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Synopsis: Charles has powers over his family

Puppet Family

“I…I love you” Brett said, almost crying into the phone

“You really need to speak to my lawyers” Claire said.

“Please… can we just meet… and talk?” Brett wept

“You really need to speak to my lawyers” Claire said again.

“Claire… I love you”

“You really need to speak to my lawyers” Claire said “Don’t call again”. She hung up.

Claire wore an apron, to protect her as she dusted. She wore nothing else. Middle-aged, but not ‘so old’ she had long black hair, hair down to her butt. She picked up the duster and hummed as she continued to dust.

A thought occurred to her about how cold she had been to Brett… they’d been married twenty years.

Then, five months ago that world had ended. Quickly. Savagely. She’d called the police on him. Court orders of restraint. Eviction. Lawyers. Letters of Intent. Divorce proceedings.

Her daughter Jane was away…She was doing research at the Amundsen-Scott Base—the South Pole. A Geologist… she was stuck where she was during those months; but now on her way home.

Charles was a comfort to her. Her son.

Charles loved her.

Claire stopped for a moment and thought about her son. She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror. Her stomach—swollen; three months pregnant. She smiled and continued dusting.

Something odd about it… what was it? She couldn’t think… it was like there was a mental block.

The grandfather-clock struck four. She suddenly stiffened and turned, like a robot she went to the bathroom. Claire pulled off the apron and sat down on the toilet. Once she had finished with the toilet she picked up a small balloon-like rubber device near the sink and filled it with warm water. This she squirted up her anus

“All clean!” she said, after washing herself out. She stopped again. Why did she need to clean out her rectum? Something about it was wrong

“Why can’t I think…?” she thought.

“Hi mom, I’m home…” came a welcome voice. Claire ran down the stairs. She thew herself into her her son’s embrace.

“Hi babe” she purred, “Mmmmm” she said burying her face in his chest “I missed you…”

“You feel nice, mom” Charles said

“I just washed…”

“Did you clean it?”

“Ah-ha” she smiled

“I don’t want getting shit on my dick again”

“I cleaned it, really” she said as he kneaded her ass

“Mmmm” she said again feeling his harmless press against her, “Let me get you out of these…” she said, taking his belt and undoing it

“Fuck I missed you…” he said

“Then stay at home” she purred, “I’ll look after my baby boy” she added as she dropped his pants

His cock sprung up hard and she massaged it… they kissed

“Turn around” he said.

She did so, bending over, clutching her ankles, presenting her ass.

“Fuck” he gasped as he looked at the wink of her anus staring up at him. He pushed his cock against it

“You’re so dry” he said and pushed into her

“Ow…” she gasped. She was dry and it hurt a little

“You okay, mom?”

“Don’t stop baby” she purred, “Fuck mommy’s ass-hole”

He pushed in deeper. She was tight. She was warm. She was clean. Her rectum embraced him.

He began to build up rhythm. He lent over her and felt her pregnant stomach. At three months it was only like she’d put on a bit of weight, except for the feel of her budge. He ran his hands over that, proud of the baby she was carrying in there for him.

He humped her. She kept holding her ankles. She didn’t need to touch herself, she was getting off just by him fucking her bum.

“Oh! Oh! Oh, baby!” she gasped as he rode her

“I’m coming, mom”

“Yes, baby” she grunted, “Come in me!”

And his cock erupted and shot his seed into her rear. He slowed down, but she now moved her hips back and forth, milking him of his sperm.

“Fuck, mom” he grinned as he pulled out. She spun around, dropping to her knees. She took him in her mouth and sucked him clean. He grinned as he looked down into her blue eyes as she deep throated his cock. He was growling limp but she made sure to lick him around till she was satisfied

She released him “Fuck, mom” he gasped, “You’re amazing”

As he pulled his pants up she got down on all fours and lapped at the pool of cum that had leaked out of her asshole.

She made sure to get it all…

When she got up he was upstairs. She thought “I never did this for Brett…”

She had been adventurous with her husband… but this… this was a level of ‘commitment’ she would have baulked at. Had anyone told her that she should lick cum up of the floor….

Something about that

She heard Charles voice in the background, but it was muffled. She thought about this…

She’d just fucked her son. She was pregnant to her son. What kind of…

“Mom?” he said

She snapped out of it and stood up

“I was calling you from upstairs…”

“I…” she began

“Are you having thoughts?”


“Puppet mommy!” he said, touching her forehead

Immediately she went stiff… standing at attention.

He thought to himself “Is she becoming resistant to his conditioning?”

“Puppet mommy?”

“Yes, Master”

“What is your main purpose…?”

