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(m/m, hypno, oral)

part V

“Well, I guess I should get up and get the door and let our guest in,” Jack said.

“Wait, we should put something on first. We don’t want him to get suspicious of me. If he finds out that I am gay, I could be off the team,” Rusty warned.

“Isn’t this great. His once straight roommate now thinks of himself as gay and all it took was a little hypnosis and some slight altering of his memories. Now, the quarterback of Rusty’s team, Kurt, is here to be hypnotized by me so he can have as good a game as Rusty had yesterday. Well, I think we can work things out,” Jack thought.

“Okay, your right!” Jack whispered. “Be with you in a minute,” yelled Jack

All they heard was a muffled ‘OK’ from the door. Jack put on his briefs, some sweatpants and sweatshirt. He noticed that Rusty did not put on underwear (per the hypnotic suggestion) but chose some nylon running shorts and his new lycra shirt. He looked so hot in that getup. Once they were both dressed, Jack looked at Rusty, who nodded and Jack opened the door. There in the door stood a beautiful specimen of a man. Kurt was dressed in some tight jeans and T-shirt, which hugged his awesome frame. His pecs jutted out nicely and showed some nice nipples just waiting to be sucked. His dark brown hair was almost black which contrasted nicely with the bluest eyes Jack had ever seen. He could get lost in those eyes. Kurt was about 6′1″ and was built very nicely. He matched Rusty in the muscle department but seemed to have an air of cockiness about him. Jack took this all in very quickly.

“Come in,” Jack said. “Congrats on your win yesterday. You were awesome.”

“Thanks, but I had a lot of help from Rusty. He was so on that it scared me. When I asked him how he did it, he confided in me that you had hypnotized him to play great. It seemed to work, so I thought I would ask you to try it out on me,” Kurt said.

“Sure, why not? It worked for Rusty. Have a seat,” Jack said.

“Kurt,you are gonna love this. After Jack hypnotized me, I felt like a new man. I had so much energy at the game and everyone seemed to move in slow motion. I felt I could run circles around everyone.”

“Great, when can we start?” asked Kurt.

“Well, Rusty and I just got up and we are starving. We need to get some breakfast and I need you to change. You need to be in very loose comfortable clothing for this to work. So, if you can, why don’t you come back in 2 hours? Is that okay?”

“Well, I thought we would do it now, but I can hear your stomachs grumbling and I don’t want to get in the way of Rusty these days. So, I will see you in 2 hours.”

“Great,” said Jack. He then opened the door for Kurt and he left.

“Why didn’t you hypnotize him now?” asked Rusty.

“I really am hungry and I needed to prepare.”

“Prepare, what do you have to prepare?”



“Playgirl.” As soon as Jack had said it, Rusty went into a deep trance.

“Rusty, can you hear me?”


“Good. I want you to go deeper and get more relaxed than you have ever been. It feels so good to be relaxed. You are feeling very sexy today. And extremely horny. In fact, you are now very curious about what sex is like with Kurt. You feel a little guilty about it because you love me so much, but you really want to have sex with Kurt and with me. You will ask me to use the hypnosis to make Kurt gay. You want him to be included in our sex play every now and then. In fact, you want him to be our sex slave. Say it, you want Kurt to be our sex slave and know it to be true.”

“I want Kurt to be our sex slave and know it to be true.”

“Very good. I want you to sleep for 15 minutes and dream about all the things that you want to do with Kurt and all of the things that turn you on. When you wake up, you will beg me to use the hypnosis to turn Kurt into our sex slave. You will tell me all of your fantasies about using Kurt. This will be your fantasy. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I will dream about all the things I want Kurt to do as our sex slave and beg you to turn Kurt gay and into our sex slave. I will tell you all of my fantasies and they will be mine.”

“Very good. On the count of three, you will wake up from the hypnotic trance, but fall asleep for 15 minutes. One...two...three.”

Rusty opened his eyes and yawned and immediately lay down on his bed and went to sleep. Jack decided he needed to take a shower considering the night he just had and the next few days ahead of him. Who would have thought one simple hypnosis class would lead to this. Two hot guys on the football team turned into gay men, one his lover, the other his slave. It was so perfect.

Jack returned from his showering contemplating his next move. Rusty should be awake by now and ready for action. Jack opened the door. He immediately was grabbed and thrown to the floor. Rusty stood above him with a hungry look in his eye. He slammed the door shut and said, “God, I could eat you up and that is what I am going to do.”

Rusty got down on all fours and started licking Jack’s balls. Rusty inhaled the scent of a freshly washed male. It was intoxicating for him. All Jack could do is moan. Rusty took one nut in his mouth and swirled it around. Savoring the texture and taste of this appetizer. He continued to suck on the balls while his hands roamed up Jack’s body to his nipples. They found their mark and started to pinch them. They got rock hard immediately. Jack couldn’t help himself but writhe in ecstasy, he hadn’t expected Rusty to be this horny, but what good is it in having a randy stud if he doesn’t take advantage of you now and then. Rusty took his mouth off of Jack’s balls and started to lick Jack’s love stick. He loved the taste and feel of it on his tongue, he never could imagine a time when it wasn’t natural for him to be a cocksucker. He always loved cock (as he was trained to think) and wanted more of Jack.

