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Queen of the South

Sydney; the queen of the south has changed since I last was here. But of course I expected that, it has after-all been over a hundred years.

I walk her streets at night, for what she calls a winter. Not as cold as my home in London. This visit is to check on my domain. I purchased this block of houses as they were being built, back in 1892.

Amanda is my ‘agent’. She runs these properties for me. “We currently have 100% occupancy, my Lord” she says as she dares to take my hand. I allow it. I feel her warmth and sense her excitement. I can smell her pussy; wet with pleasure.

We walk about; the street is poorly lit so she stumbles. My eyes see more than human eyes can see. The night is my environment.

We stop and look at #5. “Who lives here?” I ask

Without consulting notes she knows her business; my business. “There is a Martha Lismore; forty-two year old solicitor; recently divorced.”

My ears pick up at this important detail.

As powerful as I am, I cannot control my hunger. It is my master. But there are laws too a vampire cannot break.

I cannot enter an abode without being invited; hence I own these houses—they are MINE. I cannot enter upon holy ground. Even if I need shelter from the curse of day, I must not tread upon church land. When I needed to sleep in a coffin it had to be placed outside consecrated ground. I cannot tamper with a marriage vow… What God hath joined let no man, nor demon break… This means that those I enslave, such as Amanda were unwed.

Hearing that this woman, Martha, is not protected by holy vows brings me to choosing her, for tonight’s feed.

Amanda checks her watch. I already know it’s near 2am.

I leap across the wrought iron fence of the Victorian-era terrace house. A small effort to jump up to the verandah above. Looking in, through the top floor bay door I can smell my prey. I hear her breathing and know she is asleep.

Amanda has given me the key which I use to open the door. It creaks; old, seldom used. I pause. No change in my prey.

I enter. I am familiar with the layout of the floor plan, but in the dark I also see where she has placed furniture and other items. They are easy to avoid as my eyes cut through the gloom.

In her bedroom I look at her. She has herself wrapped in blankets. She must be chilled. I smell her cunt. It makes me hard, but I am not here for that… her sex is for another time. My stomach rumbles.

Peeling back a blanket I expose her right forearm. Already my canines have slid down into fangs. I press my mouth to her flesh.

In an instant I bit, her blood wells up into my mouth almost immediately. I hear her, she has not even broken from sleep as her coppery wine flows into my mouth.

I suck.

It is delicious; it always is.

I suck.

She murmurs. But I now have her; my mind feels her mind, keeping her asleep. I continue to feed. As I do, I enter her dream.

She doesn’t see my face, but she knows me now… She sighs. Her nipples are rock hard. The image; the feeling of me inside her… she sighs again. I flood her mind making her come again as she senses that I will give her pleasure, and she must obey.

“Hey, you?” I hear a voice.

I release my prey. Below two men are near my slave. They have interrupted my feeding as they talk dirty and cheap; thinking they can use my property.

Amanda has no fear of them. She knows that I am near. She laughs at them. One of the men draws a knife.

I take aim and land in silence behind them. They never knew I was there till it is too late.

I return with Amanda to her apartment. Kikki and Lisa are there. Kikki is my travelling food. I brought her with me from London, so I have an emergency source of blood, should I need it.

Lisa is there, as a partner to Amanda. She was my gift to Amanda for her fine


Amanda is thirty-seven, tall, blonde. I found her in Paris, a back-packer from Australia. I took her into my service, first in London, and then I sent her back to Australia to take over my property there. I see her blue eyes fixed on me. I know that she is devoted to my service. I draw her near and she falls to her knees to service me.

As she takes me in her mouth I look at Kikki. Kikki is originally from Russia. She was brought to England on false pretences and was sent to a house to work as a sex-slave. My interest in her only arose when I found people using one of my houses in Ealing Common, in west London, for these purposes AND without my permission. I visited the house. A bouncer objected to my ‘intrusion’ and as he raised his hand to me I ended him. Then I went from room to room taking the women there; raping them myself and drawing them into my service. Their male clientele fled.