“To serve you, Master”

“You not just serve me… you WANT to serve me…”

“Yes, Master. I want to serve you…”

“Fucking me is normal”

“Yes, Master. Fucking you is normal. I love to fuck my master”

“Normal mommy!” he said, touching her forehead

Her body loosened

“Ah…?” she said, “What was it honey?”

“I was calling you from upstairs…”

“I’m sorry, baby” she smiled, “I didn’t hear you”

“That’s okay, mom” he smiled, putting his arm around her waist, “We need to prepare the house for when Jane comes back” he said as they went upstairs

“Are you going to enslave her too?”

“Yes, of course!” he smiled

“I want you to be happy, son” she said as they went in the master bedroom—which was now his bedroom

“I love you, mom”

“I love you too, son” she said, “And if Jane can please you then I want to help you enslave her too”

“I just have to look over the conditioning programme” he said

“Because I was thinking?”

“Yes…” he said “You shouldn’t be having independent thoughts…”

“I see” she smiled as she went into the en suite to wash the cum off her ass

“Let me know if I can help” she called out

“I will, mom” he said.

Charles sat down on the bed with a couple of ring binder folders. He went over the notes to try and find a better way of instilling conditioning. His mom came out drying herself. She’s also just shaven. He loved the ‘smile’ of her vagina.

“I’m all fresh and clean, again” she smiled, “If you want to use me…”

“I’m find for now, mom” he said, “Just go finish dinner”

“Yes, baby” she smiled. She went over and kissed him, wrapping her arms around his head. He loved the feel of her large breasts against his face.

Claire put another apron on and went downstairs to the kitchen.

Charles studied.

A small red light flashed on a machine by the bed. It caught Charles’ attention. He went over and flicked a switch. The tv flickered on, but it showed, in quarters the footage of four security cameras.

Someone was in the backyard near the basement stairs.

“Mom” he called out.

Moments later Claire was by his side, “What is it baby?”

“We have a visitor” he said

She looked at the figure in the monitor


“I don’t think it’s a burglar—they must know we’re home…”

“What are you going to do, son?”

“Maybe we’ll invite them in” he smiled

Letitia woke. She took a moment for her eyes to get accustomed to the low light. She tried to move. She realised her wrists and ankles were bound. She had a gag-ball in her mouth.

Her struggling brought attention to her

“Are, you’re awake” Charles said

She suddenly noticed a pain in her left forearm. She looked down to see two intravenous lines running into her arm

“Ah, yes” Charles said, “I’ve given you a small dose of my special cocktail” he grinned as he drew near to her

She struggled to move again.

Then she realised she was naked. “Ah yes, clothes are just going to get in the way” he smiled

“You have a beautiful body” he said “Even my mom was impressed…”

She cried muffled words but he ignored that.

“She shaved you…” he laughed as he reached over and ran his fingers between her dark legs.

“I’ve got to admit…” he smiled, “I wasn’t planning on having a black girlfriend”

She shook again as he pressed his fingers into her.

“Fuck you’re warm” he said.

A machine went ‘ping’. “Ah, good” he said, “You’ve got enough in you for now…” he smiled, “Let me just take this off..” He took the ball-gag off

“What the f…” she began

“Be quiet” he said

And she was. She couldn’t talk.

Her mind screamed. But she couldn’t talk.

“You’re probably wondering what’s happened” he smiled, “I’m going to make you into one of my puppets…”

She shook again

“Don’t do that” he said and she suddenly couldn’t

“Now, what is your name?”

“Letitia McNamara” she said, then wonders why she had done so

“What were you doing in our backyard?”

“I was trying to place a listening device…” she said

“Oh?” he gasped, and then ran over to her black bag. He went through it and found several bugs that he hadn’t noticed before. None of them were set up for use yet

“Why would you do that?”

“I work for my daddy… Clay McNamara”

“Oh, I know Clay…” he said, “He’s a friend of my dad’s”

She said nothing. He hadn’t made it a question.

“What does Clay want?”

“He was hired by your dad to bug the house… and dad sent me to do this because he has an important client to guard “

“Ah…” Charles smiled.

“Okay, I’m going to take the restraints off now” he said, “But you’re not going to want to run away” he undid the first “Do you understand?”

“Yes… I don’t want to run away”

“Good” he smiled, “You’re my slave. I am your master. Do you comply?”

“You are my master” she said. She felt calm. It seemed good to her that he was releasing her. She hoped he liked her.

Charles knew Clay through his father… Clay a white guy was married to a woman from Nigeria. He couldn’t recall her name. Clay had been a mercenary. A scary guy.

Letitia was buff. He imagined that she worked out just like her dad. She had a muscular chest that made her breasts, small as they were, almost masculine.

He pulled the lines from her and fixed up her arm. She meekly sat there and let him work on her.

