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Psycho the Rapist

Callie woke with a stretch and a yawn. The sheet had fallen off her chest revealing two small breasts, crowned with rock hard nipples.

She stretched again and sucked in a deep breath of air before scratching her hairless crotch. She gazed at Keven lying there on his stomach, still asleep. She pulled the sheet back off of him and switched over to kiss his ass. Callie pressed her mouth between his buttocks. She giggled to herself as she drilled his asshole with her tongue.

He began to stir. He coughed awake.

“Morning, Daddy” she said

“Good morning, pumpkin” he said. He got hard as she tongued him out. She got off him so he could roll over.

Her eyes lit up with delight when she saw her father’s boner. She straddled him, holding her stomach a little out of the way as she moved onto him. She was six months pregnant with his child.

Kevin grabbed his daughter’s nipples, they were sensitive and cracked, getting bigger as the pregnancy progressed. Her breasts however were still not so big.

“Ow” she complained.

“They still sore?”

“Yes, Daddy” she pouted.

He moved his hands down to her ass and she smiled in appreciation, bucking forward on him to urge him to release inside her.

“Please, Daddy” she begged, “Come in me….”

He sighed as she pushed hard down on him and then he came. Her back arched and she sighed as her own orgasm rippled over her. And then she fell forward onto him, sighing as his cock continued to spew sperm into her.

“I love you, Daddy” she said

“I love you too, pumpkin”

She loved these moments of closeness and quiet with her dad. His body panting heavily beneath her as his cock slipped out.

They lay in each other’s arms for a few minutes before she reached down to feel his cock, wet from their love. Her mouth followed. She sucked him and cleaned him thoroughly with her mouth.

“Daddy?” she asked at she served him breakfast.

“Yes, pumpkin?”

“It’s that time of the month…”

“Is it already?”

“Yes, Daddy” she said as she sat down at her chair. She poured cereal into the bowl in front of her, then added some milk.

“I didn’t realise”

“Silly” she laughed before having a big spoonful of bran-cereal.

Kevin got up and went to his home-office. He came back with a syringe full of a fluorescent green material. “Ready, pumpkin?”

“Yes, Daddy” she said as she bent forward, she pulled her hair up to reveal the based of her skull.

He took the needle and squirted out a little of the content to make sure that there were no air bubbles. He then lined up a point at the base of Callie’s neck and pushed the needle in all the way. She gave only a little tremor. He depressed the plunger down injecting the serum into her.

He drew the needle out and then went back to his office

She shivered for a moment as the liquid passed through her, and adhered to her cerebellum.

When he returned she was smiling, eating her breakfast.

“All good?” he asked

“Yes, Daddy” she smiled, “I am under your control”

“Very good” he said

“I’m going to go into the office this morning…” he said

“Oh, Daddy, do you have to?” Callie cried.

“I’m going to have to do a little work” he said

“Oh, I was hoping you were going to fuck me all morning”

“I’d love to pumpkin…” Kevin said with a little regret in his voice.

“Can I suck you off…?”

“Not now” he said as he continued with his breakfast…. “But you’ll be a good girl and vacuum the downstairs”

“Of course Daddy” she smiled, “I love keeping house”

“You’re a good girl”

“I love you, Daddy”

“Unlike that stupid whore…” he muttered under his breath

“You mean Mom?” she asked, hearing what he had said


“I wish you had injected Mom too, and we could be a family again”

“You know she objected to me developing the serum”

“I don’t understand it, Daddy” Callie said, “It makes me a good girl…”

“You ARE a good girl” he smiled as he got up, he went over to her and kissed her on the forehead

“I want to be a good girl” Callie smiled

“And maybe you could just give me a quick blow-job”

“Oh, thank you Daddy” she cried as she dropped her spoon and went for his pants fly.

Julie sat at the reception desk taking a phone call when Dr. Kevin Smythe, Psychotherapist arrived.

She smiled at him when he entered. Julie was like his daughter twenty years old.

He went to his consultation room and opened his case. There were vials of green liquid in there and he took one and filled a syringe with it.

Julie came in moments later “Good morning, Doctor” she said as she went to a chair and sat down

“Good morning, Julie” he said as he watched her bend over forwards and lift her hair up out of the way.

He took the syringe and injected her as he had his daughter

“How are you this morning?” he asked her

“I am under your control, Doctor” she said as she sat up and straightened out her hair.

“Very good” he said

“Do you want to fuck me, Doctor?” she asked

“No… my daughter just blew me…” he said

“Yes, Doctor” she said a little disappointed.

“Run me through today’s schedule”

“Yes, Doctor” she said and she sat down with her clip-board.

Kevin sat down at his desk. Julie adjusted her top so he could get a better view of her chest. She longed for him to want her.

“At 10:30 you have a potential recruit” she said, looking over the profile

“Oh, yes?” he asked, interested

“Dianne Summors” Julie said, “She is young, and unattached. She fits your physical preferences too” Julie added.

