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(m/m, hypno, no sex)

part I

Jack anxiously walked back to his dorm room wanting to try out his new psychology experiment on his roommate Rusty. The professor had just hypnotized the class but Jack refused to let himself be hypnotized. He watched the professor and learned how he gotten the whole class under his spell. He had them relax and remember childhood events. Some of them were very funny, especially the one about Bill Trident, the BMOC, how he had to wear a tutu for a family pageant when he was four. Now, Jack was going to try it out on Rusty. Oh, the fun he was going to have.

Jack opened the door to his room and found Rusty asleep on his bed. He must have had another tough day on the practice field. Rusty was a tight end for the college football team and boy, did he live up to that name. He was about 6′2″, brown hair, green eyes, solidly built with muscles everywhere, narrow waist and a beautiful bubble butt that looked great in the uniform. Lying on the bed with just his white briefs on was enough to give Jack a hardon. He wanted so much to dive into that butt and eat Rusty alive. But, Jack had an average body with dull brown hair and knew no sexy man would give him the time of day. But that was about to change.

An hour went by and Jack was sitting at his desk reading more about hypnosis when Rusty woke up. He looked over at Jack. “Didn’t hear you come in, been here long?”

“Naw, just studying my psychology notes. I got lots of work to do. Hey, would you mind helping me with an experiment? We just learned about hypnosis and I would love to try it out on you.” Jack said.

“Well, errr, I am not really sure about it. You could end up messing with my mind,” Rusty replied.

“Oh, c’mon. Is the big football player really afraid of little old me?” taunted Jack. “I will just help you relax and focus more on the game with State tomorrow. You know you have to be at your peak to beat them.”

“That is true. Do you really think you can help me with my game? Make me more focused?”

“Absolutely. I will make you a new man. You won’t even recognized how well you perform.” Jack said. And boy, will I have fun with you when I am done, he thought.

“Okay, I’m in. What do you want me to do?”

“Just lay down on your bed and relax, focus on that tack on your Dallas Cheerleaders poster. That’s it. Listen to my voice and relax. You just want to listen to my voice and relax. Feel your feet get all tingly. Now your calves and up to your thighs. It feels so good to relax....” Jack could see Rusty was relaxing. His eyes were getting somewhat glassy and he was blinking a lot. “Now, feel your waist relax, now your stomach, that’s it, let it all go. Now feel your chest relax and your arms, and fingers. It feels so good to relax. Listen to my voice. As you hear my voice you will relax more. See the tack and see how interesting it is. You can’t take your eyes off of it as you feel your neck relax. Now your face. It feels so good to let go and relax. You want to listen to me Rusty, don’t you. It feels good to relax.”

“Feels so good...”

“Now Rusty, the longer you stare at the tack, the heavier your eyelids are going to get and the more relaxed you are going to be. Feel your eyes get so tired you want to close them. On the count of three you will close your eyes and listen only to my voice. It is the only sound you hear. The more you hear, the more relaxed you will become. Do you understand?’

“Yes, so relaxed, so tired”

“1....2....feeling good.....3. Very good Rusty. Now, I want you to imagine you are on an elevator. You are on the 10th floor. As the elevator goes down to the ground floor, you will go deeper and deeper into this relaxed state. Count it down for me Rusty. As you hear your voice say the numbers you will fall deeper and deeper asleep.”


“Very good Rusty. You are very relaxed and will listen to my words and obey them. When you obey my words, they make you feel very good. Also, you must tell me the truth.”

“Listen and obey...tell the truth”

“Very good. Okay Rusty, have you ever had a jerkoff session with a boy?”


“Tell me about it”

“I was 12 years old and sitting around in my room with Steve Richardson. We found some Playboy magazines and starting jerking off to them.”

“Did you have any more of those sessions with Steve or anyone else?”

“Yes, Steve and I did it about once every two weeks. I also did it with Dave Smith.”

“Did you do anything else but jerkoff?”


“Okay Rusty, very good. Now, think back to that first time with Steve. What kind of magazines did you find?”


“Rusty, I think you are mistaken. They were Playgirl. You had found your Mom’s Playgirl magazines and were jerking off to pictures of naked men”

“No, I don’t think so”

“Rusty, you will listen and obey. It will make you feel so good to listen and obey”

“Yessss. Listen and obey”

“Those magazines you looked at were Playgirl magazines and you were turned on by naked men. Naked men. Naked men turn you on.”