Rusty decided it was time. His cock was rock hard and dripping with precum. Having this cock in his mouth made him close to shooting. He took his hands off of Jack’s nipples and lay down between Jack’s thighs. His right hand started jacking off his tool while his left hand kept a firm grip on his lover’s dick. Rusty started sucking in earnest and tickling the head of Jack’s cock with his tongue. Jack started humping his hips into Rusty’s mouth. Rusty knew it wasn’t long before Jack would shoot. He sped up the sucking action and tickled Jack’s ass with his finger. Jack moaned. Rusty felt Jack’s balls contract and then the torrent of cum hit the back of his throat. He sucked and swallowed. He kept doing this until Jack’s love juice no longer came. He licked the dick from root to tip and smiled.

He got up on his knees and looked at his lover. He was so cute. He loved him with his all of his being but now all he wanted to do was get his rocks off. He stared into Jack’s eyes and pumped his cock. The look of love in Jack’s eyes sent him over the edge. The cum shot out of his cock and landed right onto Jack’s belly button forming a lake of cum. Rusty kept pumping his cock and the sperm kept coming. After about a minute, Rusty slowly stopped and lowered himself to Jack and proceeded to lick his cum off of Jack. It tasted so good to him. He couldn’t get enough. Once the cum was gone, he gave Jack’s belly button and tongue bath to ensure there was no seed left. He then licked his way up to Jack’s lips and gave him a kiss. Jack embraced Rusty and they lay there for a few minutes enjoying the afterglow.

“Shit, that was awesome,” Jack said.

“Yeah, I couldn’t help myself. I was so horny that I had to have you. So, I thought this would be a good appetizer to breakfast. Let’s go, I am starving. That cum only whetted my appetite.” Rusty replied.

“You horn dog. I like surprises like that. But you are right, we have Kurt coming over soon.”

“Yeah, I can’t wait for you to put Kurt under. Over breakfast I have some ideas that will make Kurt a new man.” Rusty said with a gleam in his eye and a sneer on his face.

Jack could only smile as the seeds of his suggestion were taking root in Rusty. It will be fun to hear what Rusty wants to do with Kurt. Oh, the possibilities. Even though Jack had just cum, his dick started hardening at the thought of the days ahead.


(m/m, hypno, oral)

part VI

Rusty and Jack left their room and walked down the stairs to the street. Jack loved looking at Rusty’s bubble butt in those nylon shorts. He just couldn’t get enough of that sight. The way they jiggled in the shorts kept Jack hard all the way down.

As they stepped out onto the sidewalk, Rusty and Jack stood shoulder to shoulder and proceeded to walk to the local diner for breakfast. Jack peered down at Rusty’s shorts and noticed a nice bulge in them. Boy, is he randy and ready for some more. Jack then looked at Rust’s chest. The lycra shirt really showed off his nice pecs and washboard abs. He loved the idea that Rusty was his.

During their short walk, many people came up to Rusty and told him what a great game he played. They shook his hand, patted his shoulders and just wanted to touch the new football star. They also gave some looks at his getup. Here was this hot stud strutting his stuff on the street. Some were perplexed at this change in the man but some of the women would flirt with their eyes and body language. They wanted this hottie for themselves. But Rusty would have none of it. He just stood there and talked to everyone. Sometimes he would adjust his dick to fit within the confines of his shorts because all this attention was making him hard and he needed to readjust his equipment. This caused a lot of stares.

They finally made it to the diner and were seated in a corner booth away from the center of the restaurant. Jack could tell that Rusty wanted to say something to him but had to wait. The waitress came over and took their order. She recognized Rusty and complimented him on his game. She left and finally Rusty opened up.

“Jack, I got a crazy idea. One that I hope you will like. So, please keep an open mind.”

“Hmmm. I don’t know if I am going to like this Rusty, but, okay.”

“Y’know Kurt is coming over to get hypnotized this morning. And, you gotta admit he is really handsome, what if we used this opportunity to our advantage.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Can you use the hypnotism to make Kurt our slave? I have been having these erotic dreams where you and I are making passionate love and Kurt is there servicing both our needs. He would be completely shaven, except for his hair, which would be cropped short and would wear whatever we wanted him to. Whether that be a leather getup, lycra, rubber or nothing. He would have to obey us. We could even get him pierced or tatooed. Can you imagine, the quarterback and captain of the team, being our personal sex slave. Servicing our every need. We could fuck him, make him suck us and lick us all over. Oh god, it is making me hot.”

Jack opened his mouth in shock. He couldn’t believe how well the hypnosis worked on Rusty. But he had to play along. He feigned that the surprise was from shock of the idea, not at the outcome of his mental manipulation.

“Jack, Jack...please tell me what is going on in that head of yours”

“Well, I am alittle shocked at the idea. We just found each other and you want to add a third to our group. And, I don’t know if I can do it.”

“Jack, you know I love you with all of my being. I just thought it would be great to add a little more flavor to us. It is not like he will be our lover. He will be our slave. Less than human. Just a plaything for us to use whenever we want. We could also use him to seduce other men whenever we wanted. Even get him to get money from those rich parents of his. C’mon, I know you can do this if you put your mind to it.”

“Hmmm. It does sound pretty interesting even though we have just started exploring each other. It would be nice to have someone wait on us hand and foot and not have to worry about where the next meal is coming from. The more I think about it, the more I like it. I just have to think how to change Kurt into a slave and make him like men. You know what a straight stud he is.”

“I know you can do it. You have made me very happy and extremely horny. I can’t wait to get you home and ravish you. I want to eat you up.”

