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A Priest in Her Service


Thursday, Derek had no trouble concentrating at work. That morning, he came to the conclusion that he should quit his job, which made him feel a lot better. That gave him new resolve and focus to wrap up his current projects. During some of the more repetitive tasks, his mind still wandered, though.

Last night, things had still been awkward with Melissa. They didn’t fight, and he jacked off onto her tits, getting them both off, but they hadn’t really talked. In the middle of the night, however, Derek awoke from a dream he couldn’t remember, but which somehow led to him realizing how he could establish the ground rules of their relationship in a way that would stick.

But that plan had to wait until the evening. Melissa was working a late shift, and wouldn’t be home until after dinner. Derek thought about going to visit Dr. Hickman, and seeing if she appreciated his gift of Claire, but he decided to leave them alone for now.

Instead, Derek had his first completely normal workday all week. He did his job, had pleasant conversation with his coworkers, and nothing unusual happened. He left at his usual time, but instead of going home, he went over to to have a talk with Maria and Ramon Campos. He made sure that he hadn’t hurt their relationship (he hadn’t, Maria had been fucking Ramon like crazy ever since) and made a few arrangements with them for later in the evening.

Then he went home to wait for his wife. When she came home, she was a little tired from work, but Derek rolled straight into his plans anyway.

“I’ve got an idea,” he said. “Let’s go visit Maria Campos, and have a little fun.”

“I’m tired. Can we just stay in tonight?”

“I’m sure you’ll rise to the occasion. Come on.”

After a little cajoling, Melissa agreed to the plan, and the two of them walked over to the Campos family home. Approaching the house, Melissa said, “I think Ramon is home. What do we do?”

“Well, do you want to try him out, too?” Derek asked, mischievously.

“I could, at that. He’s kinda hunky.”

“Then leave it to me.”

They knocked, and Ramon answered the door. Derek studied him, re-evaluating his neighbor as someone his wife found ‘hunky’. Derek supposed that was a fair assessment of Ramon. He was average height, broad shouldered, and olive-skinned. He kept his hair very short, and a neatly trimmed mustache and chin patch. When he was dressed casually, as he was now, it sometimes looked like his pecs were about to rip out of his shirt.

“Hello, Ramon. May we come in?” asked Derek.

Playing his role, Ramon replied, “Yes, of course. Our neighbors are always welcome.” Shortly, the four of them were in the den, sitting comfortably. Melissa looked at Derek, expectantly.

“Ramon,” began Derek, “I must make a confession.” Melissa looked puzzled. Ramon was stoic, and Maria was horrified. “I have slept with your wife, and I intend to do so again.”

“Maria,” said Ramon, his voice cold, “Is this true?”

Maria was trying to shrink into her chair, but she still replied “Yes” in a tiny voice.

Ramon stood up, “This is a grave insult. You have shamed me and my family, and you say you will do it again? Why should I allow this?”

Derek rose as well, but did not advance to confront Ramon. Everything was going as he planned. “I can offer you a fair trade.” He gestured to his wife, who stood, looking quizzical. “Take my wife in return. She will obey you in all things.”

“Derek, I’m not sure about—,” said Melissa, but he touched her lips to silence her, and drove thoughts into her mind. You must obey Ramon. You are ashamed to do so, but the shame makes you horny, and horniness makes you ashamed. And you are obedient above all else. The more you submit, the more pleasure you feel.

“Come with me, Melissa,” said Ramon.

She did so, but turned back and pleaded with Derek, “Please, Derek, I don’t want to play—”

“Do not speak to him!” said Ramon, forcefully, almost shouting. Melissa fell silent. “He has given you to me. I am in charge now.” He held his hand out and glared. Melissa timidly reached to take his hand, but he gripped her wrist instead. He led her out of the den and into the living room, up two steps and through an archway, but not out of Derek’s sight.

Derek settled back on a couch facing that direction to watch. He beckoned to Maria, who sat next to him, still silent. He concentrated on Ramon and Melissa, and they didn’t exactly forget about Derek and Maria, but they stopped caring about whether they were being watched or what the others in the house were doing.

Both Derek and Maria watched the pair intently. Melissa was now kneeling, hands clasped at the small of her back, and Ramon was bent over, behind her, speaking softly into her ear. Derek relaxed, and put his arm around Maria.

