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I like stories that make me FEEL something, characters that seem like people, plots that might mean something, and a splash of the unexpected. The subversion and / or evolution of characters are what keep me reading a story... archetypes and stereotypes are ok but less interesting. Long and repetitive (inductions, sex scenes, paragraphs) stories bore me. As I consider mind control innately wrong and immoral (but very, very exciting) I tend towards stories that support that belief.

Lord May by Tabico

This story was gripping from start to finish. It’s a married hypnofetishist’s nightmare! It’s scariest because, even knowing the consequences, I would also be helplessly drawn along the same path to my guilty delight.

Stepford’s Wife by Stormbringer

While the tale is delivered with a sit-com-like plot, I found Stepford’s Wife to be very tasty. The best part, for me, is the bludgeoning of Julie’s morals (which were sterotypical but sufficient) through the casual “mind controllers” who were NOT Stepford.

My (Brief, New, Real Estate) Career by D. Holzer

These stories form a short trilogy which detail the adventures of a mind controller who is (interestingly) dwarfed by his “victims”. The personalities of the characters shook up the stereotypes nicely and offered an entertaining commentary about the MC genre in general.

Sidekick by trilby else

Showing that even the responsible use of power can be too much, Professor Rasputin and Danielle take on a mysterious old family (who are themselves entertaining) on their own turf. An ending which makes every other point moot makes it strangely satisfying.

Chest of Wonders by Voyer

Some stories make you think... this is one of them. The control is all casual (with a little nc bend) and his reactions to the situations made me feel like a villain for taking dark pleasure from them. The somber tone of the ending really struck home.

Losing (and Rescuing) Catherine by Nick Vegas

Granted, Nick’s grammar isn’t perfect and his stories lack depth and complexity but... his “victims” don’t stand a chance! Catherine’s my favorite of the bunch (though Karen’s darn good to read too) since the magnitute of her loss is expressed by our hero (the deprogrammer).

Voodoo by MC Writer

Another “what would I do in this situation” stories about a less-than-happy married couple. I enjoyed the betrayal and good characterization of the control. It’s not hard-edged or nasty... and even has an upbeat “good” ending.

Above That Ye Are Able by Daphne

What would happen if your mate (girlfriend, wife, whatever) had been previously programmed with some devious and deep controls and you accidentally bumped into them? Would you give in to temptation or stand up for free will and goodness? I would probably do what Stan did...

Adolescent Fantasies by AMOWAT

I can easily identify with Chad’s character in this one. What’s worse, I REALLY like what Daniel has achieved and would like to guess at his motives for offering to... help his good friend out. It’s funny and strangely deep at the same time.

Queen’s English by Blue Kahuna

Having been to a Faire or two, I have a deep appreciation for both the “casual” patrons (plus hired helpers) and the bad neophytes in garb. The villain is casually cruel (as I feel the powerful tend to be) and the victim is aware throughout. And I love the ending.

Neon Pink by Fret Pearson

Insidious. What better device than a secret admirer’s mysterious notes to subvert the will of Keiko’s friend? What better way to experience the story than through the eyes (and mind) of a sleuth in peril of losing herself to the very same notes? Very well-written and, while not steamy hot and full of sex, the struggles of our heroine gave me chills and, just like any mystery, it’s chock full of red herrings.

Mr Poe by Parker

What could be worse than a serial rapist and killer bent on teaching all those frigid bitches a lesson? Teaming that monster up with an amoral mind controller who’s bored! Mr Ellis has his vistas opened by the diminutive Mr Poe one night in smalltown America. They define casual cruelty and no woman is safe... and it leaves you wondering who is more evil.

Slave Labor by Leslie B

Newlyweds Kevin and Rebecca go on their honeymoon in Turkey. The brief introduction to them highlights all the key points I need: they’re in love and perfect for each other. A hook is built in that inspires paranoia and a highly enjoyable (and methodically clinical) conversion follows but it’s the closing chapters that really inspired that twisted feeling I love so much... and doesn’t love conquer all?

Toilet Trained by Archaic Ragnarok

By no means am I turned on by scat but, as mentioned above, stories that can make me feel something DO pique my interest. I felt almost physically ill while reading this one but was as fascinated as a deer in headlights... unable to tear my eyes away from the disgusting scene played out. I read the ending over and over... casual cruelty at its best. And amazing tale of twisted morals and abuse of power.