“That is just you empty stomach talking.” Jack laughed.

“Very funny. You are right about Kurt being a straight stud. He can have any girl on campus and usually does. We have to make him like being a slave and convince him that he is gay. That is going to be tough but I know you can do it.”

“Rusty, this may take some time. I have to “reprogram” him to subservience and change his orientation to gay. That is one tough order.”

“I’ll help in any way I can.”

“Okay. Well here comes breakfast. Let’s eat. I think better with some food in my stomach.”

The waitress delivered their meals and the two of them ate hungrily. After finishing their meal they paid their bill and rushed home. They wanted to plan the re-orientation of Kurt.

Kurt knocked on the door of Jack and Rusty’s room. He couldn’t wait to see what it was liked to be hypnotized. He really needed the extra edge that Rusty seemed to have on the field during the last game. It just seemed weird to him that Jack and Rusty were acting so chummy when Kurt knew that Rusty didn’t really care that much for Jack. Rusty told Kurt that Jack was a loner and really kept to himself. He even felt that Jack was eyeing him up. Well, I guess that problem was solved. They seem to get along great now.

The door opened and Rusty stood there in his tight lycra shirt and nylon shorts with a huge boner in it. Kurt was shocked at the image but retained a cool exterior. “Is that a banana in your shorts or are you just glad to see me?” Kurt said mockingly.

“Just real excited for you. I know this hypnosis shit will work for you and make you a changed man. You will be doing things on the field that you never knew you could do. C’mon in and make yourself comfortable in that chair over there,” Rusty said.

“Hey Kurt, glad to see you could make it. I think I am ready to begin. Are you sure you want to do this? It won’t really work if you don’t want it to and you don’t trust me,” Jack said.

“Naw, I trust you and I need to have that edge. I want to make it to the All-State team so I can have a chance at a pro career.”

“Great, okay, sit back in that chair.” Jack said as he lowered the lights. “I want you to concentrate on that tack in the wall next to the Dallas Cheerleader picture. See it.”

“Yes, I see it,” Kurt said.

“Okay. I want you to really concentrate on it. Watch the play of light on it. It really is a special tack. Notice how the color changes within it. Notice how perfect it is. As you concentrate on it, feel yourself getting relaxed. Listen to my voice. You like listening to my voice. It makes you feel good. Just relax.” Jack started intoning and lowering his voice. He could tell Kurt was a good subject. He was already starting to relax. All of the telltale signs on his face were telling Jack he was relaxing. “Very good, keep staring. It feels so good to stare at the tack. It makes you relax more. Listen to my voice. You hear only my voice. It makes you feel so good to listen to my voice and let your cares drift away. Feel yourself floating. Keep your eyes on the tack but listen to my voice. You like listening to my voice. Only my voice can make you feel this relaxed. All your cares are gone. Your mind is just filled with the image of the tack and my voice making you feel so good. How do you feel?”

“I feel very relaxed and good.”

“Great continue staring at the tack and listening to my voice. The more you stare the more relaxed you become. You want to close your eyes, but you can’t. Only I can tell you to close your eyes. Because you trust me and want to listen to my voice because only I can make you feel this good. Do you trust me?”


“Good. Very good. You are doing great Kurt. Now, as I count to three, you will close your eyes. You will hear only my voice and obey me. You want to obey me because only I can make you feel this good. One....Two...Three”

Kurt’s eyes closed and his breathing was even and relaxed. Jack was hard in his pants. He loved the idea of bringing this stud into complete submission. Now to take him deeper.

“Kurt. You are now in an elevator. You notice that you are on floor ten. As the elevator goes from floor ten to the ground flow, you will feel yourself getting more relaxed. As you hear my voice, you will get more relaxed and you love the feeling. You would do anything to keep this feeling. Right?”

“I will do anything to keep this feeling”

“Good. Okay, as the elevator goes down, you will feel more relaxed and you will want to obey me. It will feel right to listen to my voice and do whatever I ask. Please repeat.”

“As the elevator goes down, I will feel more relaxed and I will want to obey me. It will feel right to listen to your voice and do whatever you ask.”

Rusty couldn’t believe how well it was going. Here was Kurt ready to do whatever Jack wanted him to do. He was so excited that a drop of precum started to stain his shorts. He went over to Jack and gave him a big kiss. This surprised Kurt.

“Stop that. I got to concentrate on this.”

“Okay, but I gotta have you when you are done.”

“Okay, if you insist. Now be quiet. Kurt, I am going to start your descent in the elevator. 10........getting more relaxed.....9......even further.....8.....feeling great.....7......more relaxed .........6.......more are loving this feeling.......4.......more relaxed......3......more good to feel this are totally relaxed. Okay, Kurt, whenever you hear me say the word “Slave”, you will return to this state. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” whispered Kurt.

“Kurt, whenever I ask you a question, you will answer truthfully and honestly. It will make you feel so good to tell me things. You can’t imagine a better feeling. Listening and obeying me make you feel great. You love the feeling.”

“Love listening and obeying,” droned Kurt.

“Now, Kurt, it is hot in here, so I want you to take off all you clothes. This will feel very natural for you.” Kurt stood up and removed his sweats and underwear. Underneath was a beautiful body complimented by a flacid 5″ cock. He had a washboard stomach with just a trail of hair leading to that beautiful cock. His legs were smooth and muscled nicely. His chest and nipples were perfect mounds of flesh with very little hair on them. And his butt was pure heaven. Nice melons with a slight dimple.