“I want you to call your father and let him know you’ve completed your mission”

“Yes, Master” she smiled

He gave her her phone… she did that. She explained to her dad that she was going to go out with her girlfriend…she had to argue with him, again—he didn’t approve.

She hung up and handed the phone back to Charlies

“Out of curiosity…” he smiled as he took the phone from her… “When you said girlfriend…?”

“We’re lovers, Master”

“Ah” he said “Who’s the man in the relationship?”

“It doesn’t work like that, Master”

“It’s you, isn’t it…?” he smiled

“Yes, Master”

“You don’t want anything to do with her ever again” he said

“No, Master”

“You only want to fuck me”

“Yes, Master”, she said “I only want to fuck you”

He touched her forehead “Normal Letitia” he said

She relaxed

“How do you feel?” he asked

“Fine” she said

“Good” he smiled. He felt her breasts

“Do you like them?” she asked

“They’re pretty small”

“I know”

“But… they’re okay, I guess” he said

A big smile broke out on her face. She was so glad he liked them.

He touched her hair “You will straighten that out”

“I will” she smiled. He didn’t like frizzy hair.

“Come” he said, leading her upstairs

“Mom?” he called

“Yes, honey” Claire said, coming out in her apron.

“This is Letitia” he said “She is joining us”

“I’m so glad to meet you” Clair said, kissing her gently on the cheek.

“I have an idea” he said as he watched them kiss, “Letitia, I want you to eat my mom out”

“Yes” she said

“You should enjoy this mom” he said as Letitia got to her knees, “She’s used to eating pussy”

Letitia pulled Claire’s apron up and looked for a moment at the older woman’s bare pussy. She took in a deep breath, savouring the musky door.

Her tongue slid up into Claire. She was dry, at first but as Letitia worked her she soon got wet. As he watched Letitia eat his mom he was fascinated by her ass. It was a different shape to his mom’s—more rounded.

His cock was rock hard and he moved to his knees behind her.

He pressed his cock head against her anus and pushed into her. He felt a squelch immediately but was consumed with the need to fuck her. He kept in her, pumping her, and holding her well rounded globes of brown flesh at the same time.

“Oh, shit!” he grunted and came in her. He almost fell onto her as his cock spurted cream into her rectum. She came too—it was almost automatic. And, as she did her anus clenched down on him.

It was the best ass-fucking he’d ever had.

He forgot all about her eating his mom.

When he pulled out his cock was as brown as her flesh. “Fuck” he gasped. Claire pushed Letitia away. She didn’t care about getting off. Her main concern in life was her son’s joy and she fell to her knees, taking his foul cock in her mouth and sucking it

Letitia felt the same need and she spun around and shared in the duty

His cock flesh was bitter with her excrement but she also kept sucking; alternating in turns with Claire. They two dutifully cleaned his cock. “Fuck you two are good” he gasped

Letitia smiled. She loved to hear him praising her. She wanted nothing more than to please him. Her nipples were rock hard.


“Yes, baby” she asked

“Put your nipples against Letitia”

They turned to face each other. His mom’s breasts were generous, although a little sagging. Letitia’s were flat.

They pressed their hard nippled against each other. Letitia was taller than his mom, all lean. His mom was curvy—added by the fact she was carrying his child.


“Yes, my love?”

“I want you to work with my mom and chart your flow”

“You want to impregnate her?” Claire asked

“It’s only fair”

“You’ll be so happy” Claire smiled hugging Letitia. “You’ll get to carry his child”

“I want that” Letitia smiled

The two kissed each other.

“Now…,” he said, “We’re going to have to work out a story so you can move in… and not raise too much attention…”

“Okay” Letitia said

He went into the kitchen and the two women continued to kiss. When he returned they were fingering each other. He smiled. It was so good to see them getting along so well.

“Go clean out your asshole” he said

Letitia rose immediately “Help show her mom” he added

She immediately obeyed and guided Letitia up to the bathroom

“I’m going to tap that ass again” he smiled as he watched her walk up the stairs.

Four days later Letitia had moved in. He fucked her asshole all the time, and she was sure to follow the cleaning regimen she’d learned from his mom.

“Jane’s coming” Claire said as she entered the bedroom, holding the cordless phone. Charles pulled out of Letitia’s butt and sprayed on her lower back

“Nice” he said…

Jane opened the door and dropped her bags on the floor. She was surprised to see a black woman standing there smiling, naked.

“Welcome, sister” Letitia said

“What the fuck’s going on here?” she asked. She didn’t notice her mom come up with a rag

Claire pressed the rag to her daughter’s face. She struggled. Letitia jumped forward to help. They carried her down to the cellar for processing…

….Claire, Jane and Letitia carried his children

The End