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Princess Particles

Hanna looked at herself in the full-length mirror and adjusted her white wedding dress. Behind her, Connie, her mom beamed satisfied.

Connie noticed her daughter didn’t look completely happy.

“Is anything the matter, dear?”

“I don’t know, mom” Hanna said, “I’m not used to wearing panties…”

“It’s fashion…” Connie said, “…but you don’t need to wear them…”

Connie got onto her knees and hitched her daughters satin white dress up. She took hold of the cotton knickers there and pulled them free. Hanna turned around “It feels better now…”

“But honey!” Connie now was concerned…. “You didn’t shave your snatch…!”

“I didn’t think there’d be enough time…”

“No… this won’t do…” Connie said as she got up and went to the bathroom… “Can you imagine asking to be eaten out and you’re all fury down there?”

“I…” Hanna began and then realised her mom was right.

Connie returned with a bowl of soapy water and a hand razor.

Hanna hoisted her dress up. Connie got back on her knees and dipping the razor into the water went to work on her daughter’s pussy. Using one hand to life her daughter’s skin she drew the razor down, shaving off the dark bushy hairs.

“I can’t believe you’d want to present your pussy like that!” Connie fretted

“Sorry, mom” Hanna said, “I guess I wasn’t thinking”

Connie pulled a towel off the bed and wiped her daughter there. She ran her hand under, between Hanna’s legs feeling how smooth it was now.

She kissed it. “All better now” she said. She pressed her nose into her daughter’s crotch and took a big breath. “It smells good too” she said

“What are you two up to?” Eric said as he walked in to see his wife’s face almost buried in his daughter’s snatch

“Dad!” Hanna howled in protest “You’re not supposed to see me in my dress before the wedding”

“I just wanted to see how beautiful you are…, my beautiful princess”

“But…” she protested

“Honey…” Connie added

“Okay” he relented, “You’re right… but seeing you like that is making me so hard…”

“Come over here and give me your cock” Connie said, “Let me fix it for you”

Eric went over and Hanna brushed her dress flat and left for the bathroom. Connie staying on her knees undid her husband’s fly.

“Mmmm” she purred as she pulled his cock out “You are hard!”

“I know, baby” he grinned

“Let me suck you… “ she said, as she ran her tongue down his shaft

She tasted the pre-cum on the tip of his cock before taking it all in..

Connie loved him with her mouth and then, when he came he sprayed onto her face, trying not to get it in her eye. Some of it in her mouth, which she greedily swallowed.

Connie got to her feet with her cum-face smile. “Are you ready?” came the voice of her sister Leanne.

“Almost” Connie said as she tucked her husband’s cock back in his pants. Leanne caught a sight of it and smiled. Then she saw the sperm on her sister’s face… thick lumps of it. She went over to her sister “Let me have some” she begged

She licked sperm off her sister’s face…

Connie walked, hand in hand with her husband down the aisle. She smiled at the faces; so happy; so proud.

Behind her was Leanne and her daughter Erica.

Connie stepped to the side at the front. Her husband took his place on the aisle side of the seating.

Janis, Connie’s mom was already there. “Oh!” she said when she saw Connie. “Can I have some” she whispered and leant forward and licked a glob of sperm off her daughter’s cheek.

“Mmm” she smiled as she ate the cum.

Hanna walked down the aisle. Alone. All attention on her. All looked at her except for Eric.

Eric turned to his daughter only when she stood beside him.

Natasha was the celebrant. “Friends” she began, “We are gathered here together to see the union of man and woman…”

Eric turned to his daughter—she was so beautiful

“You’re so beautiful” he whispers to her.

“Thank you dad” she said, “Thank you for today”

“Do you Hanna McIntyre take your father Eric McIntyre to be your husband?”

“I do”

“To love, honour and obey from this day forward”

“I do”

“To serve him with your body and soul and bear his children, as you were borne”

“I do”

“And, do you Eric McIntyre take your daughter Hanna McIntyre to your bed, to enter your collection”

“I do”

“To use with as you wish?”

“I do”

“Exchange your rings” she added

They did.

Hanna giggled excitedly

“Then it is with great pleasure that I now call upon father and daughter together as husband and wife.”

They both looked at her…

“You may now fuck your wife…” Natasha said

Hanna turned to her father and they embraced and kissed and as they did they worked to take their clothes off.

Connie came forward and helped her daughter take off her clothes. Janis helped Eric

“Join with me” Natasha said to the group, “And with out Master”. She threw off her robe, she was naked underneath.