“Very good Kurt. You may sit back down in the chair. Now Kurt, have you ever had a homosexual experience?”


“Good. How many?”


“Please tell me about the first one.”

“Well, I was a junior and at football practice at my high school one day and the coach wanted be to stay late to work on the weights. He wanted me to improve my arm strength so I could throw the ball better. So I went to the lockers to change out of my uniform and into shorts and a T-shirt. I then went to the weight room. The only person there was Jeff Fulton, our team gopher. He was cleaning up after the rest of team went home. I proceeded to do some arm curls and noticed that Jeff was watching me with a funny look in his eyes. I asked him what he was looking at and he blushed. He came over to me and asked me if I wanted a blowjob. I couldn’t believe it. I almost punched him in the mouth. But after thinking about it, I was horny, so I told him yes. He immediately yanked down my shorts and proceeded to give me a blowjob. It was so good. I couldn’t stay standing so I laid down on the floor. He proceeded to lie between my legs and continued the blowjob. It was great. I came within a minute. He just got up, said thanks and left.”

“Very good Kurt. What about the next one?”

“Well, the other two were very similar to the first one. Jeff would come up to me and ask me if I wanted a blowjob and he would give me one. After the third time, he transferred to another school, and I never saw him again.”

“Did you ever want to have another guy give you a blowjob?”

“Naw, I just used Jeff because he gave great head. I am not into that queer stuff.”

“Kurt, but you are. Look at it. You let a guy suck you off. That makes you somewhat queer.” Jack commanded.

“Naw, I was just having fun”

“Listen to me Kurt. Letting Jeff suck you off opened a part of you. The part that is queer. Every man has it in him to be queer. You know it is true. Deep down, there is a gay part of you that enjoyed being sucked off by a man. You know this is true.”

“Yes, deep down, a part of me is queer.”

“Very good Kurt. Now that that wall is broken through we can continue.”

“Kurt, how does it feel when you are on the football field?”

“I love being the center of attention, I love being in control of the situation.”

“Kurt, listen to me. You only like being in control on the field off the field you like giving up control. Please repeat.”

“I only like being in control on the field, off the field I like giving up control.”

“Now that you have said it out loud, you know it to be true.”

“I know this to be true.”

“Very good Kurt. In fact, you like taking orders from me and Rusty. It gives you great pleasure to listen to us and do what we say.”

“Great pleasure to do what you say”

“Excellent Kurt. Now, the more control you give to us, the better you will play on the field. You will run faster, react quicker and throw better the more control you give to Rusty and me. Please repeat and know it to be true.”

“The more control I give to Rusty and you, the better I will play on the field.”

“Yes, very good. Now, Kurt, you will want to hang around with Rusty and I all the time. You like being with us. It makes you feel good. When you are with us, you will always want to do what we want to do. Once we say what we want to do, it will be what you want to do. Just the sight of us will make you feel horny and good. Do you understand?”


“Good. Now, you will start to dress and look differently. It is time for a change of style for you. You want to get a military cut. Your long hair no longer does anything for you. But a military cut will be so sexy. Nice and short. During you visit to the barber you will be so horny.”

“Military cut...horny”

“Now, you will start to like the feel of leather. You will always have to have something leather on you to make you feel sexy. You like feeling sexy. The smell and feel make you feel sexy but at the same time subservient. Leather makes you subservient. Please repeat”

“Leather makes me subservient.”

“Very good. You will also start wearing tight clothes to show off your body. You love making other people look at you. It makes you feel sexy. Also, you will not be able to cum until I tell you. Repeat”

“Wear only tight clothes and I cannot cum until you tell me.”

“Yes, and one final thing Kurt. Whenever you have sex with a girl, you will not be able to get hard. In fact, you are starting to dislike girls. They just don’t understand you. The more you try to have sex with them, the less excited you will become. Do you understand?’


“Okay Kurt. It is time to bring you out. You will remember all I have said to you. You will wake up feeling refreshed. Being naked seems natural. You will put on your clothes as if it were normal and go home. On the count of three, you will wake up....1....2....3”

“Wow, I feel great.” Kurt said as he arose and slowly put on his underwear and sweats. “Can we do this again sometime. I gotta go now, but can I see you guys later?”

“Sure you can. We would love to have you over again.” Jack said.

“Great, I will call you.”

“Kurt, did you do your studying on the slave trade?”

Kurt’s eyes immediately went glassy.

“Kurt, can you hear me?”


“Good. Now on the count of three, you will wake up and not know that anything has happened. 1....2....3.”

“Okay then, see ya later.” Kurt said.

Jack and Rusty watched as Kurt left their room.

“That was great. What do you have planned next?” Rusty asked.

“Well, a little memory addition I think is in order. But right now, I want to feel my cock deep in your ass.”

“C’mon lover, it’s yours.”


(m/m, hypno, oral)

part VII

Kurt felt great as he left Rusty and Jack’s room. He felt he could take on the world. He realized that the hypnosis must have worked because the whole world seemed to be moving slower and he had so much energy. He also was very horny. He knew he had to get laid tonight. He just had to.

As Kurt passed through the entranceway, he noticed himself in the mirror. He stopped and took his comb out to adjust his hair. Boy, I look good except...Kurt examined his face in the mirror and noticed something. His hair was just too long. He needed to have it cut. He wanted to cut it short so he could look sexy for some lucky girl tonight. Well, no time like the present Kurt strolled out the door and walked to the local barbershop.

