The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


A mind controller finds a new protégé.

Chapter 1 — Latent

Sam loaded his tray up with cakes and chocolates from the side kitchen, and made his way back to the private box. If truth be told his mind was not really on serving dessert—halftime was nearly over, and the patrons would soon file back to their seats outside. There would be a small amount of clearing up to do, and then he planned to find a quiet spot in the warren of corridors leading to the kitchens where he and Wendy could spend some time together.

Waitering during the weekend match did not pay particularly well – oh sure it helped with the college bills—but that was not the real reason Sam was here. Over the last few weeks he had been getting increasingly friendlier with Wendy, who waitressed alongside him. She was a couple of years older than Sam, and worked full time at the stadium. Sam had been entranced by her from the first week he worked there, and was pleased that she been gradually returning his interest, culminating last week with a snatched five minutes with his hands up her blouse groping and squeezing her more than generous tits. Sam hoped she had enjoyed it as much as he had – certainly her nipples had been jutting out like bullets during the rest of the match – and she had been giving him signs she was up for more of the same today.

Sam wondered if she would let him go farther this time. Perhaps she would even let him get her tits out. He felt himself grow hard just thinking about Wendy’s breasts. She was showing far more cleavage today than was usual, and he was sure that was for his benefit, to get him fired up for later. It seemed to be working. He hastily adjusted himself so he didn’t walk into the box proceeded by a huge and obvious erection.

He wondered whether she might reciprocate today. She obviously liked her breasts being fondled and played with so perhaps this time she would understand he would like a little of the same attention back. Last week he had asked her to put her hand down his trousers, but she had refused, saying she would be too embarrassed if someone walked in on them. Yet she was quite happy for Sam to slide his hands up her blouse – if they had been disturbed, it would have been pretty obvious what was going on. Perhaps he could ask her to quickly touch him, just so he could know what it felt like. Sam had never had a woman put her hands on his cock yet. Oh sure he had jerked himself off plenty of times, but it was not the same. He wondered how it would feel to have someone else’s hot little fingers slowly curling round his cock and stroking him sensuously. And once she had her hand down his trousers, perhaps she could be persuaded to keep it there a little longer than she had first planned.

Sam drifted back into the private box in the middle of his own erotic daydream. The guests were mostly standing around in little groups, talking to one another. He scanned the room quickly, looking for Wendy so he could arrange their forthcoming tryst. He could not spot her immediately, but when he did he gasped involuntarily and went as white as a sheet, dropping his tray with a resounding clatter. Everyone immediately turned to look at him, but Sam only had eyes for one man, standing chatting to a group of other men. The man turned to Sam.

“I think you saw something you shouldn’t have. You should clear up those cakes before someone treads them into the carpet.”

The man was right of course, Sam needed to get the cakes cleared before further damage was done. Muttering “Excuse me!” to the room, he got down on his knees and quickly cleared the mess up. Conversation levels returned to normal as everyone turned back to their groups and resumed chatting.

Sam tried to remember what he was doing before he dropped the tray. For some reason, his mind seemed very foggy. He kept feeling he should be somewhere else, perhaps reloading his tray, but as he struggled with himself eventually it popped back into his head. Of course, he was looking for Wendy, to arrange a meeting with her later.

He turned back to the man who was still talking to his friends. There in the middle of the group was Wendy, and he could hardly believe what he was seeing, but she was on her knees and…

…and he really should be disposing of the cakes he had picked up. They were piled messily on his tray and whatever would he do if a guest took one and ate it. He needed to get back to the kitchen and plate up a fresh batch. He turned around and headed back to the kitchen…

…and turned back again. Jeez, he felt so indecisive. His mind was so woolly it was difficult to think straight. He wanted to go to the kitchen right now, but something was nagging at the corner of his brain, something important, something he needed to do before he left. He remembered again. He needed to speak to Wendy. She was still with the group of men, and she was still kneeling in front of the man who had spoken to Sam. It was difficult to look directly at her; something seemed to divert his eyes every time he tried, but by concentrating hard he finally made himself look directly at her. Once again he could not believe what he was seeing. The man was standing chatting nonchalantly to his friends, a glass of wine in his hands, and his trousers round his ankles. Meanwhile Wendy was gazing adoringly up at him while she slowly pumped his cock back and forth with her hands.

