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Quest for Blood

“Look” Captain Marley said, “When you two can get off your asses and go out and catch this son-of-a-bitch you’ll have my unending respect”

Lt. Thompson looked at Lt. Evans; both said nothing. The Captain was quite angry—they could tell. His level of sarcasm was greater than normal.

There was no point arguing—he’d just chew them out further so both detectives simply rode out the tirade.

Sarah Evans scratched her the side of her left boob. It was a nervous reaction.

Barry Thompson tried not to notice.

She caught him trying not to look and he turned away red-faced.

“Is there something you two want to tell me?” Stephen Marley said sensing their looks to each other

“No, Sir” Sarah said

There was—they were both fucking each other. Not only was it against policy but Barry was already married.

“If there is something that I need to be aware of…” Stephen said, sensing they were withholding something….

“No… nothing…” Sarah insisted.

Stephen looked to Barry…with a “Well?” look

“No… nothing” Barry repeated.

“Okay, well do something about this case!” he said and stormed off

“You know they’re only putting pressure on us now because of Kim Delaney!” Sarah said

“I know…it’s all politics” Barry nodded

Kim Delaney was young. She was rich, and spoiled. Her father was very rich, powerful, and corrupt. And now he had a new wife almost as young as his daughter.

Lennon Delaney and his trophy wife Sandy had a baby boy, Luke. Sandy didn’t want to go through a ‘body-wrecking’ pregnancy but she realised she had to secure her place in the Delaney household. Lennon was now in his fifties and was talking of changing his will…

Kim was angry about all the extra attention her new brother was now getting, and her ‘mom’ for having this new baby boy.

Kim stormed out.. or rather drove out in her super-expensive roadster.

In the busy bar she’d looked around for pussy. She loved pussy.

It was then as some surprise when ‘he’ approached her

“Hi” he said

She ignored him at first

“My name is Marc” he added

“Look!” she said angrily rounding on him to tell him to fuck off

He grabbed her wrist

“Ow, you’re hurting me” she said “You’re…” and as she gazed into his eyes she found herself unable to speak.

“You will calm down”

“Yes. I will calm down” she said

He held her for a while longer his eyes burning into hers…

“I can sense your sin” Marc said

“My what?”

“Your sin… tell me what it is…”

“I…I got my daddy to buy my way into Harvard” she said

He smiled… that was an usual one

“Are you rich?”

“Yes”… she changed her mind “No, my daddy is…”

“And you’re here to pick up girls?”


“Have you ever had sex with a ‘boy’?”


“Then I will be your first…”

“You will be my first” she repeated

“Let’s go back to your place…” he said

“Yes…” she said in a monotone

She took his hand in hers and lead him out the door.

“Hey, Kim…” a woman smiled running through the crowd up to her “I’m glad to see you again… I…” she stopped as she noticed Kim ignore her… Kim and Marc brushed her by

Kim lead Marc out into the car park and then they rode out to the Delaney mansion

It was so big that they could enter a different entrance and not be seen by anyone.

Kim took him to her ‘apartments’—she had three rooms almost separate from the rest of the house. He was not impressed… he found American wealth to be gaudy, tacky, without refinement.

She stood next to her bed, not looking at him, unable to move. She was screaming inside, but totally unable to express it outwardly.

He came up behind her and grabbing her T-shirt lifted it up over her head… she moved her arms compliantly, assisting him.

Her breasts were small.

“How old are you?” he asked, looking at her figure

“Twenty” she said

He thought she looked twelve—but she could not lie to him.

He liked them with a little more curves

“Take off your panties” she complied

When she did she was able to turn around. He was naked on the bed. His cock loomed up like a pole.

“Come” he said.

She climbed up onto the bed. She was wet but he was big and it was some effort to mount him

“Ow” she complained… it hurt, but she could not stop herself—she forced herself onto him. It was what he wanted

She could not take all of him in… he was already deep inside her

He drew her forward. His mouth opened. His upper canines drew down into fangs. He bit into her neck…

He fed

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” she groaned as she rode him. At the same time she felt hot where his mouth was clasped to her flesh.

He sucked only a little—not enough to satiate his thirst, but also not enough to destroy her.

His quest for blood was always a balancing act. Kim gave herself to him. She cried out in appreciation “Oh, Master….” she sighed as she came…”Fuck me!”

* * *

It was her father who found her in the morning. She was unconscious—exhausted. Her sheets were glued to her with dried semen. There was so much of it about. Her anus oozed come, still wet from being inside her.