The barbershop was empty except for the barber when Kurt got there. The barber got up and motioned for Kurt to get in the chair.

“What will it be young man. Say, aren’t you the quarterback for the local team?”

“Yeah, I am Kurt Thompson. Give me a buzz cut. I want it nice and short and close. Military style.”

“Okay, you got it”

The barber got to work. Kurt stared into the mirror and watched with awe as his hair was shorn from his head. The barber’s touch felt good on his head and he was getting very hard as more and more of his hair was taken from his head. He loved the feeling of having little hair on his head. The barber got the electric clippers out and cut Kurt’s hair close to his head. The buzz was sending shivers down Kurt’s spine. He loved this. He can’t remember having such a good time at the barbershop. He was going to have to do this often. The barber continued to shave Kurt’s head until he had a nice buzz haircut. Then, the barber got out the hot shaving cream and placed in all around Kurt’s sideburns and neck. The barber then proceeded to sharpen the blade back and forth on the leather strip. Kurt looked down at the strip and immediately started to leak precum in his pants. He was so excited looking at that leather. He had to have some. He didn’t know why, but he had to.

“Lean forward, will you son?” asked the barber.

“Sure, whatever you want.” Kurt said and immediately leaned his head forward. He felt good listening to the barber. He liked letting someone else tell him to do something. He was tired all of the time telling all the players how to act on the field .

As the blade touched Kurt’s skin, he let out a sigh. It felt so good to feel the shaving cream and the blade on his skin. It was so erotic. He loved shaving. His cock was rock hard and leaking more precum. Good thing the smock was covering his pants or the barber would get the wrong idea. The barber continued to shave Kurt and Kurt became more erotically charged by the second.

Finally, the barber was done. He wiped away the leftover shaving cream, applied some aftershave and showed Kurt the results. Kurt’s mouth dropped open. He loved the hot stud looking back at him. He placed his hands on his head and felt the stubble of his hair. It felt like heaven. He always wanted his hair to be this way. It felt right.

“Thanks, it’s great”

“You’re welcome.”

The barber took the smock off and noticed the slight wet spot in Kurt’s crotch. He smiled but did not say anything. He knew this boy would be back often. He had seen it time and time again.

Kurt bounded out of the chair and paid the barber. He had to find some hot chick tonight. He was primed for action. With that, he left the barbershop and went in search of prey. He had to have some now even though it was early afternoon. After that, he felt he wanted to spend time with his new buddies, Jack and Rusty.

“Wow, that was great Jack. You will have him doing our bidding no time,” Rusty exclaimed.

“Well, who knows. We got through to him and I put a crack in his homophobic world, we will have to see what happens. Now, all I want to do is fuck you silly”

“Go for it lover.”

The two of them attacked each other. Jack took off Rusty’s shirt and shorts as Rusty ripped off Jack’s shirt and pants. Rusty loved the sight of that dick. He had to have it. He couldn’t believe how he didn’t want it sooner in his life. He loved Jack and he wanted to make him happy.

Rusty got down on his knees and started to lick Jack’s cock. He loved the feel of it on his tongue. The taste of it was pure heaven. He had to gobble it down. He took the cock all the way down his throat, as if he had been an expert cocksucker all his life. Never knowing that he just started last week. He was a natural.

Jack was in heaven. If Rusty didn’t stop soon, he would blow his load and never fuck that pretty ass of his. So, he took Rusty’s head and raised it to his and gave Rusty a huge, wet kiss. Their tongues intertwined and felt the inside of each other’s mouth. They kissed and sucked each other’s mouths for what seemed like hours. Finally, Jack started licking Jack’s chin, moving down to his neck and then started sucking his nipples. Rusty let out an erotic sigh. His nipples were so sensitive and they sent shock waves to his system. He had to lie down. Rusty moved to the bed and the men went into the 69 position with Rusty on the bed and Jack on top. They proceeded to suck each other at a rapid pace. Jack wet his finger and started to twirl it around Rusty’s ass. The hole spasmed as Jack’s finger touched it. He started to slowly insert his finger into the shoot and loosen up Rusty’s newly broken ass. Jack noticed the hairs on Rusty’s ass and knew they would have to go. He loved a smooth but and Rusty was going to have one. Maybe even shave his crotch. That look was so sexy. It would be time to plant that suggestion into Rusty soon.

Rusty loved the feeling of the finger in his butt. He started sucking harder and moaning as the finger went in and out of his hole. He had to have something larger in now. As if sensing his need, Jack turned around and placed his dick on the crack of Rusty’s ass and started to hump it. Rusty, moved his ass up and down to feel more of the cock on his ass. He needed the warmth of that cock all over him.

Jack was close to cumming so he decided to thrust his cock into Rusty’s anxious hole. With one swift more he slammed it in. Rusty gasped but did not scream. He loved this feeling of fullness. Jack started the pounding of the hole, loving the tightness of it. He would come soon. He reached around Rusty and found his manhood. He started jacking Rusty off. He was so slick with precum his hand had no problem sliding up and down the shaft. Rusty was loving every minute of it. He was in erotic heaven. Jack continued the pumping of his dick into Rusty’s hole until he felt that familiar feeling. He started pumping his hand more quickly on Rusty’s dick. With one final thrust, he slammed into Rusty’s love button and shot his load deep into Rusty. Rusty, feeling the handjob and the prostate massage, could not hold it anymore and shot his load and screamed. He was lost in the moment. He felt so good and sexy and safe with Jack and couldn’t imagine life without him. Jack, continued pumping both his hand and his dick til he was spent. They both flopped onto the bed breathing heavily. Jack’s cock softening in Rusty’s ass.