What was wrong with everyone? This guy was getting a hand job right in the middle of a room full of people, and no-one seemed to notice. Not only that, but it was Wendy stroking him off .Wendy, who only last week wouldn’t even put her hand down his trousers in case someone walked in on them. She certainly seemed to have changed her mind since then. Now she seemed quite happy wanking some stranger off right in front of a room full of people.

It seemed like he was staring at her for ever, but it could have only been a few seconds when the stranger turned his head and noticed Sam staring open mouthed at him.

“You really are quite persistent, aren’t you.” he said, with just a hint of annoyance. “How am I going to deal with you?”

Sam felt confused again, and his mind grew foggy. What on earth was he doing still here at work? The supervisor had let him off early, so he might as well leave and go home. He took one jerky step towards the door to the kitchens, then stopped. Why had he thought he could go early? The supervisor never let anyone off early. Why was his mind such a mess today? With a great effort of will he turned back. The stranger was looking at him quizzically.

Sam felt a sensation in his head like nothing he had felt before. If he had to describe it he would have said it was as if light fingers kept touching different parts of his brain, making him feel slightly dizzy.

“Hmm,” said the stranger. “Interesting.”

The touches resumed, slightly harder this time, making him feel slightly nauseous. It was unpleasant but he could do nothing about it. Sam was relieved when the feelings eventually stopped.

“Well, that explains things.” said the man, more pleasantly. “You’re one of us. A latent though.”

Sam had no idea what the man was talking about.

“My name’s David by the way.” continued the stranger. “We should talk.”

“Uh, Sam”, mumbled Sam, almost automatically. This was definitely surreal. How could he hold a conversation with the man his so-called girlfriend was jerking off? Why, Wendy seemed almost in love with David’s cock, stroking and caressing it with rapt attention. Yet she wouldn’t even touch his cock for the briefest instant last week.

Sam felt a surge of jealousy rush through him…

…and there was a light touch in his head…

…and he felt his emotions turn almost instantly to lust. Jeez, he felt so turned on watching Wendy tossing David off. It was like his very own porn movie. His cock was getting stiffer by the second.

“I’m sorry about that.” said David. “It’s usually considered a bit impolite to try and influence another taker.”

Once again, Sam had no idea what David was talking about, or what a taker was. Still, he was happy that David wanted to talk to him, because that gave him the perfect excuse for him to stay there watching Wendy. Really, watching her with a dick in her hands was just as good as if she was fondling his own cock.

“Let’s go and find somewhere more comfortable.” said David. He glanced down at Wendy, still diligently working away on his cock.

“We should move over there, my love”, he said.

“Do I have to stop?” she replied petulantly. “Your cock feels sooo good.”

“Only for a little while, my darling.”

She released his cock reluctantly, letting out a little sigh of disappointment. Sam found himself sighing too. He would have been quite happy watching Wendy stroke cock for hours. Wendy helped David out of his trousers, then picked them up and followed Sam and David over to a nearby settee. As they approached, the two people sitting there got up and moved away, unfazed by the half-naked man approaching.

Once Sam and David were seated David spread his legs open and Wendy scooted in between them, a look of bliss settling over her face as once more she took David’s cock in her hands and started to slowly pleasure him.

“She really is rather good. Isn’t she a turn on?” said David

Sam considered it was a rhetorical question, considering the tent in his trousers.

“I just don’t understand what’s going on?” he replied, instead.

“Mind control.” stated David bluntly. “Some of us are born with the talent to make other people do what we want. We call ourselves takers. Some of us are stronger than others. Take me for instance. I’m able to keep the room full of people thinking nothing unusual is going on, while also keeping this girl here desperate to get her hands on my dick. But you being a latent was the straw that broke the camel’s back. If it was just us one on one, I could have probably made you go away, but with all these other people here it turned out to be too difficult.”

“So you can control people just by thinking?”

“We! You and I. We can control people just by thinking. Being a latent, you just need someone to show you how to use the talent properly, and then your life will pretty much change overnight.”