Everything bore the signs of her having been raped… only once she regained her senses she would not say anything to anyone.

Lennon just assumed that the silence was from intimidation. He was not just furious that someone had done this to his daughter—but done it in the sanctum of the Delaney estate.

* * *

“Hi there” Sarah said as she entered the hospital room, “You’re Leesa?” she asked, checking her notes.

The young black woman nodded

“May I come in?” Sarah said, “I’m Detective Sarah Evans… you can call me Sarah if you like…”

Leesa said nothing.

This was not Sarah’s first trip to the rape room of the hospital. What was concerning this time was that the ‘victim’ was making no claim at having been raped. This was the eight time the ‘victim’ would not co-operate

Sarah had checked the notes.

Leesa Kareen Jamile D’Jounnou was twenty-seven. She was born in Nigeria but had been in the States since she was five. She worked as an exotic dancer, and had two arrests for solicitation. She was a curvy woman, and tall. Her ass was large, round. And her breasts were generous—and natural. She had her hair long, but straightened…. it was what her clients wanted.

She’d been found by her colleagues in the alley behind the club. She’d been found unconscious, her clothes in tatters. Semen oozing out of her vagina, her anus, and copious amounts on her face, and chest…

Every sign she’d been raped.

But once she’d gained consciousness she’d said nothing.

People assumed it was trauma.

Sarah was called in. Over the past few months this ‘type’ of case had been repeated.This was the eight time! Sarah sighed. What crime is there when the ‘victim’ won’t co-operate?

Her boss had told her to do the paperwork. The least she could do

“So…” she began, sitting down on the chair next to Leesa “Can you tell me anything about who did this to you?”

“My Master would not like that…” Leesa said

“Say what?”

“Nothing” Leesa said, turning away

“You said… your master?”

“Leave me alone”

Sarah added it to the notes. This was the first time anyone had described their assailant in such a manner.

“Please… anything you can say that can help” Sarah pleaded

“Help?” Leesa snorted, and shot an angry look back at her

“Yes, help…”

“Why do you think I would help you…”

“To stop whoever raping again”

“It’s not rape…” Leesa said

“What isn’t?”

“What he did to me… it’s not rape..”

“You were…”

“I enjoyed it…” Leesa interrupted. She smiled.

Eight women that they knew of—all apparently raped—all not willing to co-operate. The only other thing they had to go on was that the semen samples all matched—the one rapist… except the amount of semen was incredible. There were various theories down the crime-lab. One suggested that he must be milking himself over time and then just pouring it over his victims—but even that would have taken a long time—and there was too short a time gap between each attack. But it was—so they believed—scientifically impossible for one man to produce so much in one go… and there they had it on every victim ins copious amounts.

Eight women… and quite frankly -as Sarah had to admit—that was just the ones they knew about. And now someone who ‘mattered’ had been attacked.

But like the others, the Delaney girl was also not co-operating.

When Sarah returned to the station she was confronted by a ‘plan’. They would undertake a sting—try and catch someone using the girls… and Sarah would be the bait.

* * *

“I can sense your sin…” Marc said

“You what?” Sarah asked, she was getting nervous as she sat in his car…

“What is your sin?” Marc asked looking at her.

“I…” Sarah began… “I’m fucking my partner!”

“He’s married” she added

Marc smiled.

Sarah had no idea why she’d just blurt that out… and to a total stranger. She shifted again in her seat.

Marc reached across and felt her breast

“Hey…” she began but somehow she wanted him to do that. She couldn’t believe it, he put his hand into her top and cupped her. She trembled… confused by the feelings she was experiencing. She had a good size bust. Something she had always used…when she needed to get her own way.

“Your partner?” he asked as he continued to massage her

“I…I’m a cop” she said

He withdrew his hand from her. A part of her felt disappointed. She wanted him to paw her.

“Are you working?”


“Ah” he said

“Tell me what the signal is”

“When I’ve made the deal I’m to press this little device” she said, drawing a pager like device from her purse.

She couldn’t believe she was spilling the information.

“Why am I telling….?” she began

“Be quiet… “ he said, and she was. “I’m trying to think…”

He tapped the steering wheel nervously. He knew that there would be a dozen police officers near-by.

“Give me your arm” he said

She held it out immediately and then to her horror watched as his upper lips seemed to peel back. His canines extended into fangs. He bit into her wrist

“Ahhh” she gasped from the sharp pain.

Then she heard him feed.

“Why isn’t she giving us the signal?” Officer Karl asked as he watched from a near-by unmarked unit through his binoculars.