“That was great, lover” Jack said.

“Yeah, it was. Did I tell you that I love you?”

“Yeah, I think you just did”

They both feel asleep in each other’s arms, dreaming of their life together.

Later that night as both Rusty and Jack were studying in their shorts, there was a knock on the door. Jack got up and opened it. There in front of him was Kurt, with his new military haircut and a leather jacket. He looked so hot.

“,” Jack stuttered.

“Thanks.” Kurt replied.

Rusty’s mouth dropped open when he saw Kurt. The small changes in Kurt’s appearance had made him even hotter. Rusty knew he had to have Kurt at his feet begging to be used. He couldn’t wait for the next session.

“What brings you over here, Kurt?” asked Jack.

“Well, I have a problem. I was so horny after I left that I had to have some pussy. Well, I went to the Watering Hole and picked up some cute redhead. She loved the new do and went with me back to my room. Well, when we got back to my room, she started to give me head and I started going soft. Me, Kurt Thompson, stud of this college, going soft with a hot redhead. Well, I picked her up and started french kissing her and feeling her up. She had nice firm boobs and they felt great in my hand but I still could not get hard. She was all wet down there so I decided to eat her out. We laid down on the bed and I took off her skirt and panties and prepared to become a muff diver. I got down there and starting licking. As she was moaning and leaking juice all over, I still couldn’t get it up and to top it off, the whole thing was turning me off. I was so flustered, that I stopped and told her to leave. Well, you’d think I slapped her or something. She started yelling at me and calling me a no-good lover and that I couldn’t get it up. She got dressed and walked out. I was so mad at her for behaving like that and really confused that I couldn’t get it up. What is the matter with me?”

“Kurt, it happens sometime. Why don’t you sit down and we can talk some more about it?” Jack said.

“Okay. But that bitch better not be spilling the beans. I just don’t understand.” Kurt said.

“Well, we are glad you are here. We want to help. Why don’t you take off your jacket and get comfortable.” Jack said.


“Now Kurt, what is it like being a slave?” Jack asked.

Kurt immediately went into the deep trance. He slumped into the chair and closed his eyes.

“Kurt, can you hear me?” Jack asked.


“Good, you are very relaxed. You will now go twice as deep as you are now. Remember, you want to obey me. It makes you feel good. Repeat”

“I want to obey you, it makes me feel good.”

“Excellent. Now Kurt, remember how we agreed that a part of you is queer or homosexual?”


“Today, with that redhead was just that queer part growing. You know you were turning gay, so you couldn’t get it up for her. You knew you needed to be with a man.”

Kurt’s susceptible mind processed this logic and determined that it must be true since he trusted Jack. His gay part was growing.

“Well, I think it is time to let that part out. Remember how that boy sucked you off. Well, you want to know what it feels like to suck a man off. It is a hunger within you and it needs satisfying. You are very turned on by having a cock in your mouth. If feels right. Remember, feeling that way when that boy sucked you off. You really wanted to taste his cock right in front of you but you couldn’t admit you were gay, but now you can. Kurt, do you want to suck cock?”

“yes” panted Kurt.

“Okay Kurt, open you mouth.”

Kurt opened his mouth wide. The mound in is pants growing and getting wet. Jack lowered his shorts and slowly placed his cock on Kurt’s mouth.

“Kurt, lick this cock. It tastes great to you. The best thing you have every tasted. You love the feel of cock on your tongue. You have to have it.”

Kurt proceeded to lick the entire shaft and paid special attention to the piss slit. He tongued the tip for quite some time until he lowered his head down the shaft.

“Take it slow Kurt. No teeth and use some suction. Yeah, that’s it Kurt. You were born to suck cock. You know this to be true. You feel whole when you have a cock in your mouth. You love to suck cock. You will do anything to suck Rusty’s or my cock. Yeah suck it....You love it. You live to suck cock. You live to obey us. You are gay Kurt. You are gay and you love it.”

Kurt could only moan. He tried to mouth the words but Jack’s cock kept him muffled. He loved this feeling. He never knew he could feel this way. He loved being on his knees in front of a man and having his cock in his mouth. How could he have denied it all this time. He had to have more.

Jack continued to pump into Kurt’s mouth. He was getting close. It was so hot to see this hot “straight” guy give him a great blowjob. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Rusty jacking off. He was getting off on this too. Jack was getting close to shooting. He had to condition the slave.

“Rusty, when my cum hits your tongue, you will know without a doubt that you love to suck cock and you are gay. You love the taste of cum and the feel of a hot cock in your mouth. Do you understand?”

Kurt took his mouth of the cock to say yes and quickly put it back on. After a few more up and down motions, Jack came in Kurt’s mouth. Kurt swallowed and shivered. His whole body was processing the commands just given to him. His cock was so hard but he could not cum. He didn’t understand why, but he could not cum. As the gushing of Jack’s cum abated, Kurt started to lick the remains of cum off of Jack’s dick. It felt right to do that. Once he was done, he went back into his chair and thought about sucking more cock.

Rusty meanwhile had cum all over himself. “Boy, that was hot. He is one hot cocksucker now!”