“And you can just make people do whatever you want?”

“By and large, yes. Of course, it’s a lot easier if it’s something they want too. So making a room full of people not see something they don’t expect to see is fairly low level. People don’t expect to see a girl between my legs jerking me off, so they don’t see her. Making two people get off this settee – no problem – they wanted to go to the bathroom anyway. Making two straight girls have lesbian sex with each other – much more difficult. Not impossible though, but I’d probably need to spend a few hours first gradually adjusting them. And as for this little cutie here,” he nodded at Wendy, “she was practically gagging for it. I’ve never met someone so desperate to get her hands on some cock. A tiny nudge was all she needed and she was on her knees opening my flies like her life depended on it.

“I don’t believe it!” spluttered Sam. “I’ve been trying to get her for weeks to touch my dick. She’s quite happy to let me feel her tits, but she’s never even put her hand down my pants.” He looked across at Wendy, her eyes half closed in rapture as she pumped David slowly but firmly up and down. “Now she’s jerking you off like she never wants to let go of your cock!”

“Oops!” said David. “She’s your touched is she? I hadn’t realised.”

“Touched? She’s my girlfriend.”

“Touched is what we call the people we are controlling. That explains the fierceness of your jealously earlier. I guess that makes things a little awkward.”

David contemplated for a few seconds.

“I’m not going to get her to stop – I haven’t had a hand job this good in ages, but I could provide you with some entertainment of your own...”

As he spoke an expensively dressed woman detached herself from a group nearby and walked over to the settee. Sam had clocked her earlier as a model or perhaps a trophy wife.

“You don’t mind if I rest a while?” she said in a sultry voice to Sam. “It can be so tiring in these heels.” She squeezed in next to Sam without waiting for a reply. Somehow one of her hands just seemed to end up on Sam’s knee. He turned to say something and found himself gazing down acres of tit-flesh that she conveniently was displaying for him. He felt himself grow even harder as he ogled her cleavage.”

“My, you’re a fast worker and no mistake.” She said as her hand slid slowly up his leg. “We haven’t even been introduced and already you’re pleased to see me.” She gave his hard-on a playful squeeze through his pants. Sam gave a little yelp of surprise.

“I’m Dee by the way.” she continued. “My star sign is Aquarius and I like dancing and theatre. And of course cock. Aren’t you going to tell me about yourself?” Her hand hadn’t stopped while she was talking, caressing him through the fabric of his pants.

“I’m Sam…” he replied in a strained voice. For some reason he found himself unable to remember his star sign or anything he liked, except of course having his cock stroked by a beautiful girl.

“Welcome to your new world!” said David. “I think you’ll get used to it pretty quickly.

Sam groaned his acknowledgement. It was hard to concentrate again, this time not because his brain felt foggy, but because of the waves of pleasure coursing through him as Dee massaged his cock. As he titled his head back in pleasure he felt expert fingers opening his zipper and sliding into his trousers. Moments later he felt himself spring free.

“You can have as much of this as you want from now on.” said David. “You’ll be able to find plenty of women who just need a little nudge to make them eager to get their hands on your cock.”

“Not very talkative are you?” said Dee. “I like that in a man. Hmm, perhaps you like that in a woman. Perhaps you prefer your women to find other uses for their mouths?”

Sam felt something warm and wet slide over the head of his cock.

“Or indeed their mouths.” continued David. “I’ll just let you enjoy her attentions for a while.”

Sam looked down to see his cock disappearing slowly into the mouth of the girl sitting beside him. The sensations were indescribable. This was so much better than jerking himself off to the porn magazines under his mattress at home.

This morning he had been hoping he might end up with a hand on his cock for a few seconds if he was lucky, and now here he was getting a blowjob from one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen.

He watched, fascinated, as her mouth gently explored his cock. He had never realised that such subtle licks and touches could be so arousing. Her whole attention was devoted to pleasuring him. She was totally focussed on teasing and tantalising the head of his dick, using subtle touches from her lips and tongue to send waves of pleasure throbbing through his cock and his whole body.

He turned to David. “This is incredible! How are you making her do this?”