“Playgirl magazine...naked men turn me on...naken men turn me on...”

“Very good Rusty....Remember, Playgirl magazine and naked men turn you on.” Jack could see that Rusty’s dick was rock hard and leaking a little pre-cum.

“Playgirl...naked men turn me on.”

“Now, Rusty, during one of those sessions with Steve, you wanted to suck his dick didn’t you?”

“No, just jerk off”

“Rusty, listen and obey. Remember how you sucked Steve off. How you loved to have a dick in your mouth. The feel of it. The taste of it. It turned you on. You love to suck dick.”

“Love to suck to suck dick”

“That’s right Rusty. Keep saying it. See how good it makes you feel. You love to say it. Each time you say it, it makes it more true.”

“I love to suck dick...I love to suck dick..”

“Very good Rusty. I think that is all for today. Now...I want you to relax. Listen and obey. When I say to you, Playgirl, you will fall back into this trance but twice as deeply. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Playgirl”

“Now, on the count of three you will wake up feeling refreshed. You will have no conscious memory of what I said but deep down it will be the truth for you. One, two, three”

“Huh, wow, I feel great. Did you do it?”

“Yeah, you should do great tomorrow. Hey, is that a Playgirl magazine?”

Rusty instantly fell back into his relaxed state. “Rusty, can you hear me?”


“Very good. Now tomorrow at the game, you will play the best you have ever played. You will feel great all during it and very focused. Everyone else will seem to move in slow motion to you. Do you understand?”


“Also, each time you see me, you will get a little horny. And if we touch, you will get really horny and turned on. You will start to find me attractive.”

“Touch you...horny...attractive”

“Good job. Again, on the count of three you will wake up feeling great but remember that when you hear me say Playgirl, you will fall instantly back into the trance. One, two, three”

“Wow, I feel great...Well, I am off to Susan’s. All of sudden I feel really horny and maybe I will get lucky.”

“You don’t know how lucky you are”, thought Jack.


(m/m, hypno)

part II


Jack awoke to that one word and then heard the door to his dorm room slam shut.

“That bitch Susan, she wouldn’t put out for me. I am so god damn horny I can’t stand it. I got to get my rocks off”, yelled Rusty.

“Hey Rusty, what’s up. What has gotten you so riled up?” asked Jack.

“Well, I went over to Susan’s thinking I could get me some snatch, but she wasn’t in the mood. I tried all of my moves but she just kept telling me to leave her alone. She just wanted to hug and snuggle. I tried to please her, but I was so horny. I just had to have some. I tried to feel her up, but she jumped up from the couch and screamed at me. Saying I was insensitive to her needs and she was just some sex object to me. She then threw me out of her room. I am so mad at her. All I wanted was to get laid and she yells at me.”

“Hey man,” Jack said and he patted Rusty on his back. “I can relate to what you are going through.”

Rusty shivered and then looked at Jack with puzzlement. His eyes seem to focus and then unfocus and then refocus. It was looking like he was doing some deep thinking. Jack looked down at Rusty’s crotch and saw a huge bulge.

“Thanks, it is nice to know I have a good buddy in you,” replied Rusty.

“No problem, want to look at my Playgirl magazine”

Rusty immediately went into a trance state.

“Rusty, I want you to lay down on your bed and relax further. You like being hypnotized. It makes you feel so good. Only I can make you feel so good. Only I can bring you the sexual relief you desire. You know it is true. Please repeat” Jack intoned.

“Only you can make me feel so good. Only you can bring me the sexual relief I desire. I know this is true”

“Very good Rusty. Now, how are you feeling about Susan? Remember, you have to tell me the truth”

“I am so mad at her. Why can’t she just give me what I need?”

“Jack, listen carefully. The way you are feeling about Susan, is the way you feel about all women. They make you mad. They don’t understand you. They don’t listen to you and all they give you is pain. You do not like being around women and they turn you off”

“Turn me off” said Rusy.