Now Melissa was leaning forward on her hands and knees, and Ramon had lifted her sundress to her waist, exposing her ass. He began spanking her in slow, deliberate strokes. Not so hard as to injure, but enough to cause real pain. On the first blow, Melissa yelped in surprise, earning an admonishment from Ramon. Then, she was silent, except for keeping a count for him.

“One. Thank you sir.”

Derek’s hand was inside Maria’s shirt now, and he was teasing her nipple gently. She squirmed in her seat next to him.

“Two. Thank you sir.”

Derek turned away, and leaned in to whisper in Maria’s ear, “Does he do that to you?” In the background, the count continued.

“No, he never has. He is kind and gentle,” she answered.

“Do you want him to?”

Maria didn’t answer.

“Do you want him to?” asked Derek again, more insistent.

“Look at her,” said Maria, and Derek turned back to the scene.

“N-Nine, thank you sir,” Melissa was saying. Her eyes were half shut, her breathing ragged, and her forehead showed beads of sweat. She moaned, leading to another rebuke from Ramon and a repeat of the number.

“See how much she loves it. How she waits for the next blow, how she needs the next blow. If I could love it that much, I would have him spank me every night.”

“That,” said Derek, “can be arranged, if you want.”

Ramon and Melissa had reached the end of their spanking session and she was now slowly and carefully undressing both of them. Derek took this opportunity to shift around with Maria so that she was mostly naked and sitting in his lap. She reached behind her to feel his erection, still covered, while he had one hand for her chest and the other for her pussy.

Melissa was back kneeling in front of Ramon, but they were both naked now. Ramon’s dick poked out in front of him, just inches from Melissa’s face. It was a sight that Derek distantly felt should anger him, but it didn’t. He probed his own thoughts, but there wasn’t even the slightest hint of jealousy. Perhaps the fact that Ramon’s wife was squirming with pleasure in his lap right now had something to do with that.

Derek asked Maria, “Which of us is bigger?” as his wife took Ramon in her mouth.

“I do not know. Perhaps you are about the same,” replied Maria, tactfully.

As Melissa lavished attention on Ramon’s cock and balls, stroking and licking, Derek and Maria settled into a pleasant state of constant but not demanding arousal. He wasn’t trying to get her off, just keep her entertained. He similarly had no immediate need for release himself.

In front of them, the show continued. Ramon was now grabbing Melissa’s head and thrusting deep into her mouth. Without supernatural assistance, she gagged and choked nearly every time. Ramon backed off when she did so, but as soon as she caught her breath, he would do it again.

This cycle repeated several times before Ramon pulled out completely and blasted jizz across Melissa’s face. He then had her remain in that position and left the room. Melissa started rubbing herself as she waited.

Derek felt Maria growing restless in his lap, and they took a few moments during the lull in the action to reposition themselves and remove certain barriers, so that he could enter her while they remained sitting on the couch. By the time their maneuvering was complete, Ramon had returned. Derek, now enjoying the sensation of being engulfed by Maria, sent him a little psychic encouragement to get hard again and keep going. He wanted to make absolutely sure that Melissa got the point of this little exercise.

Melissa was still kneeling and masturbating with cum on her face, and Ramon was simply watching, slowly growing hard again. He whispered something in her ear and she came suddenly and spasmodically, her shoulders and hips twitching violently. Ramon handed her a towel he had brought in and she cleaned herself up.

Derek wiggled around a little inside Maria, but didn’t really thrust into her. Ramon had Melissa on her knees again, facing away, and was stroking her ass. Neither Melissa nor Derek realized what his plan was, however, until he squirted a glob from a tube he had brought with the towels onto his dick.

Oh. Anal. Oops. Derek thought as Melissa looked over her shoulder and said, “No. I’ll do whatever you want, but not that.” Anal sex was one place where Derek and Melissa were in complete agreement, and neither of them wanted anything to do with it. Melissa thought it would hurt too much, and neither of them liked the prospect of even vaguely mixing fun time and poopy time. But Ramon clearly had other plans, and, Derek realized, this was just the kind of limit he had set the whole scene to push, so he did not intervene. He did give Melissa a subtle command or two to help her relax, so penetration would be more comfortable when the time came.