“With skill and patience even the most reluctant lady can be coaxed into becoming an enthusiastic cocksucker in a few weeks. Dee was easy though. She is hunting for a rich man to become her husband. She regards sucking cock as a necessary skill to achieve her goal. All I had to do was to temporarily make her see you as extremely wealthy, turn up her libido, and she had her mouth on your cock almost without thinking.”

Dee was now rubbing her cheek against Sam’s cock, pressing smooth flesh against smooth flesh, making little murmurs of appreciation. She popped him into her mouth again, this time not stopping once she had her lips wrapped round his helmet, but travelling slowly downwards.

As Sam watched his cock disappearing into Dee’s mouth he felt his pleasure mount. When he could almost bear it no more she started to release him, sliding her lips back up his shaft. There was only a moment’s respite before she was moving down again and the sensations were increasing once more.

As Dee started to bob her head up and down faster and faster the feelings quickly intensified to a level he had never known before and after only a few seconds he found himself tipping over the edge. He didn’t even have time to gasp out a warning to Dee before he was spunking uncontrollably into her mouth, shooting more powerfully than he had ever felt before.

As he lay back gasping for breath, Dee slowly withdrew him from her mouth, and fixed him with a cat-got-the cream look. “You certainly are a quick worker, aren’t you? You know, it’s considered polite to warn a girl before you come in her mouth on a first date. Some women don’t like it.” She bent down and gave his fast shrinking cock a laviscious lick. “I on the other hand, love it.”

“Sorry, I should have warned you!” said David. Sam glanced over at him. Although Wendy was now pumping him up and down ferociously he seemed completely in control. Sam knew that a few seconds of that kind of attention would have seen him spurting all over Wendy’s hands.

“We can use limited mind control on ourselves too. So there’s no need to cum until you really want to. Here, I’ll show you.”

Sam felt a strange pushing in his head, and then suddenly his cock sprang instantly to attention. He had never known himself recover so quickly. Then he felt another push in a slightly different area, and he found himself slowly wilting again.

“Now you try!” directed David. “The first area gets you hard. The second calms things down if you are getting too excited.”

Sam tried to concentrate on the part of his head where he had felt the first push. For a few seconds, nothing happened, then suddenly he felt something in his head click, and his dick started to swell again.

“You can control the blood flow here.” David said, and he felt a tiny push almost in the same place. Sam felt his cock swell even more and grow so hard it hurt. “You can practice sending the blood in and out like that. Some of the other takers found their cocks will gradually grow bigger once they get used to the extra blood flow. You can grow about an inch a month if you want. Personally I think, why bother? My dick gets as much attention as I want no matter how big it is.”

Sam agreed about the attention. Halfway though the conversation Dee had noticed he had grown hard again and once again he felt the familiar warm wetness as she took him into her mouth. This time he was going to enjoy the experience for as long as he wanted.

David was talking again. “Sam, I’ve been taking a look at your touched here…”

“Wendy.” interrupted Sam.

“Yes, Wendy. Anyway, I’m not so sure you’re a latent. I think you already have been using the talent without knowing it. Have you been going out with each other for long?”

“We first met a few weeks ago, but we haven’t been on any actual dates yet. We’ve only seen each other at work.”

“And what do you two get up to when you can find a few moments alone?”


Sam hesitated. He felt a bit reluctant describing their trysts. On the other hand, he was sitting here chatting to David without the least embarrassment while his cock was being pleasured in the mouth of a beautiful woman. It seemed a bit silly to be prudish about describing the tame things he had been getting up to.

“Uh, well mostly she lets me put my hands up her jumper and feel her tits. That’s pretty much all she’s let me do up to now.”

“Doesn’t that strike you as a bit odd? You haven’t been on any dates yet, but she’s quite happy to let you feel her tits whenever you meet.”

Sam did not reply for a few seconds. Dee was slowly working more and more of his cock into her mouth until finally her lips pressed right against his stomach. The sensations were exquisite and Sam was concentrating on pushing inside his own head just gently enough to keep him from getting too excited, while not too hard to lose his erection.

“Uh, I guess.” He replied eventually.