“I don’t know” Barry said… “Is the signal still working?”

“Yes” Karl said after a quick check “What do we do?” he asked

“I guess we wait” Barry said.

She watched fascinated as he drank her blood. She could not stop him…she would not stop him.

Then, he released her, licking over the wound it bubbled like fizzy powder and clotted.

“What did you just do?” she gasped, nursing her wrist

“I have your blood now” he said, “I will come for you later…”

“Yes…” she smiled, somehow this thought delighted her.

“You are mine now…” he smiled


“I am your master”

“Yes….master” she smiled. She was pleased that she was. She wished he would touch her again…

“Now get out and continue your ‘sting’ operation”

“Yes…” she said, a little disappointed.

She opened the car door and slid out back to the curb-side. She felt wet between her legs—she longed for him and she felt disappointed as she watched him drive off. Her nipples were bullet-hard.

Suddenly her radio cracked

It broke her out of her spell

“Ah you okay?” Barry asked

“Ah… yes…” Sarah said

“What happened?”

“I guess the ‘John’ changed his mind” she lied into the radio

“Okay” Barry said, “We’ll get read for the next one…”

“Yes” she said

Sarah strode about, as a pretend-prostitute and waited for the next ‘John’ to try and pick her up.

That day they arrested fourteen men—interviewed them and cross-referenced them against the details they had on the assailant—only Sarah now new that it was her Master. She went through the motions

Afterwards Barry confronted her and asked if she wanted to have him pop around but she didn’t. He didn’t understand but she belonged to someone else now.

* * *

Sarah felt his presence… she was connected to him now. She grew wet just at the thought of his approach. She opened her front door

“You have to invite me in” he said

“Please, come in, Master” she smiled

She wore a nightie, and nothing else. She wanted to please him.

As soon as he entered he grabbed her and drew her to him. They kissed. She moaned… it was what she wanted

She opened her legs for him. He took his cock out, but left his pants on… he was long enough so it didn’t matter about his clothes

She groaned with delight when he entered her moistness

“Oh….yesss” she sighed.

Afterwards she lay across him in her bed, his cock limp, hanging over her neck. “Why were you conducting your ‘sting’?”

“We were looking for you, Master”


“Yes…” Sarah sighed, “We’d had a number of incident reports to investigate—of all the woman you’ve been raping…”

“But there were no complaints…”

“No” she laughed… and it was true… she could imagine that. No woman had complained about him raping them. They, as she imagined like she, had simply submitted to him and done everything he’d asked of them.

“The Kim Delaney girl…” Sarah continued


“Her parents had discovered her where you left her and they’d put in a police complaint…”

“But she would not have complied…”

“No, Master” Sarah said, “In fact we were going to bury it but her parents are rich and they put pressure on the Mayor—their friend… and then there’s this investigative journalist—Maya Brockenridge… she noticed a number of similar cases…”


“Yes…” Sarah said, “And she delivered a dossier to the Delaneys and this got the parents to put more pressure on the department…”

“I’m going to have to pay a visit to this Maya”

“Will you enslave her too, Master?”


“I will provide you al her details, Master” Sarah purred, happy to serve.

“And you…”

“Yes, Master?”

“I have a job for you… that will end your career as a cop…”


“You will take all your cop files and destroy them”

“Yes, Master” she purred. She knew it would in deed destroy her career… but she had not the slightest care if it was what he wanted…”

* * *

Sarah rang Maya to let the journalist know she had very important information on the case… but she had to speak confidentially. It was of course too much of a temptation to Maya, who had to take the bait.

Sarah finished her phone call.

“She will be here shortly, Master” Sarah grinned, knowing what awaited Maya.

“Very good”

Sarah shivered. She was so happy to serve she felt good when he praised her.

“And now you will go to the police station and destroy the files”

“Yes, Master” she smiled. “I love you, Master” she added

“I know…”

He kissed her and she shivered again. It was like getting a dose of a stimulant. Her nipples jutted out rock hard. She only wished that he would use her, and she was happy to serve.

Maya arrived in twenty minutes. She rapped slightly on the door—or cloak and dagger stuff—she looked back down the apartment block corridor to see if anyone was watching—she half expected that someone would have followed her.

She was totally surprised with he opened the door. She baulked, looked again at the apartment door number and her note. Yep… this was the right address.

“I…” she began… “Is Detective Evans here?”

“No” he smiled, “You will come in…”

She stepped forward, past him. He closed the door and locked it. She felt nervous being in the apartment with this strange man—who wore only a bathrobe.