Wendy and the Witchdoctor by Stormbringer

This is the second of Stormbringer’s stories that has thoroughly entertained me. It touches on some of the universal problems of Suburbia and the lives of double-professional couples... complicated by voodoo magic! Toss in a dash (well, more of a dollop) of interracial action, humiliation and betrayal and you’ve got one hot tale with a bittersweet ending that left me, well, thrilled.

Pain for Power by Orestes

This story is twisted on so many levels you have to read it twice to really grasp them (and I’m still working on it). The narrator’s point of view is exceptionally well-handled. You can’t help but to empathize with his painful motivations, get excited by the sheer power he commands, and share his hatred of his actions. A dark, dark read... but equally arousing.

Subliminal Submissives by Simon bar Sinister

The narrator (who remains nameless) uses some government-built persuasion to get a little friendly (get your mind out of the gutter) cooperation out of his sec -er- administrative assistant only to find the next step (jump right back into the gutter) far too logical. It’s a story about controlling minds, above all, so while there’s action it’s not the focal point... and I like it like that.

I Know Who You Love by Phred Pharkas

Mr Bob is a Marine, the kind of Marine who could break you in half with his bare hands. Erin is his lovely wife, and a perfect counterpoint. Sarah is their new neighbor, a beautiful monster who twists their lives around her strap-on. Told entirely from Bob’s perspective, but with your own outside understanding, watch a truly sadistic woman’s effect on a formerly normal neighborhood. While it’s not marked as such, humiliation oozes from every word... and they love Sarah for it.

Beauty Contest by Robotdoll

Sili-dyne Controlwear is the sponsor of this short competition to showcase thier lovely line of fashionable belts. Our viewpoint is entirely centered around a contestant named Sara and it’s very well done... I could practically hear the announcer’s phony carnival barker voice and see the faceless audience. I may be reading too much into it but I think it does a wonderful job of poking fun at our objectification of women and pagents in general. Fun to read!

Chemistry of a Good Idea by Pause88

Joanna’s that you see hanging out with the geeks. You’ve seen them, hanging in the back rooms of game shops, the only female among a pack of dorks. Jump inside of her head and experience the effects of some “good idea” juice. What starts out as a noble effort to help her misunderstood companions becomes something much more in line with human nature. Side-note: Pause88’s the master of mind control gone wrong, a refreshing alternative to our customarily unstoppable protagonists.

Penniless Shoe Store by Sato

While Sato seems to have no intention of finishing this wonderful story, what has been written is one of my favorite pieces to date. Maria has a bright future ahead of her in Human Relations at the Penniless Shoe Store. I think Sato did a great job of sustaining the relationship between the highly maligned husband, Antonio, and his (formerly) faithful and supportive wife despite the realignment of her priorities. The only drawbacks... it’s not complete and the dialogue’s a little wooden. They’re minor flaws in an otherwise delightful tale.

HumanSoft Inc by Phred Pharkas

There are similarities between HumanSoft Inc and Penniless Shoe Store. These, I think, heightened my enjoyment of both (and landed both into my Reader’s Picks). Told entirely from Tina’s point of view and with Phred’s talent for communicating the “victim’s” love of her conditioned profession, HumanSoft Inc reminds us all what “interoffice relationships” can mean. Of course, I mostly enjoy the (admittedly mild) inner turmoil Tina feels at being too tired to perform her wifely duties and the eventual solution more than anything else. I love professionals.

The Eraser by the Flying Pen

Well-written and engaging on several levels, the Eraser is a mystery where a pair of mind controllers play both villain and hero. Freelance secret agent Jon Cain is a very believable white-hat kind of mind controlling hero who’s not ashamed of what he is without sinking into disgusting decadence. His elusive enemy is an amoral sociopath. If I were to pick a story that could end up a mainstream Hollywood production (heh), the Eraser would be it.

Janissaries by trilby else

I don’t like this one for excitement-factor (in an erotic sense), although it has its moments. It’s the weird images brought up by bits and pieces of the situation trilby else has created. Some of the larger points would be a blurring line between man and machine, morality in war-time, the cost of victory, and delicious betrayal. As usual, I’m probably reading too much into it but Janissaries is another great trilby else journey into sweet, sweet subversion.