“You’ve been grooving some pretty serious lines inside her head. You’ve got a strong talent there, but you need to learn a bit of subtlety. She’s been desperate to have her tits felt up for the last few weeks, but doesn’t really know why. Likewise with her craving for cock. You must have planted a pretty strong request about a week ago for her to jerk you off. She’s been fighting the desire every day, but it just grew and grew. If you or I hadn’t been here today she would have been tossing off the first man who paid her any attention. And probably the second and third as well. Her need to get her hands on a cock is pretty overpowering.”

Sam looked over at Wendy, still enthusiastically pumping David’s cock with both hands. He could hardly believe she was the same girl who was so reticent about touching him last week.

“I’ll need to teach you how to be a bit more subtle. You can’t go turning every girl you meet into a cock crazed nymphomaniac. That would get you noticed. People like us need to be discreet, remain below the radar. Besides, I think you’ll find it far more rewarding to use finer controls. Right now it’s like you’re using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. I’m going to have to do some remedial work on Wendy. It’s as if great ruts have been gouged through her mind.”

David fell silent for a while, concentrating on the girl between his legs. The two girls remained diligently at their tasks, Dee using her mouth and tongue to show Sam sensations of pleasure he had never known before, while Wendy was now concentrating on the head of David’s cock with feather light touches. The box was now mostly empty as the other inhabitants had drifted back to watch the second half.

“You’ve put some other compulsions here too.” David eventually said. “I’m not sure what they all are exactly.” He paused for a few more seconds. “I don’t suppose you wanted to see her tits?”

“Uh. Perhaps.” Sam blushed, giving David all the answer he needed.

“No need to get embarrassed. It’s a perfectly natural desire. But Wendy’s a bit uptight about that kind of thing. You’ve got to learn to pick the right girl, one who’s a bit of an exhibitionist to start with. Either that, or work on her more slowly. With Wendy you planted a huge compulsion to get her tits out, but it’s not natural for her so she’s been fighting it hard. It’s creating a huge state of confusion in her mind. She has no idea why she wants to flash her tits and grab the cock of every attractive man she sees, and she thinks she’s going a little crazy. Probably she would if you had left her like this for too long.”

“I’ll try and smooth over the changes, restore her normal behaviour, but it will take a bit of work. I think the best thing is to let her get her compulsions out of the way. Then I can work on gradually reducing the need to behave like that, kind of smoothing over the ruts until she’s back to normal.”

As he spoke Wendy gave a little groan of surrender, and reaching up dragged her blouse and bra down to her waist. Barely had her breasts flopped out into the open than she had one in each hand, kneading and squeezing them. Her nipples, already large, swelled and hardened noticeably as Sam watched, and she grasped each one between finger and thumb, tweaking and caressing them with some force.

“I dialled up the sensitivity of her tits, and put a block on her reaching orgasm.” confided David. “She won’t be able to stop playing with herself until I lower her down again. She’s pretty much lost in a world of pleasure right now. Now she knows why she wanted to get her tits out – it just feels so good.”

Wendy was moaning and groaning uninhibitedly now as she squeezed and massaged herself. David slid forward with practised ease, positioning his cock between her pillowy flesh. As she continued fondling and squeezing herself the natural motion began to include his cock. Soon the head of his cock was appearing and disappearing rhythmically between her breasts.

“Now I’m partly shifting the sensitivity from her nipples to her cleavage. She’s finding out it feels a lot better to play with her nipples when she has a cock between her tits. I’ll give her a mini-orgasm in a minute to help set the behaviour – nothing too big though – I don’t want her totally fixated on tit-fucking for the rest of her life.”

Wendy had now wrapped her mountainous breasts tightly around David’s cock. While they spoke she was fucking David’s cock with her tits, while simultaneously squeezing and tweaking her nipples.

Sam could not work out what was more erotic. To see his cock slowly disappear time after time into Dee’s willing mouth, or to watch Wendy frantically massaging David’s dick with her breasts. It all seemed slightly surreal, the four of them having sex in the member’s box. Occasionally one or two people would wander in from the outside seats to the bar, replenish their drinks and wander back. No-one paid them the slightest notice. At one time, Simon, the bar steward, even came over and asked David and Dee if they would like more drinks. Sam and Wendy seemed invisible to him, though Sam had no idea what Simon thought was happening. David politely declined a top-up while Dee mumbled something incomprehensible through a mouthful of cock and Simon disappeared back to the bar.