Kevin liked them small. He loved petite women. Julie was just over 5 feet tall herself. Her breasts were slightly larger than what he would have wanted, but he was going to get her to have a reduction—only so far no doctor would reduce them on purely cosmetic reasons; given that they weren’t that big by objective standards.

“Very well” Keven said, “Have a measure ready”

“Yes, Doctor” Julie said, “It will be done”

She got up

“Oh, Julie?”

“Yes, Doctor?” she asked

“I’m ready for you now…”

“Oh, thank you Doctor” she grinned, “Which hole would you like to use?”

“I think I’ll use your pussy…” he said, “I think I used your asshole last time”

“It wasn’t to your liking, Doctor?” she asked as she unbuttoned her shirt

“Your anus is file…” he said as he watched her pull off her panties and her skirt.

She went to him, he had his cock out and she straddled him.

“Oh, yessss…” she sighed as she slowly sank down onto his cock.

His cock wasn’t particularly long or thick but it was what she wanted inside her.

“Oh….oh….oh….” she gasped.

Suddenly she stopped sighing

“You’re so hot, babe” he said sucking her breasts.

She stopped rising up and down on him. He noticed this and looked at her.

“I…” she began, “What am I? What the fuck is happening?” she cried jumping to her feet…. “What were you just doing to me?”


“Did you just rape me?” she cried

“Sit back on my cock” he said, “And fuck me”

“Are you fucking crazy?” she gasped…. “What the hell?” She picked up her skirt

He realised something was seriously wrong.


“Get the fuck away from me!” she said stumbling back

Kevin opened a draw in his desk. Five vials of green liquid were there. He took one out, and grabbed a syringe.

“What are you doing?”

“You’re not yourself” Kevin said

Julie turned to the door, grabbing her shirt

He leaped at her, even with his cock still hanging out.

“What, let me go!” she screamed as he grabbed her.

“Noooo!” she cried as he threw her head forward. He took the syringe and despite her struggles jammed it into her neck.

“Owwwwww!” she cried in pain

He depressed the plunger.

Suddenly she became calm, and relaxed

“I am under your control” she said to him.

“What the fuck just happened?”

“I’m sorry, Doctor…” Julie cried…. “For a brief moment I ceased being your slave…”


“Perhaps that was a faulty batch of the serum…?” she said, “But I’m better now, Doctor…. I love you so much”

“Faulty serum?” he said out loud

Julie embraced him, “I love you, Doctor” she purred, “I love you soooo much”

“Fuck” he said

“What’s the matter, Doctor…?”

“That’s the same batch I gave my daughter this morning!”

“Shall I call her?”

“Do it” he said

“Yes, Doctor” she said, dropping her shirt she went to his phone and called

“There’s no answer she said after a moment”

“Come with me” he said

“Yes, Doctor” she said, grabbing her shirt up yet once again.

Kevin speed home. “Callie?” he called out

There was no response.

He searched about for her upstairs and Julie went into the kitchen

“Doctor?” she called

He came racing back down

There was a hastily scrubbed note

“You sick fuck!” it said, “You raped me, you psycho!”

It wasn’t signed, but it was in Callie’s hand-writing

“Fuck!” he spat

Julie went to him and embraced him, patting his back to give him comfort.

* * *

Callie tracked down her mom, Helga. It was far too late to get an abortion. Callie thought of calling in the cops but Helga said not to, because there was the risk that Kevin could get to them and put them under his control.

Callie gave birth to a daughter/sister Margot.

Kevin realised his daughter was gone forever. He had Julie move into his home and she became his play-toy. She loved it. She kept house for him and all her holes were used by him.

Dianne became his new receptionist/secretary

* * *

Margot had grown into a fine young woman, if a little small. She had always felt a sense of distance from her mom, being much more close to her gran, Helga.

Helga was originally from Austria. But as to the rest of her family history she was kept in the dark. She always felt her mom blamed her for some unknown sin.

Kevin watched from the woods through high-powered binoculars. The small secluded house in his sights

Claire was on her knees, sucking her father’s cock. Claire loved her father and would do anything for him. She was a little jealous of her mom, Julie. Sometimes her daddy had mother and daughter fuck him together, or, fuck each other. She would always do what daddy told her.

She was glad her mom wasn’t on this trip

He came in Claire’s mouth and she giggled as she greedily at his come. When she was done she cleaned him and then lovingly packed his cock away.

Claire rose to her feet and brushed the dirt and twigs off of her knees. She was three months pregnant with her daddy’s child. She stood patiently next to him. It didn’t even occur to ask him what he was looking at or why they were there. She knew he had a case of serum in his car and she had guessed that he was going to enslave some more women.

Claire loved her daddy. As she stood there she patted her own swelling stomach and felt such contentment with the prospect of motherhood.

Kevin watched as a car left the property with two figures in it. He snapped his fingers with delight and turned to Claire.


“Yes, Daddy?”

“Fetch three doses”

“Yes, Daddy” she said, turning and smiling so glad to be doing his bidding

Kevin had a dart gun. He had improved his formula and also the means of delivering it. With Claire by his side he made his way through the bushes and into a clearing.