“Very good. Only men understand you. Men listen to you and help you relieve your pain and make you feel joy. You are turned on by men. Repeat”

“Only men understand me. Men listen to me and help me relieve m pain and make me feel joy. I am turned on by men,” replied Rusty.

“Rusty, how many women have you had sex with?” asked Jack.

“Five Women,” answered Rusty.

“Rusty, all of your encounters with those women were horrible. You didn’t enjoy it at all. They were very boring and the whole idea sickens you now. In fact, the only way you were able to cum was to think of those Playgirl pictures you looked at as a kid. Remember that Rusty?” said Jack.

Rusty had a pained looked on his face. It quickly passed and he said, “I remember having sex with women and thinking about those Playgirl pictures. I love those pictures. They really turned me on.”

“Very good Rusty. Now, Rusty. I am going to wake you. You are still very horny but tired. You will remember that we had a good talk and you are feeling better. You will go to bed and fall asleep and dream about naked men and how they turn you on. During this dream, you will continue to see me and I will turn you on the most. You desire me above all other men. Do you understand?”


“After dreaming about naked men and me. You will start to dream about sucking me off. You will enjoy it immensely. You will dream about pleasing my dick and making love to it. You love sucking my dick and my nuts. You love pleasing me. You get so much pleasure making love to me. It will become so natural for you to have my dick in your mouth. Will you remember this?


“Okay. On the count of three you will awaken and follow the commands I have given you. One.....Two....Three”

Rusty awoke from his trance and looked alittle bewildered. “God damn, I am still horny but I got the big game tomorrow and I am beat. I think I am going to go to bed.”

“Yeah, me too. I wanna watch you tomorrow beat State. I know the hypnosis is going to make you the best player out there. I can tell you will be a new man tomorrow.”

“Thanks man. See ya tomorrow”

“Good night”

Rusty and Jack both went to bed and turned the lights out. Jack thought about what to do next. He had so many ideas on how to make Rusty his perfect lover. He hoped he was doing okay. His sessions with Rusty seem to be working. He wanted him so bad.

Just then, Jack heard Rusty moaning. He could hear Rusty say things like “Oh yeah” and “Nice ass” and “Great abs”. Jack’s dick got hard instantly. Rusty was dreaming about men and getting turned on. Jack started beating off to the long litany of moans and sex talk coming from Rusty. Jack was getting close to shooting when Rusty got out of bed and came over to Jack. Without saying a word but with glazed eyes, he reached for Jack’s dick, leaned over and put it in his mouth.

Jack was in shock. He had no idea that Rusty would actually suck his dick. He must sleepwalking and doing what he was told during hypnosis. Rusty was giving his dick a great sucking. He paid special attention to the head of his dick and using his tongue to lick at the piss slit. He then went all the way down on his 6″ dick until Jack’s dickhead hit the back of Rusty’s throat. Jack was in heaven. Here was his dream lover (literally) sucking his dick. Rusty then took his mouth off of the cock and started sucking and licking his nuts. Rusty sucked one nut and then the other. He was driving Jack crazy. He kept sucking Jack’s nuts for 5 minutes. Then, without any notice, he swooped down on Jack’s dick and deepthroated him. This was too much for Jack. He let loose a torrent of cum and Rusty swallowed it all and moaned the whole time. Jack kept shooting until there was nothing left and Rusty took it all. He then proceeded to give Jack’s dick one final tongue bath and a sweet kiss on the tip. He smiled at Jack, still with dazed eyes and went back to his bed and feel fast asleep.

Jack thought to himself, “Wow, I never expected that. I wonder what he will think in the morning. This is going to get good.” Totally spent, Jack rolled over and went to sleep dreaming of Rusty giving his cherry ass to Jack.


(m/m, hypno

part III

Jack lazily came out of sleep. He couldn’t believe that his roommate had given him one of the best blowjobs of his life while sleepwalking under a hypnotic suggestion. He slowly opened his eyes and got a look at Rusty. Rusty was still sleeping but Jack could tell by the tent in Rusty’s sheets that Rusty was still horny and ready to burst. Oh, what fun he was going to have with Rusty today. But first, time to hit the showers.

When Jack returned to his room wearing only a towel around his waist, he found Rusty awake and trying to jerk off. Jack smiled at this because he knew Rusty would never find relief without Jack giving him permission.