“Enough of that for now.” said David finally, “It’s the ladies turn for a while.”

Sam felt the sensations in his cock diminish and opened his eyes to see Dee undressing in front of him. Seconds later she was on the sofa straddling him. She let out a little sigh of pleasure as she expertly guided his cock into her pussy, and then she was slowly moving against him, murmuring with satisfaction as she slowly rode his cock.

“Always make sure your partner enjoys herself too.” advised David. “After all, it’s so easy to make her cum it would be silly not to.”

Wendy gave a little pout and a sigh of disappointment as David extracted his cock from between her tits. He reached down and pulled her gently to her feet, expertly removing her panties almost in the same movement. He guided her forward until she was sitting astride him. After a few minor adjustments he had her positioned over his cock and then drew her slowly down. Wendy let out a gasp of surprise and pleasure as he entered her, which was soon followed by a groan of delight as he pulled her slowly down, entering her deeper and deeper. He guided her back up, and this time she lowered herself of her own accord, giving out another low moan, her body shuddering with ecstasy.

“I’m artificially stimulating pleasure centres all over her body.” said David. “Teaching her how good it is to feel a cock in her pussy, how whole it makes her feel. She might still want to get her hands on a stiff cock, and give the odd tit-fuck, but now she knows why. So she can get her partner fired up to give her a good fucking.”

Wendy had David’s cock buried deep inside her and was now rocking slowly back and forth, whimpering with pleasure.

“Now she understands why she wanted cock so badly, her confusion will reduce, and her mind will sort itself out. I’ve boosted her sex drive a bit and removed some inhibitions. She’ll probably fuck anything that moves for a few weeks, but then she’ll gradually return to normal and just put it down to teenage hormones.”

David reached up and cupped the huge breasts swaying gently above his face. When he started to squeeze and fondle them Wendy let out a deep moan and started to ride up and down on David’s cock. She moved faster and faster until she was frantically bouncing up and down, her head thrown back and her hands on the back of the settee.

The room was empty now, apart from the foursome on the settee, and Simon, polishing glasses behind the bar. The only sound was the soft thwack, thwack of flesh on flesh and the ever louder groans as the two girls bounced lustily up and down, riding cock for all they were worth.

Then Dee’s pussy was spasming around Sam’s cock, and her whole body shuddered against him. Over to the side Wendy was cumming too, and the two girls’ shrieks of pleasure filled the room. Dee ground herself against Sam, trying to force his cock as deep into herself as possible as the waves of orgasm flowed through her. Finally her body was still as she sat on Sam’s lap, recovering her breath.

She had only been still a few seconds, when a little “Ooh!” of surprise escaped her, and she began to rock almost imperceptibly back and forth on Sam’s cock again.

“I usually make them cum two or three times,” explained David. “It’s the classic Pavlov action and reward technique; it really helps groove their behaviour.”

There was a load roar from outside as one of the teams scored. The room started to fill as the patrons took advantage of the brief lull to visit the restrooms and the bar. Although a few people stood around talking the area around the sofa remained empty, almost as if it was a blind spot in people’s vision. Once or twice Sam noticed groups drifting over, as if to sit down, then veering off and choosing one of the other seating areas.

The two girls didn’t stop as the room filled. They were too preoccupied with getting their pussies filled with cock, bouncing up and down, and groaning with pleasure each time they were penetrated. They appeared just as happy to be fucking their brains out in a room full of people as they were when the room was empty.

As their excitement grew, so did the noise levels. Soon the girls were moaning and groaning loudly and with total abandonment. There was still one lingering group by the bar, and they flashed annoyed glances over to the settee, finding it difficult to hold conversations over the noise. Sam thought it was amusing that it was fine to be fucking like rabbits as long as the noise was kept down. David looked over briefly, and they drifted back to the match, tut tutting disapproval as they went.