Kikki was chained to a bed (as the others were). She had not yet been defiled by man. I let the other women continue on as prostitutes, only now in my service. Kikki I took back to my lair and broke her in for my private needs

Those women proved a good source of income. They gave me all the money they earned, and as my slaves they worked more ‘enthusiastically’. I had another of my slaves, Pru, manage them. One of seven brothels in western London under my control. Occasionally Pru sent me one to see my needs. Serving my needs was their greatest reward.

Lisa is only nineteen. She was another homeless wretch, an orphan to drug-using parents. She was no virgin when I took her into service. I removed her desire for drugs; a woman can only have one master. And then I sent her out to Sydney as a gift to Amanda.

She was never a lesbian. Nor was Amanda. But it is what I desired. They made me a video of their first efforts. I had enjoyed this diversion; two women tentatively tasting each other for the first time; for my pleasure. The look of Amanda’s face, as she kept gazing into the camera; knowing that I would be watching her sent her into paroxysms of orgasm even as Lisa’s tongue barely toughed her throbbing clit. For Lisa it was the same; eyes to the camera, imagining that I would be watching them perform for me.

My come, in Amanda’s mouth. She gulps me down and her body shakes with her own orgasm. Satisfying me satisfies her.

“Lisa” I call. She comes skipping to me like a little girl. She is petite. Her arse takes my attention. Amanda guides my thick heavy cock to that small opening.

“Owww” Lisa moans in pleasured pain as she forces herself back onto me. I know she has never had this before. It feels soft, yet tight as it tries to swallow my cock-head.

The smell of her arse-hole is strong. She is not clean inside. I pull out of her and Amanda licks my cock clean. I draw Kikki over and her fingers move into Lisa’s anus to help clean her out.

When I move back into Lisa’s rear she does not smell as foul. She takes my speed into her rectum as I come deep inside her. Her clit too, throbbing, burns with ecstasy.

The sun is coming up… time for bed.

* * *

The Queen of the South is a young city. But I shall not dwell here long.

Martha Lismore opens her door. I can see the flush of blood under her skin; she is excited; but she does not consciously know me. Her body ‘senses’ me. The subconscious part of her feels a desire.

“Yes?” she asks

I step in

“Can I help you?” she asks again. It is not normal for a man to walk into her place, she knows this, but she is confused. I can sense it. A part of her already knows her place. She only needs a small nudge before she realises that she is mine. She is my property.

“Can I help you?” she asks again as I look about her apartment.

“Take off your clothes” I tell her

“Yes” she says obeying me immediately. I can sense her mind. She knows that this is not normal; but also… that it is. There is an underlying need in her to serve me. A familiarity. She of course does not know that I put these feelings in her last night.

“Do I please you?” she asks as she stands there naked.

She is forty-two; she has borne children. Her body has stretch-marks. Her large breasts sag, but she is beautiful. All women have a beauty. And, I can change her.

As I stare at her she feels it. The stretch-marks on her breasts disappear. She feels her skin tighten. She looks at herself with awe. The ‘tummy’ shrinks.

She looks up at me; my eyes. She knows I have done this to her.

“You are more beautiful now” I say

She blushes.

I continue to modify her. Her dark pubic hair falls from her body. Her clitoris grows bigger.

“How are you…?” she begins to ask, but then resigns to my desire to change her; accepting that it just ‘is’ what is meant to be. I see this in her. It makes me glad that she is becoming so readily my slave.

I don’t mind raping them into service, but it’s easier to see them develop into that organically. Raping them; poisoning the over and over with my seed till they change… is not necessary with her.

She is a woman. She has been created to serve men. Only now she fully realises her potential for service.

“I am your, Master’ I say to her

“Yes, Lord” she smiles.

“Come” I say, drawing her to me with an open hand. She bursts into a wide grin as she comes to me. We kiss. She feels the familiarity of it

“I… I dreamed about you…” she says

“Yes” I say, lifting her up with one hand under her rear. My cock, I draw out with my other hand and impale her cunt on my hardness.

“Ohhhhhh” she gasps, as if making love for the first time. “Yesssssssss”

She rides me, slamming her thighs down against me, trying to hold me inside her forever.

I carry her to the couch and sit down with her still riding me like my cock is a piston inside her cylinder.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she grunts with delight, “Oh, Master, yessss…..”