“Better not waste that energy, you have that big game today,” Jack said.

“Huh, what...hey, you shouldn’t sneak up on a guy like that!” Rusty quickly sat up and sat on the edge of the bed. He then turned to look at Jack and when his eyes saw Jack, a shudder went through his body. He couldn’t understand it. “Hey bud, you are looking good. Are you working out now?”

“Just a little. Can’t have you putting me to shame,” Jack said as he patted Rusty on the shoulder.

Another shudder went through Rusty and his dick got harder. He was so horny. He then glanced over at Jack as Jack removed his towel. Rusty could only stare at Jack’s butt. The shape of the butt was so perfect. It looked so good to him. He wanted to touch it. He wanted to lick it. “Wait a minute, what is going on?” Rusty thought. Just then, Jack turned around and started drying off his cock. Rusty’s mouth dropped open. It was so beautiful. His mouth was watering and his dick starting dribbling pre-cum. Rusty wanted that cock in his mouth. He wanted to suck it just like in his dream. That dream was so hot, Rusty wanted to do it for real.

“Rusty...Rusty...what is wrong with you?” Jack inquired.

“Huh, oh, I was just thinking about the game.”

Jack grinned. He could tell by the wetness in Rusty’s briefs that the conditioning and hypnosis were working. He just had to wait a little more before Rusty would become his lover. It was time to do a little more work to bring Rusty into the world of man to man sex.

“Rusty, what do you think of Playgirl?”

Rusty immediately closed his eyes and went into his trance.

“Rusty, at today’s game, you will perform better than you have ever performed. You will have more energy, be more alert, react more quickly and run faster. You will perform at your peak. At your best. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I will be at my best”

“Do you know why you will perform at your best?”

“Yes, because you have told me to.”

“That is true but you will be at your best because for each touchdown you make, I will allow you to cum. You are so horny and have so much cum that you want to cum so many times. You want to make love to me and cum. You want to service me and cum. You love me. I turn you on more than anyone else. I will allow you to cum. Remember, for each touchdown you make, I will allow you to cum.”

“I love you...For each touchdown I make, you will allow me to cum.”

“Very good. Now, when you do cum, you will know that you love me with all of your being. You love making love to me. You love to have a cock in your mouth. You love to have a cock up your ass. It makes you supremely happy to make love to a man. Especially me. You are not happy unless you make love to a man.”

“I am not happy unless I make love to a man.”

“Also, you will now like to wear tight clothes that show off your body. Tight shorts, tight shirts, lycra short and shirts. It turns you on to wear tight clothing and show off your hot body. In fact, you don’t like to wear underwear at all except for a jockstrap for when you are playing football. Remember, you love wearing tight clothes and no underwear.”

“I like tight clothes but not underwear.”

Jack’s cock was so hard now. He needed release even though he had shot a huge load just last night. “Excellent. Now, when the game is over, you will start to look at the rest of the teams cocks and bodies. You will do so without bringing undue attention to yourself. You will pick out one person who you believe is the most handsome on the team. Can you do that?”

“Yes, pick out the most handsome.”

“Very good. Now on the count of three, you will wake up feeling great and ready to win that football game. You are infused with energy and clarity of purpose. You will not remember being hypnotized but remember what I have told you. One...two...three.”

“Wow, I am so pumped to play today. I really want to score a lot of touchdowns and show State just what we are made of.” With that, Rusty bounded off to the showers and Jack thought about what post-game celebrations would he partake in tonight.

* * *

Jack sat on the bleachers and smiled. Rusty was playing great and he had scored two touchdowns in just the first half. His team was winning 28-10 at the start of the fourth quarter. Jack was admiring his handiwork as Rusty caught another great pass. Jack started thinking about all of the things that he and Rusty were going to do tonight. There were so many possibilities. As Jack was deep in thought, the crowds erupted in another cheer. Rusty had caught another touchdown pass. Jack started laughing. That Rusty is one horny dude.

Jack decided to leave early and prepare for coming festivities. He wanted tonight to be perfect for the final re-orientation of Rusty.