This time the two girls were much louder with their climaxes. Dee started screaming “Yes! Yes!” at the top of her voice, while Wendy seemed to have lost the power of speech, and just grunted repeatedly as she had a shuddering orgasm on David’s cock.

It was no surprise to Sam that Dee scarcely paused for breath before she started moving against him for a third time.

“Oh yes!” she gasped “I can’t stop. It feels too good.” Then she was thrusting urgently against him once more and her words degenerated into gasps of pleasure as she drove Sam’s cock repeatedly into her.

Sam looked across at Wendy, who was impaling herself on David’s cock with equal abandon, her huge tits bouncing and wobbling on her chest.

David caught Sam’s eye and grinned. “You have to be a bit careful when you mess with someone’s pleasure nerves.” he said. “There’s only so much a person can take. If you are too crude with your control, or push too far the person will just fall unconscious. There’s no lasting harm done, but it’s not a particularly good way to end the night. It takes a lot of practise to get the control right. Right now these two are right on the limit. If I keep them like this they’ll carry on fucking themselves silly until they are completely exhausted. I’ll lower them back to normal when they cum again, then get them to finish us both off.”

The room was once again almost empty. The barman was talking to a young lady who had become bored with the match. Neither of them appeared interested in the two couples fucking frantically on the sofa.

The two girls were now bouncing up and down energetically, riding cock for all they were worth. From their moans and groans it was possible to follow the progress of their arousal until for a third time they both climaxed, and the sounds died down to quiet panting for breath.

“Oh jeez, that was good!” said Dee, climbing stiffly off Sam’s cock. “I thought I was never going to be able to stop fucking you!” Kneeling down in front of him she slid her lips over the head of his cock, letting out a little groan of contentment as she did so. Sam matched her. He had almost forgotten how good it was to get his cock sucked. This time Dee’s attentions were more urgent, and she started pumping his shaft with her hands while using her lips and tongue on the head of his cock. Her strokes started slowly at first, then soon got faster and faster. As the sensations mounted it became increasingly difficult for Sam to concentrate. He was fine-tuning desperately, balancing the touches in his own mind to stop himself from coming, but the need to climax was getting ever more urgent. Sam looked sideways to see that Wendy was also no longer riding cock, but had climbed off and was once more pleasuring David between her tit-flesh.

“Come on!” she urged. “Shower my tits with cum.”

She had both her boobs in her hands now, pressing and squeezing them around David’s shaft, groaning with pleasure and murmuring words of encouragement.

“Oh yes. You feel so good between my tits. I love seeing your cock fucking my tits.”

Her motions became more urgent, and soon she was rhythmically pumping her breasts up and down, causing David’s cock to periodically disappear into the huge acreage of creamy flesh before reappearing between her cleavage.

“That’s it baby. Fuck my tits!” she cajoled. “Fuck my tits ’til you cum. I want you to cream all over me. I want you to cover my tits with cum.”

David needed no more urging, and without warning a huge geyser of spunk erupted from his cock, hanging in the air before landing on Wendy’s face and breasts. She squealed with surprise, and redoubled her efforts. David did not disappoint her, shooting out thick ropes of cum time after time until Wendy was completely plastered.

As David came, Sam felt his own pleasure instantly increase to the point where he realised he could no longer control it. Across the room he noticed the girl and the barman simultaneously stagger and hold the bar for support. Sam’s cock began to swell and he knew he could hold out for only a few more seconds before he unloaded into Dee’s mouth. He considered warning her this time, but, well, she was experienced enough to read his body and realise what was about to happen. Anyway, she didn’t seem to mind too much last time.

Then it was too late anyway, and he felt a powerful surge ripple through his cock. An instant later he was spurting in Dee’s mouth for the second time that day. As before, she made no effort to remove his cock from her mouth, swallowing down load after load as he spunked repeatedly into her. To Sam’s surprise his second orgasm felt much more powerful than the one earlier in the day. Each ejaculation seemed larger than the one before, and after about the fifth jet, Dee was no longer able to keep up. Although she was swallowing cum as fast as she could, she could not keep pace with his new found potency, and cum sprayed from her mouth, covering her face and Sam’s groin.