Melissa, for her part, was doing her best to convince Ramon that the time would never come. “Please. I’ll do anything else. You can tie me up. Take me outside and do me in the street. But not that.” She made no move to stop him, however, and Ramon ignored her, using the head of his dick to smear lube around her asshole.

Preparations complete, he leaned forward and lined himself up.

“Wait. Waitwaitwait. Just a second. Let me get r—OOOF.”

Ramon interrupted Melissa’s last plea with a short thrust, not penetrating very deeply. Melissa’s eyes went wide and she clutched at the carpet. The expression on her face was a mix of pleasure and pain, but it looked like the pleasure was winning.

Then, he began to pump in an out, slowly but steadily. Melissa tried to protest, but she could not form words correctly and it came out as a vaguely upset sounding “Ghaaaaa.”

Derek was amazed at how beautiful his wife looked. It was similar to how she was while being spanked, but hundreds of times more intense. It was like she wasn’t even completely inside her head, anymore.

Maria was also clearly enjoying the show, and started bouncing up and down on his cock. Derek decided that enough was enough, and reciprocated, thrusting to meet her. The two couples established a synchronization, of sorts, going into and out of phase on a regular cycle.

Ramon came again, pulling out of Melissa for the final spurts and slumping over, spent. Derek decided it was as good a time as any, and erupted inside Maria, triggering her orgasm in turn. The only person left out was Melissa, but she looked barely conscious of the world around her and for all appearances had been in the midst of a continuous orgasm for the last several minutes.

Maria’s cries of pleasure had reminded Ramon of her and Derek’s presence. He looked over, and his expression showed nothing but love and concern for his wife. Good, though Derek. Maybe it’s time to wrap the game up.

Ramon came over to Derek, still sitting under Maria, with his semihard cock embedded within her, and offered his hand. “Thank you,” he said, shaking it. “I consider our friendship strengthened.” He leaned in, gave his wife a long kiss, and left the room, disappearing upstairs.

Woah. I’ve really done a whammy on him. I suppose that’s how the Goddess wants things to be. Maria, meanwhile, had extracted herself from his lap, and walked over to Melissa, still collapsed on the floor. Derek stayed where he was and watched, intrigued. The two women were talking in low tones that he couldn’t hear. Melissa still looked somewhat dazed from her experience.

Suddenly, Maria scooted her hips toward Melissa and threw her legs open, presenting her pussy directly in the prone girl’s face. Maria grabbed Melissa by the armpits and tugged firmly, dragging her closer. Melissa half crawled, half was dragged across the foot or so of gap, and started licking Maria. Almost immediately, both women began shuddering and writhing, Maria because of the stimulation, and Melissa because of Derek’s semen, which she tasted inside Maria.

Huh, thought Derek. I don’t think I gave Melissa any commands to obey Maria, did I? She’s doing this because she wants to.

Melissa recovered her strength and energy quickly, and her efforts increased. Maria, for her part, was lost in bliss from very nearly the first lick. Seeming to sense her distraction, Melissa clambered up to her hands and knees, but never broke contact between her mouth and Maria’s pussy. She then circled to her left, climbing over first Maria’s leg, then her body, all while continuing to lick, until she had swung around 180 degrees and her pussy was positioned over Maria’s face.

This delicate but impressive maneuver completed, the women were now in a position to mutually pleasure each other, and proceeded to do so vigorously. It took little time for them to reach their climaxes in rapid succession, after which they lay on the floor, tangled together.

It was getting late, so Derek gently extracted his wife from Maria, collected their clothes, and they departed.

On the walk home, Melissa said, “Message received. I will not try to take control of the sex games, on pain of … well, getting spanked and assfucked in one night.”

“But you enjoyed that, didn’t you?”

“It was utterly humiliating … and incredibly hot. But, all in all, I would pass on it as a regular activity. Your magic jizz can get me off just fine without making it hard to sit down.”

“I thought you might be angry with me, but you’re taking it well.”

“I thought about it for a while, near the end there. Being angry isn’t useful. You get to make the rules here, and I have to live by them. Now I know the rules.”

It wasn’t quite the reaction Derek had in mind, but it would have to do.