Softbots R Us by thrall

Fifi the Softbot, toy, puppet, and mindless plaything of Kelly Reardon stars in a tight little reversal story. I really like how casually Kelly uses her softbot and how careless she is in her trust of the system that created it. Even more than that, is my enjoyment of Fifi’s development and eventual... well, that would be telling! I enjoy most of thrall’s work but, for some reason, I re-read this one most.

Good and Evil by S.P. Riley

For some reason, Good and Evil reminds me of an episode of some random WB weeknight angst-drama. With mind control. It shifts viewpoints (mostly sticking with Julian) and it’s her perspective that gives the most hotness per paragraph. It’s moderately unfriendly in its use of women but that works just fine for me. After all, you can’t understand what’s good without plugging into what’s evil. The enthusiasm of the controlled is just wonderful, by the way.

Fill Me by jessicablank

Alicia is a woman being conditioned by a Master. And he’s teaching her a valuable lessson. Fill Me seems like an exploration into the mind of a slave as she lives her waking life while really living her unwaking one. I love how Alicia’s thoughts are never far from how her actions serve her Master (without becoming the robotic automaton) and the unique teaching method he employs. After all, she did ask for it.

Ugly, Stupid and Fat by D Holzer

Whenever I think about mind control and how horribly wrong it is, I remember this little Pygmalion-esque story by one of my favorite lighthearted MC authors. Now, this story doesn’t push a single one of my hot buttons but it creates a warm, fuzzy blanket of goodness. Brian convinces Peg, a young woman who’s convinced she’s ugly, stupid, and fat that he’s a wizard who’ll cast a spell to make her everything she’s not. The only catch: it will also make her his absolute slave! I really like Brian as a controller (especially at the turning point of the story, near the end). Anyhow, if you’re looking for feel-good MC, here it is.

Alternate Hypnosis by Rezzz

On the same coin but the opposite side of a feel-good like US&F, there’s Alternate Hypnosis. It’s an ancient story (as far as the community goes) but has a nice, systematic and “believable” track. The story has a pretty slow build (baby steps to a great evil) and truly hits it for me starting at the tail end of the third chapter where the really wicked stuff starts to happen. There’s just something engaging about Wendy’s transformation (reminding me of Daphne’s Above That Ye Are Able) and Guy’s thoughts and behaviors as he justifies his actions to himself.

Gifted by Wadman

I usually wait until a story is “complete” before adding it to my picks. Stories like Pause88’s Chemistry of a Good Idea (which went in a direction I wasn’t interested in... although I still love the first chapter) make the whole “pick” make less sense. But, since I haven’t heard from Wadman and he doesn’t seem to be finishing the tale, here it is! Gifted is your standard “nice guy gets magical powers” story with a dash of danger and a little intrigue. Once I breeze through the main story, however, I find myself re-reading the Interludes (one at the end of each chapter) where his evil nemesis revels in the powers Randall is exploring and using more... um... responsibly. What I enjoy most about the story is how both primary characters are building harems (and one poaches on the other). I was really looking forward to their ultimate final showdown but I guess that’s just the way it goes. Gifted is a good example of MC adventure fiction... without getting all Manga on you.

Leasehold by trilby else

Jessica runs into some money problems while paying for school and makes a deal with her land lady, Sandy, to ease the burden a bit. And, since it’s a trilby story, that means what starts out small ends up engulfing some lives! The story itself splits and the reality of things is often rearranged making the narrative a really effective, if disorienting, ride. The directionless struggle Jessica puts up makes this story rank very high in lovable heroine factor and Part 5A (what I consider the “end” since the objectives are finally completed) is just hot. At so many points this story reminds me that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Feedback by Markov Beest

It’s the rare controller “not a terrible guy” point-of-view story that delivers. Most of them inspire the Back button the instant I plow into some angst. Feedback manages to be the former without any of the latter. Allen is who he is and he does what he does but what really makes Feedback fly is his first target: co-worker Evangeline. Markov Beest writes her like a living, breathing person. She has her own tastes and, with the proper persuasion, we get to see them. I found it surprisingly hot considering my personal preference for, well, mind-controlled zombies and blissfully happy puppet ladies.