Sam glanced around the room. The barman was nowhere to be seen. The girl was on all fours, moaning loudly in time with Sam’s spurting cock, thrusting her ass back as if it was being impaled on an invisible cock.

Eventually Sam’s ejaculations started to subside, growing weaker and weaker until they were no more than a pleasurable throb.

Sam glanced over at David and Wendy. David was lolling back in the seat, eyes closed, with a satisfied expression on his face gradually recovering his breath. Wendy was still kneeling between his legs, plastered with cum. David had held nothing back and Wendy’s tits, face and hair were liberally splattered.

After a pause for recovery, David opened his eyes. “That was great! I lost my shielding for a few seconds, and yours was non-existent, so there might have been a few extra ‘happy endings’ in the vicinity.”

Across the room the barman had re-appeared from behind the bar and was hurrying to the restrooms with what looked suspiciously like a stain on the front of his trousers. The girl he had been talking to was also on her feet again. She had gone bright red and was furtively looking round the room to see if anyone had been watching her in the last minute. Her gaze travelled everywhere but the four people on the sofa. Satisfied there was no-one, she straightened her dress, and walked slightly stiff legged back to the outside seating area.

“Girls, that was great,” said David, “but Sam and I need to talk for a while now.”

Dee took Wendy’s hand and lifted her to her feet. “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” The two girls strolled off arm in arm to the restrooms.

“Well, no need to ask you how that felt! I think everyone within ten metres knows the answer to that. I’ll need to teach you how to shield properly.”

Sam felt slightly embarrassed for a second.

“That’s the kind of experience you can have night after night if you want.” said David, fastening himself back up. “I guess we all go a little crazy for the first few weeks, but the trick is not to get noticed. There aren’t that many of us with the talent, so we shouldn’t spoil things for each other.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, it’s pretty easy to make yourself rich. Just get people to give you money. But if you make yourself rich, you come to the notice of the authorities who want to know how you came by the money. But really, there’s no need to actually own anything. Just get people to lend you their cars, houses or whatever. Keep things discreet and you will stay unnoticed.”

“And pretty much all new talents want to get revenge on someone once they learn about the power. But after a few times you realise, what’s the point. After all, if you compare your life to theirs, it’s pretty much all the revenge you need. So if you are going to make a teacher you disliked piss himself in front of the class every lesson, or a girlfriend who jilted you find herself waking up every morning with a new cock in her mouth, I’m not going to stop you, but I’ll just let you know you don’t ultimately get much satisfaction from such games.”

David noticed Sam looking at him slightly disbelievingly. David waved his hand nonchalantly.

“Of course, each to his own, but I now find much greater pleasure in subtle manipulation. To gradually change some uptight ice maiden without her even realising it, until she likes nothing better than to wrap her lips round your cock and beg you to fill her mouth with your cum.”

Same felt himself harden once more as he remembered how good he had felt with Dee’s lips pressed against his stomach.

“I think you would benefit from some training.” pressed David. “After all, compare how we both did with Wendy. You worked on her for several weeks, and the best you could do was to get your hands up her jumper. I, however, had her hand down my trousers seconds after we met. And as you just saw, by the end she was fucking me with her tits, and begging me to shower her with cum! Which would you prefer? You have the power, but you are so clumsy with it at the moment. How would you like me to teach you how to use it properly?”

Sam’s mind raced at the possibilities. Girls he would like to fuck flashed by his eyes in a continual stream.

“I think…” he said after a few seconds deliberation, “…yes, I think that would be very … interesting.”

David nodded, then glanced round the room quickly.

Three guests were strolling back from the bar to their seats outside, fresh glasses in hand. The two men and a woman were deep in conversation, and stopped, almost naturally, in front of the settee. The woman, as with almost all the ladies who came to the box, was drop dead gorgeous.

“Well,” nodded David. “No time like the present. I think we should start with your first lesson.”

He looked at the girl, thinking for a few seconds.

“Hmm. Let’s start with you making the girl strip completely naked. Don’t worry about the men. I’ll ensure they notice nothing. Remember, subtlety is everything.” He glanced at his watch. “See if you can do it within, ooh, let’s say five minutes…”