“Yeah, we shall see. We need to let him process all that went on here. But, I think we can add some new thoughts to his head.”

Jack went over to his dresser and opened a drawer and took out a videocassette. He placed it into the VCR and turned on the TV.

“Kurt, please open your eyes but stay in your trance state and move your chair to face the TV please.”

Kurt obeyed.

“Now Kurt, I am going to show you a videotape of three people having sex. You will notice that two people are in control and third is the slave. You will watch this video and commit it to memory with one slight change. You will see the two people in control as Rusty and I, and the one slave to be you. This will turn you on immensely. Each part of the video turns you on. The leather, the chains, the subservience, the fucking, the sucking, all of it. Whatever the slave feels, you will feel since it is you. You love it. You want this video to be real. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“When it is done, you will have the best orgasm you have ever had. And you will want to feel this good forever. Only Rusty and I can make you feel this good and you will know that this type of scene is for you. You will learn to serve.”

“Learn to serve” Kurt droned.

“Very good. After you have cum, you will clean up yourself, get dressed and go back to your room. There you will have erotic dreams about Rusty and I as your masters and you as our slave. It will turn you on and it will become your new destiny. Do you understand?”


With that, Jack turned on the VCR and the image of two hot leather masters came onto the screen. They had a young man bound and gagged as they threw him on the floor. Kurt was wide-eyed and his cock was hard as a rock and leaking precum.

“Let’s leave him alone. I want some surprises tomorrow” Jack said.

“Damn. I wanted to stay” Rusty exclaimed.

Jack and Rusty left the room with their re-orientation experiment in full swing.


(m/m, hypno, oral)

part VIII

Kurt was on his knees servicing his new masters, Jack and Rusty. They were in leather chaps and harnesses and Kurt had a leather collar and jockstrap. He loved sucking their cocks and servicing them. He couldn’t get enough of their cocks. He had to have both in his mouth. He opened his mouth wide and guided their cocks into is mouth. It was a tight fit, but he was in heaven. He moaned loudly as his two masters fucked his mouth.

“Hey, asshole, wake up!”

Kurt was abruptly shaken from this erotic dream and tried to get his bearings. One minute he is having an erotic dream about serving Jack and Rusty...Whoa! What was that all about? What is going on with me? Now all he could see was his roommate Eric Simmons standing over him in his underwear.

“Yo, what the fuck is up with you. You are moaning like you were making love to Pamela Lee and woke me up. So, I wanted to know what got you going this morning.”

“Er, well, I was having this dream about sex and stuff and I guess I got carried away,” Kurt said. He started noticing the bulge in Eric’s underwear and his mouth started watering. He wanted to suck that cock. Wow, where did that thought come from.

“Well, your Mr. Happy is certainly up for it. It must have been some dream. You are gonna have to tell me about it.”

“Hmmm...okay.” It was like someone else had possessed his body. Kurt found himself wanting to touch Eric. Wanted to have him. Wanted to please him. This other person had a plan to do just that. “Well, sit down and let me tell you about it.”

Eric looked at Kurt and decided what the hell. He sat down next to Kurt on his bed.

“I was at a bar and this gorgeous blond comes over to me and tells me to take her to my place. Now, who am I to pass up an offer like that? So, we get to my place and we start touching each other and she starts touching my dick. She starts talking dirty and starts getting me hard by playing with my cock. You can tell she is hungry for it. She tells me to take off my clothes and then she takes my cock in my mouth. I am in heaven and just lay back and enjoy. She decides that she wants some too, so we get into the 69 position. I start eating her out and then next thing I know is that she has a dick too and somehow, I am sucking it.”

“What! You are sucking dick man. Whoa, that is just too weird.”

“Yeah, that is what I thought too but I kinda liked it, well, in my dream.”

Kurt looked down at Eric’s briefs and saw a tent. He knew he had to have it.


“Hell, yeah, in fact, I want to suck you off right now.” Kurt quickly went down on his knees, lowered Eric’s shorts and started to swallow Eric’s dick. Eric was in too much shock at first to do anything then he realized what a good blowjob Kurt was giving, he decided to give into the pleasure.

“Oh man, Eric, that is great. I never thought you would be into sucking dick but man, you are good.”

Kurt took his mouth off of Eric’s dick and said, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Kurt maneuvered Eric so that he was lying down on Kurt’s bed. He took off Eric’s briefs and started to lick all around Eric’s dick. He first started at the balls. Taking each ball into his mouth and sucking on it. Kurt couldn’t believe he was doing this but it felt right and he felt great. He then licked the shaft up and down and teasing the cockhead. Eric moaned in ecstasy. Kurt then decided it was time to give this dick the service it deserved. He swallowed the cock whole and proceeded to suck it up and down. He deepthroated that dick like the dickhound he felt like. Then another idea popped into his head. He slowly rotated his body around so that his dick was just above Eric’s mouth. As he went down once again on Eric’s dick, Eric moaned loadly. Kurt used this opportunity to slowly lower his cock into Eric’s mouth. He got it just past Eric’s lips and hit his tongue when Eric realized what was happening.

“No way man. I ain’t sucking your dick. This is a one man show. You are to please me.”

“C’mon man, you gotta try it once. Just imagine what it feels like. You have to try it once. You may like it.” With that, Kurt continued the oral assault on Eric’s dick. Eric was overloaded by the sexual feelings that he instinctively started to suck on Kurt’s dick. In fact, Eric took the dick in his hand and starting pulling it into his mouth. He moaned and Kurt moaned. They were in heaven. Eric savored the manmeat in his mouth never realizing how good it could taste.