Helga was in the kitchen when she heard the back door shatter. She put her dish and sponge down and went down the hall. She almost shit herself in horror as she saw Kevin enter through the mess that had been a wooden door

“You!” she screamed

“Yes” he smiled.

Helga turned to run

She felt a burning sensation in her buttocks and then it vanished

The dart stuck out of her rump.

Claire went and pulled it out

Helga stood motionless.

He moved past her and looked at her

“I am under your control…” Helga said

“You are going to pay for fucking my life up”

“Yes, Master” she said, “I am going to pay.”


“Yes, Master?”

“This is my daughter Claire”

“Nice to meet you” Claire smiled

“Yes” Helga said

“I want you to fetch a glass” he said to Helga

“Yes, Master”

“Claire has something for you to drink…”

“Yes, Master” Helga said as she went back to the kitchen

The others followed her

She handed a large mug to Claire he lifted her skirt and pissed in it

She presented back a thick warm yellow frothy drink

“Drink” he said

“Yes, Master”

Claire handed it to her and Helga gulped it down.

“The enzymes in this will help you adapt to receiving my formula” he said


“And you won’t be needing continual top-ups now” he said


“Now, Helga’ he said, “Eat my ass”

“Yes, Master” she said

As she moved to him Claire helped by pulling her dad’s pants down. “I’ve not washed it for a while” he snickered “So it’ll be tasty”

“Yes, Master” Helga said.

Claire stood back to masturbate as she watched Helga spread Kevin’s ass-cheeks apart.

Helga drove her tongue up into her ex-husband’s anus.

Callie returned home early with her daughter Margot. As they pulled up Callie got a sense of something not being right. She took the .38 out of the glove box and then remembered she had a 9mm also in her purse. She gave the 9mm to her daughter

“What’s the matter, Mom?” Margot said

“You remember the drill?” Callie asked. Long expecting her father to find them she had her daughter run through drills since she was a young girl. Margot had not forgotten and they spread out. Margot went to the front door and Callie the back

Callie gulped in horror as she saw the strewn-about back door.

She entered slowly, to the sound of grunting

She was horrified to see her dad there, fucking her mom on the kitchen counter. “Fuck my ass” Helga cried “Oh, yes, fuck my ass”

Suddenly Claire noticed the woman aiming the gun

She stepped in the way “Daddy!” she said, alerting him

“Move out of the way!” Callie said, “I don’t know who you are… I don’t want to hurt you….”

“You will not hurt my Daddy!” Claire said blocking any possible shot

He had pulled out of Helga’s ass-hole

Helga stood up and brushed past Claire

“Baby” she said, “It’s alright, our Master has come to take us all home”

“Mom?” Callie cried

“He wants to make us a family again”

“What the fuck did you do to her?”

“Only this…” he said, grabbing a dart gun

Callie fired. She managed to miss everyone but Kevin dropped the gun in panic and the glass part filled with serum broke, splashing green liquid everywhere

“You cunt!” he spat as he dived for cover

“Step back!” Callie screamed at her mom

“Callie, honey” she said slowly approaching her daughter, “Let the master give you some medicine…”

“Fuck that!” Callie said and she fired past them at the case of vials on the table

She fired four shots into it and shattered the remaining vials.

Callie saw Margot approach out of the corner of her eye

She turned to her “Cover me” she said

“Callie…” Helga began

“Oh, for fuck’s sake!” Callie said and pistol-whipped her mom. Helga crashed to the floor

Claire took a step until Callie fixed the gun on her

“I’ll shoot” she warned angrily

“Protect me!” Kevin commanded

“I’m sorry, Mom” Margot said as she turned the gun on her mom

“Margot….?!?!?” Callie growled

“Drop the gun!”

“Margot… what are you doing?”

“My daddy …. I will protect him…”

“But how… I destroyed the vials of serum!”

“She was induced with serum for months when she was in the womb…” Kevin chuckled, “All it took is for her to be given a command… and she is now mine!”


“I’ll kill you” Margot cried

Callie turned the gun at where she thought Kevin was hiding when suddenly she was blind-sided by a massive whack

She woke up and saw Margot naked, a small amount of blood on her inner thigh. Callie tried to move but she was tied down.

“Our daughter was such a great fuck…” Kevin said

“What have you done?”

“I’m no longer a virgin, Mom” Margot smiled sweetly, “Our Master has made sweet love to me…”

“Nooooo…..,” Callie cried, “This can’t be…”

Claire arrived back from the car with a new vial of serum.

“This will make you remember…” Claire said as she loaded it

“Please…. nooooooo….” Callie cried thrashing at the ropes.

“It will be over soon…” Helga said nursing a bruised jaw.

“Pleeeeasseee….” Callie cried, looking around for help. Margot smiled at her, “I love you, Mom” she said as Claire prepared the shot

“Pleas…” her voice cut off

“How do you feel?” Kevin asked

“I am under you control” Callie said as they cut her free.

The End