“I sense your sin” Marc said

“Sorry, my what?”

“Your sin…” he said, “Tell me what it is…”

“I..” she began… “I framed a co-worker with false information” she said… then wondered why she would confess such intelligence.

“Good” he smiled. Sinners were easier for him to enslave.

“Look,I don’t know why I just told you that…but…”

“You will go over to the couch” he said and she did so immediately

“Ah… “ she gasped confused as she looked around… “What’s going on here?”

“Take off your clothes” he said

“Now wait just a…” she began to say, but already her hands were busy at work… “Hey!?!?” she cried as she realised she was taking her clothes off… “My goodness… what the hell is going on?”

With her dress now off she began to cry as she watched her hands unclip her bra. She had disappointing tits. Tiny. Next came her panties. She had a Brazilian. At least that’s something he mused.

He too was now undressed.

She gasped at seeing his massive cock.

“Wha…? What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to fuck you… and you’re not going to stop me…” he added

“I…” she began, “Yes, you will fuck me…”

Her mind screamed out in panic. Why was she doing this?

And yet, as he approached her, she grew wet

“Bend over”

She did so

“Spread your ass-cheeks”

She did so

He pressed his cock to her pussy. She was wet, but his size made entry difficult.

She braced herself

“It hurts!” she cried, but she would not stop him pressing into her.

“Owwww” she wept

“You’re so tight!” he laughed… all women were ‘tight’ because of his size, but she seemed particularly so, but it didn’t stop him opening her up

“Ow… ohh… ohhhh” she cried.

He built up a rhythm and she grunted with each forward thrust.

Then he pulled her hair, bringing her head up. He bit into her neck, just as he came. She screamed out as orgasm… the strongest she’d ever felt tore over her.

He fed as he pumped her with come.

* * *

Sarah arrived at the station—surprising her colleagues because of the lateness of the hour.

She tapped into the computer and started erasing files.

“Say, Detective” Officer Macy Ray said, coming uo to her…

Sarah looked up “Yes?” she said as she continued destroying files

“The ‘victimless rape case’…?”


“My partner and I think you’re close to finding someone but everyone else thinks it’s a dead end…”

“It’s a dead end” Sarah said as she watched the files delete.

“That’s too bad” Macy said

She turned to walk away

“But hey…” Sarah said, “Officer…? Marcy?”


“Ah, yes” Sarah smiled, “If you want to help out a little.… “

“Oh, yes” Macy said, “You know I wanted to transfer to detective!”

“Good” Sarah said, “This might help—but you’ve got to check it out yourself…”

“Sure! Sure” Macy smiled

“If you can go to this address…” Sarah said as she wrote down on a paper “And see if you can find out where ‘Lucy’ was two nights ago…”


“Yes, she’s probably another victim…”

“Sure, okay”

Sarah handed her the paper… “Only you’ll have to go there now…”

“Now?” Macy asked, “At 3am…?”

“Yes, now!” Sarah said… “Unless of course you’d rather not…”

“No! No!” Macy gasped as Sarah had gone to take the paper back off of her… “I can do this…”

“Great” Sarah smiled.

“Okay, now” Macy said


Macy smiled and left. She did not know that “Lucy” did not exist

Sarah smiled to herself. Once she’d finished deleting the files she started building the paperwork into a pile.

Out came a small plastic bottle of lighter fuel. She squeezed this out over the piles of paper.

She stepped back, lighting a scrunched up sheet of paper she soon had a blaze going.

An alarm went off. Cops came running. Sarah stood there, not helping, smiling, soon arrested. She didn’t care—she was obeying her master

Macy went up to the door and knocked on it

“See who that is?”

“Yes, Master” Maya said as she hobbled over to the front door. Her thighs stung from the fucking.

“Can I help you?” she asked, clutching a towel across her body. She held the door open implying permission for Macy to enter.

The young uniformed officer smiled. She was already thinking of how she could prove herself to be a detective

Macy stepped in and Maya closed the door

“Who sent you? Maya asked

“I was sent here by Detective Sarah Evans…”

“There’s someone here to see you, Master…” Maya called out

“No, I’m here to see Lucy”

“Lucy?” Maya asked, and then smiled to herself at the realisation of the ruse

“What seems to be the matter?” Marc asked strolling up naked behind Maya

“Ah…” Macy began looking about as if she were in the wrong place


“Take off your clothes…” Marc said…

Maya dropped her towel and caressed her breast as she watched the young officer start taking off her clothes…

The End