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Reader’s Picks: Abe Froman


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I enjoy stories that include both subtle and overt mind control, that make physical and fashion changes along with the mental control. I enjoy a good plot and a start point or setting that leaves open many possibilities for future or expanding control. Personal kinks that add to my enjoyment are fetish clothing, humiliation and bondage. I appreciate the artistry in a good story that keeps the reader in a state of mind of constant appreciation of the eroticism and possibilities.

The Hypnotizing Megan Chronicles by Chase the Wind

The unique and wonderful start point of a group of friends going to a evening of entertaining hypnosis leads to a fantastic exposure of their secret dynamics and desires and all kinds of wonderfully erotic and embarassing situations.

The Humiliation of Jane by Unknown-014, DJW, Dr. Phil, others

The simplicity of the concept makes me really enjoy this story in which a snotty female law student gets her comeuppance. The later chapters take it too for some (myself included).

Talked Themselves Into It by Downing Street

Our hero seems to be exercising a kind of control that even he’s not aware of, or he’s just walked into my dream job. The unique concept and the well written reactions of both the hero and his staff make it an enjoyable read from start to finish.

Jamie’s New Job by MrGrey

The story involves a growing mind control that leads to some wonderful changes of employment and a intriguing change of the dynamic between a mother and daughter. And hey, I love the setting of a normally proper woman ending up stripping.

And One Hundred by emma_sub

I love this story for the displacement that the main character feels. The situation portrayed is erotic and it’s heightened by her sense of confusion.

Fall From Grace by Ben Wa

The story of a teenager’s slow decline into a very different kind of life and attitude. The internal dialogue, the slow nature of the transformation and the suprising reactions of some of her family set it apart for me.

Master PC by JR Parz

No surprise here—the start of a new universe in GR stories. The concept is a great one allowing for near total control and unleashes a whole world of follow-ups (including one of my own). Some of my favourites in the series are Master PC: The Eclectic’s Edition by Xanthos Pendragon, Master PC: Creampie Edition by OBOne and Master PC: An Exploring Mind by Damned_Dragon.