The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Priest in Her Service


Friday morning, the first thing Derek did at work was tell his boss about his decision to quit.

“I’m sorry to see you go, Derek,” said Sean. “I’ve noticed you’ve been distracted this week. If you just need to take some personal time and think things over, we can work something out.”

Derek thanked him for the offer but declined. They agreed that, since there wasn’t much other than busywork for him at the moment, his last day would be today. Then, Derek had an idea, and Sean was saying, “You’ve been a good member of the team. Let’s have a little celebration of your new direction.”

Soon, the office was bustling with preparations for an impromptu Friday afternoon party. Carol went out for supplies, appointments were canceled or rescheduled, and so forth. Derek, for his part, had his own plans for the party, and started making subtle suggestions to his office mates, one at a time. He didn’t want anyone doing anything yet, but to pull off what he wanted, he would need to lay a lot of groundwork in people’s heads in advance.

He took a roll-call of people in the office. Of the fairer sex, there was Carol, Nikki, Yifan, and Sandy. Representing the sausage-factory contingent was Derek, Sean, two programmers named Carl and Ted, both skinny nerds, one smarmy sales/account manager named Ryan, the elderly CEO John, and Stefan, one of the designers (The other designer had the day off). Derek thought Stefan might be gay, but he might just be French-Canadian. His accent took some getting used to.

The nearly two-to-one gender ratio didn’t work well for Derek’s plans, so he called his wife.

He opened the conversation with, “Hi hon, I’ve quit my job and decided to have an orgy before I go. If you want a crack at Nikki, now is your chance.”

“Oh. Really? That sounds … interesting. When did you have in mind?”

“Show up around one. It might take a little bit to loosen people up. And bring Maria and Julie, if you can. I think we need a few more ladies.”

“What will I tell them?”

“Tell Maria the truth, that I want her to come and get fucked by many men. She’ll come along. You don’t have to tell Julie anything, you can just make her attendance a Rule.”

“Does that still work?”

“It should. But no making Rules that I haven’t approved of when I’m not around.”

“You’re no fun.”

“You are saying that to the man setting up an orgy right now.

“Point taken. Your harem will be in attendance, as requested.”


Derek’s next stop was elsewhere in the office building, specifically back at Dr. Hickman’s. This time, Claire was behind the desk, but there was no-one waiting.

“Hello, Derek,” she said. “Are you here for Dr. Hickman, or me?” She raised an elegant eyebrow at this last comment.

“Hmmmm…,” said Derek. “Both of you, I think.”

“Who is to say that we want to let you in on our little games?”

“That’s not actually what I meant. Is she available?”

“She’s in a session right now, but it should be over in just a few minutes.”

“Can I wait?”


“Alright then, I’ll sit over here, and you can try to not think about sucking my cock.” Think about sucking my cock. Obsess over it.

He sat down and idly flipped through a magazine. Claire, meanwhile, went back to her work, but kept glancing at him, licking her lips. After two or three minutes, she gave up, and said “Can I—”

“Someone will be coming out that door any minute,” Derek interrupted. “Would that really be a good idea?”

Before she could answer, a middle aged man in a business suit did indeed come out the door to the inner office. Derek sat quietly as he did some business with Claire, who was still distracted by thoughts of his cock, and was therefore performing slowly. When he had finally left, she pressed a button on her desk and said, simply, “He’s here.”

The response through the intercom was “Send him in.”

“Hello, Derek,” Dr. Hickman said as he stepped into the office. “Was it a test or a gift?”

“I’m sorry?” replied Derek. He didn’t know what the woman meant.

“Claire. Was giving her to me a test, to see if I practiced the moral code I told you about? Or was she a gift, to reward me for helping you?”

“You’re missing the most important option.”


“Yes. She was an offering, to the Goddess. That was her role. Other than that, I suppose she was both. Did you pass? How do you like her?”

“I am an old woman, set in my ways, and I thought, content in them. I had slowed down a lot since my youth, but I thought that was just the natural consequence of age, and I accepted it. But Claire… it’s only been two days, and I’ve already lost count of how often I’ve had her in here. It’s amazing. Oh, and another thing.”

“Yes?” Derek responded.

“The first time, you had just fucked her, yes? Well, she didn’t clean up before coming in, and I, err, encountered your deposit, so to speak, in our activities. I can report that it’s properties were undiminished from your accounts of direct contact.”

Derek parsed his was through this sentence, then replied, “Are you saying you came from eating my jizz out of Claire’s pussy.”

“If you want to put it so bluntly, yes.”

“Good to know.”

“So,” Dr. Hickman said, changing the subject, “How do you feel about our conversation, then? Do you want to talk about it more?”