Kurt decided it was time to thank Eric for letting him have his cock and for trying cocksucking for the first time. He increased the sucking action and started tonguing the dickhead. This drove Eric wild. He was so lost that he stopped sucking Kurt. He gave into the sensation. With a great yell, he thrust his dick into Kurt and came. The spunk hit Kurt hard. He wasn’t ready for the torrent of cum which filled his mouth. He swallowed greedily so as not to spill any of it. He loved the taste. After about the fourth spurt, Eric was spent. His whole body had a sheen of sweat on it and he had a very satisfied look on his face. Kurt, meanwhile was cleaning the cock of any semen and savoring the afterglow.

Just then, Eric, flew off the bed throwing Eric to the floor. “You fucking cocksucker. What the hell do you think you were doing? You better not tell anyone about what happened here or I will kill you.”

Kurt was visibly shaken. He quickly got dressed in his jeans (without underwear), a T-shirt and his leather jacket. He had to talk to Jack and Rusty. Somehow, he knew they would make it all right. What made him act like that? With those thoughts, Kurt ran out of the room leaving a confused and angry Eric to think about what just happened.

Jack and Rusty were stunned when they heard the story. They had no idea that Kurt would go and do something like that. Jack guessed the re-orientation had worked though it was not complete. One or two more sessions would make Kurt the man they wanted him to be.

“Kurt, it is okay. We have all done something like that.” Jack said.

“Really. It was like I was possessed. But the weird part is that I liked it. Oh my god, am I gay?”

“Kurt, just because you had one homosexual experience does not mean you are gay. However, it doesn’t mean you aren’t.”

“Jack, I have had other experiences and dreams. I had a kid in high school suck me off and I really liked it. In fact, I wanted to suck his dick back then. And then last night, I had an erotic dream about you two.”

“You had a dream about us?”

“Yeah, it was weird. It had all this leather shit and stuff and I was sucking your cocks.”

“Wow, Kurt. Do you still feel that way?”

Kurt looked at the two men in front of him and immediately sank to his knees and said, “Yes, Sir”

“Well, Kurt, it looks like you are our SLAVE”

Kurt’s eyes immediately shut.

“Kurt, can you hear me?”

“Yes, Jack.”

“Good. Now I want you to listen and obey. From now on, I want you only to have sex with Rusty and I unless we want you to. You love us. Do you understand?”


“Good. Now Kurt, the word slave will no longer put you into a trance. Your new word is Rumplestilskin. Repeat”

“My new trance word is Rumplestilskin.”

“Very good. You are now our gay love slave. You love this role and you will do anything to please us. Everytime you obey an order, you will feel extremely happy and content. You want to please us. It is your only goal when you are around us. Now, Kurt, when you are around us, you are no longer Kurt. Your name is no longer Kurt. It is slave. You will answer to that and it will be your only name. What is your name?”

“Slave, Sir” Kurt smiled. He loved his master.

“Very good. It is time to please both of your masters and realized your true destiny. Strip and be prepared to serve.”

“YES, Sir”

Jack, Rusty and the slave removed their clothes. Jack and Rusty proceeded to use their slave to suck their cocks, rim their holes and provide a fuck hole for their pleasure. With each act that the slave performed, it bonded him tighter to his new masters. He was very happy. As for the new couple, they knew they had created a perfect boytoy. Their love for each other grew with each passing moment and they knew they would be together forever. The lovemaking continued all through the day and the night. They experimented with all positions and tried to see how much their slave would endure. By 2 a.m. they were all spent.

The door to their room opened. The stranger saw the two lovers in bed together with another man lying on the floor next to them. He smiled. He went over to Jack and proceeded to shake him. Jack woke up.

“What the fuck. Professor Styvesant, what are you doing here?”

“Why Jack, I am checking up on your progress. You are one of my Psychology experiments in hypnosis.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Of course you don’t remember. Well, it won’t matter if you know in a few minutes. During one of my classes, I hypnotized all of you. You were a very good subject and so cute about how you felt inadequate about yourself. I decided to try something out. I first made you believe that you were gay. That was not hard since you had some tendencies, then I taught you how to hypnotize people and make them gay. Your mission was to seduce your roommate and make him your lover. Then I would come in and make you both mine. But, I can see, you did a little extra credit.”

Jack stood there with his mouth open. He could not believe what he had just heard. His whole world was a sham. “I don’t believe you.” He said. He had to deny it.

“It doesn’t matter...Clydesdale”

Jack’s eyes shut down and he stood there.

“Jack, can you here me?”


“Good, please tell me what has happened.”

Jack proceeded to recount how he had hypnotized Rusty and converted him into his lover and then how they made Eric their personal slave.

“Why Jack, you have done splendidly. I think you should all move off campus to my house and become my lovers and slaves. Whatever I want, don’t you agree Jack?”

“Yes, sir.”

With that, the Professor woke each of the other men up and had Jack put them under. He then had Jack tell them that the words had no power over them unless the Professor spoke them. They were his now. The three hypnotized men left the room with their new master not knowing what lay before them but looking forward to it (because the Professor told them too). The Professor couldn’t wait to see how he could use these boys to get more sex toys for his pleasure. College had never been this good before and he had a whole campus to re-orient.

The End?