Erica and her mom Leanne helped each other take off their clothes. Two women came forward and dragged chairs out of the way to make more space for the orgy that was breaking out.

Connie helped her daughter to the carpeted floor. She sat spread-legged her daughter resting her head on her lap. “Are you nervous, honey?” she whispered to her daughter

“A little, mom” Hanna said. She was a virgin and she was worried that her father would not enjoy using her.

“You’ll do fine” Connie said, kissing the forehead of her daughter as Eric moved onto her.

“Fuck me, dad” Hanna purred

Eric pushed his cock towards his daughter’s bare pussy lips.

“Oh” she gasped

“Is it okay?”

“Yes, daddy” she whimpered as he pushed into her.

“That’s it baby, take all that cock…”

“Oh, fuck you’re tight” he gasped as he pushed into her. He looked on her face and she was smiling

As he pulled out he noticed some blood on his dick.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she gasped with each thrust

Natasha moved over and kneeling down next to them tongue kissed Connie.

Erica got down behind Eric and massaged his ass, especially around his anus as she masturbated with her other hand.

“Oh, baby” he gasped and came in Hanna

Her whole body arched up as orgasm ruptured over her body “Daaadddeeeeee!” she breathily gasped as she came.

When he pulled out of her he offered his cock to Erica who, joined with her mother Leanne took turns in sucking his cock.

* * *

Eric rose and turned the video off. Barry was awestruck.

The 30min video he just watched of Eric fucking his daughter, his wife… &C in a mass orgy….

He had a hard-on.

“What the hell…!?!” he gasped as she shifted in his seat—his cock pressing up hard against his shorts

“I tell you…” Eric said, “You can do the same thing…”

“How…?” Barry said… he was very very interested.

“You need these…” he said, taking a glass vial off a shelf above the tv

He held the vial up, but held onto it.

Barry could see luminous green balls inside. Smaller than marbles…

“What are they?”

“I call them ‘Princess Particles’”

“Stupid name…”

“Yeah, but you saw how they work…”

“How do they work….?”

“You need to put one of these in a woman you want. It will immediately break down inside her, spreading the fluid around her system in a few minutes?”

“What fluid…?”

Eric sighed… he didn’t think he needed to explain… either Barry was interested, or he wasn’t.

Just then Hanna walked in, wearing only a long open bath-robe. “Daddy?” she asked casually—she didn’t care that Barry could see her naked form

“Yes, honey?” he asked as she sat on his knee

“Do you know my pal, Barry?” Eric asked, rubbing his daughter’s tummy

She looked over at Barry

“Hello” she smiled, “I am pleased to meet you”

“Ah, yeah… we have met…” he said

“She has no memory before she was enslaved” Eric explained

“Have we met?” Hanna asked

“Yes” Barry laughed, “I’ve known you nineteen years!”


“I met you shortly after you were born”

She looked at her dad

“It’s true, my little princess”

“I saw you earlier this year!” Barry continued, “… but you weren’t so fat then…” Barry smiled

“This isn’t fat, silly” Hanna laughed, “Im pregnant… Daddy and I are going to have a baby…” She hugged Eric to emphasise the statement


“Yep” Eric smiled, rubbing her tummy again.

“When daddy stopped long enough fucking my ass-hole…” Hanna giggled “He shot his baby-batter into my vagina…”

Eric squeezed his daughter and she giggled

Barry was impressed by how devoted Hanna seemed towards her father…

“I got my niece Erica pregnant too” Eric smiled

Hanna placed a big wet sloppy kiss on her dad’s mouth. “I love you” she purred.

“What did you want, baby-doll?”

“Mommy wants to know if your guest is staying for dinner…”

“No…” Eric said

“No?” Barry quizzed

“No!” Eric said more emphatically.

“Can I suck your cock?” she whispered into his ear.

“Maybe later…” Eric said, “I want you to leave us… we have important things to discuss”

“Yes, daddy” Hanna chirped, leaping off of her father’s lap.

She turned and kissed him on the lips “Please come fuck me soon”

“I will baby-doll” he said, “Soon…”

Hanna left, stopping to wave to him and then leaving.

“Wow” Barry gasped

“So, how much are these ‘Princess Particles’?”

“The ones with the stupid name…?” Eric smiled wryly

“Who gives a fuck what they’re called” Barry grinned, “I only know I want to use them on my wife…”

“Now this is where it gets interesting…” Eric smiled as he leaned in to suggest a very very large sum…

The End