(m/m, hypno)

part IV

Jack had stopped off at the adult bookstore to gather some toys for the evening. He had heard on the radio that the team had beat State 49-17, the largest win ever. The announcer was going on about how great Rusty had played and that he could have a future in professional football. He had never seen a player perform that well in years. He went on to say that Rusty seemed to anticipate every move of State. He had dodged many of the opposing team with amazing agility and just had a passion and drive to make those touchdowns. He was voted ‘Player of the Game’ by just about everyone. Jack just smiled when he heard this. By tonight, Rusty will be scoring more than just touchdowns.

When Jack got back to the room, Rusty was not there. He must be out partying with the team. It was a big day for Rusty. First, the big hero for the school, next, the conversion to gay sex. Jack got hard just thinking about how this whole thing began. Just an innocent way to hypnotize Rusty to play better and because Jack wanted to have his way with Rusty, he had changed his memory and his feelings about women. Jack accidentally got Rusty to suck him off one night in a sleepwalking dream. With the plans Jack had for Rusty, he would be one hot gay man by the time the night was through.

At about 8 p.m., Rusty finally came home. He burst into the room beaming. Jack turned around from his desk and his mouth fell open. Rusty was wearing his jeans but his dick was clearly defined going down his pant leg. He also was wearing a new tight lycra shirt that showed off his gorgeous tits. You could also see the six-pack abs he had. He was one hot guy. Rusty ran over to Jack, lifting him out of his chair and gave him a big bear hug.

“Did you see how well I played? It felt great. I was like a machine out there. I couldn’t do anything wrong. And I owe it all to you and your hypnotism.”

Jack returned the hug and looked into Rusty’s eyes. A change came over them. They went from excitement to confused to downright lust. Jack could feel Rusty’s dick hard against his leg. Jack’s dick got hard and he knew Rusty could feel it. Before Jack could react, Rusty planted a huge kiss right on Jack’s lips. Rusty’s tongue probed Jack’s lips and Jack let it in. Their tongues intertwined as their passion rose. Rusty’s hands were squeezing Jack’s butt while Jack was getting lost in the moment. He couldn’t believe that Rusty was kissing him and feeling his butt. Rusty broke the kiss.

“Man, I have been wanting to do that for some time. I never felt this way about a man before, but I have been having these dreams about you and I have to have you.”

“But Rusty, aren’t you straight?” Jack inquired. He wanted to see how the conditioning was working.

“I thought I was, but when I look back at the times I have had with women, I realize I was just fooling myself. Each experience I had with a woman was terrible. The only way I could cum was to think about men. I don’t even get along with women. They don’t understand what I need. I need to feel a cock in my hand, in my mouth and in my butt. I need you.”

Jack couldn’t believe it. Here was this straight stud who has never had real sex with a man telling him that he wanted him. This was heaven for Jack. The hypnosis had worked perfectly. Now it was time to have fun.

“Okay, stud. Let’s get to it. Why don’t you take off your clothes and lie on your bed. I am sure that you have some sore muscles that needs some relief. I want to feel that body of yours all over.”

Rusty smiled a huge grin. He seductively took off his shirt that displayed his torso in all of its splendor. Jack couldn’t wait to work on that chest. Rusty then slowly peeled the jeans off revealing his man meat. It stood at full attention leaking a continuous stream precum. The eight-inch cock was so primed and lubed for just about anything. Jack’s mouth drooled in anticipation. Rusty then went to his bed and laid with his dick standing at attention.

Jack decided to go naked too even though his body was nothing compared to Rusty’s. He took off his clothes to reveal an average body. Not too skinny, not too fat but nothing to write home about. Rusty looked over at Jack and saw heaven. He loved that Jack was not too muscular. It was so cute how Jack was so ashamed of his body. It was perfect. And his cock was so perfectly nestled with nice sized balls. Jack’s body was perfectly proportioned. Nothing was out of kilter. He wanted it more than anything.

Jack went over to Rusty and started giving him a foot massage. Rusty immediately started to moan. Jack’s touch was electric and made Rusty more horny with each touch. Jack slowly worked his hands on the left foot and then the right. He could see the effect it was having on Rusty. Rusty was lost in erotic heaven. He was moaning and begging for release. Jack decided it was time to get a little more serious.