Her orgasm is wet.

I feel her running down my thighs. She smells like musk.

And then I come in her. Her heart beats so fast as she comes again. She wants my come and squeezes hard on me to milk me of semen.

“Master! Master!” she chants till we finally come down together. I hold her on me, and she is willing to stay with my cock inside her. I can keep it hard for as long as I want, and she is glad for it. And then I press my mouth to her neck to feed.

She comes again, her heart beating fast shooting her blood into my hungry mouth.It is an addiction. I often wonder who has the power over the other as I gulp down her hot coppery nectar.

* * *

Martha lies with me in bed. She puts down her phone. “It is done, my Lord” she says.

She has called one of her daughters to come to the house. When she comes I will enslave her too. Martha had no hesitation in condemning her daughter to this life.

In the coolness as evening grows darker she sucks my cock. She reminds me of my mother.

Tiye was my mother. Three thousand years ago she carried me within her for eleven months. At nine months she anxiously waited for the Quickening. We are so close to humans that even a pairing of vampires may produce a human-like off-spring which some came to be called Dhampir; not quite vampire nor fully human.

At nine months that child would be born, to be rejected by my vampire family. I however continued in gestation and she knew that I would be born vampire too. In those last months I became aware and she spoke to me, already teaching me.

I had an older sister, Kaya. Between her and I were seven children born, each at nine months… all human-like Dhampir, and all rejected by her as mutant.

Her father, our father Yuya was a king in Egypt.

I was given a ‘wet-nurse’ to feed from her blood. As I matured my mother taught me about love-making. In my twentieth year I impregnated her. Our daughter Iset was born eleven months later, a vampire such as us.

This made my father jealous and I left to cross the great sea. I lived in Mycenae for hundreds of years.

Our reign diminished with the rise of a new faith—more powerful than we had ever known. We could not enter their lands; like an energy barrier laid around it. Then over time they became aware of us and formed a militant order to hunt after us.

The Paladins were our sworn enemy.

I survived by moving out of the spot-light. No longer a king on a throne I ruled through others. I built an empire of puppets.

The Paladins launched a crusade that destroyed much of my family. My father, my mother, and my daughter all consumed by holy war.

I had gone to visit Kaya in Constantinople. My slave Maria carried me hidden in her womb; she appeared pregnant as I rode inside her, past Paladin patrols to her house. She then was called Theodora. I had urged her to relinquish the power she held in that city and return with me, like me, to the shadows. She would not.

I left inside my slave again and heard of my sister’s downfall only a year later.

Martha swallowed my seed. She made sure not to spill any. As if timed to perfection the doorbell rang.

Carol was surprised to see her mother naked at the door. “Mum, what’s wrong?” she asked.

“Please, come in” Martha insisted.

Carol was surprised to see me. She knew something was amiss by the way her mother fritted and fretted about me.

Carol was four months pregnant. I could see it was a boy. Carol was not married. “Who are you?” she had asked me.

“I am your Master” I said

“You are what?” she snorted

“I am your Master” I said again, only this time I entered her mind.

“You are….” she began, as I laid a haze over her thoughts; she was confused

“You are…” she tried again.

“I am your Master” I said a third time

“You are… my Master” she said. It was the beginning of her journey into servitude.

Martha masturbated as she watched me fuck her daughter. I fed from her too, something special about the blood of pregnant women. Only I didn’t want her having a son, so I modified him and made him into a girl. Carol was only too happy that I was happy.

And so I must leave the Queen of the South. Sydney is not my home, but it has my slaves.

Kikki returns with me to London. She has been keeping herself on a special diet so her blood is tasty.

My loft in Ealing Broadway is dark. The sun comes up, weaker than in Sydney but still a pain. Kikki has just cleaned out her arse with a douche so she smells sweet.

She lies atop of me in my bed. She does so as a physical layer; of protection. She would gladly give her life for me.

My cock slides into her anus. I will stay in her as I sleep. This physical connection is not just sexual, I enter her mind and share in her dreams.

As I fall asleep I think again of my recent trip; profitable by the acquisition of more slaves. But I will not be returning there this century.

London has more opportunities for food, for pleasure. It is the King of the North.

The End