“Maybe soon, but not right now. I just wanted to check in with you, and ask you for a favor.”


“May I borrow Claire for the afternoon? I’m making some special arrangements.”

“By all means. She belongs to your Goddess before me, anyway, as you said.”

“Thank you.”

He turned to leave. As he opened the door, however, Claire practically leaped through it into the office, tackling him and clutching at his pants.

“I need your cock NOW,” she grunted.

Oh, right. I left her obsession growing the whole time I was in here. He looked over at Dr. Hickman, who made a permissive gesture with a bemused smirk on her face. It would be cruel to deny her.

So Derek dropped his trousers right there in front of the bemused Dr. Hickman, and got an enthusiastic and urgent blowjob from Claire. She was frantic in her efforts, and it actually detracted from his enjoyment a bit. He expected she would be quite a good cocksucker if she slowed down a little.

But, it wasn’t like the blowjob was bad or anything, and having Dr. Hickman watching gave the whole scene an extra kick. She wasn’t doing anything, but she was staring intently. Derek soon felt his climax building within him, and made no effort to hold back. He shot his load into Claire’s mouth, giving her a rush of pleasure and a small orgasm.

Claire, relieved of her obsession, stood and tried not to be too obvious in looking for something to clean up the semen leaking down her chin.

“Why don’t you kiss Dr. Hickman first?” asked Derek, smiling. “And join me for a little party in my office around one.”

He left as the ladies tentatively came together behind him.

The party turned out to be a great success.

It started tamely enough. Carol had procured pizza, snacks, and cupcakes, and Melissa brought beer. His extra guests were introduced simply as “My wife and some friends” and were under his careful guidance not to push things too fast.

Still, after half an hour or so of eating, drinking, and chatting, his little tweaks and pushes were adding up. He saw that Maria, Yifan, Carl, and Stefan were in the conference room playing strip poker, though nothing crucial had been discarded yet. Ryan was giving Carol a shoulder massage, Claire was practically draped over Nikki, she was flirting so hard (apparently, giving her lesbian ideas towards Dr. Hickman had stuck), and John was telling increasingly dirty jokes to most of the rest of the group.

Everyone’s appreciative chortle at John’s latest anecdote was cut short by cheers from the conference room. Yifan was just removing her undershirt, revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts were small but pleasant, and her nipples and areolae were small, very dark, and obviously excited. She smiled in a mixture of embarrassment and lust, and picked up the cards for her next hand, making only a token effort to cover herself.

“Do you like what you see in there, champ?” asked Nikki, dragging Claire in tow and coming over to where Derek sat. Derek noted that Nikki’s blouse was half-unbuttoned.

“Err, yes. Yifan is very pretty.”

“Wanna see something else ‘pretty’?” she asked, and without waiting for a reply, grabbed Claire and started kissing her deeply. The two women making out attracted some attention, and when they came up for air a few minutes later, it was to a round of applause.

Derek, seeing the moment, gave Melissa a nudge, and gestured towards Nikki. His wife needed no further encouragement, and stepped up, saying, “My turn.”

Melissa and Nikki’s kiss was even more erotic than Claire’s. Melissa had one hand in Nikki’s blouse, and the other up her skirt, and practically flung the smaller woman onto a couch, causing its current occupants to scramble to make room.

In the conference room, clothing was growing increasingly scarce. Maria was now topless as well, and Carl was in nothing but a pair of boxers doing an inadequate job containing his erection. Stefan, on the other hand, had lost nothing but a vest. The poker game seemed all but forgotten. Derek couldn’t hear the conversation, but it appeared that Yifan asked Maria a question, and she replied by taking the younger woman’s hand and putting it on her breast.

Back in the main room, Ryan was now openly rubbing Carols tits through her blouse, and Julie was practically humping John’s leg. Then, Nikki climaxed abruptly and violently under Melissa’s fingers. This, Derek decided, was as good a cue as any to let things go wild. He took advantage of the momentary disruption to push lust and a lack of inhibition to the room in general. It was a different technique than sending verbal thoughts, but it felt right.

And it certainly had a dramatic effect. Julie stripped John’s pants off with a feral urgency, and took his growing cock into her mouth. Ryan and Carol were making out, flinging garments away from themselves. Sandy stripped off her shirt to reveal a complex and heavy-duty bra. Derek wasn’t particularly aroused by her flabby body, but the tits that spilled out when she unhooked the bra were massive. He had no idea how she could keep them bundled in like that. Ted, sitting next to her was admiring them openly when Sandy grabbed his head and thrust it between them. He practically disappeared. Derek hoped that Sandy would let him out for air soon. Profane yells from one of the offices told him that Claire and Sean had snuck off when he wasn’t looking.