He quickly moved from Rusty’s feet to his chest. He started playing with Rusty’s nipples. Rusty felt the electric current going from one tit to another as Jack’s hands pinched each nipple. This was what he wanted. He loved this. Rusty’s nipples got hard and Jack just had to taste them. He put the right nipple in his mouth and sucked. Rusty arched his back and moaned. Rusty’s hand flew to his cock and started pumping. He wanted to cum so bad. Jack saw this and smiled. He then went to work on the other nipple. He sucked it and then bit it. Rusty hissed and moaned. He was giving his cock and real working over but could not cum. Jack knew that Rusty could only cum if he let him. It was time.

Jack told Rusty to turn over and get on all fours. It was time for a fucking. Jack looked at the beautiful bubble butt and knew now was the time to savor the taste, texture and feel of that butt. He spread Rusty’s cheeks and inhaled. The smell was intoxicating. A mixture of soap, sweat and lust. Jack had to have it. He slowly started to lick around the hole and was so taken with the taste that he attacked Rusty’s hole with fervor. He couldn’t get enough. He licked all around and slowly got the opening to relax. He darted his tongue in and out at the hole until Rusty was moaning and screaming with lust.

“Please fuck me. I need to feel your cock in me. I need you in me,” pleaded Rusty.

Jack could do nothing but comply. He got up and went to his desk to get the lube and condoms. He greased up Rusty’s hole and placed his finger on the opening. He slowly inserted the finger.

“Rusty. Press down like you are taking a shit”

Rusty groaned and the finger slid in. Jack started to pump the finger slowly until Rusty’s ass could take it. The hole relaxed and it was now ready for the next finger. He slowly put his middle finger into Rusty and started pumping right away. Rusty was hissing, but loved it.

“Fuck me now, please. I have to have your cock in me, now”

Jack didn’t need any more encouragement. He put the condom on his dick, lubed it up and aimed right for the whole. As his dick touched the hole, it relaxed and let it in. Jack then slowly moved his cock into Rusty’s ass. It felt great. It was warm and tight. It felt like it was made to be in Rusty’s ass. Jack finally got his dick all the way in.

“Fuck me hard you stud. Your dick feels great. Fuck me now!”

Jack started the rhythm. He slowly pumped his dick into Rusty. It felt so wonderful. His balls started slapping Rusty’s butt. He was in heaven. Here was his dream, giving his cherry ass to him and loving it. He placed his body on top of Rusty’s. He loved the feeling of his chest against Rusty’s back. It was so erotic. He continued to pump his dick in and out of Rusty’s ass. Jack started playing with Rusty’s dick. It was so big and slick. Rusty just moaned. He was lost in an erotic stupor.

Jack felt he was going to blow any second. He wanted them to cum at the same time. He continued to fuck Rusty just until he knew he would shoot.

“Okay Rusty. When I tell you to cum, you will cum”

“Oh, god, yes. This is so hot. I love the feel of your cock in my ass.”

Jack’s cum was rising. “One...two...three”. Jack thrust his cock into Rusty and felt his cum boil to the top and shoot. He shot so hard he thought that the condom would come off and stay in Rusty’s ass forever. At the same time, Rusty screamed and shot a huge load right into Jack’s hand. For each thrust of Jack’s cock in Rusty’s ass, another rope of cum came out of Rusty’s. After a few minutes, both men were spent. They lay together on Rusty’s bed with Jack’s softening cock still in Rusty’s ass.

Jack was hugging Rusty and kissing his neck. Rusty turned to Jack and said, “I love you. I want to spend my life with you.”

Jack was ecstatic. His hypnosis had worked. Rusty was now his lifelong lover. He could never want for more.

“I love you too. Always have and always will,” replied Jack.

Jack kept his promise that night. He brought Rusty to climax three more times that night. Rusty was a fast learner and was open to any suggestion that Jack had. The night was filled with dildoes, leather, cock rings and tit clamps. Each time Rusty came, he professed his undying love for Jack.

The next morning found them both lying in bed in each other’s arms. They awoke to a knock on the door.

“Who could that be?” asked Jack.

“Oops, I forgot to tell you. I told our quarterback Kurt about the hypnosis and he wanted to give it a try. So I told him to come over today and you would try to hypnotize him. But no funny stuff, he is a very cute and you are mine.”

“Well, things could get interesting.” Jack thought.

To be continued???