at the receptions afterwards. He spent the time before the meal making his plans for later, but that wasn’t difficult at all. A short conversation with the best man, and he learned that the couple had booked a hotel in town and were scheduled to leave on their honeymoon tomorrow afternoon. Derek got the room number and figured that he could just get a key from the front desk whenever he wanted.

He pondered how he had just used his powers. With barely any effort, the best man was telling him private information freely. Derek was sure the man would have happily handed over his wallet. Was that how he should make money? Mug people with his mind? Rob banks? He was pretty sure he could, but should he? Mind controlling people to bring them into the fold of the Goddess was right and proper, but mind controlling them just to steal money seemed wrong.

Dinner interrupted his musings, as did his wife. Melissa knew how little he enjoyed these sorts of social engagements, and whispered in his ear “just a few more hours and we can ravish her,” as the bride came to their table to greet everyone. It was supposed to be encouraging, but Derek found it depressing.

When the DJ started up, and the dancing began, he hit his low. There was no way he would make it through three or four hours of this. He knew hardly anyone, didn’t dance when he could avoid it, didn’t like the music, and just didn’t want to be there.

Then, he noticed one of the bridesmaids dancing energetically, and admired the way her legs and ass looked in her dress. Well, why not? He thought. It’ll be something to do. When she next stepped off the floor, he spoke to her quietly. They met up in a store-room, she gave him a blowjob, and they went back to the party.

He decided to make a game of it. How many attractive women could he get to suck him off before it was time to go? In all he managed nine, and only got caught twice. The first time he was caught, he was with the college-aged daughter of a family friend of the groom’s. She was enthusiastic but inexperienced. The girl’s mother must have noticed her absence, because she found them in an out of the way janitorial closet. He solved the problem by having her wait quietly then take her turn servicing him. She turned out to be much better than the daughter, so he had her give some pointers before they all returned to the festivities.

After that, Derek started choosing more adventurous locations. He was caught again by the pastor getting blown in the pews in the back of the church itself, this time by a woman who’s relation to the wedding party Derek hadn’t bothered to learn. The pastor, too, waited quietly, then pulled out his dick and was blown by the woman in turn. Derek wasn’t very up-to-date on churchly affairs, but he was pretty sure that this was a denomination where the pastors weren’t celibate. You wouldn’t have known it from the way the pastor reacted to his blowjob, however. He made enough noise getting his dick sucked that Derek was sure they would attract further attention, though no-one came. No one came to investigate, that is.

In this way, the time passed pleasantly enough, and Derek was still trying to find an opportunity separate number 10 from her friends when Melissa pointed out that they needed to leave to be ready in time. She had been spending the time chatting, socializing, and dancing.

“I hope you didn’t get too bored,” Melissa said as they went to their car.

“I kept myself entertained,” replied Derek.

“Oh? Oh! Who with?”

“Errr, it’s a long list,” he trailed off at her indignant look, but she didn’t press the question.

They arrived at the hotel which Patty and George had booked. Derek easily secured a room key from the clerk at the front desk, and left instructions for her to call them and let them know when the couple arrived. She was rather cute, and Derek considered inviting her to join them, but he didn’t want her to leave her post and get in trouble.

And so it was that, ten or so minutes later, Derek and Melissa were ready in the room when the door opened, the lights came on, and George carried Patty across the doorframe, giggling. He set her down, they smooched briefly, then started as they noticed the interlopers in their room, standing naked.

Derek calmed the pair, then spoke aloud. “Today, your union was blessed by God, but I think you will find it is more important, and more useful, if it is blessed by the Goddess.”

Derek and Melissa advanced on the newlyweds, each placing a hand on the cheek of their counterpart in near unison. Derek was momentarily surprised by this, because he hadn’t planned or coordinated it, but he kept his focus on the woman in front of him. He put his other hand on her side, so the heel of his palm just grazed the side of her breast, constrained within her gown. She trembled but didn’t move as he ran his finger across her lips.

Derek reached all the way around Patty and embraced her, and kissed her tenderly on the cheek as he began hiking up her dress. There was a considerable amount of material in the gown, so it took him a moment to gather it and reach completely underneath. He found her panties and began kissing and stroking, while she remained almost perfectly still. Melissa, meanwhile, had different ideas, and was leading George over to over sized honeymoon suite bed.

Distracted by the other pairing in the room, Derek was surprised when Patty came violently under his fingers. I hadn’t realized she was that close, he thought. I didn’t really give her any mental commands that would get her off so soon. She must just be really into this.

When Patty had recovered from her sudden orgasm, Derek led her over to the couch in the little sitting area in the suite, where he had her suck his cock. Derek’s response was slow, and he realized that he may have overdone things at the reception. His supernaturally supported stamina seemed to be nearing its end.

But still, he had one last hurrah in him for the day, so he turned Patty around and had her sit in his lap. Her wedding dress was getting in the way, so she discarded it, but she left on her stockings and garters. He slipped inside her gently, and they enjoyed a slow rocking motion together, nothing urgent or frantic, just relaxing.

As they were both sitting up facing outward, they could watch George and Melissa easily. They were side-by-side on the bed in a sixty-nine, though it appeared that Melissa was far enough down the road to pleasure that she was no longer paying significant attention to George’s cock. He didn’t seem to mind, putting his efforts into lapping at her cunt, and was soon rewarded by her cries of pleasure and her legs clamping around his head.

The couple on the bed started shuffling around, and Derek could feel that Patty longed to be with her husband, despite her present enjoyment of the gentle caresses of his cock. George was now on his back, and Melissa moved to straddle him and ride him cowboy-style. Derek felt too weary to increase the vigor of his fucking, so he simply willed himself to come inside her, relying on the blessing of the Goddess to give her an orgasm as well.

Once they were done, Derek sent Patty over to the bed to join her husband and his wife, while he stayed on the couch and watched, relaxing. Patty lay beside the other two, unsure of how to join at first, but with a little mental urging from Derek, was soon caressing Melissa’s breasts. Shortly after that, George was fingering her, then the three became a tangle of limbs completely engrossed in each other.

Derek was enjoying watching the scene, but soon his fatigue overcame him and he drifted off without really noticing. When he next awoke, Patty was tied spreadeagled to the bed, with George kneeling over her head facefucking her and Melissa between her legs eating her out. So she’s into that sort of thing. That probably why she was so turned on when I wasn’t letting her move, Derek thought as he drifted back to sleep.