In the conference room, Yifan was spreadeagled on the table with Maria by her legs, stroking her pussy and Carl by her head stroking her breasts and his cock at the same time. Stefan, however, sat still and just watched. Derek sent him an extra nudge to loosen up and have fun, but then was distracted by Nikki crawling up into his lap.

Derek lost track of who did what to whom for a while, lost in a private world with Nikki, then Nikki and Melissa. He was buried to the hilt in Nikki’s shaven pussy when he came for the first time, and took that opportunity to look around again.

John was now suckling Sandy’s tits while Julie sucked him off. Ted had gone into the conference room; he was fucking Maria while Carl was fucking Yifan, possibly in the ass. Derek wasn’t sure from his angle and didn’t feel like getting up to check. Stefan, oddly, was still sitting there, fully clothed. That’s something I have to figure out, Derek thought. Sean looked spent, and was just watching events, and Claire and Ryan were arguing next to Carol, who looked distraught. Uh oh, thought Derek. That I need to deal with.

He disentangled himself from Melissa and Nikki, and went over to where the argument was taking place. “What’s the matter?” he asked, to no-one in particular.

“What’s the matter?” responded Ryan, hotly. “What’s the matter? This dumb cunt,” he pointed at Carol, “thought she could give me orders, and when I was letting her know who was in charge, this other dumb slut,” he indicated Claire, “interrupted.”

“Everyone is an equal here, Ryan,” said Derek, seething inside. Did I release this, or is he like this all the time?

“Bullshit,” Ryan replied. “They’re all sluts, look at them.”

I suppose it doesn’t matter, Derek thought. He doesn’t get to play any more.

“I get to do whatever I want to them, and they can’t do anything about it. And what I want to do the most right now is” and Derek came to his conclusion and intervened, “go masturbate in the corner with a sharpie up my ass. That’ll show them.” He rummaged around in the nearest desk for a sharpie, and went to implement his plan.

“Carol?” asked Derek, when Ryan had departed. “Are you OK?”

“Yeah,” she sighed. “I just thought, what with everyone being so free, that I might...” She hesitated.

“What did you want from Ryan, Carol?” Derek asked.

“I wanted … I wanted him to go down on me. My husband never does, it’s been 25 years since anyone has, and I thought, just this one time...”

“Oh, I’m sure we can find somebody,” said Derek, nodding to Claire, who was already falling to her knees.

“Oh … are you sure? I wasn’t thinking of a girl, I mean, you’re very pretty, but I didn’t—OOOOHH” said Carol as Claire went to work on her.

Derek turned his attention back to the conference room, and Stefan. He entered the room, sent Ted and Carl out to join Carol and Claire, to give Carol her gender option, and sat down facing Stefan. Maria sat quietly, while Yifan began to suck his cock gently.

“Stefan, why aren’t you joining in the fun?” asked Derek.

“I do not know ’ow you are making ever’one do dis, but I do not want to join.” replied Stefan in his thick French-Canadian accent.

“Are you gay? Is it something like that?” asked Derek. “I can find someone else here who is flexible like that.”

“No, I like women. Just not women like dees, who are not in dere own ’eads.”

Is he immune to my power? Or just a little more resistant, like I was? Should I push him? Will he break? Derek had no idea what to do, but the idea of battering Stefan into submission with his powers was not at all interesting. However, he had to make sure of certain practical matters.

Stand up.

The command worked. Stefan stood, looking anguished. “Please, Derek. Don’t do dis.”

“Relax, Stefan, I won’t make you join in if you really don’t want to. Go home.” Talk to no-one about this. By the time you leave the building, you will remember nothing but a normal party. He hoped the commands would stick.

Derek enjoyed Yifan’s company for a while longer, eventually coming in her mouth and sending her over the edge into a crashing climax. When they both emerged back into the main room, things had grown considerably more sedate. The energetic fucking and sucking was being replaced by lazy coupling and casual stroking, and people were starting to drop out of the activities as their stamina failed them.

Derek made sure to bless Sandy with his jizz, so that every woman there would be introduced to the Goddess. He accomplished this via an epic titfuck in which he disappeared and did not come out the other side, a novel experience.

Eventually, however, the afternoon wound down. Derek encouraged his coworkers to remember the party as simply having gotten a little wild, and not to talk about it, and everyone departed. On the way home, Derek wondered about his decision to quit his job. It wasn’t difficult, his new life was clearly incompatible with a nine-to-five job, but he had no idea what he would do for money or how he would explain his life to other people.

The Goddess will give me guidance, he thought. He hoped he was right.